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04-08-2008, 06:53 AM
:sunny: Good Morning to all you beautiful Chicklets! Another dawn is breaking, it's time for your morning wake-up call! :coffee:

I have a load of laundry in the washer, and am dressed and waiting for Curves to open. I don't really have much to do after, but I want to put together a casserole with some leftover ham for Jake's supper. I have to work late yet again this evening, so he'll have a hot meal at least.

So who's up and joining me for a cuppa? :cofdate:

04-08-2008, 07:22 AM
Good Morning Linda. I'll join you for some coffee. The past few weeks have been weird and I hope after the floor is installed thursday to get my life back and be able to do personals. I had to drop curves, can't afford it. I'm trying to take Jade for a walk/jog every day, but missed yesterday. Yesterday I went WAY off the beach, ok, not really, but ate way more than I should of at dinner, which was whole wheat pasta/goolash. p2 or 3, but I had three helpings :(. Small ones, but three nontheless.

OK, so Joe's not sure if he's going to drop out of college like he told me he was going to last week! ARGH... kids! LOL. When do they move out?????? :P

Jade has an ear infection, which reminds me i have to give her her meds. Hope to be back later.

04-08-2008, 07:42 AM
Busy, busy chickies! I do have one load of laundry on the go and have given Hershey her mandatory 15 minute cuddle with my coffee. The day is dawning just beautifully. I was tempted to sit on the deck to watch but decided that would be rushing it a bit at only 41ºF!

Cottage, I need to start cooking dinner ahead as you do. By the end of the day, I lose energy and just settle for whatever's at hand.

Loriann, the never really leave home. My son (45) still opens my fridge door and looks inside when he visits! I sympathize you in wanting to get your life back with a finished floor!

I need to get my butt in gear and call some contractors. I need trees trimmed and removed, work done on my barn and - horrors! - a new roof. There's always something when you own an older house. I just got the porch roof done last spring and now the big roof needs doing as I seem to have a shingle or two missing. It was a hard winter! I'll just bite the $$$ bullet and maybe get a paper route for Hershey. :rofl:

I had planned to go to town today but think I'll hang out here and get stuff done instead. You chickies inspire me!

Have a terrific Tuesday.

04-08-2008, 07:47 AM

have finally started spring cleaning in the (vain?) hope that'll somehow usher spring back in. kinda depressing cuz i am sorting out my lowest weight (skinny) clothes to be stored until i lose another 12 pounds. only have one course to teach today, would love to go to gym, but i am still on antibiotics and do not know if physical exertion is such a good idea:?:

cottage have fun at curves! :exercise:

hi loriann! this might comfort you: the average age for moving out and on in germany is 28! yikes! i am certain joe will have things figured out way before then,right?;)

happy tuesday chicas!

04-08-2008, 07:49 AM
good morning ruth! looks like we've simulposted. give hershey an extra cuddle for me.

04-08-2008, 07:57 AM
Morning Chicks :coffee:

Linda - Thanks, I really needed that coffee this morning. Spring may be taking it's time getting here but the pollen arrived in force.

LoriAnn- At least the weather for outdoor exercise has finally arrived. My DD came home from college for one summer and then only for visits. My brother, on the other hand, did manage to move out of my parent's before he turned 30 ;)
Good luck!

Ruth - Spring chores at last! (how's that for looking at the bright side?!) Enjoy your day.

jandaman - Are the antibiotics doing the trick? Enjoy spring cleaning.

Me - I've got to leave soon to take Luna kitty to the vet for her surgery. She will be there until tomorrow morning. I'll do some work in town and come home by lunchtime to keep Sebastian kitty company. He's really going to miss her.

I am so looking forward to my massage appointment this afternoon. I've had to cancel twice and have started having neck problems again. This whole getting old thing does not amuse me. I'm held together by my chiropractor and massage therapist. Now if only I could convince the insurance company of that!

Has anyone had the balela at Trader Joes? I'm going to try to recreate the recipe at home. I love that stuff and warmer weather is perfect for bean salads. :drool:

Such an exciting day I have planned ;)

Have a good day all!

04-08-2008, 08:37 AM
hi cyndi! good luck on luna kitty's surgery. i'm thinking of you. hope all goes well and she'll be up and at 'em soon.

in the meantime i have gotten really involved and am finally sorting out and filing my sbd recipes. what a productive tuesday:D

04-08-2008, 08:52 AM
Hello all! The countdown is on and the chores are piling up so I've not had much time to check in. We leave next Wednesday for Florida, but before then I have to get my car set and delivered to be shipped to Germany, finish clearing out the cobwebs on our things in the basement to figure out what needs to stay and go when we do move, and get the dog to the vet to figure out what to do about this weird skin tag she has on her leg. It never ends, does it?!

Linda, have fun at Curves this morning, and enjoy your day, long as it may be. Is Maggie back to her normal self?

Loriann, hope you get a straight answer from Joe. Sounds like he needs to sit down and write out a list of short- and long-term goals for his life!

