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02-28-2002, 09:39 AM
Thru Thick & Thin is a group that was formed to give and receive support on our journey to take off the excess pounds and to keep them off. No matter who you are or where you are from, you're welcome here with us. We'll stand with you while you're losing and stand by you if you're not. We all have ups and downs and we need support in both.

Hi to all~~Since no one has been in since I was I will wish you all a good day. Not on top of the world this morning. I went a head and started a new thread since we was up to 29 posts. Need to get my hands busy.

03-01-2002, 07:04 AM
Hi Ladies,
I've got to go and finish the laundry---MIL will be here this afternoon by the time I get home from work; so I probably won't be back til Monday. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still here, and wish all a wonderful weekend! Mine is somewhat topsy-turvy; I usually have all my lists and plans going, and it takes me a while to get over having to reschedule! But I'm sure we'll enjoy the visit. Love you all, and talk to you Monday. Jen, I'm going to check out the Self challenge, but I may have to start on Tuesday!

03-01-2002, 08:36 PM
Hellooooooo!!!!! Its Friday!!!!!!!

I'm so glad this work week is over. I am pretty much caught up on my work so the past couple of days I've been getting things ready again for hearings. I seem to only be able to manage them every several months because there is so much work to them.

There is snow headed this way. They were saying 6-10 inches and now they are saying 3-5 inches. Usually we are right on the line and I have a feeling we will get more rain or sleet than snow. Time will tell. I know its supposed to be really bad up north.

Marlana, thanks for starting a new thread. I just noticed I haven't been here for about 3 days. Hmmmm, where has the time gone?!!!! Last night I was in a reading mood and the night before we werent home. So far dh really likes his job. He comes home filthy but considering he is working under truck trailers, its no wonder. We went to Goodwill and found some jeans for him to wear till he can start getting uniforms. I hope your mood has lifted some for you. I've been a little moody myself lately, mostly because I'm feeling out of control.

Jen, has your friend found anything out about her son yet? Thats scarey. I hope everything is ok with him and her dad. Wow, when it rains, it pours. Its alot for one person to handle. Hopefully she has alot of support, and it sounds like she has it with you. Yes, last weekend was really nice. Better weather will soon be upon us tho as spring is not all that far off.

Tobey, if only it was as simple to lose weight as the cartoon you attached to your post. :shrug: Oh, don't mention the dentist. Its been over a year since my last cleaning. Part of it is forgetting about it and the other part is I've not been happy with the last dentists I tried out. But I'll find one I like. I want one that doesnt charge way over what the insurance pays and then I found one but then he thought I was going to just let him do $5000 worth of work on me (thats over what the insurance would pay). I asked him how he thought I'd pay for it and he said "well you want to keep your teeth dont you?" One other dentist I had said my teeth were in pretty good shape for all the work I've had on them.

Sally, I hope all goes well with your MIL. Do you get along with her pretty good? I get along with mine but she can get on my nerves pretty easy. She fusses too much and it drives us all nuts.

Skeeter, I hope you and dh are doing ok. I miss seeing you in here.

Well, I'm going to get going so we can go get something to eat. Take care everyone. :wave:

03-01-2002, 09:16 PM
Hey Everyone. :wave:

I wanted to let y'all know that I am still alive and kicking. We are feeling a lot better and trying to play catch up now. I haven't had a free minute the last few days with cleaning the house, catching up with the laundry and bathing the dogs. We also had Direct TV installed yesterday. I haven't even had time to watch anything except Survivor last night. Today was an all day errand and grocery shopping day. We also filed our income tax return while we were in town.

We have had some very cold weather the last two nights. It was 21 on Thursday and 27 this morning. We covered some of the stuff up but we don't know yet if it helped. There was so much tender new buds and blooms that is very hard to protect. Covering prevents frost damage but it is really hard to fight those low temperatures.

It appears that most everyone is really busy right now. Y'all have a good weekend.

03-01-2002, 11:22 PM
Hello gals. Wonder where everyone is? I know. On the way to my house to help me shovel some snow. We are predicted to get 10-14 inches in the next 24 hrs. Wonder if I'll make it in to work tomorrow? I'm not risking anything for that place that's for sure. I've finally gotten my paper written for Wed, and wouldn't you know, they extended the deadline 1 week. But I'm done. I'm not sure how well it is, but it's the right number of pages. Oh well.

Some good news with my friends son. He doesn't have anything "wrong". Its a congenital thing, his liver is twisted, pushes his spleen down so it isn't protected by his ribs. So when he was in wrestling, it got banged around and swelled up. He just can't play contact sports. Her dad is another story. I spent the whole afternoon with her at the hospital. The tried to take him off the vent and he went wild. He hates hospitals, doctors etc. Obviously this problem had been going on for a long time, and just about killed him. He went back on the vent today, planning on about a week this time.

Jojo- Here comes that darn snow you wanted! I hope you are happy!

Skeeter- glad to hear that you're feeling better, but catching up is such a pain. I hope your plants survived the cold.

Sally- Have fun (???) with your MIL this weekend.
I suppose that's about it. Hope everyone is driving safely over to my house with a sturdy shovel! Then we'll run up to Jojo's house!


03-02-2002, 05:36 PM
Hello Ladies~~I hope your weather where ever you are is better than ours. We have a snow on the ground and there is ice under the snow. Thank goodness it fell today and hubby doesn't have to get out on the roads to work. I had Brett all day yesterday, he kept me busy. I guess I want him to be like Grand Ma, I thought him how to drive nails. He loved it. He couldn't quite get the hang of the handsaw though, he's a bit small for that. He put some nails in a board and give it to me for a present, so I guess now I'll have a board setting around in the way for a long time. They never forget when they make you something, and always expect it to be there the next time they come over. It may be cold, but hubby just went to the sunporch to walk on the treadmill. He never misses a day. It's in the teens out there. Maybe that has something to do with my depression, he can keep a commitment to himself and I can't keep one to myself.

Sally~~I bet your house was spotless of mil, don't you wish you would do that for yourself??? Hope you had a very pleasent visit.

Jo Jo~~My mood has lifted somewhat, but still pretty bad. Can't seem to pull myself out of it. If I could get on a good diet and stay there, I'm sure that would do me more good than anything else. I'm sick of myself. I am out of control, and depression sure don't help at all. What's it going to take for us to get down to business and stay there, like my hubby is doing.

Skeeter~~Good to see you here.:) I hope your enjoying the direct tv, that is what we have. Did you get the plain ol package or did you get a bunch of channels? I watched Survivor, and they have got some more loo loos this time too. The one they voted out, was a nut of some kind. I don't like the girl that thanks she is so good looking or the black guy either. That's about as for as I've got to sorting out who I like and don't like.

