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04-10-2008, 07:43 PM
Hello and :welcome3: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

You are welcome to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey! So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke or whatever your drink of choice is, and pull up a chair and join us! :cofdate:

04-10-2008, 07:44 PM
I know the coffee date icon isn't in the right spot....I had a mental lapse on where it went!

I posted pictures of Brandon's bowling field trip in the last thread

04-10-2008, 08:35 PM
Well...Fonzo is offically on leave. He's taking a nap right now. He did come home with some great piece of mail!!!!!! A gift card from Coach!!!!!!!! Which means, bday present for me!! YAY!! We're gonna be going to the store after payday!! I cannot wait!! I've already picked out the purse that I want. But the sucky part is, Fonzo is gonna have it gift wrapped and I cant have it till my actual birthday, lol. But oh well, I'm still excited. I'll be 23 in 3 weeks!!

This is the one I'm thinking of getting. It all depends on what they have at the store. But I'm liking that one so far.

04-11-2008, 01:29 AM
Hiya ladies... doesn't matter. I don't think anyone would even mind if you changed the wording a bit. :dunno: Just appreciate you starting the new thread. :thanks: Loved the pics of Brandon...too cute! Looked like he was enjoying himself.

Francie...cute purse! I love the pink! Do you have anything special planned for your BD?

SUSAN...well, it sure is a beautiful place...I don't think I would ever want to leave the place. I love the ocean and so miss it! I think that is about the only thing I miss about CA. Definitely isn't Disneyland, ugh! Hopefully you will get your card tomorrow! :crossed:

Nothing much going on...had a to do list and I actually got everything done! Well, doing one of them right time again.

I'm doing my WI tomorrow since I will be eating out a couple of times and there will be cake and ice cream. Not sure if I will indulge or not. I do have a yogurt blend that is to die for! Taste just like ice cream but I think better! With less cals. And I got V is favorite, chocolate cake which I don't really care for so we will see. Going to get up at my regular time and do my 4 mile WATP before heading out for the day. I know I won't have time to get it in the rest of the day with Charlotte and the kids coming over in the late afternoon. And then Chase will be spending the night so...gotta keep a 9 year old entertained. Anywho...

Take care ladies and I hope you all have a wonderful Friday! I'll see ya Saturday sometime. Not sure when Chase will be going home...then I will have some down time so...enjoy your weekend!

04-11-2008, 10:34 AM
Mindee - great pics - Brandon has a great smile

Francie - that's a cute bag - love the brass and pink

Cristina - Happy Birthday to Vince! Have a great time with Chase

Down .9 -almost time to change the ticker! I am off to the gym pretty soon so I had better get moving. Kids are off from school today so we'll have to think of something fun to do..will probably just go to the library and work in the yard, weather permitting.

Have a great day, everyone!

04-11-2008, 01:32 PM
Cristina~Fonzo wants to take me out to dinner (mexican food here I come, lol). So we'll probably just do that. 23 isnt really a big deal, lol. 2 more years and then I'll be 25 :eek: (Fonzo will be 25 next Feb) Then like 7 more years until I'm 30 :fr: But then once I turn 30 we'll be married for 10 years..nice. LoL..I'm rambling.

Katy~Thanks, it is pretty cute. Over Vday that had the cutest pink purse ever. But it kinda looked like the one I already had, so eh, lol. I just bought a really cute purse from Target. Its baby pink and has white hearts all over it. I have a purse addiction, lol.

Nothing much new here. Fonzo & I are gonna be hitting the gym on monday. He said I even get to watch him PT!! I'm kinda excited about that..I've never seen him do that before. :) We have soooooooo much stuff to do while he's on leave. And we HAVE to get it done before he goes underway again.

Oh ya..I made my own applesauce again last night. Its sooooooo good!!!!

Well..I shall be going now...have a nice friday everyone!! (it is friday right? lol)

04-11-2008, 04:16 PM
hello are you all doing?

well, we got Brandon's results in the mail today from his hearing/vision screening at school that was done last Friday. The said that he passed his vision part of the screen, but they were unable to screen him for the hearing part. So, we have to get someone else to evaluate him on that. I am going to contact the pediatrician's office and see what they say, but they did offer a place that does them for free, so I might call them instead. They said that when they were trying to test him that they said his name and he said it was a whisper and that he would turn his head to look at them when it was done.

I am relieved that his vision is fine, since we have had issues with that before. I never would have expected him to have problems with his hearing though!

04-11-2008, 04:20 PM

Mindee- Looks fine to me!! Thanks a bunch for starting a new thread :)

Cristina - Yep, got the card and took all my money out!! It will be beautiful here this weekend so hope to get Gaby some shorts before she goes w/ her father.
lol - on Disneyland!! What a concrete nightmare that is I would rather spend my time in nature the Grand Canyon or the Red Woods... up north of Seattle , anywhere but LA!

Katy - Congrats on the .9 weight loss!!

Hi to Francie , Jules, Sassy, Sue Michelle!!! Did I miss someone?? Hope not!

On the run. Way too much to do after being a week without money, lots of errands and shopping!! Chat at you later!

04-11-2008, 04:24 PM
Mindee- Brandon is adorable in the bowling pictures!! Had to go back and see them on the other thread, he is a cutie!!

04-11-2008, 04:45 PM
just stopping back in here really quickly......I just got off the phone with the pediatrician's office and Brandon goes in next Wednesday at 6:30pm for their testing. I actually went over the papers as I was talking to them, and they have written that he was unable to understand the task, and for that they say that they were unable to screen him.

04-12-2008, 01:43 AM
just popping back in here before heading off to bed.

we had a nice night.....grabbed some dinner then went to Wal-Mart. we have been under Tornado watches all day pretty much. Right after we got home and started to get the kids ready for bed, I heard the Tornado siren going off. I didn't think anything about it until the office manager came to the door asking where Tommy was. She wanted him to help her unlock the basements of the buildings for the tenants to go to if need be. Well, right after she came to the door for him, one of the local news stations broke in and said that there was an unconfirmed funnel cloud 8 miles away from us! So, I finished getting the kids into their pajamas, and had the boys put their shoes on in case we needed to go into the basement. Thankfully we didn't need to go into the basement, just rain, thunder and lightning. We had the power flicker a couple of times but that was it.

04-12-2008, 04:27 AM
Hi Ladies.

Well I got my walking in and then some. :running: We had our "date night" Thursday night and we went to the new IKEA store here and walked around it. WOW is it big! lol. I am not sure how big it is, but it has two floors and we walked both and we didn't really daddle because we were mainly looking at the kitchen and bedroom stuff, we just browsed at the other things. As I have said before, DH is really into cooking now, so he got some new kitchen stuff. :) He is so worried that something is wrong with him because he likes to cook and all, I said, "some of the best chefs in the world are men!!" Then I guess a coworker asked about him making me a Vanilla Bean Cheesecake and how it turned out and he told them it tasted good, but the consistency was off. So a male co worker says to him, "That is why men don't bake". And our friend/coworker said, "some of the best pastry chefs in Europe are men!" (she is from Romania). I told my DH: SEE!! I told ya!!! lol.

But lemme tell ya I worked up a sweat after we got out of IKEA and we only sat down one time and it was because -- DH needed too, not me for once! :carrot: I used Paul McKenna's technique for motivation for exercise and it totally worked!!! I rocked! After IKEA we went out to eat and we split a yummy shrimp appetizer with a Thai Sweet and Sour sauce that we both could not figure out what was in it!!! lol. Then I just had salad and a cup of soup of which I did not finish either and yes it was what I wanted. :D

After that, we stopped a grocery store where this sweet little old lady was walking next too DH and started talking to him. I went on and was looking for something, but I guess she had arthritis in her spine (I know how that is.....) and was looking for her DH helped her and by the time I rejoined him he was holding her hand and holding the plant she wanted to was so they finally found her friend and all was well........DH told me later that that lady was 95 years old!!! :yikes: She was doing pretty great for 95 years old! I hope I am in that good of shape by then! I mean she was movin slow, but hey, she was movin! ;) Just kinda puts things into perspective, doesn't it? ;)

Anywho after that we decided to go to Wal-mart to get DH some we did then came home and unloaded everything and just collasped into our recliners! lol. So I think I did great. My back was achin just a little bit when I got up, but it passed. ;) Oh and the rain held out until we were home and all comfy and cozy!!! :dance:

Before all that though we stopped by the in-laws as DH had to drop something off and wow they were WAY too I was like, "what is up with them?" after we left but I really don't wanna know. lol.........I am just glad they were in good spirits.

I talked to my mom, she is going to wait until next year to maybe move up here. So I am not planning on her moving in with us and that way no disappointment. She is still seeing the guy that is from our city so we'll see how that goes.......

Oh and more work news...........not only did we have to move all around but now they are changing EVERYBODY's schedules!!! Totally ridiculous! So now DH & I won't even have ONE night off together! :( Back to "single" life again.......I swear I dunno why we even bothered getting married if we don't see each other!!! I got married so I wouldn't be ALONE!!!!!!! lol. I could sign up for the dayshift schedule, so then we could at least work on the same days, just opposite shifts, but man I dunno if I can really go back to days. Plus the fact I'd lose my shift diff and that means less $$. If I take the nightshift schedule I will actually make extra money because I would be starting after 7 pm and that means an extra 5%. Here are the two schedules:

Shift 1B Week 1 Thursday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 9:30 PM
Week 2 Wednesday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 9:30 PM

Shift 2A Week 1 Sunday - Wednesday 9:00 PM - 9:30 AM
Week 2 Sunday - Tuesday 9:00 PM - 9:30 AM

So it will be 3 days one week then 4 days the next. I can't work on the same schedule as DH, that is why they split us up to begin with, they say its "business needs" is the reason why DH & I being on different schedules and also for the newest schedule changes. We are under new management now and so they want us to be on the same schedules as their other teams they are over. Makes no sense to me, but whatever.......At least we have jobs........I do wish that I didn't need that stinking job because I would sooooo quit but I do need it and starting at a new place or even transferring in the co. isn't a great idea right now with the economy and layoffs. So guess I just gotta deal with it until we either win the lotto or the economy gets better! lol. I swear you never know with our co. what is going to happen day by day. One day its one thing then the next its something else! Man I HATE that! lol.

DH told me the news about the schedule changes and I didn't even get mad! I just was like, "oh well, at least we have jobs." I figure no need in getting upset. Even though I think its complete BS. But whatcha gonna do, right? lol.

So anywho, that is that.

Hope you all are doing well.


04-12-2008, 12:55 PM
Quick hi to everyone--trying to spend time with Ry before he leaves....

04-12-2008, 03:15 PM
Well...I just had a very interesting couple of days. I'm not going get too much into it, because I would love nothing more than to just forget it..But I'm still really bitter about the whole thing, especially since I just felt the outcome of it today. Long story short..I did a nice thing for a friend..and in return, she stabbed me in the back. And what makes the whole thing even worse, is that she claimed to be my best friend. Last time I checked, you didnt do that to best friends or even friends for that matter.

Well, I better go. We're gonna hit the gym right now. I'm sooooo looking to work out my bitterness. Hopefully when I get back, it'll all be gone.

04-12-2008, 05:06 PM
Happy Saturday!

Mindee- How scary the tornado warnings must be?? I can't imagine, I am glad you and the family are alright! Gab was tested for hearing too, the person doing it has to really know their stuff. It took forever for Gab to get tested, also w/ vision. The school had her needing glasses but when I tested at the doctors she was fine. Anyway- crossing fingers it all turns out positive!

Sassy- Your DH is a sweety!! I am glad you guys went out and had fun. Never been to IKEA but it is on my to do list, along w/ seeing what Kohls is all about.

Francie - :hug::hug: So sorry about the friendship thing! I have had that happen a couple times to me , just have to plug along and sometimes if you work through it you come out closer. We hope :) :hug:
Saw the purse link, way cute!

Jules- Tell Ry it is 75 today!!:beach: Love the avatar , a handsome bunch of guys! Especially that little grandson of yours!

Cristina, Katy, Sue and Michelle. Thinking of you ladies, come chat!!

omg- I spent time w/ a 6 year old shopping!!:stress::yikes: Gab was exhausting. She didn't appreciate that she needed clothes, it was all about toys and ice cream and running off when I said "come here!!!!". Drove me bonkers but we managed and I was ever so glad to dump her off at her fathers. lol Never so happy to see him, and baby, that is saying a lot!:yes:

It is beautiful here today. Need to run to the grocery store and get some food in the house and get ready for my time w/ my McDreamy...:o tonight.

Pleased to see a dip in the scale this morning! I have been scared to even look but was down to 164 again, hee haw.

k- that is my Saturday ramble, :hug::hug::hug: to you all!

04-12-2008, 08:53 PM
Hi Ladies.........Happy Saturday!

Hi Jules! :wave:

Francie, so sorry that happened to you, I hope the workout gets out your frustrations! :hug:

Susan -- It was fun. We'd never been to an IKEA store either. They have a lot of nice things for reasonable prices. ;) I've been to Kohls, nothing spectacular if you ask me, but what do I know? :shrug: lol. Ah the excitement of shopping with a 6 yr old, eh? lol. I hope you have a great McDreamy night and :congrat: on the dip in the scale!!! :carrot:

:hug: to Everybody!!!

04-12-2008, 09:23 PM
Sassy~You've just reminded me that I need to go to Ikea, lol. I hear ya on being "single" When Fonzo was gone last year, I was living the bachlorette life, lol. Just me & my cats, lmao. I'll be living that life again this summer..ugh.

Susan~I guess I'm stupid to believe that people can change once their out of high school. Its so childish, but whatever, lol. Hey..hopefully Gaby will change into a shopaholic when she's older, lol. is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot in here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss A/c, I miss it so so so much!! We're gonna have to buy another fan for the living room. I finally had to turn off the heater yesterday, lol. My poor cats are hot too. They're laying on the glass table and the kitchen floor. I keep having to give them water every 2 hours. Although, when I put ice in their water, they get all afraid of it, lol. Anyhoo..I'm gonna take a much needed shower right now. I'm not even gonna bother blow drying my hair. Heck nooo..too hot for that, lol.

04-13-2008, 06:53 AM
Ugh..its 2:42am right now and I cannot sleep at all!! There are 3 fans on in the bedroom, plus the window is open, and its still hot in there!!! I cannot stand it!!! I'm so sick of having no a/c. I'm from Arizona, I'm not used to not having it around. Plus, Fonzo admits too much body heat!! His arm was touching my arm for 2 seconds and I was sweating bullets, lol. He's great to have around in the winter..but in the spring/summer, I wish he'd sleep on the floor, lol.