Ruth, I think Hershey wouldn't do so well with a paper route. She doesn't seem to be one to get up and going early in the morning. Maybe you could put a collections basket on her back when you visit the nursing home, though?

Jan, sounds like you're off to a great start this morning! I can't wait to get my recipe books and cards back! They're somewhere between California and Germany...

Cyndi, enjoy your massage! I've only ever had one and I was so tense becasue I didn't know what to expect that I didn't really enjoy it!

Off to get started on the day. At least I did laundry yesterday so I don't have to worry about that!


04-08-2008, 09:18 AM
good rainy tuesday morning ladies.
doing my beck work.. up to day 18 actually left food on my plate last night (it was the exercise so I put extra food on there just so I could leave it) rather empowering.
scale holding steady at 223.x so maybe i'm now officially below 225???? how cool would that be???

DH had an evil gall bladder attack last night. i'm calling the surgeon this morning.... ugh...

off to be a good government worker.....

04-08-2008, 09:23 AM
Back from a terrific workout, and am enjoying a delicious bowl of oatmeal and raspberries. :T The mail just came, bringing with it the bank statements, so I guess I'll be busy with them this morning.

Lorianne, my kids are 35 and 38 with families of their own, but they still show up every weekend wanting dinner and advice. ;) It's good to know I'm still needed. :) I hope Joe doesn't drop out of college, I think that's a decision he'd come to regret the rest of his life.

Ruth, it sounds like a big spring clean-up at your place! Make sure you get a reputable roofer for that roofing job, there are too many of those fly-by-night scammers out there these days.

Cyndi, I hope Luna's surgery goes smoothly! I love TJ's balela, but I haven't had it in a long while. I love to have your recipe for it. ;)

Janda, I hope you make a big dent in your spring cleaning today!

Kara, are you taking your dog with you to Germany? How many more weeks?

Nessa, congratulations on the Beck work, and for the 2 lb. loss!

04-08-2008, 09:30 AM
Good morning all. Nothing much going on here. I can hear my baby boy talking to himself in his bed which means he will want to eat in just alittle bit. Just wanted to stop in for alittle and say good morning. Will be back later for more. Kara-missed you yesterday.

04-08-2008, 09:37 AM
Good morning chicks, why don't you all remind me not to post on here early in the morning when I haven't had my coffee and am feeling cranky? I reread my message from yesterday, what a Monday downer! Well, today seems off to a better start! DH made me throw away the shirt I wore yesterday, it was from before and was falling off my shoulder all day. He said it was too enticing lol!;)
I am trying the Paul McKenna thing with the cravings, it does seem to be working. Weird because I never would have believed it, but when I squeeze those fingers together I do get this weird feeling in my stomach and quit wanting whatever I'm wanting. Of course, it's only been a couple of days so we'll see if it keeps working... In the meantime, it helped me get through yesterday perfectly clean and craving free and I am starting TOM (sorry, Tom), so that's saying a lot! Anyone else watch his show or try this?

cottage, have you always been an early bird? Do you realize it was 5:53 when you posted? The only time I'm up and dressed at that hour is if I've got a plane to catch or there is a family emergency.
LoriAnn, hope you get your floor in!
Ruth, do you need a whole roof? We always lose slates and get a guy to come out and replace them once a year. I figure in about ten years it'll be a whole new roof, one slate at a time. I could never afford it all at once!
jan, that is no comfort at all, thanks! It means I've got 7 years to go!! yikes!
Cyndi, getting old sucks. Good luck with Lunakitty (love that name, by the way... I love bean salads. Made a big bowl of 3 bean yesterday to munch on over the next couple of days. If DH doesn't polish it off first...
good luck getting everything ready Kara!
Ouch, Nessa, poor DH! Make that boy get himself to the surgeon! No need to suffer, it's such a simple surgery now. Not like when I had it, as evidenced by my lovely 8-inch scar! I'm sure you must be official by now! So glad the Beck thing is working for you!

04-08-2008, 09:51 AM
Morning! Looks like it may be a windy wet here today.

Schmoodle I have been watching Paul Mckennas show since day one & following his steps & tecniques and they have been working great for me - Good luck!

Kara I hope you are able to find some you time in your busy schedule.

Go Nessa Go Nessa - your doing great!

Hello to everyone else and I hope you all have a great day! Be back in a bit

04-08-2008, 10:01 AM
Linda - that's your name? I like knowing people's real names in here. Seems friendlier. I had my cuppa already. Feet hit the floor and the coffee gets made. DH got a new pot that's programmable and still forgets to set it at night. If it were MY pot (I get the tiny one, only drink a travel mug every morning) I'd be setting it up every night!

We're having water issues, so not sure on the laundry thing. We have a well, but for some reason lately we've been running out of water when it makes no sense. I think maybe the pump down in the well is "going". I sure hope not, it's about 150 underground and a pain to pull up.

Ruth -where are you? Maybe I'll come and cut down your trees! LOL!

Janda - I have a pile of too-small clothes still in my bedroom, too. About 4 sizes mixed in there!

