100 lb. Club - Things to look forward to as we loose weight!!

04-09-2008, 08:41 PM
Alright I have looked everywhere for a thread that was posted around October with everyone listing serveral things they can not wait for as they lose weight. I loved that thread I read it like 4 times a day, but now I can't find it so I decided to start a new one. List things about your body, mind, emotional changes that you can't wait to happen as we obtain our goals!!!

So come on gals and guys lets start write them down!!!

These are a few of mind

1. Can't wait to weight less then DH
2. Go shopping in normal size sections at stores
3. Tie my shoes comfortably, and have the tie in the middle not on side
3. Fit into my wedding ring
4. Fit into my necklace and not have to get longer chains so the thing does not look like a choker
5. be in onederland
6. be able to run a triathlon
7. be healthy enough to get back to a regular menstral cycle
8. have sexy calfs
9. have a healthy size 30 inch waist and not be pre-diabetic
10. not havve to roll out of bed, be able to sit up and get off properly
11. be able to run with my son and not sit on side because I am embarrased a my fat jiggling.
12. Be able to stand comfortable next to my 7, 5' 9", 120 pounds SIL
13. Have my hubby be able to pick me up and carry me to be (I miss this)
14. Having my self image catch up and realize I am beautiful now.

Ok so there is so much more but here are just a few.......

04-09-2008, 09:05 PM
Goodness...so many!

1. Not be known as the "fat sister"
2. Say bye-bye to fat stores
3. Feel like when I walk into a room people aren't staring at me because I'm so fat; they stare because I'm so hot!
4. Feel comfortable in my own skin.
5. Amen on the regular periods!
6. Find a fella that I am not "settling" for.
7. Walk and talk without getting winded!

That's just a few...there are so many. I'm so ready to be healthy!

04-09-2008, 09:16 PM
It sounds so small, but I am thrilled how easy it is to cut my toenails. It used to be such an ordeal -red-faced and feeling cut in the middle. It's a breeze now!

04-09-2008, 09:19 PM
Getting on a plane and not having to twist sideways to fit down the aisle. And not worrying about 'overlapping' into the seat next to me.

04-09-2008, 09:27 PM
Not fearing lawn chairs, restaurant booths, seatbelts, and airplanes
Shopping in the Misses sizes
Seeing evidence of bones in my body
Being seen as a woman and not as a blob

04-09-2008, 09:28 PM
I did this in my journal a few weeks ago.

1) To wear my wedding band again (its been two years).
2) To have a better sex life with hubby (karma sutra)
3) To buy clothes that are under size 18.
4) To buy cute matching bra and panties
5) I want to be more successful in my business (like it or not weight = some discrimination)
6) I want to wrap only one bath towel around me at a time.
7) I want my boobs to come into the room before my belly.
8) Be able to play more physically active with my kids.
9) To be able to wear my hubby's sweat or t shirts.
10) To be in onederland
11) not cringe when I do swimsuit shopping

That is a start I come up with new ones each day!

04-09-2008, 09:31 PM
Right now I'm most enjoying the fact that I feel more outgoing and confident.. so I'm perceiving people around me in a friendlier way and having conversations with strangers when I used to avoid eye contact. It's partly me being pumped about spring too.

04-09-2008, 09:48 PM
There are a million right now including pretty much everything listed before me. But I think my favorite thing is just being completely average. I don't think you can overestimate the joy in being average, of just blending into the crowd.

04-09-2008, 10:02 PM
Oh yeah! Not having to specifically request a table at a restaurant!

04-09-2008, 10:11 PM
Not having strangers stare at you or even not having someone you hardly know commenting on how fat you are.

04-09-2008, 10:24 PM
In no particular order:

Seeing my feet in the shower

Sitting on the toilet w/o it shifting

Taking the tags off the clothes in my closet that are dying to be worn

Wearing skirts that arent shorter in the rear because of my big butt.

Thighs that wont chaffe

04-09-2008, 10:42 PM
Seeing daylight between my thighs, when my feet are together!

