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04-14-2008, 12:15 AM
Hello and :welcome2: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support :grouphug: and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting.:gossip: So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome.

04-14-2008, 01:25 AM
for even more of an update on his speech, he was actually telling us "toot toot" for a train horn! I can't wait for his report card/progress report on Tuesday!

Brandon was sitting on my lap on Saturday while I was on myspace. I brought up Anna's, one of their godmothers, page, and pulled up the pictures so Brandon could see her. He looked at the pictures, and then looked at me and said "mom, who's that?" I didn't know how to answer him at first, but I told him that it was Auntie Anna, one of their godmothers. To which, his only response was a puzzled look on his face.

The last time she came over to see the kids was for Logan's birthday in early November. She was suppose to have come over in December, but she wasn't feeling good but promised that she would come over when she got better. Now, that the double party is coming along, she isn't sure if she is going to come or not.

For some reason, I didn't get an email about the last thread before it closed.

04-14-2008, 09:05 AM
Hi Ladies,

Thanks for the warm welcome. I have looked around the 3FC site and think this is the spot for me...I hope to become a regular!

This week has been a strange one eatingwise. Scale popped up at the beginning of the week. I felt victorious that I didn't just give up, and sure enough today it is back down to where I was. (Not that I'm so happy with that weight, but my goal is just to stay focussed.)

This weekend was the big dinner dance of the non-profit I run. We made a video, it was hard to see myself on the big screen, lots of lumps and rolls that I manage to erase from my mirror! Still...I danced and moved, and didn't get to eat much. (Not a planful thing, just too busy, but still I'm happy.) Today we count the proceeds...hopefully we met our goals.

Today is a two restaurant meal day, and then book group. Too much planned eating, but I'm trying to watch portions.


04-14-2008, 01:18 PM
:welcome: Pandora. I hope you met the goals and more! Sounds like a fun time and you know the moving was a good thing. Best of luck on eating out today. We are also eating out for dinner. I will go to their online site and plan my meal after I leave here.

Marti- I am ready to do more yardwork myself, but the weather won't co-operate. Today is sunny but COLD. Now tomorrow is going to start a warm up.

Mindee- Brandon is so that pic.

Nothing much going on here today. We had friends stop by earlier for a chat. Now DH is working on the pergola. He is cutting everything in the workshop and hopefully won't put it up until the weather is warmer. (since I have to help) :) Looks like a bunch of tinkertoys to me right now. Heavy tinkertoys though.

I think I will go color my mop of hair and try to style it. Might give up on this grow out thing....too curly.

I haven't said lately. but Mom is doing fantastic. She is walking Baby every day, (and praying for warmer days) eating well and gaining weight. No nausea and the horrible leg pain is gone. Her hip is bothersome at times, but that is arthritis and responds somewhat to meds. She had her 80th BD the end of Feb. and is hoping to go to TN and FL with her sis in May/June. Edited to say: Mom has Dr. appts the first week of May with her heart and pain Drs. Then we will see if she can travel. to get busy.

04-14-2008, 02:11 PM
Morning ladies!

Mindee--Good for Brandon and learning his sounds. How many hours is he in school during the day?

Pandora--Hello and welcome! :wave: Looking forward to learning more about you.

Sue--It's raining today. Perfect weekend, then the work week it rains. That's how it should ALWAYS be!! :D Glad to hear that your mom is doing well. I'll keep my fingers crossed that she'll be well enough to travel.

Good morning to the rest of the girls!

I need to get myself moving. Having a typical "don't wanna go to work" Monday. Must snap out of it.

I will chat w/you all later on!

Off to go start a new challenge thread. (<--see, found another reason to dawdle before work!) :lol:

04-14-2008, 02:21 PM
Welcome Pandora!!

Well..its a new week..and we're totally out of food!!! LoL!! Thank God we get paid tonight because right now I'm starving!!!!!!!!! We were supposed to go the gym this morning, but Fonzo was really sick last night. He needs to do his PT soon though (probably tomorrow).

Its so freakin cold today!! I might have to turn the heater back on, lol.

04-14-2008, 02:29 PM
Hello ladies!!!! Not much going on here we have all been fighting a tummy bug, but at least it is only pain, and not vomiting. Was hoping to make it to the gym today, but since DS stayed home from school, and DD1 came home and said her tummy hurt, I will stay in today, and go tomorrow. Unless DH gets home early :crossed: Not much planned for this week, I do have to go in on Thur or Fri and register DD2 for Kindergarden for next year...they do need a current tax bill, and I don't think ours have come yet...will have to look for the old one.

Pandora~ :welcome2: These ladies are so supportive!

Sue~so glad to hear your mom is doing better! That is wonderful if she can go travel...I bet she will have a great time!

Mindee~Brandon is doing so are a great mom to have pushed for him!! Soon you will not beable to get him to be quiet! LOL

Marti~ :wave: and stop stalling!

Have to go have lunch, see you ladies later!

04-14-2008, 02:32 PM
Francie~you snuck in on me!!! I know aht it is like we went for near 70's back to the 30's...I have yet to turn the heater off for good...been keeping off on those warm days so I could air out the house. HAve fun shopping later, and send me some of that good food!!!!

04-14-2008, 02:54 PM
Hi ladies,

Mindee - how far away does Anna live? Maybe you and your family can arrange to go and see her. Let us know how B's report card is - all of us cyber aunties want an update, lol.

Pandora - I'm happy to see you here! I recently did a lot of dancing, too. It was at my DD Katie's wedding reception. We had a blast, and I know I am too heavy to be bouncing around like that, :carrot: but boy, I sure had a good time. I didn't have time to eat much, either. Hope your charity made it's goal.

Sue - thanks for the update on your mom. I hope she will get to travel with her sis. I am having 2nd thoughts about going gray, since my new stylist thinks she can color my hair w/o burning my scalp. Why are we seldom entirely happy with our hair, lol?

Marti - I'm glad the weather cooperated with you this weekend. It was cold here, but should be warmer this week. Thanks for starting the new challenge thread. :hug:

Francie - I hope you got warmed up, lol. Did you get a card from me?

Ellen - hope you and the fam are over the bug soon. DGD Makenzie threw up today, but it was from sinus drainage, poor kid. Seems like if you live in Indiana, you're gonna have sinus problems.

Neal's back is hurting again. Different place, though. I took him to the doctor this morning, and he suggested PT. So hopefully, he can begin that soon. I was supposed to go visit my sister this weekend, but I'm afraid to leave Neal, so now I can't go.

I've been trying to convince Neal to let us move to Indianapolis, or at least Evansville, but he won't consider it. I love the peace and quiet of the country, and would want to live on the fringes of a big city, not where it's too noisy. But, gee, it would be great to live somewhere with some options.

Have a good one, ladies. :wave:

04-14-2008, 04:33 PM
just popping in here while I have a quick second!

Brandon just got up from a nap, and I believe Logan is awake as well. Marissa, is still taking a nap. She now can move her walker backwards! The night before I had a dream that she was walking, and now it looks like it is going to happen soon!

Sunday, we met up with one set of the kids' godparents. We met them for lunch and then went to WalMart. She bought Brandon and Marissa their birthday presents since they are going to be unable to attend their party. She bought them each two outfits a piece. We also looked into cupcakes for Brandon to take to school, and for their birthday cake. WalMart now does picture cakes, so we are contemplating getting them a picture cake. Plus, if you get a 1/4 sheet cake or bigger, you get a free smash cake!

Pandora~ Welcome to the group! You will love it here!!!! I love when my hubby's lodge does their dinner dances! I always have a blast when I get the chance to dance!

Sue~ What color are you going to dye your hair? I was looking at my hair last night and saw that my roots are showing again. So, I am thinking of leaving it alone for now, unless those pesky gray hairs start to show up again! that is great to hear that your mom is doing great! I will keep saying some prayers that she continues to do well!

Marti~ Thanks for the nice comments. Brandon is actually in school for two and a half hours a day. But by the time the bus picks him up in the morning and then drops him off in the afternoon he has been gone for roughly four hours!

Francie~ How did the shopping go? We did ours at the beginning of the month, but seem to come up with reasons on why we can't make/use the stuff we have. Which we need to stop doing.

Ellen~ Thanks for the nice comments. I had a reading comprehension problem when I was in school, and I am so thankful that my parents pushed to get the things that I needed, so it only seems right for me to do the same! Plus, I know that if I don't do it, then who will?

Jane~ Anna lives about a half hour to 45 minutes away from us. We have tried to go and see her not this past weekend, but the two Saturday's before. We were going to the mall near her and called to see if she wanted to meet us there so that the kids could see her and spend some time with her. The first weekend her and her boyfriend were heading to go ice fishing at 5pm. Tommy joked and said that the only thing that they were going to catch was a cold. Then the following Saturday we heading out that way again, and again called her to see if she was going to be home or if she wanted to meet out there. This time she was in Kentucky for a concert that they had gotten tickets for. So, it isn't like we are not trying to make a trip out to see her, it is the opposite. She isn't making an effort to come out and see them!

When we lived up north, she used to come and see them and us very often. She complained that we lived too far away and that we needed to move back down to the city. So we did......and now she doesn't even visit!

I will definitely update you all when he gets his report card!

04-15-2008, 02:53 AM
Hello ladies :wave:

Got my wogging in tonight (jogging/walking) and feeling pretty good about it. Been jogging more than walking but still not up to jogging the entire time. By the end of the year maybe??

Eating was very good today. Tomorrow may be a different story.....there is construction going on in the lab (everyone is being rearranged) and due to the dust and noise, they're providing pizza. Now remember, we don't do pizza much here at home, I mainly have it when work has it, and by's been awhile! So I'm planning on one piece.

Francie--Are ya warm? Our beautiful sunshine hid today. We got a down pour and even tons of hail. Crazy I tell ya!!

Ellen--I'm sorry that everyone is fighting the bug! Hope all feel better soon.

Jane--Sorry to hear about Neal. Poor guy! Maybe PT will help strengthen his muscles so he doesn't hurt so much. Why do you want to move? Are feeling too far out in the country?

Mindee--Picture cakes are fun. For my dad's 50th my grandma had a picture cake done of him when he was a year old. He was such a cute baby! You'll have to share w/us a photo if you do one.

Hello to all the other gals!

Ok....I need to check in w/the challenge then clean up and then go read.

You all have a wonderful night and I'll catch up w/you tomorrow.

04-15-2008, 04:14 AM
Hello all :wave:

Nothing much to say really. Had another lazy day with Fonzo. We'll be going to Seattle for the day tomorrow (well, today, lol). I'm excited and will be taking lots of pics, because it could be our last time there.

I've been craving sweets & meat non stop and I have no idea why. Its really weird, lol.

Anyhoo...I'm gonna go back to watching 50 First Dates, I love that movie. Oh ya..just wondering..does anyone watch Paradise Hotel 2???

Nighty nite!!

04-15-2008, 09:27 AM
This is a re-post from Sunday. Not sure if Jane saw it after the thread was closed.

Hello Ladies!!

Woohoo, ladies....I went back to WW this morning after a 8 week vacation and had lost 1.4 lbs. I've only got about an hour and then going to a benefit dance, then on to dinner. We are all bringing in little munchies for the afternoon because we will be missing lunch so I made a fruit salsa with cinnamon tortilla chips. I don't know what the points are but it's about 120 cal a serving with 2 gm fat.

Jane--to answer your question..the exwife lost over 100 lbs at WW probably about 20 yrs ago. Went on to be a leader then on to adminstration with all the company benefits ie, car, travel etc. I believe she still does a few classes of the 50 lbs and over group. All my dh will say about her is when she lost the weight, she got a new body, a new job and then a new boyfriend. You get where I'm coming from. She can be a bit of a snob, wearing all designer clothing etc. But I have to say that I weigh less then her, look younger and I got the better end of the dh!!!! I still can't help being a little intimidated around her at times even though dh and I have been together 12 yrs. The sad thing is their daughter is overweight and has been all her life, and the mother has never encouraged her to lose weight. That would put the daughter in the spotlight and not mom!! My dh has always been tall and slender.

Gotta go and change out of my weigh-in clothes and get ready to dance. Have a wonderful Sunday ladies!

Tues Update--At work today and not very busy. Back OP 100% so far. Really want to lose those last 8 lbs. I'm starving right now and can't wait for my break in 1/2 hr to eat breakfast. Got grilled chicken for a salad and tons of 100 cal munchies to get me through the day. Dancing was great on Sunday and one of the DJ's that I haven't seen since my surgery came up to me and commented on how much weight I've lost. I just thanked him but didn't tell him that it was really only about 5 lbs and that the real weight loss was from getting the double chin sucked out!! ;) Gotta go. Have a wonderful day ladies!!

Oh, almost forgot.....Welcome Pandora!!!:hug:

04-15-2008, 10:08 AM
Morning Ladies!!!

Did not do much yesterday, DS did start to feel better, but DD1 came home from school and said that her tummy hurt. Everyone seems much better today, but I can't go to the gym this morning because they have an early day from school. I am planning on going this afternoon, Dh even said he will be home early, do DS can stay with him and do his makeup work. Will catch you ladies later!

04-15-2008, 11:19 AM
Hello ladies,

Mindee - I sure agree with you, Anna hasn't made enough effort to see the kids. She's had chances, and hasn't made them a priority. Well, whenever she does ever show up, and they don't recognize her, it will be her own fault.

Marti - it's all about portion control, right? Too bad I personally haven't mastered that idea, lol. Why do I want to move? Well, Vincennes has no bookstore, 1 full grocery store other than Walmart, 1 movie theater, no professional theater, 1 hospital that is a joke, no health specialists, and on and on. I think the fact that we're having to drive back and forth to E'ville all the time is making me wonder why we don't just live there, lol. A big whoo hoo to you, for the clean eating and exercise!

Francie - yes, I saw 50 First Dates, and thought it was really good. Is Paradise a movie or a tv series? I haven't heard of that one. Hope you're having fun in Seattle today.

Tammy - oic about the exwife, lol. She sounds like a real snob, (read: bee-otch, lol). Like you said, you got the better end of the deal! How cool that the DJ came up and complimented you - that had to make your night! A big YAY for you losing another 1.4 pounds. If you have time, you might want to join us on the challenge thread.

Ellen - DGD Makenzie also had a tummy ache, but it was from sinus drainage. Glad your little ones are better. Did you make it to the gym?

I need to get some ironing done. Then later today, after it warms up a bit, I plan to go out and clean the back patio and patio furniture.

I ate clean yesterday, and went for a walk with Molly. I have piddled around for too long, and now summer is almost here! Time to buckle down and get healthier.

Have a good one, ladies.

04-15-2008, 01:12 PM
Good Morning Ladies--

Jane--Hubby & I used to live in a rinky town and always had to travel to do anything. We lived up in the mountain part of town so we were secluded from it all. I miss that part, but I so enjoy being closer to everything.

Ellen--Hope you're little ones are feeling better today.

Tammy--I'm sure you'll lose those 8lbs w/no trouble! What a nice compliment to receive from the DJ. It's comments like that, that really help motivate, to find someone and tell them to compliment me!! :lol:

Francie--I've seen that movies. Loved it. I like most of Drew Barrymores movies that are romantic comedies. Have not seen Paradise Hotel 2. Did watch parts of PH1 though. Wasn't that on looooonnnnggg time ago??

Well I think I'm going to go ahead and get myself ready for work. I'm tired already, didn't sleep well, drank too much water and that made for restless sleep.

Have a good one ladies.

04-15-2008, 04:05 PM
well, we got Brandon's progress report today!!!

This is the progress report from his teacher

The goal: Brandon will follow classroom routines with verbal direction.

4/4/08~ Achieved/Maintained; 4/15/08~ At Sufficient Rate - Brandon is doing a great job!

The goal: When in the appropriate situation, Brandon will verbalize wants and needs to other.

4/4/08~ At Sufficient Rate; 4/15/08~ At Sufficient Rate - 4/4/08~ Brandon is primarily making gestures but is attempting to use words to communicate in the classroom. 4/15/08~ Brandon is attempting to verbalize his wants and needs.

The goal: When given the appropriate materials, Brandon will match ten basic colors, including: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, and white.

4/4/08~ At Sufficient Rate; 4/15/08~ At Sufficient Rate

This is the progress report from his Speech and Language

The goal: Student will sequence CV (Consonant/Vowel) syllables using simple sounds (p,b,t,d,m,n).

4/4/08~ Achieved/Maintained

The goal: Student will sequence VC (Vowel/Consonant) syllables using simple sounds (p,b,t,d,m,n).

4/4/08~ At Sufficient Rate
4/4/08~ This is very difficult for Brandon. Keep working on it at home!!!

The goal: Student will sequence 2 syllable words with initial and medial sounds inclusion.

4/4/08~ Not applicable this period

The goal: Student will improve receptive vocabulary.

4/4/08~ At Sufficient Rate

The goal: Student will complete formal language testing.

4/4/08~ Not applicable this period

The goal: Student will increase Mean Length of Utterance to 1-3 words.

4/4/08~ At Sufficient Rate
4/4/08~ Brandon is using primarily gestures combined with an attempt to speak in the classroom.

all in all, he is doing great! we have a couple areas that we need to work on, but we can tell that he is already making progress here at home!

04-15-2008, 04:17 PM
Hi Ladies,

Yesterdays two restaurant meal day turned into a no lunch, slightly too much at dinner day instead. We were "cleaning up" at the office after the benefit and my lunch got cancelled, probably a good thing since I never got a break all day.

Tammy-I too am a second wife. Despite reminding myself that we have been happily married much longer than DH was to his first wife she can still can intimidate me! (And I am younger and more successful.) Congrats on the compliment from the is especially nice when these things happen spontaneously!

Jane I'm a member of the hair dye club. Convinced my husband that not going gray was genetic "after all my mom isn't gray". He was a true believer until mom changed her color just a bit too quickly and he caught on.

Back to work...


04-15-2008, 09:06 PM
Jane~Paradise Hotel is a reality tv show, lol. Lame I know..but its really addicting. I got your card today. Thank you so much, that was very sweet of you :hug:

Marti~Ya..I think the show came on like 5 years Its sad how I'm still into it, lol.

Well..I'm back from Seattle. I got my bday presents. YAY!! I also took a few pics. I'm gonna upload them all later because right now, I'm gonna take a much needed nap. We did a lot of walking around today and my legs & feet are tired.

04-15-2008, 11:43 PM
I am back in here for a second. Brandon woke back up and he is now playing with the radio, there fore he is going to wake Logan up if he hasn't already.

04-16-2008, 03:16 AM
Okay..I've uploaded my if you have me on can check them out :) They're in the Seattle folder. (if you wanna add me, let me know ;))

Anyways..I think Fonzo is getting sick. He's all shaky and isnt hungry, which isnt like him at all. I freakin knew one of was gonna get sick too. It started raining on us while we were in Seattle. Ugh..I hope its not the flu.

Well..its like 11:14pm right now and I'm finally gonna eat dinner, lol. I know..its really bad to eat this late..but I passed out when we came home from Seattle..and I wasnt hungry when I woke up (plus that and we had no food, lol). So ya..I'm gonna make a light sandwich and watch Medium.

Nighty nite everyone!!

04-16-2008, 09:33 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Marti - well, Neal says that even if Mary and her family and I move, he isn't going. Hmph! I guess that tells me where I am on his list of priorities, lol.

Mindee - wow, what a wonderful report card! Tell B Aunt Jane is so proud of him!

Pandora - I'm just amazed that the Sweet n Low made the dye not burn. Who knew?? Ah, men are easy to fool, sometimes, right? For example, Neal says he doesn't like Goulash, so I make it and call it chili mac, and he laps it up.

Francie - are you going to post the pics here? I'd love to see them. Hope your sweetie is better today.

OH... Mary just came in... so I'll check in later if I have time.

04-16-2008, 12:39 PM

Jane--Tell the man it's time to move you up the priority list!!

Francie--No myspace....would like to see photo if ya can share here.

Pandora--You sound busy! Hope today you get a break and can relax a little.

Mindee--Great report! You should feel very proud. Give your little man a hug from us all!

Not feeling up to par today.
Yesterday I ate clean and exercised. They had all kinds of food at work yesterday and I kept telling myself one piece of pizza is enough, and that I can do this. Well, I did. One small piece and ignored everything else. I even cut my lunch short so I wouldn't be tempted. So one evil food day out of the way....more to come! For some reason, they think they need to fatten us all up due to all the noise and construction on the floor. to take a shower and get ready for work. Feel blah and need to get moving.

Have a great day ladies.

04-16-2008, 03:41 PM
popping in here while I have the time! I managed to go to bed early last night and woke up with Tommy's alarm clock this 5 am! At that point, Brandon came into bed with me, and I was able to get back to sleep and got up with my alarm clock with no problems. I took a slight nap on the couch this morning, but woke up when my capris got wet from Logan! Off to the bath tub for him, and off to look for something for me!

Tommy is contemplating going up north this weekend to see my parents. And to take some clothes up there for my brother Sean, and for my sister Robyn's friend that is pregnant. He also has a chance to get some tickets to the playoff Red Wings game this Friday.

Speaking of sickies.......Logan has had a runny nose the past couple of days, and last night Marissa started with it. I have been giving them medicine, and I am about to run out of Logan's medicine actually. Tonight, Brandon has his hearing test at the pediatrician's office. I will let you all know how that goes when we get back!

Francie~ I will have to head over there and check out your pictures! I hope Fonzo gets better soon!

Jane~ I sure will tell him that you said that once he wakes up. He is taking a nap right now....which I am kind of glad about because with him having his hearing test done tonight, I want him to be alert for it. And he normally isn't that alert when it comes that time and he hasn't napped!

Marti~ We are both very proud of Brandon for his progress! I sure will give him a hug from you all once he wakes up. He had a rough night sleeping wise last night so I am happy that when I asked him after he got off the bus if he was tired, and he told me that he was.

04-16-2008, 04:36 PM here's the link to my pics!!

Well..Fonzo's temp went up to 100.7 last night. I put this neck pillow (that I keep in the freezer) on him..and that seemed to help a little bit. He took some meds that lowered his fever too. So now its 99.7. So its going down a little bit. He says he still feels like crap though. I dunno whats wrong with him. Its not a cold..and its not the flu (at least I dont think it is).

Anyways..I'm gonna go and lay down with him..BBL

04-16-2008, 05:19 PM
Hello ladies! Just popping in while quizzing DS on spelling words. Wow He is nuts today I have to go!

04-16-2008, 05:42 PM
Just spent 1 1/2 hrs in Kohls trying on bras.....arggghhh :mad: I feel like I'm all battered and bruised. Why does every bra have 5 tags that scratch and poke ya when you are trying them on. I look like I've gone to battle with a bunch of alley cats!!! I walked away with two that were comfortable...I guess :dizzy:....anyhoo...gotta walk the boys and lotion my battle wounds and get ready for dance. Have a wonderful evening ladies!!

04-17-2008, 12:28 AM
just popping in here while I have a second before I shut down and go to bed!

The doctor's appointment, was more like a "we haven't been here in a couple of weeks, so we thought we would stop by" kind of visit. He listened to Brandon's heart and lungs. Then asked if we had any questions or concerned. Then we started talking about Brandon's progress report, which we brought with us, and the doctor read. Then he told us to schedule an appointment with the ENT that the letter suggested. So, I get to call first thing tomorrow morning to try and schedule him an appointment for next Wednesday. I am just hoping and praying that they have an appointment open late enough for us! Other wise I will have to call the doctor's office and see if they can give us a referral to an ENT.

04-17-2008, 01:06 AM
Hello Ladies,:wave:

First off :welcome: to the group Pandora. Glad you are here and I think you will love this group.

Hope EVERYBODY is doing well. I haven't had a chance to read messages. I'll do that tomorrow. I sure missed all of y'all.:( DH has a doctors appointment so may not be able to catch up on y'all to after that.

We got back yesterday, but I've been too tired to get on here. Although I did try earlier today and my server must have been down cause I couldn't get online. Just unpacked, washed clothes and layed around yesterday. Tried to watch a movie with DH and couldn't make it. I fell asleep and slept until noon today. Then I spent today cleaning house. I cleaned it before I left so I wouldn't come home to a dirty house, but it was dirty any way. So I got that all cleaned up and now I'm tired again, but going to try to watch tv with DH any way and hope I can stay awake. I'll try to do catch up with everybody tomorrow.


04-17-2008, 02:47 AM

Just finished my exercises. Feeling good about that. Ate clean today but just can't seem to get in enough water. Must start the day off w/a big glass. Been taking my vitamins everyday, feeling good about that. Working on it, taking it slowly but I'm actually working on it.

Francie--Can't see photo's, need a password. How is your hubby feeling? Any better. Poor guy....go snuggle up w/him.

Mindee--The weekend trip sound like it would be fun. Hope you all get to go.

Ellen-- :wave:

Tammy--Bra shopping is the worst! It's time for me to go in and get some new ones. Think I'll drag DD w/me and she can get some of her own! :)

Trish--Glad to hear you're back. How was your trip? Get caught up on your rest and catch up w/us when you get rested.

Hello to all the other gals!! :wave:

Having one of those "Ehh" kind of days-- called PMS. Just don't have any oomph in me. Want it to pass on quickly. I hate feeling like this. I'm actually pretty surprised I got myself on the treadmill tonight...usually I'd just plop my big butt on the couch and call it good! Hope tomorrow is a bit better. Hate going to work feeling like that...the day always last FOREVER!! I go before I start mindlessly babbling.

You all have a great night.

04-17-2008, 11:42 AM
Hello all you beauties!

Trish - you first. I'm so glad you're back! We all missed you, sweetie. :hug: Tell us about your trip. What was the most fun of all?

Miss Marti - I hope you're feeling more energetic today. PMS stinks! A big woo hoo for you doing so well with the food at work! I don't think I could have done that well.

Mindee - how did the hearing test go? I hope the other two are feeling better today.

Francie - I tried to click on your pics, but it said I need a password. How's your sweetie today? Better, I hope.

Tammy - at least the tags are gone from t-shirts and jammies. I love how the info is just stamped on now. I too hate bra shopping!

Ellen - btdt with wild kids, lol. Enjoy them while they're young, which I know you do.

Pandora - how are you doing today?

Mary's family is having a cookout with us tonight for dinner, and I'm looking forward to that. The temp is supposed to reach near 75 today. :carrot: She's cleaning all of my floors for me, so I've got to get the rugs gathered and shook.

Have a good day!

04-17-2008, 12:54 PM
just popping in here while I have a quick chance to do so!

Marissa is laying down, and Logan is watching Yo Gabba Gabba, but he will be going to take a nap here shortly. I did a mini photo shoot with Marissa, and a couple of shots with Logan. I am in the process of putting them on Myspace, so if you all have me on there, check them out and tell me what you think!

I actually stepped on the scale this morning and it was reading 233.8! I an really happy about that!

Marti~ Not set in stone that we are going up there this weekend. IF we make it through the clothes and such in the basement, then we will be going up there to take some stuff up. BUT we were also invited over to my SIL's house for cake and ice cream for her birthday. So, who knows where we will end up at!

Jane~ The hearing test didn't go. I thought that they would have done one in the doctor's office, (since they have an eye chart hanging in the office) but they didn't have the stuff to do a hearing test I guess. So, I had to call and schedule an appointment for B's birthday!

04-17-2008, 01:43 PM

Did not sleep very well last night. A lot of tossing and turning and thinking. Tried to keep my mind clear so I could sleep but it just wasn't working!! Ahhhhh!!!

But the amazing part is, I feel much more energetic today than yesterday. Crazy isn't it?

Jane--It about killed me to only have the one piece of pizza and a nibble of cake! We get 2 half hour breaks for the day, before, I would have a couple of pieces of pizza and a big piece of cake during one break, and then repeat on the second break. :yikes: And I space my breaks only 3hrs apart!! It's no wonder I've gained!! So I'm feeling pretty pleased w/the accomplishment. :yes:

Mindee--Oh yea, I forgot you were invited for a birthday celebration. Either one you go to, I hope you enjoy yourselves. I remember having to get hearing tests when I was little. The first time I had one I was in the first grade. That was when the entire class sat at a table w/the headphones on, and we'd have to raise our hand when we heard the sound. At first I wasn't hearing a thing but everyone was raising their hands! Finally I started raising mine when everyone else did.....they caught that. So all my test since then were private. I hope they've changed the way the test now.....

Good morning to th rest of the gals! I need to get myself ready for work. It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside and I would love to enjoy it, especially since it's suppose to rain by the weekend!

Have a good one ladies!

04-17-2008, 04:17 PM
I am torturing myself right now. I am watching 101 Incredible Celebrity Slim Downs. It is from 2007, so I have seen this one already, but it just irks me on some of these celebrities!

Logan is in his room, supposed to be taking a nap, but instead he is screaming help. I have checked on him and there is absolutely nothing wrong with him. He seems to have relaxed on screaming but he is avoiding to take a nap! Looks like a walk or something to get some fresh air tonight for all!

oh yeah....Brandon has an appointment on his birthday at 3:50 with the ENT!

04-17-2008, 04:53 PM
OMG OMG OMG!!! This is turning out to be the best birthday I've had in a long time!!!!!!

WE GOT A WII TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot: I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We even got the bowling game too. :carrot: And not only that..but I bought the new Jennifer Weiner book (which is like a part 2 to Good In Bed)..and season 3 of American Dad!!! I'm so flipping happy!!!!!!!!!! 23 is gonna be a awesome age!!!!!!

04-17-2008, 07:15 PM
that is great Francie! I am so jealous!!!!

04-17-2008, 07:25 PM
We cant play any games yet until we get another controller. So Fonzo is gonna turn in some of his games at Game Stop so we have the cash to buy another controller. LoL!! We have the money for it, but we're saving it for my actual bday, lol.

04-18-2008, 12:19 AM
well, I bit the bullet and cleaned out our storage unit in the basement. I brought up at least 12 to possibly 15 boxes of girls clothes from size 12 months to 18 months! I even noticed a couple pieces of smaller sizes then that! So, I am going to go through all of them while Brandon is in school.

I also took a tumble in the basement while I was in there. I am sure that my knee will be a little bruised in the morning but I will be fine! I also fell on my wrist that I just got done wearing the compression glove on! It doesn't hurt now, but I have six boxes sitting in my living room for me to go through tonight, but I am thinking about just leaving them until tomorrow when I have more time. Plus, I want to get to bed early like I have been.

I am going to count doing all the box moving and such as my main exercise for Friday since I will be doing some heavy cleaning!

04-18-2008, 01:47 AM
Hi Ladies,

Busy day today (most of them are) but I'm feeling great. I had a meeting downtown, I parked a mile away and walked to the meeting and then back to the car. The weather was nice, it felt good to be moving. This is the most walking I have done in a couple of weeks at least, now I want to make it more regular.

Tomorrow I go into crisis mode...I am having 28 folks for dinner for our Passover seder. While lots of folks contribute, I do about half the meal. I am leaving work a little early and shopping...DH swears that on Saturday he will be my "elf" and assist. I'm less organized than in the past, haven't even put an order in with the butcher. Passover is one of my favorite holidays so my challenge is to maintain portion control with these once a year foods!

Francie 23 is absolutely awesome! Have a great time with the Wii!

Mindee Brandon's reports sound terrific. I used to work with kids in an NICU and am guessing he has some similar challenges. It's exciting to hear that things are going well.

Marti PMS is awful...the worst part for me was that I thought I was reacting normally to a world that was conspiring to drive me crazy. Of course everyone else thought I was **** on wheels! (One of the bright sides of menopause is the end of PMS.)

It looks as though spring is coming to Chicago...hope the rest of you are enjoying nicer weather as well.


04-18-2008, 03:11 AM
Evening ladies--

Today was a much better day. What a difference a day makes!

I got my walk/jog in tonight, did some ab workouts (really feeling it today) and I ate as clean as I can make it. :D I had oatmeal for my lunch today...and I have discovered that instead of raisins, craisins are Very tasty in oatmeal!! They really added a tangy treat!

Mindee--Dang girl...that's a lot of boxes of clothes! Where did you get them all?? Are they all kids clothes or is there stuff for you as well?

Francie--Have fun w/the Wii. My sister has one and's a real workout when you play! My favorite is the boxing.

Pandora--Oh I do hope that you get more help w/the preparations for dinner. That's a lot of people to take care of. Wonderful hubby of yours to offer his help.

I think I'm going to hit the hay a bit early tonight. Can't believe the week is just about over! Didn't it just start???

Have a good night ladies.

04-18-2008, 05:45 AM
Jane & Marti~I'm sorry about the pics..I'm gonna see if theres a way to get them to show..

Mindee~Good luck with the cleaning. Hope your knee isnt badly bruised :hug:

Pandora~What is Passover? I've heard of it, I just dont know much about it.

Marti~I think one of the games that game with the Wii is boxing. I'm really looking forward to trying that out. I saw a sign for the Wii fit..and omg..I wanna get it so bad!! It doesnt come out until next month..but we're gonna wait until the price goes down, lol.

My ankle has been killing me lately. I think it hurt it when I slipped on some stairs in Seattle. I bought a wrap or whatever its called for my ankle today (thursday). It feels so much better when I'm wearing it!!! We watched Juno tonight (thurs). I just absolutely love that movie. If you havent seen it, then you totally should. The music is pretty good too.

We're going to the Spring Fair today!! I'm looking forward to going to all those different booths, lol. I'm a dork..but I love sampling food and seeing all the different things they're selling, lol. Last year at the fall fair..they had these cute little somethings (I cant remember what they were called)..but they were hugging. It was soooooo cute!! I wanted to get it, but we didnt have enough money. So maybe I'll be able to find it this time. The food thing is gonna be a bit of a challange..and I've been on an emotional rollercoaster these past couple of weeks, eating has been trouble for me. I'm thinking of just eating whatever I want, and not going overboard with it all. I dunno..we'll see how it all goes. Anyways..I better get to bed right now, because we gotta wake up early (like 11am, lol).

Nighty nite!!

04-18-2008, 07:12 AM
Yikes, we just had an earthquake here! It was 5.5 on the Richter scale. Mary and the kids and I were so scared! Our last one here was in 1987.

Sue - did you guys feel it?

I'm up for the day, and will be back after I have some coffee and take Neal to work. For those that don't know, he's a retired Earth Science professor, but fills in as needed at Vincennes University. So this quake will be the topic of conversation with his colleagues today.

04-18-2008, 09:56 AM
Morning ladies! Taking it slow, as I had a busy day yesterday...ran around in the morning getting DD2 registered for Kindergarten, then in the afternoon/evening my mom called and asked if I could take her to the ER...SHe has been sick for a couple of days, but was worried because she was not feeling better, and her pulse was up really high, so her Dr told her to go in. I spent the evening there with her, and after some tests they let her go home. Thankfully it was nothing serious, the virus she has caused some inflammation her lung. She is resting back at home,a dn will follow up with her dr today.

Pandora~Spring certainly has sprung here in Chicagoland...tho I am told it has gotten much colder closer to the lake. Still nice and warm out here in the 'burbs!

Jane~glad you all are safe. it can be very scary when there is an earthquake.

Have to run and get the kiddies on the bus!

04-18-2008, 01:21 PM
Good Morning Ladies!

Jane--Oh goodness!! How scary. Did it do much damage to the town?

Francie--I don't think you're a dork at all...I love browsing the booths at fairs and festivals and such! My favorite it the Christmas Bizarre hubby and I go to ever year. Have fun!

Ellen--Glad that your mother didn't have anything seriously wrong. I hope she gets better soon.

Read the paper today and of all things to read.....they are talking about snow for tomorrow! It hasn't snowed this late in the year since.... I think they said it was 50 years! And just a couple days ago it was down right GORGEOUS! What else will this year bring us?

Alrighty...I'm off to shower and go to work. It's Friday and DD is coming tonight. Short weekend w/her, her best friend is celebrating her birthday this weekend so she's here for one night.

Have a good one ladies!

04-18-2008, 01:33 PM
Jane~OMG!! A earthquake?!?! How scary!!!!!!!! I hope nobody was hurt!!

Ellen~Hope your mom feels better soon!! :hug:

Marti~They have a Christmas Craft Fair here. Just a bunch of booths and all that kind of stuff. We went last year and it was a lot of fun. We bought the cutest little sailor ornament there. I keep hearing rumors about it snowing here. April showers are supposed to bring May flowers. But April Snow?!?! Um dont think so. Maybe it'll snow for my birthday!! LOL!!

04-18-2008, 02:34 PM
Hello Ladies,

Sorry I didn't get around to writing yesterday. I spent my time here reading all the messages I missed while gone and I was too tired to write. lol Y'all were busy while I was gone.

Pandora - You are some busy lady. One of the churches my Daddy was associate pastor always celebrated Passover. I got to go to only one. I am always interested how the Jews do the seder. Some are more particular than others. DD we just visited in FL is married to a Jew. We spent Sunday in his parents home and they were discussing their seder. I was disappointed that we planned our visit a week early. We would have been able to attend if we were there. DD ex-husband was Jewish as well and I found it interesting that were not as strict as this family as they are more orthodox than her new husband's. None of them use lamb in their seder. Do you?

Mindee - Brandon is doing so good... proud of his great progress report and I loved the pictures of him bowling. You be careful with those stairs. Hope you didn't hurt your wrist again.

Francie - Have fun at the Spring Fair. Hope your ankle feels better soon.

Ellen - Sure glad nothing was seriously wrong with your Mom. Hope she is well soon.

Sue - So glad to hear your Mom is doing fantastic. I hope she gets the okay to travel with her sister.

Tammy - Congratultions on the 1.4 lb loss. You'll do fine getting rid of the 8 lbs. Compliments when our weight loss shows are such a nice reward for our hard work.

Jane - I just heard about the earthquake. Tony still talks about the one he felt back when he lived in Terre Haute back in the mid to early sixties that was centered in St. Louis. I'm sorry to hear about Neal's leg and back problems. I hope the PT helps both.

Marti -This weather has been crazy this year hasn't it. Have nice evening with your DD. Any special plans?

:wave: Hello to All those I missed. Have a nice day!


04-18-2008, 03:15 PM
Well the other post was getting long so I decided to start a new one about my trip and an update.

We flew to FL this time. The first time I've flown since I was 18 yrs old. I loved it. :carrot: We got there in 1 1/2 hours instead of the 11 -12 hrs it takes to drive. I think next time we go to TX to see my family that we will fly if we can. With gas prices it will probably be cheaper.

We took a day when DSIL could get off from work and get his son and we went on the Jungle Queen that goes up the New River in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. All the homes on the river are very expensive. They range from $8 Mil up. They had one house that is for sale and they said it was $18 Mil unless you want the furnishings to go with it and it would sell for $21 Mil. We all laughed and wondered what kind of furnishings would cost $3 Mil. Then one night the 2 youngest DGC (ages 5 & 6) put on a Magic/Talent Show just for us. The 6 year old is DSILs son and the 5 yr old is our little DGD and they are always competing for attention so you can imagine how that was. It was fun to watch. DD did some drawings (Arts show) and sold her pictures for a quarter. DH bought one and she took it back and tried to sell it again. lol They were so cute and Tony captured it all on film for our family home movies. Had DGDs 10th year Bday party at DSIL parents home on Sunday. Here Bday is actually today, but they planned it so we could be there. Then flew back home Tuesday. We really enjoyed it.

Well we went to DH doctor yesterday to see how he is doing. PSA test had a slight increase so he decided to just go ahead and have the surgery. :( We are going to be in the process of getting things together for that. We are trying to set it up as soon as it can be arranged and get that behind us so we can move on. He is on disability with a heart condition so he has to see a cardiologist Monday afternoon to get the go ahead on the surgery. We are hoping to get it done at least by the first part of May as most of the recovery time is about 6 weeks. Dr said not to plan any trips for 2 or 3 months. So I may be in and out here for a while depending on how soon all this takes place. I will be spending time playing nurse etc once he gets home. He should be in the hospital only 2 day or 3 at the most.

So that is the update of the trip and what is going on with me at this time. Through it all my plan is to continue eating healthy with the hopes of losing weight. :dizzy:I don't want to use this as another excuse to eat off.


04-18-2008, 04:25 PM
all the kids are napping, so I got myself something to eat and drink, and here I am! Tommy has to work tomorrow until noon, so who knows what we are going to end up doing.

I did manage to get through all the boxes that I had brought up. Out of the 13 boxes that came up, two are empty and going into the garbage, three are going to my parents house for my sister's friend, and the other eight are going back down to our storage unit because they are too big for her right now!

My knee is doing good today. It is starting to bruise, but not too badly! Thank goodness for that! On top of it all, I went to pick up a box this morning, and bent the nail on my big toe back, so I had to clip the nail off, clean up some of the blood, and slapped a band aid on it!

I talked to B's bus driver this morning about taking cupcakes on the bus, and she said he could as long as she got one. I said that it was not a problem. She then said that they have to be in a covered container. She told me that she had one mom send in some cupcakes in an open box, she hit a bump and all the cupcakes flipped over!

Pandora~ Brandon didn't spend time in the NICU, but he did actually spend a few hours in the Special Care Nursery right after he was born. (Is that the same as a NICU?) He was getting distressed during labor, so they took him to the Special Care Nursery for some oxygen and to watch him for a little bit.

Marti~ That is actually all girls clothes from size 12 months all the way to some 3T to 6x! My older sister Beth has three daughters and a son. When her youngest daughter grew out of the clothes, she put them in a box hoping that we would have a girl. She told me that when we found out if we were having a boy or girl, that I only could call her if we were having a girl. (she was kidding, btw) So, I called her and told her, and the next time we got together we got the first "shipment" and they have been coming ever since. I told Tommy that as long as Marissa stays the same size as Hanna, then we won't have to buy her any clothes until she goes to college!

Francie~ How is your ankle feeling today? I hope the brace helps especially if you are going to be doing a lot of walking today!

Jane~ An earthquake!?!?!?! My goodness!

Ellen~ I hope your mom is feeling better soon! Our pediatrician told us that there is a virus that is going around right now that is really bad!

gotta BIL and SIL just showed up

04-18-2008, 04:39 PM
Hi ladies. Just finally got a chance to sit down for a minute. I went for groceries and to Wally World this morning. For some reason that wears me out any more. (could be my age, huh?) Once I get rested a bit I am going out to walk. Then out to dinner tonight.

Have helped DH in the yard with the pergola the last few days. Hard work, and I don't see how he does so much by himself. Both sides are in the ground/cement so he is cutting the cross pieces for the top. By Sun. I might be able to post a picture.

We did get in a walk yesterday....Love the nice weather. I have many plants coming up. With my black thumb I wasn't sure anything would come back.

Jane- Wow...did we ever feel the quake. I awoke to my pocket door rattling and couldn't figure out why. At first I thought thunder had wakened me. But when the bed started shaking I knew it was much more. Truthfully, my only thought afterward was to pray that it was not the BIG one in Calif. with reverberations all across the land. Really, a great fear of mine since our kids are in CA. Not to say that I don't worry for all people who might be affected. But as a mother I worry about my kids and grandkids . DH and I had just read an article and discussed it last week about the big quake expected in CA within the next 30 years. So, needless to say I was and am concerned. As far as I know there have been no damages reported around us.

BBL...gotta go walk.

04-18-2008, 11:11 PM
Evening Ladies!!

What a busy day I've had. DH took the day off and we shopped till we dropped. Actually he started the day earlier than I did. He worked in the yard for several hrs this morning cutting down dead shrubs. Last year we planted $300 worth of arborvitaes only to have them die from the drought. Then we find that they needed more sun than they were getting so we are trying a different shrub that can handle part shade. (This time we asked the nursery what to plant :dizzy:) We'll pick them up tomorrow and spend the day in the yard. After visiting the nursery, we went to BJ's (like a Sam's Club), had lunch, went to Lowes, then back home to unload, walk and feed the dogs, then back out for dinner and to Penney's. Needless to say, we had a very expensive day!!

My son just called me :carrot: and said that he is up here visiting this weekend. He lives 4 hrs away. I guess we will spend some time with him tomorrow between yard work. He brings his two dogs with him when he visits so he stays with his fiance's parents. I can't handle having 4 dogs in the house!!

Jane & Sue--Wow....I heard about the earthquake. I'm happy to hear that you are all well and didn't have any damage.

I believe that I've stayed pretty much OP this week. Trying to get my water in is aways a challenge. I'm pretty pooped this evening so I guess I'll head up to bed and read awhile. Sleep tight ladies!!

04-18-2008, 11:40 PM
Hi Ladies!

Shopping is all done for tomorrow (except for the meat which DH will pick up and of course he will make at least one trip for the things I forgot this year.)

Francie Passover is the Jewish holiday which celebrates the freeing of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. The tradition is that the story is told every year, although there is actually a lot of room for creativity. The holiday is eight days long, there are two ceremonial dinners (called seders) the first two nights, and then for the rest of the days we do not eat any leavened bread, and many of us who come from Eastern European backgrounds also don't eat corn, rice or other items that "pop". (The Jews left Egypt so fast that there wasn't time for the bread to rise...that is why we eat unleavened bread.) The belief is that the last supper was probably a Passover Seder. The meal consists of two parts, a ceremonial meal which includes bitter herbs (we use horseradish root) which are to remember the bitterness of slavery, apples/nuts/wine mixture which resembles mortar, matzoh (unleavened bread) the shankbone of a lamb which recalls the ancient tradition of sacrificing. We also drink four cups of wine during the dinner.

We tell the story, which at our house includes some singing and a lot of laughter, as well as an opportunity to reflect on the meaning and responsibility of freedom. Then we move into the main meal...I cook the chicken soup and matzoh balls, two entrees, potatoes, and a vegetable. Others bring salad, desserts, a potato casserole, a fruit dish etc. I have pretty much the same crowd every year, and while it is a lot of work, I really enjoy it.

Trish Lamb is the traditional meal and I used to make it. After throwing out lots of leftover lamb I gave up. (We like it but most of those coming don't, and it doesn't reheat well.

Jane & Sue I'm in the northeastern Chicago suburbs and we slept right through the quake! Glad to hear it was more scary than really damaging. I have family in California, and remember a small quake in Champaign many years ago, but I never think of the midwest as earthquake territory.

Marti DH is terrific, he calls himself my elf on these occasions. I'm actually pretty spoiled though. I have a cleaning lady who will be here tomorrow night with a friend, so that by the time she leaves most of the cleanup will be done. (It's still a lot of work, but having her here tomorrow night makes things tolerable, then Sunday we will go to a friends house who never lets me bring anything because of what I've done the night before.)

Mindee An NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit) is usually one step up from a special care nursery...of course it is the step no one wants to need! Was Brandon premature?

I've been managing my portions well...although today I missed lunch and wanted to overeat at dinner. Tomorrow the challenge will be not to eat a day's worth of food while cooking!


04-19-2008, 01:32 AM
well, after dinner tommy and brandon went to clean some of the stairs in the complex. then we all went outside. the kids played while me and tommy did some plant pulling. tommy also put some new mulch in the area that he is going to put the BBQ grill. the office manager came over and we got the okay to put in some rose bushes. so I am going to look around and see what I can find. tommy says that he doesn't see a point in doing that since we won't be staying here that long. but it doesn't look like we are going to be moving any time soon! and not while brandon is in school!

then we came inside and gave brandon and logan a bath. they got to play with logan's t-ball set that he got for christmas. they had a blast! I was showing them how to do it and ended up knock over tommy's pop from dinner instead!

we are planning on going up north to see my parents on Saturday. tommy has to work until noon, and then we will go from there.

I am off to to check out what flowers they might have listed on their page. if I don't find anything, then I am going to look around from some pictures of roses. I want to get some bluebird roses (lavender colored) but I want to see what others are out there!

Pandora~ Nope, he was not premature. He was actually born at 40 weeks & 3 days. We are taking him to have his hearing tested on his birthday. They did a hearing test at his school at the beginning of this month, and claimed that he was unable to screen because he didn't understand the task that they were asking him. but yet, when they said his name they claim that he said it was a whisper and then proceeded to turn his head in that direction. neither me nor my hubby were there when they tested him, and since it was the first time that he was tested for his hearing, we think he might have been a little bit nervous

04-19-2008, 05:23 AM
Okay well..Me & Fonzo finally played the Wii tonight. It was sooooooo much fun. We basically just tried the games that it came with. I suck at golf & baseball..didnt try the boxing one (but Fonzo is pretty good at that). I totally RULED at tennis & bowling!! We played bowling 3 times and I won each time, lol. IRL, Fonzo is better at bowling..but in the VR world, I'm better. :D Plus..I'm still pretty darn good at tennis!!! Yay me!! Well..I've never actually played tennis before..but I used to be pretty good at badminton. We soooooooooooooooooooooooooo wanna get the Pirates game now. We're just dying to sword fight, lol. I'll be Elizabeth & Fonzo will be Captin Jack Sparrow!!! LoL!!! Oh arms are KILLING me!!!!! LoL!!! OHHH and theres like this fitness thing on there..I havent tried it yet, but it looks interesting. Anyways..I'm pretty I'm gonna go to bed now. Got lots of game playing to do tomorrow, lol.

btw: I normally make fun of Fonzo for being really into his games..but omg, I'm like hooked now!!! I want more games!! We're even gonna get that Cooking Mama game. I have it on DS and its a lot of fun. We get to battle each other w/the cooking contest or whatever, lol. Too fun!!

04-19-2008, 07:16 PM
Hello ladies, :wave:

Ellen - did DD2 like K roundup? They learn so much in K now, I can hardly believe it! My twin DGDs that are in K are reading. Not sight words, mind you, but by using phonetics! How is your mom today? I hope she's feeling better. Lung inflammation can be very painful.

Marti - did you get snow after all? The earthquake caused some homes and businesses to have cracked walls, and some stuff to fall off walls, but no real damage that I know of. The people in W Salem where the epicenter was probably have a lot of damage.

Trish - I bet Tony feels better just knowing a decision has been made for the surgery. It's smart of him to go ahead before the PSA numbers get too high. Aw, it sounds like you guys had a blast in Florida with the family. We drove once, the first time we went, and the other 8 times, we've flown. It's so much quicker, and I'm just not a good car rider. I remember the quake your DH is thinking of! It was 1968 - I was 14 and was setting my hair on orange juice cans, lol. I was going for the "Priscilla Presley" look, lol. But, yeah, it scared the bejeebers out of me, lol. On a side note - by 1970 my BFF and I were ironing each other's hair. :rofl:

Sue - what's really odd is that Neal and I were talking about earthquakes the night before it happened. The kids came over for an impromptu cookout, since the weather was so nice, and we all sat around the front porch chitchatting and the subject came up somehow. I can sure understand why you worry about the kids in CA. :hug:

Tammy - the bad thing about arborvitaes is that the roots can be dead as a doornail before it shows on the branches! Not good if there's a warranty period. Hope you have fun with your son this weekend.

Pandora - thank you for explaining about the Passover feast. I've always been intrigued by it, when I see it on tv. I hope you've had a wonderful celebration.

Mindee - glad your knee is better. Did you find some flowers you like? Hope you had fun at the parents.

Francie - your Wiii sounds like a lot of fun. Good exercise, too!

Today I went to a wedding, (where I skipped the refreshments, btw). Other than doing some surfing on the web, I haven't done much else.

I've been eating Lean Cuisines to get back to reasonable portion contol, and I like not having to think about what to eat. Those of you that know me well know I almost always eat 2 graham crackers w/1 T peanut butter for breakfast, so that meal isn't a problem. Having the LCs for lunches and dinners doesn't leave much room for error.

Hope you're having a fun weekend!

04-19-2008, 11:07 PM
Jane- I have thought about doing the Lean Cuisines for a week or two, just to get on track. My BFF did it and lost 8 pounds with no problems. She ate the same thing over and over though, and I like variety. Does Lean Cuisine have pizza? Some brand of pizza I tried was really good, but I can't remember which. Wasn't it chilly today? Brrr.

Had a busy day and will have another busy one tomorrow. Cleaned house..the usual. We had to have a couple places in our ceiling touched up last week by the builder, nothing major, but after the first day he was here I cleaned up really well. Then he had to come back yesterday and finish I had to clean again. (this is plaster dust...ick.) Then trying to get some warmer weather clothes ready to wear. Will be ironing tomorrow I guess.

Mon. Taking Mom to PT at the hospital. Tues. DH and I are going for another night away and won't be home all day Wed. either. So, I have to do most of my weekly "chores" ahead of time. :)

Maybe by Thurs. I can get out in the yard to rake up mulch and get ready for some planting.

Hi to you all and hope you have a good week-end. I have to go read. I am on the 5th book of Fern Michael's series about the Sisterhood. Very good and hard to put down.

04-20-2008, 01:48 AM
Just checking in real quick. Y'all are going to think I'm nuts, but I have settled into WW Core program. I really didn't plan on it. It just happened. I always liked the Core concept and wanted to try it but could not do it before because I didn't know when I was satisfied. Since I've done IE and I Can Make You Thin, I don't have that problem any more. So I decided to look at the WW material and read it again and I also checked out the thread here on 3FC and I don't think I really understood how it all worked before. Any way, after reading the materials and some posts on 3FC, I suddenly realized "I Can Do This". I like having the guidance to eat 5 fruits and veggies, etc and I still can have some of the other things I like as long as I use my weekly points if I want to spend them.

Jane - I love Lean Cuisine and some of the WW dinners too. I did that one time when I was single before Tony and I married because it was so much easier since I was cooking for just one. You did a great job not eating at the wedding. It is such a great feeling to have these accomplishments to keep us going.

Mindee - I love the picture of Marissa. She is such a little doll makes you just won't to hug her.

Well, it is late so I'll close for now. Hope all of y'all have a great week end.


04-20-2008, 01:56 AM
Evening ladies..

I'm all ready to do my walking but thought I would check in before I did.

Jane--Yes we did get snow this morning. Just a light dusting of it but the ground was covered. Then it was washed away be the down pour and we also had a bit of sunshine and hail.....crazy weather!! I love hearing about your ironing of the hair and rolling it in cans!!

Pandora--Your hubby sounds sweet! I like how he calls himself your elf! Cute! Your celebration sounds like something I would like to experience! I hope you had a wonderful time. Did you get more help in preparation?

Trish--Your trips sounds fantastic! I would love to see those houses. I don't think I would ever want to live that rich even if I had the money, but it would be nice to see.'re all set for Marissa and her clothes! I would have loved to have had clothes handed down to my DD. I did get some, but not many. A lot were stained and I just couldn't put my baby in stained clothes!

Francie--The Wii is addicting isn't it? I'm glad you're having so much fun with it. I think we have way to many game consoles to even think about buying one. So going to my sisters and playing there works. :D You'll have to tell me about the fit game you were talking about. I seen advertisements for when you get one.....tell all us all about it.

Tammy--Have fun w/your son this weekend. What a nice treat to have. Four hours doesn't seem that far when you say it...but it really does make it difficult to visit. My parents are an hour away and I hardly get a chance to see them. Hope you're enjoying the time.

Sue--I love books that are hard to put down. I've been reading the Outlander series, there are 6 in all (maybe more I don't know) and I'm on the 6th book. Kind of been going slowly with it since it's my final book! I'll have to check out the books your reading.

Ok...I'm hearing disturbing sounds outside and I'm home alone...don't like that. So I'm going to get off the computer and hit the treadmill to get my mind off of it.

Have a good night ladies!

04-20-2008, 04:37 AM
Happy Sunday All :wave:

I'm about to head off in a bit. But I just wanted to say that we saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall tonight and it was hilarious!!! Mila Kunis (spl?) is a baby Angelina Love them both. But ya..I recommend that movie (although it does have a lot of sex and male nudity, lol)

Okay...Well I'm freezing in here right now. So I'm gonna go snuggle underneath the covers and watch the tele. It hailed all freakin day!! Wtf is up w/that?? I've never seen so much hail in my life. I swear..its like The Day After Tomorrow up in here, lol.

04-20-2008, 11:35 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Sue - yep, LC and WW and Healthy Choice each have pizzas. I like the thin crust ones, and they aren't too bad. Wow, I wish Neal would take off and go as often as your DH. Where are you headed this time?

Trish - the gals at the WW board here at 3FC are all real sweet. Although I do Flex instead, I read the Core posts since I'm a moderator there. Lots of people go back and forth between Flex and Core. I think you made the right choice, and no, I don't think you're nuts at all. It takes a while to find just the right program, and even then statistics have proved that if we tweak it to suit our tastes, a person will be even more successful.

Marti - yikes, I hope the disturbing sounds outdoors wasn't anything too bad! Your weather is about as bad as Indiana weather, lol. I'm so ready for steady temps in the 70's and 80's. Before long, though, I'll be griping about the heat, lol.

Francie - I hope you got warmed up, lol.

I skipped church today and since it looks like rain, I am staying in. Seems like a good day to do some scrapbooking.

What's on your agenda for the day?

04-20-2008, 01:46 PM
Woohoo, lost another lb today at WW. :carrot: This week will be a challenge though. We have a big staff meeting on Tues and everyone brings something for lunch and then on Thurs we are celebrating Secretary's Day. There will be too much sweets, junk food and high calorie food. Hope to fill up on veggies. DH just walked in a door from golfing so I gotta fix some lunch for both of us and see what he wants to do today. Have a wonderful Sunday ladies!

04-20-2008, 03:32 PM
ughhhhh...I had to weigh myself for TBL challange..and I gained like 3 pounds. So not good. Oh well..I guess I can start over for the challange.

04-20-2008, 03:46 PM
Not much going on here... I am trying to force myself to set up the ironing board and get the ironing done. Just feel lazy. I already walked and had OP breakfast and lunch. Have my dinner plans all in order. Cooked the house will smell. Lol.

Be back later to write more.....

04-20-2008, 03:49 PM
Mindee- I just saw an advert in a magazine for free potty training dvd and other goodies. Go to
You can even print out reward cards. Sounds cute and I thought of you.

04-20-2008, 05:08 PM
Hello ladies...

Had more snow this morning when hubby came's all gone now but wow....April snow, who would have thought? I should have taken photos but didn't. Maybe if I wake up to it again tomorrow.....

Not a lot going on today. Going to go through some "junk drawers" and get rid of the junk! And then relax most of the day. I'm feeling pretty tired....maybe I need a nap!

I'll check in later tonight and catch up then.

Talk to you later!

04-20-2008, 06:02 PM
well, we had an eventful Saturday.

we were going to go up north to see my parents, but then we checked the bank account, and saw that maybe we should wait a couple weeks and then go up there.

we were also asked if we weren't doing anything to come over to my BIL and SIL's house for cake and ice cream for my SIL's birthday. Logan was acting up since he hadn't had a nap, so we decided to not go over there.

we instead spent the whole day together as a family doing some fun things! we took the kids to the mall to walk around. we also got my ring cleaned and inspected while we were there. we also looked at some outdoor chairs. Tommy wants to get some for our porch.

we left the mall and took the kids to this carnival that was not that far from the mall. Brandon walked around the carnival while I pushed Logan and Marissa. We left there and then went to Girbraltor to walk around there and to get something to eat. After we left there, we decided to go for a ride since it was still too nice to go home. Marissa and Logan fell asleep early on into the ride, by the time we headed to WalMart, all three of the kids were asleep! Got home, and put the kids to bed and then we just sat and relaxed.

Now, we are just spending time at home today! Tommy did the laundry this morning, so I will more then likely fold that tomorrow while Brandon is in school. Now, he is cleaning the last two stair cases, and then he is going to come home and make some dinner! the kids are excited about the hockey game coming on in about ten minutes! they have all had their baths, so it will be an easy time getting to into their beds tonight!

nothing really new for this coming week.....we are planning on going to a surprise birthday gathering for our oldest nephew Monday night. Then Wednesday is B's birthday and hearing test. Thursday is M's birthday and B doesn't have school that day!

When we were at Girbraltor yesterday, we decided to go and look at the Antique show. We walked past this one booth and the lady started talking to us. She asked if Marissa and Logan were twins because they look so much alike. Then she asked how old they were, and so I told her. She looked at B and M and said "well, happy birthday! let me see if I have anything for you!" she went to the one end of her table and gave B this Operation brain surgery came. Then she didn't want Logan to feel left out so she asked him if he likes trains, and I said he loves trains. So, the lady then asked us if B and L share a room, and we told her that they did. So, she gave L this Steam Locomotive clock. Every hour on the hour, a new steam engine sound goes off and it also has motion detection on it, so at night when the room is dark it won't keep going off. Then she felt bed because she went to give L a high five and M thought she was going to hit her, so she started to cry. The lady felt bad for making her cry, so she gave her this stuffed fish, which L took over. So, the lady gave M a stuffed pig which she wouldn't let go for anything!

Francie~ I can't wait for the Wii Fit to come out! I am hoping that we will be able to by it. Although, I am not sure if we need to have the Wii itself in order to buy it. Either way, I hope we can get it!

Jane~ Nope, I haven't found any flowers that I like. I was actually looking at the different colors that roses come in and I couldn't seem to find the right websites. So, I will do another search here in a second to see if any catch my eyes! When we used to live at my sister's house when Brandon was born, she had a pink rose bush and a yellow rose bush, and I loved both of those! And since it is looking like I will need to probably buy four or five bushes, I might get different colors and plant them. I just have a question though, is it okay to plant them now? The weather is really nice and the temps are not extremely hot - high 70's at the most. I just don't want to plant them and then have them die because I didn't plant them at the right time.

Trish~ Thanks for the nice comments on Marissa's picture! She was getting mad at daddy this morning because they were talking back and forth and then he started to talk to me and in a since had to stop the conversation with her, so she got mad!

Marti~ There was a handful of outfits that I had to toss because they had some stains on them, but for the most part, they were all in great condition!

Sue~ Thank you so much for thinking of me on that dvd! I will have to head over there and try and get one!

04-21-2008, 12:29 AM
just popping in before heading to bed.

Logan has been having a rough night for some reason. He went to bed at about 8pm without any problems. When I went in to lay Brandon down, I saw that Logan was moving around, so I grabbed his cup and walked out. A few minutes later, Logan was screaming in his bed. I walked in there (after handing Marissa over to Tommy because she had been screaming in her bed) and he was sitting straight up in his bed. I picked him up and rubbed his back telling him that every thing was okay, and then laid him back down. I came out and pulled out Marissa's stroller and took her for a walk. After our walk, I came back inside with her and Tommy told me to shhhhh. I said "I know, she fell asleep on the ride back home." He then told me that Logan had woken up screaming again in his bed, and Tommy got him settled back in and then left the door open and he hasn't made any noise since I got back from the walk.

eta: wouldn't you know it, now one of them is barking like a seal, and it sounds like Brandon. So, it looks like a breathing treatment in the morning to nip it in the bud!

04-21-2008, 09:59 AM
Quicky for me today ladies...

I have a Class to take today. It's all day. It starts at 8:00 and I'm way too tired for it!!!

I'll try and get back on later on tonight, but right now, I need to hurry and get ready.

Talk to you all later!

04-21-2008, 03:18 PM
Good Afternoon!

I'm going to try to start logging in more and posting!
I used to get on a little bit months ago.
I'm trying to get back on the right track for weight loss and a fit body.

04-21-2008, 06:08 PM
:wave: Hello Ladies,

I tried to get on earlier this morning before DH and I went to see his new cardiologist, but couldn't get the internet to work right. I finally got on MSN and then couldn't go anywhere else.:?: Have no idea what was going on. Dr said everything sounds good, but DH has a lot of tests to have done Monday to be sure. He will be at the drs office most of the morning next Monday.

Hope everybody is having a great I was so excited this morning because I decided to check my weight (supposed to wait until May 1st) and I've lost 7.5 lbs :carrot: so far this month. I am hoping to have a 10 lb loss for this month. I am totally enjoying this WW Core way of eating. We went out to eat today at Sonny's BBQ and I found it soooo very easy to stay OP. I just had sliced beef no BBQ and ate raw veggies from the salad bar and used oil/vinegar on the salad. Totally Core meal. :carrot:


04-21-2008, 06:37 PM
just popping in for a second while I have a chance. I have a feeling that I will be taking a certain little one year old for a walk again tonight!

Trish~ That is great on your loss! I am leaning more towards WW, and I have so many websites bookmarked that I haven't had a chance to go through. I am going to make a point to go through them soon!

Katenicole~ Nice to see you in here! I can't wait to get to know you better!

Marti~ have fun in your class!

04-21-2008, 07:11 PM
Thanks Mindee. I am doing the WW Core and using some of the mufas from from the Flat Belly Diet counting the veggie ones as part of my veggies and have to count a point for some others, but it works. It is so much like the IE/I Can Make You Thin rules which makes it very easy to follow the WW Core plan. It just kind of came together for me.

Katenicole - Glad you're hear and look forward to getting to know you.


04-21-2008, 10:52 PM
Hi ladies,

Tammy - YAY for the 1# down! :cp: I think you'll make it through the challenges at work ok since you're planning ahead on how to handle it. Did you do anything fun yesterday?

Francie - you're welcome to join some of us other Jaded Ladies in Marti's Pointer Sista Challenge. Regardless, you'll do fine at TBL challenge.

Sue - did you get your ironing done? It's a tedious job, but somebody's gotta do it, right?

Marti - ah, I've got a junk drawer in my kitchen that's a doosey. It's huge, and we have to go through it every few months. Neal is real bad about saving the silliest stuff and I'm terrible about throwing in anything that I don't know what else to do with. But, hey, I guess that's why they're called a junk drawer, right? Is the class for work?

Mindee - yes, it's ok to plant roses now. Any perennial that is pushing through the soil in your area, at this time, would be ok to plant. One of my favorite roses is the Carefree Delight. They open kind of flat, and are pink with yellow centers, and really are carefree. All you have to do is trim them back in the late fall or early spring. Well, you have to water them, lol. Did you have fun at the nephew's bd party? Sounds like you sure had a good time as a family this weekend.

KateNicole - welcome! Were you a member of the Jaded Ladies before? Either way, we're glad you're here. When/if you want to, you can fill out a bio so we'll know more about you.

Trish - A big Whoo Hoo for you on your 7.5 pound loss! :carrot: That's so great, especially with you just getting back from vacation! I'm so glad you like Core. I think you've found just the right plan this time. How's DH doing with the upcoming surgery? Hope he isn't too nervous or anything.

I've had an easy day. Did some cleaning and laundry, bought some scrapbook paper, spent some time outdoors, did my exercises, made some ham salad for Neal, and now I'm going finish my book.

I'm OP with the food, but hate that I'm losing weight that was gained over the winter. I go up and down so much, I have to check my journal to see where I stand. :dizzy: Time to stick to it, right?

Have a good one, ladies!

04-21-2008, 11:24 PM
Jane- Like you I am losing the same weight I lost last year. I was so disappointed to gain from Sept. till March. But, more determined to get rid of it. After losing by riding the bike last Spring I just gave up for the Winter. Stress, and just not doing what I knew I should. I said before, here I go again, again.

Trish- Mega congrats to you. That weight loss is terrific. And to think you were on vacation! Keep up the good work.

Mindee- Did you find out about the dvd? Hope it is cute and helps.

katenichole- Glad to see you here and hope to talk to you more in the future.

Okay...gotta hurry. I have tv to watch. Took Mom for therapy today and they sure put her through a lot. She is sore tonight. She will go for 4 weeks, twice a week. Hopefully along with the epidural she will be fine.

I rode my bike 2 miles and did a little yard work after washing bedclothes. The good news is that I went back to Mon. weigh in and had lost 2 pounds! Surprise!

Leaving in the morning for an over night so will be back on here Wed. night. Going down by Louisville to another riverboat/hotel with DH's sis and her DH. Wish me luck! :)

04-22-2008, 12:21 AM
Sue & Jane - I know what your mean about losing those recycled lbs. Of the 7.5 lbs I lost 6 of them were recycled that I had lost over and over and over in the past 6 months or so. When I saw that I had finally broke past those 6 lbs, I decided it was time to get into some new territory and keep going. If I had kept going befoe, I would be down to goal a long time ago. O well, I can't change what happened in the past, just need to change the future.

DH is dealing with the surgery pretty good... has good days and bad. But he is ready to get it over with. I'm thinking with all the working around tests and getting appointments with the doctors that it could be the end of May or even June before it will be done though. He won't like it taking so long to get in, but we will do what we have to do. You know they don't get in a hurry.


04-22-2008, 01:32 AM
just popping in here before heading off to bed.

well, as the phrase goes "when it rains, it pours" the person never thought that it would be all over my bathroom floor! One of the daughters of our neighbor upstairs pulled the stem (I think that is what Tommy said it was called) out of the middle knob that you use to turn the water on, so they couldn't get the water to stop until her husband got home to shut the water off! So, because of that, water started to drip through our ceiling!

the maintenance guy came out and checked everything. he actually wasn't going to come out until he found out that it was dripping through our ceiling. when he showed up he told Tommy to go in a poke a couple of wholes into the ceiling to let the water drip. (the ceiling was getting soft) he came into our apartment after checking out upstairs, and looked a the ceiling. He said that he would be back in the morning, and told me what he wanted for breakfast. I said "well, we don't have any bacon, and I only make scrambled eggs so you are out of luck!"

Trish~ I will definitely have to look into that! The past couple of nights, Marissa has been waking up between 9:30 and 10:30, so I pull out her stroller and walk her around the complex. I believe it is roughly two miles all the way around the complex, so it is a nice work out for mommy!

Jane~ Thanks for the gardening advice! I love blue bird roses, they are lavender in color. I had them in my bouquet when we got married, and fell in love with them! A friend of mine, her dad passed away a couple months after me and Tommy had gotten married and his favorite flower was yellow roses. So, I was thinking of doing a yellow rose bush, but then I saw all these other colors and now I don't know! Nope, we didn't go to the birthday party. It was actually for one of my SIL's, and it was just cake and ice cream. I really am not a cake and ice cream kind of person, so I really wasn't too keen on going over there just for that anyways. Plus, their boys are a lot wilder then Brandon and Logan. So, every time they are all together, Brandon and Logan end up acting like them and are just as hyper as them. (plus, they had been over on Friday)

Sue~ Thank you so much for that link! I actually signed up to get one of the dvd's so when I get it, I will let you know how helpful it is! Good luck at the river boat!

04-22-2008, 01:33 AM
oh I wanted to post on here.....I talked to Anna, and she is coming to the kids' birthday party on Saturday!

04-22-2008, 10:53 AM
Happy Earth Day, Ladies!

Sue - yay for the 2 pounds. :cp: Even if it's recycled, at least it's coming off, right? Good luck at the boat. May you come home a big winner!

Trish - you are so right! We can't change what's happened in the past, only look to the future with a positive attitude. Thanks for reminding me of that. Yes, I know how these labs and medical offices are! Hurry up and wait! Then when the surgery is over, there are bills from all over - the surgeon, the lab, the anesthesiologist, the hospital, the radiologist, etc. :dizzy: We're still sorting through what the insurance paid on Neal, and what we're stuck with paying.

Mindee - the blue bird roses sound so pretty. I'd never heard of them before. I'm partial to the salmon colored ones, since that's what I got in the hospital when I had Katie. My favorite flowers, though, are daisies. YAY for Anna saying she'll be at the party. :cp: I'm really glad she's making the kids a priority.

katenicole - just jump right in and tell us what going on with you today.

I'm OP with food, and am starting to feel stronger about being in control. The weather is so nice again today that I plan to work in the yard/garden some more. That, along with my WATP dvd, will be some much needed exercise.

Have a good one, ladies!

04-22-2008, 01:31 PM
Morning ladies,

I'm feeling pretty icky at the moment. I came home and pretty much slept until I woke up this morning. (I got home at 5:00)

Not sure what bug I caught but I caught it. I don't want to go to work and would love to call in, but they are moving our department this week and I want to be a part of making sure all my stuff is put in the right place once it's moved! (stubborn I know)

I really need to get slow as I'm feeling it'll take me some time, I'll do indi's when I start feeling better.

Have a great day ladies!

04-22-2008, 03:48 PM
popping in while I have a split second.....both Brandon and Marissa are awake right now.

nothing really new on this end.....another nice day around our neck of the woods! Brandon has his hearing test tomorrow, and in fact they already called to confirm his appointment with the doctor tomorrow! I can't believe that four years ago today I was sitting in my hospital bed wondering when I was going to meet my little boy!

Jane~ I am not going to hold my breath about her coming since she said that she was going to come to our Christmas get together but I am sure that she doesn't want the wrath of me or Tommy again.

Marti~ I hope you feel better soon!

04-22-2008, 06:03 PM
Ahh Jane.....I totally blew it today with the staff meeting eating too much food. Dang those cream cheese brownies with the fudgy frosting. One just had to jump onto my plate!!! :cool: Anyhoo...I ran all day yesterday running errands after a meeting at work and then of course, today, I've worked but not nearly hard enough to burn off the calories I've consumed. Tomorrow is another day! ;)

04-22-2008, 06:50 PM
is it bedtime yet??

tammy~ how are you doing?

04-22-2008, 07:03 PM
Hello Ladies,

Just a quick fly by.

Jane - I'm glad you are feeling stronger from being OP. It does make us feel good doesn't it. I need to exercise more, but I am starting slow to get used to it again. I have the WATP video for 1 mile. Which one do you have?

Mindee - Hope everything goes well with Brandon's hearing test tomorrow. Let us know. I hope Anna does show up. D

Marti - Sorry you are feeling bad. Hope you get to feeling better real soon. I understand you wanting to be there to be sure everything gets in the right place at work. I hope you will be feeling up to it.

Not much going on here. It's been quiet and just taking it easy. Staying OP and totally enjoying it. Doesn't even feel like dieting,

Hello to everbody else. Have a great evening.


04-22-2008, 07:08 PM
Tammy - Sorry I forgot to say anything to you. Don't worry about one slip. I have learned that one slip doesn't ruin the diet. It is when I go wild and don't get back OP. You'll be okay. I applaud you that just one cream cheese brownie found its way on your plate. I would say consider that an accomplishment... you could have gone bonkers and had more but you didn't. Be good to yourself. Personally I think you did a good job.


04-22-2008, 08:40 PM
Hello ladies...I know I have been MIA, but Have been feeling icky. I am expecting again, so fighting off morning sickness, and the worry that I will miscarry again. So, needless to say dieting has been off the table, and I have modified my exercise until I get the doc's ok. Tho, I have been sooo tired, that I am hardly exercising at all. LOL Mom is doing better, taking her antibiotics and otherwise being a good patient. She did go back to work on Monday...and I haven't heard from her, so I am assuming that she is ok. We are planning our camping trip to Wisconsin in June/july, and trying to keep up with the outdoor work now that the weather is finally nice. Will try to get back tomorrow and do indies!!! You ladies are the best!

04-22-2008, 11:57 PM
just popping in before heading off to frost come cupcakes and then getting them into a container for a little birthday boy to take with him to school tomorrow!

Ellen~ CONGRATULATIONS! This group is a good luck charm so to speak for pregnancies! I found out I was expecting both Logan and Marissa while in this group!

Tammy~ I sure will fill you all in on how his hearing test goes. And I too, hope that she does show up!

04-23-2008, 04:53 AM
I was on here a while back, but probably only posted once or twice so not much a part of the community I guess.

Today, was day 2 of the new workout routine. I'm not really sure how I should be going about losing weight, but I am jump-starting it with a daily workout to start.

Right now, I am just enjoying listening to the rain.

04-23-2008, 10:15 AM
Ellen~WOW :congrat: Send some baby dust my way, lol.

Sorry I've been MIA lately. I was trying to spend as much time with Fonzo as possible before his leave ended. But it ended today, and he's back at work. Yesterday was his last day of freedom, lol. We felt like dorks, because we just realized that we had Pay Per View & On Demand movies on MONDAY NIGHT!!! LoL!! We watched Beowolf, I Am Legend, & The Bourne Ultimatum. When Fonzo leaves for the 2 months, he said that I can order some movies to watch..woohoo, lol.

Also, when he leaves..I'm gonna be back on my regular fitness plan. I havent been doing much of anything except for walking. And even then, its like walking every now & then. I'm getting all my workout dvds together so I can do them daily. I figure if I have enough, then a different dvd for a different day of the week. Or rotate them if I dont have enough.

Anyhoo..I hope everyone has a good Wed!! BBL

04-23-2008, 02:10 PM
Hello ladies...

Got the scratchy throat and cough that just won't quit! A lot of chaos going on at work due to the construction and also due to the preparations of the hospital moving in August. There was a company email telling everyone not to plan for vacations or time off more than 5days in a row from June to September.

Uhh.....what about all the parents whose kids are out of school then?? It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. We've already lost a few employees and more to come if they don't figure out a better way to get the hospital moved w/out impacting the employees summer time w/their families.

It's gal in my department has been there 11yrs....her hubby told her to quit if they don't approve her vacation time that she put in 6mos ago. We need I hope they're smart and don't take it away from her.

I think I better go shop for some cough drops before I go to work, if I don't come home and go right to bed...I'll pop in and do indi's.....

Talk to you all later.

04-23-2008, 03:10 PM
Just a fly by to say I'm thinking of you and will be back later for indies, because I've got a lot I need to get done today. :hug:

04-23-2008, 03:52 PM
Hello Ladies,

Ellen - CONGRATULATIONS! The doctor won'y let you diet any way to lose weight. However, they usually will let you eat to keep your weight where it is or to where you won't gain too much weight... baby growth. My prayers are with you. Glad your Mom is well.

Katenicole - I struggled until I finally found the diet that works for me and fits my lifestyle. Now I struggle to get back into exercise. You've got the workout going for you and I hope you find the diet that works for you.

Francie - Glad your time with Fonzo was sooo good.

Marti - Sorry you are still sick and what a mess at work, Hope you get well and everything else gets better soon.

Mindee - Will you have test results for Brandon today? Tell him Happy Birthday for me. Did he have a fun B'day party at school?

Hello to Jane, Sue, Tammy and everyone else.


04-23-2008, 04:10 PM
just popping in here before we have to head out to get Brandon's hearing test! I am excited and nervous at the same time! then we will go to Wal-Mart to order their birthday cake!

Kate~ First off, welcome again to the group! I was shy at first, when I joined here four years ago. But these ladies are great, and they will break you of your shyness in no time! Exercise is a great way to jump start your weight loss journey!

Francie~ That is a great plan of action for when he is deployed. Also, were you still going to do the Alli during that time as well? I am contemplating using something to help me as well. I have looked into the Alli, but I still haven't fully made up my mind yet.

Marti~ I hope you feel better soon!

Jane~ It is good to hear from you!

Trish~ I am not sure about that. I am hoping that we can get the results today. If not, then I am sure that we will get them in the mail like the last ones. I sure will tell him Happy Birthday from you, right now he is sleeping. He really enjoyed his party at school! He got a birthday pencil and a star sticker that says "it's my birthday" and then had his teacher put his name on it.

04-23-2008, 04:46 PM
Thank you all! I have been so very tired so not much is getting done around here...even when I don't nap I have been having a hard time at night, and then feel forced to nap, which makes sleeping at night even harder. LOL I know I am not supposed to be dieting, and I am not, just trying to maintain a healthy eating plan...tho nothing is appetizing, except for hamburgers. I am trying to push the protein since that is probably what I am really craving.

Kate~ :welcome2: a little late. Try not to overdo the exercise right away as that can cause you to burn out.

Francie~Thank you so much...I am still praying for you and Fonzo. Having difficulties TTC can be very devastating, but we are all here to help support you. :grouphug: I am glad that you and Fonzo enjoyed his leave...I can't imagine what it is like to have him gone for so long.

Marti~Hope you feel better soon. I don't know why employers can demand that sort of thing, that is one of the reasons I left my job last year. Hopefully your bosses will realize that they will lose some very valuable people if they continue this way.

:wave: to Jane as she flys by. Come and land soon!

Trish~I know I Am not dieting...just trying to not fall into bad habits.

Mindee~ tell brandon that I wish him a happy b-day too! :gift: They grow up so fast...enjoy his day today. I hope the hearing test goes well.

Have to run. will pop in tomorrow.

Luv and hugs!!!!

04-23-2008, 05:45 PM
Marti~That is some BS and really unfair. Summertime is the time for vacations with the family!! They should really rethink that.

Mindee~I'm not gonna be doing Alli this summer. I dunno, I was just scared to do it. I gave it away to my friend who really wanted it. Happy Birthday to Brandon

Ellen~Thanks :hug: It pretty much sucks that he's leaving very very soon when we could use that time baby dancing. But oh well, its his job so I understand that. 2 months isnt a very long time either. At least this is the last time he'll be going out to sea.

Well..Fonzo came home and told me that date that they're offically leaving. It freakin blows because its so we just have to wait to know what time they have to be on the ship. But I am just gonna keep myself busy with working out. was so cute. I spent a good part of the morning bird watching with my cats, LOL!! We've noticed that birds come in for a landing on our balcony and the cats just go crazy for them. So Fonzo put out some leftover bird seed that we had (we used to have 2 birds-rip). So now there are just lots of birds stopping by our balcony for some food. All 3 cats are just sitting there staring at them, lol. Its the first time all 3 of them have been interested in the same thing, lol. Its so cute too!!

Anyhoo..I'm gonna go make some lunch right now..BBL

04-23-2008, 09:33 PM
Hi ladies,

Marti - yikes, that's a strict vacay policy and so I hope your coworker gets her's approved. I hope you're feeling better. :getwell: There ought to be a chicken soup smilie, lol.

Mindee - well, I hope Anna shows up. After all, since she's the Godmother, she should be there for all the important events, and more. How did the hearing test go today? Did you get the results, or will they mail them? A big Happy Birthday to Brandon! :gift:

Tammy - those darn brownies! They've been known to sneak up on my plate, too! The ones with the chocolate/peanut butter/walnut frosting are my downfall! :o But you've been doing so well, so this shouldn't make that much difference.

Trish - my WATP is actually Walk Away Your Waist. If you saw my waist, you'd die laughing, because I'd have to walk to Marti's in Oregon and back for me to walk it away, lol. I really prefer to walk around the perimeter of my house, over and over, leaving a penny in a cup each time I pass the front porch. My dog Molly goes with me, just in case I plan on veering off the track, or see a rabbit, lol.
Silly dog!

Ellen - Oh my goodness, we're going to be Cyber Aunties again! :cp: Whoo hoo! I'll be keeping you in my prayers that all remains well with you and the little one. Do you have a due date yet? Forgive me if I missed that.

Kate - a daily workout is a good start. Kind of gets your blood moving and the adrenaline going, too. I like listening to the rain if I don't have to go out in it. Something very soothing about that, I think.

Francie - I like your brown eyed girl avatar. DD Mary is my brown eyed girl, and I've set my cellie to play that when she calls. Glad you had fun with Fonzo. We have a bird house on a platform up high right outside our dining room window. I just lift the window to pour their food, lol. It's so fun to watch them.

What the heck??????

Somehow this posted before I was finished, so now I have to edit it. :dizzy:

I had errands to run in town today. One of my stops was to get an estimate for a chain link fence. A 375' one! Neal's about to spaz out, but I asked him to please wait and see what the estimate is before he says no. When I got home, I did some much needed cleaning. I needed to either dust, or plant grass seed, it was that bad, lol.

I am having trouble staying w/in my points! Even after trying on clothes today. You'd think that would be motivation enough, right?


04-23-2008, 09:48 PM
Ruth - I was so happy to get your nice PM. :hug: if you're reading this, please pop back in. It's been soooo long since you chatted here, and we'd love to have you back with us on a regular basis. We've got some new members, too, that I know you'll like to get to know.

04-23-2008, 11:21 PM
Warning: Fly by post.
We got home this afternoon and I am trying to get a few things caught up. Had a good time. NO we did not hit any big jackpots or even small ones.

Ellen- Congratulations!! Hope you start feeling better soon.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

short & sassy
04-24-2008, 12:40 AM
Hey Jane,

Thanks for the invite back. School kept me busy from 2001 - 2005 and I didn't really post anywhere very much. I've been posting back in the weight watchers section with a group of 40 & 50 year old ladies. Today, I just happened to check my old private messages and found your name there and decided that re-joining another old thread couldn't hurt this jouney I'm own.

So, for all the newbies let me jump in with a little info about me. I have been fighting weight issues all my adult life. When I met my husband (24 years ago) I weighed about 125. I gradually added about 10 lbs a year for the first few 2000 I was at an all time high of 188. I managed to drop to 167 in 2003, that is the lowest that I've weighed in a long time. The last time that I actually really attempted to lose weight was October 2004...I was doing well, lost back down to 173 but then learned that my father had lung cancer. This was during my senior year at school, my dad died in February during my last semester, my husband had a mild heart attack within a few weeks of my dad's death. So...with all that, graduating, starting a new job...I managed to find myself at an all time high of 192 during the 2007 holidays.
So here I am again...on the wonderful thing called a weight loss journey.

I am logging in my meals and exercise on weight watchers online, I started posting on one of the weight watcher threads here at 3fatchicks, I've joined (just have to figure out how to hook up my computer to the treadmill) and I started a private webpage for my cousin and her friend to help motivate them with their weight loss. So, as you see I've been on the computer a lot lately. So, I'm happy to be here with you girls and can't wait to get to know each and everyone better.

BTW, is Jules the same Jules that was on Featherweight's with us so long ago? For the most part I only recognized Jane.

Well, it is bed time, I have to work tomorrow.

I'll check in with you later.


04-24-2008, 12:56 AM
Hello :wave: Ruth and :welcome3: back to the group. I'm a newbie since you were here and look forward to getting to know you.


04-24-2008, 01:06 AM
Hi Ruth :wave: I'm also a newbie here, my name is Francie. I look forward to getting to know you. :)

04-24-2008, 01:35 AM
we went to B's hearing test and it went okay.

The ENT called us into the room, and started to ask some questions. Before the exam even started, he asked how often he had ear infections. I told him that I didn't know exactly how many but when we lived with my parents he had a lot since they smoke. But now that nobody smokes in our house, he hasn't had that many. He then went about looking in B's ears.

He said that B has fluid in his right ear with some scar tissue. He then checked B's left ear, and said that he had some scar tissue in there. Then he checked in his mouth. He had to ask B if he had Clifford in his mouth in order to get B to open wide enough. B did, and the ENT said that his tonsils were +1, whatever that means. But he did also add that they looked good.

Then we went back out into room and waited for the audiologist to come and get him. They went off into a different room, and the guy came back and looked at me and said "they will call you back over in a minute." So, when I heard that I knew that it probably wasn't going to be good news.

The ENT called us back over and said that he recommends getting B into an ENT to take care of the fluid in his ear. He said that they might give him either a nasal spray or an antibiotic to help with the fluid. And if either of those don't help with the fluid, then he will more then likely need to get tubes in. He also told me basically what it sounds like to B in his right ear......the way he described it was if B was under water or if he had stuck his finger in his ear.

So, now I get to call the list of doctor's that they gave me to see if any of them take B's insurance. I am hoping that the ENT that saw him today takes his insurance since B was really comfortable with him.

Ruth~ Hi and welcome back! I am not really sure if I remember you or not. I joined this group back in 2004 at some point in time, can't remember the exact month or what not.

thanks for all the birthday wishes for Brandon! I will let him know in the morning that you all wished him a happy birthday!

04-24-2008, 02:28 AM
Thank you for all the welcomes!

We finished cleaning up the house today, one class, and a workout.
Not too exciting!!

I have been trying to lose weight for a while, but kept falling off the wagon. I got my kickstart this time in hopes that I can look better in my clothes. I'm tired of the stomach. I have been wearing light jackets to hide it all the time.

We are going out for the husband's birthday next weekend. I know that's a short time, but any weight loss boost at all will make me feel better about myself.

short & sassy
04-24-2008, 08:03 AM
Good morning everyone and thank you for the nice welcome. I've got to get ready for work, I'll check back with you all later. Have a good day!

04-24-2008, 09:25 AM
Hi Ladies,

It's been a long week...not much time for computer. Passover went well, we ended up with 27, and then five extra for dessert (my brother and his family came by after going to her mother's house, we were thrilled.) Everyone pitched in and although I was wiped afterwards I loved it. The worst part was that I overindulged. Passover has a lot of special foods which are once a year...and I had a few too many desserts. The leftovers stayed at my house, so Sunday continued the overeating. On Monday I gathered every ounce of willpower dust that Trish has spread my way, and took all the sweets to the office to share. Since then I have been eating okay, and the 6.5 pounds that went on over the weekend have been coming off. (Although my doctor laughed and said 6.5 lbs in a weekend is water, and that Passover ought to be called the Festival of Sodium, since everything has lots of salt.) Today I am on a clear fluids diet before my first colonoscopy, so by the weekend things should be back on track. (And I am determined not to let myself justify overeating on Friday or Saturday.)

Ellen Congrats on the pregnancy! I know you don't feel well now, but it is for a lovely reason. If you are having a lot of morning sickness, well remind yourself that there is a positive correlation between morning sickness and successful pregnancy.

KateNicole Welcome, I'm a newbie here as well. You are already four pounds down...that is 16 sticks of butter! Not insignificant. Enjoy DH's birthday celebration.

Mindee I had tubes in my ear as a kid due to chronic ear infections. I worked in a children's hospital and a pediatrician once told me that my ear drums have major scars and I always have water in my ears. It means that I have more problems than most when flying, but over the long term my hearing has not been affected. The tubes really helped! I hope it isn't necessary, but if it is, it won't be too bad. Happy birthday to Brandon.

Marti I still regret my "year without a summer" due to major work crises. Hope things go well. Is there any negotiation you can do as a group to point out to administration that the policy is shortsighted? (Maybe agreeing to limit the number of folks off at any one time, or a much shorter time period before/during the move of limited vacation absences.)

Francie Sorry to hear that Fonzo is leaving, hope the time goes quickly. What is Alli?

It's off to work for me.


04-24-2008, 09:51 AM
Morning ladies! Thinks went pretty well last night, stayed up again, but slept pretty well, so hopefully that will make a difference.

:welcome: back Ruth! Looking forward to getting to know you.

Pandora~good for you for getting the sweets out of the house...sounds like Passover was very special for you and your family! I do know that there is a correlation between MS and a successful preg, having worked in an OB office for 7 yrs. But I have some special issues that have caused me to misc, even with MS. Thanks for the encouragement!

:wave: and :grouphug: to all!

04-24-2008, 12:42 PM
Good Morning Ladies! :wave:

Still feeling under the weather, but slowly this week is getting over with!

Ruth--By golly I remember you! I don't remember if you were around much by the time I got here (did I run you off? :) ) but I do remember you greeting me! Welcome back! :hug:

KateNicole--Hello and Welcome!! :hug:

Ellen--Wow, congratulations! Will keep you in our thoughts for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Mindee--I've heard that the tubes help tremendously! A gal I used to work with had a little girl who needed them and there was such an improvement. Don't worry about a thing, B will be just fine....and a great big Birthday hug for him!

Jane--Count me in as the recycled pound loser! I've been ecstatic that I'm losing, but then realize it's the darn pounds that I've put back on! When I finally lose the weight that I've regained...then I'll start reporting my loses. (who knows when that'll be!!)

Sue--Finally getting weather you can ride in? Our weather is just wonky! I've been wanting to walk to work over the weekend and time how long it takes....either walking or biking part of the summer time....but it keep raining here! Maybe this weekend??

Trish--My stubborness is exhausting me...but we're moving slowly and this weekend is the finally move. They're trying to create a better work flow but to get that way is a pain!!

Francie--Glad that you got to spend some quality time w/your hubby. Great idea to rotate your workouts. Do you have Comcast? They have a great Exercise channel on Demand. I need to start using that again.

Pandora--It's always hard not to overindulge when there is a big gathering and food is involved. But at least you had a wonderful time and got to spend time with friends and family and I think that's all that matters!

Oh....I hope I got you all....if I have forgotten anyone, please accept my apologies.

I'm feeling a little light headed, so I think I'll go eat something and then shower and then off to work I go.

You all have a great Thursday!!

04-24-2008, 05:50 PM
popping in here while the boys argue over a truck and Marissa enjoys some yummy crackers!

not really sure what we are going to do for dinner we will cross that bridge when daddy gets home!

Thanks for all the nice comments about B possibly needing tubes. I had tubes when I was younger and I was told that after I got them done I wouldn't shut up, so maybe it will be a good thing if he does indeed need them

04-24-2008, 06:37 PM
Just a quick check in to say hello. I've had the blahs all day. Don't know if I'm coming down with something or all that DH is going thru. I know he is down/depressed and I think it is taking a toll on me. Plus my Daddy is having trouble with my step-mom''s children so I think they are splitting up thanks to her "controling" daughter. The sad thing is they will probably end up putting her in a nursing home when they realize what all they have to do for and Daddy isn't there any more. Really sad, but Daddy just can't deal with them any more and can't come between her and her kids. His church, people in the church and my sister who live in the town he does all helped him get an apartment and setting it all up for him. It is just so sad that a man 85 yo in June and she will be 81 next month have to go through this at their ages. I hate that I'm so far from home when he needs us girls. Eating is okay because I don't have an appetite right now. So will catch y'all later.

Mindee - I agree with everyone is right about the tube in Brandon's ears. I understand that it is something a lot of children have to have. One of our DGS had to have them. He is 14 now and hears everything. lol

Marti - Hope you get to feeling better soon. I think it takes longer when you have to work and you have a lot of stress at work.

Everyone have a good evening.


04-24-2008, 06:44 PM
Add me to the list of people not feeling well. I took Mom to her therapy and felt lousy while I waited. Stomach is rebelling over something and my bathroom habits are bezerk. TMI. Making DH and Mom a quick chicken stir fry for dinner then I am doing nothing. I did 3 loads of laundry tis a.m. and cleaned the kitchen...that is today's housework. period.
I will try to pop in when I feel better.
Hope you all have a nice day and TGIF tomorrow.
Hi to you, Ruth. Welcome aboard.

04-24-2008, 07:40 PM
Time for us Chatty Cathy's to hop over to #294. :wave: