Weight Loss Support - OMG my first official binge moment since I started losing weight :(

04-02-2008, 05:08 PM
So yeah I messed up yesterday and it kind of trickled into today. I have been doing great (not to be boastful) I joined a gym and I have gone everyday except for Saturday because I had a baby shower to go to. After the gym I am always starving but yesterday the hunger never hit, because of the huge lunch that I had. Well it was high in calories not huge (as in totally filling), I had some awesome mac and cheese though (a weakness for me, any recipes for a lower mac and cheese would be greatly appreciated). I figured it was okay because I was going to go the gym later...wrong answer. When I got to the gym it was packed! I did maybe 30 minutes of light weight training and then I walked the mile to get home, like i do everyday after the gym.

Well, unfortunately I started to get a little hungry around 9ish, I don't usually eat after 8 but i knew that if I went to sleep hungry the morning would be a mess and I was going to definately over eat and probably have crazy hunger pangs, so I made my self a bowl of raisin bran, then another bowl of raisin bran (I was still oddly enough hungry, it had to be in my head) then I had a bowl grape-nut cereal, for a grand total of over 700 calories....whoopee.

After the grape-nuts i was just starting to feel full....I have issues....I woke up not hungry though :(

Of all things to binge on I am happy it was cereal and low fat milk but still...it made me feel nasty when I thought about what I ate, so what did I do today...ate more junk. They have these little garlic and olive pastries at my job today and I ate some (greasy little buggers that they are). I feel terrible about my decisions but I have been kinda off track for a while.

Sorry I needed to vent and I need to get back on track. I have been stuck in the 230's now for waht feels like forever, and I refuse to put any weight back on. I will be going to gym again today but I need to get my self-control and will power back.

04-02-2008, 05:13 PM
:hug: You're back on track right this moment. Deep breath. Step away from the pastries. You deserve better.

04-02-2008, 05:34 PM
just get back on track and you will be fine! we all mess up sometimes! good luck!

04-02-2008, 05:37 PM
Yup! sounds like you're on the right track acknowledging the setback and not indulging the desire! congrats!!

Hat Trick
04-02-2008, 05:44 PM
Ya know what? There isn't one, single person on here who hasn't been there, done that . . . and probably will again and again!! :)

Get yourself right back on that horse. You can do it and you will do it. :yes: :yes: :yes: Sometimes that horse is just a little pony and sometimes it's a great big clydesdale -- but either way, climb aboard and put it behind you.

04-02-2008, 07:05 PM
You have fallen victim to being human. Get up, dust yourself off, and keep going :)

There will be days like this. Just don't let those days be everyday. In any diet there should be room for some error and some forgiveness. We are imperfect people, but everything will be fine

04-02-2008, 07:12 PM
I logged on to this site just now b/c my mother just left my house, having brought two fried chickens, ginger snaps, chocolate, more chocolate and peanut butter crackers. Oh, and fried rice!!
I need the strength to not eat it all. Seeing your remorse on the screen reminds me of how I will feel if I go down that path. (Oh, did I mention my mother is always on me to lose weight?)
hold tight dear tavinni
hold tight

self, hold tight

04-02-2008, 09:37 PM
Yep, yep, binged there, done that. :lol:

I think it happens to everyone at some point. At least it WAS cereal. Getting back on track is important. Finding out why it happened so it doesn't happen again can be huge!!!

04-02-2008, 09:59 PM
S.......tuff happens. Tomorrow will be another day.
Hey, at least all that bran will produce a lot of poop, so it was not a total waste.:D