04-09-2008, 11:22 PM
shop at cutsie stores and not buy socks or hair peices.

walk around and not "feel" heavy and tired

go to movie theaters and amusment parks and not worry about fitting in the seat

having more energy

having boys notice me

i'm sure there will be more to come,....

04-09-2008, 11:33 PM
To wear my wedding ring again
To have boobs come into the room before belly
To not fear my kids are ashamed of me
To not get winded when walking quickly
To be able to go skiing again and not fear a heart attack
To get blood pressure down
To wear "normal" clothing again
So my feet don't hurt--planar faschitis is not fun
To ease the stress on my joints and ease the arthritis symptoms
To weigh less than DH
To be in onederland again

04-10-2008, 12:14 AM
Jana's Top Ten Reasons for Losing Weight:

1)To be a good role model to my 3yo
2)To feel like a hottie!
3)To feel more confident
4)To actually play with my daughter, and not give out in 5 minutes
5)To be more attractive to my boyfriend
6)To not be obsessed with how fat I am
7)To actually wear shirts that I can tuck in
8)To not have my hands go to sleep when I lay on my side
9)To have pictures taken of myself and my lil girl
10) To feel in control of my life!

Apple Cheeks
04-10-2008, 12:46 AM
I have a few to add.....

*No more worrying about whether or not I "look fat" in something--I will look pretty damn good in just about everything!

*No more back-fat, and trying to hide it by adjusting my bra over the rolls (like THAT's going to fix it! Hah!)

*Goodbye to all of the billowy, ugly fat clothes I have to wear, and hello to sleeker, more chic apparel! There's a fashionista inside of me just itching to get out!

*Being able to fit back into my favorite short-shorts and cute tank-top for hiking!

*Having my boobs be the only things that jiggle on me! Cha cha cha!

*NOT having my tummy pillow up on the bed next to me when I lay on my side.

*No more Michelin Man syndrome when I sit down! (looking like there are spare tires stacked on top of each other inside me)

*Not having to hide at the back in group photos, or worrying about which angles are more slimming (like turning slightly to one side, etc) when I get my picture taken. Or worse--avoiding having my picture taken altogether.

*Not having to throw away lots of perfectly good pictures because I hate how awful I look in them.

*No more wearing out holes in my favorite pants from my thighs rubbing together!

*No more muffin top.

*Feeling confident and--gasp!--sexy again!

There are dozens more I can think of, but I'll just post these. :^:

04-10-2008, 08:57 AM
In addition to pretty much everything everyone else has said, I have a kind of odd one:

To be able to fit more clothes in a suitcase and bring more with me when I travel.

04-10-2008, 09:31 AM
hmmm this one is gonna take some thinking... here are my first two..

1. hubby and I being able to ummm *ahem* in some of the ways of our earlier days :p (we miss those days!)

2. I can't wait to be able to not panic when a hostess takes us to a booth. I litterlly begin sweating and getting mad/disgusted with myself every time this happens. :(

04-10-2008, 11:35 AM
I'm really glad you posted this because I was thinking of posting something similar. Everyone has such good ones already but here are some of mine...

1) I want to be able to dress in cute, stylish clothes, bathing suit included.
2) I don't want to worry everytime I have to walk through a turnstyle
3) I want to look good in pictures that I take with my children...I run from the camera now but I used to be so photogenic!
4) I don't want to get nervous when walking down a busy street or the strip at the beach, thinking someone will yell something about fat out the window...it's never happened but it is a fear of mine
5) I want to sit in an airplane seat and movie seats comfortably
6) I want to make my kids/dh proud that I set out with a goal and have followed through with it

I know there are plenty more and I will add them as they come to me ;)

04-10-2008, 12:55 PM
awesome thread, these are always so fun!

1) I turn 42 on saturday, NOT dying soon would be awesome!!!
2) wearing a skirt (a fitted jean skirt, not a loose flowy thing)
3) tucking something in?!? what the??
4) not having to scout out every new room for somewhere i'll fit to sit
5) to weigh less than the heavy-weight champion of the world!
6) to wear something sleeveless ( this may NOT be attainable but i can dream LOL)
7) more shoesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

04-10-2008, 02:34 PM
wow! I turn 42 on Sunday.

