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04-10-2008, 09:40 AM
Good morning to all you lovely ladies today. It is warm, muggy and overcast here today. I am working on getting stuff done before surgery and crossing stuff off my list. I am also well on my way with the front of the sweater. I ordered some lovely yarn in a color called strawberry and I am going to make the same sweater without the side slits for my older sister for her birthday in December. I figure I can take both to the hospital and trade off! lol

Gloria: I too wish you a Happy Birthday a week early! :hat::encore::congrat: I had that half golightly last time too and I hope she does that same thing again. No way will I ever get a gallon down. I got to the last half glass and gagged so much I thought it would all come up so I gave up on it. I am going to get a packaged of presweetened koolaid and put in it to help with the taste somewhat. It has to be better than the cherry flavor they had with it. Glad your test came out ok. I figure since I haven't heard from the doctor I am aok to go forward with the surgery a week from Monday. I got my referral/authorization yesterday from the doctor's office and should get a copy from Tricare today or tomorrow. They usually follow fairly closely.

Jean: It may be a policy for the rental companies regarding your responsibility with tires, but it is a stinky one. I mean, this tire was defective and I think it should be the responsibility of the rental company not you as the individual. That is like making you pay for a burned out headlight on a new vehicle (this car had less than 8000 miles on it) which is ridiculous. They aren't even supposed to charge you for gas until you get back and they check to see if it is full or not. Jack usually does the car renting and is not as observant as I. I caught the tire issue right away when I was looking at it. Ahh, well, we shall see how long it takes to get us our money back.

I got a call from Jack yesterday to tell me we are getting a 13% pay raise the first of July. Wow, I never thought the union would get off their duffs and negotiate anything. Jack's union is pretty lazy as most of the other unions have been getting 3% per year. The 13% is a 7% raise and then 6% per payday hazardous pay for where he works. Well, when he works I should say! lol It is either feast or famine out there. They either have tons of stuff to do or nothing. They had to work out in the lagoon all day yesterday so Jack has sunburn on his sunburn. I can't get him to wear sunblock because he says it is too sticky when he sweats and I can see his point.

Well on to my list of chores and the daily ones as well. Have a good Thursday all!


04-10-2008, 10:44 AM
Good morning, ladies. Another rainy day. It was so foggy this morning I could hardly see the car in front of me.

Stan was doing better yesterday. His electrolytes have stabilized and his BP isn't fluctuating so much but still too low. They now are concentrating on why his white blood count is so high so doing a lot of tests, scans and x-rays today. Still a little nausea but he did eat a little cream of chicken soup, jello and ice cream.

My friend wanted me to come for supper after I left the hospital last night so I did. She's a widow and fellow quilter so we had a nice time and before we knew it it was 10 pm...late for a girl who usually is in bed by then.

Gloria, it was so nice to hear from you. Glad your test went well.

Faye, Golightly is made by the devil. I am sure of this. There was stuff in a little bottle for awhile and I asked the doctor why they didn't use it when Stan had the colonoscopy and he said it was off the market because people were dying when they used it!

Jean, 7 weeks to go? I'd be counting the days until school was over.

04-10-2008, 07:13 PM

Remember me? It has been simply ages and ages since I had internet and this seems strange to be posting. We live in a place that doesn't have phone lines available (there is a story to that one) and so I couldn't get on line until we got this satelite deal from Hughes. What a deal.

I don't have time right now to do personals to all of ya'all but it did catch my eye "Faye" what are you having an operation for?

I've gotta go and deal with some stuff on this computer now but I WILL BE BACK.