I pulled out all my flip flops tonight (well..earlier, lol) too. I'm so excited to be wearing flip flops again. I was sad to put away my Uggs, but oh well. I'll be saving them for next winter (if we move to some place cold, lol. If not, then oh well). I also found a cute skirt in the back of my closet (I bought it for a dollar at the Goodwill last year!!). I walked out in front of Fonzo wearing it, and he thought I looked hot. I however, thought I looked like a huge cow, lol. The skirt went well w/my new shoes though, lol. its 2:52am..I'm gonna get some ice water and try to cool off. Have a good sunday everyone!!!

04-13-2008, 10:43 AM
Good morning!

Francie - can you believe this weather? My DD got to play in the kiddie pool yesterday. Unbelievable..and today is supposed to be another warm day. Hope you were able to get some sleep finally.

Susan - Hope you had a nice time with McDreamy..I think they need to open up Wilson Pool....alas, I read that it is supposed to rain soon, guess we better enjoy the sun while it lasts.

Sassy- IKEA is fun, isn't it. I just found a rug for my kitchen there. I could spend alot of time in the kitchen area, but I don't 'cause I know I would spend too much money.

The weather is awesome - I spent 2+ hours in the yard yesterday and got my workout for sure. Today I think we are all going to head up to Tryon Creek for a walk. Big news - I am going to change my ticker. I've been bouncing around this little pound but I think I have finally lost it. Yay!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

04-13-2008, 02:15 PM
Katy~Okay, so yesterday was warm..but I'm kinda cold right now. And it looked like it rained when I looked outside. I will never understand this weather, lol.

Nothing new to say because I just woke up, lol. BBL

04-13-2008, 04:30 PM
I just heard Curves are the new Black this season - haha, I like that one Francie!

Good Sunday!

Katy - It was so nice yesterday! I have never taken Gab to the Wilson pool but this year she will be ready. :bravo: in moving that ticker!! Tyron will be a nice place for a walk, and yes, the rain is coming back soon enough:)

Sassy - Maybe you have to be 44 to like Kohl's?? lol Old women clothes there?? I know I saw an advertisement and thought it looked nice. Maybe I AM becoming my mother?? :stress:

Francie - I am sure you don't look like a cow!!! I like reading all these boks based in England. I finally have figured out "shagged" and "snogged".....and everyone that is horrible is a cow. lol

I had a lovely dinner of steak, salad and my yummy cheesebread. I sat and sipped wine, flipped through Newsweek and watched McDreamy cook. He said I was on salad duty but he ended up doing that too. He pulled out some hummus and pita crackers and I munched on that while I waited. So, I am not weighing for a few days and think I will go to a Plaid Pantry and get a bag of ice, I am addicted to eating ice now and PP has the best ice! lol

I woke up and did my taxes, I was thinking of waiting til Tuesday morning but thought that would be really lazy! :dizzy: Anyway, so I will get a a decent federal refund and even a little $197 refund from the state, so that is a relief! I will get it out in the mail tomorrow. Hee Haw, shopping money in 6 weeks! Actually I want a beach trip.

I better get busy, just wanted to say hello. I think I will go enjoy some quite time before Gab gets home.

Chat at you later!

04-13-2008, 05:03 PM
Morning ladies..Glad it is warm for some of you. It is 37 degrees here and gray. After the 70 last week that is a shock. I have been snuggly most of the day, reading the papers and drinking coffee. Thought I should come up for air and empty the dishwasher. Also put on a pot of chili that DH requested.

Susan- NO...Kohl's is not for old ladies. Although this old lady likes it. They have lovely Jr. clothes and really neat kids things. When they have a sale it is usually a good deal. I don't think I have ever paid full price for anything there. (don't tell anyone because that is where I shop for sale prices.)

Francie- Your DH sounds like mine. I tell him it is like sleeping with a furnace. I have been known to put a blanket between us...and sometimes that doesn't work. Thank goodness for our ceiling fans and A/C. I hope you got some relief from the heat.

Sassy- I have never been to IKEA either. And has anyone heard of Stein Mart? A new one has gone up down the highway from us. Maybe if I wish real hard they will get an Ikea in that new complex.

Katy- Swimming, really? Man I am ready for pool weather although I don't personally go to the pool. Just like the weather. lol. Congrats on moving the ticker.

Okay...trying to get back on track here and have had good luck cutting out the munchies this past week. I have had planned snacks, but no grazing. Have also had good luck with fixing my plate in the kitchen and not going back for putting extra food on the table except cold veggies to nibble. I rode the bike for a mile several days and walked a few days. Trying to get the legs back in shape for those 3 or 4 mile rides. I know it will take a few weeks of sticking to it before I see any results, but that is just my cross to bear. :)

Where is Cristina??? Thinking of you!

04-13-2008, 07:56 PM
eek, I am back! :eek:

Sue - Hey you! The weather gods must tease us w/ temps in the 70's only to dip back into winter weather. I hope we don't get back to 37 though! I will have to drop into Kohls. I passed by it on Friday taxi driving Rachel around but didn't have time to stop. Best to you on getting back on track, I am sure it will :) I hope C is back Monday!

Cristina - I knew I forgot something!! With the debit card stress I totally forgot to wish Vince Happy Birthday! :celebrate::bday2you::celebrate: I am sorry, my goof. I hope you guys had fun going out for dinner!!

I am bored, I am ready for Gaby to come home. I was going to make a tuna/ pasta dish for dinner, I hope she eats it. I also need to run to the store and get some apples and oranges, craving lettuce too for some reason. I must be turning into some barn animal. haha

hmm, eww forgot to mention McD made strawberry shortcake for dessert! Homemade too, not the store bough angel food cake stuff I buy. I just had to mention that because I was stunned when he started making the shortbread. lol

k- I guess that is my dribble. Chat tomorrow!

04-13-2008, 10:09 PM
Happy Sunday all, wow this weekend has gone fast!!! lol.

I am watching a show on HD TV called Sunrise Earth, anybody here watched it? It is awesome!!! ;) This one is showing the ocean on a beach and looks so awesome, I would love to be there!!! :D Plus the fact my cat LOVES to watch it as they usually have birds or some kind of animal on there too! lol. Right now he is watching a crab on tv and its driving him crazy! lol.

Francie -- Well maybe we'll have to "Stick Together" in our "Single Times" lol. I wish we lived closer, then we could go out and SHOP!!! :D lol. I hear ya on men being "heaters" that is how my DH is........We have AC though and we use it, we both cannot stand to be hot when trying to sleep so I sympathize with ya!

Katy -- Yes IKEA is definitely a neat place to go for sure! We absolutely loved going through the Kitchen Stuff and it is so cool to see everything all together in their displays where you can actually walk through an actual kitchen and even a "house" with each room all set up with their stuff --very cool!! Its been chilly here and infact we have a chance for snow on Tuesday they say!!! What the heck kind of Spring is this? lol. WTG on the WL! :carrot:

Suzy Q -- I dunno if you have to be 44 to like Kohls but I just wasn't impressed. lol. I saw lots of young people there too, so I dunno maybe its just me. lol. Mmmmmm your dinner sounds good.......:drool: Isn't it nice to have a man to cook for ya? My DH loves to cook and so he makes all kinds of things. :D Don't forget about that "Bonus" check we are all getting from the gov't next month too! SHOPPING TRIP for all I think! lol.........

Sue -- I hear ya on the weather change. It is shocking after 70 degree weather! I have heard of Stein Mart and been in one, they are very nice. We got my MIL's Roasting Oven there for a Christmas Present one year from FIL, he had us stop and get it for him. Good Luck on getting prepared for your bike rides! I wanna get a bike, that way I can kill two birds with one stone, get exercise and go places when DH is working and has the car!!! lol.

Big :hug:

04-13-2008, 10:46 PM
Susan~I love the way the British talk!!! Whenever I'm finished with one of the Brit Chick Lits, I find myself always using their words. Calling mean girls cows, and telling dh we need to get "pissed" aka, drunk, lol. Mmm..strawberry shortcake sounds soooo good!!

Sue~I cant put anything between me & Fonzo because that would make me even hotter, lol. And its really weird, because his body temp is lower than normal.

Sassy~Fonzo actually likes to be totally covered when he's asleep. You know how they always say that girls marry their fathers?? Well, my dad was never I married a guy like my mom, lol. Because Fonzo is the exact same way my mom was. They couldnt stand to be cold at night. I like to be freezing cold when I sleep (in the summer), so I have fans going and dont sleep with any blankets..but they layer the blankets on them, lol. My mom would get so mad at me if the a/c was on too high. And Fonzo gets mad at me if the big fan faces him, lol. Its crazy.

Where oh where is Cristina??? I hope you're doing okay!!! :hug: & Fonzo totally slept the entire day away!!! LoL!! We went to the room to watch American Dad around 12 and ended up sleeping until 6pm!! What a waste..but eh, I was tired, lol. Oh Its the day of rest after all, lol. Anyhoo..I'm gonna go find something to eat for dinner. BBL!!

04-14-2008, 01:29 AM
for even more of an update on his speech, he was actually telling us "toot toot" for a train horn! I can't wait for his report card/progress report on Tuesday!

Brandon was sitting on my lap on Saturday while I was on myspace. I brought up Anna's, one of their godmothers, page, and pulled up the pictures so Brandon could see her. He looked at the pictures, and then looked at me and said "mom, who's that?" I didn't know how to answer him at first, but I told him that it was Auntie Anna, one of their godmothers. To which, his only response was a puzzled look on his face.

The last time she came over to see the kids was for Logan's birthday in early November. She was suppose to have come over in December, but she wasn't feeling good but promised that she would come over when she got better. Now, that the double party is coming along, she isn't sure if she is going to come or not.

for some reason, I didn't get an email notification about this I had to jump on here!

04-14-2008, 04:26 AM
Morning Girls.....:coffee:

Another Monday --

Francie --- I married someone a lot like my step dad. lol. They got along like two peas in a pod! lol. We all surely do miss him.......

Mindee. --- How Cute........I hope the kids can see their Godmother soon. :)

Anywho, just popped in to share something I received in my email, figured you all wouldn't mind reading it:

Snacks Under 100 Calories (
By Staff eDiets

The lure of between-meal snacking is one of the main obstacles to losing weight or maintaining an already slim-and-trim body. But never fear -- you don't have to give up the occasional nosh entirely, as long as you stick to low-calorie foods. In fact, eating regularly throughout the day keeps your metabolism up and keeps your blood sugar at a more consistent level. With that in mind, what follows is a list of healthy snacks that are all 100 calories or less and require little or no preparation.

Peanut Butter Celery Stalk -- One stalk of celery dabbed with a tablespoon of natural peanut butter (the kind without added hydrogenated oils) equals about 100 calories of protein-rich deliciousness.

Reduced-Fat Triscuits -- Six of these crunchy whole-grain crackers tote up to under 100 calories. The fiber content will help fill your stomach.

Dry-Roasted Pumpkin Seeds -- A quarter cup of this mineral-rich snack comes out to about 75 calories. Chocolate Treat -- For a quick and easy chocolate fix, take about six tablespoons of any brand of light whipped cream or light whipped cream substitute, and fold in a teaspoon of a powdered cocoa mix. Blend it thoroughly. Only about 50 calories.

Strawberry Newtons -- Nabisco sells a two-cookie snack pack of these. Each cookie is 100 calories. Eat one and give the other to a friend.

Cheese Stick with Marinara Sauce -- Put a low-fat mozzarella cheese stick into a bowl along with a quarter cup of marinara sauce. Heat briefly in the microwave (be careful not to overheat or you'll end up with soup). About 100 calories.

Half-Cup of Sherbet or Sorbet -- A good ice cream substitute, and under 100 calories.

Root Beer Float -- Take eight ounces of diet root beer. Add a scoop of non-fat vanilla frozen yogurt. Around 90 calories.

Watermelon -- Two cups of watermelon cubes are fairly filling and equal only about 85 calories.

Corn on the Cob -- One medium-sized ear with a dash of seasoning will set you back only 80 calories.

Puffed Wheat Cereal -- Grab two-thirds of a cup of puffed wheat. Add a half cup of skim milk and a teaspoon of sugar or sugar substitute. About 100 calories.

Blueberries -- They're delicious fresh from a farmer's market. A cup equals only 90 calories.

Vegetarian Baked Beans -- Doesn't taste much different from the kind with pork in it. One third cup is only about 75 calories.

Teddy Grahams Crackers -- The chocolate ones are particularly yummy. Fifteen clock in at 82 calories.

Plums -- Three on the small side add up to around 90 calories.

Bagel Bites -- Found in the freezer section of your grocery store. Two of these little pizza treats equal 100 calories.

Turkey Sandwich -- Make a half-sandwich using a slice of whole-wheat bread and about two ounces of low-fat turkey breast. Add mustard and/or lettuce or a thin slice of tomato if you like. You're looking at about 100 calories.

Seven-Ounce Bottle of Dannon Lite 'n' Fit Carb Control Smoothie -- Good source of protein and calcium. Only 70 calories.

Campbell's Soup-at-Hand -- A convenient microwavable soup that you sip right from the container. The chicken noodle flavor is only 80 calories.

Red or White Wine or Champagne -- Five ounces of the bubbly stuff is under 100 calories.

Fruit and Whipped Cream -- Take a half cup of your favorite kind of berries -- raspberries, blueberries, boysenberries, etc. -- and place them in a bowl. Top with two tablespoons of a low-fat whipped cream or whipped cream substitute. About 100 calories.

Craisins -- Dried cranberries make a nice change of pace from raisins. Four tablespoons come to around 90 calories.

Grapes -- Ever try them frozen? A great treat! Thirty are under 100 calories.

Bagel -- A half a bagel with a very light sprinkling of low-fat butter substitute will be around 100 calories.

Breadsticks -- The kind with sesame seeds -- two of 'em add up to about 85 calories.

Have an Awesome Week Ya'all!!! ;)


04-14-2008, 05:51 AM
Francie -- Found some Avatars for ya: ( ( (

04-14-2008, 02:23 PM
Good Start of the week Morning hello..and ya. Blah,blah.