I want to be able to:
1) go to Disneyland and fit in every ride out there
2) go to Belize and do the jungle canopy tour where you swing from tree to tree
3) not have to worry about sitting in those plastic lawn chairs
4) not have to board a plane wondering if I'll fit in the seat
5) not have to buy super sized bath towels
6) try on my old Marine Corps uniform and have it fit :p
7) tie my shoes from the top and not the side
8) cross my legs
9) not have to worry about the weight limits on anything - canoes, motorcycles
10) fit in a bathroom stall comfortably
11) go shopping without having people look in my grocery cart
12) not have to buy wide width shoes
13) fit between cars in a parking lot without dusting them off on my clothes

04-10-2008, 03:33 PM
I think i've done a post on one of these before but i've thought of more!

I want to be able to:
1. not to feel embarassed when buying clothes with my friends who are all size 14 or less.
2. run for 30mins without stopping.
3. get rid of my thunder thighs.
4. not have to worry how i look.
5. wear t-shirts without a jumper over the top.
6. go to my g'mas house without her telling me how fat i am.
7. go get a tan in one of those tanning booths (fake of course!).
8. not get over-heated in the summer because i'm wearing layers.

Thats the few i can think of right now, i should write all these down and print them out somewhere!
Thanks :D

Thought of some more:
9. I want to wear shorts and short armed tee's
10. To be able to find nice clothes for special occations
11. Just feel plain good about myself.

04-10-2008, 05:40 PM
1.) swim suits
2.) being able to go to the gym without feeling like everyone is watching me
3.) go clothes shopping with people without being embarrassed about my size
4.) not feeling frumpy all the time
5.) being able to feel like i can leave my boyfriend who cheats on me without fearing that i wont be able to find anyone else...
6.) long skirt and bikini top on the beach
7.) when i eventually have kids - being the hot pregnant woman

04-10-2008, 05:51 PM
Not having my stomach touch the steering wheel of the car.

04-10-2008, 06:50 PM
I just want to be able to fit all the rides at Cedar Point and not be embarassed when they ask you to sit in the seat just too see if you are too big to ride

04-10-2008, 07:06 PM
At the top of my list:

1) To show my daughter's how to be a strong confident woman who lives life to the fullest and treasures her body like a precious gift.
2) To wear beautiful clothes that look beautiful on my body.
3) To get "up close and personal" with Hubby and not worry about the tummy getting in the way.

04-10-2008, 10:32 PM
I want to:
1. feel more confident
2. not feel like a slob no matter how nice my clothes
3. have my back stop hurting
4. feel sexy again
5. not worry about Green Peace while lying on the beach. :D

04-11-2008, 12:08 AM
Alot (most) of mine are for pure vanity. Vanity is what started me, health is what motivates me when the ego is low.

1. I look forward to running, to being at the top of my physical game. I've wanted to run my whole life. I think being able to run long distance would be akin to being able to fly- the pure exhilarating freedom. I know I'll feel powerful when I can run, like a goddess. Ah!

2. I really miss walking/strutting around feeling cocky, arrogant and GOOD when I'm dolled up. I look forward to that feeling the most.

3. I love the feeling of being tall and lean. I miss accentuating that with tall shoes that put me at my husband's height. When I'm fat I don't want to wear tall shoes as I don't want to draw any attention to my size.

4. I love feeling uber-girly when I'm dressed up in figure flattering clothes.

5. I look forward to not being invisible. Really and truly.

6. I love the feeling of my jeans resting comfortably below my hip bones, stomach feeling all flat.

7. I have great shoulders and a chin when I weigh less (weird features to love, I know) I can't wait for them to reappear.

8. I want to wear dresses and skirts. I don't wear them now for fear of chub-rub.

9. I want to feel absolutely tiny when I'm with my big, manly man gorilla of a husband. He's always been bigger than me, but I want the ginormous difference back!

