Weight and Resistance Training - Lift and Chat: April 16 - 30, 2008

04-16-2008, 08:32 AM
Happy new thread day! OK, that's lame, but I couldn't think of anything else.

It's definitely spring out there- bird, flowers, bunnies and deer. Oh my!

I did legs lite yesterday and must have done something I haven't done in a while because I'm SORE. Maybe the very wide plies squats?

Cardio this morning was a bit of a slog and it was kind of hard to tell the difference between the intense part of my intervals and the less intense, but it's done. Shoulders at lunch. I was completely confused yesterday about what day it was until I got to the gym.

Baf- I'm so glad you don't have stress fractures! I had shin splints years ago when I started running and was young, dumb, and obstinate enough to run through the pain. It lasted forever! Take it easy on the impact and heal :hug:

Lydia- You didn't whine! You were reasonably upset ;)

Off to work- food packed, day planned. I made a big emergency pot of turkey chili that is scorching hot spicy. I've become totally addicted to the stuff on salads for my lunches. The only danger is when I wear white pants to work.

have a good one,

04-16-2008, 09:46 AM
Mel: Slogging cardio :chin: That would be the "fat burning zone" Baff's doc considers optimum right?. Sorry, still can't leave that one alone. :s:

Speaking of quirky food addictions and clean eats. I have the same thing going on with my breakfast and afternoon snack. It's pretty much been the same things for the last :chin: three years now. :crazy: But you know when that time rolls around it's what I'm truly wanting to eat. It would make sense that it is a real craving since we know we can just as easily become addicted to junk food too. Thank goodness though that these foods have the added benefit of making us feel wonderful after they have been eaten too. Kind of like an added boost to our workout sessions. :blah: They go hand in hand. :yes:

04-16-2008, 02:18 PM
I'm allergic to slogging cardio. But biking? Outside? Under sunny skies and 70 degree temps? Now, that I can handle. I'll go as soon as I finish up the last touches of this work project. (Work, schmerk -- don't They know it's interfering with my exercise!)

Turkey chili on salad? Sounds good, but odd. Then again, DH likes gravy on his salad. Hmmm, maybe that explains a bit of the pudge he's developed around the middle...

I clearly (a) have nothing to say, and (b) am procrastinating.


04-16-2008, 02:23 PM
Hi Ladies
I am new here and am usinf Jari Love workouts about 3-4 times a week. I will be doing her Ripped To The Core today. I love doing weights and especially the upper body. Ihate lunges, but get through them, I can feel my legs tightening and the cellulite seems to ahve dissapeared too!

04-16-2008, 04:00 PM
Hi all. Just finished my sixth set of workouts for Stage 1 of NROL4W. I think I will stick with this program through the end of stage 1, take a short break, and go to more of a split routine, so I can lift weights more often.

I've definitely gotten stronger with this program, and upped my weights in everything except the shoulder/arm type work...got a little overzealous with upping the weight at the start and had pain in my rotator cuff area on the left side, so have been playing it safe there...it's almost back to feeling normal now, still can feel that weak spot, but it's not painful and seems to be healing fine and getting stronger.

I could not figure how to get a good workout doing those swiss ball crunches, even with weights, and holding weights "overhead" ceased to be an option once I tweaked my rotator cuff. :( I switched to weighted crunches lying down on my bed (don't have a bench, and lying on the floor around here just incites all the dogs to come and "help", lol)...anyway, those feel like I'm actually doing some work.

My big news for the week is that I did 8 real pushups last time around! I've been doing as many as I can stand on the floor, then finishing up with 30 degree pushups, so that's definite progress there. :)

That's all the news from here. I liked the story about the 95 year old lifter. Big bicep for a granny!

04-16-2008, 07:17 PM
Hi :wave: Finally back from 3 weeks of conference, funeral and hiking vacation! I am actually happy to be home in my own bed, and trying to get back to my own routine. I cut my instep quite badly hiking, so have been holding off a lot of standing exercise. It's getting much better, but any pressure from shoes still hurts. Hopefully by the weekend I'll be back to normal.

The hiking in AZ was amazing. I still need to get my photos off my camera, but suffice it to say the weather was warm and sunny, and the scenery beautiful! :) The Elderhostel group we were with was great, lots of nice folks. All in all a relaxing vacation. Now if someone had just kept up all my work while I was gone......

04-16-2008, 09:27 PM
Welcome home Pat! :hug: Your foot sounds painful. I hope you will be feeling better by the weekend too. (shudder) Can't imagine a cut there. :dunno: What would you do for cardio?

04-16-2008, 09:45 PM
Ha!! My point exactly, even bike pedals put pressure in your instep. I suppose swimming, since it's nearly healed. Really though, it turned a corner yesterday, and I'm sure it'll be good Fri or Sat. I did LOTS of cardio on vacation, so a week of rest shouldn't hurt too badly. :)

04-16-2008, 10:53 PM
I had a dream the other night that I was doing piles of full push-ups nice & easy - it was so real that later the next day I thought it had really happened - lol!!!

I'm super excited that I found a brand of cottage cheese down here that is good! The costa rican brands lack the creamy part of the cottage cheese - it's just curds & kinda gross. I'm so excited 'cause cottage cheese was an absolute staple for me before we moved & it's been hard replacing it.

04-17-2008, 08:25 AM
Welcome back, Pat :wave: Hope the foot heals quickly.

Hello LG! congrats on finding cottage cheese. It's an absolute staple in my diet. I think I would have tried putting a little of the curds in the blender with low fat milk, then hand mixing in the remaining curds to get a creamy based type cottage cheese...but now you've got the real thing! How are you feeling these days?

Cardio done, but I'll have to put off lifting until tonight- yuck. I have a much needed conference for my son at school. Junior year and things are not going real well :p

Gotta run,


04-17-2008, 05:04 PM
Parveen, forgot to say "welcome!" :hug: I had to google to see what your workout was...looks like fun! :)

Pat, hope that heals up quickly, so you can get back to it. That would be tough to work around!

LG, I'm glad you found the cottage cheese...I love that, too, though I have to watch I don't over indulge there. LOL about the push-ups dream...I wish! My next goal to work toward will be chin-ups and pull-ups. I've been thinking I should put up a bar at home, so I can work on those.

Mel, good luck with the school thing. Sounds like your ds and my neph have about the same enthusiasm for school these days. :frypan:

04-17-2008, 07:17 PM
Mmmm, cottage cheese. I had blood drawn this morning, and cottage cheese with blueberries, blackberries and strawberries is what I had for breakfast afterwards. It was realllly good. Of course I was famished - got up at 6:30, at doc's by 8, done by 8:20, at work (where I ate) by 8:45. Wah, I usually eat at 6:30! :lol:

News flash - my foot is now 95% better. No bandaid and best of all very little pain with pressure. I'll definitely be working out on the weekend! :strong:

04-17-2008, 09:50 PM
Hi all,
I just bought a copy of NRWL and I have a few questions for you experts.
What equipment do I need to do this program @ home?
What I have already:
-exercise ball
-10 lb dumbells
-exercise tubing thing with handles.
....that's it!
I'm thinking I need to buy and bar and some weights, but do I need it right away?

Thanks so much for any info.

04-18-2008, 06:34 PM
A barbell with weights would be perfect, but dumbbells you can add weight to would work for a while. I think you'd definitely need more than 10 lb DBs pretty quick, if not immediately.

04-20-2008, 08:16 AM
Pat - congrats on the foot - that must feel so terrific.

I am now at 12 weeks - another week or so & this darn nausea & exhaustion should start to go & I should have a good 3 month run in the gym! I can't wait, I'm getting a little stir crazy but all I wanna do is sleep!

Mel - I never thought of the blender thing - good idea to keep in the back of my head though - the stores here are not very consistent in the stock they carry. And the "new" cottage cheese is an american brand so it is definitely an indulgence. Who would have ever thought I'd find cottage cheese an indulgence!!! LOL

04-20-2008, 11:52 AM
I'm sitting here dripping wet after a home leg workout and then a "metabolic training" cardio session. My leg workout partner is away this weekend and I just struggled to get to the gym. I have a lot of equipment here at home including that functional trainer that depalma posted on the "small muscle" thread, a barbell and loads of plates. What I don't have is a rack- and that's what have always put me off doing an all out leg workout at home. So I was determined to be inventive.

I used the functional trainer to do cable jump squats- wow those are hard! Then put a cuff around my ankle and did lying ham curls. That wasn't quite as successful and I have chafe marks to prove it. Next exercise was push to overhead squats with the olympic bar, supersetted with hamstring ball pulls. That worked until set 4 when I loaded the bar so heavy I couldn't get it up into rack position on my own and ds ignored me when I yelled for him to come help (darn teen-agers!). So I changed to an old fashioned hack squat with the bar between my legs. Boy, I haven't done those in YEARS! with straps, I could go heavy enough to really feel it. Supersetted that with one legged deadlifts. Then a couple of sets of weighted stationary front lunges and weighted side lunges. More one legged ball pulls, some jack knifes, then I hit the treadmill for 20 minutes. A great home workout! And doing laundry at the same time ;) The multitasking workout :dizzy:

How's your weekend?

04-20-2008, 12:18 PM
Nice workout, Mel!

04-20-2008, 02:07 PM
Mel, that's my favorite do laundry, cook a sweet potato workout!! And I suspect it's really hard for your ds to come to the rescue and see mom lifting more than he and his teenage friends can do! ;)

It's all about the rain here today. Heavy downpour, flood watch rain. Which I'm loving bc the oak trees started their nonsense yesterday (last to bloom) and drove me indoors to my claritin & eye drops. I'll be housebound for the next 2 weeks at a minimum until all those witch-hair brown fuzzy things fall into the street, signaling the end of another brutal pollen season. Ahh, sounds like great time to workout like a fiend.

04-20-2008, 02:57 PM
That's an impressive workout, Mel! I only understood about half of what you wrote though. This weight training thing is its own culture with its own language. But I'm learning, I'm learning.

Life, I'm glad you found some cottage cheese that you like where you are. I realized how much of a staple cottage cheese has become for me. I'll eat it with fruit or walnuts with a little honey (sometimes), or with spinach, tomatoes and balsamic vinegar, or with ground turkey and salsa, or....I eat it a lot. And it is soooooo good!!

I have started on a new 4 wk session at the gym. Each 4 week session I get a little book of my planned work outs. My new book is a huge change up from what I was doing. New exercises, harder stuff! And boy I am feeling it today. It's been awhile since I have been this sore! It feels.....good!!

This week I should get my body fat % measured. I am excited about that.....what percentage of the USA population would be excited about getting their body fat percentage measured this week?

I can pull my size 12 Levis off without unbuttoning them. I am wearing medium scrubs at the hospital, and they are getting baggy. I would never have thought in a million billion years that I would ever need small hospital scrubs, but I think it might be in my future.

I am totally in the zone with my nutrition plan. Yesterday I bought some capuccino protein powder that is yummy! I look at my arms and I am amazed. I took anatomy for nursing school about 13 years ago, and I want to restudy all the muscles again, cause I am seeing them. Who knew my shoulders could have definition and shape? This is so so wild and so so awesome! My deltoids have a shape!!!

04-20-2008, 03:08 PM
Midwife, that is so exciting! Mmmmm, capuccino - now that's worth looking for! :) Right now I'm drinking Atkins premade protein shakes, but they're really better whizzed up with ice. Sometimes I can get the kids at the front desk of the gym to do that for me.....

THanks, LG, it does feel better to not have a pain in my instep. I did a 3.5 mile walk yesterday since it was sooo nice out - couldn't face the gym for cardio. May do the same today, as the gym isn't open anyway. Depends on if the weather is still nice after church.... Back to the gym for lifting on Monday. I need to set up a meeting with the gal I talked to about training soon, too.

Whoops, and speaking of church, I'm still sitting here in my jammies - need to put on something a little more appropriate.

Nice avatar, Fran!

04-20-2008, 07:30 PM
OK, I thought about it while at the library again today, and I will change my profile title -- don't want any kids out there getting hurt!!! It will be a tribute to Pat!

Midwife - we have SO gotta see some pictures! You're making us all real jealous! ;)

04-20-2008, 07:43 PM
:rofl: Love it, Fran!!

04-20-2008, 08:46 PM
Hanging out in 613

Always a cool number to hang out at - in all it's breakout numbers. :)

04-21-2008, 02:20 PM
I only have time for a quick hi today but I know I've been MIA for a little while and wanted to post while I can. Right now on my "plate", I'm doing the work of two (maybe three) people, preparing for my final accounting paper/presentation and I had Passover to get ready for...phew, I'm tired. Oh, and I've been out of town quite a bit here and there.

So, the long and the short of it is that I've eaten way too much while I'm away but super clean when I'm back (forgetting the Passover meals, that's another story entirely) and I've managed to keep my weight in check.

The workouts have suffered for the past week but I had to let a couple of them go because it was actually adding more stress (trying to fit them in) rather than relieving it. I did finally make it outside yesterday for a run and I was thrilled at how well it went, considering how I hate the treadmill and have only done minimal running all winter.

I just wanted to say hi to everyone and I hope I have more time to "visit" and post soon!

I hope everyone has had as lovely weather as we've been enjoying lately...it's well deserved here, it was a tough winter.


04-23-2008, 05:09 PM
Hey, who turned out all the lights? Where did everybody go? Everyone must be out enjoying this awesome weather right? Doing outside runs and lifting outside their garages a la Crossfit style. :high:

I'm feeling a lot of guilt these days for not cleaning up the yard with all of this nice weather. But these quads are not going to lean out on their own and so I go in and wear myself out while the thistle weeds continue to flourish in the garden. :rolleyes:

Hi Elisa:wave: Nice to see you! I hope things settle down soon so that you can relax a while with your preferred routine.

So Fran I had to google the number you provided almost afraid of what i wold find. :o Okay, I'm not too embarrassed. :D I hang out there too.

Pat: It's wonderful that you are back on your foot again and a nice walk to brag about as well.

Midwife: This is going to the be summer that you are going to enjoy wearing all of those sleeveless tops and dresses if you haven't in the past. It is really awesome when the upper body begins to show all of the hard work that's been demanded of it. So, lets see pics...;)

Mel: What a workout! I can't believe your DS left you hanging like that! It would be a hard fast rule in our house that if the "boys" hear Mom in the basement yelling for help they better run down now and with a cell phone in hand, 911 on speed dial. :D Well, but this is me we are talking about, the one known to drop plates on her foot...:rolleyes:

04-24-2008, 08:47 AM
Lydia- Your boys are younger and still like you. Mine had to actually get out of bed and overcome the "whatever" syndrome. I expect that to last for another 5-7 years :p Hopefully he won't be living here that long! Love him dearly, but there is a reason that kids should move out at some point- preferably in their late teens!

I have had a hard time admitting this to myself, but I'm over trained. I can hear you all laughing and muttering "big surprise". Sunday's leg marathon then run wore me out, I lifted Monday and Tuesday, did cardio Mon, Tues and reluctantly Wednesday, but have decided to rest until Legs again on Saturday. I'm exhausted, stressed, eating badly and not sleeping. Work hasn't helped, but I was dreading workouts instead of looking forward to them. Food yesterday was...dreadful. Tonight I have to go to a business dinner and I hope I make it through the day and last that long.

Midwife- congratulations!


04-24-2008, 09:48 AM
Lydia, I live by a motto. I can do anything, but I cannot do everything! I totally support your choice to leave the yardwork! Your physical and mental health takes priority!

Sportmom and Lydia, ahhh pictures! I'll see what I can do! It took me 4 years to figure out how to put a picture in as my avatar. If you use a magnifying glass, you might be able to see my bicep in it!

Hey, Mel! I'm glad you're gonna take it easy for a little while. Although your description of how you feel when you're overtrained sums up how I always felt when I was not training or working out. Yikes!!

As for me, I hit a lovely milestone this am. I now possess a "normal" BMI! :carrot:

04-24-2008, 04:12 PM
Midwife - great milestone! Congrats. :)

I'm at the gym tonight for the first time in - gulp - nearly a month! I have been doing various cardio, but only a little lifting (i.e. meager hotel gym). My plan is to do several sessions of NRLW stage 1, and then move on to Stage 2 probably next week or the beginning of the week after. My conference/vacation/DH illness/multiple evening meetings really did a number on my schedule. I'm still digging out from under the paperwork at work too. Sigh. No plans for any extending time off until mid-August, so I should be able to make some progress.... DH also got my bicycle out and aired up yesterday, so another cardio option! :lol:

Foot is 100% better, just a small smooth place that's not at all sore. Yay!

04-25-2008, 08:56 AM
Midwife: Congratulations on your new BMI! It really is a milestone. Thanks for sharing your life motto. Good words to live by as well.

Pat: Wow that is a long time away from the gym but I am sure that the change of scenery was good. Besides, we know you haven't exactly been sitting around during this time either.

Mel: No laughing from this corner. Overtraining is nothing to tease over. I'm glad you give yourself permission to take a break when necessary. Sometimes it is just so hard to tell.

I'm taking a rest today too. Each workout this week was met with less and less ambition. Yesterday I went in to do upper. I completed 40 minutes of cardio on the treadmill. Not really even HIIT but I did do some walking inclines with the speed set at 4.5. I walked over to do the strength training and did three supersets of 12 pullups and pushups followed by three supersets of cable crossovers and low pulley rows and that was all I had in me. I packed it up and went home. :dunno: I can count on one hand the number of times I did not want to complete a workout but yesterday was one of them. There is a lot for me to catch up here at home and I guess that's on my mind too. So, I will take a break, treat myself to some quiet time and get something measurable done around this house today.

Hope everyone else is having a great morning. :wave:

04-25-2008, 03:02 PM
Wow, it's the week for overtraining! I just took two days off, myself, because I did something to my knee, and was just feeling worn out besides. I'm feeling good today, though, so will try skating on the knee tonight, and if all goes well, back to lifting tomorrow!

Mel and Lydia, hope you are feeling better in a few days and able to get back to it. :hug:

Midwife, congratulations on the BMI, that is awesome! :celebrate: I agree with the others...we need pictures!

04-25-2008, 09:33 PM
Alright, I cannot tell a lie, this is my week for undertraining! As I mentioned previously, I've been extremely busy during the month of April and things are slowly getting a little better. So, my workouts have suffered, food has been so-so but I've still managed my goal (like December) I just wanted to not gain weight this month and so far so good. This week all I managed was one run and one power class. Better than nothing though!

midwife - congrats on the BMI!

To those who need the rest - take it and enjoy it. Please...it does a body good. :)

My plan for next week is to get somewhat back to normal with the workouts and the food. I will get back to the gym four times...and I'll report back to let you know how I did.

The weather has been so beautiful here recently but this weekend doesn't look too good. : ( Oh well, normal spring time stuff.

Have a great weekend everyone!


04-26-2008, 12:42 AM
Mmmph..... We having a VERY LATE winter storm. Woke up to rain, which shortly turned to snow! Very wet, heavy snow. And so far we have about 7" and in Anchorage, which is on the coast, they've got nearly a foot! And it's supposed to continue until tomorrow morning. Grrrrrr. :tantrum: Everything is closing, and of course many people have their snow tires off (deadline is April 30). I'm having an inside weekend. Hopefully we'll have electricity. It's gone off a couple times - heavy snow on the wires, I'm sure.

04-26-2008, 03:55 AM

Midwife - awesome! congrats about the BMI!

cheryl, mel, lydia - I hope you are all feeling well soon!

I'm into home-improvement-cardio these 2 weeks: I worked to hard in the past 2 weeks, did jnot get along to working out, brushed depression again & now I am taking 2 weeks off. It's the queens birthday next week, the kids have may-break, and I am going to do some home improvement projects. I swear i have been renovating this house since the dat XH walked out, and I am nearing goal but the more you do the more you see that needs doing.

Oh well, I am sure hauling packs of flooring around and putting it in counts as ligting, cardio and yoga 9for the deep breathing parts before i start a tricky part).
have a great weekend all,

04-26-2008, 10:10 AM
Pat: That is just horrible! I really do feel for you. By now the expectation is that the season is over and it's time to enjoy milder weather. A break. A relief. ~sigh~ Mother Nature is quite the prankstress.

We had a year like that last year. We had an early warm break in the weather that lasted a couple of weeks. The trees began to bloom and then it froze. Hard. A lot of the flowering fruit trees were ruined. It even irked me until winter of this year because the pretty berries that form on my ornamental tree after it flowers weren't there in the winter.

Rabbit: Absolutely the projects should count. Especially the deep breathing anticipation of error part. :rofl: I would love to put down hardwood in my kitchen as well.

Okay, I'm feeling rather grouchy today. Between today and Wed. the scale is registering a five pound gain. I know it's impossible to gain that much in three days and it's water but combined with my devil may care attitude this week it's just one more thing. :crazy: So, ~sigh~ I'm going in for my workout. Hopefully a little endorphin rush will help.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

04-27-2008, 07:13 AM
Popping by to say hi. Had a rough last week with insomnia for two days that threw off my energy all week. Decided that between my workouts and lack of sleep, I was at risk of overtraining, so took several days off, yes OFF from the gym, but am back at it today and will be making sure I get better sleep this week. Nothing on tv is that interesting to steal sleep, LOL.

Ordered P90x, think I am up to the challenge. Intend to use it 1 day a week for not going to the gym, but may use it as intended as a compliment to my training. Love all the variety in that program, from stretching to yoga, arms to legs, back to abs--expensive though.

Working on trying to eat enough--did a high calorie week and did lose weight, so believe in the theory of eating to fuel, but just can't keep it up, so back to where I'm comfortable.

Other than that, same ole, same ole. Should see 269 soon. Fingers crossed. That will mean 51lbs....

04-27-2008, 12:49 PM
Lydia, it's all muscle! ;)

JG, I'll have to google to see what p90x is, but good luck with that, anyway!

Rabbit, those are known as real life deadlifts and squats, I'm pretty sure.

Pat, I hope the storm blows over quickly, so you can get back to enjoying some spring weather! We've had crazy weather here in WA state, also.

Elisa, good luck getting back into the groove with the workouts. Congrats on maintaining, too!

Okay, had planned to get back to my workouts yesterday, but it was just one of those days that had its own momentum, and didn't care what I wanted to be doing, so no workout. I'm definitely getting one in today, no matter what!

04-27-2008, 01:44 PM
JG - there's someone else on here who's swearing by P90X. Can't remember the user id but she has her photo as the avatar, short brown hair, glasses.....would know her if she posted again. :) Know who I'm talking about?

04-27-2008, 02:57 PM
I went back to the gym yesterday and my legs and glutes are reminding me of it ;)

Now I need to get the food back on track- Wednesday's meltdown just kind of continued each evening. :(

So far today, I've made 2 weeks' worth of pumpkin pancakes, a week's worth of lunch chicken for me and ds, chopped of lots of vegies, and gone to Home Despot and bought 9 bags of mulch. Guess what my next fun activity will be :rofl:

Aw Pat, late storms are such heart breakers. We seem to have escaped it this year, but almost every year the magnolias burst into bloom on an early warm day, then get frozen two days later, leaving brown, squishy messes. This is really the northern edge for a lot of flowering trees and shrubs that are so beautiful.

Lydia- hope your grouchiness passes. I haven't gotten on the scale because I know I'd be beyond grouchy! The pants-o-meter is depressing enough. How can something be loose on Tuesday and tight on Friday? I no longer have the TOM excuse!

OK, gotta go drag mulch bags...can't procrastinate any longer!


04-27-2008, 05:10 PM
JG: Let me know what you think of these DVD's with regard to workout intensity and results. I've seen the infomercials for these too and was...I hate to admit...curious. I am usually skeptical of anything I cant see, feel, or experience it in person. But I did think it might be fun to have in the house during the winter months when I am snowed in and my lack of driving confidence prevents me from making the drive to the gym.

Cheryl: Now come on...:s: I know better than that too. But boy I wish I could be vain enough to have muscle gain be my first thought when I hopped of that scale. Could you imagine. Whoo Hooo. I'm up five pounds. Yeah baby look at these pecs. Grrrrr. All Muscle. Not.

Thanks though, you made me smile this afternoon at just the thought. Okay. Here's my thing of the summer. Since losing this weight each summer seems to be marked by something I'm in pursuit of developing. Last summer I wanted to lower bodyfat and to work on my back. Hmmmph. Well, the bodyfat percentages did lower enough to revel some decent upper body definition. But ~sigh~ the legs. That's what is on tap for this year. I know genetics have a lot to do with how much effort it takes to develop or reveal leg defintion. Being a classic pear, I should cut myself a little slack with this but dang. The darn things look worse this year than last year if you can imagine. :crazy: I know how to do this, I'll keep plugging along and in all honesty I was unable to do any real leg work all winter. What I'm looking at is the consequences of that forced rest. Still, I think this is going to be the summer of leg envy. Anyone have goals for the summer this year?

Mel: Got that mulch down yet? My pant-o-meter can reveal a less than ideal choice of eating within days too. I wonder if most people have a tendency to retain a lot of water when eating refined carbs in party like proportions?

Have a good afternoon. :sunny:

04-27-2008, 06:23 PM
Lydia, it was VERY expensive, but I did a lot of research and thought it was worth it. I won't be doing it straight, just need an alternative. SPortmom, not remembering who you're talking about, hmmm.

Went to the gym, was doing cardio pretraining when my trainer called and had them find me. She wrenched her back, poor thing, so I was solo. I actually had 2 days (Friday and today) doing her routines without her. HATE the feeling of "am I doing this right? was this what she meant?" still, I sweated and worked out for 2 hours (1 cardio, 1 strength), so it's a good day. I'm hoping she's back for Tuesday's session.

Otherwise, got a little flack for my only 3 days in the gym last week, like I'd been on vacation for weeks "Well, at least you came back!" WTFrig! LOL, I NEEDED REST!

Feeling okay...glad to see the weight moving, only TOM so now I have to be patient and hope for a whoosh soon.

04-28-2008, 06:01 AM
hi everyone:)

just thought i'd pop in and say hello:o
i joined your wonderful site yesterday and i recieved a lovely welcome thank you:carrot:
i like the idea of these chat threads it's nice to be able to see what everybody else is getting up to in their quest for health & fitness:dizzy:

so today is day 1 for moi:carrot:
weighed in at 163:o and my bf% approx-30%:(
i took lots of measurements so i don't just rely on scale weight for progress!
i'm gonna be doing a circuit with weights followed by some cardio on my mini stepper today:D i've decided weights/cardio on mon/wed/fri pilates on tues/thurs(i enjoy the 20 min windsor pilates workout,quite refreshing)then on a saturday morning 90mins yoga:dizzy: which i really enjoy and afterwards i feel very refreshed:)
i think that'll be suffienct enough for now;)
for my weights i'm gonna be doing circuit training and i'm gonna do a 3 day split.i enjoy circuits and it's a great way to ease back into the iron;)

i've had a mrp this morning so now i'm gonna go do my workout for today:D

have a nice day:hug:

04-28-2008, 08:33 AM
Cardio done, lifting chest and back at the gym at lunch time. It's time to change my workout scheme a little and I think I'll go push-pull except for legs.

Food was great yesterday :) Unfortunately, one day on track does not make up for a week off track :o One day at a time, tho.

Aside from clean eating, I have another resolution for the week, month...no high heels unless I'm in a skirt! I'm blaming a lot of my exhaustion on painful feet :rofl:


04-28-2008, 05:10 PM
Hi guys!

Thanks for the congrats on the BMI. I have another milestone to announce. My bodyfat % today was 16.5%. My short term goal was 17% and I am surprised to have met it so soon.

I feel a little strange. It's almost like this is too easy....and that makes me nervous. I am working hard. I am diligent with my nutrition plan. I know that I will hit speedbumps along the way. I'm almost a little depressed, like what the heck took me so long? Why did I spend so long overweight and out of shape? I'm sad and exuberant at the same time! So strange!

I have lots of other goals and I will continue to immerse myself in my new behaviors.....I look forward to hearing about everyone else's goals too!

Have a great, on plan day everyone!

04-28-2008, 05:38 PM
13 weeks = nausea gone. I didn't believe it could happen like people said it could but it has!!!

Took the dogs for a walk this morning. First time since we got the puppy. She was so sickly I didn't think she could do it before & quite frankly any excuse to not exert myself I was taking. Pup, dog & I all made the entire walk with flying colours - even including the nasty last hill to our house!!!

This aft I made it to the gym & did a fairly light 30 minutes on the bike.

I'm going to go home for a week at the end of May & I am finding looking forward to that & no longer feeling horrid all the time have really upped my motivation again. I don't want to face my trainers having lost a lot of my fitness - lol!!!

04-29-2008, 08:33 AM
LG- Isn't it amazing the difference a week makes? You'll find that at the tail end too.... I'm so glad you are feeling better.

Midwife- Congratulations again! You are making terrific progress!

I'm working hard for a totally on track week. Tomorrow will be tough because I have to go in to center city for a lunch meeting :p and then I'm taking the rest of the afternoon off to visit my 85 year old aunt who I hardly ever go see (insert hang dog, ashamed emoticon here) and she will insist on a Chinese or Japanese restaurant. I've tried bring food to her, but she loves to go out and that where she goes. I'll have to try and find just steamed food minus sauce.

Off to work!


04-29-2008, 12:48 PM
Got up later than planned, had an impromptu fight with dh & now am trying hard to motivate myself to go to the yoga class in 40min. Declaration: I am going to yoga - staying home & sulking won't make me feel better!!!

04-29-2008, 02:15 PM
LG: :hug: Who dares to argue with the Momma?! I bet you will feel so much more relaxed during and after that yoga class. What a great thing to do. You must go. :yes:

Fran: Weather report...Nice day ahead of you. If our weather is any indication it should be nice puffy clouds with sunshine but a bit chilly outside. Not bad if your in the sun but in the shade your going to want to bundle up.

So, I didn't go to the gym this morning. Although, :idea: DH came home early from work so maybe I could slip out here in a little bit. :chin: A friend had invited DS2 and I to go to the local mall for coffee and to play in the childrens area with her son. Great idea since DS2 didn't want to go the gym anyway. And for anyone following the No Excuses thread in the maintainers forum I did resist all of the bakery goods in Panera. :angel: I had a skim latte which works well since I skipped my protein drink this morning. Okay, I know the skim milk is not considered a real substitute. Yes maybe I could have opted for the hot tea instead but milk steeped in chai tea vs milk steeped in coffee beans not much difference caloric wise in my plan. May have even been less since I didn't add the protein powder.

Hope everyone is having a good afternoon. Off to push DS2 on the swing.

04-29-2008, 02:27 PM
Well - I don't know about more relaxed during yoga. I cannot get over how hard it is!!! I'm soooo NOT flexible - lol! I went today & found out when I got there they had switched the time so I was an hour late. Of course planning to go for yoga I didn't even have shoes with me so I couldn't even get a real workout in instead. I think it is one of those days....

04-29-2008, 02:49 PM
had an impromptu fight with dh
:rofl: Like you have scheduled ones?

My DH does yoga and went last night after being away from it for 5 weeks between vacation and illness. He was sore this morning! The key, of course, is to do it on your own in between, which he does sometimes, but obviously not recently. It really helps his back when he keeps up a regular practice.

My plan is the gym right from work - no side trips or distractions!

Lydia - I have skim lattes 2-3 times a week. I'd be drinking the coffee anyway, and I don't really get enough calcium in my diet, and I can fit the calories in my plan - best of all, it feels like a treat!

04-29-2008, 10:52 PM
I did get that workout in this afternoon! :yay: It was also one of the best ones I've had in a while. Gave the knee a rest today and did all upper body although my back felt a little neglected once I was in the shower. I can always tell by the time I hit the shower whether or not I effectively worked everything I wanted to that day. Well, effectively is relative right? Whatever was bothering me last week seems to be behind me. I'm feeling much more motivated and ready to dig into my workouts again. I must have just needed a little more rest. I also downloaded some new music, this sometimes does the trick too.

Have a good night everyone.

04-30-2008, 08:31 AM
Yay Lydia :carrot: I'm glad the cloud has lifted.

Chugging along here- I did treadmill intervals mixed with bike intervals mixed with 2 minute intervals of the leg matrix this morning. No gym today, so I really had to make the morning session count. I'm headed into the city for a business lunch :p, then taking the rest of the day off to go visit my much neglected aunt who lives in center city. I have no idea what food the day holds, but I have 2 protein bars in my purse!

Have a good one!


04-30-2008, 02:21 PM
:wave: Morning

Had a good cardio workout last night. Tonight will be weights, probably a mix of NRLW and the knee exercises from my physical therapist. I've yet to connect with the trainer I spoke to before I left for vacation, but that's okay. DH is leaving on 5/15 for several weeks to be with his brother who has lung cancer, and I'll have much more time for things like working with a trainer (and coincidentally no one else who needs meals :lol: )

04-30-2008, 07:06 PM
I can always tell by the time I hit the shower whether or not I effectively worked everything I wanted to that day.

How so Lydia, share more. I was just telling dh my lower back is all achy crampy and I think it's a weird feeling associated with needing to do some deadlifts. But interested to hear more about what you mean by feeling you worked, or didn't work, something.

04-30-2008, 10:51 PM
:chin: Well, when I've "effectively" worked an area I feel a specific tightness or dull ache in the muscle group. Kind of like a feeling that you need to stretch that part out a little more to make it feel longer or more limber. Which would make sense because muscles tend to contract after heavy exertion. It's a feeling where you instantly need to take the heel of your hand and rub that area out with a little pressure. Basically I'm just standing dull under the shower thinking, "I hurt all over." Bingo. Then I know it was a good day. :crazy: I'm not sure if that clarifies it for you. :lol3:

It's kind of a subconscience experience for me now. I expect to feel these aches across the top of the pecs, top and middle of biceps, delts, lats, lower back and all through the abs. If this feeling of heaviness is missing somewhere then I can almost be sure that I either forgot to do something, wasn't concentrating during one of the sets, or it's time to change the routine.

In the case of my last workout I couldn't feel this heaviness in the lats. Even though I had worked them I forgot to do two of the other exercises that would have hit them specifically. Standing in the shower, I realized the ache I usually feel there was missing.