Maggie out here in the West

04-10-2008, 08:04 PM
Good Afternoon/Evening . . . whatever it is. It has rained all day long here. We are on the edge of getting snow; west of us is to get 6 - 10", we're in the 2 - 4" range, and east of us is to get snow showers. It will be interesting to see who is right. I came home frazzled from school today. :dizzy: The day went pretty well until the last hour of the day and a "loser" who takes up space had a worksheet for speech and needed to use the computer. The next thing I know he is clicking around trying to change the printer location to the other end of the building, and it wouldn't print any where. I chewed him out and told him to go sit down. The next thing I know he's pulled an expensive map of Germany all the way down and it won't roll back up. It was a good thing the bell was going to ring because I was about to lose my temper big time. This kid skips school more than he is there and nothing is done about it. If he doesn't like a class he just doesn't go. GRRRRRR! Needless to say the teacher who's room we use was not happy when she came in after class. The teachers have in-service tomorrow but I am fancy free. I've seriously thought about calling the vet to see if there are any orphans who need a home. They sent us a nice plant and a laminated copy of the Rainbow Bridge w/pawprints on it. Made me sad all over again.

"Gma" -- I can imagine how ready you are to have thw 21st here and done with. I hope it goes better this time since you are going into it "well" and not as an emergency. I forgot to ask Bob if our rental agreement had anything about tires in it. I know there are a couple of roads they don't want you to drive on; they are off the main roads and dirt/gravel for the locals only, I guess. Congrats on the pay raise! :cheer:

Susan -- I'm glad that Stan is feeling a bit better. I hope that they can figure out the white cell count problem. It's nice that you were able to enjoy eating supper with your friend. I think I had the "little bottle" a couple of years ago, but I don't think it was called Golightly. That's a funny name considering what it does! :lol:

Maggie -- How nice to see you again! :cp: I was just looking for something else and ran across your letter. My plan was to write to you this weekend. Now I can visit with you here. I hope all is well with you and Will!

Bob is at church for practice so guess I will read the paper and think about something for supper. I never know when he will get home so it's hard to plan anything. Have a fantastic Friday tomorrow! Teachers have in-service all day and I don't have to go! Yippee!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-11-2008, 08:47 AM
Good morning to you all! We had a terrific thunderstorm here all night and it is dark and cloudy this morning so I expect more of the same. We are trying to get carpet tracking areas shampooed this weekend before Jack's sister comes a week from tomorrow so I imagine the house will smell like wet dog all weekend until the carpets dry! lol

Jean: I got a giggle because you must really be happy to have a day off, you mentioned your inservice twice! :lol: That kid sounds like a real pistol for sure. We got a lovely sympathy card when we put Butterscotch down and I too was sad all over again when it arrived. I hope you can find just the right "baby" to fill your home again. I knew you and Bob needed another cat for your home!

Susan: Ok, if I have to pick between death and deathly taste I guess I take deathly taste. I called yesterday and she still hadn't called it in so I had to call the dr's office. They also had either not looked at or not gotten my test results so that is in limbo too. It stresses me out when things aren't all in their little row especially since Jack's sister has non refundable airline tickets. I am glad Stan is doing a bit better. Hope they can find the problem with his blood count and it isn't serious. The man deserves a break! Sounds like you had an enjoyable time with your friend. When I was in Indiana, I would start to get ready to go out and then get in a conversation with the friend we were staying with and before you know it I was running late and had to rush to get where I was supposed to be.

Maggie: How wonderful to finally see you back here. I ask Jean a few months ago if she had an address for you, because I can't find the little card you sent me. I wanted to know how you folks were getting along. As to my surgery, back in Oct of last year, I had emergency surgery for undiagnosed diverticulitis and one of the diverticulum burst and I developed peritonitis. They went in and removed part of my colon and I have had a colonostomy since then. Now it is healed so they are going to go back in a week from Monday and put my plumbing back together and remove the bag. How was the miandering around the country? You will have to give us lots of high points of your travels. We sure have missed you here and said Hi to you from time to time even though you didn't know it!

I got my fridge and freezer cleaned and am going to tackle washing down my cabinet fronts and the little upstairs closet today so my sil has some hanging space. It is a catch all for all my shoes, wrapping/gift supplies and scrapbooking stuff. I need to straighten it up.