10. I want to feel as though I belong anywhere, except the plus sized clothing store. Sometimes I feel so out of place, at the healthy foods store, at the sporting goods store, I look longingly at smaller size stores and feel wistful.

04-11-2008, 10:43 PM
I really want to cross my legs again when I sit.
I want to fit into theater seats again.
I want to shop in regular sizes again and buy pretty clothes.
I want to feel confortable in my body.

04-12-2008, 02:28 AM
1. I want to feel comfortable in my body.
2. I want my back to stop hurting (I'm 23 and have an arthritic back).
3. I want to be able to go off of my high blood pressure medication.
4. I want to feel ubber sexy even when I'm just wearing a t-shirt and jeans.
5. I want to look fabulous in whatever I am wearing including a batheing suite.
6. I want to be able to wear skirts again. I haven't worn a short skirt since I was like 12.
7. When I"m grocery shopping I'd like for people to not stare at what's in my cart.
8. I want to be healthy.

04-12-2008, 02:54 AM
Like LisaF - I would like more room in my suitcase. Not because my clothes will be smaller and I can take more...but because I won't have to pack my OWN towel because I don't fit in normal sized ones.

1. I want to go to sporting events again and not feel like I am spilling into someone elses seat.
2. Be able to fly by myself and not have to have someone I know sit in the middle because I spill over my seat.
3. Be able to find CUTE clothes esp. underwear.
4. Be able to dress appropriately for the weather. No layers, long pants, or long shirts in the summer.

KateRN - #5 - You can now and you will find someone! You are beautiful. :hug:

04-12-2008, 03:15 AM
1) Be able to take a normal bath towel to the gym instead of a beach towel.
2) See my sexy collar bone.
3) Get my hourglass figure back.
4) Re-join the swim team.
5) Not have to make massive alterations to every clothing pattern.
6) Getting back into a size 12.
7) No more knee pain.
8) No more feeling like my head will pop off after climbing the stairs.
9) Not brush against people when getting on/ off the bus.
10) Be confident enough to go to a club and dance the night away.
11) Wear my guys dress shirt and be sex and kittenish, instead of looking like a sausage.

04-12-2008, 03:39 AM
i want to wear pretty underwear!! i wear sports bras all the time because bras always make my back fat stand out!

04-12-2008, 12:18 PM
So many of us have similar items; I know I'll be referring back to this list for inspiration when I need it! I have a few that I'm sharing from my journal. They're in no particular order, so I don't want to number them.

* Wearing sexy lingerie (as opposed to bras that look like body armour!)
* Dancing (without jiggling so much it hurts)
* Being active with no pain and without being short of breath.
* Being spontaneous instead of cautious.
* Easily finding clothes that fit - love vintage clothing!
* Enjoying “candid shots” of myself
* No rubbing thighs!
* Being able to keep up with the boys, instead of waiting around for them!
* Not have to worry about weight limits on amusement park rides (back in the day, I would to go on Every.Single.One.)
* Being healthy when I reach old age
* Wearing form fitting clothing - no elastic waists!
* Setting a good example of health and perseverance (despite set backs) to my son.
* Wearing billowy clothes because I like them, not because they’re the only thing I can find that will fit!
* Thinking “I remember when this towel wouldn’t fit around me!”

04-12-2008, 01:05 PM
Having lost the first 58, these are the things I have enjoyed already:
Feeling great!
Finding collar and hipbones
Feeling cute!
Fitting into a towel
Going snow tubing with my kids
Shopping in the regular sizes
Fitting into places - airplane seats, restaurant booths, etc.
Enormous reduction in headaches and allergies
Realizing I do have some self control and willpower after all
My daughter is able to wrap her arms all the way around me and squeeze
Being able to look at the bottom of my shoe to see if I stepped in poo without bracing myself on a tree and pulling my foot up with my hand (this happened the other day)
Crossing my legs (tho my daughter says it's bad for me, I couldn't do it for so many years, now I do it all the time)
Tying my shoes easily
Not needing to use the handicapped stall in a public toilet so that I have enough room to maneuver

And here are the ones I'm really looking forward to in the future:
Going to Hershey Park with the kids in a few weeks - I'll ride the rides
Many years of good health and seeing and playing with my grandchildren
Fitting into a size 14 - then 12, then, maybe even 10!
Playing at the pool this summer without feeling so self conscious
Not suffering so much from the heat
Lots of fun clothes shopping
Having a family portrait done
Keeping this weight off forever!

