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04-14-2008, 08:44 PM
So tonight was the test. This was the first time I made this dough recipe. I made my two pizza crusts and let them sit before filling them while the granite heated in the oven.

I made the pizza destined for cooking on the stone on a big glass cutting board I have, amply floured. Well, by the time my pizza was ready to be transferred to the hot granite, it wouldn't budge! Spouse and I, with 4 hands and a spatula, tried every which way to move the pizza to the granite. Not a chance. It didn't help that by this time, we were laughing hilariously. I ended up 'bundling' the pizza to the centre, and then rearranging the crust and re-distributing the toppings once it was on the granite.

It cooked up very nicely on the granite, and we will likely pick up a couple pizza stones, because it really was just like pizzeria pizza. The crust recipe was also the best one I've tried. I found it here ( and used two cups of whole wheat flour and about one and a half of white flour.

The next time, I will make my crust a little thicker, to hopefully make the transfer to the pizza stone easier. It was worth all the fuss, though. It was much lower in calories than take-out, and just as good.

04-16-2008, 03:33 PM
I don't know if you tried this ... but if you dust your glass board with a little bit of corn meal (not corn flour, but the more coarse ground corn meal) before you let your pizza crust rest, it'll slide right off the glass. It also works with wooden cutting boards.