I hate no dye lot yarn. The stuff I got through the mail doesn't totally match so I am going to have a shading issue with my sweater. The only solution is to rip out the back totally and blend the yarns then rip out what I have of the front done and do the same and I am not about to do that. I rarely buy no dye lot for this very reason, but I had two big skeins of this stuff leftover so decided to use it up and needed more. Ahh well, at least it isn't a gift.

Everyone have a super Friday and a great weekend. We have lots of work to do this weekend before Jack's sister comes so we will be busy!


04-11-2008, 03:05 PM
Happy Friday, Flowers! I ran a couple of errands this morning and it is so cold, windy, and wet outside. I wore my spring jacket and almost came back to exchange it for my winter one. So far we have no snow, but have had enough rain that my basement is wet. :( As long as the electricty stays on and the sump pumps run we're ok. I just feel lazy for whatever reason. Bob is out at the farm working on his tractor innards; he said it would be an all day project so I will won't see him home until supper time.

"Gma" -- Yes, I am glad I didn't have school today! :D I haven't counted lately but one of the students said there are 33 days left. We have a half day next Friday and another half day in May. With our weather a lot of the sports activities have had to be rescheduled to the kids are leaving early almost everyday. You will get everything done before your sil arrives, but I know the feeling of panic thinking I won't have enough time to get everything done.

Susan, Maggie, and Gloria . . . waving :wave: HI to you!

I'm going to go fix a cup of tea. I am still cold from being outside this morning. Have a great "rest of the day!" Enjoy the weekend and do something nice for yourself!

Jean -- :rain: in Iowa!

04-11-2008, 04:08 PM
It is before noon here and a beautiful 72 degrees. I could really like to have it this way all summer!

We have flowers planted and need to go and get some more potting soil today. It makes me shudder JEAN when I think you are needing your winter coat :hug: Will is out "weed eating" right now ~ mowing our little lawn that way. We are parked in a friends yard ~ she has lots of land here so we aren't in her space if you get the drift.

No more Mustang convertable but we do have a yellow Jeep with all the bells and whistles. It takes us up and around all the "gold country" here abouts. This area is famous for all its gold in the olden days. Colorful history hare in the northen part of California. Next I do believe we will go over to Nevada and check out their gold. We got a topo map of that state and there were many upon many mines. Probably after I get my main squeeze a metal detector for his birthday in September. Anyway ~ plans are always subject to change with us :D ~ makes life interesting. Ole Ragg Mopp loves to travel so when he hears "load up" he is ready. He gets a bath with the groomer Saturday for we are going down south the 14th ~ we both have our annual blood draw thingie. We kept the same doctor that we love down where my mom lives so when we go there we also go to see her. Well, we do see her in-between doctor visits.:p She turns 90 in November and said that she will not renew her drivers lisence ~ my brother lives across the street and can take her where she needs to go. She still swims every day and has all her facilties. What a gal.

FAYE, ouch! Sounds like you have been through it girlfriend. They will get you back to exact this next go-round. We really haven't been traveling that much since we set out about a year ago. Had problems with water in the fuel and came back to get that taken care of and decided to get some more remodeling to this rig done. Now that the price of gas is climbing each day ~ it doesn't look like we will be doing that many trips with this rig. We have mainly done jaunts with the Jeep round and about this state. In other words we have had to re~evaluate things and adjust. However, we are happy campers none the less.;)

Have a great weekend al'ya'all

04-12-2008, 02:17 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! We got up to snow covering the ground this morning; where is spring anyhow? At least it won't last long this time of year. Bob is finishing up his tractor project since Jason's painting party didn't materialize. I have laundry going and thought I would make a chicken casserole for tonight. I took the chicken out of the freezer last night and it is still frozen this morning. :( Maybe I'll fix it tomorrow. We play bells early so will be home by 9:45ish.