Jen~~Your so right, I was on my way to your house to help with the snow and I didn't get down the road 5 miles until I run into snow here so had to turn around and go back home.:D Good to hear your friends son is ok. Don't risk your life going to work, they won't thank any more of you.

Tobey missed you in here today, what's got you so busy, are you out running since we down south have the snow that is rightly yours? Hope you all are having a really good week end.
Jo Jo...They've got crafts on TV and I want to learn how to do that one step painting that Donna somebody is doing, it is so pretty. I would like to do all kinds of things, there isn't enough time........................Hubby just come in from walking and he is sweating. He walks so fast.

03-02-2002, 05:54 PM
I got this in email a few min. ago, I like it.

If you're a bear, you get to hibernate. You do nothing but sleep for six
I could deal with that.

Before you hibernate, you're supposed to eat yourself stupid.
I could deal with that, too.

If you're a mama bear, everyone knows you mean business. You swat anyone
who bothers your cubs. If your cubs get out of line, you swat them too.
I could deal with that.

If you're a bear, your mate EXPECTS you to wake up growling.
He EXPECTS that you will have hairy legs and excess body fat.
I could deal with that.

When you awake from hibernation, you have lost 60 pounds.
I could deal with that.

I wanna be a bear.

03-02-2002, 10:43 PM
Hope everyone is having a good week end. So far so good here. Fat boy ( as I loving call him) are both staying op. I did weigh at the end of the week and have lost 2 pounds. I don't have a full week in though. I just started back op officially on Monday when I started writing everything down. I went out to eat last night with the ladies from work. One lady was quiting after 27 years. (I could not imanage working there for 27 years. But we took here out to eat. Of course I knew there was some reason I have been baking points all week. I sure used them. But I counted every single hushpuppy I put in my mouth. And I still have a few points I can use if need be.:D
Marlana- I want to be a bear. It would be just great. I could go into hibernation and be almost to goal. That would be so great. We are waiting here to see what the weather is going to do. Ofcourse we never listen to the weather people. Tuesday night we were just suspose to have a hard freeze, no precip. get up the next morning and it had snowed. Of course I did not get anything at my house but just down the road there was an inch and a half.
jen glad to hear aobut your friends son. at least they know what they are dealing with.
Well gotta go and get some work done for my softball meeting tomorrow. Talk to you all later

03-02-2002, 11:22 PM
Hey Everyone. :wave:

Hope y'all are doing okay. My youngest grandson was taken to the hospital this evening by ambulance. He is being tested for spinal meningitis. Please add him to your prayers. We just celebrated his first birthday in Orlando two weeks ago. He is such a sweet happy little boy. :angel:

Marlana~Geesh, it's no wonder we are sick and can't get over it. Thursday was 21 degrees and we ran the heat all day long. Today has been hot and muggy with all the windows open and it is almost 10:00 at night. I was thinking about turning the a/c on but it is supposed to be freezing again on Tuesday. I shouldn't complain because in a couple of weeks, it will be hot and stay that way for months. We got the total choice with local programming. They gave us HBO and Cinemax free for 3 months. I was surprised to find 7 different channels of HBO though. It takes entirely too much time checking the guide to see what is on. I told them that I didn't want the movie channels but they argued with me because it is free. I guarantee it will be cancelled within 3 months if not sooner. :jig: No reason for this little monkey, I just wanted to try it. I loved the bear thing and sent it to everyone in my address book. :lol:

Jen~That's good news that your friends son is going to be okay. Hopefully the husband will too. Aren't you glad that you already have your paper ready? A few of my plants came through the cold just fine but some look very sick. None of them look dead though. Okay, we have our shovels packed but they are regular shovels as there is no such thing as a snow shovel in Florida. We are leaving soon but first I wanted to check my email, then there is that stack of mail on the table, and that load of towels in the washer, and the trash that needs to be taken to the dump, and..........well you know how it is. :shrug:

JoJo~Hubby and I are doing so much better and are up and around but not moving around real fast yet or we start coughing. Hubby was supposed to have a breathing test yesterday for asthma but that was cancelled. The machine broke and it will be a few days to get a new one and get it ready. I think some of us are feeling down because we aren't losing any weight and can't seem to get control of our eating. I feel like this new little piggy. :ink: Did you have to mentions dentist? I keep forgetting to search the directory for a new dentist. I was due for my 6 month cleaning in December. I miss the dental tech that I had in Orlando so bad. I hate the process of trying new ones and not liking them and trying another. I think that the tech is more important than the dentist because I see her more often for the cleanings.

Teresa~I missed you when I first posted this so came back in through edit. WTG with the weight loss. That is fabulous. I told hubby today that we need to get back on the wagon if we want to to on vacation in a smaller form. I sure don't want to go see family and friends in this size.

Gonna go read a while before I fall asleep. Have a great Sunday everyone. Hope your visit with your company goes well, Sally.

03-03-2002, 01:10 PM
Well, they say we got 10 inches of the white crap. I don't think I got that much here though. I got eveything shoveled nicely yesterday, and then the winds started. Now today I have to shovel everything again. Except today it is much colder. But, by Wednesday it's back in the 40's, and warmer for the weekend. At least the snow won't last long. I did make it in to work yesterday. That darn city was on the ball and got my alley plowed. I'm just gonna have to move to the country! :devil: Then I'll get a couple extra days off every year! Maybe someday!

Skeeter- I hope your grandson is going to be ok. Maybe I'll have to run a snow shovel down to you so you can come on up and help! Sounds good to me! The stores are starting to advertise picnic tables, land scaping stuff, fertilizers. It's just killing me. I can't wait to get out there and clean it up.

Teresa- Congrats on the 2lb loss. I stayed about the same, but who's complaining. I lost 4 last week. I can't imagine 27 yrs in one place either. Last month one of our nurses retired, 41 yrs at that hospital. UGH!

Marlana- I want to be a bear. Sounds wonderful. Can you imagine, waking up 60 lbs lighter! You know Mama, regular exercise can help to lift depression. The hardest part is getting started. Hop on the treadmill and say, I'll give it 2 minutes, and see what happens. You can spare 2 minutes, and then you'll keep going.

I hope everyone else is in route with a shovel! Tomorrow is the official start day of the Self Challenge. www.self.com if you're interested in joining me.


03-03-2002, 01:14 PM
Good morning everyone.

I woke up with a headache this morning and I'm just having a heck of a time trying to make myself get moving. I have to go get some groceries and stop at the drug store tho but wanted to come in here first and say hi to ya'all. I spend my Sunday afternoon watching the Animal Planet channel. If anyone is an animal lover and you can get that cable channel, well, I just love it. I hardly ever have the shopping channels on now. I just check them every once in awhile to see what they are selling. :lol:

Yesterday it was pouring down rain and then all of a sudden it started snowing, huge flakes that stuck to everything and visibility was not very good. I thought we were going to get alot of snow but it looks like we've got about 2 inches on the ground. Dh just took the broom to the back porch so we are in pretty good shape here.

