100 lb. Club - Accountability - planning - menus - Week of April 7 - April 13.

04-07-2008, 06:50 AM
Looking for some accountability? A place to post your menu? Support? A little of everything? This is the place for you! Come on over!

04-07-2008, 06:53 AM
Hi folks - I'll start. I had a great on plan weekend - I am grateful. :)

It was a beautiful weekend - weather wise. Spent time outside. HD cooked on the grill. Fun.

Today -

Take taxes to accountant :carrot::carrot:

promotion/press releases for conference

log food
lots of water

Plan -
breakfast - egg white and brown "fried" rice with mushrooms, 1/2 banana
snack - carrots
lunch - egg white salad wrap, green beans
snack - cottage cheese and grapes
dinner - spaghetti squash with marinara sauce, parm. cheese and lite provelone cheese, garlic toast, salad
snack - cereal, fruit,flax, skim milk

I'll come back to personals. Have a great day everyone.

04-07-2008, 09:16 AM
I got in 2 miles yesterday and I walked up and down my stairs several times also. It is suppose to be cooler here today, but I am shooting for a 2 mile walk.

04-07-2008, 10:25 AM
Hi everyone! I had a really lazy day yesterday--rested my foot and I really think it worked, so far so good today. Dh had to be at work early, so that threw off my watp schedule (I love my dh like crazy, but don't want him watching me bounce around the living room!), so I did some yoga instead--what a great way to start the day! Tonight I will hit the gym--legs and back weights and cardio.
txmomma--Great job at the gym yesterday!!! Yea, I was totally dying inside, but if you can't laugh at yourself...

darkblue--Good job! I have to say my tastes have definitely changed. A lot of the foods I used to think I loved, I don't even consider having in the house anymore--they don't even sound good and I buy all kinds of veggies I never used to--even brussel sprouts!

math puppy--Great job putting the pie back! So sorry about the dr. Fertility stuff sucks! It is so expenive and such a crap shoot. We have been down that road a bit and haven't been successful. Not sure how much further we will go or how much more emotionally I can take.

Beverlyjoy--Thanks for starting us off! I meant to come back and do that yesterday and never did it. Yea for getting taxes to the accountant and on plan all weekend!

scoobie--Have a great walk!

Rhonda--How are you doing?

Purple--How are things going?

Schmoodle--Hope things calmed down a bit.

Ginger--How's your back?

Hi to everyone else!

So, while I was lounging yesterday I really thought about my workout plan--morning workouts are good and the intensity is good, gym workouts are getting better and more consistent, but the intensity needs to be bumped up--starting today that's the plan there. As far as food--definitely can do better there. I have been doing 'ok', but I know I can do better, so I am going to pay more attention to what I am eating and how much I am eating.

Good news...I stepped in the scale this am and I am down 1 lb. Not a lot, but I'll take it!

Have a great on plan day!

04-07-2008, 11:17 AM
Good morning, everyone!

I'm so excited! I made my goal this week!!!!! I stepped on the scale at least five times this morning to make sure. =D Yay for 50 pounds gone! I think I'm going to do a 25 pound goal next.

I feel kinda guilty because I'm thirsty this morning. I had about 40 oz of water before I went to bed, but I could have had more. So I feel like part of it is water weight. lol Oh well. Sigh.

04-07-2008, 11:31 AM
I love reading all your posts. So inspiring. Thank you for this, accountability is what I need. I'm afraid to say too much, in case I can't keep to it. So for this week, I will post small goals. For this week, I will try to do half hour workouts - either walking, yoga, something. And I will try not to eat after I put my daughter in bed, which is always hard for me. Here I go!

04-07-2008, 12:03 PM
Good morning, Friends. :welcome2: Avi.

MJ - Congratulations on your loss for the week!
Momma- Wow! 50 pounds! How exciting...Congratulations!

Well, I managed to stay on-plan this weekend. It was a rough one. My oldest fur baby...my 15 year old poodle...passed away Friday afternoon. I've been kinda numb all weekend, but I didn't turn to food for comfort. I have no idea why this weekend was different...I even stayed on-plan during an impromptu restaurant excursion. But, I knew the scales were down and I wanted to have a loss for my official weigh-in today. I'm very happy to report that I lost 3.2 pounds for the week.:)

Hubby and I are on vacation this week with the kiddos. Today, we are taking a drive to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. I have never been to either store as they are about 45 minutes away. I plan on picking up some agave nectar and quitting the Splenda. I've been doing some research and some people report that Splenda makes their joints ache...especially their knees. I think quitting Splenda is a healthy move and making my knees feel better might be a nice side benefit. I'll let you all know how it goes.

I'll check back in again later. Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

04-07-2008, 12:10 PM
I have one pound to go for 50 pounds lost.

I am a little worried though, I tried on some shorts and when I looked in the mirror I appear to have some saggy loose skin around my inner thighs. My legs (under the fat) are quite strong because I do a lot of (hill) walking. I'm beginning to feel quite fit, so I really don't know what to do to solve this. If walking up steep hills at a fast pace doesn't get my legs toned I don't know what will. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

This week: fresh fruit for breakfast, large salad for lunch, meat & two veg for supper. Plus, keep up walking twice a day. I'm lucky, the terrain is really hilly where I live. But, I want to pick up the pace even more, and even try to JOG up an incline. Heh - I wouldn't have been saying that 4 months ago.

04-07-2008, 12:31 PM
WOW! 50 pounds is a huge accomplishment momma!! Congrats!
Same to you Wandering - almost there!
Rhonda- 3.2 pounds is excellent...staying on track on the weekend pays off!!
Welcome Avi!
Mj5- I know how hard it is to rest- good for you for taking care of your foot! - my back is better, not 100% but I am getting on the treadmill today!
Scoobie - 2 miles is awesome!
Beverly - I'm with you, I had a good on-plan weekend!

So I am down another 1lb to 251. I just feel stuck in the 250's. This is the lowest I've been able to achieve since the babies were born in 2004. I've lost this before, so I don't want to come back here. So I am staying on plan to keep going...it might be slow going now, but my goal is to put in some sweat equity (back permitting) and get into the 240's by next Monday.


04-07-2008, 12:43 PM
Morning chickens,
Ginger, I always seem to get stuck just before I change a decade. I am so excited to get there and then my weight just stays the same, like I am being tested. It's very frustrating. You just have to decide you are going to be more stubborn than the scale. Eventually it will have no choice but to move. I recently got hung up at 190 for about 4 weeks. The first week I was not great on plan, but the next weeks I was good as gold and exercising my butt off. Finally, this past weekend, I dropped 3 lbs, and made it into the 180's. I remember the same thing with 203, I think I was there for a month.

Whoops, gotta take a call, be back in a bit.

04-07-2008, 03:25 PM
Hi again! Another busy day, but it's ok, it's moving right along and that's a good thing! I am looking forward to getting to the gym today! (who said that?!) My yoga was nice this am, but I need to work up a sweat. If it's still nice when I get home I may take the dogs for a quick walk too, they would LOVE that!

txmomma--CONGRATS!!! Great job!

avi--I think it's a great idea to start w/ small goals! I know you can do it!

Rhonda--Oh I am so very sorry for your loss. I think it is great that you didn't turn to food for comfort. Not sure I would have been able to be that strong. OOh, have fun that the stores!


ginger--Yea! I SO hear you on "losing this before" I like that 'sweat equity'! Glad to hear your back is better!

K, gotta get a few more things done....including updating my ticker!

04-07-2008, 04:59 PM
Rhonda--awesome loss! That walking did you good, keep going.

ginger--I have felt stuck like that at certain numbers as well, but I always figured out in the end that it was ME keeping me there, and I had to fix it to get going again...it was an emotional thing. Whether it's that or you are in a plateau, try changing something up to get the body going with something new again.

wandering--If it is loose skin I have heard that it doesn't go away, and that it can tighten up some with time, but I have a feeling it depends on the body and can be different for everyone :shrug: I have issues with my thighs as well :( I am fitting size 16 shorts which is so exciting...until I look in the mirror and see fat cottage cheese flab hanging out the back of them. I am losing most of my inches from waist, unfortunately.

txmomma--:congrats: 50 lbs. is awesome, that must feel amazing...you deserve the excitement, now reward yourself with a hot bath or shoes or something.

I know I'm not getting everyone...but kids are on spring break this week so I just had time to wave hello and jump out again :dizzy:

04-07-2008, 08:35 PM
I did it! I went to the gym and got some of that 'sweat equity' ginger was talking about! It felt SO good! Gotta remember to have a snack before I do that, though...I was famished by the time I got home and ate too much ate dinner. All good stuff, but too much.

04-07-2008, 10:42 PM
Hey Mj5 - good for you for putting in the time. I did a good amount of sweat equity today too and I feel good. It's a great feeling! Sorry you feel you overate, however, I sure bet it was better for you than when you first started out at 299! I can't believe you have lost a crazy 64 lbs now !!! WOW!

Hey purple - the change will be more exercise....as soon as my back is 100% better I am going to be putting in crazy amounts (read: a la TBL) of exercise. I've decided to put my evening after the kids go to bed life on hold and get moving TONS! I agree, it probably has been ME all along putting me in this 250 range. I just can't wait to get out of this rut.


04-07-2008, 11:51 PM
Breakfast--2 Kashi waffles, drizzle of maple syrup, tangerine juice, milk, hot tea, 2 pieces low-cal bacon
Lunch--Healthy Choice meal
Dinner--chicken, peas, iced tea, noodles

1500 cal, 1/2L water, arm/shoulder exercises
Tired today.
Scoobie--you do such great walks!

mj5--a one pound loss is still a loss! Yay! Glad you are resting your foot.

Txmomma--50 pounds? Wow, you rock! :carrot:

Avi, Ginger--good luck with your goals!

GirlyGirl--I'm sorry about your poodle. It's harder than people think, when you lose a pet. :(

math puppy
04-08-2008, 03:43 AM
Had a rough morning, got to mid lvl cal range, and worked out at the gym in the am, then after work, went for a walk with my partner. It was sooooo cold :eek: so we didn’t get far (we walked on alki beach so there was no where to hide from the biting wind). Afterwards I went to the gym with out her, to get a proper cardio work out. I did the bike and read magazines for 30 minutes. It left me feeling really good! :D Now im checking in and my cat is pulling out all her cutest moves so I can give her kisses. Ive never had a cat that loved to get kisses. It’s the funniest thing. Sometimes she wakes me up with kitty kisses (which sound cuter they then actually are, cold wet cat nose in the mouth is no way to start a morning) ha!

The reason it was so rough this morning was because me and my dear partner had a “disagreement” about my cast iron skillets. I love my skillets, lu-hu-huuuve my skillets. Though it might be odd, I get this strange sense of satisfaction when I have them perfectly seasoned. She however, doesn’t get it, and would be just as happy putting them through the dishwasher!! The dishwasher!!! Ugh! she has gotten a bit better about it, but she still does this thing where she cooks scrambled eggs on it with a wooden spoon, Insisting that “Martha” says its okay (Martha Stewart). This of course causes a crusted on mess that has to be scrubbed off with a scourer which in turn destroys the nicely seasoned non-stick surface (the entire point of a cast iron skillet!!) . Then It takes weeks for me to get it back to its former self!! Omg I was so mad! And she was so mad that I didn’t acknowledge she was doing her best to take care of it, just that sometimes there’s nothing to cook with in the morning because the other dishes are dirty. on top of that, THAT particular morning she used to make me breakfast so I could sleep in (im in charge of making breakfast at my house) so then I feel like a jerk AND im still mad. So I just started cry and a big old baby cause I didn’t really know how to process all those conflicting emotions :stars: .Ugh. Hopefully I can let up on the whole thing, and she can…be a little nicer to my cookware …Sigh. In short I emotionally ate a bigger breakfast then usual.

The day did get better. She agreed to not used the skillet until I get it back to its full fledged glory and made me homemade enchilada sauce. (hot hot hot, just like I love it) she is the best really. I just have this weird thing about my cookware ! Gah!
Sorry. Had to rant to someone!

Bevjoy- great job this weekend, they are the hardest.

Mj- oh mj! I know how you feel! How long have you been in treatment?? This was our first time, I have my fingers crossed for the next. Dogs are the best work out buddies. Congrats on making it to the gym. Sometimes just getting yourself to go is the biggest challenge!

Bigtx- omg!!!! :cheer2: Yaaay!! :bravo: I’m so proud of you!!!!! :whoohoo:

Avi- its okay to start small! It makes for a firmer foundation!. Let us know how no eating went.

Girlygirl- :hug: sorry to hear about your baby. That is so hard, no one would blame you if you went off plan during such a time of sorrow. I don’t know if I could have been as strong as you!

Wandering- I belive there is a thread about sagging skin somewhere, im not sure where, but I bet there is someone here who knows. Good luck with jogging! Let us know how it goes.

Ginger- hey we are the same weight! Ill be your personal cheerleader. No get down and do me some sit ups! :cheer2:

Schmoodle- the whoosh fairy is testing to see if you are worthy. If your will is strong she will pay you a viiiissssiiiitt! Hee hee.

Purple- hope the kids are keeping you busy enough to be burning calories without realizing it! Ha! always a nice bonus!

Darkblue- how did your day go?

04-08-2008, 07:15 AM
Hi Chickies! I had an on-plan day yesterday - I am grateful. I am also grateful because the scale finally moved again.I am down two more pounds. :)As you know - I do mini goals in five pound increments - SO, my next mini my goal is 199. I can hardly believe I finally have the "ones" as a goal. :D Thanks to you all for your support.

Today - since the taxes are done - I need to catch up on paperwork in my office- also, tidy up my office.

lots of water
journal/log food

breakfast - Kashi waffle with npnb on it, stawberries
snack - latte made with decaf coffee, cocoa powder and splenda (and a splash of milk)
lunch - hummus, lite cheese on a wrap, spaghetti squash with ICBINBS and parm.
snack - green beans, apple
dinner - 12 grain pancake, sf syrup, turkey sausage
snack - cereal, flax, skim milk, fruit

Math- Good for you - great workout and walk! We have a cast iron skillet too. I actually don't use it that much because it's kind of a "fussy" pot - with the seasoning and all.:frypan: I totally understand what you're saying. Hey- rant away - better to rant then eat!!

Scoobie - GREAT job on the walk! :)

Mj5 - you take care of that foot. :hug: I totally know how it feels to have foot problems. Good job with your yoga and the gym! :D

Avi - :welcome: often starting with small goals works well. You can do this! :)

Rhonda - I am so, so sorry about your doggie passing. :hug: Our fur babies are a big part of the family, I know. I am so proud of you for staying on - with all that's going on and down another 3.2. :woohoo: Fantastic. I love Whole Foods (a bit pricey, though) and Trader Joes (some good deals). How was your excursion?

Wandering - WOW - almost 50 pounds down. That is fantastic. :carrot: :carrot: You have done so, so well. Keep up the good work.

Bgtxmma- YAY - another five pounds - awesome.:congrat: Keep it up. You are doing fantastically.

Ginger - glad you had an OP weekend. Congrats on your weight loss. :broc::broc:You've got good spirit and you CAN do this. I too seem to stall at certain numbers. You take care of your back!

Schmoodle - WOW - down in the 180's. :cheer: I am so happy for you and proud of you! Thank you scale for finally moving!

Purple - enjoy spring break with the children.:D Any special plans?

Dkblue - great plan - I always love to read your plans. Have a good day.:)

Everyone - hope your day is good. Treat yourself as well as you'd treat a good friend.

04-08-2008, 08:37 AM
I finally started excercising again yesterday. Not a lot, only 25 minutes on the exercise bike. For about 10 minutes I had it on high resistance and it totally kicked my butt, so then I put it down for the remainder and ended up super sweaty, but feeling good. Food was OK, I will try again today.

04-08-2008, 09:48 AM
I only made it for a 1 mile walk yesterday. It was way too cold to keep my son out any longer. Also, yesterday at work, I started using the stairs and that felt good. Today is suppose to be a little warmer so I am shooting for 2 miles, and if my son permits, I will do a 3 mile walk. I can't wait for summer so I can walk more!

04-08-2008, 10:23 AM
Good Morning! I started w/ 2 miles of the 4 Reall Big Miles walk slim dvd. Tonight I will head to the gym--arms / shoulders and more cardio.

Ginger--THANK YOU! Your boost was just what I needed this am!!! The scale was up and I am sorry, but there is no way the extra grilled chicken breast and low fat cottage cheese I ate last night did that! I was having a moment of frustration and then I read your post. Thanks again! You aren't kidding...the old me would have eaten way worse stuff and then probably ice cream later on!

darkblue--I think I am going to get some of those kashi waffles to try!

math puppy--Sounds like you got a great workout! Too cute about your cat! One of my dogs will sit and pout when I am doing anything except sitting and cuddling w/ her...it's very cute, but hard to get things done sometimes! Vent away!!! I have to laugh a little, because I think I inherited some of my dad's anal-ness related to kitchen utensils--he used to go ballistic when my mom would put his cast iron in the dishwasher...(you have to have the proper tools, right?!). For me, it's my fiesta ware. I don't have much because it's pricey--some I've been lucky and picked up at 2nd hand shops, but dh bought me a set of bowls for Christmas and I LOVE them. I hand wash them and dry them (and I DON'T dry dishes!) I totally freak out if dh stacks them in a way that isn't acceptable, etc...I could go on, but you get the point. We all have our things.....What about getting an inexpensive pan that isn't cast iron? We have been in and out of treatment forever it seems. It is so emotionally and financially draining. I have responded badly to some of the meds, so not sure what our plan is right now. Our doctor would love to try ivf, unfortunately ins. doesn't cover it and we aren't sure we want to go that route. I don't want to discourage you at all, though. I have met many people who have been very successful!!!!

Beverlyjoy--CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Great job!!!! Thanks...I am taking care of it and so far so good! I feel bad even complaining about it because I know you are struggling w/ much, much worse.

Rakel--welcome back! Great job on the exercise!!! You can do this!!!!

scoobie--Good for you! Keep it up!

As I said to Ginger, the scale was up this am...super. Just what I wanted to see. It's ok, it's just a # right?

Ok, I have to get a zillion things done. Ok, maybe not a zillion, but a lot.

Oh, I almost forgot. I am seriously thinking about getting some of those huge stereo headphones because maybe peopled just don't see the little ear buds and realize that I have no intention of carrying on a coversation w/ them while I am working out! Last night it was a different person who was trying to be chatty. I said hi and went back to what I was doing. I didn't want to be rude, but sorry....I'm not there to socialize!

04-08-2008, 10:27 AM
mathpuppy, the skillet incident is so funny. I'm not laughing at how upset you got over it, but I totally relate because I love to cook in cast iron, and getting it seasoned just right takes so much effort and can be ruined so easily! Nobody in my house understands it either, so I keep my cast iron put away and I am the only one allowed to use it. There's nothing more upsetting than having to take a scrubbie pad to your pan or even worse, brillo, (gasp)
bigtx, hooray on 50 lbs!!!! Well done, you have worked hard for it! That is a biggie! :congrat:
Rhonda, I'm sorry about the loss of your baby. :hug: Losing a pet you've had as part of your family for so long is very hard. How was Trader Joe's yesterday? Find lots of good stuff? Enjoy your week off!
wanderingfatgirl, congrats on your almost-50! And don't worry about the thighs. I'm sure they look fabulous compared to with almost 50 lbs more on them. I think time will help a lot to reduce the sagginess, especially if you have lost the weight quickly, your body just needs to catch up.
Beverly, I am so excited for you to get down into the ones! It is such a great feeling, you will be there soon!
mj, you are an exercise monster! Thanks for the inspiration!
Hi darkblue, have a great day!
Glad to have you back, Mrs. Rakel!!
Hi Scoobie! It is supposed to get pretty nice here over the next couple of days, so I am looking forward to getting some more outdoor walks in. In the spring I just can't get enough of enjoying that first nice weather! Hope you get some soon too!

I am really looking forward to the summer - weight loss seems a little easier during the warm months, so I'd like to knock out another 20 between now and the fall. I am trying Paul McKenna's technique to fight cravings and it seemed to work for me yesterday, so we'll see if it continues to work. How wonderful that would be to have a simple technique to fight those off! That continues to be my biggest issue. Anyone else tried it?
Here's today:
B: oatmeal with milk and strawberries
S: V8, hardboiled egg
L: Some kinda big salad
S: mocha cheesecake smoothie
D: Taco Salad, refried beans
S: NSA pudding cup (if I need it)

04-08-2008, 02:04 PM
Thank you guys for the congratulations!!!! =D I'm going to buy a pair of roller skates for a reward. I'm not sure if I'll make it to the Y today. DD is feeling sick -- she was a bit feverish when she woke up. We're having a chill morning, watching Fox and the Hound. What a sad movie.

She's perked up quite a bit. If she is okay this afternoon, we'll go to the Y. Otherwise I'll have a date with Leslie later.

Yay mj! =D Good job on the loss, and your sweat equity!! =D Yea, I never let DH see me do WATP. If he's home, I quarantine him in the bedroom. Yea, maybe no one notices ear buds. Heehee, maybe you should get giant headphones.

Rhonda, I'm so sorry about your poodle. =( Wow that's awful. :hug: Good job not turning to food for comfort. Hope you're enjoying your vacation. Congrats on the loss!!

Hi Wanderingfatgirl! =D Good job on the walking! =D

Hey Purple! Hope you guys are having fun on spring break.

Schmoodle, you're going to whoosh away to nothingness! Yea, I think summer makes weight loss easier. I really like Paul McKenna. What he says echoes a lot of books I've read about how most diets fail. I really like him.

Beverly, yay for your Onederland goal!!! Wow, that's going to be so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay for your walks, Scoobie!

Hey Darkblue! =D Good job being OP!

Math, that sucks about the skillet. I'm neurotic with my kitchen stuff. But honestly, you guys should just buy a small nonstick pan for her to use. Cast iron requires dedication.

YAY RAKEL!!! I'm glad you're back!!!!!!! Awesome job on the bike!!!! =D

Ginger, you're almost out of the 250s! =D What kind of exercise are you planning on doing once your back is better?

04-08-2008, 04:10 PM
This afternoon I had to leave to go to a meeting and I saw someone wearing those big ear protector kind--you know the bright red ones ok, so s/he was using a jack hammer, but maybe then people would get the hint! Of course, I am so uncoordinated, it would probably throw me off balance and I'd end up falling.....we'll see what today brings. The funny thing is, I have been thinking about different earbuds, mine are ok, but not great. Hmmm, sounds like a reason to go shopping!

04-08-2008, 04:42 PM
ok...change in plans.....it is much too nice today to go to the gym. I know, I know that's the 'old me' talking, but we are going to have two nice days (today and tomorrow), then back to cold again. So, I have decided to go home and take my two incredibly energetic dogs for a walk--they will love it, plus they will be calmer tonight (that's the plan anyway!). Tomorrow I WILL go to the gym for arms/shoulders and cardio.

Have a great night!

04-08-2008, 08:20 PM
Hi Friends,

Guess what Hubby and I did yesterday? We adopted a 4 month old puppy from the human society! He is so absolutely precious....part lab, mostly black with some white markings on his chest, paws and muzzle. We named him Beau. I think he's gonna be a big boy. I'm hoping the vet can give me a clue at his visit tomorrow. So far, my other two dogs aren't all that impressed with the big oaf. Hunny, my 6 year old chihuahua has already let him know that she is now "top dog" around this joint. Her son, Max (my dear Cody was his daddy) is scared of the him. All the big guy wants to do is play with Max, but he's not having any of that! Thank goodness that Hubby and I are on vacation this week. I had forgotten how much work is involved with potty training.

I love Trader Joes and Whole Foods! Hubby and I just got back a little while ago and I can say that the 2 hour round trip was well worth the drive. I came home with fresh ground cashew butter, greek yogurt, agave nectar, two different kinds of hot whole grain cereals, whole wheat pizza dough, farmer's cheese, Ezekiel cinnamon raison bread...etc, etc, etc. Oh my goodness, I was in heaven. I just wish I could afford to buy the meats at Whole Foods, but my budget just won't allow that. But, I did get some great items and Hubby found many of the ingredients for some of the Southbeach recipes that he's been wanting to try. Looks like we'll be heading over to the stores about once a month. Oh my goodness, after having a "taste" of these stores, how do I shop in the regular grocery stores again? Too bad my budget demands it.

MJ - How was the walk? I'd choose a walk with my furbabies over the gym any day of the week! BTW, have you thought about just giving the gym yackers a vague smile and then pretending not to hear them? Or making a big production out of removing your ear buds and saying something like, "pardon me, were you talking to me? I was totally enjoying my motivating music." I think they'll get the hint....you might even have to be a touch rude to get your point across.
Momma- Roller skates sounds like such a cool original reward. Unfortunately, I was never able to learn to skate. Too afraid of busting my "derriere" on the pavement!:D
Schmoodle - So glad the craving technique is working well for you. Hey...can you remind me again....what do you put in your greek yogurt?
Beverly - Congratulations on your 2 pound loss! :carrot:
Math - Sorry to hear that you and your sweetie had a disagreement. If its like Hubby and I, the major issue isn't really the skillet, but the lack of commitment to what is important to you. Hope things blow over quickly.
A big 'Hello" to Scoobie, Purple, Darkblue and Rakel. Hope you all are having a great day.

I promised Hubby that I'd clean out the refrigerator for him while he's gone. He went to the regular old grocery store to pick up some necessities. I better stop writing and get cleaning or there won't be room for anything! ttyl

04-08-2008, 10:56 PM
Breakfast--1 1/4C Smart Choice cereal, 1C skim milk, hot tea, clementine
Lunch--whole wheat pita bread with 1tbs low-fat mayo, deli-thin sice of provolone cheese, six slices deli-thin ham and turkey, 8 SunChips, water
Snack--blackberries, YoPlus vanillla yogurt
Dinner--4oz salmon cooked with lemon juice, pepper, and capers, peas, carrots, baked potato with salt/pepper and sprinkle of cheese, iced tea

1450 k/cal, 31g fiber, 1/2L water, arm/shoulder exercises
Math Puppy--I've never figured out how to properly season a cast iron pan. It sounds frustrating to have to recondition them. Homemade enchilada sauce sounds great! My cats squeeze their eyes at me and purr softly when they want to say "we like you."

Beverlyjoy--Two more pounds, congrats! :carrot: I hope you make the 'onederfuls" soon!

Rakel--25 minutes on an exercise bike is more than I can do! Getting sweaty accomplishes the goal!

Txmomma--roller skates or rollerblades? I haven't skated in years, but it was great fun adn good exercise! That's a neat reward!

mj5--a walk with the dogs sounds fun! Am sure they'll love it, too. Loved the image of the big-red ear protectors at the gym! Maybe you can claim they are very expensive wireless satellite radio headphones!

GirlyGirl--I'm so glad you adopted a puppy from the shelter--that's wonderful! Hope he'll be a great addition to the family! Eww, refrigerator cleaning ranks right down there with mopping in my books! Hope you didn't discover anything yucky!

*waves at Schmoodle and Scoobie* Hope you had an on-plan day!

math puppy
04-09-2008, 02:51 AM
Hey gang, I have been meaning to ask, but who was it that loved greek yogurt? Who ever it was, got me to pick some up at the store last week and I have been luh-ven-it! The best part is its zone friendly!

Anyways today I purposely went to mid lvl on my calorie intake just to let my body know that there is gonna be no starving going on up in here. Hopefully that will shake things up a bit and help with the losing. I bought a battery for my digital scale now, so I don’t have to play the guessing game every morning (get on, get off, get on, get off, squint. guess). Now there is just a straight up number staring me back and this should make it easier to keep and stay on track.
Took a yoga class at the gym then came home and watched biggest loser. Life is good. :D

Oh yea, I was reading a magazine in the grocery store that said eating while sitting in the sun actually makes you eat less. I can see that. Good excuse for picnics this summer.

Beverlyjoy- yay for moving scales! Almost too onederland!!! Wow!

Rakel- good job on that bike!

scoobie- how old is your son?

Mj- ivf! Wow. That’s expensive. If you ever want to vent about it I am your ear! Don’t worry you are not discouraging me at all. I know whats up with all this stuff. Im just going to remain hopeful and as usual…stubborn :D . lol that DOES sound like an excuse to go shopping! Ha ha I just read rhondas advice to you. I second that!

Schmoodle- lol, thanx for sharing that about the cast iron. I feel a little better knowing im not the only one. I wanted to make it so I was the only one that used it, but she is in charge of dinner. And sometimes super sweet fajitas require a nicely seasoned skillet. Heh. Plus I think it might be insulting when she puts up with how incredibly messy I am. She is constantly picking things up after me. Oh well, ill figure something out. I HAVE tried mckenna’s techniques, I find them helpful. Cant wait for some sun!! I read in a magazine today that eating in the sun actually makes you eat less.

Girlygirl- yay for new puppies!!! I love that hunny is now the top dog. My cats totally freaked out when I got a dog, but eventually they actually started to consider here part of their tribe. I could tell because they would lift their tails to her when she walked in a room as if to say, “hey dog, whats new on your side of the kitchen?” I bet your babies will be like that in no time! lol your advice to mj is funny.

04-09-2008, 08:52 AM
Rhonda, sounds like you had a great day! congrats on the new furbaby! Well, the yogurt possibilities are endless of course, but my favorite way is to top it with some slivered toasted almonds and a drizzle of agave nectar. Kind of like a Greek sundae!

Here's my day:
B: Peanut butter toast with coffee
S: Hard boiled egg, V8
L: Taco Salad
S: Latte, orange
D: Tex Mex tilapia, green beans
S: NSA pudding cup

Have a good hump day chicks, I'll be back to visit more later! That's a promise not a threat!

04-09-2008, 09:06 AM
I made it for a 2 mile walk last night with my son.
Math Puppy -- my son is 10 months old. His b day is June 4th. He has been walking on his own now for 3 weeks! We have to stop at certain places so he can look at different dogs in the neighborhood. He loves the outdoors!

04-09-2008, 10:29 AM
Good Morning! I was too tired to drag my butt out of bed to do a watp dvd this am, so I didn't. It's ok, I am going to the gym--arms/shoulders and cardio. The good part of arms/shoulders is--I do that stuff in the free weight room mostly and the guys in there are too busy looking at themselves in the mirrors to interrupt me! ;)

The scale was back down this am, so maybe yesterday was a fluke, who knows. It is going to be gorgeous today, so I am wearing capris and short sleeves--it feels SO good! I should have worn a belt, but it's ok....nice reminder that my pants are loose!

txmomma--Roller skates, what a great idea! I just had visions of hanging out at the skating rink as a pre-teen...ooh, scary thought! Hope dd feels better!

Rhonda--CONGRATULATIONS! Your new fur baby sounds adorable! I know when we brought our 2nd dog home, our 1st dog was terrible...almost mean to the puppy, but by the end of the weekend they were best buds! That was four years ago and they are inseparable now! Those stores sound great! I wish we had them near us! The walk was great!!! I have tried, although most of the time I fall into the too nice category...I may have to be a bit rude, which isn't my nature, but really when I am at the gym other than saying a quick hi or quick comment to someone I have a long-running joke w/, I am there for 'me' time--some people just don't get it. I have dh and furbabies waiting for me! I want to go see them...I may try just smiling, but not responding beyond that and see what happens.

darkblue--It was a lot of fun! Then they slept all evening...lazy dogs!

math puppy--Sounds like you had a great day yesterday! Thank you SO much! I seriously wish you the best of luck!

K, gotta run...Have a great on plan day!

04-09-2008, 10:46 AM
Hi folks....yesterday I was on-plan most of the day...but, really struggling. Finally before bedtime I did overeat foods that were unplanned. But, I'll carry on today. It seems that evening is where I am having alot of difficulty. So, my plan is to eat my evening food (after dinner) at the kitchen table only. I am hoping that will make me more mindful of nibbles that can lead to overeating that can lead to a binge. Also, I haven't been doing my meditation daily. I always want to, but, don't always do it. I really need to make sure I do that too. It always helps with stress and my urge to overeat. That's my plan for that.:)

I am so glad that I've caught up on certain aspects of my office work and that I did the taxes. Today I need to clean up my office...it's the pits.:dizzy:

Office work
meditate :^:
lots of water
log/journal food and feelings

breakfast - cottage cheese and banana, pnb toast
snack - carrots
lunch - wrap with black beans, lite cheese, salsa and spaghetti squash
snack - fruit, crackers
dinner - veggie burger with lite cheese and ketchup, green beans
snack - cereal, milk, flax, fruit

I'll be back later for personals. Have a GREAT on-plan day.

04-09-2008, 12:18 PM
Morning guys.

I'm sick now. =( I have a massive belly ache and other aches.

Be back later. Blehhhhhhhh.

04-09-2008, 01:48 PM
Hi, Accountability Friends,

We just came back from Beau's first vet visit and I'm having a bit of lunch and a cuppa java before tackling this house. What a wreck! Between the dust, dog hair and pollen that gets tracked in, my vacuuming and dusting duties are constant. Not to mention the clutter. I haven't been nagging this week, so nobody is picking up after themselves.:dizzy:

Speaking of pollen, I finally broke down and picked up some Claritin today. The papers are saying that our pollen counts are now 10 times what is considered a high pollen count. And, this is only the tree pollen. The grass comes next. Looks like a long allergy season for me. Hopefully, the Claritin will allow me to start walking the neighborhood with Hubby again today. As of tomorrow, it will be a week since we did our walking and the scales haven't moved this week. Of course, my over indulgence yesterday hasn't helped the scales any. Hubby wanted to buy some cookies "for the DDs" yesterday :devil:......and I ended up eating about 5 of them. They were absolutely delicious. And, he wanted to try some chocolate covered fruits...I lost count of how many of those I ate. Trust me, its just as easy to overeat on the healthier alternatives from those awesome grocery stores as it is to overeat on the processed junk. Including today, I have 5 days to make the scales drop again for my official Monday weigh-in....so, I'm back to eating on-plan. I just finished a cup of Lemon Curry Chicken soup that I got at Trader Joes. Oh my goodness! That stuff is delicious. I need to find a recipe for this stuff. I just might have to learn how to do some cooking. Hubby doesn't like curry and I absolutely love the stuff. (BTW, just went into the kitchen for a java refresher...and spied the evil cookies. Those things just might disappear into the trash soon!)

Darkblue - You must having amazing self control! How in the world do you limit yourself to 8 sunchips? I can't have those in the house. They call to me all day long, until the bag is empty
Math - Are you eating the 0% greek yogurt? I love the texture, but I didn't care for the honey flavored one I picked up. I also have some 2% kind. The calories are a little higher, but its worth it to me.
Schmoodle - I can't wait to try my "greek sundae." I'll have that for my afternoon snack.
Scooby - Its great that your son walks with you. He's learning some awesome habits...plus, its great bonding time.
MJ - So glad that you're getting a "belt reminder." :) That's awesome!
Beverly - the kitchen table plan sounds like a winner. Let us know how it works for you.
Momma - Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. Hope you get to feeling better quickly.

Okay....I asked Hubby to hide the cookies and the chocolate covered fruits. My willpower just isn't all that great today. Looks like I can now enter the kitchen safely.:) Good thing as it needs a good scrubbing. It's time for me to put on my housewife hat and get busy. Hope everyone is having a great on-plan day.

04-09-2008, 03:53 PM
Hi again! So glad I chose to walk yesterday and gym today--it looks like rain right now. I am about to have a snack, so I won't be ravenous by the time I get home, but thought I would pop in here first.

Today's training (w/ healthy lunch--grilled chicken casear salad w/ dressing on the side and each item for the salad in little 'piles' so you could choose what you wanted--I stayed away from the bacon bits, and only took a teeny bit of cheese, lots of greens, some chicken and mushroms, I opted for the fat free dressing....Hmmm, maybe this is sinking in...the old me would have just dug right in....

Anyway, the training itself was about smoking, 2nd hand smoke and chewing tobacco. Really makes me glad I never smoked and that dh has quit. We even talked about the effect it has on your pets. YIKES!

Beverylyjoy--Sounds like a great plan. I think I am going to start meditating, not sure where to start, but I remember from the yoga class I took several years ago--we always started and ended w/ some meditation I always felt refreshed and relaxed--and more focused! How's pt going? Wanna come clean my office? I keep trying to find time....still haven't...it's terrible!

txmomma--Hope you feel better soon!

Rhonda--Hope the Claritin does the trick. I know I have had the itchy eyes, etc...ick! So glad hubby hid that stuff.....I know how easy it is to overeat even though it's healthy!

04-09-2008, 06:44 PM
Ok, so I ended up getting out of work late. Rather than skipping the gym altogether, I went and did 20 mins of cardio--all I had time for. Better than skipping! Tomorrow am--watp dvd 2 miles. Friday am watp dvd 2 miles and weights at the gym!

04-09-2008, 10:08 PM
I'm new here. I have been reading around here the last couple of days, made 2 post and replied to a couple.
I was going to take today off from my exercise as I over slept this morning and didn't have time for the treadmill, but after spending a great part of the day reading on here...I found some motivation tonight to get on my my stationary bike and peddle for 8 miles for 35 minutes and I burned 250 calories. I guess that was better than nothing at all.
Thanks for letting me share .

04-09-2008, 11:05 PM
This was not an on-plan day, but at least I limited the damage.

Breakfast--egg, whole wheat English muffin with 1tsp butter, 1C skim milk, hot tea, clementine
Lunch--Healthy Choice meal, water
Dinner...two slices pizza, iced tea.

It's chilly with pouring rain here. Half the state is under tornado warnings, flood warnings, and severe thunderstorm warnings. Family was starving, so I caved in and agreed to go for pizza tonight. There's a great family-run pizza place that makes fabulous pizza. I got my favorite--whole-wheat crust, chicken, spinach, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, mozzerella, bacon, alfredo sauce. *sighs* It was heavenly, and I ate two medium slices, but at least I didn't have a soda or appetizers. I'm 120-150 cal (by my best estimates) over my limit, but it could have been worse. Anyway, tomorrow is back on plan.

GirlyGirl--8 chips is easy. I pack them the night before in a baggie, so that's all I CAN eat the next day at lunch! The lemon curry chicken sounds wonderful. If you figure out the recipe, please do post it! Tell the cookies you sincerely regret not listening to their siren call!

Math Puppy--I like the Fage Greek yogurt with strawberries, tastes almost like cheesecake.

mj5--loose pants means smaller waist, which is always a good thing! Good for you doing the cardio!

Beverly--eating only at the table is a great idea! Be strong, you can do it.

Txmomma--Hope you feel better soon!

Kellsua--welcome! This is a great place to be!

04-10-2008, 07:21 AM
Hi folks...Yesterday I had a good on plan day - I am so grateful. Just as I planned - any food I ate after dinner was at the kitchen table.

Today I have a full day of storytelling - if you don't mind - would you send "happy thoughts" to my foot, please - thanks.

For today:

busy, busy day....

before I leave I'll:

pack lunch
car is packed

breakfast - "fried" brown rice with mushrooms and egg whites, blueberries
lunch - pnb and honey on ww bread, applesauce
snack - banana, crackers
dinner - hc dinner, green beans
snack - cereal, flax, milk

Have a GREAT day, friends.

04-10-2008, 09:02 AM
So last night, I only got to go for a mile walk with my son. It was getting chilly outside and my son was getting hungry. It sounds like tonight and tomorrow night I may not be able to make it out for walks. It is suppose to rain all day here today and then SNOW tonight! Snow in almost the middle of April?? Next week it is suppose to warm up really nice.

04-10-2008, 10:32 AM
Good Morning! This am I did my 2 mile watp dvd. Not as intense as usual--knee was a little sore this am, but it actually felt a bit better afterwards. No gym tonight-gotta get groceries on my way home, so time today.

kellsua--Welcome! Exactly--that was 35 more mins of cardio that you could have done! Great job!

darkblue--Good for you for 'limiting the damage' and for getting right back on plan!

beverlyjoy--Great job!

scoobie--yea, we are supposed to get some snow here w/ in the next few days too. I was hoping we were done w/ it!

04-10-2008, 04:40 PM
Wow....quiet day....do I have to threaten to sing again! Just kidding! I know everyone is busy. I am so glad it's almost the weekend. Dh is supposed to have the weekend off, so that will be nice. Tomorrow *should* be a 'catch up* day for me at work, which will be really nice...I have a huge mess on my desk that I need to take care of soon!

Have a great night!

04-10-2008, 06:46 PM
Hi Accountability Friends,

I've been fighting a horrible headache today. I've been laying around on the couch or in the bed. I finally feel like sitting up again and it's now 5:45 in the afternoon. *big sigh* The good news is that I'm on-plan.....food just isn't all that appealing right now.:)

I'll check back in tomorrow morning.

04-10-2008, 07:46 PM
Hey beautiful ladies!

I still feel like crud, but at least I'm not exploding out of every orifice anymore. Wooohoo! My belly is still sensitive. My food is sucking -- I'm eating toast and some fruit and red potatoes. And I had two cookies. ><

Which is bad, because carbs are dangerous around me. I don't know how to control myself around them. I know it's good to eat toast because my belly is super sensitive, but the naughty stuff-everything-in-her-mouth half of me is thinking, "omgggggggggggg we can eat all the BREADDDDDDDDDDDDDD we wanttttttttttttttttttttt now!" =/ But I will work on this. I was feeling bad last night, and overeating this potato casserole I made. And then I started feeling bad about my food choices, which made me eat more.

I feel guilty because I'm also not exercising. I'll get back on track when I feel better. My belly is still rumbly and unhappy. =/

DD & I bought roller skates. I've been teetering about our apt getting used to them. There is something about the physics of a nearly 6-ft, 275 person on wheels that frightens me, lol, so I think I'll spend a while getting used to them before I take to the streets.

Rhonda, so sorry about your headache. Hope you feel better soon. :hug: I know, overeating healthy foods is not that much better than overeating with bad foods. =( Sigh. Good job asking DH to hide the food, though.

mj, lol. You poor thing. You sound so lonely. Feel free to sing. I'll put in a request for some Carpenters. Good job on the healthy lunch. It's so nice to make these bizarrely good choices. If you're (or anyone!) looking for a guided weight loss meditation, I have some mp3s I could post up somewhere. They're really good, imo. I do the tapes every night before I fall asleep, and I swear they help put me in the right mindset.

Scoobie, sorry about the snow! =( Hopefully you'll get some great walks in next week.

Schmoodle, how you doin'?

Beverly, sending happy thoughts to your foot!!!!! Good idea about sitting down at the kitchen table. Great idea, actually.

Darkblue, I lol'ed at "This was not an on-plan day, but at least I limited the damage." =D That's how I feel. So much better than a full out binge. =D Wow that pizza sounds soooooo good.

Math, isn't Greek yogurt incredible? Sigh. So good.

Kelly, burning 250 cals is better than nothing at all?? Give yourself more credit. That's a good workout, imo.

04-10-2008, 11:34 PM
Beverly, here's hoping your foot is feeling better!

GirlyGirl--hope your headache has gone away. :(

*waves at mj5* Feel free to sing, as long as you are on-key!

Txmomma--loved the "something about the physics of a nearly 6-ft, 275 person on wheels that frightens me" line! Made me laugh!

Well, the best-laid plans and all that....

Breakfast--Smart Choice whole-wheat cereal, hot tea, milk
Lunch--sandwich--whole-wheat pita bread, provolone cheese, deli-thin ham/turkey, 8 SunChips, water, clementine
Snack--YoPlus vanilla yogurt
Dinner--*sighs* DS had a program at school tonight. No time to go home and eat healthy, so we stopped at a restaurant. I did my best--watermelon, broccoli, chicken, small scoop of cottage cheese, sweet potato, but also didn't have the willpower to resist 2 oatmeal raisin cookies and a small scoop of seafood salad.

~1800 claories, 31g fiber, 1L water, exercise

I was doing ok, up to those cookies. I cannot, cannot eat out at night. It's so hard when there are evening activities, and the rest of the family wants to stop by a restaurant!

04-11-2008, 08:15 AM
Hi chickies! Yesterday was an on-plan day. I am grateful.

I made it thru my day of 7 (yes, 7) storytelling programs yesterday. Since it was young children I would sit for most of each program, until the end when I did the marionette with whom the children sing and move. My foot was sore at the end of the day - but, no horrible pain. (thank goodness!) I took a frozen water bottle and iced it at lunch and before the family program at 5pm.

I feel that the PT is finally helping some. I think I have moved past the pain of injuring it from the other brace (it's healed alot) - to a point where I am feeling improvement. I still have a ways to go...I'll take what I can get!

Today, I have office work to do. I am getting excited because early tomorrow morning we will go to Michigan to visit my DS, DIL and grandson. YAY.


lots of water
log/journal food and feelings

breakfast - Kashi waffle with pnb, blueberries
snack - carrots
lunch - cottage cheese, canteloup, garlic toast, spaghetti sqash
snack - fiber one cereal, 1 T raisins, 1/2 skim milk
dinner - going out - grilled fish, salad, rice
snack - cereal, skim milk

Rakel - great job on the exercise bike. It all counts!

Scoobie - I am so impressed how you've tried to keep exercise in your routine every day!!! That's great.

Mj5 - glad you've had a chance to use your DVD this week. Hooray for lose pants!!!!! That's a wonderful NSV!

Scmoodle - let us know how the ideas go with the Paul McKenna techniguqes. Seems to make sence - the tapping at least stops the impulse because your doing something to break the urge.

Bgtxmma- Roller skates - awesome!! Hope your daughter is better and your tummy too!

Rhonda - How's Beau and all the other doggies doing? Puppies are so cute..but, you're right - alot of work. Glad you had a good excursion to WF and TJ - but, you are so right - it's still easy to overeat on healthy foods, too. Darn it!

DB - you have good plans...I like to read them. Ya know - only eating two pieces of pizza is a success really. "Limited damage" is better than 5 slices!

Math - ya know, I am going to try the Greek Yogurt too. Everyone here raves about it.

Kellum -:D WELCOME!! :D Great job on using your stationary bike!

Have a great day everyone!!!

04-11-2008, 09:23 AM
Good morning chicks! Here's my day:
B: Kashi waffle with peanut butter
S: V8, beans with salsa and cheese
L: leftover chicken divan or fish and green beans
S: latte, orange
D: frozen SBD pizza and salad
D: Greek yogurt with slivered almonds

Bigtx, how are you feeling today? Glad you are on the mend. Skating scares me too, and I'm only 5'4", but not too coordinated. I'm afraid I'll break something. It looks so fun when the kids are skating though.
Rhonda, my allergies didn't kick in until yesterday. It was gorgeous, warm, and sunny, so I threw open the windows and by afternoon I had a headache. I used the snot pot last night, so I woke up this morning feeling okay. How are you doing? Hope your head is better today.
darkblue, your day's menu doesn't sound so bad!
mj, me too, at least we don't have to try to quit smoking AND lost weight at the same time.
kells, great job getting on the bike. I always feel extra virtuous when I exercise on the days I really don't feel like it. Welcome!
Beverly, glad you made it through the long day okay! Hope you have a wonderful family visit this weekend. I have been using the bust the craving technique all week and it's the best week I've had in a while, so I guess there's something to it!
scoobie, sorry the weather isn't cooperating with your walking routine. Have you tried any of the WATP DVDs?

I've laid off the WATP for a couple of days as my bad ankle was bothering me. I'll do yoga instead. Anyway ladies, gotta go walk the kiddies to school. Have a great day and TGIF!!!

04-11-2008, 10:17 AM
Good Morning! It is grey and icky here today. I was soooooo tired last night...I even dozed off while watching American Idol--I was snuggled up w/ two warm dogs and a blanket....before I knew it dh was waking me up to go to bet! Oops! Then this am I had a hard time dragging myself out of bed. No WATP for me this am. I hope I'm not getting sick!

Today, I will go to the gym--it's arms and shoulders and cardio. I downloaded some new music to my mp3 player, so I have that to look forward to too.

Dh is off Sat, but not Sun, it's ok, I'll take one day over none! I was rattling off the errands I was going to do on my way home (after work and the gym) and my sweet dh suggested that we do them together on Sat. What a guy!

Rhonda--Oh, I hate days like that....I hope you are better!

txmomma--Glad you are feeling better! I would love to check out the mp3s! Thanks!

darkblue--I make no promises about being on key! ;)

Beverlyjoy--Wow, 7 days of storytelling....YEA for PT! So glad your foot is doing better! Have a fantastic visit!

Schmoodle--I know! Sounds like a great plan! Hope your ankle feels better.

K, I have lots to do today, but I'm sure I'll be back!

04-11-2008, 12:16 PM
Mj5 - actually is was seven programs of storytelling in one day. But, still my foot survived. PT is helping. Sometimes I fall asleep way early (watching TV) myself. I think our bodies let us know!

Schmoodle..sorry to hear your ankle is bothering you. Ugh! Your plan looks so good. Take care now.

04-11-2008, 12:25 PM
Good morning, Friends!

Today is my last vacation day. Usually, I'm kinda looking forward to going back to work as I get bored, but not this time. Everytime I start thinking about work and what's on my agenda for Monday, I deliberately put it out of my mind. I haven't even read my work e-mails since last Friday! Of course, I had this long list of spring cleaning chores that I planned on doing this week and I haven't finished a single one.:D

Momma - How's the tummy today?
Darkblue - Impromptu restaurant trips always de-rail me for 2-3 days. I've learned that I can't do this anymore. Plan, plan, plan....this is the only way I can eat out.
Beverly - So glad the foot wasn't too sore last night. The doggies are doing well. The "little" guy is a lot of work. Whew...I had forgotten how much patience training a puppy requires.
Schmoodle - glad the "snot" pot helped you I was disappointed that it didn't help me much. I really don't like taking sinus medicine. It makes me moody.
MJ - I hope you're feeling well rested today. I really enjoyed American Idol's Give Back show this year, but I must confess. It left me feeling very unsettled. There are so many children that desperately need help and it's a bit overwhelming.

Today is housecleaning day. Hubby is having poker night at our house tonight. I'm not sure how I'll occupy myself and the DD's. Maybe, we'll catch a movie or I'll take them roller skating. (No, Momma, I won't be participating.:)) Or, I might just stay home and clean out my closet. Dinner for me and the DD's will be my job tonight. I might take them out to dinner to Applebees. They have a lot of on-plan options for me.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

04-11-2008, 04:17 PM
beverlyjoy--Oops, Wow...7 in one day...that's a lot. Glad your foot survived! I think you are right, our bodies let us know...between getting up early and going full speed ahead most of the time, I have to slow down sometimes!

Rhonda--It seems like your vacation went pretty fast! Good for you for not checking work emails! (It's a bad habit of mine!!!!) I hear you on the Give Back show...between seeing how badly off children in other countries are and then seeing horrible conditions in our own country...really makes me feel petty for wanting different earbuds just because mine don't 'feel right' in my ears! Have fun tonight w/ the dd's.

I have hit the 3:00 slump...that's where I start to lose my focus and those 'old thoughts' of hmmm, what would it hurt to skip the gym tonight...start creeping in. I will NOT let that happen! I just went to get some more water and am popping in here (obviously).

math puppy--How are you doing?

Not sure what dinner will be yet--maybe some brown rice and roasted veggies.

Ok, I feel better! I AM going to the gym. Then home to play w/ the dogs! That's always fun!!

04-11-2008, 07:59 PM
Hi again! I did it! I went to the gym and did my planned workout!!! I even increased my weights a bit. I'm gonna feel that tomorrow!

Ok...my turn to rant....my mom is very well aware of how hard I have been trying and struggling w/ eating healthy, exercise, etc. Tonight she called me just as I was leaving the gym and I told her that's where I was. She said that she and my sister were on their way to my gm's, blah, blah....then I hear my sister order what sounded like enough food for a family at a drive-through. I asked my mom who she was getting so much food for and she laughed and said "mostly herself". Then my sister interrupts and tries to insist that I place an order and meet them at our gm's. My mom even offers to "treat" for dinner. HELLO???? Did I not just say I am literally just walking out of the gym? I do not want to blow a good workout on junk like that!! I tried to politely decline, which just wasn't working, so I finally told them I had too much to do and I would see them in the morning. I'll be much happier w/ my brown rice and roasted veggies thanks! I am going to "treat" myself w/ a small glass of red wine. It's been a loooooong week and I would like that treat!

Nothing too exciting planned tonight. I am paying bills (yippee), then making a pasta salad w/ whole wheat pasta LOTS of veggies, and a little low fat Italian dressing. Dh and I may "treat" ourselves to something yummy to cook on the grill tomorrow night.

Hope everyone is having a good night!

04-11-2008, 11:59 PM
:cp: you handled it like a pro, mj :cp: It is so hard to resist things like that, but I am so glad you went to the gym because without that workout you might not have stood so strong against their temptation. When you said telling them no just wasn't working I expected to here you just caved, but was SO proud of you when it took a different turn. Enjoy the wine :hat:

Everyone...I am reading along through the emails, though I know I don't get them all there. This was kids spring break week so I've not been online as much...they had me playing freeze tag yesterday, so fun and my legs hurt today. I am looking forward to going back to normal schedule next week.

04-12-2008, 06:58 AM
Getting ready to go visit my family. I can't wait to give my 14 month grandson about 100 kisses. :D

The scale or thought of it is making me crazy. I can't stop obsessing about what the scale says (might say). I am very close to 199 pounds. I am so, so happy about it. In fact - it's all I've been thinking about. For me - this is not good. I think I need to put it away and not think that I have to get on it on Tuesday or Wednesday. It is making me so "nervous". In fact - I've been overeating thinking about getting on the scale and seeing a number I can't accept. I have journaled about it and thought about it and decided to put the scale away. I'll get to 199 in my body's time. I have such disordered thinking when it comes to food and the scale. :dizzy:


I'll do my exchanges since I can't plan ahead.

starches - up to six
fruit - up to four
veggies - up to six
protein - up to six
fats - up to three
dairy - two
free - about 100 calories

I know how to use exchanges from my "food mover" days with Richard Simmons.

I've packed some fruit and 100 calorie cracker packs.

I'll write down everything I eat.

Drink lots of water.

Do my stretches


Hug grandson every five minutes. ;) :)

Have a great day, friends.

04-12-2008, 05:00 PM
Hope everyone is having a great on plan day!!

Purple--Thanks! Since that happened I have been giving a lot of thought about how others influence us (or try to). Just today my dh who is WONDERFUL and trying to eat healthier himself, bought a couple choc chip cookies from a bake sale/fundraiser. Ok, fine. I donated an extra dollar rather than buying anything for myself, but anyway...he almost insisted I eat a cookie. No thanks! Guess I need to pay more attention...I'm sure in weaker moments I would have easeily said yes! I am sure you and the kids had SO much fun yesterday!!!!!

Beverlyjoy--Have a fantastic visit. I agree....put the scale away for a few days.

For exercise today, I joined the 5k that Gary started on the Weight Loss Support Thread. I had to push myself to finish it, but I did it! I am SO proud! I walked it, but the fact that I walked that far--a good portion of it briskly, made me feel really good!!!

Now I am going to relax w/ the dogs while dh watches the Yankees play.

04-12-2008, 11:40 PM
Hooray, I got my act back together and had an on-plan day! :carrot:

Breakfast--Fiber One ceral, clementine, 1C skim milk, hot tea
Lunch--sandwich--whole wheat pita bread with deli-thin ham/turkey slices, and a deli-thin slice of provolone cheese, heated under broiler, yum
8 SunChips, mini-V8, iced tea
Snack--YoPlus yogurt with 1C sliced strawberries
Dinner--chicken thighs and breasts cooked in a crockpot with mushrooms and inst gravy mix, oven-roasted red potatos (tossed with olive oil, sea salt, and Mrs. Dash garlic/herb blend), roasted asparagus with lemon, water

~1520 kcal, 32g fiber, 1L water, exercise

Beverly--storytelling sounds so interesting. Do you work in a library? I think it would be fun but tiring. Glad your foot's feeling a bit better, and hope you have a great trip out of state!

GirlyGirl--that sounds like my vacations--lots of plans and not much action! Hope you and the DDs had a fun Girls' Night Out!

mj5--you always do such a great job with self-control, walks, and working out! Good job with being polite but firm and doing what is right for your diet. You rock!

Purple--sounds like fun and great exercise to me!

04-13-2008, 12:45 AM
Hey ya'll,

I had a decent day today. DD is super cranky. DH is super cranky. I am super cranky. NOT a good combination. I ditched them and went shopping by myself! Woohoo. I bought two sundresses, some new clothing for DD.

I'm having an ok food day. I've decided to try the Paul McKenna method, and eat the foods I want instead of trying to restrict myself. I'm going to see if I 1) maintain a loss, and 2) am not tempted to overeat. And if not, I'll go back to a more restrictive South Beach.

I think I'm doing this because I'm kind of having a food freakout. I'm going to be visiting my family in two weeks, which is going to be killer on my self esteem. They're such huge ego killers. I'm getting worried about how I'm going to survive.

Anyway, I'll be back for personals.

04-13-2008, 11:06 AM
Good Morning!

So I have been doing a some serious thinking about what I eat, how much, and why, etc....I think that whole fast food scenario w/ my mom really sparked something in me. Over the weekend I have been really paying attention to different things. Like yesterday. We ended up eating a big lunch (I had a nice big salad w/ chicken breast cut up in it and low fat balsamic dressing), but by the time dinner time rolled around I wasn't really hungry for a full dinner. I had some pasta salad and ALMOST went for 2nd's, but realized that I wanted more b/c it tasted good, not b/c I was still hungry. So I waited and I still wasn't hungry so I didn't have more. It really took stopping and thinking about it, rather than mindlessly getting up and getting more. I am really going to try to be much more midful about food and see what happens--it certainly can't hurt, right?!

Darkblue--Good for you for getting back on plan! Thanks! I am doing well right now and thanks for the encouragement!! Unfortunately it's all too easy for me to stop doing what I know I need to do....

txmomma--Hope everyone is less cranky at your house today! Good for you for going shopping! Family can be really tough sometimes. You WILL survive. You are a strong woman!

04-13-2008, 11:53 AM
Hi chicks, busy weekend as usual. I'm about to go do my new 4 mile WATP and then the kids and I will go to the pool this afternoon. I want to visit my grandma, and if the weather holds we'll go to the park with some friends. I did a lot of cooking this morning to prep for the week - a pan of bean brownies, a pan of oatmeal breakfast bars, hard boiled and deviled eggs, a pot of veggie soup, a big bowl of tuna tabouleh, and put some salsa chicken in the crockpot for tonight. I think I'm ready! :D Just wanted to say "hi", but I'd better run now!

04-14-2008, 09:26 AM
Darkblue--congrats on an OP day, now turn that into a string of them and don't look back.

mj--temptations from others are always going to be there, good intentioned or not, so just being aware and ready for is the best we can do. You are becoming aware and paying attention, this will take you far.

txmomma--I know what you mean about visiting family and the self esteem killer thing. I have issues with mine as well, so I am aiming to get under 200 by the time I go back (4th July week). Hold your head high and just know you are an awesome, beautiful, amazing woman and don't let them bring you down. What's hard for me is not slipping into the person I was when I lived back home, because that girl was so different from who I have become...yet I go back and feel like that old self again and it gets me everytime. I have to stop this pattern and learn to be who I am right now, no matter where I am. OKay, i really just meant to say I understand, sorry for my own rant :p

Beverly--I don't know if you'll see this or when you'll be back, but I hope the visit is amazing and you get lots of loving on that little one :)

As for how I am doing today...I woke up with poison ivy swelling my right eyelid, and it's between my fingers on the right hand. Twice in my past I have had it completely eat up one side of my face, placing a huge bubble over my eye...so I am happy just to be able to open it today. It has to be out in my flowerbed somewhere, because i get it every year soon as I start working out there. It's not as itchy as it is annoying that I can't open the eye all the way.

Figures, a whole week off and this comes on the day we have to be back out in public

I hope everyone has a god day, I'm going to try to regardless.