04-12-2008, 11:34 PM
1. Getting more into sports. Last year I joined a softball league, this year I took up swimming - I'm looking forward to being able to play more vigorous sports, such as soccer and floor hockey.
2. Having more confidence when it comes to men.
3. Wearing cute, smaller outfits.

04-13-2008, 12:09 AM
*I'm super-girly, but it's hard to feel cute and feminine in your clothes when you're big. And I'm tall so that doesn't help either. I just want to be able to wear pretty, feminine clothes.
*To be able to buy a bra anywhere. Pretty ones. And underwear too!
*Everytime I move I think about my fat. Are my rolls showing more? Are people looking at me? I'm done with that. I hate being so tormented by my fat. I hate to sit with my back to a crowd - like in a restaurant I'll take the seat closest to the wall at our table. And it is a table - because my roomate and I usually request one lest the booth be too tight. I want to go into a restaurant or a theatre and just sit. There should be no thought process to it, just sit!!
*As bad as they are, I would actually like to have a normal period again.
*I hate when people see old pics of me and say, "wow you were so pretty." I want to be pretty now!!
*I want to run around and play with the kids at work without worrying about my fat jiggling.
*I used to have the most beautiful hands. I always got compliments on them. My fingers were long and thin and my nails grow long and healthy. My nails are still long and healthy but my fingers are chubby and I hate it.
*I want to have more energy. I'm a fun person!
*I want to sleep well. I've diagnosed myself with sleep apnea (everyone I know thinks I have it too. I just haven't been to a dr.), and I'm hoping that with weight loss, that will go away as well. I hate being tired all the time.
*I want to feel confident when I meet new people. I also want to feel confident around strangers. I'm 26 years old and I still feel self-concious around teenage popular snobby types. I'm like, I'm a grown woman! Why should these kids make me uncomfortable??
*I'm actually in pretty decent shape to be as heavy as I am and I don't have any real problems getting around. But I know I could do so much more.

04-13-2008, 04:00 AM
I love these! Not asking for a table, seeing light between the thighs, and Robin, what an inspiration. Tell us how you got here (to your goal, almost). Awesome!!!


04-13-2008, 10:17 AM
Wow... I have loved reading these! So many are things I hadn't even thought of - but, agree and look forward to them myself.

I look forward to:

- wearing smaller clothes and being able to find more of the things that I like

- not having to worry about fitting into the seat in an airplane

- sitting in any chair I'd like to - with no fear of damaging it

- finding my once very small waist

- showing my grown up son what his mom looked like when he was a little boy

- being able to move about more wistfully

- not being the fattest person in the room

- not being the fattest person in the familly

- dancing at weddings feeling free and that people are not thinking "Look at that fat women dance."

I know I'll think of more.

04-13-2008, 11:06 AM
I have enjoyed reading all the things to look forward to and I plan on borrowing some of these as I jot them down in my journal. My daughter will be getting married next year and I have so much to look forward to.......
* Buying underwear at Victoria Secrets......you know their underwear only goes up to a size 12....not panty size but jean size.
* Buying smaller workout clothes to wear at the gym.
* Being able to wear my ipod arm band without the circulation being cut off and that is with the adjustment to the largest size.
* Looking like someone who may have an eating disorder.....I have an eating disorder now but no one comments on my size except how big I am.
* Walking into my doctor's office for my yearly visit and he has to look on my chart to see who I am.
* I look forward to not being told that I need to check myself in at the hospital for a liquid diet because I can control real food.
* Running in a mini marathon.
* Being taken seriously at the job I perform.
* Enjoying the reflection as I wait for the elevator at work.
* Being able to buy clothes off of the clearance rack.
* Feeling comfortable getting my picture taken.