Cristina - Ok, we all MISS you!!!! :stress:

Sassy - I have never heard of Sunrise Earth, sounds like something Gaby would love, anything w/ animals. Yeah, on the bonus check too! I wonder though if that will come after the refund ones though for us April 15th filers? I don't know why I slacked so much, I could be shopping by now.:D Cute about the kitty & the
Thanks for the under 100 calorie snack list! I always like red vines or pretzels dipped w/ cottage cheese or cereal as a munchie.,,,,or anything carb. lol

Francie- I love Libby in Mr Maybe, I think my favorite out of all the Jane Green books, she is pretty funny. I can never sleep past 9am, I am always awake thinking I am missing something - haha. Anyway - hope you had something yummy for dinner!edited I was meaning to ask if you have checked out The Bachelor?? Matt (the Bach)is from London and it is kind of cute listening to him speak (ok, I need to get out more -lol) and it is on the tv tonight!!

Mindee- Love the toot toot, Brandon is a cutie! Sorry about his godmother and her lack of involvement.:hug: to you :)

Yes, it is nice to have a man cook and his strawberry shortcake was wonderful, not really calorie packed I would think?? Not like a regular cake. Ok, maybe I am in denial. :dizzy: McDreamy is sweet though and seems at home in the kitchen.

Gab and I woke up slow, hate Monday's. We have Alvin & the Chipmunks tonight (a PTA movie, I think we have 3 others to see after this one!) and I need to pick her up that new swim suite, also need to toss these taxes in the mail. Otherwise it will be a quite day.

Had another bagel w/ turkey for breakfast, figure I will just fill up on veggies and fruit the rest of the day...and lots of my ice water.

k- Hello to Sue, Katy,"grandma" Jules and Michelle!!!!:wave:

04-14-2008, 03:56 PM
just popping in here while I have a quick second!

Brandon just got up from a nap, and I believe Logan is awake as well. Marissa, is still taking a nap. She now can move her walker backwards! The night before I had a dream that she was walking, and now it looks like it is going to happen soon!

Sunday, we met up with one set of the kids' godparents. We met them for lunch and then went to WalMart. She bought Brandon and Marissa their birthday presents since they are going to be unable to attend their party. She bought them each two outfits a piece. We also looked into cupcakes for Brandon to take to school, and for their birthday cake. WalMart now does picture cakes, so we are contemplating getting them a picture cake. Plus, if you get a 1/4 sheet cake or bigger, you get a free smash cake!

04-14-2008, 08:21 PM
Hello ladies...

I'm here! Just been a crazy weekend. Friday was V's BD of course so was busy all day. Then had Chase over for the day and after his mother picked up up I couldn't concentrate on anything. Sunday, was shot! Then the time just got away from me today. Busy, busy...did my exercise before leaving the house for errands and had it planned to mow today. I did mow, the front when I returned from errands, then had to run out again for Josh. Came back mowed the back and was time to jump in the shower and head to the show at 3:15, just got back from there. Went to see Street Kings I think it was called....terrible I can't remember the name of the movie...the one with Keanu Reeves sp? was good! Of course now it is time to cook dinner. Saturday I took Chase to see Nims Island, with Jodie Foster...loved it! Really cute movie. Anywho...I will be back tomorrow and do some catching up.

Have a good one ladies!

04-14-2008, 11:51 PM
Yeah, Cristina is back!!

Hi Mindee!!

I feel bloated, ate a slice of pizza at the movie. I don't know why I had chicken earlier in the day, I shouldn't have been hungry, just smelled so good. I feel so weak, wish I hadn't done it now.

Alvin was cute. I would like to see Nims Island too! Saw a preview tonight, always like Jodie Foster.

Finishing up laundry and need to get Gab to bed and on to Bachelor!\

See ya tomorrow!

04-15-2008, 12:14 AM
nothing really changed since my last post!

oh, did I forget to tell you all how much I absolutely HATE neighbors! our next door neighbors have been arguing nonstop, but they seem to have quieted down for now! I was trying to get Brandon to sleep while watching DWTS, and a male and female were arguing and throwing stuff and what not. Finally at 9:30pm I stood up and banged on the wall, and all was quiet until our neighbor and the girl that was there started arguing!

04-15-2008, 04:14 AM
Hello all :wave:

Nothing much to say really. Had another lazy day with Fonzo. We'll be going to Seattle for the day tomorrow (well, today, lol). I'm excited and will be taking lots of pics, because it could be our last time there.

I've been craving sweets & meat non stop and I have no idea why. Its really weird, lol.

Anyhoo...I'm gonna go back to watching 50 First Dates, I love that movie. Oh ya..just wondering..does anyone watch Paradise Hotel 2???

Nighty nite!!

04-15-2008, 01:47 PM
It is Tuesday!!

Thank goodness.

Francie - Do you know where you are going after being stationed in WA? I have only driven thru Seattle, I especially loved north of up to the Canadian border. I also thought Olympia was beautiful. Hope you guys have fun!!

Mindee- We have noisy neighbors too, young couple who like to come awake at 2am in the morning and who think everything is funny. I don't know what they are laughing at but I wish they were quite.

I finished Mr Maybe last night and I have Bookends to read next, both by Jane Green.
I also wanted to get I was told there'd be cake by Sloane Crosley and 2 by Jennifer Weiner Certain Girls and Good in Bed.

Going to make an effort to eat clean today, yesterday was a disaster w/ pizza and peanut butter toast late at night. I need to wrap up this weight loss thing and get into maintaining, it has been a whole year in May, pete sakes.

Drama w/ Rach but what else is new? I just want to run away w/ my tax money! lol Take Gabster of course, she is a sweety and the only daughter I really can stand to be around. Now how horrible does THAT sound?? It is true though.

k- nothing much to chatter about w/. the day just starting! Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!

04-15-2008, 04:03 PM
well, we got Brandon's progress report today!!!

This is the progress report from his teacher

The goal: Brandon will follow classroom routines with verbal direction.

4/4/08~ Achieved/Maintained; 4/15/08~ At Sufficient Rate - Brandon is doing a great job!

The goal: When in the appropriate situation, Brandon will verbalize wants and needs to other.

4/4/08~ At Sufficient Rate; 4/15/08~ At Sufficient Rate - 4/4/08~ Brandon is primarily making gestures but is attempting to use words to communicate in the classroom. 4/15/08~ Brandon is attempting to verbalize his wants and needs.

The goal: When given the appropriate materials, Brandon will match ten basic colors, including: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, and white.

4/4/08~ At Sufficient Rate; 4/15/08~ At Sufficient Rate

This is the progress report from his Speech and Language

The goal: Student will sequence CV (Consonant/Vowel) syllables using simple sounds (p,b,t,d,m,n).

4/4/08~ Achieved/Maintained

The goal: Student will sequence VC (Vowel/Consonant) syllables using simple sounds (p,b,t,d,m,n).

4/4/08~ At Sufficient Rate
4/4/08~ This is very difficult for Brandon. Keep working on it at home!!!

The goal: Student will sequence 2 syllable words with initial and medial sounds inclusion.

4/4/08~ Not applicable this period

The goal: Student will improve receptive vocabulary.

4/4/08~ At Sufficient Rate

The goal: Student will complete formal language testing.

4/4/08~ Not applicable this period

The goal: Student will increase Mean Length of Utterance to 1-3 words.

4/4/08~ At Sufficient Rate
4/4/08~ Brandon is using primarily gestures combined with an attempt to speak in the classroom.

all in all, he is doing great! we have a couple areas that we need to work on, but we can tell that he is already making progress here at home!

as for our noisy neighbors, the office manager called me this morning to see why we didn't call the cops last night. I told her that after having to bang on the wall, they had stopped. She told me that she was writing up the neighbor whose name is actually on the lease, and informed her that this is a warning. If she has to say something to her two more times after this, then it is cause for eviction. The lady behind her is the one that called the office this morning. I normally have to walk by the office to take garbage to the dumpster before getting the mail, so I was going to mention something then.

04-15-2008, 05:32 PM
Okay, once again time has gotten away from me, ugh! I PROMISE I will catch up tomorrow! Spent too much time on myspace doing nothing and then realized I forgot round two fo exercise which I just finished and still have round three to do before starting dinner, ugh! Had errands this morning and didn't get back until about 12:30 so...sorry :( I'll be back tomorrow for sure.

Hope everyone had a great day! The sun is finally shining here and it is beautiful! Windy as heck, but nice and warm! Later...

04-15-2008, 09:03 PM
Susan~Nope, we dont know yet. We're both sick of waiting. But we put in orders for FL or VA. I hope we get FL.

Well..I'm back from Seattle. I got my bday presents. YAY!! I also took a few pics. I'm gonna upload them all later because right now, I'm gonna take a much needed nap. We did a lot of walking around today and my legs & feet are tired.

04-15-2008, 10:17 PM
Hey Ya'All........

Happy Tuesday Night!!! Well the weather is a lot better that is for sure, of course it gets better when I am here at work! lol. It was simply gorgeous on the way into work this evening. Supposed to be nice all weekend -- we'll see. lol.

Suzy Q - Sunrise is just beautiful to watch. Its not just animals, but they go to different places in the world, but most of them all have animals in them. The Gov't "Bonus" checks are supposed to be mailed out the beginning of May, depending on the last two #'s of your social security #. Here is the link (,,id=180247,00.html) if you wanna check when you'll be getting your check or depost.

Cristina -- Wow you've been busy girlie! lol.

Mindee -- I am with ya, our neighbors are a pain too. They argue alot, party A LOT and also bang on our walls when we are watching tv -- at a normal level, yet they can be as loud as they want!! lol.

Have a Great Night All!!


04-15-2008, 10:53 PM
well...long time no post....sorry about that....

final answer on Ryan...he is leaving May 9 and are you ready for this....going to Tacoma, Wa with his friend Tony. Tony will be here visiting family and when he flies back, Ry is going to try to catch the same flight. He may still end up in Portland, but Adam and his girlfriend have yet to find jobs and aren't in a hurry to move from the sister's floor at his point which worries Ry. I am truly going to miss my boy.

Teri and baby Dominic are doing great. Teri got a promotion & raise. The store is getting a new manager who is supposed to be a real @itch. Dave got time for his violation of probation, but it looks like he will get out in August. At this point Teri is willing to wait. I am hoping he will actually be a changed man and keep his promises. I stil see little things that make me think that he won't but I am keeping my mouth shut.

Hubby and I have been having the same stupid problems...he's controlling and doesn't realize how nasty the words he speaks to me are and I am about at the end of my patience and am snapping back which of course makes me a #itch.

I'll be back for individuals later....I PROMISE!!

for those watching AI...loved David Cook and Jason tonight...and Brooke of course....though I think the three boys will be the final three...

luv you all!!!

04-15-2008, 10:56 PM
quickie for Francie---I guy I actually used to babysit for is career navy--he and his wife loved being stationed in VA--they loved the beach and it was still close enough for them to see both their families..

04-15-2008, 11:42 PM
just popping in to see how you are all doing!

Jules~ It is good to hear from you! I hope for every ones sake, that Dave really has changed and he isn't just saying that.

04-16-2008, 03:26 AM
Jules~I've heard mixed things about I'm kinda unsure what to think about it..

Okay..I've uploaded my if you have me on can check them out :) They're in the Seattle folder. (if you wanna add me, let me know ;))

Anyways..I think Fonzo is getting sick. He's all shaky and isnt hungry, which isnt like him at all. I freakin knew one of us was gonna get sick too. It started raining on us while we were in Seattle. Ugh..I hope its not the flu.

Well..its like 11:26pm right now and I'm finally gonna eat dinner, lol. I know..its really bad to eat this late..but I passed out when we came home from Seattle..and I wasnt hungry when I woke up (plus that and we had no food, lol). So ya..I'm gonna make a light sandwich and watch Medium.

Nighty nite everyone!!

04-16-2008, 02:28 PM
Good Morning - it is hump day, not that that means anything to me. ha

Mindee- Wonderful progress report on Brandon! I am sure he will be fine.

Jules - I think it will be David Cook who takes it all. I think Brooke will be the next to go, only because Kristy Lee seems to have super clued herself to the stage.....and while I like Carley out of the ladies, I don't think she will get it. Tacoma?? Maybe he will make his way down to Portland?? Wonderful about Teri!

Francie- Virgina looks so pretty but Florida would be my choice for the warm weather and beaches!! btw- how did your husband get the nickname Fonzo? Hope he is feeling better! I want to see the Seattle pictures!!

Sassy - What channel is Sunrise? Thanks for the link I will go look. I guess my main question is will all us late filers still make the May send out date for the checks? You would think they would have to process them and all?? Why am I so f -ing confused.....I will go look at the link - lol

Cristina- You owe us indi's!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol jk - Wow, sounds like you are way busy. Miss you.

Katy - How are you??? Crappy weather, huh?? Freezing my arse off and looking for swim suits still for Gaby. There is a Swim Suit warehouse in SE I might take a look at....or there is one out in Beaverton.

Sue - Hey!! Come chat, we miss you. Hope your mother is doing ok, sending warm thoughts to you both!!

k- on the run!! I weighed and am close to 164, so I think I will be back to that weight by Friday. After my wild cheesebread weekend and pizza at the movie disaster. I munched a whole bag of ice since Sunday so have to go buy another one.

OMG!!! Best news and I almost forgot....Gaby lost her first (1st) tooth this morning!!!! How exciting, she was so proud and kept poking the hole with her finger. She is growing up!!!

k- better get, chat later.

04-16-2008, 03:09 PM
Hello ladies... better keep that man of yours! Anyone who can make strawberry shortcake is a keeper in my book! Lol Bet it was delicious! Yay for Gaby losing her first toofie! I remember the days...stupid me kept the kids teeth in an envelope-don't ask me why-and one of the kids found them, lol. Ah, they were smart anyway and already knew that I was the tooth fairy. Hey, I think you will like the book Good In Bed...I loved it! I am fighting to get the one I am reading done. This has not been a good reading month for me at all. don't like Khol's, omg! Are you sick woman? Just kidding...I'm not much of a Kohl's shopper, more of a Penney's & Dillards shopper but I did make a trip there this morning, lol. They have had some really cute babydoll tops and I grabbed a couple...can't beat the sales either. IKEA...been meaning to go there but haven't made it. Thanks for the 100 calorie snack post but come on...who is going to eat one strawberry newton and give one away? Not me, lol! Of course I've not tried them...I try my best to avoid the cookie aisle but sometimes ya just gotta have a cookie, or I do anyway.

