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04-07-2008, 03:16 PM
So... today was my first weigh-in since I started Curves a month ago.

Inches: 8.5 inches lost in total! YAY!! I could kind of tell from my tummy area but I didn't think that much was gone in total! So that made me happy.

LBS/BF: Well... this was kinda confusing. When I first got measured last month, I weighed 202lbs although it was 208lbs at home right before I went to the gym. Today, it said 206.5 lbs for both scales at home and at the gym. So I don't know if I can say I lost weight or if I gained weight. And I actually gained 2 % of bodyfat... So I'm little bit like.. BLAH... :(

Well, at least I lost some inches and I'm super happy about that! hehe... Even the manager at Curves said that she doesn't see result like this (inch) in the first month. yay!!

So we set the mini goal of losing about 2-3lbs by next month. I'm hoping to be able to lose more than that since I just started doing more cardio, too... She did say I should be eating more protein... I don't count calories, though, but I eat small portions throughout the day and try to eat lots of fruits and veggies. I tend to eat a lot of rice...being a Korean I am. :D I work out anywhere from 30-60 minutes mix of strength/cardio, 5 days a week..

Any suggestions or ideas on what I should do/what's going on regarding BF/weight?

Thank you!!:D

04-07-2008, 06:55 PM
How did they measure your body fat? Was it just by standing on one of those scales? If so, I wouldn't trust them.

Inches lost are great! Congrats!

04-07-2008, 07:50 PM
Hey taragettingthing! Good for you for starting to exercise!

redlight, Curves uses a hand-held resistance meter to measure body fat. It's not the most accurate, but one is looking for the change over time.

Tara, in my experience body fat can vary by 3% just because of water retention, time of day, and who knows what.

It's not that unusual for people to gain pounds while going to Curves unless they are following some kind of food restriction. So... decide where you are going to weigh and count your weight. It could be that the numbers you got your first time at Curves were off for some reason. But again, the important thing is the change over time, measured on the same scale.

Congratulations on your inches lost! That shows that the activity is working for you!


04-07-2008, 08:33 PM
redlight, yes, the Curves I go to uses the one you just stand on.. It's a part of scale. Thank you, though! Although I was little bit "sad" by the bodyfat, 3FC is making me feel so much better and happier about the inches lost. =)
Jay, Thank you! I can't believe I actually am liking working out, but I already can't wait till tomorrow to work out different DVD's. I will remember "Change Over Time" for sure. I am looking at this for a long run, not a short term change... Thank you for reminding me!!!