Maggie -- I would love some 72 degree days! The weatherman has promised high 60s for most of next week. One thing about Iowa is that if you don't like the weather it will most likely change in a few hours. :lol: I was surprised you no longer have your Mustang. Some of the "older" teachers have smaller convertible cars for their spring/summer transportation. Bob just traded pick-ups so don't think we are in the market right now. Bob's mom is coming back to Storm Lake to live in an assisted living apt. Her AZ house is for sale and she has had a winter of health issues. I know she will miss the lake and won't be too happy, but she can't be alone either. It sounds like your mom is pretty spry!

Faye -- Where are you this morning? You are usually posting bright eyed and busy tailed EARLY! :D

Susan and Gloria -- Hope your weekend is an enjoyable one. :yes:

I need to keep moving. Have a nice day and remember to smile! :D

Jean -- :D in Iowa in spite of the snow!

04-12-2008, 04:36 PM
Good afternoon to you all! I was up and out early because we had to drive to Millington and get some ostomy stuff (sure will be glad when we don't have to do that anymore) and then to the mall to buy towels. Penney's is having a great 50% off sale on towels. I got 12 beautiful plush bath towels with the sale and a coupon I paid only $55 total including tax. It I have every color of the rainbow and my sil will now have beautiful new towels to use. My current ones for the most part are in good shape but I saw a couple are starting to fray so thought this was a perfect opportunity to get new ones. We then drove in and washed the car and then to Wally's to get some stuff and then finally home. Jack recauked the bathtub and around the back of the sink and we have rug shampooing to get to. I still have to run to Krogers for something Walmart didn't have and finally she called in my golightly prescription (why do they call it golightly you do NOT go lightly! :lol: ) so I am going to go and pick it up. It is only a week until my sil gets here so I am trying to do everything at break neck speed to have it done in time.

Maggie: Sounds like you are enjoying the lovely California weather around you. It is so good to see you back here and hopefully on a regular basis. Our group is so small now that it is nice to have us all back together!

Jean: We are very springy here. My azaleas have come and almost gone already, my tree has tiny leaves on it and everything here is green. Of course, we have huge areas of flooding out in the low lying areas. We went the back way through the country out to Millington today and whole fields are under water for several acres it looks like. I can't even imagine what people in New Orleans did when I see just this amount around here.

I need to get going. I finally have all the errands done (I ran to Kroger's before finishing this) but I have chores to do that aren't done yet.

Have a nice Saturday!

04-12-2008, 08:39 PM

We took Ragg Mopp to the goomer and they said to pick him up in 5 hours so we did some driving around town checking on new lap top computers. I think I have settled on the new HP Pavillin dv9810 because it will suit my needs and is the "fastest" on out there (as of today). You know everything changes so quickly in computers so what I get will be obsolete within a few months or even days. I just need one to work well and been happy with this one and Will wants it. :dizzy: We still had time left to come home and have lunch and mess around here watering the plants, etc before picking up the dog. Also went by Smart & Final and got a case of Perrier ~ my choice of water.:yes:

OOOO I can't do personals ~ will just got back and is lighting the grill so I need to get some things done to the meat. Catch you all later.:wave:

04-12-2008, 10:21 PM
Good evening, ladies. We had a warm (80 degrees) day but severe thunderstorms! I'm ready for the sun to come back.

I took some time for myself and went to a small quilt show in Quinton (only 56 quilts), we stopped at a new quilt store in West Point (only had 12 bolts of fabric and a few spools of thread and a lot of "antiques") but it was a big disappointment, then we had lunch at Applebee's. I still made it to the hospital by 3 pm so that was good.

News from the hospital front is good and bad. Good that they moved Stan to a regular room but bad because he's back on clear liquids because he can't tolerate regular food. Doctors are now saying he has a non-functioning colon and he has no control and really severere diahrea. I suppose I'll be talking to the surgeon next week unless they can come up with a new miracle drug. He's getting dialysis everyday now so they can give him protein, minerals and vitamins in IV form but tiny bags. I just wish they'd get on with something. He hasn't really eaten for nearly a month now.

Faye, you always have luck with the coupons and bargains. Time is getting short and you'll be done with this stuff.

