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03-04-2002, 06:30 AM
We are a group of non-traditional lifestyle individuals. We are partnered, single, widowed, Pagan, Atheist, Agnostic, Christian, Muslim, gay, bi-sexual, bi-colored and straight. We bask in our diversity and unite in the same goal of losing weight. If you are relatively open-minded and accepting of ALL walks of life, please join us.

03-04-2002, 08:23 AM
Hello Ladies
WELCOME BACK LINDS!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see you have a routine now and are back
Ruthie You are doing great girl keep up the good work.. I dont think a marathon has a time limit.
Wildfire Sorry about the Y being so small but you said they will be opening a new one so you got the membership in hand you will be kicking there butt in the new one.. As for biting your lip on the tour hmmmm I dont know if I could do that.. After all they are giving misinformation and that misinformation could hurt someone in the long run..My opinion of course
OK I was away this weekend Saturday night I went out to the 99 resturaunt for dinner with the kids and hubby . I ordered the usual primerib and I ended up taking half of it home..And only ate half of my dessert as well..Both were delishous BUT I figured I best start cutting back on my meals afterall prime rib is not the leanest meat in the meat group
Sunday I had to go to a double birthday party for my friends daughters . She held it at her BF parents house and I am surprised how well I enjoyed talking with her BF parents. My DH and I spent 90% of the time talking with them . The dinner was spaghetti and meatballs and which I had about a cup of pasta with one meat ball and light sauce and as for cake I had a piece about the size of a half a deck of cards.. We were told to come back to visit anytime.. The men can go exploring for hunting spots and the women can go clearance sale shopping.. (Funny I really hate shopping for myself..)
My daughter is back at school Today is the first day back in two weeks !! First week was out for the flu the second was for school vacation.. Glad her classes are easy work at the new school . Her old school was very pushy and two years ahead of the new one. So she has done the work before..
Well Ladies I will end here and check back later on
Take Care

03-04-2002, 10:25 AM
Thanks for the new thread Ruthie!!!!! ~flower

03-04-2002, 12:21 PM
Hello all! :wave:

I guess we out grew our old thread huh? Thanks for conjuring up a new one!

Sheila - Congrats on that loss!!!

Ruthie - I'm so happy your gums survived the surgery with minimal pain. I'm looking at having to have some grafting done on a couple of my bottom teeth in the next 10 years... I'm worried about it now though!

Amyjo - I hope your sister gets her surgical problems behind her soon. That is a drastic step to take - I hope it all works out well for her. Keep us updated.

Welcome Nevada Chick! I must've come in to the group during your hiatus! Nice ta' have ya back!

I found out my 2 best friends from CA are coming to visit me in April! They're so sweet - they wanted to make sure they weren't coming on one of my holidays (thinking Easter coincided with some Pagan holiday)... They're still kinda new to the whole Pagan thing even though I've been Pagan for over 12 years and my best friend has known this since day-one.
Wednesday is my stepfather's birthday and I've been "hired" to bake his late mother's infamous 100 pound cake. One piece will NOT set me back!!!!!! (right??:?: )

I promise to start posting back on the food journal!!!

2 pounds down this week!!! :cool: :strong: Only 106.5 left to go - yes, ONLY... it's better than the 119 I had - every little bit brings me closer! :smug:

Terri :moo:

03-04-2002, 09:46 PM
100 Pound cake? I think I "don't" need that recipe.... keep repeating I don't need that recipe... :)

First day of new clinical rotation... doesn't look too bad! I am hoping to get in to the spot I want, will find out in the AM. Had an Obesity and Diabetic lecture today.. It is amazing that is all I will say.

Hope everyone is well, I got a LOT of rest this weekend much need rest but lost of it read all but like 50 pages of Stephen Kings "Black House" got it from the library on friday... I veged out almost all weekend.

Ruthie - Good for you~ just don't burn yourself out!

We have started making our kids work out with us about an hour a day... or should I say Kevin has started making them work out with him because I don't have a spare hour but... it is good for them since they are both pretty "sedentary" they really need the extra exercise.

Got to run!

"I will only weigh once a week" (wash, rinse, repeat)

03-04-2002, 11:24 PM
Hey girls!

Ruthie, you're doing amazing! NINE miles!!! Wow. Yep, my ab/back combo needs work. I asked at the front desk if they would recommend that class for someone starting out, and she said they adjust for all levels....BUT the guy who does the Boot Camp class just before (their toughest class) does the Abs & Back class right after....and it takes him a while to calm down. :eek: He's all revved up from Boot Camp. *L* I can see me crawling out the door after five minutes.

Linds, welcome back, hon! You know no matter how long you're gone that you will always have a place here! Glad to hear things are working out for you.

Amyjo, your workout room sounds great! It would be nice not to have to share the space with strangers while working out. Yeah, IBS is the pits, to put it mildly. If you ever need any info or current research for your classes, let me know. I have access to all kinds. I'm sorry to hear your sister's surgery didn't go smoothly. I hope she will soon be on the road to recovery and able to fulfill her goal of being healthier.

Sheila, good job on the dinner AND the party! Baby steps....they add up.

Punkin, is it called "100 pound cake" for any particular reason? :D

Today was a good day. I felt great....and it's been a long time. I bowled fantastic! Had a 233 game!! AND I ate reasonably.

I'm going for another tomorrow!

03-05-2002, 06:03 AM
I got the most awesome phone call last night ... the dean of the one school I've been accepted to so far called to tell me the school has selected me to receive their $10,000 scholarship!!

:) ;) :cool: :smug: :love: :spin: :jig: :^: :lol: :joker:

This is just so amazing! They are offering to pay 40% of my tuition -- and I don't have to do anything for it!! Now the struggle is if I get accepted to my #1 choice school -- it will be awful to have to walk away from that school, which is the best journalism school in the world, but I really can't turn down a master's at the price the other school is offering. It still seems kind of unreal, but apparently it happened!! So it looks like I'll be in Boston this summer!! Woo hoo!!

03-05-2002, 10:36 AM
Well Ruthie-it is about time some good luck came your way! You have earned this and I am damn proud of you!!!!!! :) Congratulations!!!! ~flower

03-05-2002, 11:25 AM
Good morning all!

Ok, the 100 pound cake... My Gaggie (Grandma) made this cake when the family all got together - it was called the "100 pound cake" because it honestly was difficult to pick up, it was so heavy. And... here's why: It's a simple yellow cake, baked into a flat sheet (like an 8x13 dish) then when it's cooled you punch holes in it and drizzle, no POUR the frosting on making sure that all the holes get filled up with the liquid frosting. The frosting is made from 2 cups of sugar, cocoa powder, a cube of butter and enough milk to get it melted. Once it's on the cake it starts to solidify (thanks to the butter) and then the holes stay filled with a hard frosting substance.
It's enough to go into a diabetic coma even if you're NOT diabetic...

Ruthie - Congratulations! What an awsome opportunity! Yes, you totally deserved this to happen!!!! Good luck and study hard in Bahston!

Back to the cake for a second - I've been reprieved for a bit... My stepfather went to CA to see his Dad and will be gone on his birthday - so I don't have to bake said :devil: cake until this weekend...

Back to work!


03-05-2002, 02:30 PM
$10,000!!!!! Oh my Goddess! GOOD FOR YOU RUTHIE!!!!! I would have a hard time saying no to that one too! You must be absolutely flying!

Punkin ~ my teeth are aching just reading about that cake. But get me at menses time and that would probably kill my chocolate craving pretty quick!

I train at the library tonight, from 4 til 6. (Yahoo!) Went skating this morning again with Evan and this week I notice that he is skating quickly, and I am skating with more confidence. Now I feel sad that I didn't do this with the other children... But they probably got something else from me (like patience, youth...) that Evan hasn't had...

Off to do homework.


03-05-2002, 06:25 PM
Punkin - We make/MADE something like that when I was a kid but it was a yellow sheet cake and we pour this like karo syrup/melted sugar stuff over it when you punched the holes in it and then you made this whipped cream and coconut icing. You kept it in the fridge and ate it cold... MMMMMM Yummmmy~

But since I don't eat anything like that anymore!!! or I try to not eat stuff like that anymore (keep telling myself) got to eat healthy!!!!..... :)

Ruthie - Girl!!!! that is grand!!!!! I am so happy for you!

Flower - Hope all is well!

Everyone else Hi!!!!

Start my new clinical rotation tomorrow... working in the psych unit.... Should be interesting.

SIL - had to have a new drain put in around her spleen the stuff coming off looked like green pea soup (YUCK) She has to get better soon, she is weaing us allll out!


03-05-2002, 07:00 PM

03-05-2002, 07:47 PM
Ruthie, what a break! That's wonderful. [And I'm also in awe of your 9-mile day too. You're the queen!]

Lamorgan, let us know how your training night goes. I hope you love it!

Punkin, I could dive into a cake like your 100 pounder! Some days at work I really have to white-knuckle my way past cakes and cookies. There are times when I can just have one but most of the time it's better if I just don't start!

Hi Linds! What's been happening with you?

Flower, I'm still enjoying your journal!

Sheila, Wildflower, Amy--Hi Sweeties! :)

03-06-2002, 06:08 AM
Thanks, everyone, for your congratulations. It's funny, I was so fixated on the possible outcome from the #1 choice school, I never thought about something so great coming from the direction of the other schools.

I guess I'm really PMS or really lazy, or both, these days -- sleepy and hungry and unmotivated. Only one cure for that: make myself do stuff. I'm really in the mood for a slice or two of 100 pound cake, though :lol: .

Wow, Amy, that's too bad about your SIL. I hate to think how high her hopes were going into this, and now she has to face all these complications. Let us know how the psych unit is; for a while when I was a teenager I wanted to be a psychiatric nurse.

Lois, how was your training? It's funny about your comment about "depriving" your other kids of skating -- I get those guilt/sad feelings sometimes, and I only have one kid!

Flower, Punkin, Wildfire, Sheila, Linds -- hey guys. Talk to you all soon!

03-06-2002, 08:29 AM
Ruthie ....Congrats!!!!! Ya never know what is in the "cards" for you when it comes to second choices. Lately I been tired as all heck.. And I have no real excuses.. Yesterday I got in a whole mile and a half walk. It was 35 degrees out I froze my behind off..I cant wait for warmer temps

Amy I am sooo sorry about your SIL complications. I will keep you and her in my thoughts for a quick recovery.. As for the psych unit rotation, if I entered that area they would keep me as a patient...:lol:

Eydie I know how you feel about the cakes and cookies thing.. But since I have moved I have not been baking those things ,but I am still having a difficult time avoiding any bakeries that are around..I sniff I never enter .(DEEEP Cleansing breaths of fresh baked products ,then I go and eat a carrot stick..Where is the justice in that??)

Lois How was the training at the library?? I havent been in a library for a while. I miss the quiet safety of the library.I can get lost in books for hours if I ever had the chance to..

Ohhhh Linds....Where oh where hass Linds gone ohhh where oh where can she be?????????

Punkin : Give your friends a calandar..LOL only kidding.. I know I am never sure of Pagan Holidays But I am trying to keep track of them. ( I am also keeping track of the buddah and hindu and islamic holidays as well so I will screw up from time to time on top of what Catholics are doing for holidays and the regular ones as well)

Wildfire.. That bootcamp instructor might not be as bad as you thought..But then again I could be wrong...LOL I will stick to my personal online trainer although he has been slacking lately...Cant blame him though I am a tough one to keep track of... (excuses excuses...)
Well all I got to end here I have to get my day started ..
Take Care all and Talk to ya all Soon

03-06-2002, 09:59 AM
Good morning! I had such a great time at work last night! I think I've lucked into one of those job situations that one only dreams about. They all like each other and are friendly and casual. There are only 5 paid staff altogether, and a few volunteers.

Life can change so radically in a year. This time last year I don't know what I did with my time... Strange how it works out.

Walked this morning in a lovely snowfall. The temp is hovering around freezing, so we've lost the bitter cold that we've had these past few days.

I get major cravings for savoury foods, and sweet cravings around pms time. French Fries are my biggest weakness I think. Love them.

I'll check back later, thanks for all the well-wishes!

03-06-2002, 11:07 AM

Just a quick post then 'hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go....'

Amyjo - your cake and mine sound reeeeal similar - after all what is Karo really than a butter and sugar syrup? I noticed you're in Alabama? Maybe this is a southern type dessert then since my Gaggie was from Oklahoma...
*sigh* southern food... I remember her saying that if you ever left her house hungry it was your own damned fault! My aunt (her daughter) from Texas is coming to CA in May and we're driving down to spend the weekend - that ought to be "interesting" food-wise. :eek:

Well, gotta run! I'll be back later...

Terri :moo:

03-07-2002, 01:21 PM
Hi Ladies
How are you all doing today?? Is it me or have we all become keyboard shy all of a sudden???
I have a request from my kids and hubby to make brownies and blueberry muffins.. So I MIGHT be nice and bake the stuff for the crumbcrunches and snackmaster
give me strength

Well all I will check back to see if you all are ok..

Take Care

03-07-2002, 04:10 PM

Yeah, I'm here... I has been pretty quiet around here!

I've got a candle party to go to tonight and hoping that the dinner they're serving won't be too destructive. I cut back my other meals today to "clear some room" in case it's one of those yummy-and-unavoidable meals.

Nothing else much going on... we got snow this morning. Yesterday for exercise I bundled up - even put on my ear muffs - and went out to rake huge rocks for my driveway. I worked for 45 minutes in 34 degree weather and I was about to take off my jacket!

Hope you're all doing wonderful!!

Terri :wave:

03-07-2002, 04:24 PM
Hello all! I'm tired and grumpy. Husband has been working non-stop for days and days now and I'm beginning to get burnt out. Busy week and now one of the cats is sick, and I had to take him to the vet using the money I'd tucked away for a family outing on the March Break. Humph. So now we cannot go anywhere (that you need money) until next Thursday, and the cat is on antibiotics and needs to be fed watered down food by syringe. By me, of course. He may have an infection, but we can't really tell. She wanted to do an x-ray but that would have been $90.00 extra, and I simply don't have the cash! The vets are all cash up front now. Sigh.

And the bloody Wild Cat in the basement is in heat too. She's been howling for days. And peeing on anything in sight. She peed on my coat, and I had to buy some neutralizer (more $$) to spray all over the place. More Humphing.

Well, I need to go out for a walk to buy some cat litter and Sherry. The Sherry is for me to sip this evening while Morgan and I watch Survivor.


03-07-2002, 08:16 PM
Still alive! Just studying. I have a had a really good on program week. I haven't over eaten or eaten anything really "bad" since last Wednesday I think. Had salad 3 out of 4 days and not doing too rough!

I am on spring break next week and have to work this weekend and one day next week. I am planning to make a trip to my sisters in Pensacola one day to get some clothes of my nieces for my DD ;) tell you what free clothes rock!!!! Especially the clothes my sister buys!!!!

Well I am going to go spend some QT with DH!

Have a good nite!


03-08-2002, 06:27 AM
Hey everyone. I have to get going soon for my walk. I got the coverings taken off my gums yesterday, and they feel really funny. They'll be sensitive to hot and cold, esp. to cold, for a while, and I won't be able to chew on that side for a few more weeks. They healed fine, though, dentist says.

Lois, glad the job is going great. Sheila, how did the baking go? Amy, yahoo for spring break, huh? Mine is over on Monday -- then my LAST QUARTER as an undergrad will start!

It's killing me waiting to hear from the #1 school. It won't be till the week after next, but I keep thinking, what if they accept me? How will I make that decision? Going to the #1 school could potentially be worth more $$ in salary potential in the long run, even though it would cost more cash, and I have also come to realize that one of the reasons the #2 school may have offered me the scholarship is b/c they know where I'm applying, and they want to lure me away b/c they think I'll get in. The good thing about all this is that it's now a potential decision between 2 schools, not three. Someone suggested to me to actually go in person to the #1 school and talk to their financial aid people about matching or exceeding the other school's offer. Of course, it's all a moot point until I hear...

03-08-2002, 08:28 AM
Ruthie.. I didnt do the baking yet .. I got everything ready then I knew I wasnt strong enuf to not taste what I would bake .So I havent done it..

Punkin How did the candle party turn out?Since I moved I been buying candles to place everywhere in almost everyroom (hubby thinks candles in the bathroom look weird I told him to GET Over it)

Amy I know about free clothes My daughter whole wardrobe came from my friends daughter ( Her DD grows like a weed) which is good for me..LOL And I am talking brand named stuff that I couldnt afford . My sons clothes though I have to buy ,but he is small so they are not that expensive yet.. Enjoy the QT with hubby

LaMorgan ..Hope everything is getting better.. I would give the howling cat some sherry to calm her down (only kidding of course

:devil: )
Well I got to start my day and start this months budget . My DD birthday is the 13 so I have to factor something in for her.. She is almost 12 I am running out of ideas on what to buy her .We wont be celebrating it till the 15 or 16th she prefers it that way..

Take Care and Talksoon

03-08-2002, 08:53 AM
Hi all.

Sheila, my daughter turned 12 in December. She loves the computer game "The Sims" and just bought an expansion pak for it. She also loves clothes now. And "Groovy Girls" cloth dolls, although she doesn't play with them, she just wants them. It's hard when they are 'between' the child and the teen.

I vegetated last night on the sofa with my sherry and blanket. Just grumbled (not very mature, I admit) whenever a child came near. The 9 year old went to bed at 6:30 and the 5 year old fell asleep on the tv room floor. This virus/cold thing is weird, the way the kids keep sleeping. I've been fighting it too, and that is contributing to my extreme grumpyness.

Smokey is about the same. He threw up 3 or 4 times yesterday, but hasn't today. I'm trying to keep him hydrated, but he really doesn't appreciate me squirting water into his mouth...

Still grumbling, and looking forward to getting out of this house tonight and tomorrow and going to work!

Later on...

The cat, Smokey, had a wee bit of food this morning and is up and about a bit. Perhaps he's on the mend... (Crossing fingers...)



03-08-2002, 11:17 AM
It's finally Friday!!!!!

Tomarrow I'm taking a road trip with my friend to her Grandfather's ranch to take some slate rock from one of the mountains on his property - I get free stepping stones!!!! :dizzy:

Today I get my taxes done. I'm hoping for a nice return (who doesn't) but I want to buy some shelves for my craft room, a new vacuum and a screen door because I KNOW that Spring IS coming!!!!

The candle party was cool. Pricey though! I of course bought stuff... some plastic tea lights, votives and a wall sconce. I'm placing another tiny order when my Mom places hers next week. I've always loved candles, but ever since I moved I've become a candle, incense, fragrance junky. Nag Champa, lavender Wizard plug-ins and assorted candles are always going. My poor cats probably think their house really stinks!

Amyjo - You enjoy that Spring break!!!! You SO deserve the break and have fun "shopping" at your sisters house!

Ruthie - Yeahhhh for the happy gums! I'm sure they do feel funky, but I'm glad they healed good.

Lamorgan - I hope Smokey's on the mend.
Hehehehe.... Brandy is my anti-grouch medication. My best friend's husband works in a winery in Napa and brought me a bottle of their brandy when they came to visit (and a case of wine - now if I only had an opener....). He also brought me a bottle of home made Kalua that I haven't had the nerve to try.

Too bad you weren't closer - I could send you home with some Glug - a mix of a 1/5th each of vodka, scotch, Apple Jack, rum and then you add cinnamon, cloves, apple juice, raisins, dried apple slices... you let it sit for a few months before you drink it then light it on fire with Everclear - blow it out and drink warm. We make it around Samhain, tolerate the taste at Yule, reeeeeeally enjoy it around Imbolc then by Midsummer we're drinking the stuff like little fishes. Gooooooood stuff! :spin:

Have an awsome Friday everyone!!

Terri :moo:

03-09-2002, 06:12 AM
I still feel soft and lazy. I lost my ... what's the word? centeredness? somewhere along the way. I think it's tough making the transition from planning for goals to actually beginning to achieve them. I'm planning to move out of here 7/1 and now DD wants to hang around town for the summer. I'm trying to be flexible -- she is 18, after all -- I told her if she can find a place to stay for July or so I would be willing to pay someone room and board. I do think she needs to come stay with me in August, though, b/c we need to get her ready to go to school together. It irritates me b/c at every step of the way I informed her of my plans, so she should have thought about what was going to happen (i.e., that we would move out of the town she grew up in right after her HS graduation), but I guess she's too young to think that clearly. My p/t transcription job wants me to do more and more -- I told them NO unless they pay me more. It's just ridiculous how people will take advantage if you let them. I'm a little nervous about putting my foot down b/c I'm relying on that income for after I leave the f/t job, but I just can't keep saying yes, yes, yes, meaning I spend more and more time on the same job unless they pay me more. It just doesn't make sense.

03-09-2002, 07:22 AM
Oh lucky you, Punkin, to get free slate! :) I love candles as well but have become intolerant to any artificial scents. Glade plug-ins would make me sick instantly, and I have to buy no-scent or good quality scented candles and insense. Those candle parties usually sell the good kind, I think for the prices..... Now I'm becoming more and more allergic to the smells of shampoo. I buy an herbal shampoo from my natural food club that doesnt make my eyes puff up. I think it all started with shampoo around 10 years ago... Oh well.

Smokey has perked up, and is purring again. Still doesn't want to eat, though. I think he is on the mend, getting over a cat-flu. Yesterday after I fed him a squirt with the syringe, he hid behind the computer monitor all day, only coming out when John came home. He is really miffed with that syringe.

But at least he is alert again!

Today is my first full day at the Library. John has to take Foster to a Cub event, they are racing cub-cars, these little wooden racing cars.

Well off to deliver millions of papers. Last night we sat on the porch (with Smokey) and the temp went up to 15 (58 I think for you Americans). It was raining gently, and so reminded me of Vancouver. Smells like spring! But John says it's going to get cold tonight... :(

Buy all!


03-09-2002, 11:48 PM
Hi girls.

Sorry I've been MIA the last few days. My *darling* daughter decided she would skip class on Thursday afternoon....a class she was supposed to be writing a geography test in. Her teacher called me at work, so needless to say her behind is confined to her room still.....and will be all week, March break or not. It is an automatic ZERO for the test, no make up test allowed. I'm trying to get it through her thick14-year-old-I'm-all-grown-up skull that everything she does in high school is going to have an effect on the rest of her life whether she believes me or not. It hasn't been pleasant around here.

It is absolutely stormy out there tonight. High winds and rain...the kind that makes the cats jump at sudden gusts, and it's howling around my windows. Nothing to block it nine floors up. The cats are staying very close to me tonight.

Punkin, was it PartyLite candles that you ordered? They are the only candles I burn. Smoke free, last longer, and such yummy scents. My place is filled with candles...yes, sheila...in the bathroom too, so tell hubby he's just a stupid man :D.

Lamorgan, glad you're enjoying your new job. I hope poor kitty continues to improve. I wish they could talk so we'd know what to do for them.

Ruthie, now that you're entering that transition phase and changes are beginning in your life, I imagine the road will feel a little bumpy along the way. Take it a day at a time, and don't forget to breathe! It will all work out somehow. Glad your gums are healing nicely.

Amyjo, nice to see you posting again! I hope you'll get a few days to yourself during your break. It sounds like you need some R&R.

Flower, where are you?

Linds did drop by, right? We didn't imagine that? :D Linds, oh Linds.....come back!

And what about Venus? I was really enjoying her posts. I hope she will return soon.

I only made it to the gym once this week. I'm so tired after work that I just want to be a slug. I'm going to pack a bag at night and throw it in my car. Then I can drop off hubby at home and head over to the gym before I get home for the night. I think that might work. I am definitely going over tomorrow sometime. Coronation Street is on at 7am tomorrow, so I'll be up and around early. I am a little dismayed at how quickly I tire on the aerobic machines. I can walk at a good clip outside for over an hour no problem, but stick me on a machine and I die. Maybe because I have nothing to focus on but how many minutes/calories/distance are being displayed on the monitor? I dunno.

I'm off to bed, chicks. Yak at you later.

03-10-2002, 06:20 AM
As I mentioned on the food thread, these neighbors below me are driving me out of my mind. I know I'm PMS, so I'm probably more sensitive than usual, but what I don't understand is why they insist on slamming their doors (each apt here has a front and a back door) so loud the building literally shakes. The effect on me is as though I heard a gunshot. On the weekends I like to take a nap, plus every night I go to to bed early (9 PM'ish usually) b/c I wake up so early. As soon as I fall asleep, these *******s wake me up slamming their doors. It is NOT a problem with the doors, b/c it never happened with the former tenant. I have spoken with the neighbors about it twice, and complained to the super once. The super told me basically to just get over it -- but he doesn't hear it even though he's across the hall from the slammers b/c his TV is always blasting. I pay a rent so high I'm embarrassed to even tell you (but trust me, whatever you think it is, it's higher; this is the NYC metropolitan area), so I really feel entitled to a modicum of peace and quiet. Bottom line is, I don't feel anything my neighbors do should wake me up out of a SOUND sleep. I have been taking sleeping pillls just so I can get to sleep without being awakened. Last night they had company over, which meant more door slamming, furniture scraping across bare floors (even though we're required to have them carpeted) and music playing. What galls me is that they know the slamming disturbs me, yet they continue to do it. So on Monday I am calling directly to the management office to complain. I have a right to quiet enjoyment of my apartment, just like everyone's lease says. I know I'll only be here a few more months, but I work hard, and I study, and I think I have a right to sleep in my apartment without being awakened. The whole issue is just eating me up inside and I don't know how to get over it. Every time I try to chill out and relax, they slam a door. It's to the point that I don't even want to spend time in my own home.

Anyways, enough of that tirade. It's just driving me crazy.

Wildfire, we're having the same wind here. I woke up in the middle of the night to a wicked rainstorm. Pretty soon I have to go out and walk in that wind -- should be interesting. Good luck with the DD -- been there, done that.

Lois, glad your cats are feeling better.

Sheila, good for you holding off on the baking since you know you can't resist!

03-10-2002, 10:24 AM
Oh, ruthie...I know JUST how frustrated and ticked off annoying neighbors can make you feel. When I moved to this apartment it was to get away from two young guys who blasted music below me all hours of the day and night. I tried everything...talking with them, yelling at them, calling truces, speaking to the super, the owner, the police....nothing worked. Their stereo literally filled their living room, and I once had dishes fall from the kitchen cupboard they vibrated so much. I was trying to work full time and study for exams, too. I was ready to pull my hair out. I hated going home after work because I knew what my night would be like. I finally had to give my notice and move. Now I listen to noise above me, but it's only on the weekends. The tenants above me have young children on the weekends, like clockwork it starts at 7pm Friday, and ends on Sunday afternoon sometime. I listen to balls bouncing, toys on wheels being driven across the hardwood (and our lease says you must have carpet to block the noise to your neighbors, but they obviously don't.), and 6am each morning those rugrats hit the floor running like a herd of elephants. There are only two small children, but it sounds like a daycare full. Oh, and don't even ask about the noise when they get in the bathroom and start wailing at the top of their lungs....where it echos off the tiles.... grrrrrr. I've complained, and my super said she isn't aware of any children living there as it is a brother and sister renting. Well, I didn't imagine the anklebiters I saw when I've gone up to ask them to be quieter. I think it must be a partial custody arrangement, or someone else's kids they have for weekends. I just don't understand why people feel they have the right to disturb other tenants. All it takes is a little consideration for the people around you. I won't even run the vacuum until after noon on the weekends, and never after 7pm....you just don't know the sleeping/work habits of others. I really think that rental apartments need to enforce rules contained in a lease, but lazy superintendents might actually have to DO something then. Mine are off duty more than they're on. One of these days I'm going to rip that "OFF DUTY" sign off their door and set fire to it. I'm telling you, if we don't get a house soon my hubby will be visiting me either in jail or in an asylum. :D

I feel like I'm holding my breath until my daughter is off to college or out on her own. I don't know if we're both going to survive her teen years, and I'm betting on me.

The wind is still pretty ferocious here this morning. I want to just stay in my apartment today....but soon hubby will up to play his online game (ALL DAY), and my daughter will be doing the heavy sighs that make me want to strangle her....it's her own damn fault she's bored and grounded! Maybe I should go for a walk in the wind, too....what's Kansas like this time of year? :D

03-10-2002, 10:28 AM
I will come and play on Tuesday and Wednesday. My days off. :)

03-10-2002, 08:22 PM
I had the most awesome walk this morning -- but just by impulse I decided instead of heading out on my usual route north, I would keep walking west and go up to the nature reserve near my house. I've always wanted to hike there, but the truth is I was afraid there might be psychos living in there:lol: . (But it's true! I pass one homeless man every day as he walks down the road thru the reservation, and finally one day I saw him on the street near my house, so I asked him if he sleeps up there. He said he didn't...but he also turned out to be nice, and probably not someone who'd slit my throat or whatever.) Today I just couldn't resist the urge to get away from sucky humanity -- I haven't been hiking or camping in SOOOOOO long and I soooooooo miss it. So I hiked around in there for a couple hours, and it was awesome. The wind was so strong, I had to keep an eye out on the trees above me; I was afraid one would snap and crash right down on me. I saw a doe, and a friendly dog who was with his owner ran up to me and nearly knocked me down. They always know the people who are afraid of dogs, and they try their best to convert us, never realizing it's the jumping and licking and crotch sniffing and so forth that turns us away! Anyways, it was a beautiful morning out after a weekend of annoyance. Then I spent the whole -- I mean the whole -- day typing. I am beat. I came home after my hike and had a big breakfast, and didn't eat again all day until a little while ago, when I had some tabboule and an okara burger on toast. So today was a better day for me. I want to hike up there more often, now that I know the trails a little better.

Wildfire, don't worry, you WILL survive your daughter's adolescence. If my DD and I didn't kill each other, then neither will you. Thanks for the tale of the neighbors worse than mine ... you reminded me that when I lived in Cleveland (like 11 or 12 years ago) there was a chick downstairs who had parties and blasted the stereo every single weekend. I called the cops on them every weekend, and every weekend they did it again. With these people, it's mostly just the door slamming that gets me, so I guess I should feel lucky. OK, time for me to go veg.

03-11-2002, 01:17 PM
Good mornin' everyone!

Last night was the birthday dinner and the 100 pound cake dessert... I did quite well and had a 2 pound loss this week!

Lamorgan - Yuppers it was CandleLite. They are really good candles - I like how they just disolve instead of creating a big ol' pile of wax to deal with. I won't mention how much I spent! :eek:

Ruthie - I'm sorry about the neighbors - geez, it seems like people have no sense anymore. I mean, I'm even concerned about my neighbors hearing my music and they're over a football field away! Some people just have no consideration... :rolleyes:

The trip to Mitchell, OR to see the slate was wonderful. We're going to go back in the late spring to get some to take home. I can't believe the state just piles it all over when they built the roads - people pay SO much money for this stuff! I also got to see the Painted Hills - absolutely beautiful, even in overcast weather.

Well, I better get some work done since I have another short week this week. Last 3 day vacation until my friends from CA come up in April.

Have a great week everyone!

Terri :moo:

03-11-2002, 06:08 PM
Hi All
Well this weekend wasnt too bad.. On Saturday DH and I and kiddos went down to the park. I love watching the ducks swim around and walk thru the trails around the pond. The temps were almost 70 on saturday !!!! After chasing my kids around it started to get late so I wasnt able to take the trail walk ( 2.5 miles according to the park map.) So when I got home I spent 2 hours cleaning up the back yard and sidewalk at my duplex. The owner/neighbor is disable so he couldnt do that type of work anymore and his wife , I found out is also on very very lite exercise due to heart trouble (she was in the hospital Thurs and I am still not sure she is home yet.) She was having chest pains
Anyway I was only able to get 1/2 the yard done
Sunday it was FREEZING once again and winds were blowing 35 mph with gusts up to 50.. I watched my trash cans take flight due to a wind gust.. It flew over a 4 foot fence into the alley and flew two feet over the ground into the street.. So anyway Sunday I played catch up with laundry and house work. I also baked 14 muffins and a batch of peanut butter brownies..Thanks to the litte ones I dont need to worry about either today they are all gone..
Most the day today all I did is go over every single entry of my checking account.. I knew there was an error somewhere in there I had to find it. That took 4 hours!! I will be more aware of my entries for now on.. I rewrote the whole register over again..

PUNKIN: Congrats on the loss!!!!!! I heardPartylite Candles are wonderful I just dont know any sellers that sell them..:(

RUTHIE: I know how you feel when you just wanna get away from it all. Thats when I go for my trail walks just to focus on the quiet calmness that surrounds me in those woods..

WILDFIRE: My "rugrats" sound worse then those that race around above your head.. My DD seems to love to aggravate my DS till he gets into a fevered screaming fit that sounds like a horror movie scream. Now my DS has turned into a mouthy little punk that talks back and doesnt listen because he sees his sister doing it..DD is 11 (will be 12 on the 13th) she hits me kicks me scratches me ( she has longer fingernails then I do) if I go near her.. Yelling dont work taking her stuff away dont work I am ready to RIP my hair out with you..:lol:
Well all I am off to get dinner ready again .. Leftover roast beef again
Take care

03-11-2002, 08:56 PM
Gee - is this what I have to look foward to with my youngsters? :)

Worked all weekend.... I just love the ER :dizzy: Get to see so much! Hate to see the sick kids and it blows my mind when you see 12 and 13 year olds come in "preggers" but it happens and being a University Hospital you see a lot of neglect and thing you just don't understand but you have to deal with :(...

Well I got to get dinner ready.... cooking more, trying to get some pounds off of my kids as well as myself!

Oh yeah! Got our treadmill this past weekend. "DH" spent more money than I had planned but it should last. Lets hope anyway! There are some other things I would like to pick up for our inhome "gym" but I am satisfied for now.

Hugs to all,

03-12-2002, 06:54 AM
Girls, from now on save your pennies and only buy Newman's Own or Newman's Organic products! Yesterday I got a check from Paul Newman for $1,000 to the Leukemia Society in support of my marathon. Woo hoo!! I had gone thru my kitchen and written to the companies that make all the brands I buy frequently, which include a lot of organic and smaller, socially conscious companies, Newman's Own being one of them. I never expected that generous a donation, though! Here's the irony: in the course of doing this, I found out that a couple of the "small" companies whose products I have been buying are actually divisions of huge multinationals like Kellogg and Hormel -- and those companies wrote back and said they couldn't possibly afford to make a donation. I am so happy because I had been getting very discouraged with my fundraising progress to date. I will get a summary report on Friday, but hopefully with this donation I should be close to halfway to my goal.

I also found out yesterday that there is a seven hour time limit for the marathon. That breaks down to a speed of 3.75 miles/hour. I think I can do that...but I'm not there yet. My best has been about 3.25, with the exception of the one four-mile stretch I did at a 4 mile/hour pace -- but that was only once; I haven't been able to sustain it. What I'm wondering is, if I can do this, and reach other goals I've set for myself, WHY THE **** AM I STILL FAT??? I guess it has to do with shoveling food in my face, huh? :lol:

Amy, kudos to you for the career you've chosen. It may not always be pretty, but you will help countless people throughout your working life. I envy you.

Sheila, am I going to see you and DD on Ricki Lake? I think the pre-teen years are sometimes worse than the teen years -- that's when they test the waters and behave in ways you never thought your sweet kiddies could.

Punkinseed, congrats on the 2-lb. loss!! :D You're doing great! I think I'd gain 2 lbs. just being in the same room as a 100 lb. cake!

Flower, looking forward to seeing you this week!

Wildfire, start slow on the gym machines and work your way up. I find that as long as you don't exhaust yourself, when you exercise you have more energy. Maybe you should plan to go 2 times this week, three next week, four times in two weeks ... something like that. Don't overload yourself.

Lois, where are you? Kitty ok? How's the job going?

Well, if I'm walking today I have to leave now. Actually, I think I'm going to rest again today and walk instead of resting on Friday. I've had insomnia the last two nights (can't imagine why...waiting, wondering if #1 school will accept me...) and I let myself sleep an extra 45 minutes this a.m. I worked ~12 or 13 hours yesterday -- I DESERVED THE SLEEP!

03-12-2002, 08:49 AM
Wow, Ruthie! I'm so supremely impressed with Paul Newman's donation! Good to know that kind of thing really happens--thanks for sharing!

Sorry I haven't been posting too much. I'm still having back pain and I'm functioning okay, it's just that throughout my waking hours I'm aware of the pain. So I'm off to see my doctor tomorrow morning--at this point I'd be happy to get a nice very un-holistic cortisone shot. I just want to get back to my regular life!

I'll pop in more--I've missed it! [I just didn't want to whine--I'm at the big whiny-baby stage now!!!:mad: ]

03-12-2002, 12:48 PM
Hi my friends! I actually don't have my day off yet. I got talked into waiting a day. They wanted me to wait 2, but I said, no way! I have a WIC appt for Grif tomorrow at 8 and I don't want to rush. I think this is #10 in a row working. The pace will slow down a bit. The have a budget now. :) I have 6 orders for custom floral designs. 2 over 200 a piece. My feet killed yesterday./ I had bought DR scholls inserts for my penny loafers. But they made my toes too tight after a few hours. I took them out and my heels slipped all afternoon and my arches were sore. I am wearing my mules today. But they are only compfy for about 5 hours not 8. I may just have to bring 2 pairs of shoes and rotate. My problem is my foot is wide at top and I have skinny heels. So they don't fit everywhere.

Starting next week I am getting back to my diet. I can't think about it right now or it will lead me to binge, but I can't put it off much longer. I haven't gained. I don't over eat much any more. But I do eat some empty calories. I can make better choices and the fat should fall off. :) I will be going to the market on Wed and Thurs and thinking healthier.

There is a cute guy at work. I of course LOVE my boyfriend. I would never even consider anything more w/ this guy. But a small part of me, the girlie part, wishes I wasn't invisable. The shift leader in my dept gets the guys running when she needs some guys. I end up having to beg. (Sort of...most the guys are nice and are willing to help) I just wish that I could be noticed for the super cute girl I am on the inside. Does any of that make scence? I have guy friends at the store. The kind that treat me as one of the guys. I have always been treated that way. Is it my personality or it is cause I am out of shape? I guess that's just the way I am. :?:

We bought a second car. I am getting a bit more free time now. Chris is able to run errands and get things done when I am at work. This makes home time so much nicer. He took Griffin to his parents this morning. I have 2 hours alone before work. Imagine that!!!! It is a Bronco II , black 4x4. 1989. 1500$. It does need a new seal on the gear box. It is leaking power steering fluid. Pep boys said 250$ to fix. That is doable. :)

I am seeing arm muscles. I doble checked to make sure it wasn't a tumor or something when I was appling deoderant the other day! I got new bras. Lace ones. I feel so much sexier! Lane bryant has a nice one with support and NO wire! I got 2. Cream and Black.

I wish to loose 2 inches from my tummy soon. I have some black work pants that I am affraid to wash or I won't be comfortable. They are cheaper brands and I didn't try them on.

Well, I will check in tomorrow afternoon and write to you all personally after WIC. Have a wonderful day friendS! ~flower

03-12-2002, 12:51 PM
Hello ladies!

Man do I need this upcoming 3 day weekend! The last I'll have until my friends come up from CA in April...
I've got a crick in my neck that's screaming "WORK". My job doesn't have to be this difficult. I tell ya' - the people that have no sense sure make life interesting for those of us that do...

Ruthie - that donation is INCREDIBLE!!!!! I'm SO impressed with their generosity! Count me as a new Paul Newman fan, I'll pay more attention to his products if I know they're really donating the money they say they are!

Thanks for the congrats on the loss! I'm feeling like I might actually be able to reach my first mini-goal of getting to 230-something before my friends come up on 4/12. I have 4.5 pounds left to go to reach that goal and 4 weeks to do it in. :cool:

Both my friends in CA and I are doing this together and are doing great with long distance support (like what we do here without the fancy-shmancy boards!). They're both loosing weight to get pregnant so my Auntie-hood status should be growing next year!!:lol: Actually I'm really excited about my one friend because she'll have to have a scheduled C-section, so I can actually be there this time for this birth!

Well, back to work...

Terri :moo:

03-13-2002, 06:01 AM
I am still so tired. I keep waking up at night feeling unable to get back to sleep, and I keep tossing and turning thinking the alarm has already gone off and if I fall back to sleep I'll oversleep. I hope this insomnia is just about waiting to hear from schools, in which case it should be over next week. #1 school had said we would be notified the third week in March -- I hope it's early in the week!

I ran into the super yesterday. I had found out his wife is very sick, so I wasn't going to b***h about the noisemeisters below me, but he asked. He actually seemed dismayed that they were still disturbing me, which surprised me b/c I didn't think he really cared. Surprisingly, last night they were veeeeery quiet. We'll see how it goes.

Eydie, I'm glad you're going to the doctor. There's no reason to keep suffering. Hope you're feeling better.

Flower, life sounds busy!

Terri, I'm sure you can reach your goal -- you're doing great!

I have to get my butt in gear weight-wise. I have decided that while I am still making decent money I'm going to buy myself new clothes -- comfortable clothes instead of the "temporary" clothes I wear now b/c I gained weight. You know what I mean? And I have to get on program with eating, gum surgery or no. I've been thinking about joining the 21-day challenge on this board, but I'm a little daunted b/c it has no "wiggle room" -- if you go off program one day, you start over.

03-13-2002, 02:07 PM
Hello ladies
Well so far today I havent really done much I slept after DD left for school and DH came home to go to bed..

Anyway I been doing some net surfing and I found out that it is not as expensive as i thought if I was to start WW.. The first visit is 30$ and then it is $10 a week after that. The meets are about 3 miles away This is for the winning points plan..

My biggest fear is not being able to eat ..What I mean is if I have a bagel I have a WHOLE bagel or if I make eggs I eat the WHOLE egg .. Also when I have coffee I use sweet N low which isnt a problm but the 1/2 ounce of half and half I use how do they count that??

Also they think according to the online site that my height and age should weigh 148, that is 12less then my goal..I remember what I looked like at 150 pounds my bones showed in my shoulders (I looked like a skeleton with skin) DO I have to go by their goal they set for me??? Well that is something I have many pounds to go by when I finally reach that soooo maybe 148 might still be ok let me see when I get there...

RUTHIE: Relax....You WILL hear from the schools and I dont think they would call you in the middle of the night .. Take a long hard soak in a hot tubbie and light candles and just lose yourself in the candles let yourself chill out ..
And I hope I dont have to go to Ricki Lake to straighten out my DD ..LOL I know that living with my mom did a toll on the kids (all cheifs no indians) they were constantly being told what to do and what they cant do.. I think she is just recompressing herself since it was hard there..

FLOWER:...$1500 isnt bad for a Bronco II .. I have a second car now,(although it is still parked at my Moms till I can get over there to get it) I paid $500 for it and it is a Plymouth Horizon..I have had 2 other Horizons in the past they run forever even if the body doesnt last .. They are a compact like car that has a big trunk and can fit the four of us very comfortably.. Although DH doesnt like to even sit in it since it isnt "his" type of car..

PUNKIN:... Your doing GREAT :spin: getting to your goals!!!! Take a bow!!!!Enjoy your 3 day weekend you deserve it

Eydie:.. Hope you start to feel better soon We miss you here

Amyjo:.... Did you say that you have seen 12-13 year olds that are preg??? Ohhh Jeez my daughter is turning 12 today ..Back when I was young, getting pregnant at 16 was a shameful thing.. How can a 12-13 year old even consider having sex??They dont even know themselves well enough to make that desision..(My opinion of course)
Congrats on the tread mill!!! When I can set up my room the way I want I want to see if I can get one.. (Preferrably the kind you can fold to slide under a bed or something..) Or if I cant I could always reconfigure my bedroom to find room for one.. My resistance gym folds up and fits into the corner and I can easily move it anywhere..

WILDFIRE:..... How are you doin with the grounded teen??? I havent seen you on the Candadain news yet so that is a good sign.. ( Even though I cant understand a word most the time) I like to try to guess what they are saying..LOL Hmmm then again are you still walking to Kansas??

LINDS:>>>>>>>IF your Lurking Let us know how your doing OK??

Take Care

03-13-2002, 06:53 PM
Mmmm...I'm pleasantly drowsy from all my muscle relaxants. The diagnosis was just as I thought--a bad muscle spasm that just wouldn't quit. But I feel sure now that I'll get better. I told the doc today that I knew I would if I could just get those muscles to let go!

Now the bad news--when they weighed me today I found that I weigh 10 pounds more than my scales at home say!!!!! :?: :?: :( :mad: Grrrr....! So instead of weighing 147 pounds, I weigh 157 pounds--unbelievable. I think I'm experiencing some mild form of shock or denial because I'm not allowing myself to really think about it.

I'm due for my annual physical in 2 months and I'm going to use this time to faithfully keep my food/exercise journal to be sure I'm not in denial about what I'm eating, portion sizes, etc. If I can't get something to shift somewhere, I'm going for the thyroid test and whatever other medical condition that would keep me from losing weight.

Thanks for all the inspiration! :)

03-13-2002, 07:19 PM
Hello everyone! :wave:

I tried to post earlier but the boards wouldn't let me! Very frustrating to have something to say and have to sit on my hands (literally)... Well, I'm here now...

Eydie - I really hope your back feels better soon. I think I'm having sympathy pains - my neck and shoulders are all knotted up like crazy!

Ruthie - About the guy friends... well it more than likely is just you - not what you look like. Even when I was at my thinnest I had male friends (that never knew me overweight) that treated me like "one of the guys" or more like a sister to watch over. I actually like it...

Sheila - Ooooh, Weight Watchers... what would you like to know, I was a leader for 3 years. You can eat anything you want - literally, anything, as long as you count it and they teach you how and give you the tools to do it yourself. I've been following the WW plan to loose the weight that I've lost so far to date. I love the program myself. As for your weight goal, it's really easy to get around - simply get a note from your Dr. saying the weight you choose is healthy for you and WW will take their word.
If there's anything you want to know about the program, you can ask me anything...
Now, as for the 13 year old pregnant "girls"... (semi-tirade follows: ) :mad:
My beautiful neice was born when her mom was 14 - she was pregnant through most of her 13th year. My brother, who was 6 years older than her when they conceived, was an idiot and will be the first to admit it. I must admit that at 13 this girl was taller than me, looked about 20 and was quite pretty. Thank the Gods that my brother now has full custody of his daughter and "mom" doesn't see her much. You see, at age 3 my neice's "mom" had a boyfriend that thought it'd be ok to abuse my neice sexually - because "mom" was a complete freakin' idiot who saw her happiness as more important than her baby's. Then "mom" had a series of abortions after my neice was born... Some people shouldn't be allowed to breathe... But, I digress... yes, 13 & 14 year olds have babies and I'd say 99.9% of the time it ends up really, really ugly.:(
Can you tell that now almost 10 years later this STILL pisses me off beyond belief???


03-13-2002, 09:55 PM
Yep - Hurts my feelings really bad to see a baby having a baby... especially since I can't have any more. There was a 13 yr old in the ER on Sunday that was 14 weeks pregnant. She was having complications... Then you see the "normal" 13 yr old come in with a busted knee from playing on a scooter... Makes you wonder!

03-14-2002, 06:14 AM
Sheila, I agree with Punkinseed that as far as eating and food go, WW is a great program. I had other issues with the program, after three times using it, and I think they're issues that are individual to me. Basically, I didn't like the weekly weigh-ins. It's very frustrating to do everything right during the week and then see no change, or even to gain a lb., at weigh-in. Now, if you have supportive and intelligent staff who understand that pounds aren't everything and weight can fluctuate, and that the most important thing is changing your lifestyle, you'll be fine. But I didn't have that, despite attending three different local meetings. However, even after I stopped going to meetings, I counted points, so it's worth going even if just to learn the program. I've heard some people rave about how great their meetings are, so I think I was just unlucky with that. I say go for it!

[Punkin, I think your message addressed to me was meant for Flower, right?]

What a horrendous day yesterday was -- and I stress-ate. Terrible. I spent the entire morning in court. I was in a very minor fender-bender a few weeks ago -- I think I told you guys about the accident, right? So we pulled over, exchanged informaiton, and both drove off. A few days later I got a summons for leaving the scene of the accident, which is a fairly serious charge that can result in suspension of driving privileges. So I spent literally all morning in court just to get a trial date. The prosecutor suggested I hire an attorney -- which would mean spending more $$. It's just ridiculous. I have the other driver's insurance information -- how could I have gotten that if I had left the scene? So I have to debate now whether or not to hire a lawyer. I feel like I have to decide between an attorney or more dental surgery. I just can't keep incurring expenses when I'll be reducing my income significantly in seven weeks! And it's just so freakin UNFAIR! Since I'm moving out of NJ, I would say, screw it, go ahead, take my license away if you don't believe me, but someone told me if you're suspended in one state, you can't get a license in any state till you get that suspension cleared up. Plus, there might be significnat financial penalties if they find me guilty. I have to find out exactly what the possible penalties are, and then decide if it's worth trying to defend myself or not.

03-14-2002, 10:34 AM
Good morning everyone! It's the cursed March Break here in Ontario, so the kids have been home and husband took the week off too. So I haven't had opportunity to be anywhere near the computer this week. But today they have gone off to visit John's mom who lives 3 hours away, so I have the day to myself to get my assignment done and I'm working from 3:30 to 8 pm tonight.

We went out for breakfast this morning, and I had 2 eggs, no yolk, 3 sausages, 1.5 toast, hash browns.... :o So I think I'll have zero point soup for lunch with zero point salad, and more of the same for dinner. Clothes still feel comfortable but not quite as loose as they were a couple of months ago. My habits are slipping. Must rein in again.

Spring will help, I think.

Birds singing like crazy this week at dawn! I think I heard a Robin, although I haven't seen one yet. Tons of Swans though, flying back and forth.
Teenage pregnancy always terrified me. When I was 16 I went on the pill way before I had sex just because there was no way in **** I was going to get pregnant. I considered pregnancy up there with death. Mat says in grade 8 there were a lot of sexually active kids in his class. I believe it. A dear friend of mine was over the other night and her son (just turned 12) is in grade 6 and has had the same girlfriend for 3 months. They were discovered lying together on his bed at his birthday party, (they were tired. Give me a break) and she really doesn't have any problem with this.

Anyway. I really, really hope that Morgan (also 12) sticks to her independence for another year or so...

Smokey is well again! He is finishing up his anti-biotics this week, but has been back to his old self since Sunday/Monday. Eating, causing mischief, being a total suck of a cat. You can't sit down without him getting on your lap, I think he is so happy to feel better again.

Well off to do my assignment. I only got an 80% last week on my 7th one, and that blew my 96% average all to heck. :mad: I'll have to ace the next two for sure.

I still love my job, getting out lots of books and tapes and videos for the kids.

Have a great day...


03-14-2002, 12:05 PM
Rutie-you should like you are in need of another nature walk. I am not afraid of the homeless people. I am more nervous of teenage boys in packs. Congrats on $1000 donation. I may have to support Mr Paul a bit more often. I think you can do your marathon in the alotted time. It is a bit easier when you have to! You will be walking with others too. They will keep the pace up. YOU CAN DO IT! I think you should hire an attorney. Try to find someone who wouldn't charge as much. A student or a firm for lower income perhaps??? But you do want your record clean. This would effect your credit, your ability to rent anything, to buy anything ect... even a job or schooling. Its a character thing. Take care of it.

Pumkinseed-the whole state of Ore is beautiful. I miss it! I am still toying with the idea of buying a house in Seaside. I miss the water. Thatnks for understanding how it is to be one of the guys. It is frustrating, wonder if thats part of the reason I let myself go.....

Shiela-our weather keeps changing too. You can't count on 2 days of same weather in a row. Most the nice days are when I am stuck inside. Did you sign up for WW?

Amy-pregger babies! :( This is so sad. A friend of my boyfriends came over last night. He said that a co worker was sleeping with a teenager. He is 25, she 14. What to do, her parents don't care what she does. They are doing drugs all the time. I told him to call the school. Anonoymously. They will care. Esp in this town. They take that seriously. So sad...but so real.

Eydie-congrats on the relaxed muscles! Finally!!!!!

Wildfire-kids are a downer sometimes huh? My 12 year old is testing me big time. My 8 year old is a bossy one. My baby is a meany, but I love them. (This hour anyways) What is the newest chapter in your saga?

Well, I have a million things to do today. I was billed 2 years for my pager which has been turned off for 2 years, or so I had though. I need stamps to send out thank yous that are 2 months old. I have to do more laundry. And sign up for my insurance. I want to go to the mall. I have a 25 gift cirtificate if i spend 50 at Lane Bryant. We aren't allowed to wear capris at work. I had 3 pairs of them in black before I took the job. Thats 3 I can't wear to work. I only have 3 solids left and one pair needs to be hemmed and I don't want to wear them till I loose 5 more pounds. I wouldn't be able to eat lunch that day!!!! I have 2 pairs of print, but not on weekends. I would like a compfy pair. I was so formal last week, not fun on (.) days.

I go to the doc at 4:10 today. Finally to get my results. My doc wasn't availabe so I am seeing someone else. No biggie, it is the same to me.

The guy who I have a crush on. (Remember it is a harmless crush, it just keeps me at work, instead of looking for another job). :) He came in on Tuesday drenched in sweat. He was wearing his sweat suit. His back was drenched. His armed pitts wet ect... He took his backpack to the restroom, washed up and a half hour later a spic and span man. I learned something that day. Well, other than he is cute clean or dirty. :devil: I learned that you can fit in a workout if you really want to. This guy doesn't need to work out, he does it cause he likes it. He made the time even if it ment changing at work. I need that additude. I need to make the time. I need to find it fun, a want to, not a have to!!!!! He smiles shyly at me. What an ego boost. I am not cheating, just recharging my flat ego! :)

Well, I hope you are all well. I am going to play a bit of POGO. The online game company and then attack my to do list. I work at 10 tomorrow. ~flower

Venus Envy
03-14-2002, 12:40 PM
It's been a looooong while, but I'm back.

My father died six weeks ago, and I've been struggling with all the issues that people struggle with at times like these. Doing much better, though, and I thank everyone for the support and kind wishes.

I did gain 3.8 pounds those first couple of weeks (stress, funeral food, and emotional eating), but I did stick with my gym and walking regimen for the most part. The gym was particularly helpful, because I had a place to go whenever I felt restless and wanted to get out of the house to spend 30-40 minutes moving from one weight machine to another. And even though I haven't been walking at 100% of what I should be to be absolutely on track for my marathon in San Diego in June, I did keep up at maybe 70% and should be fine (especially with the weight training under my belt) now that I'm back in the swing of things.

So ... I've lost that 3.8 pounds PLUS some, and I've dropped a pants size. Even my smile feels good.

Ruthie, (( CONGRATS! )) on the scholarship! Oodles of luck with that #1 school pick. And I'm so excited that you're at 9 miles already! (( (( whoo hoo! )) )) Which marathon are you doing? Will we see each other in San Diego after all?

03-14-2002, 01:39 PM
KIM!!! So glad to see you back ... we knew about your dad from the board, and had posted our sympathies some time ago, but since you didn't get to see them, let me say again how sorry I am and that it's good to see you bounce back. I am doing San Diego, too, so we will have to plan to meet up there. And I want to THANK YOU again for pointing me towards TNT -- it's the greatest thing I've done in a long time. I love it!

Speaking of academics -- I got admitted to #3 school. Even though it's no lnoger in the running because #2 school offered me the $10K scholarship, it's nice to know they wanted me.

I looked up the statute on leaving the scene, and the penalty is $200-400 fine, six months suspension, and possible 30 days jail. So I am definitely hiring a lawyer. Other than that, everything's going great :p .

Time to go back to work.

03-14-2002, 02:09 PM
Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!
So far I havent joined WW yet ( I have to wait till I deposit some $$ in the account first..) But before I join I want to see what the atmosphere is like, in other words I wanna meet the director or meeting coordinator first if I dont feel comfy there I wouldnt want to give that place my starter fee and being stuck paying another start up fee some where else

Ruthie about the license thing. Now the DMV is on a NCIC all over the country so if you do lose your lincense in one state you cant get one else where till the penality it repaired.. And your right about if you have the info on the guys insurance you didnt leave the scene. But see if your local pro bono attorney office has a lawyer that will cover accident issues..That way you cover your a** , even if they really dont have a case it is just pice of mind..

I didnt mean to "get on a soap box "about 13-14 year old mamas I have no excuses for preaching on that issue for that I am sorry it just struck a nerve since my DD is 12 now it scared me.. Forgive me??

LaMorgan Glad to hear that your kitty is better now.. I hope to hear some birds when I wake up where I live. It is in the middle of the city so the only birds I see are pidgeons and garbage picking crows.. I miss Robins and Blue Jays and finches.. If i cant get my birdsong fix at hom I will go to the park and sit in the woods ..

Flower Careful with POGO it became my online downfall..I dont go there anymore at all!! I been checking out the Laine Bryant online site.. Now I have to find the Laine bryant store in my state if they have one ( I could just check the site) I just HATE spending money on me.. Becuz I know if I get to goal I have to throw away all those clothes I shouldnt have boughtten when I was big..Hubby says I shouldnt think like that but I have always been one that HATES to waste $$ on stuff like that. BUT they do have GREAT clothes maybe I will indulge sometimes even though I just spent $51. not too long ago for new pants and some PJs..

Eydie:.. Glad to hear you are on the mends. Home scales scare me I never get accurate ones unless I pay big$$

Venus: WELCOME BACK!!! sorry to hear about the loss of your dad but I am glad to hear you are doing better now ..Congrats on the 3.8 pound loss! Gyms are good therapy (so I heard) they are great stress reducers. I have my own resistance gym at home but I would love to someday go somewhere to really work off inner demons while working off my extra spare tires.. ( Da da Daaaaa Hello there I am the Michelin Girl :lol: )

Well Ladies I am off . I have a few other things to do before my day is a total waste ..Talk to you soon
Take Care

oh WILDFIRE...... Where for art thou WILDFIRE??? Hope to hear from you soon.. Or are you still walking to Kansas??

Ruthie ..Congrats on the #3 school acceptance I knew they would want you there.. But I am glad to hear your still going for the one with the scolarship..CONGRATS!!!!! (You posted as I was writing )

03-14-2002, 03:42 PM
Hello everyone!

Today's my Friday - boy am I ready for it! Then I found out that this weekend my satalite company is having free preview of Starz all weekend. I may get nothing done...

Venus - I'm sorry to hear of your father's passing and SO happy to see you back here. You were missed;) .

Ruthie - Yup, I guess I did mean Flower! Oooh, but I type too quickly sometimes... Did I miss something about someone leaving the scene of an accident? My ex and I were involved in a hit and run and we found the guy 3 days later (he drove right past us at a red light with my cars' transfer paint all over his crunched front end). We were driving our 'Vette and had no problem following him to his house, calling the police and taking him to court. :devil:

Sheila - Oh, nothing to be forgiven for! You did nothing wrong. Believe me, I've dealt with my emotions about the woman who gave birth to my neice (who by the way turned out to be an awsome perfectly balanced kid). The problem is is that I have that damned red-headed temper, a pretty short fuse and the capacity to hold a **** of a grudge . The situation 10 years ago still has the ability to bring out the worst in me. :dz:

I'm off to have a little lunch then work on my news letter for my online group - this weeks topic??? Ley lines! Should be fun!


Oh! Did you all hear that Miss Cleo got busted? They found out she's not a Shaman from Jamaica - she's from CALIFORNIA!!! :lol:

03-14-2002, 11:04 PM
According to the doctor, there isn't a darn thing wrong with me. Everything came out absolutely normal. How bizarre is that???

03-15-2002, 06:01 AM
Yay, Flower! Glad you're healthy! I wish I had a doctor (or anyone) tell me I'm normal, LOL!

Terri, enjoy your couch potato weekend ;) !

Sheila, that's a smart strategy to want to meet the WW meeting director first -- wish I'd done that. Let us know if they let you do that.

I would really like to lose 10 lbs. by the time of the marathon (June 2). I'm afraid to set the goal, though -- isn't that crazy? It's the one part of my life where I'm a weiner. Maybe I'll do this -- I'll think about it over the weekend and decide by Monday if I'm going to set the goal or not.

I'm super tired today but I absolutely have to walk. I've blown my training schedule all to heck this week b/c I got distracted and made excuses.

03-15-2002, 06:21 AM
Success is terrifying. I look back on all the things as a young woman that I didn't do or quit, and it came down to I was afraid to do well. I was out of my comfort zone!

I'm nearly 40 now, and I'm living out of my comfort zone quite happily!

This has been a long week. I'm weary.

Welcome back Venus!

Have to go do my papers, I'll pop back later if I can get near the computer....


03-15-2002, 10:28 AM
No soap box here! I just don't understand how parents don't know where there young teens are. I think after about 15 you can't keep up with them as well but 12, 13, and 14 (I can honestly say my mother simply just didn't give a crap) she let me date at 13 I was almost raped by my best friends 18 yr old brother because they thought he was nice enough to take me out :( and I was dumb enough to go and then did get raped the following year by going to a drinking party with my mothers permission. :?: So "things" happen but I think with kids under 15 that it is the parents fault for not being responsible, kids don't have or use good judgement. So the parents need to be aware of what is going on and give them the heads up on how hard it is to deal just being a teen and triplely hard being a teen mom.

I had a bad day yesterday, I think I am getting sick again came home from work with a migraine slept from 4 to 8 and was back asleep by 11... didn't want to get up this morning either. I haven't taken my vitamins in three days that may have something to do with it.

I am still eating pretty well, not "bad" anyway just can't seem to get the portion thing back in control.

I still have 20 to 26 pounds to loose depending on the scale, Works scales say I am like 154/156 home says I am 148/150... low weight this past year has been 141 and I am still wearing a size 8 so can't complain but I would like to get a little lower.

I want to thank you guys for being so supportive this past year, you all have helped me loose 40 pounds and I really appreciate the help! I don't know that I could of done it with out you.

I am going to try and get ready and go to Pensacola this morning and get those clothes for DD...

Hugs to you all!

03-15-2002, 12:32 PM
Amy-HUGS!!!! I think you needed that! :)

I was raped at 15-in the bushes outside my parents home by my best friends boyfriend. I had been to far worse places than that. Only to be done at the place you trust the most. Not the ideal place to loose your virginity huh? I grew up fast that summer. Took a **** of a long time to trust anyone. My son thinks I am so old and don't get it, he is 12. But frankly, I get it far too much. I remember those days as if it were yesterday and I would never turn the clock back to repeat them!!!!!

Well, diet starts today. I am taking the healthy approach. I am gonna try to stop the refined foods and see if that makes me feel better. If nothing is wrong with me, than I suppose some real food, fresh air, a positive attitude sould make me feel whole again.

I am gonna live till I am 99. So I am in the final week on the fist 1/3 of my life. I am going to start the second 3rd with a whole new attitude. No more being a victim. I am strong, I am smart, I am talented. I am interesting and I WILL suceed!!!!! (So how's that for a pep talk!)

Welcome back Venus!

~tootles! flower

03-15-2002, 01:01 PM
Yeah!!!!! Flower!!!!!!!!!!

Great attitude, wonderful approach! Thanks for the hug!


03-16-2002, 06:25 AM
Lois, I dig what you're saying about success being scary, although in my case it seems to only apply to food and weight. I think I will go ahead and bite the bullet and say I want to lose 10 lbs. by the marathon. :o :eek: I have to stop these cookie binges, that's for sure.

Wildfire, where are you? How are you?

Flower, you go girl. Kick some ***.

Amy, backatcha about the support. This group is great.

03-16-2002, 07:30 AM
I look back on the first thing I ever acomplished as my pregnancy with my first child. Had to see it through to it's completion. It was a freeing experience! Came from a family of hypochrondriacs, excuse spelling. Mom and Marilyn were always sick, always constipated. I was heading down that road too, but luckily I escaped.

Families. :?:

Bye, have a good day to all of you! Vernal equinox next week, I'm going to an open ritual...


03-16-2002, 10:59 AM
Hi girls.

Had a rough night Thursday, and was like a zombie all day yesterday, but still had to attend a farewell party for someone who'd worked with our company for 14 years. He quit to go to another job.

Here's what happened. My daughter, who'd been grounded for skipping that test last week, had been really good for the week she'd been grounded. No attitude, cleaning the apartment while I was at work...so I let her off the hook and said she could sleep at a friend's place Wednesday night. We even planned to paint and redecorate her bedroom this weekend. The friend's mother was going to pick her up. Thursday at work she called and said she wanted to spend the night again, so I agreed. Thursday night at 9pm, the friend's mother called here looking for her daughter. My husband told her we hadn't seen her....then she asked if we knew where my daughter was. Well, they were supposed to be together at HER house. I got on the phone and found out her daughter had been grounded and snuck out Wednesday night at 8pm....the same time my daughter left. She hadn't seen either of them since. So WHERE did they spend Wednesday night, and where were they now? The mother had been calling friends looking for the girls, so shortly after I hung up with her, my daughter called. Thank the gods she knows when she's in trouble and it's time to call home. One of the friends had called to warn her that I was looking for her. I found out where she was and told her to STAY PUT that I was coming for her. So I called the other mother back and told her to come with me, they wouldn't be expecting her in my car. (She'd told me her daughter has been running away since last summer and wouldn't go home willingly.) We get there, find my daughter, but hers is gone as are all the other kids they were with. One guy waited with my daughter until we came, and I cornered him and tried to find out where the other girl went. He vaguely told us they headed down towards a pizza place nearby. We found one girl and two guys there, but her daughter was gone. I KNEW she was there somewhere....hiding, most likely. Just when I was grilling the girl that was there, the mother yelled to me from the car that her daughter was running across the street further up. We drove over to where she'd seen her, and found her hiding behind some bushes. She took off behind the restaurants there, and I chased after her. She wouldn't go with her mother, and kept trying to run, so I finally had to restrain her while her mother called the police. (My daughter remained in my car...she knew better than to budge a muscle.) This kid was like a wildcat....all arms and legs and nails. I finally got behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. I held on with her fighting and kicking and screaming for a good 20 minutes until the police showed up and put her in the back of the cruiser. (Man, my arms are sore today!) The cops really couldn't do anything with her, so I offered for her mother and her to stay at my place. We're nine floors up, and there's only one way out...through the front door. At least we could keep her from running for the night, and try to convince her to go to her doc's appointment the next afternoon. The mother stayed here until about 1am, then went home. The girls had settled in and were going to bed. So it was almost 2am before I got to bed, and I was up every hour to make sure they were still here. Work yesterday was brutal. I couldn't concentrate...I needed sleep! The girl did go with her mother to the doc's appointment, and she's been put on anti-depressants. I hope they work, because she's really out of control. The mother told me her daughter has stolen her car a few times and been stopped by the police. This kid just turned 15 last week. Oh, we found out they'd spent Wednesday night at some guy's house way the **** outside the city here. "Some guys" drove them out. Brilliant, huh? My daughter is so grounded she'll be lucky to see daylight during school hours. No phone, no computer, no tv. I haven't discussed the whole thing with her yet, other than to tell her what an idiot she'd been. I was too tired yesterday and still too angry.

Before all this, hubby and I had gone to see an apartment Thursday after work in the next city over, where we'd lived for two years prior to moving here. We're trying to decide if we're going to move, given the rent wars in this building. I don't want to pack up and move, but I'm tired of the bullshit here. The place we saw was nice, huge master bedroom/dressing room/walk-in closet, two full bathrooms, bigger kitchen, really tight security, seems to be much more professionally managed, has an indoor pool and sauna. We'd have a drive to work, but we'd be getting more for less money apartment-wise. I just don't know....I might leave this up to hubby to decide.

I haven't contributed to the teenage pregnancy discussion because I was a teenager when I had my daughter. I was 17 when I got pregnant, and turned 18 a couple of weeks before she was born. I do agree with the rest of you about kids at 13 and 14 getting pregnant....I don't think they should be allowed to have the babies. It was hard enough for me, and I had graduated from high school before my daughter was born. Anyway, it's easy for us all to voice our opinions, but being in the situation often changes one's views.

Welcome back, Venus!

I was in the middle of writing a post when I got the call Thursday night from the girl's mother, but needless to say I didn't finish it.

03-16-2002, 04:02 PM
Damn, Wildfire, it must be some kind of crazy teenage girls' moon! I got woken up all night by DD's friend's mother calling here asking if I knew where her DD was, since her DD had told her she was going out with mine. I don't know why she kept calling -- it wasn't like her DD was going to call me or anything. Stick to your guns, Wildfire, if you don't set limits now you'll be sorry later. You're a better woman than me for chasing down the other woman's DD -- I would have just left them to their own devices.

03-16-2002, 04:37 PM
WF - I hope you don't see me as condemning by any means. There are just people who shouldn't be parents and there is NO way to tell if who those people are until they are old enough to make rational decisions for themselves. After 15 a person is old enough to decide whether or not to have sex....younger than that I think it is more "social" thing for kids like a goal of losing your virginity. It isn't fulfilling and it damn sure isn't enjoyable until you find the right person. You can't rationally make those decisions until you are old enough to know who you are.

I don't consider 17 to young to get pregnant it all depends on the person....some people shouldn't have children at 40... I was 19 and singe when I got preggers with Devon and I was 20 when he was born... I was 22 and single when I got preggers with Sky and 23 when she was born. I wouldn't of done it differently.... my kids made me who I am now. "whether that is good or not" I don't know.

Well, we are ponding today, we worked on DH's mom's pond this AM and we are going out to work on our in a minute before it starts raining.

Sorry to hear about the fiasco with the girls... Wildfire.. It is so hard raising kids today! GOOD LUCK!!!! (maybe it is the moon)


03-17-2002, 02:41 PM
Hi everyone. I have to go to work in a bit. I was suppose to get today off but nope, not gonna happen. It's okay tho. Chris and his buddy are working on C's car. I don't want to be a part of that. Happy St Patricks day. I am not into the Irish thing. But my boys great grampa was Patrick Patrick. So they get a kick out of being Irish. I have a green teddy bear pin on so they don't pinch me. (by the way my grampa was Donald McDonald-how origional huh?)

I went all day with no soda. Half way thru the day I splurged on a vending maching lemonade. It calmed me down. I assume it is the cold, sugary rush, not the caffine I need. I tried to drink a diet juice drink the other day. Nope, diet things still give me the runs. Guess it is water or the real stuff.

I was at work yesterday. Came in at 1. The other floral designer was in making a huge piece. It was in a yellow urn about 2' tall. In that was a round cone shaped design. French boquet style about 3.5' tall. So the whole design was big!!!!!! It took over 3 hours to do. 4-if you are counting. :) The total came to 472. $35 an hour labor. Well, he came to pick it up and the top seperated from the vase. I told her to use hyicenth sticks to secure. Well, I did not know she didn't fill the entire vase with foam. Only a 2 inch thick piece in the vase neck. The whole thing crumbled. I had to walk away. I wasn't sure I could prevent myself from laughing. I know that is mean, but all day she was acting like a premadonna. Everyone was telling her how gorgous her work was and she was taking her sweet time designing while I was meeting and greeting guests. She was getting glue everywhere. Anyways...he'll hopefully be back this afternoon. She came in today at 9 am to fix it. I hope it is fixable. I know no matter what I do, nothing could be as embarrassing as this. She is already in trouble for missing work on Friday. (She didn't know she was scheduled-she was in on Thursday night) She also said she could only work til 2:30 today. The store is open till 9. So I get to pick up the shift. So, I am very valueable to them right now. Helps the ego! :)

My feet hurt. I am wearing a different pair of shoes daily. Just not used to pacing the dept talking to everyone for 8 hours. I almost didn't want to go to the bathroom on my lunch yesterday cause it was so far away!!!!!! How sad is that????

Well, hope everyone is having a peaceful Sunday. I am going to treat myself to some candles from work tonight. We get an additional 10%. Yeh HA!!!!! ~flower

03-18-2002, 06:31 AM
See you guys on the new thread!