My SB plan lately has been to eat "clean" for my health needs - ie no refined stuff, no preservatives. It a little too hard for me to eat strictly P2 and still ignore the chemicals. I have a little sugar in my coffee every morning, and I eat regular potatoes. I am being much better at limiting my portions, though. I haven't lost any more weight because of that binge over the weekend, but I am back on track and exercising outdoors a lot this week. I am still hovering right at 143. I know I'm not going to lose weight at any great speed, but I am doing my best to get my head in the long-distance race instead of rushing to lose weight and burning out. I burn out easily, so I have to do it this way or it won't work at all.

Nessa - how awesome that you've broken that 225 mark. I'll have to look into this Beck thing. It sounds like it's more for the mind than the body, which is what I need at this point. Food never gets left on a plate at my house, so that will be a good exercise. I try to do the reverse of that, though. I try to take very small portions so that when I'm done I can evaluate if I want more or not.

04-08-2008, 10:07 AM
Good morning ladies! Thanks for having the coffee ready, I feel it is going to be another rough day! I just can't seem to get ahead anymore, yes I know I sound like a broken record! I have discovered I really do have to take the time to check in here because last week I was so busy I really didn't get to and boy was my eating terrible this weekend! The scales are surely reflecting it. You girls keep me honest, and that is why despite being at my goal I still hang around here! Love ya all!

I hope you all have a great day and accomplish all you have planned and will power dust to all! :hug: to my favorite chicks in the whole wide world, you rock!

04-08-2008, 10:31 AM
Morning everyone! I'm at work (school) and the first class is coming in soon, so I need to rush.

Nothing exiting happening here. Weather looks beautiful though, so that's reason enough for a great mood. Ate a strange breakfast of cold meatloaf and spinich w/ dijon mustard on flatout bread this morning. Don't was good! Got in an hour of fluidity and the world looks good so far. I have been doing "yogilates" in the late afternoons with a program that is now on "on demand". Really like it so decided to go ahead and order the DVD's for when it's removed from tv. VERY relaxing!

Have a wonderful day!!

04-08-2008, 10:35 AM
Good morning, everyone! Sorry for being MIA yesterday and Sunday. I hope the start to your week was nice.

Cottage: Great job being prepped for Curves! I really do admire your determination and consistency. Enjoy your day and I hope Jake enjoys his hot dinner!

Loriann: Hope everything falls into place after Thursday! Getting a new floor must be exciting!! I remember you posting before that you really needed it! I hope everything works out for Joe. I know a lot of people are uber-pro college, but try to keep an open mind about it. Sometimes continued education isn't for everyone and it ends up being a huge waste of time and money to get a degree and then end up living a happy and fulfilled life at a job that doesn't require one. (I've actually had friends take their college degrees off of their resumes to land their dream career because it made them look over-qualified!)

Ruth: I don't know if Hershey would go on that paper route without you! Might be a good way to get some exercise in! :lol: I hope that you find some good contractors to get all your work done.

jandaman: 28?! I'm fairly certain my parents would have killed me if I hadn't moved out until 28. Hope the spring cleaning brings on the spring!!

Cyndi: I hope that everything goes well for Luna! And that you enjoy and get to keep your massage appt. this afternoon. After I was in a wreck, it took 3 years for my insurance company to admit that it was medically necessary for me to have 3 months of physical therapy afterwards. They didn't reimburse me for another year after that!

Kara: Wow! You have a lot going on right now! I'll be thinking about you as I'm sitting here at my desk! When it gets dreadfully boring, I'll think of you in all that dust and cobweb-iness and remember that everyone has their "not fun" days! Good luck getting everything done!

Nessa: Congrats on hitting the below-25 mark! Hope everything is okay with DH.

tkglenn: Enjoy your morning with your kiddos!

Schmoodle: I've been following his method as well. With the craving situation, the negative sensation does tend to wane for me after a few days, but I just sit down, re-imagine the scenario, and things seem to work great! Haven't wanted or had a diet soda in weeks!

:wave:, Gonna! Have a great day!

Fluffy: I hope you have a great day! I certainly hope it's not your pump. When we had to replace ours back home, it was $1500 for the pump itself, not to mention what we paid for the labor!!

Stephanie: You are an inspiration to me and I want you to know we're all here for you! I'm sure things will improve! Just keep coming to say "hi"!

Me: Things are still going pretty well here. I busted tail this weekend to get the house clean and laundry and bills done. The payoff should be a very relaxing weekend this weekend if I can keep up with the housework this week.

I started doing the TransFirmation series again last night. It was one heck of a workout! I'm going to do my best to keep up with it. I love WATP, but I think it's time I revved up my intensity and my strength training a lot more! I'll probably do a 1-mile walk on my off days just so I don't forget about Leslie! :lol:

Well, time to see who was simulposting and get to work after that! Have a great day!


04-08-2008, 10:36 AM
Cat: Enjoy your day and your students! Your breakfast sounded like it was good - but I'd probably eat it for lunch! :lol:

04-08-2008, 10:50 AM
Whew! Just got an estimate of $20K for a metal roof! I think I'll pass. There's no sense in a "last a lifetime" guarantee at my age! I'll check out asphalt shingles later. Not to worry, Cottage. My scam antenna works really well!

Hey, Fluff! Come on up! It's only about 4½ hours. My cool neighbour Moel is going to do my trees for me. What a guy! He and Art, another great guy, will be saving me a bundle. Art collects from me via home cooked breakfasts a lot. Moel is out of firewood and I have extra so.....the underground economy flourishes in the country! Too bad it isn't hot enough for them to take off their shirts! I live vicariously. :lol:

Nessa, yes! It's official. Change that ticker and enjoy. You deserve it.

Pacergal, please do stick around even though you are at goal. This is a lifestyle, not a diet, and we need your support.

Cottage, I just made that baked oatmeal from the Phase II Breakfasts. It smells wonderful. Too bad I've already had breakfast.

Jandaman, Hershey appreciated the extra cuddles.

Kara, you sound soooo busy. I am trying hard not to think of all the stuff one would have to do before that type of move. Hang in there!

Gonna and Tkglenn, be sure to come back and share your day.

Schmoodle, I think I may get the book. I'm afraid there is something about the TV show that bugs me. I guess I've ODed on reality TV since my operation.

The lads (including Art and Moel) have just started moving the heavy pancake grills into the Fair Hall for the Syrup Festival on the 19 and 20. I have a huge beef stew in the crockpot right now and need to throw together a salad and thaw some rolls. Apple crisp is already made (Thanks, Claire!) and sitting in the oven at the hall. Country lads sure like to eat - good thing I like to do large quantity cooking.

Time to get off my butt and continue with my day. Lots of things are being ticked off my Niggle List!

04-08-2008, 10:52 AM
Major simulposting happening today!

Cat, I like different things for breakfast too. Kim, missed you and your lovely pink hibiscus!

04-08-2008, 11:25 AM
Ruth, let me know how you like the baked oatmeal. It's one of my favorite breakfasts!

Schmoodle, I love getting up before dawn and watching the new day break! Early mornings are my special "me" times, when I do my devotions, meditate, and gather my thoughts for the day. :) I'm really intrigued by this "squeezing your fingers together" thing for cravings. I've never heard of this McKenna guy, but I'll have to check him out!

:wave: to everybody, and make it a great day!

04-08-2008, 11:41 AM
Ugh, I missed my early alarm clock because I had my cell phone on silent. My darned politeness carried over from last night. :(

Ah well, I still got to work on time, and am still not doing any of the work I should be doing.... :)

Schmoodle, I tried the Paul McKenna thing too, and it does work, weirdly enough. I'm pretty good about cravings now, but if I squeeze the fingers on my left hand, I feel like I want to throw up. So I have another tool in my arsenal of dieting.

I ate too much whole wheat pasta last night, but I don't care too much. I'll work hard today and limit my breads.

04-08-2008, 11:49 AM
Hiya girls just stoping in to read any current post - sooo busy at work so no time to stay. Hope your day is going a okay!

04-08-2008, 12:35 PM
Ruth, the show he's got now is a five part series on TLC. I've only caught one but I'm sure they'll re-run them. They are actually pretty annoying to watch, but the basics of his program seem simple. There are four "golden" rules, which are things we've heard before and are really common sense -
1. Eat when you're hungry.
2. Eat what you want.
3. Focus on what you are eating (put down your fork, no distractions, etc.)
4. Stop eating when you are no longer hungry.

Other than that, he's shown two techniques - one for avoiding emotional eating, which looks complicated and weird and I haven't tried it - it involves humming and tapping and other strange stuff, and one for fighting off cravings, which is very simple and seems to work for me so far. I think there are video clips on his website that demonstrate the techniques. I've heard the books are very expensive right now, since he is the latest sensation from England.

Anyway, I am PMSing, and yesterday I had a couple of cravings and used the finger technique and they did go away.

04-08-2008, 12:50 PM
I haven't caught the Paul McKenna show about controlling cravings. I'm hoping to catch a re-run. I saw the first show that he did, about being a conscious eater. That made a lot of sense, and I know that I should....sometimes I just don't do it. I've been working on really asking myself if I'm really hungry, or if I'm just thirsty. I've found that I'm really thirsty most of the time. I've been drinking so much more water on this diet.

Anyway, I'm having a bit of a downer day. My husband is at work, and I actually really need him home. :( We had a fight last night, and both of us were too tired to really resolve it. We both got what we needed to say out, and we both apologized...but we never had the make-up part. I guess I need that to really be done with the fight. Alex(husband) is in grad-school getting his PhD in Math. He's working on finishing his dissertation by the September deadline, but his adviser keeps adding things to the list of things he needs to do. He's extremely stressed, and I guess his past relationships have taught him that he can't bring his stress home, and if he does....he has to keep it all bottled up. It was pretty obvious yesterday that he was stressed, and I offered to talk if he needed. He didn't want to, so I left it alone. It finally came to a head when our [almost] two year old son was doing the typical almost two year old stuff and he lost his patience with him. I told Alex to go in the other room and I would finish putting Calvin to bed. He got huffy and left the room. I could tell his ego was hurt, but our promise to eachother is that we will take over duties if the other person cannot handle it. I feel like it is my responsibility as a parent to make sure that nothing is said to Calvin in anger. Well, I came out of the room and he was gone. I noticed his shoes were gone. An hour later, he came back home...said he had been walking. I was upset that he made me worry like that. I guess I should have known though.

marriage is so difficult sometimes! He really is a wonderful father and husband, but sometimes these little argument ruts that we get into make it so dang difficult!

Sorry, I needed someone to vent to.

04-08-2008, 12:55 PM
Zeffryn, I am running out the door for lunch, but PM me. My DH is also getting PhD in Math. It's an insane time. Maybe we can keep each other sane?

04-08-2008, 12:56 PM
I will be in and out the next couple of weeks. I am in the process of moving for one thing so my free time, including my thoughts, are on that. I spoke with my Mom last week and she was beginning to sound really good--much like her old self. On Saturday, my DH and I went to a seminar regarding medical power of attorney (this was an issue about 2 months ago within my own family). It was emotional for me to sit there and listen to the different speakers since I had just been through so much of this. I feel so fortunate that Mom is still alive. She has been through so much. Now, they are trying to place her in a nursing home.

Today begins the thirteenth week of Phase 2 for me. I have found that this food plan has become so automatic that I have to remind myself that I am dieting. Again, I did decide in mid-February to begin counting calories. If it weren't for that, I would not even know that I am dieting. It has just become routine.

I am wondering if I am done with my periods for good! I have been having erratic periods for the past several years. Yes, I am passing through menopause. I still get PMS, ladies, as my Mom told me you still do. It doesn't seem "fair" but I guess some things just "never die". I was craving delivery pizza last week. I just scheduled it into my daily calories for that day and had leftover pizza both for breakfast and lunch.

I knew it would affect my weekly weight lose (it did) but I got 1.5 lbs out of this week (my ticker rounded it off, why?) anyway. I credit it with all the moving of our stuff I have been doing every day.

I am grateful to say that emotional eating is a rare occurance these days. I work my 12 Steps diligently and it shows.

All I think about is losing 2 lbs a week. That is where my focus is these days.
I explained to my DH, who is having reoccuring bouts of depression, that I am determined that I am going to stay focused on the things that I can change. Or as another 3FC Chick quoted "Just keep swimming". Yes, I love "Finding Nemo" too and I am an old lady. LOL;)

04-08-2008, 01:07 PM
How long does Phase 2 last? Until you've reached your goal weight?

I need to go buy a scale today. I've been using the one at my gym, but because the weather has been so nice, I've been exercising a lot more outdoors. Plus, the gym is a drive with gas so expensive.

04-08-2008, 01:18 PM
Zeffry-me and my hubby were fighting also. I guess we are both in the same boat. As you all know, yesterday was my birthday. I was extremely tired for some reason, TOM and the stomach bug I guess. Well, I barely had the energy to even fold some laundry. He left to the gym when he came home from work and left me with 4 very young kids. I just wanted to sleep. Well, he comes home, I realize that I needed to go to walmart for stuff for dinner. I asked him if would be alright if I could go to get some stuff for dinner and he was fine with it but I had to take our 2 year old. I just kept asking him if he could keep her because I was tired and I just needed a break away from the kids. I needed time alone or whatever but he made a big deal about it and ended up making me take her. She's not a difficult child, it's just that I have at least 2 children with me at all times...don't I deserve a break after all, he goes to the gym by himself-no kids. And he's gone for 3 hours. So I take her, come home and have to start dinner at 730 at night. I had to make dinner for my 3 children that eat table food, dinner for my father who came to visit, and dinner for DH. Then do the dishes, put the two youngest to sleep, put some of the dishes away for the next round, feed the baby his food, and still make DH food for his lunch for the next day. What did he do? Put the two oldes to sleep (the easiest). On top of everything that I had to do, I was extremely tired. Barely could keep my eyes open. So I get home from walmart with bags in hand and child in arm and he's sitting on the couch with the laptop not asking if I need help. I walk back out to get the rest of the bags and go in the kitchen and start dinner. He comes in the kitchen and asks if I ordered his refills for his meds and I completely forgot...I do have 4 children and a house to run. He mumbles under his breath "Man, I can't depend on you for anything!" Tell me that didn't hurt!!!! What a frustrating night. And the least he could do was just watch my 2 year old for 45 minutes, after all, it was my birthday and he didn't even get me anything. That was the smallest thing he could've done. And I've been married going on 7 years. Yeah, we talked about it before we went to bed but just like your situation, we were both so tired that we didn't do the "real" make-up part and that leaves me feeling like it is unresolved. You are not the only one that feels like that.

04-08-2008, 01:34 PM
girl, I feel your pain. First, I'm sorry that you didn't get to have a break on your birthday. I didn't know you had four children! Wow! I don't know why I'm whining about my one 21 month old!

Are you a SAHM?

I feel like sometimes my husband doesn't appreciate everything that I do during the day. The only reprieve that I get is when my son takes his nap. From the time I wake up until I go to sleep, I'm doing something for my family. Whether it be folding clothes, cooking meals, cleaning toilets, changing sheets, making beds, picking up toys (THERE ARE SO MANY!!!!) or doing dishes...I'm always doing something. Hubs comes home from his 3 hours at work, and is like "I really need some downtime" and goes to take a nap. 2 hours later, he emerges and plops down to play some video games.

Mind you, he does tell me that he appreciates what I do....but sometimes I just wish he would take Calvin once in awhile so I could get some stuff done without him (it's SO much easier cleaning without a child!)

I did just talk to hubs on the phone. He called and asked if I was ok, because I was a little quiet this morning. I told him that I was feeling like we didn't really have a resolution last night, and he promised that he would make it up to me tonight. I guess that is a step in the right direction.

I just have to remember what my dad told me on my wedding day, "Nothing that is really worth it is easy". Boy, I didn't believe him at the time. We were newlyweds and it was easy....but, I see where he's coming from now. :) It isn't easy, but it's so worth it.


04-08-2008, 01:36 PM
btw, TK....we come out to Houston every once in awhile. We should have lunch or dinner. Something! :)

04-08-2008, 01:50 PM
A big :hug: for those who need it today

Zeffryn phase 2 last til you reach goal weight

Well I got my lunchtime exercise in (treadmil) and I was just given some rather disturbing news and the only thing that can be said is ot again. My grandfathers kidneys are failing (per his doc visit) ao if any one could or would I am asking for your prayers yet again. Thank you all in advance :hug:

04-08-2008, 01:52 PM
Zeffry-we should. That would be awesome.

Zeffry-yeah, I'm a SAHM and a cake decorator. I do it out of my home that way I can do it on my time and still be with my children. Kind of an oxymoron complaining that I need time away from my kids but work at home to be with them huh?! Hahaha. Yeah, DH suffers from PTSD so it gets rough sometimes. At least you get a "I'll make it up to you tonight." all I get is "what's wrong with you?" or "what's your problem?". Life for us used to be really good until he left for Iraq. When he came home, he was a completely different person. Marriage is hard. It is defffinately (sp?) something you do need to work on and stay strong. My best friend tells me that she thinks I'm the best wife in the world because of everything that I go through and I still stick by my man. I guess cause I understand him and what's going on in his life. It's rough. But as always, we come through it. You know?!

04-08-2008, 02:07 PM
That is very honorable, TK. Most women wouldn't be so strong.

I don't know about you, but I'm a SAHM because I feel like I owe it to my son. I worked in a daycare while I was in college, and after seeing what went on there I vowed never to put my children in daycare. Do I wish sometimes that I had more time for myself? Of course. But I treasure the moments that I spend with Calvin and our future children. I like that I can dictate how he is raised. I enjoy cooking healthful, organic meals for my son. When I worked at the daycare, they rotated hotdogs, frozen chicken nuggets and frozen hamburger patties for lunch. They never used quality food, and most kids that were there had at least 2 meals at the daycare.

Anyway, we're also contemplating homeschooling. But we're years from that at this point :)

Anyway, I will let you know the next time we're headed for Houston and we'll make some time!

Gonnabe, I'm so sorry to hear about your father. My family just buried my grandmother who died from complications from diabetes. She didn't take care of herself at all, even when she had diabetes. The last time she was admitted to the hospital, her BS was over 600. Yikes! Her death was part of the reason why I started SB. I want to be happy and healthy for my family.

I will definitely keep you and your family in my thoughts, and will tell the rest of my group to do so as well. Stay strong!

04-08-2008, 03:19 PM
Zeffryn, I homeschool, so if you need any info, I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

Gonna, your grandfather, and whole family, will be in our prayers!

Now I've gone and forgotten what I was going to write to everyone else...


04-08-2008, 03:21 PM
:hug: Thank you Zeffryn & Kara

04-08-2008, 03:24 PM
Zeffryn, I homeschool, so if you need any info, I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

Gonna, your grandfather, and whole family, will be in our prayers!

Now I've gone and forgotten what I was going to write to everyone else...


I will be sure to contact you when I need some info. We have some years before Calvin starts school though.

My husband is working with my sister in law to develop a higher math curriculum, algebra and the like. If they ever get it done, would you mind looking through it and giving it your thoughts?

04-08-2008, 03:27 PM
Cat, I did a yoga-pilates fusion class once at the gym and really liked it! I wish we had digital cable so I could get all these fantastic exercise shows.

Kim, I'm a huge fan of The Firm! I can't wait to get my Fanny Lifter back when we get to Germany!

Ruth, those roofs are expensive! Whew! Hope they can fix it shingle-by-shingle, or else maybe you could bake a couple dozen pies to offset the cost?

US, sorry about the alarm mess! Hope your day gets better!

Pam, congrats on your newfound freedom! Off to Vicky's with you!!!

Time for my salady lunch! Chat later!!!


04-08-2008, 03:30 PM
Kara-missed you yesterday. Where have you been?

04-08-2008, 03:30 PM
Hi girls! Having a much better day than yesterday! The travel business is really starting to take off!!!! WOO HOO! Thanks to everyone for your support and interest! I was telling a co-worker about it and a customer overheard and wanted my card. I gave her a pen, too. :) Seem to be doing well! Our travel party is on Sunday too and we have a lot of people coming. Wish us luck!

Gotta get back to work. Hope you girls have a great day!


04-08-2008, 03:30 PM
I will be sure to contact you when I need some info. We have some years before Calvin starts school though.

My husband is working with my sister in law to develop a higher math curriculum, algebra and the like. If they ever get it done, would you mind looking through it and giving it your thoughts?

Not at all! I love math! I'm actually a teacher by training and was in the classroom until my oldest was born. I get my "fix" by tutoring now, so most of my students come to me for math, usually algebra.

"If they ever get it done..." :D Sounds like this has been a project that has been dragging on!


Kara-missed you yesterday. Where have you been?

I wasn't feeling very good about myself, diet-wise, this weekend. I'm having a hard time getting weight to come off and I was grumpy about it. I've been eating well, counting calories, keeping track of the veggie servings, getting my exercise'll work out eventually, but I'm getting nervous about jumping in a bathing suit next week as I feel far too flabby to be so scantily clad! Sorry for disappearing.

Lisa, I DIDN'T GET A PEN! What's the deal?! :D Just kidding! Good luck at the party!


04-08-2008, 03:32 PM
Lisa glad to hear all is well with the business

04-08-2008, 03:49 PM
Hi weezle! glad things are going so well. sending luck to you!
Oh dear Kara, I will never be 132 lbs. Does that mean I should be avoiding my bathing suits? :(

04-08-2008, 03:53 PM
Kara - yeah, it's been dragging on...and on...and on. My sister in law homeschools her three kids, and with my husband busy with his dissertation, they don't have much time these days. It's been on a back burner for awhile now. Hopefully this summer when he's done with his dissertation, it will be easier to work on it.

I just made the roasted chick peas with moroccan spices. MMMMMMM!

04-08-2008, 03:55 PM
Schmoodle just noticed your ticker and wanted to say congrats on your loss - keep up the great work

04-08-2008, 04:29 PM
Kara-hope you're feeling better today. You don't look the least bit flabby to me. I would kill to look like you. Don't be so self-conscious (sp?). Chin up! No one will catch me in a bathing suit, not until I look the way I want.

04-08-2008, 05:42 PM
Aw, thanks gals!

Ruth, sorry about posting right next to myself. I had to look back at the other pages to figure out what I was going to write and then I couldn't see my last post to edit it and add in what I'd forgotten. :o


04-08-2008, 06:45 PM
Ssssh don't tell but I am done working for the day and messing around the last 20 minutes!

Tk & Zeffryn :hug: to you gals, I was a SAHM for many years and I know what you all are feeling. Now I am a working mom with teenagers and a hubby that doesn't help much either so I still feel your pain. What I can tell you is you just have to get to a point in your life where you think of yourself to even though it seems hard to do. You have to focus on what you can do and can change and have control over. For me it was my weight loss and once I set my mind to it and did it for ME there was no stopping me. I can't tell you how powerful it made me feel and somehow the other things I couldn't control just didn't bother me as much.

Ok enough of my vast wisdom for the day :lol3: I seem to be babbling :blah:

Hope everyone has had a great day, and has a wonderful evening!

04-08-2008, 07:02 PM
TK&Zeff...I also remember how hard it was with little ones...just to take a hot bath by myself! I was a SAHM when my first 2 were little and went back to teaching when my oldest was 4. When I was home, I considered everything to be my job since I wasn't "working". But, boy on Saturday mornings, I got my ex to watch the kids so I could go to the grocery alone. Let me tell you, I strolled VERY SLOWLY down those aisles!! He just parked the kids in front of the cartoons, but it was like a "vacation" for me. When I went back to work, I thought perhaps I wouldn't have to do as much around the house. Ha! He said "you get home before me". uh, yeah, but you come home and eat and sit...I do it all. He did do all the yard work though. I remember once when I had had a particularly hard day at school, when he came home, there was a sign on the front door that said "Everything is all yours for the evening. Kids, cooking, laundry, batheing, homework, kitchen cleaning etc. I'm going to bed. Good luck". and I did it. He wasn't happy.

Husband 2 does a lot more, but honestly I still do the lion's share of housework even though I work 2 jobs. The second one is from home, so I really do have more time (but sing the praises of roomba and scooba, the little floor robots)

Life does get a lot easier when the kids are grown though. Now I really don't HAVE to worry about anyone but me...this is MY time. I gave the first half of grown life to everyone else...I'm giving the rest of it to ME. (but I miss those little kids sometimes!)

04-08-2008, 07:34 PM
Lisa, I DIDN'T GET A PEN! What's the deal?! :D Just kidding! Good luck at the party!

Kara, for all the travel you've booked on our site, I will GLADLY mail you a pen!!!! PM me the address! Heck, you want 10 pens? 50? I only have 500 so I have to give them out sparingly. :rolleyes:

04-08-2008, 08:03 PM
I guess it's just what happens for most women in a LTR.

I'm making Taco Bake for dinner tonight. Replacing the refried beans with cooked down and spiced red lentils for extra protein. Hubs and son are having whole wheat tortillas on the side. I'm also serving broccoli on the side.

I just got back from the grocery store, got a few things to make some SB things that I found while perusing the site. I'm planning on making the strawberry jam (using tomatoes) for sure. I also got some stuff to make smoothies with. I got quite a few different kinds of sugar free drink mix - both South Beach flavors look great, and then some store brand Crystal Light replicas. The raspberry ice has always been a favorite of mine!

Hubs bought a candy bar at the store -- a twix. My favorite. He offered me one, but I refused. *YAY* This will be my second entirely clean day since I started. I'm telling myself that I re-started yesterday, because I want the entire two weeks to be clean. I know I have the willpower if I just let myself succeed. :)

The taco bake is SO great. I added black beans to the lentils for the bottom layer and only used a half pound of ground turkey. I also added some crushed red pepper and fresh jalapeno. It was spicy and yummy!!!
For "dessert" I had a cup of plain, ff yogurt mixed with a little sugar free drink mix. It was great! banana orange strawberry was just what a needed :)

04-08-2008, 10:55 PM
Well... I'm newer here, I haven't posted in the chat before....
Let's see my day: made breakfast around 11 (low fat ham and salad)
snacked on 1% cottage cheese
lunch some salmon and salad
went for a 10 mile bike ride with DH
stopped at a coffee shop and had some iced coffee (i cheated with some lowfat cream and splenda)
dinner was the SB Meatloaf and Gravy and then some salad..
dessert of sf jello!
It was a long day and now my hips hurt. (I have some for of Rheumatism the DR. hasn't diagnosed which one yet...) But the exercise was good.
Oh, and I danced for 30 mins...
Over the weekend we were bad. We got pizza and chicken wings.. It was really really good, but BAD...From now on I'm going to make my own dough with ww (whole wheat) flour and put my own toppings on them...when we crave it and also the SB pizzas are a quick fix...
But, now were back on track!!

BTW Zeffryn the taco bake sounds really yummy... what's the recipe? i'd like to try it. Thanks! And the starwberry jam tasted really good, I didn't tell the DH about the tomatoes and he loved it! It went great as a topping for ricotta cups

04-08-2008, 11:14 PM
tdiprincess... you might want to add some more veggies. See if you can squeak a veggie in at each meal.

Being the hypocrite that I am, however - I just went out to eat with DH. I will NOT tell what I ate, but it is nowhere near the approved list. Went shopping, though and will be back "on" tomorrow.

You'd think I was a circus performer with the speed with which I hop on and off this wagon. :lol2:

04-08-2008, 11:25 PM
we have salads at each meal... the salad at breakfast is about 1c and lunch and dinner are over 2 cups.. usually for dinner I may add more veggies, but I think we get enough veggies...LOL

04-08-2008, 11:56 PM
The exact recipe for Taco Bake is in Phase 1 main dish recipes. It's stickied at the top.

I'll tell you what I basically did though :)
I cooked down about a cup of red lentils with 2 cups of water. When it was mushy (almost the consistency of refried beans) I added about a tablespoon each of chili powder, cumin, garlic powder and a teaspoon of oregano.
To that mixture, I added a can of black beans.

For the meat part, I browned a half pound of ground turkey. Set it aside for awhile, and sauteed some onions and peppers (about one each) When they were nice and soft, I added back the ground turkey and added about a half cup of fresh mushrooms ( I had portabello, but you can use white or even canned). After the mushrooms sweated down a bit, I added 3 T. of chili powder, 2 T. cumin, 1 T. garlic powder, 1 small can green chilies, 1 whole jalapeno (seeded) and a few pinches of crushed red pepper( we like it hot, omit whatever)

Continue cooking for a bit, until the spices are incorporated. Layer the bean/lentil mixture in a 8x8 baking dish, and layer the meat mixture on top.
Top with 2/3 cup lf cheddar cheese and bake for 15-20 minutes until cheese is bubbly.

It's so good.

It's phase 1 as is, and can be phase 2 with the addition of whole wheat tortillas.

04-09-2008, 01:01 AM
Thanks I'll def. be making it, especially, I just bought some ground turkey and was looking for newer ideas, thanks! I like the spicey ideas.. :)