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04-09-2008, 02:25 PM

I didn't realize how much more land it requires. We don't seem to have to expand our use of our garden for our tomatoes and onions. We get an abundance every year and we are organic.

04-09-2008, 02:56 PM
Well it may require more land but it doesn't require as much land as the crops needed to support dairy and various meat industries.

04-09-2008, 04:20 PM
I think this article is talking about large scale corporate organics, something that the organic movement never meant to be grown.

Local organic produce, especially those grown on a farm that practices polyculture doesn't have these down falls.

04-10-2008, 07:10 PM
zen, I think you are right. That's another reason I support the farmer's markets. It's too bad these big conglomerates are buying organic ingredients from all over the world. I didn't realize that Kellogg's owned Morningstar.