100 lb. Club - Accountability / Planning / Menus April 14th-April 20th

04-14-2008, 09:36 AM
Need some accountability? A place to post your menus? Support? A place to vent? A little bit of everything? Then this is the place for you!! Come on over!

04-14-2008, 09:43 AM
Good Morning! Ok, so accountability time. No sticker for me last night. I totally overate and I'm not even sure why. I think it was because I was just not really paying attention to how much I ate until I realized I was really full. Pretty discouraging especially since I have been recently 'talking' on here about paying more attention, etc....guess that just shows how easy it is to lose track!

Hopped on the scale this am and....maintained. I know TOM is coming, so that may be part of it, but still frustrating. Plan for today is to start writing down what I eat, drink lots of water, and hit the gym after work. I am also going to try to up the intensity while at the gym. I bought a new pedometer over the weekend--I lost mine last week and I was really bummed about it, so I'll start over w/ trying to get an average. I also did 2 miles of a walk slim dvd--I forget which one I popped in, but it's the one w/ more intervals. I was sweating this am! Great way to start the day!!!!

Purple--Oh no! I hope you feel better soon! I have never had it, but I have heard it is terrible!

Hope everyone is doing well!

04-14-2008, 10:05 AM
Hi, Accountability Friends!

Today is my first day back to work. After a horrible night of insomnia, I'm struggling to make sense of the huge workload I had waiting for me. And, today was my official weigh-in day. No surprise....I gained 2.2 pounds. I allowed myself to stay off-plan this weekend. I'm really not sure why. Maybe, if I could figure it out, I'd be at goal by now. It seems like I have a commitment problem. But, like usual, I'll just pick myself back up and keep going.

Purple - Sorry to hear about the poison ivy. I've heard that can be painful. Take care of yourself.
MJ - Your dedication to your workouts is amazing! Writing everything down is a great idea.

My plan for today: To try to stay sane while catching up with work.:dizzy: And, to drag Hubby out there for our walk. Last week, the walking helped me lose 3.2 pounds. I need to stick with what works.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

04-14-2008, 12:25 PM
good morning chicks, let's see if we can make it through a manic monday unscathed!

My plan today:
B: oatmeal breakfast bar, deviled egg, coffee
S: V8, Triscuits with Laughing Cow lite cheese
L: leftover salsa chicken over zucchinni
S: latte and an apple with peanut butter
D: sloppy Joes without the bun, mashed turnips
S: sugar free popsicle

Rhonda, I don't think you have a commitment problem. Whenever you have a hiccup you come right back here and get back on track and that's commitment. Don't lose sight of the fact that you've lost 38 lbs. and kept it off.
mj, I maintained this week too - but that's a good thing! Next week will be better...

04-14-2008, 12:40 PM
Yesterday, I took my son out for a mile walk. It is going to be alot warmer this week. We are going to go for a 2-3 mile walk tonight. I am hoping that the weather is finally going to stay nice enough for daily walks.

04-14-2008, 12:48 PM
mj--I am going to buy some small stickers today and steal your idea, hope you don't mind! I have been writing down my daily goals and checking them off, but it's pretty much the same everyday so I am just wasting a ton of paper, the stickers will be easier and less time consuiming. Thanks for the idea.

Rhonda--I have aways felt inspired by you because you never give up competely, you acknowledge the bad periods and come back with a new idea. There is just something to the weekends you need to think about...maybe you are seeing it as separate from the week, like a time to let your guard down, relax, unwind, and that leads into your old favorite comfort, food? For me that is the issue, it's a too relaxed and not focused problem...that and convincing myself i'm jsut not strong enough which is not true.

A quote I am living by this week: "Failures do what is tension relieving, while winners do what is goal achieving." I am going to ask myself this week "is it tension relieving, or goal achieving?" that will help me judge my options maybe.

04-14-2008, 01:46 PM
Hi again! So far so good w/ writing things down...I know it's only 1/2 a day so far, BUT I have already figured something out--I didn't eat enough for breakfast today so even though I had a mid-am snack, I was really, really hungry at lunch. I have also realized that I pack way too much food for lunch. I never eat it all and there is a reason I started doing it--I am never really sure what I want and am afraid that I'll get hungry or decide I don't want what I brought and just decide to get take out. So....something to work on there! I need to bring less--even though I don't eat it all, just having it here is tempting and I need to decide that I am sticking to my one lunch out a week. If I use it up, then I won't be able to go out w/ the 'girls' on Friday--something I LOVE to do. Running to the vending machine is just not an option I would choose even though it is right down the hall. I just picked out my afternoon snack and put the rest away! I'll probably just re-pack it for tomorrow's lunch, but that's ok!
Rhonda--Insomnia is horrible! Ok, so you were off plan, BUT you have a great plan! It's so important to keep going! I am getting so frustrated w/ not seeing a loss...I know, I know...the # doesn't matter. BUT, I am really working hard here, I must be doing something wrong...I am hoping by writing things down I will be able to see where my problem areas are....