KATY...WTG on the pound and moving the ticker! You are getting it done missy. I saw your stats on the side...didn't realize you are down to 176 :bravo:

SUE...I have to say, this year has been a weird one for sure with the weather. Warm one day and freezing the next. We just had the temps dip down to freezing a couple of nights ago after some beautiful days. Now if this wind will stop blowing so hard it will be perfect!

FRANCIE...I am not sure why I hadn't looked at your pictures before but I loved them all! The ones of you Fonz on New Years Eve were too cute! You guys make a cute couple! Love the purse! I've noticed a lot of pink in purses this spring...may have to get one. Sorry about the friend stabbing you in the back. We like to think when high school is over the little drama is too but I think some people just don't change. In other words, been there done that.

MINDEE...yay to Brandon's report! Seems he is adjusting well to going to school. UGH neighbors! Sorry you guys have to deal with that. You would think people would be considerate...I wouldn't want everyone knowing my business, lol. Guess some people just don't care. Hope it gets better and they quiet down.

JULES...I too hope Dave isn't just bs'ing and does change. Teri has one baby to take care of and she doesn't need another. :yay: to her for the promotion! I wish I was like you and could keep my mouth shut, lol! Sounds like Ryan has a good head on his shoulders and I would say so you don't have to worry about him. But...being a mother I know you will. I think we will always worry about our kids and miss them! Sorry dh is being a butthead, hugs to you. :hug: :hug:

And speaking of drama Susan...have my own little drama going on again with J & C. Only it's not so little, in my eyes anyway. I don't want to get into it though and I am butting out but I had to have my say so first. I am only looking out for what's best otherwise I wouldn't bother. But today I decided no more! I said my last bit about the situation and it won't come up again, not from me anyway. I can't take the stress anymore. It's been eating at me and I've not been doing so well with staying op. The exercise is still good but the eating...well, let's just say I am a stress eater. I think I may have an ulcer now too, ugh! Did get in 65 minutes of exercise and as soon as I get off this thing will do my second and last round for the day which is a 50 minute dvd. I think the exercise is saving me...working out my frustrations for sure. But at the same time it gives me time to think and that is something I don't need to be doing, lol. Anywho...that's about all I have for now.

Hoping all is well with everyone. Have a good day ladies!

P.S. I forgot to add that I did lose 2 pounds last week! :yay: Aiming for another 2 this WI, not sure if that will happen with the stress eating but today, so far, I have it under control. :crossed:

04-16-2008, 03:23 PM
Cristina - ahhh, my Cristina Fix, I was about to go insane!!

:bravo::dance::cheer2::congrat: on the 2 pounds!!

I am doing the 2 steps forward 3 steps back diet. haha. I am never getting to goal it seems. I was thinking of just going out and buying some New Balance shoes and be done with it, I am never going to be able to afford it so why keep putting it off ....and getting out for walks would help my mental state. :dizzy: Actually I could afford it in 6 weeks but I will be *round the bend* by that time.

You're doing wonderful on your exercise Cristina. I am thinking we are all stress eaters, just having a blob of food to munch on eases my anxities. I have tried the journal thing but I can't write fast enough before my hand goes in the chip bag. lol

anyway - sorry about the J & C drama :hug::hug::hug:

The library only had Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner, I put the others on hold, looks like some good reading!!

I better go pick up the toothless girl, thinking of a new tooth brush & kiddie tooth paste along w/ some $$ under her pillow tonight. lol

The strawberry shortcake was yummy!

k- thanks again for the fix!!! :)

04-16-2008, 03:34 PM
popping in here while I have the time! I managed to go to bed early last night and woke up with Tommy's alarm clock this 5 am! At that point, Brandon came into bed with me, and I was able to get back to sleep and got up with my alarm clock with no problems. I took a slight nap on the couch this morning, but woke up when my capris got wet from Logan! Off to the bath tub for him, and off to look for something for me!

Tommy is contemplating going up north this weekend to see my parents. And to take some clothes up there for my brother Sean, and for my sister Robyn's friend that is pregnant. He also has a chance to get some tickets to the playoff Red Wings game this Friday.

Speaking of sickies.......Logan has had a runny nose the past couple of days, and last night Marissa started with it. I have been giving them medicine, and I am about to run out of Logan's medicine actually. Tonight, Brandon has his hearing test at the pediatrician's office. I will let you all know how that goes when we get back!

Francie~ I hope Fonzo starts to feel better soon!

SusieQ~ That is so exciting about Gab loosing her first tooth!

Cristina~ I was really excited about his progress report! We are actually taking it with us to show his pediatrician tonight. I agree with you on the arguing and most people not wanting every body to know their business. I hope things get well before the wedding for J & C.

04-16-2008, 03:34 PM
Thank you Susan! :hug:

Your diet sounds a lot like mine. I got down to 179 and then slowly let myself get back up, ugh! At least it wasn't too far til I got back on track so...we'll get there. I think you are doing GREAT too! Funny about the journal and chips, crack me up and I need something to make me smile! :D Just been in a mood for far too long. Just gotta keep busy and my mind off things. Gaby will love a new toohtbrush & toohpaste! Too cute she is!

Have a good one missy! :hugs:

04-16-2008, 03:37 PM
Hiya Mindee! Saw you snuck in there and thought I better say HI! Sorry about Logan's accident. Sorry the kids are feeling icky...hope they get to feeling better soon. :hug:

Francie...I knew I forgot something (thanks for reminding me Mindee) sorry Fonzo isn't feeling good either and hope you don't get it.

Have a good day everyone!

04-16-2008, 03:45 PM
hiya Cristina!

here I thought I was the only one on the two steps forward, three steps back diet! thanks for the is greatly appreciated!

04-16-2008, 04:17 PM
Susan~We want FL because we wanna go to Disneyworld and Unviseral Studios there, lol. We're dorks. Fonzo got that nickname because his name is Alfonso. I dont call him Alfonso unless I'm mad at him, lol. So its usually just Fonzo. And Fonzi if I want something, lol. Plus, his family calls him Fonso. They say the 'S' while I say the 'Z'. I dunno if that made any sense, lol. I see that you're gonna read Little Eathquakes. Thats a good book. I loved all of Jennifer Weiner's books. Especially Good In Bed & In Her Shoes (btw, dont ever watch that movie. It was horrible!!) YAY for Gaby losing her 1st tooth!!!!!! :carrot:

Cristina~Sorry about all the drama :hug: Drama sucks!!! Thanks for the pic comments :) And yes..a lot of purses have pink in them now. They're just too cute, I love them all.

Mindee~I woke up at 5am too. Ugh..I hate waking up that early. Sorry the kids are sick. I hope they feel better soon.

Well..Fonzo's temp went up to 100.7 last night. I put this neck pillow (that I keep in the freezer) on him..and that seemed to help a little bit. He took some meds that lowered his fever too. So now its 99.7. So its going down a little bit. He says he still feels like crap though. I dunno whats wrong with him. Its not a cold..and its not the flu (at least I dont think it is). I didnt tell him this..but I was having nightmares about him dying all night long!!! My mom started off with a fever and well ya. :( My freaking issues always come out when he gets sick, I hate it so much.

Anyways..I'm gonna go and lay down with him..BBL

04-16-2008, 06:56 PM
omg - don't lay too close to him Francie! Isn't that horrible? I just don't want you to get sick too. Maybe he just ate something bad? Hope he is feeling better. Florida would be fun, you are stationed for how long in a place?? You guys are seeing the country, that must be exciting! Thanks about the name, just was curious.

Mindee- :hug: to little Logan and can't wait for the hearing test results!

Cristina- Ain't Gaby the cutest?? I know, I am her We were in the car w/ Rach and she ((Gaby)) said I was her best mother and Rach was her best sister and Rach said "thanks" and Gaby replies "you are welcome sister" - cracked me up.

So, just pooping in, ok popping in...finger happy w/ typos! Honest.:dizzy: Ate a bagel w/ turkey for breakfast and am starving for lettuce!!! Too bad that doesn't last because by 10pm I want a carb of some sort.

Heading out to look at a sceond shop for a bathing suit. Went to the warehouse and they had some but were way too old looking for Gaby. One was pink w/ roses on it. Would have been way too granny for Gaby. I guess I should just go to Target or Freddies and be done w/ it.

American Idol results tonight! And the debate....that should be fun! Good time to plan a carb snack. lol

Hope Logan and Fonzo are feeling better!!

04-17-2008, 12:27 AM
just popping in here while I have a second before I shut down and go to bed!

The doctor's appointment, was more like a "we haven't been here in a couple of weeks, so we thought we would stop by" kind of visit. He listened to Brandon's heart and lungs. Then asked if we had any questions or concerned. Then we started talking about Brandon's progress report, which we brought with us, and the doctor read. Then he told us to schedule an appointment with the ENT that the letter suggested. So, I get to call first thing tomorrow morning to try and schedule him an appointment for next Wednesday. I am just hoping and praying that they have an appointment open late enough for us! Other wise I will have to call the doctor's office and see if they can give us a referral to an ENT.

Francie~ I hope Fonzo's fever breaks soon!

SusieQ~ I have those days as well, and it is usually when I have three kids running around driving me crazy! Your favorite girl got the big old boot on American Idol tonight!

04-17-2008, 12:34 AM
Just a quick update..Fonzo's fever finally broke. His temp is back to normal. He seems to be back to his old self. I think sleeping all day helped some. I have no idea what was wrong w/him..but good thing it didnt last for the rest of his leave. Anyhoo...we're gonna go eat dinner & watch Spiderman now. (I'm in a superhero mood tonight, lol). BBL

04-17-2008, 01:42 AM

Only 6 and 1/2 hrs to go!!! :woohoo: I so wished I could have left early this morning too (left early last week using up my Floating Holiday)........I am just not in the mood to work today. lol. Coming in yesterday evening was so beautiful :sunny: I just wanted to keep on drivin. lol.

Suzy Q -- Aw I am sorry didn't mean to confuse ya! I think as long as you have your taxes in on time, then those dates will apply, that is what I gathered from the site anyways.

Cristina -- Yeah I am the anti-Kohls lady. lol. Not that I dislike them, just not my "thing". lol. I am more of a Wally World shopper or online shopper. lol. I hate clothes shopping. Maybe once I am down to that Size 000 then I won't mind as much. :lol3: (Kidding........I only want to get down to Size 00......:lol:)

Francie -- Aw I hope Fonzo feels better soon. I felt icky when I woke up yesterday evening. Did not want to go into work, but did not want to use up my personal time either. lol.

Mindee -- hope all is well with the kiddos. :hug:

Well my mom is *tentavily* coming up May 22nd-25th. She is putting in those days for vacation. I requested May 25th off since we are going to be working new schedules by then. (If I get the 1st choice I chose.) I don't want to have to rush to take her home and then rush to come back to work. I hope it is nice those days. It would suck if it was all rainy. But at least we will be together (hopefully) I guess that is all that matters, right?

Big :hug:

04-17-2008, 12:50 PM
just popping in here while I have a quick chance to do so!

Marissa is laying down, and Logan is watching Yo Gabba Gabba, but he will be going to take a nap here shortly. I did a mini photo shoot with Marissa, and a couple of shots with Logan. I am in the process of putting them on Myspace, so if you all have me on there, check them out and tell me what you think!

I actually stepped on the scale this morning and it was reading 233.8! I an really happy about that!

Francie~ That is great that Fonzo's fever broke! It sounds like just a 24 hour bug of some sort.

Sassy~ I know what you mean, it has been really nice here lately. Tommy wanted to close the blinds when I was cuddling with Brandon, but since the sun was still up I had him leave them open! I love this time of year! I hope things work out and you can have the time off to be with your mom!

04-17-2008, 02:32 PM
Good Morning -

Katy - Where ARE you?? Hope you and the family are having a great week!

Francie - Thanks for the myspace add! I am glad Fonzo is feeling better and you didn't catch anything, of course, you are a superhero! lol

Mindee- Yes, *my* girl Kristy Lee. I think I almost teared up when she was told she was leaving. I felt bad for her all of a sudden, maybe because she followed her dream and didnt even get her horse back?? I really wanted Brooke to go first, she does this annoying pout w/ her mouth and talks over the judges when they review her singing. Yeah, for Carly though! She is my favorite female singer.
Congrats on the 233.8!! Also, cross fingers for an afternoon appt for Brandon!

Sassy - Don't worry, I am always confused. :dizzy: I checked out the link and answered the questions and it figured I would get back $1500 and going by my SSN it will go out on June 20th! Yippeeee, I need a beach trip.
You have some days off now????

My dinner last night was green beans and cottage cheese. lol I only did that because Gab and I went to Target and bought her swimsuit. Stopped by the snacks/deli thingie area and grabbed some pizza. They are very small indi pizza's and I ate mine. Gab didn't finish all of hers so when in the car driving home I opened the box and started eating her's. She didn't mind, I asked her *cough *cough.
I. Swear. To. God. I . Made. A. Mess!!!!!! Pizza sauce squirted all over me, down my arm , all over my front, on my jeans. You think I was being attacked. After the first few blobs it was "what the heck" and I grabbed another slice. I mean I was already a mess, can't get any worse. It felt like the Food God's making me feel guilty or something. WhatEVER, I enjoyed every bite. And the cool thing is the sauce came out of the clothes in the wash.
Put Gab in bed at 7:30 and watched the Debate until 9pm and switched over to Americanm Idol , munched on ice and ate a banana.
That was it, none too exciting. I am almost done w/ Bookends.

Hello to Cristina , Sue, Jules!!

04-17-2008, 04:14 PM
I did start to feel bad for her when Brooke was trying to tell her not to think about it, that they didn't know what the results were yet. I am just so happy that David Cook is still in!

I am torturing myself right now. I am watching 101 Incredible Celebrity Slim Downs. It is from 2007, so I have seen this one already, but it just irks me on some of these celebrities!

Logan is in his room, supposed to be taking a nap, but instead he is screaming help. I have checked on him and there is absolutely nothing wrong with him. He seems to have relaxed on screaming but he is avoiding to take a nap! Looks like a walk or something to get some fresh air tonight for all!

oh yeah....Brandon has an appointment on his birthday at 3:50 with the ENT!

04-17-2008, 04:20 PM
Mindee- yikes, at least Logan isn't in there yellin fire! lol I like David Cook, I will place my bet on him winning American Idol.

I walked 2 miles! Yeah, in my old Keds to boot - I really need to make an effort to do something. lol
Teacher emailed regarding Gab and she is seeing an improvement and keep up the hard work. That was sweet but I really think Gab knows her stuff she just doesn't like to be wrong so she says "I don't know a lot".
Bought some chicken tenderloin and more green beans and some fuji apples. Need to go spend time w/ my kids so chat later!

04-17-2008, 04:29 PM
Hiya ladies...

SASSY...hoping you get the 25th off. Can't believe May will be in so soon...geez, where has the time gone. This month just flew by. Enjoy your days off! Yeah, I don't care much for clothes shopping but once in a while I like to get a couple of new things. I don't want to look like a bag lady another summer, lol.

MINDEE...hoping you get an afternoon appt. and :bravo: on the 233.8!! Hoping the kids are feeling better today...the avatar is too cute!

FRANCIE...glad to hear Fonzo's fever broke and he is feeling better. I liked the Spiderman movies...didn't like Batman so much or some of the others but Spiderman was actually okay.

SUSAN...I've not had the pizza at Target but everytime I am there it smells soooo good and I've been tempted. I like Pizza Hut pizza but no one else does. I'm picturing you eating it in the car :lol: So did you get Gaby a cute little bikini? Or a one piece? While in Kohl's yesterday I passed by the kids clothes and OMG! The little girls stuff is just the cutest! They had a bunch of cute little dresses and bikini's.


Nothing much going on today. Went to wally world and bought groceries, then got gas, and stopped at the post office. I did my Denise Austin dvd and the 1 mile WATP before I left. Just have 20 minutes of weights to do later, whenever. Came home put the groceries up and did my 4 mile WATP...exciting life I lead eh? :lol: Nothing else going on...same old crap, different day.

Still trying to get this book read and I am finally almost finished! About 20 more pages and then I start a new one, yay! Slow reading month for sure. I WILL be spending the weekend catching up...picking out 3 books to read.

Anywho...hoping everyone is having a good day!

04-17-2008, 04:32 PM
:yay: SUSAN!!! :yay: WTG on the 2 miles!!!

04-17-2008, 04:42 PM
SusieQ~ Congrats on the 2 miles! I did the Walk n Tone 2 mile Leslie Sansone workout this morning!

Cristina~ Thanks for the bravo! We actually were able to get him an appointment at 3:50 on his birthday!

04-17-2008, 04:52 PM
OMG OMG OMG!!! This is turning out to be the best birthday I've had in a long time!!!!!!

WE GOT A WII TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot: I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We even got the bowling game too. :carrot: And not only that..but I bought the new Jennifer Weiner book (which is like a part 2 to Good In Bed)..and season 3 of American Dad!!! I'm so flipping happy!!!!!!!!!! 23 is gonna be a awesome age!!!!!!

04-17-2008, 07:15 PM
awesome Francie!! I am so jealous!!!

04-17-2008, 07:23 PM
they're selling them at Walmart & Game Stop!!!

04-17-2008, 09:12 PM
Francie - Are we celebrating the whole month of April for your birthday? lol I keep thinking I have missed it. lol Congrats on the WII & bowling game. I must be out of it because I don't know what a WII is?? :?: I am sure I am jealous just like Mindee :D lol

omg- I am old. You know what I ate for dinner???? Cottage cheese and pineapple. Senior food and -omg again - .... . I love it, you can stick all sorts of fruit in there w/ the CC and be in heaven. lol

Cristina - How mush is the gas prices there?? I think we have hit 3.55 a gallon. I put $15 in yesterday and already see the gas light coming on, what a pain! The pizza at Target is good! I will have to go to Kohls for Gaby but not with her, she is impossible in the stores. I had to buy a 14.99 Barbie thing and tried to convince her that since she got that the Tooth Fairy was wondering if she still had to come and Gaby starts to whimper.....and Rachel hisses at me "oh pete sakes, give her a .25 at least" , ok, ok geez - it was worth a try. G wanted a 2 piece but I said no, too tarty:dizzy:, I bought her a 1 piece w/ hearts on it.

Mindee- Thank you :) Congrats on your walk n tone!

k- swimming in an hour!!

04-17-2008, 10:04 PM
Susan~Not really, lol. But Fonzo keeps buying me stuff now, lol. He's like a big kid. He buys me presents, and cant keep it a secret for long, lol. But finding the Wii was actually my idea, lol. We went to Walmart this morning for cat food and I suggested we see if they had any Wii's..they did but they were all on reserve for other people. So we went across the street to Game Stop..and they had a ton of them. We've been wanting one forever!!! This is a Wii..but we soooo did not pay that much for it, lol. I want the Wii fit next. And that is soooooooooooo not old people food!! LOL!!! I was eating cottage cheese with pears when I was really little (cant eat pineapples because I'm allergic) Mmm..I want some now. Too bad all the pears are gone and the CC is old, lol.

04-18-2008, 12:18 AM
well, I bit the bullet and cleaned out our storage unit in the basement. I brought up at least 12 to possibly 15 boxes of girls clothes from size 12 months to 18 months! I even noticed a couple pieces of smaller sizes then that! So, I am going to go through all of them while Brandon is in school.

I also took a tumble in the basement while I was in there. I am sure that my knee will be a little bruised in the morning but I will be fine! I also fell on my wrist that I just got done wearing the compression glove on! It doesn't hurt now, but I have six boxes sitting in my living room for me to go through tonight, but I am thinking about just leaving them until tomorrow when I have more time. Plus, I want to get to bed early like I have been.

I am going to count doing all the box moving and such as my main exercise for Friday since I will be doing some heavy cleaning!

04-18-2008, 05:47 AM
Mindee~I hope you're knee isnt badly bruised :hug: Be careful moving the heavy stuff!!

My ankle has been killing me lately. I think it hurt it when I slipped on some stairs in Seattle. I bought a wrap or whatever its called for my ankle today (thursday). It feels so much better when I'm wearing it!!! We watched Juno tonight (thurs). I just absolutely love that movie. If you havent seen it, then you totally should. The music is pretty good too.

We're going to the Spring Fair today!! I'm looking forward to going to all those different booths, lol. I'm a dork..but I love sampling food and seeing all the different things they're selling, lol. Last year at the fall fair..they had these cute little somethings (I cant remember what they were called)..but they were hugging. It was soooooo cute!! I wanted to get it, but we didnt have enough money. So maybe I'll be able to find it this time. The food thing is gonna be a bit of a challange..and I've been on an emotional rollercoaster these past couple of weeks, eating has been trouble for me. I'm thinking of just eating whatever I want, and not going overboard with it all. I dunno..we'll see how it all goes. Anyways..I better get to bed right now, because we gotta wake up early (like 11am, lol).

Nighty nite!!

04-18-2008, 10:13 AM
Hi all -
I didn't realize how MIA I've been til I saw how many posts I needed to catch up on..sheesh!

Francie -Happy Birthday---we celebrate for weeks at a time over at our place, so you go right ahead :) I'll pm you my info to add onto myspace if you like - I'd love to see your pictures

Susan- can't believe you don't know what a Wii is...really it's a blessing, enjoy it while you can. lol! We don't have one and I never hear the end of it from my DS.

Hi to everyone else! I'll have to come back later and do some more catching up...have to get the kids ready for school. Have a great Friday!

04-18-2008, 01:53 PM
Good morning ladies...

SUSAN...gas is at $3.29, ugh! I got a whole 6 gallons for $20, lol. Actually, it was 5. something gallons. Funny about Gaby and the tooth fairy, too cute! Bet the bathing suit is cute...all the stuff they have for little girls is cute, makes me want one...okay, nah. And I guess I am old too because I love pineapple and cottage cheese, and cottage cheese with peaches is good too!

FRANCIE...a great birthday indeed! I would like to get a Wii but don't think it will happen...looks like fun though. And I agree about Juno...even DH liked it! I meant to grab while at Wal-Mart yesterday and forgot. I did pick up a couple of dvd's I've been meaning to get, some old ones I like...Uncle Buck & Radio...such a good movie. Enjoy your birthday month! better be careful missy. Hope you are okay today. My mom fell and broke her wrist in several places...instead of taking the fall she tried break the fall, no pun intended...and it did. So be careful. Lots of girly clothes ya got...hope there's some that you can use.

Hiya Katy, Sue, Jules & Sassy :wave:

Nothing special going on today. My foot is killing me again so taking a break from the dvds today, all exercise as well. Give it a rest today and walk on the treadmill tomorrow, and probably sunday. Finally finished that darn book, ugh! Didn't think I would ever get it done. Hoping I can play catch up with it this weekend, the reading that is. Started out with a bang and then blah...too much other stuff going on. Still have the favors to finish, lol. Anywho...have a great day ladies!

04-18-2008, 02:14 PM
:?: So pissed. I picked up a bag of yogurt trail mix at the local Arco (because the gas was 3.39 there,what a deal!) and munched on it mindlessly weaving through traffic.
I glanced at the calorie intake and thought it was 110 per serving and there was 4 in the bag.
Duh ,as I almost finished the bag (really it was mainly raisins, that can't be bad, right???? ) I glanced again and the 4 servings were now 9.5, how did that F-ing happen?? :dizzy:
Takes almost my whole calorie count for the day!!!! I am pissed because I still want to eat. lol

Francie- I still don't know what a WII is , and yes, I did look at the link. I am thinking it is for video games???? hmm, final answer. You have a sweet husband! Sorry about the ankle. Have fun at the Spring Fair.

Mindee- Ouch! You take it easy!

Katy - pssst, still don't know what a wii is............I did see an Ipod the other day, Rach bought one w/ her first pay check. I just kind of starred and said "why would you want 10,000 songs?? Is there even 10, 000 songs recorded?? Why can't you just listen to the radio??" lol You are SO MIA, you owe us a lot of posting!! :D

Cristina - Sorry about the foot! I love the new avatar, reminds me of you walking, walking, I had to go buy another suit this morning. The first one was so hard to get her into and left red marks on her skin. And we tried the darn thing on at the store! So , I went up a size. How many books do you read a week? I think if I give up sleep I can read 3, this week I read 2. And I am rested. I am weird, if I really like a book I will sit there and read right through it as the kids are screaming to be fed. lol

*sigh - ok, I am full of raisins, and other misc trail mix crap. No word from M, he moved down to the coast last Monday. I doubt I will do a McDreamy date because I am so backed up in other things. I would really like to spend time w/ my sister and help her start packing for her move in June. I also just want me time! I get tired of men...........omg- did I really say that?? It is true. I just want to read my books and walk and shop, and gossip w/ girl pals....I can make my own cheesebread!! lol

Hello to Jules, Sassy and Sue!!!! We miss you!!

yikes, better get!

04-18-2008, 03:57 PM
all the kids are napping, so I got myself something to eat and drink, and here I am! Tommy has to work tomorrow until noon, so who knows what we are going to end up doing.

I did manage to get through all the boxes that I had brought up. Out of the 13 boxes that came up, two are empty and going into the garbage, three are going to my parents house for my sister's friend, and the other eight are going back down to our storage unit because they are too big for her right now!

My knee is doing good today. It is starting to bruise, but not too badly! Thank goodness for that! On top of it all, I went to pick up a box this morning, and bent the nail on my big toe back, so I had to clip the nail off, clean up some of the blood, and slapped a band aid on it!

I talked to B's bus driver this morning about taking cupcakes on the bus, and she said he could as long as she got one. I said that it was not a problem. She then said that they have to be in a covered container. She told me that she had one mom send in some cupcakes in an open box, she hit a bump and all the cupcakes flipped over!

Francie~ Have fun at the fair! I can't wait to take the kids to a local fair around here. There is a carnival that I know of, I am not sure if it is still going on or not. Since it is a nice day today, maybe I can convince Tommy to go and see if it is still going on. That way we can get out of the house, and for once we don't need to go to wal-mart!

Katy~ It is good to hear from you!

SusieQ~ I hate when I do something like that, which happens a lot! $3.29 a gallon, man that is cheap! Tommy said that the gas station that he passed just before getting home, was up to $3.59! I really hope that they manage to come up with the money to cover the $10 million in gas tax so that they can suspend it from Memorial weekend to Labor Day weekend!

Cristina~ How's life in your world today? Any more drama? When I fell, I actually kind of blacked out/spaced out a little bit. Our stuff sits on a pallet in the storage unit. So, I stepped up on it to grab a box, turned around to move it, and forgot that I was on the pallet. I banged my wrist against the bottom bar of the storage caged unit. And surprisingly, my wrist doesn't even hurt!

04-18-2008, 04:50 PM
Cristina - hope your foot feels better soon. I didn't exercise today and I don't have a decent reason why..bad me. I think I read a bit back about drama? Anyhoo, I hope it has blown over so you can truly enjoy the wedding planning. But I do hear you about drama, I feel like we've had enough of that around here for sure!

Francie - thanks for the myspace add - I'll get over there soon to look at your pictures. Think of all the calories your gonna burn playing that Wii, lol! So it's a totally justified purchase...can't spoil a girl too much on her birthday.

Sue - thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog - your property sounds so beautiful..I could just picture your meadow from your description.

Mindee - everyone napping at once...what?! did you drug 'em or something? Haha My kids never slept at the same time. Your gas prices are the similar to ours and we are like 5th highest in the nation, I think. I am fortunate to live so close to village and can walk to many things when the weather is good. I am trying to combine trips and minimize driving. I don't know how people with long commutes are's terrible.

Hi to Jules, Sassy, and Susan....

Slowly I am catching up...I spent this morning writing for PW. Good news, after a phone call with the editor, my first book review is officially done! It feels great! I am also getting great feedback on the test knitting. It looks like I'll be kept moderately busy with these activities and can make a little money to boot.

Since L has had strep so many times this school year, I took her to the naturopath, who looked at all her issues (asthma, hay fever, etc) and said "She needs to be off dairy" I just knew she was going to do that! I explained that dairy is her only source of protein, she's a picky eater, acts like she's afraid of food, yada yada. Next thing you know, we have a referral to a homeopath who specializes in this stuff. And a referral to a therapist...I've tried to tell her pediatrician and the pediatric dietitian that I think a therapist could help her, but they all say she'll grow out of it. And she might, but now that dairy is contributing to her health issues, the pressure is on to cultivate some other palatable protein options for her. Such an adventure! I'm going to get some good vitamins and immune support from the NP, and that will help her from the start, regardless where the other stuff may lead.

I'm down .20 lbs this week...not much but I'll take it. Been so busy, it's hard to get to the I am working on getting my exercise routine back up and running.

Have a great day everyone!

04-19-2008, 01:26 AM
well, after dinner tommy and brandon went to clean some of the stairs in the complex. then we all went outside. the kids played while me and tommy did some plant pulling. tommy also put some new mulch in the area that he is going to put the BBQ grill. the office manager came over and we got the okay to put in some rose bushes. so I am going to look around and see what I can find. tommy says that he doesn't see a point in doing that since we won't be staying here that long. but it doesn't look like we are going to be moving any time soon! and not while brandon is in school!

then we came inside and gave brandon and logan a bath. they got to play with logan's t-ball set that he got for christmas. they had a blast! I was showing them how to do it and ended up knock over tommy's pop from dinner instead!

we are planning on going up north to see my parents on Saturday. tommy has to work until noon, and then we will go from there.

Katy~ sounds like you have been very busy! I hope things work out for L and you can figure out what she can and can't eat.

04-19-2008, 01:48 AM
Happy Saturday Mornin' Girls. :coffee:

I had a rough morning yesterday, just was down and blue.......:( All because of one dumb comment from a so-called "Friend". Stupid I know to let that person have that kind of "power". But I'm alright now. :yes:

I got back up and brushed myself off. :) I have realized that the people that matter most don't hurt you, don't make you cry, unless they are happy tears.......Nobody should ever have that kind of power over you to make you feel that down on yourself, although I know words do hurt a lot.......Anywho.....

Its been so GORGEOUS here!!! I have the windows open and feels so good.......:D I know its almost 1 AM (Eastern Time) here but its still like 70 degrees outside! :)

Well that is about it......

Take Care All!!!


04-19-2008, 02:18 AM
Cristina~The Wii's are so hard to come by. We just got lucky. And not only that, but they are so ridiculously over priced online!!!! I saw one for $399!!! Thats how much the PS3 is at Walmart!!!!! We bought our Wii for $200+ Crazy.

Susan~The Wii is for video games. I'm actually excited with this one though because this is the first time I'll be able to play video games with Fonzo. I do not understand the Xbox360 controllers..and he keeps his GameCube & Ps2 on the ship (yes..Fonzo is a HUGE gamer, lol).

Katy~I didnt even think about all the calories!!! Nice!!!!!! LoL!! Fonzo wants to get the DDR sometime soon, lol. That burns A LOT of calories!! ;)

Mindee~Carnivals are sooooooooooooooooo fun!!!!!!!!! Whats the difference between a carnival and a fair?? LoL!!

Sassy~:hug: You are better than your "friend"

We didnt go to the Fair today. We ended up taking a really really really long nap, lol. So when we finally woke up it started raining..then it turned into snow, lol. So we just decided to go to Goodwill and see what they had there. Only, I ended up touching something bad and broke out in hives!!! So we left asap and went to Petco. Omg, I want some birds, gerbils, bunnies, and a ferret now. As well as a turtle & some fish, lol. All of those things, cats can and probably will attack, lmao.

We went to Target to look at the games..and I already know what my next games are gonna be, lol. I want Pinball, this racing game and Pirates of the Caribbean (where you can sword fight!!!!!!!!! totally awesome!!!)

Anyhoo..I better go..we're gonna watch Signs and then finally play some games on the Wii. Woohoo. :carrot:


04-19-2008, 02:32 AM
Sassy~:hug: You are better than your "friend"

We didnt go to the Fair today. We ended up taking a really really really long nap, lol. So when we finally woke up it started raining..then it turned into snow, lol. So we just decided to go to Goodwill and see what they had there. Only, I ended up touching something bad and broke out in hives!!! So we left asap and went to Petco. Omg, I want some birds, gerbils, bunnies, and a ferret now. As well as a turtle & some fish, lol. All of those things, cats can and probably will attack, lmao.

We went to Target to look at the games..and I already know what my next games are gonna be, lol. I want Pinball, this racing game and Pirates of the Caribbean (where you can sword fight!!!!!!!!! totally awesome!!!)

Anyhoo..I better go..we're gonna watch Signs and then finally play some games on the Wii. Woohoo. :carrot:


Thank you, my friend and you too are much much better than that "friend" of yours. We are very special chickadees, as are all of us here. :high:

UGH SNOW! That totally stinks! UGH sorry about the hives.........just makes me itch thinkin about it. lol. Take some benedryl......;)

I think I want a WII now! I saw it on tv and people playin and it looks like SO Much fun + it is good exercise!!! :D

Big :hug:

04-19-2008, 03:02 AM
just popping in before heading to bed.

the neighbors are arguing again, and the office manager is not going to like that! she already gave them a warning and told them that if she had to say it two more times, then the lease holder is getting evicted. (this makes time number two for them.....and they are NOT even on the lease as far as I know) the guy that is arguing with his girlfriend told the office manager that he promised that they wouldn't do it again. so much for that promise!

04-19-2008, 03:04 AM
Just Sharin':

Eat 'n Lose: 10 Fat-Burning Foods! (
By Strykowski Sheri
eDiets Contributor

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Just remember: Calories count, portion control rules and there's no substitute for a well-balanced diet and regular exercise. So get moving!

Here are the top picks culled from some of the latest research:

1. Water! A new study seems to indicate that drinking water actually speeds up weight loss. Researchers in Germany found that subjects of the study increased their metabolic rates (the rate at which calories are burned) by 30 percent after drinking approximately 17 ounces of water. Water is also a natural appetite suppressant that banishes bloat as it flushes out sodium and toxins. Drinking enough water will also help keep you from mistaking thirst for hunger. So drink up!

2. Green Tea! Studies show that green tea extract boosts metabolism and may aid in weight loss. This mood-enhancing tea has also been reported to contain anti-cancer properties and help prevent heart disease. It's also a trendy drink among weight-conscious celebrities.

3. Soup! Eat less and burn fat faster by having a bowl of soup as an appetizer or a snack. According to a Penn State University study, soup is a super appetite suppressant because it's made up of a hunger-satisfying combination of liquids and solids. In the study, women chose one of three 270-calorie snacks before lunch. Women who had chicken and rice soup as a snack consumed an average of 100 fewer calories than those in the study who opted for a chicken and rice casserole or the casserole and a glass of water.

4. Grapefruit! The grapefruit diet is not a myth. Researchers at Scripps Clinic found that participants who ate half a grapefruit with each meal in a 12-week period lost an average of 3.6 pounds. The study indicates that the unique chemical properties in this vitamin C-packed citrus fruit reduce insulin levels, which promotes weight loss. NOTE: If you are taking medication, check with your doctor about any potentially adverse interactions with grapefruit.

5. Apples and Pears! Overweight women who ate the equivalent of three small apples or pears a day lost more weight on a low-calorie diet than women who didn't add fruit to their diet, according to researchers from the State University of Rio de Janeiro. Fruit eaters also ate fewer calories overall. So, next time you need to satisfy a sugar craving, reach for this low-calorie, high-fiber snack. You'll feel full longer and eat less.

6. Broccoli! Study after study links calcium and weight loss. Broccoli is not only high in calcium but it's also loaded with vitamin C which boosts calcium absorption. This member of the nutritious cabbage family also has plenty of vitamin A, folate and fiber. And, at just 20-calories per cup, this weight-loss superfood not only fights fat but also contains powerful phytochemicals that boost your immunity and protect against disease.

7. Low-Fat Yogurt! Dairy products can boost weight loss efforts, according to a study in Obesity Research. People on a reduced-calorie diet who included 3-4 servings of dairy foods lost significantly more weight than those who ate a low-dairy diet containing the same number of calories. Low-fat yogurt is a rich source of weight-loss-friendly calcium, providing about 450 mg (about half the recommended daily allowance for women ages 19-50) per 8-ounce serving, as well as 12 grams of protein.

8. Lean Turkey! Rev up your fat-burning engine with this bodybuilder favorite. Countless studies have shown that protein can help boost metabolism, lose fat and build lean muscle tissue so you burn more calories. A 3-ounce serving of boneless, skinless lean turkey breast weighs in at 120 calories and provides 26 grams of appetite-curbing protein, 1 gram of fat and 0 grams of saturated fat.

9. Oatmeal! This heart-healthy favorite ranks high on the good carb list, because it's a good source of cholesterol-fighting, fat-soluble fiber (7 grams per 3/4-cup serving) that keeps you full and provides you with the energy you need to make the most of your workouts. Just be sure to choose steel cut or rolled oats, not instant oatmeal, to get your full dose of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

10. Hot Peppers! Eating hot peppers can speed up your metabolism and cool your cravings, researchers at Laval University in Canada found. Here's why: capsaicin (a chemical found in jalapeño and cayenne peppers) temporarily stimulates your body to release more stress hormones, which speeds up your metabolism and causes you to burn more calories.

Here's how these 10 fat-blasting superstars help you lose weight:
# Each of these healthy weight-loss boosters fills you up and keeps you full longer on fewer calories.

# Water-rich fresh fruits, veggies and soup dilute the calories in your food and allow you to eat more without breaking the calorie bank.

# High-fiber fruit, vegetables and nutritious whole grains keep your digestive system on track and steady insulin levels, which prevents fat storage.

# Lean meat boosts metabolism and burns calories because it take more energy to digest than other foods.

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Sheri Strykowski is a freelance journalist who specializes in health, fitness and lifestyle. Her articles have appeared in The Chicago Tribune, Lerner newspapers and National Safety Council publications. She is also a content expert who has built over 40 Web sites for a Fortune 100 company.

04-19-2008, 05:22 AM
Sassy~Yes, all of us are very special here!!! :grouphug: OMG..You HAVE to get a Wii!!!!!!!!!!! I'll explain more later. Thanks for sharing that too. Fonzo told me all about the grapefruit..and I've been scared to try it, lol. So maybe tomorrow for breakfast, I'll finally give in and try it. I should also probably buy more soups (even though its kinda warm for it now). I LOVE LOVE LOVE green tea. I used to be hooked on it..well, the kind w/ginseng (spl?) in it. And it gave my sex drive a HUGE boost, lol.

Mindee~Omg, I hope your stinkin neighbors get evicted. But what are they fighting about? LoL!! Last month, we could hear our neighbors fighting..and me & Fonzo pressed our ears against the wall, LMAO!! We're bad, lol.

Okay well..Me & Fonzo finally played the Wii tonight. It was sooooooo much fun. We basically just tried the games that it came with. I suck at golf & baseball..didnt try the boxing one (but Fonzo is pretty good at that). I totally RULED at tennis & bowling!! We played bowling 3 times and I won each time, lol. IRL, Fonzo is better at bowling..but in the VR world, I'm better. :D Plus..I'm still pretty darn good at tennis!!! Yay me!! Well..I've never actually played tennis before..but I used to be pretty good at badminton. We soooooooooooooooooooooooooo wanna get the Pirates game now. We're just dying to sword fight, lol. I'll be Elizabeth & Fonzo will be Captin Jack Sparrow!!! LoL!!! Oh arms are KILLING me!!!!! LoL!!! OHHH and theres like this fitness thing on there..I havent tried it yet, but it looks interesting. Anyways..I'm pretty I'm gonna go to bed now. Got lots of game playing to do tomorrow, lol.

btw: I normally make fun of Fonzo for being really into his games..but omg, I'm like hooked now!!! I want more games!! We're even gonna get that Cooking Mama game. I have it on DS and its a lot of fun. We get to battle each other w/the cooking contest or whatever, lol. Too fun!!

04-19-2008, 10:39 AM
Good morning!

Francie - the Wii sounds like lots of fun. My DS11 wants one bad because all his friends have them. We won't buy it (we restrict screens 'round here), but Grandpa might show up with one so who knows, there may be one in our future. Loved your pics on ms...Seattle looked like a good time and the purse is very chic.

Sassy-- Francie said it -- you are better than your friend, and you are so right when you say you gave her the power to make you feel bad..I do that too - why??? We are all great people!

Mindee--here's hoping the annoying neighbors get the boot! The t-ball sounded like kids would probably like one of those for the back yard.

We were supposed to get some snow today - freaky weather...but so far it looks like just some frost. DH put a bucket over my brand new blueberry plant yesterday and I'm so glad he did. I think the rest of my veggies are ok...haven't planted that much yet.

Hi to Susan, Cristina, Jules, and Sue...and anyone else reading this today.
What's everyone doing this weekend? Today my plans are to hang out, and hopefully get a walk in later today. I will pick DS up from a sleepover this a.m., then we assess whether he's up for his track meet. He has another birthday party to attend this afternoon at the community center. Maybe my walk will be getting him there instead of driving him. Such a social life. I just want to read and knit :)


04-19-2008, 12:31 PM
Good morning. Dreary, gray day here. I hurried out for my walk before the rain hit. Slept like a log last night and didn't want to get up. Might be due to being awakened at 5:37 yesterday by the earthquake! What a rude wake up.

I have been helping DH some with the pergola he is building, but today he is in the shop cutting top pieces. I am not one for shop tools. I can hold and carry things in the yard, climb ladders and measure, level, but NO shop tools. :) I might be able to get a pic. of the finished product Sun. or Mon. Trouble is the rain is we will see.

Francie- Oh my goodness, the Wii sounds like a blast, I watched my DGD do DDR on her PS and it was quite a work out. Notice I say watched...I sure didn't try it.

Mindee- I saw rose bushes at Menard's and Lowe's this past week. Now I am wanting to put some in. Just have to decide where. Two of my three planted last year look is dead. :(

Katy- Snow? Wow...I hope we are done with that, but you never know. They had called for snow last week-end, but we didn't get it. I wish we lived where we could walk to things in town. I would love it. I have always wanted to live right in our little town, but DH is not sold. There are big lovely homes and cutsie small shops. Plus a wonderful park and new library. I would be walking all the time. (or so I say..)

Sassy- Thanks for that...I will print it out. I do eat most of those things. Hate that's out and can't eat grapefruit. If you take meds. for high cholesterol you can't have grapefruit. Love turkey and fruit. HAd an apple for breakfast and am allowing a banana for my afternoon snack. I go overboard when I have them and have withdrawal when I run out. I LOVE melon and that season is fast approaching.

Cristina and Susan- You are both doing so well...I am afraid I have lapsed and am trying to get back on track. So far I have walked all week...not up to my usual distance yet. I have biked several days also. just 1 mile, but my legs are getting there.

Just laundry going today and bathrooms to clean. Can't wiggle my nose and have it magically I must skedaddle.

04-19-2008, 01:13 PM
Hi Sue! I hear you about the lapsing..just hard to get the exercise in for the last couple of weeks but I mean to get back on track.

Sassy - I liked that list..I can't have dairy, but there are plenty of other good foods. I got a craving for grapefruit after reading the list so I may get a big bag when I go to Costco later today. yum.

04-19-2008, 01:16 PM
PS - I just tried a terrific tofu pate' at my Thursday group ( yeah- they feed us - go figure, but its always healthy). It's called Toby's and I had a roasted garlic and red pepper. It's only 40 calories for 2 TB. I found it at Fred Meyer Nutrition, but I imagine you can find it at nutrition centers or Whole foods-type places. Yummy - tasted liked egg salad...and no dairy yippee

04-19-2008, 02:10 PM
Good Morning Chicks

Sassy - Sorry about the *friends* comment. I know how some comments can totally get you off kilter. My mom called yesterday and said "your answering message is rather wordy".........thought that was rude. I would never tell anyone that. Cute avatar! It made me laugh :) .....and thanks for the list!

Francie - Think carnivals and fairs are the same thing. lol Glad you got some rest! I love red grapefruit!

Sue - Thanks, I don't feel like I am doing good at all. I was reading about the Biggest Loser and she lost 112 pounds in 7 months, course she she working out 8 hours a day. I want to lose weight but not that bad. haha btw - how si your mother???

Katy - It is freezing out! I don't think we will get snow though, I hope not. The tofu sounds good. Did you get the aquatic program booklet in the mail? I was reading about Wilson and summer family pass is $250 and one for Gab's age alone was $99. I might do the $99 just so she can swim outside, seems like a lot of $$$$ though!

Mindee- I want to know what the neighbors are fighting about too!When I lived at my mothers the upstairs people were always raising their voices. It is so annoying. I am glad to hear I am not the only one who goofs on reading labels!! lol That was horrible.

Cristina and Jules - Hope you guys are having a good weekend!!

I am just reading this weekend, Little Earthquakes. Gab will come back in the morning, her father has to be back on the coast. When I saw him yesterday he looked horrid, must have lost 10/15 pounds, all in a week.
Rach quit her job this morning , so I am not in a good mood. She grabbed her bus pass and went to her friends. She owes me $70 and she better pay me back w/ her last paycheck. She cries and carries on that she won't have any money but that was the deal.Boo Hoo
Grrrrr, not in a good mood.
Also I have to tell McD I am passing on seeing him tonight. I just am wanting to read and snuggle in bed w/ the kitty. Just need a *time out*....

anyway - hope you all have a great Saturday!

04-19-2008, 02:53 PM
Katy~The Wii isnt so bad really..they have some really fun games. A lot of sports games it seems like, lol. It snowed here in some places last night. What is up with this freaky weather?!?!

Sue~I've never played DDR either. Fonzo loves that game and he's always sweating a lot when he's done playing, lol. So I guess its a good workout.

Katy~Fred Meyers has a nutrition center??????? I soooooo did not know that!!

Susan~How are you liking Little Earthquakes?? I keep meaning to start her new book, but I keep getting distracted, lol.

04-19-2008, 04:02 PM
Francie - I like Little Earthquakes! I think Becky is pretty funny. I cracked up when Andrew was trying to explain to her the only way he knows how to have sex in the bathroom. I am at the point where Lia has started working at Mas, so so far I am enjoying the book!!
The Freddies NCenter is usually by the pharmacy/shampoo/ medicine area!!

later :)

04-19-2008, 04:13 PM
Hiya ladies...

SUSAN...nothing wrong with wanting 'me' time. I always want 'me' time, lol. Sorry to hear Rach quit her job...maybe she will go get another soon. About the reading...if I am not busy and can concentrate on my reading I will read about 2 books a week and get started on a just all depends on what is going on.

SASSY...hugs to you! :hug: Sorry about the butthead! Honestly, I will never understand people and the drama/bs...especially from friends, or rather so-called friends. Thanks for the list/article! the pergola is going to be nice! I've seen DH's handywork and it is good! And thank you! I am working my butt off but getting no where fast, lol. Actually, I feel better and now just need to get control of the eating! WTG on walking all week! :carrot: I was wondering if you guys felt the earthquake.

FRANCIE...ditto what Katy will get a workout from the WII for sure! That is why I want one, lol. Doubt that I will get one though...maybe when and if they lower the price. I agree they are overpriced...I heard from someone who sold one for $9000, yikes! WHY? Anyway, glad you guys are enjoying it.

KATY...yeah, really tired of all the freakin' drama. I paused one day and took a looong, deep breath and said NO MORE! I won't allow myself to get upset over drama, too petty and stupid. Hope they will be able to help little L. Foot is better. I've found that when I do too many of the WATP dvds in one day it's not good for my foot. So took a break. I did do the 2 mile one today and it seems better. Hope you get that walk in.

MINDEE...hope you guys enjoy your trip to your moms. Funny about the bus long as she gets a cupcake, lol.

JULES...hoping all is well with you missy.

Nothing special planned for the weekend. Going to go out a little later and pull weeds since it is so nice out. It is supposed to be 75 today and I already opened the the fresh air and I am definitely ready for some nice weather. Also, reading some and working some on the favors. Finally got the rest of the stuff so now I can work on the candles once I finish up the bags.

I've done 90 minutes of exercise so far...the 2 mile WATP 2x=60 minutes and the Turbo jam learn and burn=30 minutes. As soon as I get off this thing I have 20 minutes of the bike, rope and weights to do.

That's about all I have...hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! Hugs

04-19-2008, 07:48 PM
Jules - :hug:

Cristina - 75 outside would be SO nice!!! I have to take back my "it's not going to snow here" comment to Katy. It kind of came down in a snow/hail mixture today.
I am so tired of the cold!!
I picked up "In her Shoes" today, probably will start reading that tomorrow.
I think you are going to be working on those gift bags after the wedding Cristina . haha. It is very sweet of you and they are darling!!

anyway - off to the store to pick up more ice and a bottle of wine. Going to make myself some chicken tenderloin and have some steamed veggies. Get in my pj's w/ the merlot and sip while reading. lol It is perfect ME time!

I doubt McD understands that and that is too bad. Maybe my life is too complicated and going a different path from his?? I don't know what we have in common besides cheesebread. haha...jk. It is stressful to me, honest. Very sweet man, I just have too many things tugging at me.

k- I feel like I am on the Dr Phil show, sorry. lol

04-20-2008, 04:36 AM
Happy Sunday All :wave:

I'm about to head off in a bit. But I just wanted to say that we saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall tonight and it was hilarious!!! Mila Kunis (spl?) is a baby Angelina Love them both. But ya..I recommend that movie (although it does have a lot of sex and male nudity, lol)

Okay...Well I'm freezing in here right now. So I'm gonna go snuggle underneath the covers and watch the tele. It hailed all freakin day!! Wtf is up w/that?? I've never seen so much hail in my life. I swear..its like The Day After Tomorrow up in here, lol.

04-20-2008, 05:45 PM
well, we had an eventful Saturday.

we were going to go up north to see my parents, but then we checked the bank account, and saw that maybe we should wait a couple weeks and then go up there.

we were also asked if we weren't doing anything to come over to my BIL and SIL's house for cake and ice cream for my SIL's birthday. Logan was acting up since he hadn't had a nap, so we decided to not go over there.

we instead spent the whole day together as a family doing some fun things! we took the kids to the mall to walk around. we also got my ring cleaned and inspected while we were there. we also looked at some outdoor chairs. Tommy wants to get some for our porch.

we left the mall and took the kids to this carnival that was not that far from the mall. Brandon walked around the carnival while I pushed Logan and Marissa. We left there and then went to Girbraltor to walk around there and to get something to eat. After we left there, we decided to go for a ride since it was still too nice to go home. Marissa and Logan fell asleep early on into the ride, by the time we headed to WalMart, all three of the kids were asleep! Got home, and put the kids to bed and then we just sat and relaxed.

Now, we are just spending time at home today! Tommy did the laundry this morning, so I will more then likely fold that tomorrow while Brandon is in school. Now, he is cleaning the last two stair cases, and then he is going to come home and make some dinner! the kids are excited about the hockey game coming on in about ten minutes! they have all had their baths, so it will be an easy time getting to into their beds tonight!

nothing really new for this coming week.....we are planning on going to a surprise birthday gathering for our oldest nephew Monday night. Then Wednesday is B's birthday and hearing test. Thursday is M's birthday and B doesn't have school that day!

When we were at Girbraltor yesterday, we decided to go and look at the Antique show. We walked past this one booth and the lady started talking to us. She asked if Marissa and Logan were twins because they look so much alike. Then she asked how old they were, and so I told her. She looked at B and M and said "well, happy birthday! let me see if I have anything for you!" she went to the one end of her table and gave B this Operation brain surgery came. Then she didn't want Logan to feel left out so she asked him if he likes trains, and I said he loves trains. So, the lady then asked us if B and L share a room, and we told her that they did. So, she gave L this Steam Locomotive clock. Every hour on the hour, a new steam engine sound goes off and it also has motion detection on it, so at night when the room is dark it won't keep going off. Then she felt bed because she went to give L a high five and M thought she was going to hit her, so she started to cry. The lady felt bad for making her cry, so she gave her this stuffed fish, which L took over. So, the lady gave M a stuffed pig which she wouldn't let go for anything!

Sassy~ Thanks for posting that little article! I need to write it down and put it on my fridge!

Francie~ I don't know exactly what sparked the argument in the first place. But at one point, she told him that she didn't appreciate her head getting bashed into the wall, getting choked or forced to do things that she didn't want to do. It all stems from him being drunk! They were loud last night but they weren't fighting. I fell asleep on the couch and Tommy woke me up at 4am to go to bed. He told me that they were loud next door until about an hour before that when he thinks that one of the other neighbors had gone to the door. Because he said that he heard the door close and then it was all quiet. Either way, they have about two weeks or so left anyways, the lady that the lease is in, hasn't paid her rent yet! so they are taking her to court on the 29th. Then from there they will start the eviction process and by the second week in May, we will more then likely have an empty unit next door!

I just saw on Yahoo the other day that they have a Wii Fit coming out on May 19th. It is for exercising purposes and such, now I really want to get a Wii so I can get that one!!!

Katy~ Let me see if I can find a picture of the T Ball set that Logan got. I showed them how to use it first, and I almost hit the apartment building. Then I went to hit it again, and hit Tommy's pop! The only thing that stinks about it, is that me being 5'4" I couldn't get a good clear shot unless I was probably sitting on my knees!

here is a picture of the one that Logan got for Christmas:

Sue~ We have this arched area in front of our building that had some shrubs in it, but since we pulled out the dead ones, I want to fill the space in with some rose bushes. I have to go and check out how much space I have to fill in, so I can figure out exactly how many of what I need to buy. Which Tommy told me that it will probably we a couple of weeks before we can buy them, which I told him was fine, since I wouldn't have time to do anything this week!

SusieQ~ I good on reading labels more then I would like to admit! Which I need to get better at doing!!

Cristina~ We ended up not going up there this weekend, but we are planning on going up there in a couple of weeks!


04-20-2008, 05:56 PM
Happy Sunday!

Francie - If it has a lot of sex and male nudity I can't watch it. *snicker* Hope you are warm under those blankets, you wouldn't know it was Spring with this freezing weather!!

Ok, so no one has posted besides Francie I get to ramble and torture you all. That will be fun. Everything I write is full of facts and is meaningful. :D

I talked to McD last night for a bit. He seemed ok with me not coming over and offered to come to my place. :fr: Egads, he has never been to my dwelling, and it was a mess and besides that defeats the whole concept of ME time. So, he had a PLAN B and was going to go to his best friend couples house for dinner. Fine.

I cooked my tenderloin and steamed my veggies:broc: while sipping my first glass of wine. Ate dinner and got into a nice hot bath.....while still sipping wine. I feel soooo happy and woozy now and the hot water doesn't help because it makes me more woozy.

So, I get out after a bit and get into my pj's and get another glass of wine and crawl in bed. I read a chapter or so of my Little Earthquake book and like a good little tipsy girl fall asleep. It must have been at least 7pm. lol
I woke up at midnight wide awake and Rach was calling saying she was at her fathers and was spending the night. WhatEVER. lol

So, I finished the book in about an hour and went back to sleep by 2am.
Gab came home at 7am this morning and I was thrilled to see her! She was so happy to be home. I didn't even see her dad because I hide behind the door and said "hmmmm, ya...bye".

Crawled back in bed w/ Gab until 8:30 and finally she had enough of that and demanded we get up!

I made her eggs and she watched Enchanted.

I cleaned R's room and hung up all her clothes that have been in bins since she moved in w/ me last Oct. OMG....she does have clothes, the next time she whines she doesn't I am going to laugh in her face. I haven't bought new clothes in years.

So, now I am picking up another book on hold "Goodnight Nobody" by Jennifer Weiner. Placed Tending Roses on hold, a friend is reading that so thought I would read it too.

What else?? Oh, I have to get a job!! I do. I have like 6 weeks of unemployment left so I better get my butt in gear and take whatever. I guess finding a rich man ain't going to happen....PLAN B for me! lol


Full of coffee:hyper:! Better go do something!!!

:wave:Hello to Sue, Jules, Sassy, Cristina, Katy, Mindee and Michelle!!!

04-20-2008, 06:00 PM
omg - Mindee!! You posted while I was writing, sorry!! Catch up w/ you in a bit!!

04-20-2008, 10:37 PM
Hey "Peeps" lol :chicken:

Wow I woke up tonight with a headache :headache: and backache! lol. Took some Tylenol and now I am ok. lol.......Well as "ok" as I can be. :dizzy: lol.

Been warm :hot: here but icky outside .......Just makes me wanna sleep. :yawn:

I still have to do laundry......and I don't wanna. :no: lol. Sound like a 2-yr. old :bb: don't I? "I don't wanna" :tantrum: lol.

I don't wanna go to work tomorrow night either. lol...........But who does wanna go to work? lol. I haven't done crapola this weekend, just no energy.........:rolleyes:

Well my "Friend" who made the nasty comment to me is history as far as I'm concerned. Her "friendship" has been very rocky for a while now, I just hadn't done anything about it before. So no more. I don't need those kind of "friends" :no:

Francie -- Yes I want to get a WII, maybe motivate me to exercise some. lol. At least move a bit more! lol. I hate grapefruit. My mil loves it, but like Sue she can't have it due to her meds she is on. I have been craving Strawberries....not the crappy grocery store kind, but the very sweet grown in the garden type.........:drool: DH got a flat from the flea market a while back that was ooooooohhhhh so good!

Katy -- Yeah I don't know why we give people that kind of power over us. Totally stupid but at that time our minds tell us different. I am just glad I have such wonderful and supportive friends here that tell me otherwise. :grouphug: I love Red Peppers, esp Roasted Red Peppers. My DH roasted me some and I added them to my spaghetti sauce.......mmmm......Love em! :D

Sue -- I like yogurt, but in small doses. My DH and cat on the other hand love it. lol. I read that Yogurt is actually good for kitties, in small doses, helps their digestive system, as well as in humans. ;) Anywho........I hate grapefruit, but as I said to Francie, my mil loves it, but she too cannot have it because of her meds. My DH loves all kinds of fruit, esp melons. I have been craving Strawberries, the sweet from the garden kind.........:drool:

Cristina -- Yeah I don't need "Friends" like her, that is for sure. lol. Yeah I have had the windows open too. Nice to have that fresh air in.........;)

Mindee -- YW. That is a good idea I should print that out and put it on my fridge as well. Glad you all had a good time.......;)

Suzy Q -- With "Friends" like her I really don't need "enemies" :lol: Hmmmm Wordy Answering machine message? Well next time just say, "Its me, leave it" :lol3: I just love reading your "ramblings" lol. They are cute. :cool:

I hope you all enjoy the last remaining hours of Sunday and hope you have a Great Week this Week.


04-21-2008, 12:24 AM
just popping in before heading to bed.

Logan has been having a rough night for some reason. He went to bed at about 8pm without any problems. When I went in to lay Brandon down, I saw that Logan was moving around, so I grabbed his cup and walked out. A few minutes later, Logan was screaming in his bed. I walked in there (after handing Marissa over to Tommy because she had been screaming in her bed) and he was sitting straight up in his bed. I picked him up and rubbed his back telling him that every thing was okay, and then laid him back down. I came out and pulled out Marissa's stroller and took her for a walk. After our walk, I came back inside with her and Tommy told me to shhhhh. I said "I know, she fell asleep on the ride back home." He then told me that Logan had woken up screaming again in his bed, and Tommy got him settled back in and then left the door open and he hasn't made any noise since I got back from the walk.

eta: wouldn't you know it, now one of them is barking like a seal, and it sounds like Brandon. So, it looks like a breathing treatment in the morning to nip it in the bud!

04-21-2008, 12:30 AM
Susan~It wasnt even hot male nudity, lol. It was more funny than anything. Goodnight Nobody is a pretty good book too. I'm reading Certain Girls (which is part 2 to Good In Bed) and its very good so far.

Mindee~OMG!! I cant believe all that. The cops should be called on that guy!!!!! See, if they lived above my neighbors, they'd call the cops in a heartbeat. Crazy people. The Wii fitness is gonna be sooooo expensive I bet. I saw it online for 89 bucks!! The chick at GameStop said it was gonna be hard to get just like the Wii. I suggest that you buy the Wii Sports (some games that come with the Wii)..because theres already some fitness stuff already on it. I havent tried it out yet, but its there. OR go to a GameStop and put down $10 to reserve the Wii Fitness. That way you know you'll be guaranteed to get one.

Sassy~I dont wanna do a lot of things either, lol. I'm glad that "friend" is history. You're seriously too good for someone like that....Fonzo's fam has a grapefruit tree in their backyard and when he'd do the outside chores, he'd always break and eat the grapefruit so now he's totally sick of it, lol. But thanks chica for mentioning strawberries, because now I want some, lol. I'd been craving blueberries for the longest time, lol.

Well today has been totally awful. My bones & muscles hurt. Fonzo thinks it could be from the weird weather we've been having. (It snowed for awhile this afternoon, but nothing stuck.) I just took my temp and its 101.2. :( No wonder why I slept all day long.

Fonzo's leave ends on Wed, which blows. I dont want him to go back to work, lol. And it sucks even more because he'll be leaving sometime soon. :( I feel myself turning into that needy person again, lol. Is it so wrong for wanting to have him home?? (at least I'm not like certain navy wives who cant wait for their hubby's to leave) But ya..we're planning for me to go to San Diego to visit him. So I'm looking forward to buying new clothes and going to see him, lol. We're hoping that he'll have a least 2 days off so we can rent a car and go to Az for a day. Phx is about 6 hours away from SD. But who knows if that will actually happen.

Anyways..I'm gonna go back to bed. Thank God for cable in the bedroom. I dont wanna miss Monk or Psych tonight.

04-21-2008, 01:37 AM
popping back in since I just got done writing out that list that Sassy posted! (man, it sucks not knowing where the disk for our printer is!)

Francie~ I did call the cops when they were still arguing at 2:22am! The cop showed up and every thing got quiet, and then I went to bed when I saw him leave. I had my ear somewhat pressed against to hear if they were arresting him or not, when the cop told them just to keep it down and then left I gave up! Even after I told the officer at dispatch that I heard her say the part about getting her head bashed into the wall, getting choked and getting forced to do stuff that she didn't want to do. I will be extremely pissed if they pull their crap this coming Saturday during Brandon and Marissa's party! They will not like me once I get done dealing with them!

04-21-2008, 03:22 AM
Mindee~OMG!! The cops just left?!?! Wtf!! Thats insane!! Thats some serious stuff being said right there. Stupid. I hope they dont pull that stuff during the CHILDREN'S party!!!

04-21-2008, 02:43 PM
:dizzy:Yay, it's me again!! Happy Monday!!

Mindee- You know ,do your neighbors have kids? If they do I would just report it to child services. Maybe the police left because there were no visable marks on the woman and she refused to admit what was going on. With children there at least child services will inquire further. Just a thought. Living in a family unit as a property manager I had to respond to a lot of fights. The most insane one ((I guess it wasn't a fight)) was this little 4 year old roaming the halls after midnight. The lady across the hall was suppose to be babysitting but the little girl wouldn't go to sleep in the babysitters apt. so the lady left her in her own apt w/ the tv on. Ding the little girl escapes and wanders around for any creep to grab. Police come and finally the babysitter comes out into the hallway all sleepy and takes the girl into her apt.

Sassy - Thank you!! You wanna hear my phone message??:D " Hi this is Susan and you have reached ***-**** I am not available to take your call at this time but please leave a message at the sound of the tone and I will call you back as soon as possible. Thanks!"
I mean what does muther think I am going to leave out?? Her message has her cats names is like wtheck?? At least I don't talk about my kitty and certainly don't whine about it to her. lol
I have been popping 2 midol at a time the last week. Not for a headache but for my backache. I hope you are feeling better now!
I love doing laundry at the laundromat! You have all these machines and you can shove all your clothes in at once and be done w/ it. I feel empowered.:dizzy: haha

Francie - How can male nudity not be hot?? Am I being a pain yet?? lol Is he just like laying there asleep drooling, snoring , farting and burping?? Because he would have to be for me not to get turned on. lol
He can be awake and doing that and I would get excited. lol - jk! I have standards, *snicker*. San Diego will be a fun trip! You have that to look forward too, lucky you. I was thinking of running away to Hawaii w/ my tax money. Have to take Gab too , course I would come home broke but it would be fun. Either that or a trip to Utah, tough call , huh?? lol

Cristina - Ok, where ARE you?? :?:

Gab and I had a nice afternoon yesterday. We went swimmg. I watched and read and she swam. Spent most of her time at the rope swinging out into the 9ft water. It scared me at first but she is a proven mermaid. After that we tossed in laundry and ate dinner at the ex husbands. Since he refuses to hand over child support I eat We had a ham dinner that was yummy.
Took Rach downtown to catch the bus and the police had several blockes ropped off. Gab was trying to tell us it was a bank robbery, dramatic child. How would she know what is going on?? Turned out to be some man threatening to jump from the Marriot.
So, after that excitement we did the only thing we could do and went to Taco Bell and got some taco's , dropped by the laundromat to pick up the clothes and went home.
Gab's father called and Gab was munching away on her taco and telling him about the bank robbery. And of course he is all confused w/ her rantings and I didn't bother explaining. If I liked him I might have. lol

After I got her to sleep I read for a bit. My friend from Hawaii called and we chatted for 2 hours, geepers. He is an extrovert and talks, it wasn't me. I am socially ******ed and can't chatter that much. I can write though!! :)

k- better go pick up the Gabster and spend the afternoon w/ her.

Hi to Jules, Sue, and Katy!!! Hope you guys are having a great Monday!!

04-21-2008, 04:05 PM
Hiya Chickies, and Happy Monday to All!

SUSAN...I'm here! :D Ha! I did finish the bags, lol...finally! Got started on the candles and already this is proving to be a thorn in my side, ugh! The people who made the ribbon did not even the sides with the writing...because the names are longer than the date it is hard to get a decent bow with them showing, and one side of course is longer, the name side, lol. Oh Gaby's bank robbery story, lol. I had forgotten that Rach had moved in with you. Hey, sounds like a deal to me...who can pass up free dinner at the ex's? Wish I had someone to cook for me! :lol:

SASSY...that's good you got rid of the friend. If they do it once you can bet they will do it again and no one needs the drama, or being treated badly. Friends are supposed to watch your back, not stab you in the back.

FRANCIE...hope you are not coming down with something. At least you get to go visit Fonzo in SD...beautiful place for sure! I so miss the ocean!

MINDEE...hoping B is okay, and Logan too! Sounds like you guys had a really nice family day Saturday...I think those are the best kind! That's is terrible about the neighbors. Maybe when they were arguing she brought up something that happened in the past and not that night. Who knows but I hate to hear about that sort of abuse, it's terrible.


Man, a busy day today. I overslept and didn't get up until 7:30'ish...bad momma. I wanted to get a jump start on the exercise and do a few things around the house. Did get in a 40 minute dvd then headed out to mow the front yard before leaving for errands. Came back and mowed the back so that is my exercise for the day. Only mowing doesn't feel like exercise to me and I feel the need to do more. I won't though...I'm at a 130 minutes and that is good! Now just have to get some laundry done, ugh! I agree with you Susan...going to the laundromat is a pain but I agree that at least you get it all done at one time...the best, and only way to do it! Anywho...

Have a good day!

04-21-2008, 06:22 PM
popping in here while I have a second to do so!

Francie~ I agree! They should have taken him off to jail. But I think they used the "it only happens when he drinks" excuse as his get out of jail free card. I am not sure if they abuse actually happened that night or not, all I know is that there was some thudding that happened that night, and I wasn't about to go over and ask them what was being thrown around.

Trust me, if they pull their garbage this coming Saturday, I will NOT hold anything back! I will tell them how it is and how nice and quiet it was before they moved in a started all their pull crap. Although, I am not sure when the next hockey games are yet, but it only seems to be on the nights that they are enjoying the games that the alcohol flows and all **** breaks loose!

SusieQ~ The neighbors that were arguing that don't even have proof that they live there (as in being on the lease) don't have kids. BUT the lady that has the lease, does in fact have three daughters. I don't believe that they were there on either occasion with the arguing.

Cristina~ Today, so far, all kids are doing well. B had some coughing while he was napping but it didn't last long. I don't know when it happened, all I know is what I heard, so it was possibly something that happened in the past. Either way she must have decided to throw it in his face.

gotta run for now.........I am in charge of making the rice while Tommy is BBQ hamburgers!

04-21-2008, 09:07 PM
Hi Girls.

Well here I am, made it to work. lol. I actually took my shower early this morning and went to bed early for a change and it really helped!!! ;)

Boy has it been busy! I have a co-worker here but he isn't taking the same calls as me! I have no idea why! He just said they have him taking different calls. PFFFT Figures. lol. May as well be here by myself! lol.

Anywho................I feel loads better than this morning. I think it had to be that pint of Strawberry Cheesecake Icecream I gulped down Sunday Evening. :o That will teach me! lol. I blame DH, he is the one who bought it, all I wanted was Strawberries! lol.

Francie -- Yeah well I did come to work anyways. :lol: They can't survive without me ya know! lol. Mmmmm blueberries sound good too! DH is gonna attempt to make me some HOMEMADE Blackberry Jam!!! :D :D I can't wait -- that is my absolute fav. My step dad used to make it for me and it was sooooooo good! ;)

Suzy Q -- Yeah that is a standard message to me and trust me I hear loads of em working my shift! You'd be amazed how long some of these people's are! lol. Glad your feeling better and yup I am feeling better too. :) I used to hate going to the laundry mat. When I was a kid, my mom and I had to go, after the divorce, we lived in a small apt in town. So my mom would always wake me up at the crack of dawn (like 5 am) when the laundry mat first opened to do laundry, she wanted to get it done before it got crowded and hot.......Then when we lived in Upstate NY, I'd go to the Laundry Mat too. It was such a pain lugging the laundry downstairs and then back up. (we lived in an upstairs apt) So now I guess I really should not complain about doing laundry since we have a washer and a dryer. lol. Glad you and Gab had a good time swimming. :) Wowsers at the man trying to jump! :fr: I don't blame ya for eating at your exes if he doesn't pony up the child support money. ;)

Cristina -- THERE YOU ARE! We were beginning to think you were kidnapped or something! lol. Glad to "see" ya. ;) Yes I am way too good of a person to be "friends" with a "Friend" like her..............Esp when I have so many great friends. :grouphug: Mowing is def exercise!!! I used to do the mowing when we lived at our last place and it was good exercise. ;) I guess that is the only advantage of the laundry mat -- getting it all done at once!!!

Well have a great night!


04-22-2008, 01:22 AM
just popping in here before heading off to bed.

well, as the phrase goes "when it rains, it pours" the person never thought that it would be all over my bathroom floor! One of the daughters of our neighbor upstairs pulled the stem (I think that is what Tommy said it was called) out of the middle knob that you use to turn the water on, so they couldn't get the water to stop until her husband got home to shut the water off! So, because of that, water started to drip through our ceiling!

the maintenance guy came out and checked everything. he actually wasn't going to come out until he found out that it was dripping through our ceiling. when he showed up he told Tommy to go in a poke a couple of wholes into the ceiling to let the water drip. (the ceiling was getting soft) he came into our apartment after checking out upstairs, and looked a the ceiling. He said that he would be back in the morning, and told me what he wanted for breakfast. I said "well, we don't have any bacon, and I only make scrambled eggs so you are out of luck!"

04-22-2008, 01:34 AM
oh I wanted to add on here, that I talked to Anna and she is coming to the kids' birthday party on Saturday!

04-22-2008, 03:44 AM
Totally un-related, but thought it was interesting:

Devils Swimming Pool (

Would any of you do it?

04-22-2008, 01:52 PM

See Ya There!!:bike::bike: