WW Clubs and Groups - Feisty & Sexy 50-60 Year Olds #110

04-04-2008, 09:07 PM
G'day all,

Nice to see so many posts though there are still a couple we have not heard from for a while, hope everything is OK.

Good to see you Gloria and to hear all is well in your world. Especially good to read Jack is going to a new doctor and he has given some good advice. Jack must have been worried, I cannot imagine him NOT being relaxed!

Glenda happy birthday to Shanna, she would have to be the youngest grandmother I have ever met, she hardly looks like she is 40.
That must have been some hailstorm :eek: How scary. The biggest pain is organising repairers etc.

Ann I have 4 websites on the go at the moment, I will be glad when I can finalise some of them.
The quilting website is for a group of ladies that get together to share their quilting skills. They make quilts and every second year they have a huge auction auctioning off all the quilts and the proceeds go to chartity. Last year they raised about $12000! A close friend of mine belongs to this group and is the most brilliant quilter. The groups website is very out of date and that is where I come in.
Yesterday I got together with the coordinator for the website and we have some good ideas. You can see the progress of this website here www.adam.com.au/pdscholz .

Good to hear your toe is much better Trudy :) Pleased your cold did not hang around for too long.

Just spoke to Alan on Skype, he is happy but looking forward to me getting there. He has also advised me that he is getting paid!!!!
He has paid for his airfare, hotel accommodation and now the apartment. All the paper work has now gone through and all this will be re-embursed plus his pay as well, we should be 'rich' again soon;):D

Have a great weekend all,


Karen L
04-05-2008, 12:31 AM
Trudy thank you for clearing that up about the lemons. :carrot: The water here in Florida is awful and if you order it in a restaurant you need lemon just to get it down.

Just stopped by to see what is going on. Every one sounds busy as ever. My Mom is leaving next Tuesday and then I will have more time to do other things.

I go back to the doctor next Wednesday and I hope to have some reason for my Iron being low and something to do about it so I won't need further testing. The other test she talked about did not sound fun. And are darn right scary to think about!

I've been in such a funk :(for so long now that I have managed to gain weight both my doctors are on me about it now. :mad:I am 5 pounds over my goal

As soon as Mom is gone I too will be going back to WW meetings. I will have to pay for a while but what the heck it's the only sure way I know to lose those rotten pounds.

Went back to the pool today for the first time in weeks and will be going regularly next week again. I have continued to do Aerobic's down at the club house with the ladies now I just need to keep the not so great food out of my mouth. I am a sweet freak!!!!!!!!! :( and need to get sugar out of my life again. This will be happening soon as Mom is gone. She is able to have it around and leave it alone I am not. And If it is in my house it is in my mouth!

Hello to all and Happy Birthday Maria.


04-07-2008, 07:40 AM
good morning all
well my company has left and on tuesday my DH is going away for about 8 to 10 days so I will be on my own This coming Saturday I have tickets for a benefit concert to raise money for an expansion to our medical center in town it should be good then next I am going out to supper with some friends

I have already got a list of jobs I can work on while my DH is gone and I have to look after the green house plants

the weather has been getting milder and a lot of our snow is gone We covered one of our raised yesterday with a top with plastic on it so we can warm the soil and hopefully we can plant some spring salad stuff in about 10 days to 2 weeks

Thats all for now Suz:carrot:

beach bum
04-07-2008, 11:31 AM
Good Morning Ladies-

I'm currently posting at the Weight Watcher forum on the 3 fat chicks and I thought I 'd come over to your group of 50-60 age bracket.

I'm a 67 year old retiree that moved to Cape Cod 10 years ago.Five years of the 10 I was on the WW and lost 35 pounds but only to regain most when I had a hysterectomy. I've be going back & forth on various WOE and nothing happening as far as the scale is concerned. So now I'm coming back to WW,to see if it will work again like it did in the past.

Trying to stay on the low end of my calorie range,to bring my #'s down before I hit the scales at WW this Thursday.

b-1/2 banana,2tsp PB on 1 sl HF bread,1c soy milk[5]
d-fish fillet w)corn on cob,collie & salad w)dress.[4]
sn-1/2 banana W) 1tb PB [3]
supper-Crunchy taco chip turkey[recipe]1c salad w)dress.[7]
des-ww yogurt[1]

My ticker is going up again,I can't do this alone, have to rely on a support group like the WW Meetings.Maybe I'll learn some trick are secret to get down to my final goal.

Hugs :) BB

04-07-2008, 03:29 PM
Welcome :welcome3: Beach Bum and Hi Everybody. I had rejoined WW and lost 2# the first week and tomorrow is my weigh in day. I'm on insulin now for my diabetes and the doctor told me weight loss would be slower. GRRRR.....like it isn't slow enough. I am hoping that by joining now maybe by next winter when I go on holidays I won't look so much like a beached whale. :swim:GLORIA I phoned my server about all the emails that I send to you and are being bounced back back to me. They said they would get back to me within 48 hours. It's kind of a nice day today, the snow is melting and I am happy to see it go. Hope you are all doing great. Bye for now.

beach bum
04-08-2008, 12:10 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Thanks for the welcome,I have to get used to WW all over again,as I been away for 5 years,and don't now what the new program is all about. Right now i following the 2000 version of 123 Success. my Point range is 20-24,but I find out the new way as I going to my first WW meeting this Thursday.


b-waffle S/f syrup,soy milk[5]
d-Tex-Mex Beans in tortilla wrap[4]salad W)dress.[1]
sn-apple/cheese melt[3]
supper-Boiled Frank on roll,w)salad & dress[4]
des-protein shake[3]day. Wish me luck.

SLAVIKA-Thanks for the welcome,and allowing me to post here. Congrats on your 2 lbs loss,and good luck on todays W-I.My DS has diabetes but have has type 1 and he always watching what he eating. He injects himself 1/2 hrs before each meal.Weight wise I think hes doing ok as I don't see that often as he live in another state.Hope I have good results going to WW also. Will let you know for sure.

Have a great morning

Hugs :) BB

04-08-2008, 12:34 PM
Hi Ladies
Welcome beach bum I went to WW twice the first time I lost25 lbs and the second time only lost about 10lbs I am now trying to do the weight lose on my own by portion control of food and doing aerobics and weights 3 times a week and now that the weather is getting nicer walking about 3 1/2 miles a day on the other 4 days I have just started the walking so will not see results yet

Take care Suz :carrot:

04-08-2008, 09:46 PM
G'day all,

Welcome 'Beach Bum':carrot: Nice to have another new face joining us.
I can even relate to where you live! We were in the States for a 3 month holiday last year, met up with a lot of the ladies here. Gloria, who lives in Braintree, took us to Cape Cod where we had a delightful lunch. A lovely spot, loved the main street with some of the very quaint gift shops.

I am a bit like Suz and whilst I think WW is a fantastic organisation, I also am trying to do this now on my own by portion control.

I guess it doesn't really matter, as long as we eat healthily and continue to be aware that a box of chocolate is not a good daily snack to have;);)

We are back to summer again when we are supposed to heading towards winter:dizzy::dizzy: It is cool at night but quite warm days.
DH is coping with some very hot and humid weather in Malaysia. He says that just about every night there are severe tropical storms which does clear the air somewhat.
He told me all this when he wasn't able to talk me into visiting for more then 10 days! Not looking forward to stay in that sort of climate but it will be good to see him. We have not been apart this long in our 38 years of marriage.

Have a great day all,


beach bum
04-09-2008, 12:41 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Thanks for the welcomes. Happy to be here,as I will need lots of support,as I haven't been to WW in over 5 years.

my menu today-21=1050
b-French toast[3]1.2 c soy milk[2]===6pts.
d-Turkey rice burgers[6]on 1c steamed broccoli W)marg.[1]===7pts.
sn-ww yogurt[1]
supper-Hummus on WW Pita[2]
des-apple W)PB & crushed cereal[4]

SUZ-I hope that I do well this time around.Once I have the up to date books,I will be able to work the program better. MY Thursday Meeting starts at 10 AM until 11, going to bring a meal replacement bar,as I'm not having breakfast before the W-I. Love your name,I called my DD SUZANNE also,it such a beautiful feminine name,and thanks again for the welcome.

MARIA-Thanks for the friendly welcome also. I love living by the ocean,as we lived in Long Island all my live and when we retired the ocean was the only option.It must be hard not being with you DH Is he working in a different area where you live. I tried to work with my old WW books but I thing I need the support of a meeting for a while anyway until I know the new flex & core programs better.

Have a great day

Hugs :) BB

04-09-2008, 05:38 PM
Welcome BB- I haven't been here for a few days. I am another Floridian. Have been out on Cape Cod, and my DH is a graduate of the Mass. Maritime school. Hope you have a good start for your first weigh-in.

I too am a lifetime member of WW and right now am doing my own thing, but following the WW program most of the time.I a not losing, but staying the same right now. I have to get back to some more exercise, walking and getting to our pool more often.

We had a great surprise this week. Sunday a.m. got a message from DD asking me to call her cell phone. I did and she wanted to know if she could come down to help celebrate DH birthday on Monday. Of course I said, 'sure' and when do we meet your plane. And her answer was oh we are in Leesburg at Mike's Mom's house, been there since
Saturday, and we will come for lunch Mon. and take Poppa out for his birthday. So we had a great time, and we girls had a wonderful day of shopping, a very nice dinner, and then they had to leave today as they had booked themselves into a Disney special package. And of course they have to be back to work next Monday. it was Spring break for Holly. So it was a wonderful surprise.

Karen: I hope your Dr. appt. will find out about the iron problem. I can't remember if I told you about Phil, but he takes an iron infusion once a month. They can find no reason for his low iron, other than he just doesn't absorb any iron from his food, and iron pills don't work either. His other blood levels are okay. So I hope your answer will be something as simple as his has been. i know then put him through a lot of tests, but not invasive, but just trying to determine why.

I have every faith that you will get back to your goal. I know what you mean about sweets. It is hard to leave them alone. And DH has a separate shelf for his candy.

Hi Slavika: Nice to hear from you. And :bravo: on the weight loss. As long as the numbers go down, all is well. I have a hard time remembering that the weight didn't come on overnight, and so it isn't going to go that way either. And sadly I find that I cannot lose weight like I did a few years back. :doh:

Suz: Sound like your spring garden is making progress. You will have plenty to keep you busy while DH is away. And one thing I have always found when i am alone, I can keep to my program so much easier, since I don't have to prepare anything except for myself.

Maria: Malaysia sounds hot and steamy. I think you had a lot of that all during your summer. I'm sure you are looking forward to your winter days when things will be cooler. I will check the quiters web page. I want to start another quilt. I have some ideas about what I want to do. I hope I am not being too ambitious for myself.

We had a bad rainstorm over the weekend. We had about 5 inches fall around here. It hasn't completely broken our drought, but sure has helped. And I'm sure it will help bring up our water table.

Hi to everyone Trudy, Glenda, Gloria, Peggy Hope you all arae having good days. We are soon off to our church's Wed. night meal. I'll be back again to do better on catching up on all the posts I have missed.


04-10-2008, 01:04 AM
Nice to have you join us BB :welcome2: always good to have another person on this never ending road of weight loss. I am another Canadian from Winnipeg. Since Nov/07 I have lost 10 lbs on my own. I did go to WW many times in the past, but decided to watch what I eat on my own this time. Since March I have stayed the same. I would have to lose another 5 lbs to get to my WW goal weight. Not too concerned about that, just happy to be down the l0 lbs.
Karen I always seem to have a very hard time digesting red meat, so I don't eat it too much. I take a Multi Vitamin to supplement what I am missing. Have you ever tried that? I hope your doctor is able to figure out what is up and you start to feel better soon.
Maria Malasyia doesn't sound too inviting. I would hate the climate, but would hate being separated from my DH for so long.
Ann When our weight is going up I think we turn a blind eye to it and think we are just fine if we don't gain anymore. Of course, the weight keeps creeping up anyway. It takes so long for it to drop again. It never seems to get any better.
Slavika I am sure you will do well at WW. You always make so many friends and enjoy the meetings. It is too bad that the Insulin will make things harder for you. Don't give up!

Hi Gloria, Peggy, Suz and Glenda... what are you gals up to?

My SIL is in Portland Oregon for a few days, so we took our DD and the kiddies out for din dins and went back to her place after. Every time we see those little ones, it seems like they have grown and learned so much more. We had a great evening.

Time to call it a day... Talk to you soon...:grouphug:

beach bum
04-10-2008, 04:27 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies:)

Had a full morning,staring with my first meeting at WW,than shopping for groceries,preparing dinner and than Leo & I went down to the beach. I got my 20 mins of walking W) hand weights. done.Leo remained in the car listening to talk radio.The beach was all fogged in and you we're lucky to see 10ft ahead of you.

Well I like WW, good leader & a very friendly group of people. Everything is quite new comparing to when I was there 7 years ago. Only thing I concerned with is my score on the little quiz led me to eating 20pts[1000 cal] per day. My doc gave me a range of 22-24pts which is 1100-1200 cals. Have to ask him if he would write a note bringing me up calorie wise.


b-1 c WW yogurt[1]
d-l c turkey w)pasta and veggie[7]salad,dress[1]
sn-1c WW yogurt[1]
supper-Meatball hero[7]salad,dress[1]=8
des-1c strawberries & cool whip[2]

64 oz water-------------------40M exercise


ANN-Welcome back from Fla. I a few friends that go down during the winter months. Some of them did complain that it was colder down there than usual.We love living up on Cape Cod summer as well as winter.We're here all year round.Thanks I really had a wonderful time,as the leader & group are very friendly. I'm really amazed how knowledgeable the leader is,going to learn a lot from her. The last leader I had 5 years ago,was a song & dance number, that the main reason I left WW.

TRUDY-I tried to do it myself after I left,but it didn't work for me,so than I went low carbing for while and to the SB and nothing.I think I need the support from a group,and my biggest problem is portion control. Have to learn that again, as the other diet tell you to eat until your full,theres not control like here. I'm going talk with my doctor to give me a note for the low points & my new goal.Like you I don't need to get down to 125,if I reach 140 me & my doctor will be happy.

Have a nice afternoon

Hugs :) BB

04-10-2008, 09:13 PM
G'day all,

Nice to see a bit of action on the boards:)

I totally agree with BeachBum, if your doctor and yourself are happy with a certain weight that then should become your goal weight.
Sounds like you are doing OK.
I also live a block away from the beach and love being so close to the beach. Very handy to keep cranky grandchildren happy by going for a walk down the beach and collect shells.
However I still loved living in the Adelaide Hills with all the trees, birdlife etc. and do miss it. We moved here because dh grew up in this area and he loves the beach.

Ann what a lovely surprise that Holly sprung on you and Phil:)
I am looking forward to winter but it will be very short lived, July 7 we leave for 8 weeks for the Outback and travel to Cape York, the upper most Eastern tip of Australia (check out your atlas!) It is pretty rugged country and only suitable for 4x4 wheel drive vehicles and the weather is tropical:dizzy:
We are travelling with another couple, camping out bush, should be a good trip but all a bit rushed for me. Alan comes home June 27 and we then have to prepare and pack up for this trip.

Trudy I haven't had much time to miss Alan too much, we talk several time by video phone (skype). The weekends are the time that I do really miss having him around.

Every afternoon I listen on-line to Sydney Radio (Adelaide radio is a bit boring) once a week they have a competition and listeners are invited to have a 'rant'. (venting as you would say) I rang in this week and
had my rant why EVERYTHING IS SO DIFFICULT TO OPEN:mad::mad::mad::mad:
It doesn't matter what packet/jar I try to open, invarariably I have to get scissors, knifes opening gadgets or whatever to open something that should be very easy.
This Christmas to try and open some of the gifts for the grandchildren needed the services of a Rhodes Scholar, ridiculously difficult to try and extract the toy from the packaging.
Anyway I won with my rant:carrot::carrot:and won a CD and a book that is in the mail.:)

What really bothers you guys? Have a RANT, cannot promise any prizes but it would be interesting what bothers you besides the difficulty of loosing weight;):D

Have a great day,


beach bum
04-11-2008, 12:48 PM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Got a good night sleep and just wake up at 7:30than I had to rush to get to Walmart and get some shopping done. I have a senior rehearsal this afternoon,hope it doesn't rain,as it looks like its going to start in a few minutes.

My first WW meal today, for 20 pts.+2 weekly points. They give a lots of meal plans with recipes to boot, in the food companion. They never did that before.I know I can follow this.

my menu 22pts[1100]

b-cereal W fruit,and soy milk[4]

d-Turkey sausage w)peppers & onions,salad/dress[5]

sn-baked apple[2]

supper-RB Sandwich with mozz,w)ww yogurt[6]
des-mini popcorn & choc milk shake[5]

MARIA-The points I can deal with but my weight goal is something I'm going to fight for. Those charts are to low,and not achievable. My next door neighbor was 100 lbs. and her doctor told her that if she doesn't eat and gain she'll die.They gave me a goal range of 107-128. Tourist always tell me how lucky I am living by the beach.

Hugs :) BB

04-11-2008, 02:57 PM
Afternoon Ladies
Well BB sounds like you are revved up and ready to lose, good luck I hope it works for you

Ann You are so right about watching what you are eating when you only have to fix a meal for your self I cooked myself one of our roasting chickens and have made my meals around it

well i better go and check the plants in the greenhouse and see if they need water or turning

Take care Suz :carrot:

Karen L
04-12-2008, 02:05 AM
Hi all B 12 shots are what i have to take. once a week for 4 weeks . Then once a month for 3 months and then go in for a recheck. I was glad that was was the problem and not some of the rest of the things I was told might happen. She did say if this doesnt help that she will recommend a bone marrow biopsy. Not real keen on that.

I am eating better again. And walking in the morning again. Also I will be taking over the water aerobics group for 3 weeks while our regular leader is gone. So I'm thinking between the walking , the regular indoor aerobics and the water aerobics I should lose these pounds that I have gained. Also i will be going back to my Tuesday night WW meeting beginning next Tuesday.

We are replacing the floor in the kitchen. It really needs it the floor is weak in some places so a new sub floor will go in. Then I Have to decide what type of flooring I want tile or what. Any body got any ideas???

My mother manage again to get home to Minnesota to yet another snowstorm. She was not thrilled. Same thing happened last year and she even left later this year than last.

Welcome BB. I Live in Florida year round just like Ann. She is the only one of my 3FC friends that I have met in person. I wish we could get together more often. I can see no reason that you shouldn't go with the point your doctor set up. I've known people who never stay with their points target and still lose weight nicely. You know like if you should be at 21 points 23 will do just as well. I would just make sure those extra points are fruit or dairy and not cookies. but you should do well. You sound very focused and that is a big big part of weight loss.

Have to go to bed now i am finally sleepy! Hello to every one. I'll be back again.

beach bum
04-12-2008, 02:21 PM
Hi Ladies:)

MY DH & I we're watching the MASTERS,and poor Tiger had 2 bad days he broke even for the second day. Hopefully It breaks though today and tomorrow.

I did great the first day being on WW.I wasn't hungry at all,eating 1100 calories.

my menu[22]1100 cal.

b=veggie omelet & soy milk[5]

d-Shrimp stir fry W) brown rice[7]

sn-fruit & yogurt[2]

supper-brown bag hero[recipe][7]

des-microwave popcorn Lemonade[1]


SUZ-I hope WW works for me also,but this time I have a feeling that it will. I love cooking and thats where I get into trouble,with PORTION CONTROL. Theres a cookbook called Cooking For One is Fun [don't remember author]I took it out of the library,and there were all kinds of delicious and easy to make recipes.

KAREN L-Wish I could help you with the flooring,but I in the same boat with my kitchen,trying to decide whether or not to put carpeting on my scratched hardwood floors or go with vinyl. Thanks for the welcome,I live in just the opposite way from you. Love living near the water. The new Food Companion is so different with recipes,and pts for mostly every brand.I think I'm going to like this woe. Theres nothing restricted,and I'm not hungry so I guess I'll keep to the 1100 calories per day,for the kick start and go on my own,and see what happens to my weight.
My doctor said between 1100-1200{22-24pts} that only 2 extra points on my weekly.

Have a great weekend,off to see golf

Hugs :) BB

04-14-2008, 07:37 AM
Morning Ladies
BB I love to cook and have many cook books and a lot of my Moms recipes and even a few of one of my gr moms recipes I have a problem with sampling to much while I cook I am trying to eat smart and exercise 3 times a week and try to walk about 3 miles on the days that I don't go to exercise class I just keep telling myself that I did not put this weight on over night it took a few years to do it and it will take time to get rid of it

Hope every one else is doing good

Take care Suz :carrot:

beach bum
04-14-2008, 10:24 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Have a great weekend eating wise,I guess being afraid to indulge now that I'll be weigh in by someone else.The only set back was Saturday night when I add party mix to my mini bag of micro wave popcorn.Its so salty I had to load up on water to wash the sodium away. I haven't gone on the scale,to see the damage.


b-1c cold cereal,4 berries,1c soy milk[4]
d-turkey chili & salad W) dress[7]
sn-1 orange[1]
sup-Greek salad & WW yogurt[6]
des-2 S/F cookies with cool whip[3]


SUZ-I have so many cookbooks also,and if I buy one more DH will throw me out along with the cookbook.Fortunately I gave a lot that i don't use to the library for their book sale.You're doing good exercising 3 X's a week.I do do a little bit more,but you doing fine. My doctor tells me that I giving my body mixed signals with exercising too much for my age.

Hugs :) BB

04-15-2008, 04:50 PM
Hi everyone:

I have been having a frustrating afternoon, trying to balance the check-book. I finally found a big mistake, but I still don't balance. :eek: I just needed some time to relax. If I don't find the discrepancy soon, I'll have to go to the bank and see if they can find it. I am seeing numbers in front of me right now. :censored:

BB: It sounds like you are very focused on your program and good for you. I remember my Dr. gave me a prescription to give to the WW leader to say what he expected of me. I know I would have never reached the goal they would have set for me. I expect you are doing the Flex points, rather than the Core. You mentioned going to some sort of rehearsal. What are you doing? A couple here where we live are from Truro, Cape cod. Anywhere near you?

Karen: Glad the B12 looks like the answer for you. Phil did that for a while, but then the Dr. decided that the iron infusions were the answer. Get the infusions before you go for the bone marrow test. Now that you have more time, we will have to meet for lunch in Lakeland one of these days.

Suz: Is your DH back home yet or are you still enjoying what I call 'Bachelorette Hall". Sometimes I think that a few days separation makes us appreciate our DH more. As a retired pair, sometimes the 24/7 gets difficult. How are the s;ring plants doing?

Maria: I think it would be great to live close to the beach the way you do. Do you ever feel concern for Typhoons.hurricanes? Your planned trip sounds interesting. You certainly found some difficult terrain on your last 4x4 /camper trip, but also some beautiful photos. I especially liked the birds.

Let's see what is my pet peeve? Right now it is the constant bombardment of the political process. I hate the name calling, the constant media sensationalism, always looking for 'dirt' on any one of the candidates. And the candidates are just as bad, attacking each other. I"d like there to be a better way for elections to take place. From the first primary to the actual election is much too long.

And I do agree with you about the difficulty in opening things. At least our pharmacy has made the pill containers easier to open now, but still child-proof.

I also have another pet peeve which will go on foreve, I guess. I am sorry that we don't seem to be able to buy many products in glass containers anymore. Now everything is some sort of plastic. And that makes for a lot of littering. Plastic causes so many problems environmentally, especially in the lakes and rivers. Birds and fish get trapped in the throw-away stuff.

Do these qualify as rant?

It is quite cool today. The usual temperature here in April is in the 80's. We are not getting above 65 today. No swimming for me.

Yesterday, with help, I got all the flowers set out in my front garden. There is a man here in the park, that just loves to garden, and he said he would help me whenever I wanted him. It was good to just supervise, and not have a sore back afterwards.

My last project is being chairperson of our Fifties night this Sat. We have a good committee and so it should all go well. I hope so, as the two gals that I had counted on helping me, experienced, have to be away. But we'll make it I'm sure.

Guess I've run down now. I have to get back to the numbers. :tired:


beach bum
04-15-2008, 05:16 PM
Hi Ann:)

Where is every one??????

We have the same problem balancing check books. I'm sure you find the mistake. I'm trying to focus on my new way of eating,hope it works for me this time around.Yes I'm on the Flex plan,might switch later on if the flex don't bring my numbers down. My doctor is on vacation this week so I'll have to wait to get WW the letter.

I don't live anywhere near Truro,I'm on the other end of the Cape,near the Borne area. My rehearsals are on Wed for choir practice and than on Fri for my senior singers group. The latter group sings for nursing homes & hospitals.

Have a great day,.

Hugs :) BB

04-15-2008, 05:42 PM
G'day all,

Ann I totally agree with your rant:D It would definitly qualify.
We only get a little bit of your political shannegans and I have to say that is more then enough.
Bit of geography, we live really in a bay so we never have cyclones or similar.
I have attached a little map, I live right underneath where the red star is.
Cyclones happen more in the tropical part, Northern Queensland, Northern Territory and Northern Western Australia.
Our next trip should be an interesting one with many rivers and creek crossings before we get up to the top.

BB and Suz you are both doing a great job, I like reading your menu BB all sounds a recipe for success.

Beautiful autumn day here today.


beach bum
04-16-2008, 10:36 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Well were back to winter,we had frost on the ground this morning. They said something about a cold front coming in ,so I guess thats what happened.


b-wt control hot cereal,walnuts & soy milk[5]

d-Lemon-Butter fish,steamed veggies,br rice,salad/dress. & apple[7]


sup=turkey mini bagelwich,banana[6]

des-Hummus on Wasa[2]


MARIE-Thank you for like my menu,I hope your right about my menu as I get Weighed In tomorrow and I'm, a little nervous for my first W-I.

Have to go,get my laundry done as I have choir practice this afternoon.

Hugs:) BB

04-16-2008, 08:42 PM
G'day all,

Took the grandkids to the museum yesterday, Matilda just loved it but was a little overawed by it all. Poppy loved all the stairs, didn't care too much for the exhibits!
My son is on holidays, it was nice to have a day with him and the kids.
Came home and printed some of the photos so Matilda could show her Mum, who was at work.
A great day had by all.

BB I will be interested to find out how much you lost, good luck!
You and Ann should get together, both being 'songbirds':)

Another lovely sunny day, I will have to do a bit of cutting back in the garden this afternoon.

Happy birthday to Glenda, hope you had a great day.


Karen L
04-16-2008, 11:42 PM
Well I went back to my WW meeting last night. The last time I was there was March 4th. And had to pay my $12.00 because I was over my goal by 2.4 pounds. I should not have to pay next week because surly I can get off .4 by then. It is OK to be 2 pounds over but no more. Any way I feel better about the whole thing now. I know I need to be at a meeting every week . It keeps me focused and on track and not feeling fat!

BB I hope you did well tomorrow at your weigh in. Always scary the first one is.

Ann I hope you found the goof up in the check book. I hate when that happens. We have started to both sit down together so that one will catch the other mistake right then and there. Then we mostly deal in cash anyway that way less screw ups.

We got our floor done and it does look beautiful. We went with vinyl tile. It's called Stone Pearl. We also took out the breakfast bar that separated the dining area from the kitchen. So now 2 people can be in there at once. We have officially joined the ranks of Do-It-Yourselves. It was very nerve racking in the beginning because DH an I don't work well together on things lime that. But just to make sure we behaved ourselves I opened the windows so we at least couldnot scream at each other. Worked out well ! No major blow up! First time in 43 years.

Pet Peeves: Is trying to find the beginning of a new roll of Glad cling wrap.
trying to open a new CD ,Trying to open any thing that comes
in plastic, Searching for something in a store only to find the
last on on the top shelf where I can't reach it.
My list is very long. Another one that really get to me is some one who will not let you get a word in edge wise during what is supposed to be a conversation.

It was warmer here today. But still to cold for the pool. I went down there just in case some one showed up for water aerobics. I was dress in jeans tennis shoes and a sweatshirt. No one showed. The sun was nice at 10:00am but the temp. was 58. No way I'm going in the water. We'll try again on Friday It is supposed to warm up.

Went in for my shot this morning. I wonder how long it will take before I begin to get some of my former energy back?

Today was my youngest sons birthday. 35 I told him he was older today than when I had him. The middle son has a birthday next week he will be 38. Time sure has a way of getting away from you don't you think.

I guess I'd better go to bed. Got stuff to do tomorrow.

See you all later.


04-17-2008, 08:26 AM
Morning Ladies
My DH came home yesterday I was at the local restaurant with the ladies from my exercize class (having tea ) when he walked in He left shortly after
4am and was in the restaurant at 11.15 so he made good time it is great to have him back even if I was getting used to sleeping right in the middle of the bed lol
We are going to have to start some of our plants again not everything came up thats Ok as we still have at least 6 weeks before we can put in our plants they will just be a bit smaller We will be able to plant some of our seeds before then

BB Good luck with your weigh in
Take care Ladies Suz :carrot:

beach bum
04-17-2008, 05:33 PM
Went to WW and I lost:carrot: 1.6 :carrot:than went walking along the beach with my dh. Spent must of my time trying to straighten out my WW account.Getting tired typing.

Have agreat evening

Hugs :) BB

04-17-2008, 06:09 PM
Hello? I'm a newbie, 68 years old, female, and not so feisty nor sexy, but enjoying life just the same. My husband and I are both retired, collecting our social security and employment pensions. We have a modest home in the country and have been spending the past year building retaining walls and planting flowers, vegetables, and ground cover to help keep our yard from vanishing into the creek behind our house. I've enjoyed reading y'alls posts and wanted to just say hello and introduce myself, so here I am. Hope your day is blessed, each of you. Fran *SMILES*

04-17-2008, 06:10 PM
You have got to be kidding me! I just posted a very long message and it would not let me do it and I lost it all. As you can guess, this will be the amended version.

I had a lovely birthday, taken out to eat by my boss and then my hubby. Today can't breathe, clothes are too tight. But it was wonderful. Got sweet cards and voice mail message from my Makenzie that I saved. Such a sweet little voice telling me she loved me. Austin called and very matter of factly asked how old I am and would not be deterred.

Rants: The words "Soulmate" and "Dreamhouse". First of all, I don't think "soulmate" exists, but most of us are all imperfect and "dreamhouse". Everybody would like a luxurious, wonderful house, but a dreamhouse to me is one that you need and can afford. Then there are looooooong weddings and receptions. Get married, have a reception line, cake and punch and let that be enough. Then there are brand names! Please! An Abercrombie and Fitch shirt that looks like a rag and costs $50?????

Gloria, have a great day today!

Karen, Suze, BB, Anne, I talked to you each in the lost message. Too tired to do it all again.
Love ya lots, Glenda

04-17-2008, 11:43 PM
G'day all,

What a great effort BB:carrot::carrot:you ought to be very happy with that loss.

Welcome Fran, nice to have another new face on the boards. My dh and myself are sort of retired:dizzy: My dh keeps saying he is retired and then gets offered a contract that he cannot refuse:dizzy: He is a consultant in the telecommunication/mobile networks industry. He is in Malaysia at the moment till the end of June.
You can see on my website (in my signature) what I do to keep myself busy!

Glenda sounds like you had an enjoyable birthday. I agree with everyones rants. This soulmate business is a bit over the top, I would hate to be with someone who thought and acted the same as I do, bad enough to have one in the family:D:D;) and Karen you are so right with finding the start of Gladwrap and don't start me on trying to open a new CD:mad::mad:

Karen good luck getting .4 of a pound off....ah I wish.....:dunno:Your kitchen floor sounds lovely.

Suz so you will have to go back to your own side of the bed;)

We have another beautiful sunny day but no rain:(

Spoke to dh on-line this morning, I am sick of being on my own now and look forward to visiting dh in Malaysia.
Another 3 weeks and I am off for 10 days and then another 6 weeks befoe he is home again.

Hope everyone else is well and happy,


04-17-2008, 11:49 PM
First of all, Happy Birthday to Glenda:celebrate: I am sure you had a great day. I love those phone calls from the little ones with their sweet voices.
A welcome to Fran :welcome2: It is so nice to have another person on the board. Truth be told Fran, none of us are too Feisty or Sexy..:dizzy: but we do try.
I am having allergy problems. I think I am allergic to spring. This came with advancing years, never had a single problem when I was younger. I am taking Reactine, but so far don't feel any different. It is so dusty, the street cleaners are out and the dust seems to be everywhere. We need rain badly.
We had the grandkids for a sleepover on Sat. night. They were here for 12 hours straight. Lots of fun, I made them all kinds of little treats, a trip to the playground and bicycling were included. They are still talking about it. We were exhausted when they left on Sunday.
Karen Glad you are feeling better. You sure can lose weight fast. How do you do it? It is so nice to upgrade the house every now and then, makes you feel so good.
BB you are on a losing streak too. Way to go on the loss.
Suz are you anywhere near all the flooding in Ontario? Can't wait to plant all my flowers, won't be long now.
Maria I'll bet it was fun seeing the Museum through Matilda's eyes. I am sure she noticed things you never saw. Nice you could spend time with your son too.

I spent some time today deleting and cleaning up this computer. I don't spend a lot of time on it now, it runs so slowly. I thought maybe a clean up would help.

Hi Slavika, Peggy, Ann and Gloria.. talk to you all soon..bye bye.

Maria Looks like we were posting at the same time, great minds and all that..:lol:

04-18-2008, 01:32 AM
very much so Trudy with the great minds etc.....;);)

Nice to 'see' you, I bet you were exhausted after the visit with the grandkids but they are a lot of fun.

It is early friday afternoon here and whilst you are all in bed I will start a new thread...

See ya there...


beach bum
04-18-2008, 12:53 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Had to rush this post as my DH has an appointment with the radiologist this morning,to check him out and see what caused the coughing.

Came back from the radiologist/oculogy[sp] doctor and its scar tissue that caused radiation pneumonia.She had him on predisone[sp] & antibiotic and now that coughing is gone. She brought back 20 years to DH & My Life hearing the cancer hasn't come back.

We want to BJ's after that to buy our bulk products like paper towels tissues etc. I was disappointed to find out that they're not going to stock my favorite raisin bread form Oregon Trail,at the CC warehouse anymore,so I have to stock up when I go down to my DD house.Bought lots of WW goodies,since it will be easier to see the points on the package than to use my tracker.

Have to stay dinner,and get ready to go the the seniors singers rehearsal. Can't believe is 68 % and I still in long sleeves.

Have a nice day, will be back later this afternoon.


04-19-2008, 02:35 PM
I'm new to this forum. I started a blog on the website - Kathy's Diet Journal - and thought I would check out the forums. I am struggling to reach a weight loss of 25 lbs. and then my 10 percent goal of 26 lbs. But the journal has really helped me stay on track.