Maggie - good luck with the new computer. A lot complain about Vista but I love it.

I think I'm going to have an early night tonight. Bed is calling.

04-13-2008, 08:46 AM
Good early morning to you all. I had to clean my bag though I am still sleepy so thought I would finish then post here with you ladies.

Maggie: I am not particularly fond of laptops. I use Jack's when we go away somewhere and he takes it, but I prefer my big ole PC. Maybe because I can pound away on the keys. I have a pretty heavy keystroke and you can't do that with a laptop on top of that using the little scroll thingy instead of a mouse drives me nuts. Jack finally bought a wireless mouse for his laptop so that is better anyway. Hope Ragg Mopp is looking fine and dandy. Fortune goes on Friday for a bath and comb out. I can't bathe him in the tub anymore with my situation now. It is painful to lean over the tub. I am just taking him to PetSmart and letting them do it so he is all nice and clean smelling while my sil is here.

Susan: Darn, that poor man never seems to get ahead. I hope they can get his intestinal situation solved. I sympathize with him knowing what it is like, but even I didn't have the problems poor Stan is having. There is something going on with his colon they are just not catching. Have you heard anything more on what is causing the high white blood cell count? I received the yarn for my sister's sweater yesterday and it is all going back. It ends up looking like tennis shoe strings when knitted and not soft at all. She would hate it so back it goes. Unfortunately, I lose $12 for them shipping it to me, another $8 or so to ship it back and then another $12 for them to ship something else on top of the fact, they don't refund or exchange but credit so I have to buy something from them again with the remainder of the money. I may just order something else from someplace else for her and use my credit for yarn for the boys' sweaters I am making them for Christmas.

Today is do at least half the carpet day. I am going to weed out the towel and put out the new ones that I laundered yesterday and get the shower curtains down and bleach them today I think and get them back up. I am doing my weekly cleaning on Wed and Thursday and the shopping on Friday. I have a menu set up for them so that they don't have to eat out every night while I am in the hospital. I am going to cook part of the stuff and freeze it and then he and his sister can make the other stuff. We will do as much prep stuff as we can to make it easier for them. I will slice a bunch of tomatoe and get lettuce ready for sandwiches, chop a bunch of onions for the dinner meals, stuff like that. We don't want her paying for any of her meals as she paid for her own airline ticket. More than likely we will just give that money back to her if we can get her to take it.

Everyone have a good Sunday. I am off to sleep maybe one more hour as Jack stayed up late and I know won't be up until around 9.


04-13-2008, 04:37 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly and most of the snow is gone once again. It's only 45 degrees outside and windy, so it doesn't feel much like spring. I had to be at church to set up and practice by 7:30 so it seemed like a regular school day. We had a guest speaker and he was a long winded little guy; :spin: he talked for a half hour which made us almost 20 minutes late getting out. A couple of the Sunday School teachers got up and left while he was still talking. Bob picked up a bug of some sort; he had the chills last night, achey and running to the bathroom today. I have a couple of loads of laundry left to do and want to do some exta vacuuming where "Mom's" favorite places were. I swear the dust bunnies multiply overnight!

"Gma" -- You sound like the Energizer Bunny -- you just keep going and going! :lol: I'm sorry the yarn wasn't what you were expecting. I hope you find some that you will like better. The shipping charges have gone sky high, but Bob always reminds me that we couldn't drive to a city any cheaper. I just ordered a car/train table for Kolby's birthday and the shipping is $25. Since Toys R Us left Sioux City there is really no place to shop for toys in the off Christmas season. Sioux Falls has a Toys R Us, but they are 2 1/2 hours away! Target and K-Mart have some toys but not much selection. Bob shampooed our area rugs last weekend so I'm set for awhile. I would love to put carpet back in but know it is cost prohibitive right now. I have some green plants coming up in the flower patch but I haven't been out to see what they are. We had a flower friend do some planting last fall and he will come back to check and see what made it through the winter and what didn't.

Maggie -- Bob has a laptop that he keeps his business Quicken on. He finally had to get a mouse for it because he didn't like the pad or whatever you call it. I think I'm going to have to either take my computer in and have it upgraded or else shop for a new one. What I know about computers is zilch! I just know how to turn it on, get my email, make labels, use microsoft word, and surf the net. :D Mine is really slow these days.

Susan -- Poor Stan! You both must be so frustrated! I'm glad you got to go on a quilt outing even if it was a bit disappointing. Hang in there and know we are thinking of you! :yes:

Well, my chores aren't getting done so I best be on my way. Have a nice rest of the day and a marvelous Monday tomorrow?

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-13-2008, 08:36 PM
Good evening, ladies!

Faye, Ischemic Colitis is caused by a portion of the colon being deprived of blood. If it goes too long before it is discovered, it dies. The doctors are trying to find out if they caught Stan's in time. He is such a poor healer that I'm afraid it won't heal properly. The thought of him having surgery is terrifying to me. They said they would only do surgery as a last resort to save his life. The fact that his colon is not working at all - colon removes water from fecal mater - he has quarts of water rushing out shortly after he eats or drinks anything. The fact it is no longer bleeding is encouraging. The white cell count could be pointing to more infection in the colon. They have to stop it before it gets out into his abdominal cavity. He's having a lot of joint pain today, another sign of the ischemic colitis, so they are giving him morphine every 2 hours.

Faye, sorry the yarn was disappointing. That's one reason I won't buy fabric on the net - can't really tell the color or quality until you get it.

Jean, hope Bob is feeling better. You probably need to run defrag on your computer and get rid of cookies. It will do a lot to speed it back up.

I just went to the grocery store and to get my hair cut today then spent several hours at the hospital. Have to get ready to go to work tomorrow.

Good night!

04-14-2008, 11:02 AM
Good morning to you all! Well, I am now one week out and getting my cleaning projects done a little at a time. We talked to his sister yesterday so have her flight info and all to go pick her up on Saturday. We talked to our son this weekend too and he is all upset because he may not be able to get down here and Alicia and Jackson definitely can't come. I told him that it is ok a hundred times and that I am not upset and that I understand that he has a family and priorities he has to take care of. I hope I got through to him, but the end of the conversation was "I am going to call Kelly and see if she can put me up for a couple days and I will drive down on Sunday and go home on Tuesday." :shrug: What can I do? I know he worries about me and wants to be here, partly because he couldn't come down for Jack's heart attack, his heart surgery or my operation until afterwards, but he has a job and he can't just pick up and go anytime he wants and I understand that. I imagine we will see him sometime on Sunday though as he has his dad's stubborn streak! (my good looks and engaging personality though! :D)

Susan: When I go to the surgeon's they always seem to put me in the same room and he has this huge poster of the gastro/intestinal system that I always get to sit and look at while waiting and so I know what colitis involves but that type I had never heard of. I hope they can get the problem resolved without emergency surgery because I know he is not healthy enough for many reasons to go through something like that. If they have to do surgery, it is just one more lifetime issue he will have to face, ie an illeostomy more than likely, and your lives are about as crowded as they can be with daily health issues that is for sure. I know the other gals are praying for you two and I am too. I will update my friend and sister's prayer chain for extra prayer.

Jean: I think I would go nuts in your situation with shopping limitations. I agree Walmart and Kmart have crummy selections of toys. I think Toys R US is about to go under completely. I know we had several here and are now down to only one. I am sending back the weird yarn today and have already ordered something else that I have used before and know is soft and works well. They have a beautiful new plum color in a heather shading and I think it will look great on her. I am pretending I forgot the colors she suggested as she picked baby blue, which would look horrible on her with her skin and hair color and then black, navy. I aim to perk her up a bit without going wild like lime green or hot pink or something! lol My niece, her dd, is always saying her mom needs color in her wardrobe so I aim to put just a bit of color into her life. She is the one I made the brown vest for and of course she loves that! lol I can't buy her slacks as she is as round as she is tall and only 5 ft, but I will get her a nice gift card and suggest a pair of gray slacks to go with it for work.

I am down to 3 chores besides packing for the hospital, the shopping I am leaving until Friday, cleaning house Wed and Thurs and just have the whole dining room and living room walking area of the carpet to shampoo today or tonight and want to wash down my cabinet fronts, which are white I seem to find dirty handprints from you know who on them all the time! lol

Have a good start to the week!

04-14-2008, 11:45 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I've had my nap in front of the TV and feel like I could head off to bed in short order. Bob still isn't feeling good and can't keep anything down. He did go to the doctor because his "middle" felt so tight and bloated. The doctor (our doctor is gone for the week) thought it could be either the flu or gall bladder so scheduled an ultra sound for Wednesday morning. If it is the flu it has been longer than 24 hours. :( It was a sunny but chilly day today and we got notice at school that there would be no heat for the rest of the year. I hope it stays on the warm side with no more snow surprises. I was supposed to sit in on a parent (another teacher) meeting for an algebra student and she never showed up! So I was late leaving school, stopped at the store on my way home, and didn't get home until after 5.

Susan -- I did defrag and decookie the computer but I can't really tell if it did any good or not. My ISP is also very slow so think it is a combination of the two. :( I found some files that "need attention" and have no clue what they are or what to do with them so just left them alone. I do hope that Stan can avoid the surgery but if that's what it takes to get him back on the mend, I hope it will go well. You both are in my thoughts and prayers.

"Gma" -- The new yarn color sounds really pretty. I hope that Jay is able to come and spend some time with you. I know how hard it is to be far away from a loved one when they are in the hospital. My MIL has had all of her surgeries in AZ and we never went down because there was family there to be with her. When you get all of your chores done you can sit back and relax, watch soap operas, and eat bon bons! ;)

I am going to see what I need to iron to wear tomorrow. It's supposed to hit 70 degrees so will wear a sweater of some sort that I can take off if I get too warm. Have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-15-2008, 08:33 AM
Good morning to you all! I hope your morning has started out well. Jack has the sniffles this morning and decided to stay home so is recaulking the rest of the tub as I type. We thought it was all done, but after my shower yesterday it leaked again so we think it is around the tub and not at the bottom so he just recaulked the whole thing just now. I know part of his problem is the dog drove him nuts last night and he is dead tired.

Jean: I am going to run my adware/spyware program and clean out my browser files and such this morning. I know that the stupid McAfee virus program slows everything up because it checks for virus and spyware and such when you go to log on. Drives me nuts, but we had to upgrade again because I got a virus from somewhere recently. It is pretty cool here this morning, but hopefully will warm up today. I want to do some work outside, just a bit though, nothing strenous. The birds have really dive bombed the deck, furniture and bbq so I need to go out and wash it all down today along with spot shampooing just the entranceway in the living room. Fortune has had a couple accidents waiting at the door for us to let him out a couple times so want to be sure they are all cleaned out of the carpet well. You know me, can't eat bonbons because I have needles in my hands! :) Used to be a fanatic about "Days of our Lives" but rarely even turn tv on in the daytime anymore.

I took the yarn over to the post office and mailed it back yesterday afternoon and on the way home (only a mile from the house) I started hearing this flapping noise sort of like when you get a flat tire. I called Jack on my cell and ask him to come outside and ride around the neighborhood so he could hear it. When I got back to the house he looked under the hood and didn't see anything loose and looked under the car and didn't see anything. He walked around to the side and a piece of rubber that goes around the headlight has come loose and was flapping. So, I guess I will go and get some epoxy or something and glue it back into place because we couldn't get it to stay in place last night. A couple years ago when I hit that deer and it creamed my front, we had it come loose a couple times right after it was repaired and the car place fixed it both times, but now I guess we are on our own. I am not paying to have someone do what we can do here at home.

Guess I better get to those chores. They sure don't do themselves!

04-15-2008, 10:25 AM
Good morning, ladies. Cool this morning - only 48 degrees.