Schmoodle--I agree, maintaining is a good thing!

scoobie--Yea for nicer weather and longer outside walks!

Purple--You don't have to steal it, go ahead and use it! I came up w/ it by borrowing ideas from a few other people. It's nice to have that visual!! I really like your quote!

04-14-2008, 01:50 PM
Morning guys!

Getting myself back on track, too. I think I'm going to be getting myself in a tizzy up until next week, so I might not be around too much. I've launched back into Phase 1 because I'm eating badly.

We're heading to the Y, and I'll be back later for a ton of personals to catch up on.

04-14-2008, 04:42 PM
Lets start with Monday 4.14:

-B: 1 egg
-S: 1 string chees
-S: 1 sausage and 1 egg
-L: 2 eggs w/ sausage
-S: 20 almonds
-S: Chicken
-D: Chicken or Shrimp with Broccoli

Ex: 2 miles (1 mile down) and 50 sit ups

04-14-2008, 07:10 PM
txmomma--have fun at the Y! Pop in when you can...we are here for you!!!


I did my planned workout. I even set the bike on intervals...yikes! Talk about intense! I really need to do that again! I was huffing and puffing, sweating, turning red...wait, did I just said I was going to do that again?! Anyway, besides that and bumping up some of my weights, hopefully that will shake things up a little!

Have a great night!

04-15-2008, 12:52 AM
On-plan day, despite forgetting my lunch and having to grab food in the cafeteria. Bleh--remind me to never forget my lunch again.

1570 k/cal, 16g fiber :(, 1L water

I have a bit of a cold, so I'm just dragging today.

Hope everyone had a great on-plan day!

math puppy
04-15-2008, 03:45 AM
Hey there. Ugh, I had a not so good week. Not op at all. And I gained 2 lbs, wich im not broken up over because its only 2lbs and as history has proven to me, I can put away TONS of food, so it could have been much worse.

I wasn’t weighing myself in the morning, journaling my food intakes, or checking in here. All ingredients for a back track. Well, I weighed myself this morning, checked in tonight, and I kept track of my food in my food journal. ( just gotta add in my snack)

I just gotta keep it up! I gotta! I don’t know where my motivation went but im hoping I can drag it back out from where ever it is hidden (even if kicking and screaming, I will drag it back!)

Yawn! Well im sleepy, so off to bed. Ill weigh myself tomorrow morning and my goal is to check in every night of the week. So ill see you all tomorrow!

Girlygirlsebas- I gained 2 lbs too! We can lose them together this week eh?

Mj- writing things down is what keeps me on track. Good luck! I love it when I get to bump up my weights.

Bigtxmomma- have a good work out

Darkblue- lol, cafeteria food bleh! That made me laugh. Good job finding solutions even when said lunch Is forgotten!

Purple- those are pretty purple flowers on your pic.

04-15-2008, 06:53 AM
Hi folks...it's good to be back home. We had a wonderful trip - visiting our family and grandson - also, visiting with old time friends (we lived in Michigan for 23 years and have many friends there). WOW - being a grandma is so, so fantastic. :D

So much fun with my little grandson (14 months)
He is such a cutie pie. He is constantly jibber jabbering away. He runs around and climbs on everything. He loves to play "hide and seek" - where he stands behind his crib and folks go into is room saying "Where's Alex?" You "look" in th closet, behind the door and chair - and then act suprised when you "find" him behind the crib. Then he giggles. What fun!!

My food was kind of shakey. I made many good choices - but, ultimately overate Sunday night and yesterday. I am glad the everyday is a new beginning. I'll plan for and carry on healthfully today.

getting hair colored today
working on some publicity today
confirmation letter for summer work

journal food
lots of water

breakfast - cottage cheese, melon, pnb toast
snack - tea
lunch - hummus, cheese wrap- pepper strips
snack - apple
dinner - chicken, green beans, noodles
snack - cherrios, 1/2 banana, flax, skim milk

Mj5- sorry you lost your pedometer - glad you got a new one! :) Some day's it's so easy to lose track - hop right back on your plan. I think your idea of writing it down is good - it has always helped me. GREAT job on all you exercise - dvd and all!!! :D:D

Purple - so, so sorry to hear about the poison ivy - ugh. :hug: Hang in there. I love your quote - it's a good thing to think about during the day, yes.

Schmoodle - great plan!! :D

Scoobie - wonderful job on your walk! :D

bgtxmama- you CAN do this - great job on going to the Y :D

Rayelle - Welcome!! good job on planning ahead. It can be helpful. :)

Darkblue - great job on staying on plan at the cafeteria! :D Hope your cold is better soon.

Math - you can do this...plan for a good day and carry on. :)

Everyone - have a wonderful on plan day - be kind to yourself.

04-15-2008, 09:34 AM
I made it out for a mile walk yesterday. I was going to go further, but my son was not cooperating. It is suppose to be in the 70's here today so I am hoping that my son will want to go for a longer walk. I might take him for one before we eat and one after we eat. Maybe he will go to sleep on the 2nd walk!!

04-15-2008, 10:21 AM
Hi everyone! I don't have time for p's, but wanted to say in an effort to stop obsessing about the # on the scale, I didn't weigh this am and I wore a pair of jeans that were tight when I bought them, but are now loose. What better way to remind me that what I am doing is working!!!!!

Very sleepy this am, so no watp dvd, but I will hit the gym and try and different interval on the bike--what a way to work up a sweat!

Talk to you later!

04-15-2008, 10:37 AM
Good Tuesday morning chicks,
Here's today:
B: oatmeal breakfast bar, hard boiled egg, coffee
S: V8, triscuits with Laughing Cow cheese
L: leftover salsa chicken and zucchini
S: latte and an apple
D: shrimp with cashews stir fry
S: bean brownie with FF cool whip
If I get the munchies, I've got some raw veggies cut up and some sugar free popsicles. I also plan to do my new 4 mile WATP today.

Good luck with your walks today scoobie!
Welcome home Beverlyjoy! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. 14 months is such an adorable age.
mathpuppy, you are back and that's what counts. As i've heard the other chicks say, fake it until you make it. Get back on track and your mojo will come back!
purple, I love the stickers, I stole that idea too. I put one up on the wall in my office for every good day (Sponge Bob, I stole them from DD)! Very motivating. And I love your focus for the week. When I look back over the year, I realize that the lessons I've learned along the way are more valuable to me than the weight lost or days on plan - they are the things that are going to see me through this!
mj, I don't journal, but just putting my day's food down here really helps me out. After I type it out, I take a look and check to see if I've got my 4.5 cups of veggies in there, not more than two grains, one or two fruits, etc. It helps to balance out the day, and you can really see the trends over time.
Have a good Ph1 bigtx! It's so helpful to be able to go back to that to get on track, isn't it. Hope your week isn't too tough!
darkblue, hope your cold is better! Have a great day!
Rayelle, what plan are you on? Is it Atkins? I always like to see what people are doing.

I conked out before the kids did last night and had one of my 10 hour sleep nights. I feel great this morning. I don't know why I get so tired and need so much sleep sometimes though! I haven't been burning the midnight oil or anything...
Today is very ordinary, work, laundry, a little cleaning, DD has her piano lesson. And we need to get her birthday party invitations addressed and mailed out. Have a good one chicks!

04-15-2008, 12:54 PM
Hey guys! I'm feeling more relaxed today. I slept well. Today I need to do errands, and buy tickets for the Rush concert on Sunday (DH's early bday present). We're going to take DD. !!!! It's an outdoor amphitheater, and we're getting lawn seats, so I think she'll really enjoy it. Plus Rush is pretty tame. I hope.

Welcome Rayelle!

lol mj @ your puffing and sweating on the intervals! Good job with your workout! That is frustrating to maintain esp when you work so hard. A more substantial breakfast is a good idea. Eating early on really helps hold off the cravings for me. What do you eat for breakfast, anyway? Maybe you should get a ritual. I freakin' love breakfast. It's my favorite meal of the day. Eggs & fresh coffee, mmmmm. Yay for loose jeans!!!! =D That's better motivation than the fickle scale.

Rhonda, I agreew with Schmoodle. You do not have a commitment problem. I wonder what it is about the weekend that just blows things off. Did you and DH go on your walk?

Scoobie, good job on your walk!

Beverly, welcome back! I'm glad you had an awesome visit with your family and got some quality time in with your grandson!!!!!!!!! =D You can get back on track! =D

Schmoodle, woohooo 10 hours of sleep! And awesome job prepping for the week. What bean brownie recipe do you use? I saw one on Heidi Swanson's blog made with agave nectar. It looks killer. But I feel bad about the idea of using an entire $7 bottle of agave nectar on a pan of brownies. Which WATP are you using now? I think I'll do a WATP this afternoon. I miss Leslie.

Purple, your rant touched my heart. Thank you. I bet a lot of our eating problems start with the family we grew up in. =/ The poison ivy sounds AWFUL! How are you feeling today?

Darkblue, I hope you feel better. Isn't cafeteria food depressing? Sigh.

Math, keep checkin' in and don't despair. Your motivation will come and go. You can borrow some from us. That's what I always do when my motivation has been shot through the roof. =/ It's so good to have other people going through the same struggles.

04-15-2008, 07:38 PM
Hey everyone! I did my planned workout. I couldn't get "my" bike at the gym (possessive aren't I?), so the intervals were different and less intense. It was still good, although I wasn't sweating as much. I'll keep trying for 'my' bike! I also increased a couple other weights today...not so sure my arms are going to be happy w/ me tomorrow!

I'll catch up w/ you all tomorrow!

04-16-2008, 01:04 AM
lol mj, aren't the bikes all the same? hehehehehe

I have a favorite treadmill. All the ceiling fans seem to blow into it. It's pretty windy, and I like it.

Good job with your workout! =D Woohoo!

My day went okay. We went across town to pick up Rush tickets, so DD didn't nap until late and was super cranky. I didn't get a chance to exercise because DH came home. So I ran out to the Y around 9 tonight and just did 20 mins bike and 20 mins treadmill.

Food is going ok. Does anyone get super hungry on Phase 1? I'm eating soooooo much more since I stopped eating carbs. =/ I have no idea if it's real hunger or if it's fear-of-starvation hunger.

04-16-2008, 01:07 AM
Oh, also... a sort of NSV: I'm pleased because my blood pressure is lower. I've been checking it each time I go to HEB and it's like 110/70. It was usually like 150/90. =D MY HEART IS HAPPY.

math puppy
04-16-2008, 03:06 AM
hey there.
had a good work out today, but now my knee hurts! grrr. i hate that. i better be carful next time i work out. i dont want to injur my knee anymore then it is!

food was okay too. i didnt make it into my lowest lvl of calories, but i was below my middle :D

dont have time for personals, i have to get up very early but i read all your entries! see you all later. have a good day!

04-16-2008, 08:52 AM
H friends...I had a on plan day yesterday - I am grateful.

I have a busy day - PT, storytelling in the afternoon, open mic storytelling this evening (I am the mc). My foot is quite sore from being so busy last weekend. I guess, I'll learn my limits as time goes on.

lots of water

breakfast - kashi waffle with pnb, melon
lunch - chicken, green beans, garlic toast
snack - hb egg whites, 1/2 banana
dinner (out) - lentil soup, small salad
snack - cherrios, strawberries, flax, skim milk

I hope you all have a GREAT day.

04-16-2008, 09:07 AM
Here's today:
B: oatmeal, hard boiled egg, coffee
S: V8, triscuits with Laughing Cow cheese
L: leftover taco soup and mashed turnips
S: latte and an apple
D: shrimp with cashews stir fry
S: bean brownie with FF cool whip

Looks a lot like yesterday because DH messed up my dinner plans and I ended up not cooking!
Good morning chicks, Happy Hump Day!
Beverly, I was on plan too yesterday! We deserve a carrot. :carrot:
Have a great day mathpuppy!
Way to go bigtx! Lower bp is a wonderful NSV! Some of the chicks on the SB part of the forum fiddled around with the brownie recipe until they got it just right. I think it's posted under Kara's Bean Brownies. If you can't find it let me know. It uses half agave and half sugar free syrup, but I think only 1/4 cup of each. They're not super-sweet, but I prefer them that way, kind of like a bittersweet dark chocolate taste, so yummy. Plus they are totally guilt free, and so full of protein that they are a really filling snack.
mj, hope you get "your" bike today!

I think I will skip the WATP today (I did the 4 mile super challenge yesterday and I am sore), and do some yoga at lunch instead.
Hope you chicks have a great on-plan day!

04-16-2008, 09:46 AM
I did a 2 mile walk last night. It was so windy here yesterday (45-60 mile an hour winds!!!). My son fell asleep during the first mile. I was going to do a 3rd but the wind kept getting worse. It is going to be another nice day here. We are going to do at least 2 miles tonight. We almost got the garage organized so I will be able to start using the treadmill in the garage while my son plays!!!

04-16-2008, 10:27 AM
Good Morning! Unfortunately, I was really sleepy again this am and didn't get up to do a watp. I don't want to make this a habit, though....I really feel best when I do some cardio in the am. Today I will go to the gym for legs/back and more bike (hopefully *mine* ;) ) If I have time tonight I would really like to take the dogs for even a short walk! They would love it!

Darkblue--I hope you feel better! Forgetting your lunch stinks...I almost did that myself today.

math puppy--So glad you checked in, I was getting worried! Motivation comes and goes, the important thing is to keep coming back to it, even when it's hard! Me too! I think that was part of my boredom/slump...I was doing the same old thing...Oh no, not your knee! Take care of yourself!!

Beverlyjoy--I can hear the smile in your 'voice' when you talk about your grandson!!! I am so glad you had a great trip!

scoobie--It's getting nicer here too. I want to incorporate some outside walks w/ the dogs...they need the exercise too!

schmoodle--I like having my little notebook, so far...that way I have it in my hand if I am tempted--I also read through it before I decide if I am going to have a snack--sometimes I do end up having a snack, but try to go for something healthier because I know I have to write it down.

txmomma--YEA for feeling better! I'm not a big breakfast person, that's probably part of my problem. Plus I take a med for my thyroid and I have to wait and hour after I take it before I eat. I usually take my breakfast to work and eat while I am checking messages, e-mail, etc. I know, not good to be so distracted while eating, but better than not eating at all! Actually, no my gym has several different brands of recombinant bikes. There is only one of 'mine' and I like the settings on it the best. I guess I have to learn to share, though....CONGRATULATIONS on lower bp!!! That is fantastic!!!!!

04-16-2008, 04:45 PM
hi ladies!

I'm around - drowning in stress and too much to do. Lots of running around and family commitments - all good ones...

However, I'm maintaining but I'm going to see some numbers drop this Monday - I'm still checking in, just not getting enough time to post.


04-17-2008, 12:04 AM
Yesterday was such a horrible off-plan day that I don't want to talk about it. Went to bed feeling disgusted with myself.

Today was better--
Breakfast--Smart Choice cereal, skim milk, clemetine, hot tea
Lunch--my usual wheat pita bread sandwich and 8 Sunchips
Dinner--small chicken breast, asparagus, broccoli, salad, iced tea, 1/2 breadstick

1560 kcal, 21 g fiber, water

I'm still feeling too wiped out to exercise, though I know I should.


mathpuppy--I'm right with you on the off-plan week. 2.2 pound weight gain isn't so bad, and you should be able to drop that in a week. Be careful with that knee!

Beverly--glad you had such a good trip! Great menu plan, must try that one myself.

Schmoodle--great menu! Sounds like you have a busy day! Ten hours' sleep sounds wonderful. Did you wake up with a lot of energy?

Txmomma--whooot! Lowered blood pressure is definitely wonderful! That's some work to be proud of!

Ginger--stress stinks. Maintaining is good, but i'll cross fingers that the numbers are down!

mj5--sound slike you might need some more sleep! Take care of yourself!

04-17-2008, 07:51 AM
Hi friends - I stayed around 1500 calories yesterday - I am grateful. However, it was a little "snacky". I keep wanting 'just a little more' of this and that. I know it's because I am tired and feeling a bit stressed. I am going to work on that.

storytelling this morning
orthopedist this afternoon

journal/log food

breakfast - egg white scramble, pnb toast, 1/2 banana
lunch - cottage cheese and melon, crackers, carrots
snack - yogurt, flax
dinner - sloppy joes on toast, brocolli
snack - cereal, strawberries, skim milk

I'll come back later for personals...gotta go. Have a GREAT day.

04-17-2008, 10:22 AM
Hi everyone! I got 'my' bike last night, but about 1/2 way through I was wondering why I ever wanted it!!!! Wow...I was sweating up a storm, but that's a good thing, right?! I only did 20 intense mins on the bike (got out of work late) and then went right home and took the dogs for a brisk walk. It was great to get outside!!!!

This am I did only did 1 mi of a walk slim w/ intervals. I needed to spend a little extra time 'beautifying'....I have a board meeting to go to during lunchtime for my supervisor, so I wanted to look nicer than usual. I am going to eat my own lunch before I go (NEVER healthy food at this meeting) and I'll take water to drink during the meeting. That way I won't be as tempted by all the junk there. That's the plan, anyway!

Today I am going to leave work as close to on time as possible. Do legs/back weights and another 'varied' session on the bike. Then it's off to the grocery store.

Gotta run...Hope everyone is having a great on plan day!

04-17-2008, 10:41 AM
Hi chicks, I'll be back later to visit, just wanted to get my plan down in writing before I got too far into the day!

B: oatmeal breakfast bar, hard boiled egg, coffee
S: V8, celery with Laughing Cow cheese
L: leftover salsa chicken or stir fry
S: latte and an apple
D: ???
S: bean brownie

Hope you are having a good one!

04-17-2008, 12:16 PM
Hey guys.

Last night I overate. I was in feedbag/pity party mode. I'm hormonal and bloated and miserable. But it is soon TOM, so I think that's what's causing my bout of insanity. I also didn't exercise that much -- did some weights, tho.

Did anyone start spending more money once they tried to defeat their food addiction? I'm a veryyyyyyyy thrifty person and never buy anything because I think it's wasteful and kinda silly. But now I'm seriously going nuts with the shopping. =/ I think I might make DH take away my credit cards. I'm not making good choices.

Anyway, plan for today is to go the gym for some sweat equity.

Ok, I'm watching the Biggest Loser. Do they always make the chubbies run? I'm envious.

04-17-2008, 04:24 PM
Hi everyone! Wow, what a meeting this afternoon....luckily someone else went with me...other people there were firing questions at us...I think they purposely did it b/c our supervisor wasn't there, but whatever. We answered them w/ no problems. SO glad I ate before I went! On the surface it look like they made an attempt to be 'healthier', but the veggie pizza was loaded w/ layers of cheese, the salad was soggy w/ dressing--I must say it looked good (except the soggy salad!)

txmomma--Hi! How are you feeling today? New day, fresh start! What did you do for exercize? I have always been a little too happy to shop, so no...

I am going to head to the gym. I haven't been going on Thurs b/c, but dh has to work really, really late so I figured I might as well go! Even if I don't do a lot, it's better than not going at all!

Gotta run....talk to you later!

04-17-2008, 05:26 PM
OKay Schmoodle - I NEED to know - what is a bean brownie?

Today's plan:

B: 1 slice of french toast, tea
S: Apple
L: cucumber, peppers, onion and chicken with balsamic vinegar
S: egg whites, carrots
D: meatloaf made with zuccini and carrots, 1 slice, steamed veggies.
S: apple or orange

Hope everyone is doing okay!

04-17-2008, 09:07 PM
Hi ginger! So glad you are popping in when you can!

I did my planned workout, even though I really wasn't feeling it--I started to get a really bad headache just before I left work, but rather than blowing it off, I popped some ibuprofen and hit the gym. By the time my workout was done, my headache was gone. Now, I cannot say that I gave it my 'all', but at least I went!

How is everyone else doing? I know some of us are struggling right now...don't stay away....this is when we can support each other through the bad times!!!!

Today was gorgeous, but since I haven't gotten around to getting my pedi yet, I couldn't wear sandals. I just took off the layers of nail polish from my toes and am going to attempt to paint my toes...something I haven't done in, well years. All I know is I AM wearing sandals tomorrow!!! My little piggies need some sunshine!

Have a great night!

04-18-2008, 12:12 AM
Breakfast--Orowheat whole-wheat English muffins, with one tsp butter, scrambled egg, 1C skim milk, hot tea
Lunch--Lean Pocket, Gala apple, water
Dinner--chicken, salad, watermelon, small amounts of broccoli and sweet potato, water
~1600 kcal, 16g fiber
mj5, going to the gym even when your head hurts shows true determination. You rock!

04-18-2008, 08:16 AM
Hi chickies...yesterday was a good on plan day - I am grateful!

For today:

storytelling tonight
shopping for company coming this weekend

journal and log food

Breakfast -kashi waffle with pnb, 1/2 banana
lunch - Morning Star "corn dog", carrots
snack - apple, cracker
dinner - HC dinner, green beans
snack - cereal, flax, skim milk

I've got to run. I'll be back this afternoon. Have a GREAT day!

04-18-2008, 08:44 AM
Hi Friends...and, Happy Friday!

I've been lurking a bit this week. This cold/allergy/sinus thing is kicking my butt. This all started two weeks ago when Hubby and I started walking together without knowing that we were at the beginning of extremely high pollen counts. I've been self medicating myself with over-the-counter cold and sinus medication, but nothing is working. Today, I finally decided to stop being stubborn and go to the doctor. I probably need antibiotics. I hate taking that stuff!

One of the side effects of the medicine I've been taking is that it triggers my depression and I have just not been myself. That's part of the reason why I've stayed away from here this week. I don't want to inflict my negativity on everyone. I've been trying to comfort myself with the starchy carbs and anything I can find here in our junk free house...and I had gained 2.2 pounds for my weigh-in this past Monday. This week, I've managed to lose that 2.2 pounds again. I'm not really sure how...maybe, although I'm eating a lot of starchy, I'm not eating as many calories as usual?

Hopefully, I can start getting back to "normal" in the next few days. I'll drop back in again this weekend.

Hope everyone is having a great on-plan day.

04-18-2008, 09:38 AM
Happy Friday morning! I made it for a 2 mile walk on Wednesday. Thursday it was raiining and again today it is raining. It is suppose to be really nice this weekend. We are planning on taking my son to the zoo on Saturday so hopefully we do lots of walking!

04-18-2008, 11:03 AM
good morning chicks, and TGIF!!!
Work today as usual, then I'm supposed to meet a friend for some shopping this afternoon, but I may cancel because I don't want to get stuck in traffic and be late for my grandmother's birthday party tonight. She is turning 93 years young! I forgot to buy laundry detergent last week, so my laundry mountain has been growing all week, and I want to get started on that today too. It's a nice day so I can line-dry. We should be sunny and in the 80's today!

Ginger, here's a link to the bean brownie recipe. It doesn't require any flour and I like them. They don't taste like beans, you wouldn't know there was any in there, just be sure to rinse them well and blend the heck out of it. Let me know if you try them, some folks love them, others hate them...

my plan for the day:
B: Black beans with salsa and cheese
S: V8, celery with Laughing Cow Cheese
L: leftover chicken stir fry with brown rice
S: latte and an orange
D: South Beach frozen pizza and salad (maybe a bite of my grandmother's cake...)
S: Greek yogurt with agave and almonds if needed

04-18-2008, 12:36 PM
Good Morning! TGIF!!!! It is gorgeous and sunny here today! Really hard to focus on work...I just made list of things I must accomplish, hopefully that will help....

I am really tired and feel all bloated and icky today--TOM is right around the corner and that's what is causing it. After the gym (YES I am going...that was more to convince myself!) I have some errands to run--I am going to try to find a couple cute pairs of workout capris. Then home to pay bills. A rockin' fun Friday night for me!

Darkblue--Thanks...I am the queen of excuses and even when I am doing well w/ going to the gym, it is SO easy for me to fall off track. Even today, I am really tired and I am already 'battling' with myself about going or not going to the gym later....the problem is, once I "skip" it is way, way too easy to say "I didn't go yesterday, so I won't go today either....." So I AM going today. I may only do some cardio, but I will keep my routine of going.

beverlyjoy--Good for you! Have fun w/ your company this weekend!

Rhonda--I am so glad you popped in. I am sorry to hear you have been feeling so icky. Good for you for losing lose those 2.2lbs! I hope you can do something nice for yourself--you deserve it.

scoobie--Great job! Ooh, the zoo sounds like fun! My dh has NEVER been to a zoo, I am taking him this summer!

Schmoodle--Happy bday to your grandma! Ugh, laundry pile...I hate those....good luck getting it down!

K, gotta run....have a great day!

04-18-2008, 07:20 PM
Wow...another quiet day!

Accountability time...I did not go to the gym. all that talking to myself just didn't work! By the time the end of the day rolled around I was literally struggling to keep my eyes open, so I caved....I will not beat myself up about it, but I will make sure I get in a good workout tomorrow.

I have to make something for dinner, luckily there isn't any junk in the house and I avoided all of the fast food places on my way home...way too tempting , especially when tired to just pick something up quick!

Have a good night! It's going to be an early to bed night for me!

04-18-2008, 11:59 PM
We ate dinner out tonight, and I know I went over about 400 on my calories. However, I spent about an hour and a half doing some physical labor outside today and hope that will cancel out my extra calories!

I need to go shopping...am out of too many of my healthy foods!

Hope everyone had a good Friday, and has something fun planned for the weekend!

04-19-2008, 06:43 AM
Happy Saturday Folks. Yesterday I stayed on plan - about 1500 calories. I drank lots of water, worked out a little bit at PT. I am grateful. :)

This weekend I have family coming in to stay here - we have a bridal shower to go to on Sunday. Tonight we'll have a cookout. :) I know my SIL is bringing pies for dessert. :dizzy: I bought a watermelon, too. I'll probably have a bite of pie, then the watermelon.

lots of water
log food
PMA - positive mental attitde

breakfast - egg whites scrambled with ketchup, pnb toast, half banana
lunch - turkey and cheese wrap, green beans
snack - apple
dinner - steak, corn on the cob, green beans, bite of pie, watermelon
snack - cereal, milk

Have a great day!!

04-19-2008, 09:55 AM
Happy Saturday chicks!
I am 2lbs. down this morning woo-hoo!
Today should be nice weather. DD has an ice skating birthday party to attend, DS has horseback riding, then a sleepover at the farm tonight for the teacher's aides, and hopefully DD1 will finish painting the living room. I'll be working on Mount Laundry and switching out the winter clothes for summer. Hopefully we (by we I mean DH mostly) will get the garden plot fertilized. I got a meeting with my program manager thrown on me late yesterday for Monday AM, so I will also be working to get ready for that, ick.

Here's my plan for the day:
B: oatmeal with milk and dried cherries
S: cheese stick if I get hungry
L: We'll be scraping for lunch, I haven't shopped yet!
S: latte and an orange
D: Beef Stew
S: Greek yogurt with agave nectar
I'm allowed my weekly chocolate and popcorn tonight if I want it. I skipped my glass of wine last night.

Beverly, woo-hoo for on-plan days! Have a great time with your family. It's so cute that you put your bite of pie in the plan. Planning ahead is the ticket!
Blue 400 is not so bad, you'll make that up in no time!
mj, I've given myself 4 passes during the month for no-exercise days, and I can use them whenever I want. Helps me to not feel guilty for skipping a day, as long as I don't go over 4. Did you find your capris?

Here's a picture of the birthday girl. Isn't she amazing? I really hope I got the genes that'll have me partying at 93, and with amazing skin - she's hardly got a wrinkle. It was a surprise party, and this is her coming in the door.

04-20-2008, 09:23 AM
Good Morning! I wasn't around yesterday because I tore our living room apart...Oh my, I knew it was going to be dusty and dog hairy, but WOW, it was GROSS! Dh even 'threatened' to take a pic of me washing windows to send to my mom....funny guy! ;) At least today we get to enjoy the nice clean living room! Next weekend on to the dining room!
I will be so very glad when our Spring cleaning is done!

Rhonda--How are you feeling?

Beverlyjoy--Good for you! How was the cookout?

Schmoodle--YEA 2lbs down congrats! Great job! Mount Laundry...that's funny! I like your 4 pass days...I sort of make sundays my choice day, my body needs a day off, but sometimes I find I want to go for a walk or something. Didn't find any capris I liked...so I'll keep looking. Thanks for asking. Wow, she looks incridible!!! I think I have more wrinkles than she does!!!

Purple--How are you?

txmomma--How are you? Thank you for the pm...I am assuming it is the meditation stuff. I am going to check it out as soon as I am done here.

How is everyone else doing?

I totally ate junk last night and am paying for it today. No lame excuses, I just did it. I am SO paying for it today....I feel icky, (bloated, stomach hurts)...serves me right for eating so much junk. Today is a new day. I will drink lots of water and start fresh. What I will NOT do is use it as an excuse to eat junk again today.

I need to call and make an appt for my mani/pedi (I have earned both now)....delaying my reward is kind of defeating the purpose of my mini-rewards....I'm learning as I go here!

The other night I bought some K2O protein water. Has anyone tried it? I want to say Purple mentioned it quite a while ago, but I could be wrong. It is SO good! I tried the lemon twist kind. It was like a nice tart lemonaid. A little pricey, though, so last night I bought a couple of the pre-mixed bottles and a package of the singles mix which is a lot cheaper. I'm hoping that for those times when I come home from the gym and want a snack before dinner....one of those will hold me over better. I have tried SO many of the different kinds of drinks on the market right now and don't like most of them, but this one I really like.

Have a great day everyone!

04-20-2008, 10:58 AM
mj--thanks for asking who I am...I've been battling nasty poison ivy but it is finally getting better, and doing a ton of yard work both in front flowerbeds and out back where we are about to put up a new building. Task for this weekend was moving a bunch of 80 lb. shingle packages (ouch), taking down our huge chain link fence, and moving some dirt from the neighbors yard to ours to level with (he wants to have a big garden, so we dug it for him with our tractor, pulling his dirt down into our yard, worked out great.

About the protein water, it is less expensive if you buy the little packs, and I get the Nestle bottled water at Walmart for 3.88 a 24 pack, and mix myself. Plus, watch out for sales, it goes on sale here 2/$5 regularly, and if you clip coupons I have gotten some $1 off and used them on the sale prices. The strawberry kiwi kind is my fav.

04-20-2008, 05:41 PM
Purple--Yard work w/ poison ivy does NOT sound like a good time...of course, I hate yard work w/ a passion.....thanks for the tip on sales and coupons, I will watch for them. I have probably ignored lots of them b/c I hadn't tried it yet! So far my favorite is the lemon twist (it really reminds me of the lemonade my grandfather used to make....not exactly, but close), which unfortunately doesn't come in the little packs....I did buy some pink lemonade packets, so hopefully that will be similiar. I will try the strawberry kiwi too. YES...we do coupons here...w/ the prices of groceries these days you pretty much have to.

K, I need to get dinner started...have a great evening everyone!

04-20-2008, 08:14 PM
Hey guys!

I'm kind of feeling like Rhonda, that I don't want to post because all I can say is negative stuff. I'm leaving for D.C. in a few days, and when I get back I'm taking a big old ax to my pity party. I have the feeling that the rut I'm in at the moment is because of all the issues I have with my family.

So I'll be back next Tuesday. Don't forget about me, please!

04-20-2008, 11:33 PM
Txmomma, take care! We'll be thinking about you.

Purple, I hope the poison ivy goes away soon!

mj5--what is vitamin water? Is there anything odd in it, such as artificial sweeteners or preservatives? Does it taste ok? I don't think I've seen that.

I'm down 16 pounds since I joined here, and let myself have a day today where I just ate what I wanted. Oddly enough, I wanted whole wheat, tea, and fruit. Weird. I kept count of the calories out of habit and discovered I was only over by about 150 from my normal limit.