Skeeter, gosh it doesn't seem like your newest grandson is a year already. I hope he is fine and its not menningitis. There are alot of virus's going around lately. I hope your dh's test goes ok, once they get their new machine. Thats usually my luck when it comes to Dr's appointments to.

Jen, I was all set to head up your way with my snow shovel but I heard the roads were just to bad to be out on them. I'm really surprised we didn't get more snow than we did, in fact, I'm a little dissappointed but Springfield always seems to be on the tailend of the weather fronts that come thru. I hope you are all dug out now.

Teresa, way to go with losing 2 lbs. Thats great. I've got to do something to get myself going again cause dh wants to lose some weight to. He keeps talking about his jeans that have "shrunk". I just roll my eyes at that. Talk about denial. Oh well, he's never really had much of a weight problem before so I'll let him believe his clothes are just shrinking.

Marlana, awww, I love the bear poem. I wish I was a bear to. I'd love to hibernate and wake up lighter. We had ice under the snow to. It was a really wet and heavy snow that came down. All the little kiddies are out trying to make snowmen. I'm sick of myself to plus things going on at work that make me a little nervous. Oh well, I'll just do my job and not worry about everything else.

Well, I think I got everyone that posted so I need to get off here and get my butt to the store. Take care.

03-03-2002, 04:20 PM
Good Afternoon~~I've got myself back on track. I don't want anyone to thank it was anything I done to get myself back up, it has to have been a higher power. Today I'm grateful for feeling better. Boy!!!! Was it ever cold last night, I don't care for dogs, but I could have used a couple last night. It was 0 at 7:30 this morning. Has warmed up some today, the roads are melting off anyway. I have to go to the doctor tomorrow, so I sure hope so.

Teresa~~I know that you must have said at some point in time, but I've forgot. How much weight do you need to lose. For some reason I thought you just liked about 10 pounds. Congrats on the 2 pounds lost last week. How much did your hubby lose?

Skeeter~~I got you beat on weather, 0 last night. That will slow the sandbass down from going up the river. We didn't get anything free for 3 months or 3 days. How much did it cost you to get it put in and everything. It cost us 27.00 all together. They have been advertising a hook up with 2 receivers for nothing for a couple of weeks now. I tell what they do, They will send you mail, you can get right on you TV. I don't ever read it, they are trying to sell you shows. We don't have any HBOs.

Jen~~Girlfriend, white

crap is an under statement. Thanks for the information on exercise and depression. The problem is when your depressed you don't have too much control over what you do. I'm better, much better today. I do have a question for you Nurse Jen. At 2:45 this morning I had a night mare, I mean a really bad one, I wasn't in trouble someone else was, gross stuff. I woke up and went to the bathroom and took my blood pressure and it was 189/102. Do you thank it could be dreams that causes my B. pressure to go up at night? I don't always remember dreams. May be stupid, but I'm asking my doctor tomorrow. You know what if we was bears, we would have a really nice warm fur coat too, and no one would picket us.:D

Jo Jo~~I've stopped watching the shopping channels too. Just the same ol crap all the time. I did see something the other day that is it really worked I'd sure like to have it. The steam buggy, ever seen it? I'll get to Walmart and be much cheaper someday. I don't have to go out in the snow anymore, hubby gets in the wood and feeds the cows, used to be my job. How ever when he goes to feed he comes back to the sunporch and walks on the treadmill, and so help me he slings mud like 2 male dogs after a ***** dog in a muddy field. I'm the cleaner upper.:mad:

Hoping everyone is having a great week end. I've got to go over to the Canon web page and download another driver for the Canon Scanner I bought. Don't buy one, I've had nothing but problems with mine. grrrrrrrrrr

03-03-2002, 06:11 PM
Hey Everyone. :wave:

We are finally getting some rain out of those storms that have been missing us for days. It started raining about 1:30 today and has been such a nice change. This means that we will go 4 wheeling tomorrow too. Ours friends have already called to verify. Hubby's :hb: is tomorrow and I just finished baking the cake. I have this great cake baking pan with a lid. We are taking the cake with us tomorrow so we can get rid of most of it. We always take a big cooler with us and the pan will fit in the bottom just fine. There will be 6 of us and it should be a great ride. We'll have to bundle up because there is more cold air on the way. I am fine as long as I keep my ears warm.

Marlana~We got the satellite installed for free and it is a multiple dish. I did have to pay shipping and handling on it which was $24.95. Free HBO and Cinemax for 3 months was part of the deal as long as I agree to 12 months of Total Choice or above. I already have a dish that we don't need now and receiver that was given to us. Direct TV sent me a new card for that receiver for $20 and it will be $4.99 per month after we activate it. The cable company hasn't made it out to turn the cable off yet so we haven't been in a hurry to hook up that second receiver. We didn't want the movie channels but they insisted because they are free. That is just too many channels as far as I am concerned. :shrug:

Jen~I talked with my son after church today and the baby is fine. The have determined that the problem was a seizure caused by his sudden fever. He is going home this evening after another blood test. At least they are being very thorough with those tests so that nobody will worry about that baby after he is released. I had to turn the air conditioner on today. It was so muggy and we couldn't have all the windows open with the rain. It will be turned off as soon as the rain quits because it is supposed to be in the 40's tonight and possible frost tomorrow night. Typical winter weather here. :lol:

JoJo~I love Animal Planet too. I usually leave on there all day long as I am cleaning the house. I also like ER which is rerun on TNT every weekday with 2 shows starting at 9 in the morning. I can't get anything done if I start watching that though. :( Hubby is having his breathing test at 4 in the afternoon on Wednesday. We will end up getting home really late that evening. He still has that cough that nothing seems to help. He has some prescription cough medicine but it doesn't faze it. He just wants to find a solution for that.

I think that I will go sit on the front porch and read to the sounds of the rain. That is so relaxing. I fell asleep the last time that I did that. Y'all have a good evening.

03-04-2002, 10:29 AM
Good Morning~~I'm a bit confused this morning. I found an attachment that I wanted to try and see if it was too big and they don't seem to have the thread where you can try them out. So I thought...well I'll just try it here and I had no option of attaching anything. What's going on??? Maybe it finally happened, I've lost it all together. I didn't have to remove any paper clips but I darn sure don't get to add any either. If your reading this and you don't know about the paper clips, I bet your confused.

Skeeter~~Looks like your the only one I've got to write to this A M. I bet your already gone off on the 4 wheelers this morning. Hope your having a great time. We didn't get a second receiver, I don't watch a lot of TV at night while hubby is here. All my fish was doing great this morning. Lord knows that could change by the end of the day. There is no better sleeping than when it is raining. I would like to have one of those tapes with the sound of rain on it. I also like running water.

If you see an attachment here you will know I had the option, if not I didn't. Have a great Monday and a great week. The option if attachments is gone!!!!

03-04-2002, 12:51 PM
Good morning. I ended up getting called off of work last night. That's fairly usual. Not enough nurses all week, then bam, too many! Oh well. It was too cold for me to go outside anyway. I cleaned the house and vegged out in front of the TV. That sure was nice. Today I need to go get a new ink cartridge for my printer and stop at the laundromat and wash my comforter. It's full of cat hair (wonder why?!) :shrug:

Today is the first day of the self challenge, so I should check into the site and make sure I know what my "assignments" are for the week. It's nice letting someone else be in charge of things. I'll just do what they say. I'm not so sure about weigh-ins though. I'm nearing the end of my monthly cycle so I don't expect to see any great losses. I usuallly hold 5 lbs or more of water. I guess if I stay even, that's an accomplishment. But I still feel like a bloated whale. I can tell it's starting, and I may have 2 more weeks yet. UGH.

Mama- Don't worry. This bumpy road you seem to be on will straighten itself out soon. I notice I get that way every winter. I can tell it's letting up though. Spring is just around the corner. It's supposed to be in the 50's and thnunderstorms by the end of the week. Last night we might have broke a record low of -5. YIKES! Wonder if I'll get sick with this round.

Skeeter- We are going to get the rain later this week. I just love thunderstorms. I had forgotten all about them 'til I read your post. I'm glad your grandson is ok. Do they know why he got the sudden fever though? Was it that high? 4-wheeling sounds like fun. Wish your hubby a happy birthday for us. :hb:

Jojo- I got my groceries yesterday too. I think I did alright. I actually like it. It's like a game, how much food can I get for the least amt of calories? I love animal planet, and the discovery channel.

Marlana- almost forgot, yes dreams can affect your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate. If you have sleep apnea that can raise your BP also.

I guess that's about it for today. Hope everyone else is behaving today!

Jen :cool:

03-04-2002, 07:31 PM
Hey all, I have been having a time with the computer. New computer and only had it less than a month and already problem. I bought the extended warranty with it paid $250 for it. I bought it at the same place I bought the last one and the sales guy assured me that they had a new company to do the tech support. Well I call the tech # and since it has been less that 30 days they gave me another number who handle in the first 30 days. Well, I call them and get a wrong number. I call the store back and get the run around and I finially tell the guy I want to talk to the manager. She gives me the right number. I call it and get some people who you can't understand. Since it is suspose to be a hardware problem she give me the HP #. I call them and they are as sweet as possible and they get me back up and running. It was something with the modem. It would not dial up. So anyway. I had to go to the doctor this afternoon. Thought I was having a heart attack. My chest was hurting so bad. The doctor said I have inflamation around my breast bone. But he was really pleased that I had lost almost 10 pounds since I saw him about 4 months ago. My triglerides are down a little. But still way too high.
Marlana- no if you add another 0 to the 10 maybe you would be close to what I have to lose. Really about 75 pounds. Right now I just want to get below 200. That is 21 pounds to go.
Well gotta run and cook some supper. Don't know what it is going to be yet. Talk to you all later

03-05-2002, 09:56 AM
Good Morning~~ I've been on this puter for over an hour and I've got very little done. I've got to contact all the places where I get subscriptions from everyday and change my email address. I'm getting way too much spam and some of it not so nice. I just had a thought, I'm turning in a new address and most likely I will get spam started to the web address I'm going to use. Cant' win I bet. Someone has sold my address and would do it again. CRAP...I sure don't know who done. My doctor told me he thought it was normal for my blood pressure to shoot up when I first get out of bed. He doesn't thank it is staying up all night, or it wouldn't drop so fast after I get up. Said I would also get a side effect of some kind, like a headache. I'm not a doctor, but it doesn't make since that it would be up all night. Now I have to figure out how to keep from getting up at night to go and pee.

Jen~~The ink cartridge was so costly for my printer that I now refill the same one. It's easy to do, and I can fill it 10 times for less than one cartridge cost. Color too. They sell it now at Walmart, not quite as cheap as what I buy CompUSA. I sure hope you do really well on the self challenge. I thank I'm too old as well as too fat to do it. It was -4 here night before last, but last night it didn't even freeze. I guess you read what the doctor told me about my blood pressure. It doesn't make since that it would be really good at 10 when I take 2 pills for blood pressure and 2 hours when I get up to pee it would be sky high. He thanks I could have some sleep apnea too.

Teresa~~You must have got one heck of an extended warranty. I got one for 2 years on mine for 67.00. And as you know it paid off. Just because it's a new puter doesn't mean it won't have problems right away. When mine was new it hung up right out of the box. I thought I had broke it. They are one of the most wonderful things and they seem to have a mind of their own. When you thank of all that can be done on one it blows your mind. I know one thing I would sure hate to be without mine, though it takes a lot of my time. Yes you have a little weight to lose, but I'm believing that we both can do it. If we couldn't believe that we would be very depressed.

Well ladies it's almost time for my favorite craft lady to come on TV, (Carol Duvall) so I better wind this up. WHERE IS EVERYONE, I'M MISSING YOU ALL.

03-05-2002, 05:55 PM
Hi all!

Just a quick post to let you know that I am still alive and that I hope you haven't forgotten me yet! :lol: I have just been VERY busy with work, dentists appointments, etc.... :spin: I haven't even had time read the posts :( so I don't know what is happening. I'll be back in as soon as I can!

Miss you all LOTS!


03-05-2002, 06:19 PM

I just wanted to let you know I'm still here. My low back is bothering me again and the last two nights I've been camping out on the couch and staying off the puter. Today I did my part of my work standing and part of it sitting. I'm just so sore. So I'm not going to do a lengthy post to everyone, just wanted to say hello to ya'll. I'll post to you as soon as I can.

03-06-2002, 03:12 PM

Well I am going to try to get caught up. My dentist visits are definitely at an all time high right now. Guess that what happens when you try to compress over 20 years worth of dental work into a few months! I had a 2-hour appointment last week to get fitted for my crown and had a temporary crown put on. Then tomorrow, I get my permanent crown put on. That is going to cost me a small fortune. My insurance is only covering about 40% so I am stuck paying just over $600! :eek: Then on Monday, I go for my first wisdom teeth consultation. I am not looking forward to that!

Last night I went to my favourite running store and cashed in part of a gift certificate that I got from my MIL. I treated myself to a running backpack. I have decided that I am going to run home from work on Friday. It is 11.5 miles but the route is pretty flat and the last 2 miles is mostly downhill. So it shouldnít be too bad. But it is funny because I was trying the pack which was fully stuffed in the store as a display. Then when I paid for it, the girl didnít take any of the stuffing out. When I got home, I found about $300 worth of new running socks inside! So Iíll be going back tonight to return them to the store. Hopefully I wonít get tempted to buy anything else. I want to use the remainder of my credit towards a really nice watch that I have been eyeing up.

Jen: Do you still have any of your snow? Someone here decided that it was winter and blasted us with some really cold air. And this morning I woke up to this white blanket of fluffy stuff all over. I had to brush the car off! You would think it was winter or something. At least it is supposed to warm up to around 45 on Friday. How is your friend doing? Can imagine having to worry about my son, father, and sister all at the same time. The poor thing. Iíve never heard of a twisted liver before. It sounds painful. But I guess you said that it only bothers him when he plays contact sports. Will it ever be a problem as he grows up? How is your Self Challenge going? Everything I own is full of cat hair! You think that our kitty would be completely bald by now.

Marlana: Iíve been thinkiní of ya. Hope you are doing well. Did the check from your daughter clear? How is the baby fish doing? I think it was sweet of Brett to make you a board with nails. Have you picked out a special spot for it? Seems like hubby is taking weight loss very seriously. I can see why you would be frustrated with your hubby only being able to meet certain commitments. I used to feel that way as well. However, I am working on becoming me Ė sounds funny but it is true. I no longer let other people get me down. No one can control how I feel but me! It is a very empowering feeling but not easy. I :love: your bear poem Ė too true! Do you still have any of that white crap still on your ground down there? Thatís too bad that you are having so many problems with your scanner. A few years back we bought a Cannon scanner and loved it. In fact when hubby had to upgrade to something professional, he have our Cannon to my mom. Now she has been using it for a year or two and had never had a problem. Glad you didnít have to take away paperclips this week. Maybe next week you will get to add some more. Unfortunately I donít thin you can win the war on SPAM. Although I find my yahoo e-mail account is pretty good about filtering it out.

Sally: How was MILís visit?

Jojo: I feel like you lately. :spin: So busy at work. I havenít been this busy since I first started. I like it though Ė the days just fly buy! Has work finally settled down for you at all? Howís the snow situation where you are? I wouldnít feel so bad about not being to the dentist in so long Ö it took me 28 years to find one! Mind you Iím paying for it now! I am very lucky to have found such a wonderful one. I have heard so many horror stories about bad dentists. I wished we got the Animal Planet channel here. Iím sure I would be glued to it. As it is I watch too much Food TV :nono: It is on so much in our house, that even dh can name all of the chefs/hosts! Youíre your back gets better soon!

Skeeter: How are you and hubby feeling? How is the Direct TV? Has your cold snap ended? I am so sorry to hear about your youngest grandson. Has there been any more developments?

Teresa: Congrats on you and hubby staying OP together. Another congrats for your loss. :) That is quite a scare you had with your chest!! Glad it wasnít heart attack!! It must have been all that stress from the computer guys. What an aweful experience Ė but all too common Iím sure.

Whew! It looks like Iím all caught up. But just until the weekend comes Ė Iím sure! :lol: Oh well.

It feels so good to be back in touch with everyone.


03-06-2002, 08:55 PM
Hey Everyone. :wave:

I haven't had a minute to myself since Sunday. We went 4 wheeling Monday and Tuesday. It was a lot of fun both days. We rode out about 15 miles each day in different directions and had a long leisurely lunch with our friends. It was cold Monday and we were really bundled up, the dogs even wore their sweaters and had a blanket in their basket. I also strapped a cover across the front of their basket to keep the wind off of them. Tuesday was a lot warmer but also dustier. Hubby had a breathing test today but doesn't know the results yet. We ran some errands while we were in town too. I am going to spend the next few days playing catch up again.

Marlana~I haven't taken my blood pressure for a long time. It was low when I was at my doctors the last time and I always remember to take that little pill every day. I guess I should take it once in a while to make sure it is staying down where it is supposed to be. I wonder if I could go off these pills if I lose some weight. I am going back OP tomorrow come **** or high water!!!!!! I was having trouble moving around it the car today trying to get something out of the back. It made me so mad to realize what I have done to myself. I am going to start spending some time on the treadmill everyday. I need to check into the ink refills that you are talking about. Is it hard to do?

Jen~I think the baby had a cold and developed a fever with it. I know he had just been diagnosed with asthma and was put on Ibuterol, I have no idea how to spell that. Good luck with your self challenge. I never did get time to check it out. I can't even keep up with the email lately and haven't watched anything on TV yet. We don't normally play this hard and run around that much. Our friends from New York that winter here have some more friends down staying with them for a vacation. They have begged us to accompany them in the activities. I sure is better than being bored though.

Teresa~I don't think that computers exist that don't have problems periodically. Mine is about 18 months old and has started giving me illegal operation reports lately. I have no idea why and it makes me mad when it closes my email after flashing that little window. My triglycerides are a little high too and I am supposed to be bringing them down with my diet. Yeah right. I think that I have gained about 6# since the doctor told me that. I am getting my act together starting tomorrow because I am sick of this stuffed feeling. We are going to have to learn to say "NO Thank You" to dinner invitations at least until I get my eating under control. I am afraid to get on the scales right now to see just how bad that I have been. :nono:

Tobey~I still haven't found the time to search for a new dentist for us. We don't really need any dental work done but we do like to have our teeth cleaned every 6 months. Our insurance coverage is great for the cleanings. I need to make some appointments very soon. The Direct TV gives us really great reception although I really haven't watched much since we had it installed. My husband has had it on quite a bit and I see the picture as I pass through the room. I am going to call this evening to check on the grandson again. He was doing good the last that I talked to them. Our weather is back to normal here and was in the low 70's today. Hubby was talking about planning another ride to cut some more sticks before the weather gets too hot. We found some good areas yesterday that looks like we can get a lot of them cut. That is good exercise because we park the 4 wheelers and go on foot for a while and then back to get the 4 wheelers. We move them on down the trail and do the same thing again. I end up walking a couple of miles that way. WOW......11.5 miles after work of Friday. You sure have lots of energy. Good luck.

JoJo~I hope that your back gets better. That sounds awful to have to stand up at work to use your computer. It makes my back hurt thinking about you doing that. Take care of it so it will heal faster.

Sorry if I missed anyone. I am trying to get this posted so that I can get a shower and get into something more comfortable. Y'all have a good evening.

03-07-2002, 07:22 AM
Morning Ladies,
I'm still here---hanging on by a thread! The visit with the mother in law could have gone worse, but I don't know how. She and her son bickered for a solid day and night, she rearranged my entire kitchen and then went to stay at a hotel for the next two days!:rolleyes: Anyway, she's gone home now, and we're back to normal around the house. Except I still can't find some of my stuff! I don't understand folks who rearrange other people's houses---THEY don't live there, and I don't do that to THEM! Oh well....I'll find my stuff eventually. I do like her, but.....:devil: :devil:
Then Tuesday my ex and I had mediation, which is required by our state before the court date...which I think may be toward the end of the month. So we had three and a half hours of mostly him ranting and raving about my gall at having remarried and basically raining on his parade by bringing "an intruder" into HIS family. The mediator did finally ask him exactly how long he was going to hang on to all this bitterness and exactly what purpose did it serve?:shrug: Anyway his car is broken down and he called me to ask if I would pick him up for the mediation, and take him home!:lol: I told him I wasn't his mother anymore, he was going to have to go back to the original one. So, he did. Nothing much was decided in mediation, but it's something that has to be done, so it was.....I just want to go to court and be done with it...and hopefully him, mostly. Maybe. I hope.
ANYWAY, hope everyone's doing well---I went back and read most of the posts I missed. I didn't mean to be gone for a whole week from here, but I got a bit distracted with all that was going on. I did lose two more pounds in the last week or so, so that's one good thing.
Hope you all are doing well, and I'll try my bestest to get back in here tomorrow and answer everyone properly---sorry for all the venting! This post was all ME ME ME, wasn't it?? Love you all, and have a wondermus day!

03-07-2002, 12:32 PM
Here I am again. I thought I had been in here on Tuesday, but I guess not. I spent that day at the hospital for school and work and yesterday was all day in a classroom in Iowa City. Next week are midterms. Only 2 months left! :D It is going to be so nice to just work. Isn't that strange? But imagine, I can come home from work, and not have to worry about getting anything done until go to work again. Unless of course I want to go outside and play in the yard all summer! That may be just what I do!

Sally- Oh you poor dear, having to deal with your MIL and ex in the same week. I guess there are some advantages to never being married! I can't believe your ex would rant like that, well, yes I would. At least the mediator had noticed it. Congrats on continuing to lose, 2 more lbs. Fabulous!

Skeeter- Sounds like you are having a blast this week. Out 4 wheeling sounds alot better than sitting around the house trying not to eat. I need to start getting busy again. UGH.

Tobey- Oh how much fun at the dentist! I still need to get in for my crown. Wonder what I'm waiting for?! I can't imagine running home from work. I think mine is about 13 miles. Wow. I've got to start getting ready to run the 3 miles for that HeartWalk. That's in 1 month. The weather is warming up. Monday we were 9 below, tomorrow about 60!My friend is doing better. They are going to try to take her dad off the vent tomorrow, so we will see. They hope that as her son grows, his ribs will grow over his spleen.

Jojo- I hope your back gets better soon. What a bummer. Did you do anything to aggrevate it? Rest, and get better.

Marlana- Good luck fighting the SPAM. Let me know if it works. It sounds like you have sleep apnea. Do you snore alot? Does your hubby notice anything? Apnea can cause high BP while you're asleep, and being overweight can contribute to apnea. More motivation for you. Just take care of yourself. If you don't, who will?

Teresa- I'm a little suspicious of the inflammed breast bone remark. I've heard that one myself too, and I don't think my pain felt like that kind. I've switched docs since then. The nurse in me is kicking in and wanting to play 20 questions, but I'll just let it go. Congrats on losing the 10 lbs. Great.

I suppose that is about all for me today. I'm gonna go check out the school website and work on some stuff that is due in May. I surely won't want to work on it then!


03-07-2002, 12:52 PM
Good Morning~~I was wondering why no one was writing on the board and just now it dawned on me that I've changed addresses so I need to go and change it in here to if I want to be notified when someone writes on the board. I am so sleepy that I might have to take a nap before I can finish this post, and I just started. I had a really busy day yesterday running to 3 different towns doing odds and ends. I have a few more to do today, like go and get a load of cattle feed. I've also got some bills to write out and send off. There is always something that needs to be done right now!!!!! I also bought some lumber yesterday to build a corner cabinet in a bedroom for hubby's TV. Since I bought the new bed a few months ago he was complaining about the TV set too low on the table it was on, so I got a crate and set it on that. Well I'm sick of the crate so only one thing to do, build something I like. You know how I like to build things. I'm fixing to paint and have new carpet put in there too.

Jo Jo~~Sorry to hear your back is giving you trouble again, I've been there and done that. Take care and come when you feel like it.

Tobey~~You know it seems like I just had my teeth cleaned and I'll be darn if I didn't get a card last week from the dentist saying it was time to clean again. Gees I'm not made of money. I thank he's rushing it a bit. OH boy! That backpack will be a really good place to carry Mt. Dew and chips.:o You know I guess that check did clear the bank, I haven't heard a word. $400.44 to go. :lol: The snow and ice are gone and we've been having 65 degree weather. There's a old saying down here, if you don't like our weather, stay a day. I've got to check out my yahoo account and see just how they take care of spam. I have my yahoo mail come right into my outlook express. I know one thing a lot of the spam mail I was getting had an yahoo mailing address. Maybe they should stop that. If I know where to send that address's to I would.

Skeeter~~I Am so proud of you girl, do I have to tell you why? I don't thank so! I don't know why they couldn't have give your hubby the results of his breathing test right then and there. I had one of those when they discovered I had asthma, the told me right then. Maybe they've changed it in some way. Did they make him walk and then take a test? Did they make him breath some junk and do the test. If so he should have been able to tell if he breathing was restricted. I have basely have exercise induced asthma. Dust bothers me as well as cold air. But the worst is a chest cold. I was just thanking that if we both done reg. exercise and lost the weight we could get off the pills. I take 3 a day. Any one can use the ink refills. They make a big deal out of it, I've never got any on my hands ad I don't even use the little rubber gloves they give you.

Sally~~ How old are you??? I thank your old enough to know how to arrange you kitchen. However a few years ago I might have put up with that, but I warn you if you ever come to see moma don't criticize my house or try to tell me where to put things. I don't take too much crap anymore. Boy, am I a great mil. I don't gave a hoot and dang how my dil keeps her house. I would never say anything about it. NOT TO HER ANYWAY!!!:S: Boy I'm full of ?'s for you, but, after reading your post on the X, here's the ? When you married him,"WHAT THE **** WAS YOU THANKIN WHEN YOU MARRIED THAT LOSER." :D

On that comment, I better get out of here. Take care everybody. I don't know what the heck just happened but I just lost this whole post. Good thing I write my post out of outlook. I was testing an attachment, no more GIF's so they will all be still from now on. I can sure clean out a lot of stuff from my attachment file.:devil: :mad:

Jen~~You sneaked in during all the problems I was having. I don't blame you for being happy about getting out of school, your very busy. I'm proud that you have so much drive though. Yes I do snor, and I know losing weight would sure help out a lot of things. I might even be able to get off meds for B. pressure, all my life my pressure run on the low side. Hubby and I haven't slept in the same room for years, how ever long ago it was that I hurt my back and rolled around I kept him awake. My God that has been at least 10 years. And after I got better from that time, I hurt it again and I couldn't even sleep in a bed for 2 years. Couldn't lay down at all, back, tummy or either side. Finally I was able to start sleeping on my back with pillows under my legs but it was a couple of years again before I could sleep on my side. You know I can be grateful that I am able to do anything at all, I really have a bad back. I take meds for it every day. I have one disk that is gone and another one almost gone in my lower back. I've worked hard during my life, but you know what, I wouldn't do anything different. I better get out of here, I've wrote a book.

03-07-2002, 01:02 PM
I'm back!! :wave: I just tried to attach an attachment I had used before and it informed me I had already used that attachment on thread 131. Boy....what a deal....wonder what happens if you rename it??????? They have to be smaller too.:s: Heck I just counted them in one folder, and I have over 100 GIf's, which we can't use anymore. That would be heck of an undertaking to refile and resize all of those under Jpg.
bye bye

03-07-2002, 01:18 PM
Hi All

Well I went to the dentist this morning and got my permanent crown on. Wow was it easy. The appointment was only about Ĺ hour and they didnít need to freeze (or deaden for you Southerners) my mouth. It looks really good too! When they gave me the mirror I had to run my tongue along to point out which one it was because I couldnít tell from looking. It looks exactly like my natural teeth! :D

Skeeter: You must just be pooped!! However, I have to say that your 4-wheeling adventures sound like they were a lot of fun. Iím so happy that I donít have to go back to my regular dentist until May Ė for my regular cleaning. It was so bad that everyone in the office knew me by my first name and it is a busy office! Now I am just dealing with a specialist about getting my wisdom teeth done. Canít wait Ďtil those are out. They have really started bugging me lately. Let me know the call about your grandson goes tonight. I really hope everything is okay. Getting those sticks sure sounds like good exercise Ė even better fun exercise! Which I still have to send you a cheque for my momís. :nono: I am normally not this bad Ė please trust me on this one. We are just waiting for a cheque that is owed dh that is now 2 months over due from the place he freelance for. I promise to make it up to you some how. I am actually really excited about my run home tomorrow. If it works out okay, I may start doing it 1 or 2 days a week until summer comes. Then it will be too hot at that time of day.

Sally: Holy :moo:! I canít believe that you havenít pulled all of your hair out by now. I think I would flip if someone came in and rearranged my stuff. Unless they came in and did an entire renovation for me! :lol: Otherwise HANDS OFF! I even get annoyed when dh doesnít put stuff back in the ďrightĒ spot. I think I got that from my mom. Ouch Ė hurts to admit that. If you canít find your stuff, just think of it as an excuse to go out and buy new stuff. :devil: Your ex never ceases to amaze me. I canít believe that he had the nerve to call you for a ride on top of all this!! Hey, CONGRATULATIONS on yet another loss! You are too awesome. Keep up the great work!

Jen: If I were you I would be counting every second of those 2 months!! Although it sounds like you are too busy for that! ;) I decided to take some time off from school and it feels soooo good. My time is my time. Iím actually reading something besides textbooks! I also think that I am going to take some rollerblading lessons (have to dust off my skates first), some cooking classes, and that yoga class. I want to make the most of my ďme-timeĒ. Getting my temporary crown was a much bigger deal than this permanent one. But I am so glad that it is all done. Too bad Iím broke now! Our weather is being goofy too. It is really cold one day and really warm the next. Tomorrow and Saturday are supposed to be really great and then Sunday it is supposed to get cold and then Monday is supposed to warm. How the heck do you dress for that!!! Hope your training goes well for your run. You might want to check out this site: http://www.runnersworld.com/home/0,1300,1-51-55-637,00.html It is a 5K (3.1 miles) training guide for beginners.

Marlana: You are just so amazing with your hands. The crate bothers you. So what do you do? You decided to build a cabinet! Thatís when I would be flipping through catalogues. :lol: Never mind Mt. Dew and chips, you could fit an entire bakery into my backpack and still have room for a few bottles of wine! Wouldnít that be a fun run home! Guess Iíll just stick to Gatorade. According to Yahoo they donít allow SPAM. Check out this site: http://ca.f141.mail.yahoo.com/ym/login?.rand=0ll7vpii9skhb I know that I next to never get SPAM at that address. My other ones are a different story!!!!

Well for lunch. I have to test out my new tooth! Think Iíll start with an apple. :nono:

Well enjoy your day and be good! :angel:


03-07-2002, 06:41 PM
Hi Everyone

I'm feeling quite a bit better today. The Dr's office called in a prescription for vioxx and a muscle relaxer yesterday and I did much better today. I hope this back problem isn't something thats going to bother all the time. I don't deal with chronic pain very well.

Tobey, I love the way new crowns feel. The last dentist I went to wants me to have another crown put on a tooth that has a crown. There is decay on the tooth and if he works on it, it will change the shape of the tooth which means a new crown. I don't have $600 for it. Well, now I think that tooth is beyond repair. I've have the old crown put back on several times plus I've bought the adhesive they sell in the drug store but it just won't stay on and on top of that, the whole middle of the tooth came out so I think it will probably just have to be pulled. Oh well. I originally had over $1000 worth of work on that one tooth alone with the root canal & a crown, I just didn't think it was worth another $600.

Marlana, hmm, I'll have to try attaching something to see what happens with it. Don't tell me they've changed things on us!!!! It must be getting nice where you are since you are starting to build something again. It was beautiful here today but the clouds are moving in. guess we are going to get some rain.

Jen, Oh, I bet you can't wait for those 2 months to get over with for your classes. I'd be excited to. I honestly don't know what I did to my back. The last time it started up the xrays showed some degeneration. I'm not sure if thats arthritis or just that my spine is going to be in bad shape in the years to come. He says its "mild" but it doesn't feel mild.

Sally, I'll never understand how someone can go in someone elses home and rearrange it for them!! Thats gall. Oh, I think as long as your kid(s) with your ex is under-age, you'll have to deal with the half-witt!!! It sounds to me as if it is his mission to make your life as miserable as possible and I'm sure the mediators words to him about his bitterness went in one ear and out the other. Bitter people can't hear something that could possibly mean something to them.

Skeeter, yep, its not easy standing up to use the puter, especially when the keyboard is just above hip level. But it bothered me to sit for very long and it bothered me to stand for very long. Today was much better. I'm really glad to hear you and dh are finally up and around. Hopefully those germs will stay away from you!!!

Well, I'm going to get going. You all take care.

03-08-2002, 10:57 AM
Happy Friday!!

The weekend is almost here. I am happy to report that we have no plans for the weekend! I think it might be nice to be a homebody this weekend. It is supposed to be warm again tomorrow, so I was thinking of getting in a quick run in the morning and then opening up the windows in the afternoon and start on some spring cleaning. The cat should like that. Her whole life revolves around open windows, a good rub down, and full dish of food. Ahhh now thatís the life! Reminds me of Marlanaís bear poem. :lol:

Jojo: Glad that youíve got some good drugs to help you feel better. But I hope it isnít something that you have to deal with forever! Yikes I donít blame you for not getting another crown put on. However, it is too bad that you might have to have that pulled now. :( My one tooth is now worth almost $1,600!! Good thing insurance covered most of it.

Hey where is everyone? Hope youíre not off having fun with out me.

Well make the most of your weekend!


03-08-2002, 04:20 PM
Hey Everyone. :wave:

It is 80 degrees today and I am about ready to turn the a/c on. I have all the windows open to get some fresh air but it is getting hot in here.

Marlana~I must be nice to want new furniture and then just build it. :lol: I have been wanting some new tables for the living room, can you come here next? I stayed OP yesterday and so far today. I walked a mile on the treadmill yesterday. I haven't been on the treadmill yet today but am going to do that when I finish here. I did get all my fish tanks cleaned yesterday and the house cleaned today. I am going to cook some greens tomorrow so that I will have something to eat when I get the munchies. I just love fresh greens. I am also going to have hubby pick up some more fruit when he gets the greens. I need to get outside and get everything pruned and some tomato plants in the ground. I think that we are going to be hot from now on here. We go straight from cold weather to summer weather here.

Sally~I sure have to hand it to you for taking your MIL so well. I just can't imagine someone coming into my kitchen or any room of my house and rearranging things. I'm afraid that I wouldn't have been silent about it. Then to have your ex actually think that you would pick him up for his court charges against you. I hoped you laughed as you were telling him to find his own way. That man can't be real. Let's hope the mediators report is very detailed.

Jen~It sure is a good thing that we went 4 wheeling when we did. It is now dry and hot which makes for a very dirty ride. That's great that you are finally seeing a end to the classroom. I know that you are tired of it but it will be very rewarding for you in the long run.

Tobey~I guess you are going to be leaving your work soon for that long run home. I sure hope that you make it okay. Do you have an alternative plan if you pull a muscle or something? My dang keyboard just started acting up. Normally when I hold the delete key or any key down for that matter, it works at a fast pace. Now all of a sudden it just pokes along at an unbelievably slow speed. I wonder what's up with that.

JoJo~I'm glad that you got some good drugs for your back. I can't imagine having to stand up typing for very long. We seem to be almost totally recovered here. Hubby still has a cough but it's not nearly as bad as before. I wrote this first part and then went on to read the most recent posts and Tobey says almost the same thing. I guess good minds think alike. :D

A friend of mine took some pictures of my fish with her digital camera and I am going to try to post one of the pictures. I have often told you guys about my betta that is turquoise colored. Well here is a picture of Moby. If this works, I'll post a picture of the violet colored fish next. Y'all have a great weekend.

03-09-2002, 11:08 AM
Good Morning~~We had our first storm of the season last night. It tore the cover off and scattered the floats all over the yard. Something else to do. I love the spring, but I hate the storms. As you all know I'm getting a lot of spam in my email and I got a new address. But I can't turn it lose so I spent a lot of yesterday turning in people. MSN gave me a web site on spam and from there I found a email service that would work for ridding the spam from coming in, if only I could figure out how to configure it. I can bring all my mail through that program where it will be sorted. How it works is from every new person that sends mail to that email program thier mail is not loaded until a note is sent back to them and they have to reply. The trick is that spammers don't let anything come back to them, so there for I would never receive the spam. I can then have it sent over to outlook express. IF ONLY I COULD GET IT CONFIGURED RIGHT. I'm not smart, but I am persistant. I also had to work on my food problem, I haven't been doing well, so decided to take a day of eating nothing but protein. Kind a get the carbs out of my system. I have a problems with carbs. I'm in a better frame of mind this morning.

Tobey~~I bet you'll be glad when you can stop your visits to the dentist office. It was really your link you posted for me that got me on the right track to stopping spam. Thanks. I got a lot of spam through yahoo, and they have been the most helpful of all the domains that I receive spam from. It doesn't go to my yahoo address, from yahoo. I did get one from yahoo this morning wanting me to join some fishing group. I don't have time, this group keeps me busy.

Jo Jo~~ Nothing ever stays the same, and I hate change. I had a really cute attachment to put in when this all started and now I don't even remember which one it was, and besides it was a gif and we can't use them anymore. Too bad, I liked those kind. Girl I hope your back is still feeling better, back pain is not a good deal.

Skeeter~~ You have some strange weather down there. We do too. Yesterday was 65 and today it's 40. The temp dropped 28 degrees in one min. last night. Sorry I haven't built any living room tables. I have built a chest of drawers and a night stand to match a bed headboard. I'll see if I can take a picture of them with this rink-a-dink camera and attach it. That is for hubby's room the same on I'm building tha corner cabinet in. I've already bought the stuff for the cabinet, but now I'm changing my mind on how I want to do it. It seems like I do everything that way. I had to buy hubby some more garden seed, some of his stuff got killed during those two nights below 0. I want one of those good digital cams. Your friends sure takes good pics. And I don't have a fish like moby, he is pretty, I've never seen one quite like that.

The attachment is of the bedroom funiture I built a few years ago. Not the bed, I was trying to match it. Sorry but this is the best I good get this little cam to work. It ain't worth a s***. The caps on the bed is the ones dh had hanging on a deer rack that I made for him about 30 years ago and he put so many on it, it pulled out of the wall. I haven't hung it back up yet, I have redone it with new leather. Not going to put it back up until I get that room redone.

03-09-2002, 12:21 PM
I am so dingy. I must have had a blond moment. I wrote a wonderful post (I can say that now) and replied to everyone, but instead of posting it to the thread I just closed out the window and lost it. I just don't have the time to redo it all. So here's the just of it, it's very cold here too, we should all go to Skeeters and help her plant tomatoes (we need directions please), Marlana makes beautiful furniture and I would like to place an order. Tobey, did you run home fromwork yesterday? I ran 1 1/2 miles yesterday. Jojo- I hope your back is feeling better this weekend. Everyone else have a healthy weekend.

Jen :cool: