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04-12-2008, 10:26 PM
If you have a recipe for sweetened condensed milk, here is a recipe you can use to make it, and it is core.

1/2 cup water -- cold
1 1/3 cup non fat dry milk powder
1/2 cup Splenda (or 12 packets Splenda)

Place cold water in a 2 cup glass measuring cup.

Stir in dry milk powder until mixture makes a smooth paste.

Cover and microwave on High for 45 - 60 seconds or until mixture is very hot, but not to the boiling point.

Stir in Splenda. Mix well to combine. Cover and refrigerate for at least two hours before using it. Best if make 24 hours in advance before using.

Will keep up to 2 weeks in refrigerator. Use in any recipe that calls for sweetened condensed milk.

Makes equivalent of one 12 fluid ounce can of commercial brand.