Stan had a colonoscopy yesterday afternoon. The doctor showed me the pictures of his colon. The area is healing but there are a lot of red spots that he said are common with dialysis patients and can bleed at anytime. There is one really ugle spot that looks like a piece of liver. They biopsided that area. He actually has places in the left side and the portion that goes across the top that were bleeding and raw on the previous colonoscopy but are now showing healing. So no surgery at this time. Probably 6-8 months to fully heal. They are going to try him on food again today so I have my fingers crossed. Once he can eat we can think about going home. I'm hoping for Friday.

Jean, how'd you get my warm weather? Please send it on. I hope Bob is feeling better. The flu around here hung on for 2-3 weeks. People were so sick. Gallbladder is no fun but better to get it early.

Faye, I'm with you. I'll try to fix anything before I actually pay someone to do it. Sounds like you have everything in hand for your hospital stay. The yarn sounds like a beautiful color.

Have a good day!

04-15-2008, 09:19 PM
It is a lovely day in the neighborhood.* We got back from the coast around 3:30 and had a wonderful uneventful road trip.* Seems all those traveling were doing an exceptional job.* The doc said the rash on my leg is Stasis Dermatitus and gave me a perscription that is 3 times stronger than what I had gotten over the counter.* Due to lack of proper circulation to the blood vessels in the leg I wear the brace on.* The gal in the office said she has the same thing ~ guess it is more "popular" then I thought.* It just itches and is ugly is all that I knew.:dizzy:* Otherwise the doc was pleased with my weight loss efforts and will see me again in a year.:)

JEAN I sure hope that Bob's pain subsides and it isn't his gall bladder ~ but they have a wonderful way of removing them now and don't leave a foot long scar down ones middle.

FAYE Do as you plan and don't over do!* We don't watch TV either.* In fact we no longer even own one and really don't miss it until baseball season rolls around.

SUELet's hope Stan does continue to get better as time passes ~ no surgery is such a good bit of news at this time.* You take care of YOU, don't forget.

04-15-2008, 11:28 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It is so windy here today! It's a good thing my hair was attached or it would be in the next county for sure. It was "warm" but didn't feel very warm with the wind blowing. I made a WM run after school and I could just shake the dummies who leave their carts out for the wind to blow across the parking lot. :tantrum: Bob has his ultrasound in the morning so I will be late going to school. I could take a whole day of emergency leave but didn't want the hassle for just an hour or so. :spin:

"Gma" -- You are a busy gal! :woohoo: Your home will be spic 'n span for your sister-in-law to visit. I'm sure she will appreciate all of your preparations. The 21st is getting closer!

Susan -- I do hope that Stan continues to heal and can avoid the surgery. Bob did feel better today and what he has eaten (fat free soup, crackers, Jell-o, and 7-Up) since last night has stayed down. :D He says his middle area still doesn't feel quite right although not like having the flu. Hopefully we will know more tomorrow if he gets the tech we know. He did go into the office for a while today.

Maggie -- When we were in Maui we visited a winery that also sold other items among which is a line of skin and hair care products. I bought a jar of cream after reading the fine print which says it it a natural relief for dry skin, sunburn, eczema, and psoriasis. I was diagnosed with eczema a year ago (only on my thumbs which is so weird). Anyhow, I really like it and sent for some to share with our choir accompanist who has it much worse than I do. She swears by it. There are testimonials from people who have used it. The link is if you're interested in checking it out. :yes:

I should pick up the kitchen a bit. I have "fat-free" soup and crackers, etc., out on the counter plus newspapers scattered around. Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-16-2008, 02:53 PM
*It is another lovely day in the neighborhood.* I am deciding just what it is I want to do today.* I know what I have to do. . . :p We will be going into town in a bit to pick up my perscription and get the mail. JEAN Thanks for that web site.* I checked it out and they definitely have "stuff" I want from them.* Thanks again.* Hope Bob is getting a good report today.Everyone have a lovely day.