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03-04-2002, 06:34 AM
Good Morning All,

Well my goal this week is to get back on track. I went way off track last week. Only got 2 days worth of exercise in, wasn't sleeping well. PMS time, Included a piece of cake a nd a cookie into my locarb woe. Oh and white bread, oh and french fries. Well that was painful. UGH! DIdn't get to the Y either. Pretty much covers it.

ANd teh scale is still at 231#

Well my goal for today is OP eating , getting to the Y to check them out. W2O and workout at home. I'll ley you know how things go.

Pam, I am so glad to see you again. Your determination is inspiring.

Melody, you go girl. Just reemeber you are doing your plan for you! If someone notices great! But thisis for you

Sue, It has been a long road so far. But you are still my champ!

Dana we will break this plataeu!!!!

Well I'll check in tommorrow

Hey Terri how was your week?

03-04-2002, 12:40 PM
My fellow Weight Warriors..............
I did not sleep a wink last night. My neck managed to jam a nerve and make me nuts. I haven't slept to well for a few days but getting this weight off the poor old bones will help if not elimanate
this whole problem!!! A very happy thing ...... my Sister is coming back in May to visit and I can't wait to see her again.Our little Mother will be 80 in June and we both take nothing for granted, at her age you just hope but never know how long she will be here. She is coming alone this time and Hubby will be visiting his children states away from here. So.... it will be just us "girls" and perhaps that is a good thing. We can spend uninterrupted quality time. It will be a busy spring and summer we have many family visitors much to our delight throughout the spring and summer.
We just planted a new peach tree and( two blueberry bushes for hubby). I am choosing paint and shortly the house will be renewed with fresh paint. We are working on the sliders outside to sand the wood and repaint the metal. Setting up the statuary and slowly landscaping. Yes life is good despite the roller coaster ride my body goes on but soon it will be much more friendly and kinder as I help it unburden. Then I think we will not operate as separate enities but together again, one united being as we were created to be. How odd it is for me to be so out of sinc with such an important aspect of myself. Fragmented, not a good place to be but this too I am resolving with love. Day three has begun and I am OP. You all take care I think I shall endeavor yet again to sleep and to make friends with my body!!!!!!
Pat ,my dear , Pat how good to see you here again I have missed you.
Sue Bee you know I have missed you too
but then I think you all know how important you all are to me. Has anyone heard from Lee??? Do you know what happened?
LEE IF YOU ARE OUT THERE>>>>>>drop me a line, let me know how you are. I pray for you all the time and I fully admit my concern....ok worry, yes I am worried about you!!!

LOve you all, Pam

03-05-2002, 06:28 AM
Good Morning all,
Nothing really exciting to report. We are expecting lake effect tonight , a mere 1-2 feet. Will it never end?

I went to the Y yesterday and checked them out. I will try a free workout and see how busy they are at the time I want to go. They have alll kinds of classes and teh facility is pretty new. Something should jump start that scale. Met my goals for yesterday, But the carb cravings were there. DIdn't succomb.

Today my goals are to :

Eat Very OP!

Hey Pam, You sure are one busy lady. Take care of that neck!

Hey Sue
Everybody else.

03-05-2002, 09:36 AM
Hello ladies! Don't get too close I have the flu! I called in to work yesterday, and today I am still sick, but better.

I finally got the BF to put togethr my elliptical. I took it out of the box and started putting it together myself. I was sick so i put a few pieces together and then left it all laying in a mess in the middle of the floor....he hates a mess, so I knew he would finish it! HEhe!:devil: I am so evil!!!

I fell off the OP wagon this weekend. When your sucking on cherry throat lozenges I don't figure there is much sense in trying to stay op. It's not like I feel like eating anyway. I will be glad when spring is here, and I can get outside and do some stuff...I willl be glad when spring break is here and I don't have to work for a week!!!! HWooo hoooo! That will be nice!

Sue, Thanks for trying to get that book for me...I think everyone in the world is looking for it...

Pam, Keep your chin up. I will pray for you. Together we will reach our goals.

Fralick, and Dana- don't get down about the plateau!! You guys can work through it! I know it will move soon....I just know it.

You ladies, have a lovely week, and a bright shiny day!

03-05-2002, 06:19 PM
My Fellow weight warriors............
Feeling much better had to drug myself though.....darvocet allowed me to sleep and loosened up the neck so the nreve is free!!!!! A little sore but oh sso much better.
I am OP drinking my gallon of water and posting , posting, posting. Thank you God I am back on track off and running!!!!!!!

Lodyangel, I can always use prayers. Thank you.

03-05-2002, 11:37 PM
Hello Buddies!

Well, I am here! Not much time to post, and not much to share, but here I go!

The scale has not been cooperating. I have NOT been doing well enough! I re-committed myself TODAY. Strict plan and exercise. I also chugged water. One day at a time...but that metal monster WILL move!

Hubby has been of "Snuff" now for nearly 3 weeks. Never having had the nicotine addition, I can only kmagine what he is going thru. He had a few "cranky" times, but has kept a good sense of humor about it all! He has been using mint and cinnamon snuff as a replacement, (the kind with no nicotine) and that along with mints, lollipops and tootsie rolls has been a help. He gained 7 pounds and this morning was unable to get his jeans buttoned! I felt bad and told him I would begin HIM on low carbs also. SOOOOOO....HE is eatting like this too, which is great! The scale better move for at least one of us..or the sucker may end up out the window! It has BOTH of us MAD as can be!

I have been trying to catch up on your posts. This is a slllllooooooow time around here for sure! I am asking for your help! I know I asked for butt kicks........but I mean HELP! Major duct tape and kicks with steel toe shoes on!!!

I did the Leslie Samson Kick Box tape today. Her tapes for those who may have seen the info-mercial on TV are really great. They last 1/2 hour and really get you sweating! I need to do it daily! Again, one day at a time!

Work has been crazy.....crazy----- CRAZY and I come home and just want to CHILL.......but that will NOT get me to goal. I know what to do is the DOING IT!

So, nasus............(no peanuts......I swear I am off the nuts).......I herby promise to move my size 18 (wishing for a size 14) BUMMY everyday! Buddy, I need you!

fralick.............(president of the metal monster hate club).........I want to go to 100 land with you my friend! Let's go together! I am at the point where I am SICK of 200 land! I know you are too!

lodyangel......thanks for the kind words about the plataue. Again, I only have myself to blame. I ralize I am getting a bit of muscle, which weighs more than fat, and that muscle will be better for me in the long run, BUT..............I need to be more strict! (Can you tell I am beating myself up today????) LOL

gbo..............I think of you often and hope only good things begin to come your way!

melody....stay strong! are you?


Anyone else out there???? Please feel free to kick my butt and hang on tight! Summer is coming and I want this fat suit OFF!

My best to you all!

Dana (hopeful and DETERMINED!)


03-06-2002, 01:20 AM
Dana..........God but how I do understand!
I was where you are and once again gave up on my self and make no mistake that is what it is. Giving up on you, on all your potential, your hopes and dreams, the fullness of life , self esteme,and self respect.
I know how hard it is to get so stuck ,when that blasted scale stops deader than a door nail and nothing you do seems to help, your focus and resolve weakens and you slip a little here and there. You just want to eat what you want and not be deprived of all those goodies and carbs that whisper your name endlessly, beaconing like a lover. Beware the voice that beacons you 666 is not strong enough a warning!!!!!
This is your personal demon the one that has robbed you all your life of being, doing,wearing and experiencing the best that life had to offer you.
Being a victim sucks big time but we have all been victimized by this food addiction and unlike tobacco, booze, drugs or whatever it is a substance you cannot stop using. You cannot live without it but our only hope is to be in control of our actions and to be accountable for them. No one shoves it down our throats it is our choice entirely what we place in our bodies.
We have to choose freedom from addiction, we have to choose joy, self esteme, self respect, ease of movement ,freedom to be the us we have not even had the chance to know fully.
I have regained 11 lbs. 11lbs of hard work and goals met. For what? Just to eat more than I need for health more than I wanted come to that,or to eat the things that made me fat to begin with. All those "treats", well it may mask as treats but my friend it is your in action. It is the thief, the demon lover that has stolen so much from you! It is your self destruction in action! The part of you that seeks numbing in life rather than life itself and all the wonder that goes with it. We choose life , health, happiness , freedom or slavery to the food, illness that follows weight,sorrow at how we look what we miss, drop all hope and dreams. Dispair for ourselves. So what do you choose?????????
Clutch that dream , embed that desire in your soul and hang on no matter what. Make friends with your body before it rebells , sickens, weakens and generally MAKES YOU CRAZY. Remember, Sweet One, that this body is a wonder in and of itsself. With these hands you can caress a crying child, hold your loved ones, with this body you can walk , climb ,run, jump. laugh play,dance,pray,love,createand oh so much more. Don't taake it for granted it is the greatest gift we have it is life itself. Be kind to it it is a sacred creation more than we know. I have learned this the hard way. I don't recommend the trip down that road.
Hang tough Babe.
Love Pam

03-06-2002, 06:52 AM
Good Morning ALL,

Boy I had a strict OP day yesterday. Carb monster still calling my name, And even when I was stressed I held off. We didn't get the 1-2 feet as predicted. Thank goodness. It looks like some wet weather coming. but highs in teh 40's. Got my work out in. ANd water too.

Dana, We will make it! I will be in a size 20 pants soon! I want to officially be 50 # lighter. That darn metal monster. You will be in a size 16 and be under 200#!!!

Pam- what awesome words of encouragement as ususal. Yes eating more than a body needs. It seems so harmless at thetime. But too many of those falls leads us the wrong way on teh scale. Glad your neck is better.

Melody. Good for you! Take it slow on your new toy. Thanks for the kind words.

Hey SUE where teh heck are you?

Well off to teh room

03-06-2002, 12:09 PM
Good Day chickees!

I am OFF Program today...I am feeling better, and gaining my strength back, so today will be my last day off the program. Tomorrow I will be back on full force. I will begin full , all out, BFL workouts tonight. I am not sure if I want to do the diet portion of their program or not. I do not know if I could stick with it. I may try it for a week and see how it goes.

I am feeling pretty good today. I had a really hard time getting out of bed at 5:30 this AM. I don't remember the drive to work at all. I think I slept the entire 45 minute drive here!

Yesterday one of the PArents to one of the kids in my class asked me if I was having another baby!!!!


Since everyone else is rededicating themselves to theri programs I will too. I need to make every day for the rest of my life an OP get what I want only I can achieve it...I want to be thin, strong, and healthy,...I want to be able to run a 5K, race in a 5 K, and win a 5K. I want to be able to run up my steps and not get winded...I want to be able to play soccer with my sons...I want to look in the mirror and think I am beautiful, and I love my body. I want to be able to read that look on my BF's face...I WANT TO WEAR A BIKINNI!!!! i WANT TO HAVE A FLAT STOMACH....i WANT TO WEAR A BELLY SHIRT, A BELLY CHAIN, AND TO GET MY BELLY BUTTON PIERCED...i WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT SO i CAN BE ME!!!!i AVOID PEOPLE i KNOWIN THE GROCERY STOREBECASUE i DON'T WANT THEM TO SEE HOW FAT i HAVE GOTTEN! I hang my head in public, and watch the ground I have become ashamed of myself. HOW DID I GET THIS WAY????? WHy did I let it happen?????? I hate it!!!!! I hate it!!!!

There is one thing standing betwen me and the person that I want to be....FOOD! Food is my enenmy, food is my friend. it decieves me with its sweetness, and comfort, and then it packs on the pounds when I am not looking. I can work out, I know what I should do!...but first I have to learn how to handle food.....not as my friend, not as my enenmy, but as it is...fuel for my body....nothing more......I need to make choices about food, and not let whatever food is laying around make the choice for me. And I need to get some better friends than the cookies, and candy bars i have befriended...they just make me fat and lazy! I will spend more time with my friends online, and my friends in flesh and blood, and less time with food!!!!

Fralick and Hopeful, there is a detox diet in this weeks Womens World mag, it claims to help detoxify your body helping you to burn fat more efficiently, so that you can get through your may be worth a look...I thought about trying it myself. Some people lost 10 pounds in one week....

Have a good Day!:wave:

03-07-2002, 01:19 AM
My Fellow Weight Warriors..................
I am OP drank my gallon of water and have been busy today, well busy for me. My lower back is complaining bitterly but I am determined to get this body moving as much as possible. Like the cravings the body has a voice too and boy does it make itself heard! Little by little. Getting the weight off will take so much stress off this sad, abused body and sore damaged spine. I can't wait!!!!!
Melody, food is just fuel, it is that voice of craving and old patterns that behave like demons in our lives and that is an enemy to defeat but it is just the urging to eat, to cry hungry when you know you have eaten enough,craving the things that cause us so much unhappiness with ourselves, and causes that feeling of being deprived. Somewhere a destructive pattern began and we have to grab control of it and change it totally. It is a road worth traveling and battles within worth winning. You will suceed, we all will because in the long run we know we have each other to trust and depend on. Life is good!!!!!

03-07-2002, 10:37 AM
Good Morning Chickadees!

Life is indeed good. BF and i have buried the hatchet for now, and things are calm within my house. Well as calm as you can expect with two boys!:lol:

I am back Op and fighting the urge to eat! As we speak my class is having a delightful breakfast of buttered toast, jelly, and pears, and I am so wanting to eat it. I have eaten my usual breakfast of cheese and beef jerky, but the toast is calling my name! I will refuse to hear it, and took a break to come check on you chickees~!

I am full force into this workout thing. I walked a mile last night, and I worked out for 25 minutes on the Elliptical. It is harder than I thought. My quads were screaming! I took it kind of slow until I get the hang of it. Then I will be able to do more, faster, push harder....Then i did an upper body strength workout with weights. My arms were shaking when I got done...I guess lower body is tonight.

It is warm here, like spring, almost 60 degrees and I am loving it! I hope that it stays this way. I feel like doing more when it's warm...2 years ago on Spring break I lost 4 pounds from doing nothing but working outdoors...I love it! I am in heaven! The class will be going outside today!

I hope you guys have a good day! Sue, Where are you!!!???? I still haven't found that book, but I am almost ready to "officially" start. How about Monday???

Have a great Day!

03-08-2002, 04:31 AM
My Fellow Weight Warriors.........
My computer is down, I hope not for long! I am on our webtv and it has been so long since I have used it I have forgotten some of the commands but here I am anyway. So bear with me. I have no idea how this willwork but so far so good. I am OP and drank my gallon of water. Hubby brought in some of my favorite Wal-mart flavored waters so I could avoid the cola. I am not on the fat burners I was before so perhaps I shall not get so massively stuck right off the bat and Sue Bee , Pat I have my calories up, no starvtion mode this time. I will be thrilled to lose a few pounds at a time rather than 20 lbs in a week and little after that for months!!
I am looking forward to weighing in tomorrow! Wish me luck my Darlins!

03-08-2002, 06:51 AM
Good Morning all, I guess this week is better than last week. 3 workouts. Got to the Y and plan on joining next week. Water is good and I have been strictly OP.

Melody glad teh tension is down in the house. Way to go on teh workouts!

Pam, Good for you!

Sue and DANA how the heck are you all?


03-08-2002, 10:34 AM
Good Morning my wonderful chickees....

The world is a fine wonderful place this morning and I am glad to be part of it.

Weigh in went well, No loss, but no gain....that is good considering I was off plan for so long...the flu sucks.

Did not get to work out last night....the house was a wreck and I had not one...but 2 sets of company...some friends...and then BF's parents!!!!! After that BF helped me clean the hous, and then it was bed time. BF works tonight so I will work out-lots!

I had not taken my fat burners in a while....and took 2 before bed...they must have some kind of diuretic in them because I went to the bathroom 4 times last night!!! I guess it's good, or I would have had a gain. That would have killed my enthusiasm!

well Sue, I am missing your wonderful insight, and your divine wisdom....where are you???

And Dana, I am dieing to know if the scale moved to the left for you this week.....I have my fingers crossed...

Pam, I am hoping for a loss for you as well!

Everyone else I am hoping Mr. Scale is nice to you!
Have a terrific day!

03-08-2002, 12:25 PM
OMG i moved all my furniture and that included my computer but what i did not know that i needed to get the cable man back out here to get me hooked back up. DDDUUUUHHHHH

I do not have much time still trying to get the house back in shape so did not read the notes since i was back. I will check up on things later but have to run!!! Just a note to let you all know that i am still alive and here

well I am back and a bit off plan but getting back OP.. Melody monday i am going to take pictures are you up for it???

I have been owrking out but not as hard as needed but am ready for a boost!!

Pat was that huge fire near you?? I was worried. and did you hear the horrible fore last night about those 2 volenteer fighters that lost their life (Not near me)

Dana glad to hear that things are going ok for you. Dump the peanuts.

Pam so glad that you are still hanging in there.

03-08-2002, 06:13 PM
Feeling puny today for no reason I know of but who cares I weighed in and have gone from a solid 315 to 309 3/4 ! A loss of 5 1/2 lbs this week!!!!! Yes I may feel yucky in the body but I am flying in the mind! 6 more lbs to go before I am back to where I was and can continue from there to add Real Lost pounds!!! I think I just needed more sleep but I will be fine tomorrow. I am OP and drank my 128 ozs of water as usual. A bit less movement today but as renovation is about to begin I am sure I will more than make up for it. I can lay the flloring in the kitchen sitting thank heavens on my ample rear end!!! Texturing the walls is another matter it willbe a slow process as I will have to sit down alot. Such an inconvenience! Still it will get done! I have to be careful because with this neurological illness if my legs go they will not work for days but I am so experienced at it that I know when I am done. It sure slows e down but I get there. That's really what counts!!!! There is so much to do!!!!!! It is so exciting to see things come together though, I just love it!!!

03-08-2002, 06:55 PM
Wow Pam it sounds like you are really getting things done around there from the hosue to the weight!!!

thanks as i was stuffing a few M&M's in my mouth wishing that i could spit it out!!!!

03-08-2002, 08:21 PM
I have been really puny all day but that is probably due to a little less sleep than I could have used but all will be better tomorrow. While my body may feel puny my mind is flying in celebration as today is my weigh in day and guess what with no fat burners I have lost 5 1/4 lbs!!! Am I happy or what!!!!!!!!!!!
6 more pounds and I will be back at 304 where I got so stuck for so many months. Bye the bye if you are usig fat burners according to the bodybuilders association if taken more than a month at a time they quit working and you get stuck in a major way! They recommend you use them for 2-4 weeks and stop for 2-4 weeks then back and so on. It will keep you from being stuck.
You may lose less on those weeks
when you are off but you can aviod the stuk patterns to a large degree
and when you do stay the same the down time is way , way less than it would be otherwise.
Love Pam

03-09-2002, 01:29 PM
I'm sorry that I have not kept up with you all. I've been so darn down and out that I didn't want to bring you down with me. I had a wonderful birthday party on the 22nd of December and it's been all downhill from there. I feel like my life is totally out of control.

I had been having problems sleeping because of pain in my back, I was getting to where I could barely walk any more and I was getting scared. I finally returned to the doctor and he's put me back on pain medication and added an antidepressant to help me sleep again at night. With the meds and a new mattress, I have finally been getting sleep (this past week has been much better).

The weather changes that we have been having are wreaking havoc on my back and leg. I hadn't been able to stand more than a few minutes without wanting to scream with the pain. I will be glad when the weather settles. Yesterday and today it's in the 80's. If we don't have any more freezes, I really will be good to go.

As for the program, I pretty much have been op, but have been MUCH more sedentary than usual. I was up to 212, but am back to 199 (as of yesterday). I am recommited to this program, and feel that this month I will be a "loser". I think that now I can be more active it will help with this slump that I have been experiencing. It might also help with this severe depression I have. I hate "winter"!!! It really messes up my whole world.

So many changes have happened in my life this past year. I just hope that things settle down so that I can get back to being the real me. I've not kept up with your posts, but have often thought about you all and have kept you in my prayers. I am so proud of all of you for keeping with the program. You all really owe yourselves a pat on the back. WE CAN DO THIS!!!

I have 34 more pounds to go, and am more than determined to lose the rest of this weight. I know that it will help with my self-esteem and also with my back pain . Also, we have a family gathering on Easter sunday. The family has not seen me since Christmas (I told you life hasn't been kind!). I desperately want to lose at least another 10 pounds before I see them again. Greg's folks will be leaving for New York after Easter, and my goal is to have all my weight lost before they return in October.
(Please understand that I am not doing this for them. It is MY goal. I just use those dates as a goal setter).

Please know that I will pull myself back up again. I am determined that things will get better. I am slowly making changes for myself...kind of trying to regroup.

As for now, I am back, but I can't promise for how long. Just keep me in your prayers, please.


03-09-2002, 08:29 PM

So glad so see you!!!

Hopefully you will give me my so needed inspiration to get back OP. As you have always done, we can kick eachother!!!

I seem to slide back even though my thoughts are to stay OP!!! i just manage to snack at foods that i know that are OFF plan so why???

I need to examine my goals and focus I have lost my focus

drink more water and start to focus on my exercise more, do not slow down for DD to catch up she can take care of herself when i keep on goin on the elliptical. she can ride bike or something.


03-09-2002, 11:07 PM
Hello Ladies!

Glad you are back with us Sue. The rest of us miss you when you are not here. Everyone else where are you? Pat, Dana, Pam, Terri??? Where are you???

I am off plan today because it is my birthday! It started out not being such a good day. I think Bf forgot my bday until I reminded him...we are celebrating next Friday night, But he didn't even say Happy Bday. Then I left the window down on my car and it rained in my window, and I discovered while balancing my checkbook that I made a $300 mistake in my checkbook!!!!:o :o I am so surprised I haven't bounced checks all over the county! I was in qite an ugly mood by noon. But then I just got over it, took care of my business. My sisters....I have 4...we all got together and went out to eat. We had a good time. I have porked out all day. I will be back on plan tomorrow. I am going to work out tonight before bed. I will have to with all the junk I have eaten today.

Sue, i am up to the pics if you are...I am ready to shed some pounds! Let's do this girl!!! I know we can do it...Just focus, focus, focus!

Lee, Welcome back...We are the exact same weight, and have the exact same short term goal....10 pounds by Easter...Let's do it girl! I have a challenge "the bunny 10 pound challenge" on the Misc. page are more than welcome to join us!

I will chat at you babes later....Have a great weekend... :wave:

03-10-2002, 06:24 PM
Hi all. doing greast except the few M&M's that managed to sneak in my mouth. but all else is great!!! eggs, tuna and meat!!! and lots of water. I am peeing tons!!!

Hopefully tomorow will be no M&M's!!!

no exercise today as this is my usual day off.

So all you wonderful girls report!!! I am getting back full swing and will be ready to jump on your backs for some exercise!!! (as i have not stoped that just taken it a bit easy for a while) But i am ready for the picts and for a wonderful workout!!!
Melody I brought my bathing suit home but will take the picts on tuesday as DH is home monday. so no way am i going to parade around the house in my bathing suit. But I will be starting monday. I am going to sigh up for the challenge on line for monday!!!

I had my hands on some of the pwer 90 tapes but they could not be coppied as it had some electronic blocking stuff so it would not copy. I am still trying to find the BFL book still for you. butwill be still looking for you!!! check everyday at walmart and kmart. going to check out a book store if i go near it in syracuse tomorow.

Have a great day girls!!! only 3 weeks left of our bunny challenge!!!

03-11-2002, 01:23 AM
LEE!!!!!!! My dearest Lee. I too lost my grip for a while but I am here. You have so amny friends here tat deeply cares how you are but I know like me you tend to curl up like a cat in the corner and lick your wounds.Don't go away, I miss you terribly. Now of course, my computer is on the fritz and Hubby is taking it in to the shop tomorrow but... I still have webtv so at least I can get here. I was so worried about you. Life can kick back with a vengence but know we are here for you in the good times and bad. Someone told me that once , Gee I can't remember who . Soe Amazon Queen...... I regained 11 lbs so I didn't do as well as you did but I am OP and back on track with my usual lack of enthusium. LOL I remain the same old personity as usual. Did you get any of my e-mails? Don't worry, I won't be ticked or get my feelings hurt I was just wondering. I have been known to no answer e- ail myself at times. You know my prayer are with you, always.Hang tough, it gets better not perfect but much much better!!!
Love you

I am Op and have about half my water down at this time but it was a really busy day for me. I cooked low carb meatballs for me meatloaf ,restuffed potatoes for my family and put about a dozen in the freezer. I am planning our garden , it has just been tilled, drew out the plans for what I propose for a new mantle for the livingroom fireplace and showed how to do it very cheaply but well so that it is beautiful and functional. Creative creation on a small budget, paid Moms bills and ours and making sure everyone get the medicatio needed including my children of the fur.
Oh and designing the landscaping on paper of course. Some of it I could do sitting on myrump but Hubby gets the other stuff. I think I am making real headway with hm( he can
be just a bit stubborn at times)
Hopefully I can make the bedspead I want but I never choose anything easy and it has been years since I have done any real major sewing, But I know I can do it I just need a couple of good weeks to get it done. I really want to get the two bedside tables I drew out to get made too. If Hubby cuts it out I can assemble it o problem I need storage. I usually have one or two projects going and need a bit of creative space. Slowly but surely I will get it all done it ay take a year or two. You see I want a gazebo in the pasture with fruit trees and such , stone work paths, I can make my own molds and do it cheaply indeed,the statuary needs to be water proofed and the back needs to be redone I can see it in my mid but I have to transfer it to paper and ...well you see how it is. I wish I were able to do the masonary work I would know it would be done as I want it beut well we have to make concessions. Soon it will be time to open the pool and oh what needs to be done there!! Ok maybe three or four years.
I am pooed and am going to lay down and stretch out. I have some sewing to do but it will have to wait until tomorrow. Nite all
SUE BEE ...avoid the M&M's
Love Pam

03-11-2002, 07:30 PM
the M&M's were calling my name but i resisted and ate tons of tuna roll my DD made for dinner boy was that delicious!!!

I am still struguling with the M&M"s (I have them in the house for boyscouts on thursday) but managing to beat them off at this time. I have many of you girls fighting for me and well my own concious is fighting. this is beyond a small fall and starting to head towards a full blown total fall!!! I am fighting so hard here and thinking iof all of you. I have managed to be good all day so that is a help. I think i am going to get some chromium and fight this. I know when i go several days and hang on so good i feel great and have the energy to carry many along with me but this week is very tough. I know that i am under stress of work, DD school, finances, and well just plain life. So I need to have control over some things in my life. And this is one thing I can do good. So please bear with me and tighten the tape get the bus to top speed so i can not fall off, and get ready to have a fun but bumpy ride for a while.

Melody I saw the book in waldon books but it was for about 30$$$ I know you or I can find it cheeper on line so let me look OK??? ( I also saw the other book i was looking for called body Rx similar to BFL but a bit changed.)

03-11-2002, 09:47 PM
Hello Buddies!

HERE.........but nothing much to report! Seems we are all in a bit of a slump with the SUCCESS we sooooooo crave! Mr. Scale has not moved...AGAIN....but I refuse to give up!

Doing the Leslie Samsun tapes for exercise. Low carb eatting with lots and LOTS of water! It will move! The metal monster WILL move! (Have we all been cursed?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?)

Hugs to you all!

Dana (Hopeful.........Yep, I AM!) :dizzy:

03-12-2002, 06:48 AM
Hi all, I am here. I don't even seem to have time to lurk.
I just wanted to say HI to you all.
Doing OK. Hope to report another loss on FRiday. Just a pound would be nice! Am struggling with carb cravings. I had 2 pieces og hard candy yesterday. Was craving bad and fantasizing about cookies> UGH.

Will try and be more wordy next time

03-12-2002, 09:47 AM
Good Morning Chick-ee-babes,

I am Op today, as well as yesterday. I didn't make Op on Sunday....but oh well...

I am going to be very busy here at work in the coming weeks. I will stil try to post daily...but it may be hard. i took my pics last night Sue....OHHHHH they are going to be scary! I could not find my old bikinni so I took them in a brightly patterned bra and could pass for a bathing suit, and covers the essentials... I took them last night after BF and kids were in bed. My camera has a timer so I could do it all by myself, after I figured out how to work it. I just hope I didn't cut off my head or anything. It was hard not to suck in my stomach....I wanted too so bad! But I let it all hang out.

Didn't work out last night, becasue I was tired and lazy...I will tonight though....20 minutes of cardio, and lower body weights. Hopefully this scale will move soon!

Sue- I keep looking at Wal-Mart and K-mart...BFl is big here right now....can't find the book. I checked online at a few discount book places, but they don't have it yet either. Hopefully we will find it soon! I would like to read the book. I think I know enough about it to carry it out though thanks to the website.

You ladies have a wonderful day! I will "see" you tomorrow!

03-12-2002, 12:17 PM
melody if you really want it at 27$ I will get it but i could not pay that price for it!!! Something in me was screaming and I know it was for only 19.99 at walmart. so I will also keep looking.

I will be taking my piats today as yesterday with DH home it was not possible. but today it is i have my dry suit home only a one piece but still a suit. the bra and undies sound great!!! Mine are all ugly white things and do not look like they will pass for anthing else!!

Had a great workout today and am fighting the urge to snack. I have my water next to me for support, so i am ready to hit the road!!! I did have a small snack bar yesterday high in carbs but could have been candy!!! and that was all so not bad.

Dana and Pat, I know things are tough so we had stop and examine our goals. is ther ea reason we are not giving it out all?? we need to go back to square one and write all our foods down, then we will be more aware of the foods we are eating and how many calories we are actually taking in. that is the hard one, we may have to cut back a bit on some of the fats to bet back down to a caloric level that we will lose weight on but not so low that aour body shuts it's metabolism down. very tricky, but we need to get bpast this road block we are at. take stock of our goals and settele down and get tough here!!!

Dana remember the enthusiasm you had last year?? You could have carried us all to the goal. we need to all find it in ourselves, that same passion, and energy to dedicate and change our selves. it is there I have seen it in all of us and melody is having the same energy too now and we need to feed that and feed our own. we all want tog et there we have been doing this for quite a whiel but we have managed tog et side tracked, lets get back to wehre we need to be!!!

03-12-2002, 03:32 PM
Someone is selling the book for $10 in the Member's Market of this site. Not sure if that is the one you are looking for or not, but thought I would let you know!

Good luck!

03-12-2002, 07:35 PM
Thanks for the info. I did get my book back from my friend, but hopefully melody will see this.

I will say that i made a wonderful HAM corn and potatoes. I had the ham and corn I passed the potatoes. WHOOO HOOOO

I am still struggiling, to stay OP but I am getting there!!!

03-13-2002, 02:20 AM
Pat and Sue Bee, a long time ago I learned that when sugar cravings are making you nuts boost your vitamin b! It takes a few days to get it working well but I have sed it ever since and it makes a huge difference. Isn't that something. A nutritionest told me that was the cause ...low b and said some people need more than others. Anyway believe it or not it works. I am op and doing quite well. I did have a small oatmeal cookie yesterday but I have boosted my b and in a few days that desire will pass. I will
not slip up again like that. I knew full well what I was doing and hopefully it will not cause to much of a problem.