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03-31-2008, 01:45 PM
Hello and :welcome3: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

You are welcome to join us in our chatter :cofdate:about life and our weight loss journey! So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke or whatever your drink of choice is, and pull up a chair and join us!

03-31-2008, 01:49 PM

Mindee -

hello are you all doing?

nothing really interesting on this end! I did manage to make it through the kids toys. I threw out three bags of toys that are either broken or they don't play with anymore!!! I am so happy about that! I folded and put away our laundry. I still have to fold and put away the kids' laundry. I have one empty tote that I am going to try and put all the bigger clothes for Brandon in and then that will go down into the basement! I missed him being in school.....I was able to get so much done that way!

I did however do really well with potty training the boys over the weekend. Brandon went a couple of times on the potty. Logan went next to the potty and in the bath tub, so I guess that counts for something! Now, I just need to get back on track with my eating and water drinking as well as my exercising! I am not sure if I will get my work out in after I ship Brandon off to school in the morning. One of the maintenace guys will be coming over to replace our bathroom floor! It is starting to dip near the bath tub, and before it gets too bad we are going to have them fix it! The guy that is going to do it, told the office manager that he might as well just replace the whole floor instead of just the one area. Our office manager did tell us that we could use her shower if it takes longer then a day to fix it!

I need to cut this short and get into the shower!

Francie~ Sounds like you had a great weekend! I haven't had a legal drink since before I got pregnant with Brandon! I found out I was pregnant with him the day after I turned 21, so I wasn't able to drink. Tommy owes me a night of me being drunk and him taking care of the kids! He always says "that won't take but one drink, and you will be drunk."

SusieQ~ Nope, we are not planning on any more kids. I want to get back into temping so that I don't have to guess at when AF is coming into town, I will know when she will be here. I used to do it when we got pregnant with Brandon and Logan, but then life turned upside down and things got too chaotic! I sat down a couple months ago and actually figured out that I have been pregnant every year since 2003! (excluding this year)


Mornin' all.

Yippee another Monday! lol. I put in my request for my 1/2 floating holiday night off. But I guess I either put in the wrong dates or my boss is an idiot, either one could be true, so will just have to see once I go into tonight. lol. I put in for either next Wed. or the Wed. after, whichever one works better, doesn't matter much to me.

DH is in desperate need of some new jeans, he only has ONE pair now. So yup that means I have to do laundry more often and we all know that is no fun, right? lol.

I received my new pants. One pair I like, the rest that I received (one is on back order) I don't really like, on me anyways. Trying to see if its worthwhile to send them back or not. I got all the pants on clearance. They say they take the price of shipping off on the credit or refund? I guess that means I get it back, right? I dunno. One pair is just ugh. I dunno doesn't look right on me at all. I look like a seal that is pregnant and about to pop! The other pair I do not like look like I could fit another one of me in them!!!

So I dunno I hate returning things through the mail but I do want pants that look right too. So I dunno. Maybe I will return the ones I do not like for a refund and try to find something at the outlet mall so I can try them on!!! lol. Sound like a good plan??? lol. So I wonder if I can call them and have them not send me the ones that are on back order, as they are the same as the ones that make me look like a pregnant seal. lol.

Well I can honestly say I haven't done much at all, since the cleaning is all done, but now there is dishes to do again and I honestly do not feel like doing them. lol. Lazy, huh? lol.

I talked to my mother Saturday night. She met a new guy, who lives in my area. He works for Kelloggs. He has 4 kids, 3 boys and a girl, but they are all older and married, like me. She says he is really nice. So we'll see.........Once again she is talking about moving up here, and now that she has a man that lives in my area, its probably a lot more likely, if it works out. Not trying to be negative, just trying to be realistic. She's gone through a few men now. I wish she would meet them the old fashioned way instead of on the net, not that there is anything wrong with that, I just think its hard to really "know" someone via the net, but I know there are lots of people out there who have met on the net and it turned out wonderful, so lets hope this works out for her.

Well my dept. is still upstairs. The girl who works my shift when I am off worked in the same cube I did upstairs so she only had to take her tower and her phone headset upstairs, instead of everything. So guess that is where I will be this week. Who knows when they will get it fixed. The way our co. is it could be a year later!!! I hope not, but I doubt it will be anytime soon. Luckily the ladies cube who we are using is on maternity leave and as far as I know she hasn't even had her baby yet, so it should be awhile yet. She had to be on bed rest due to complications, so that is why she's been out already.

Anywho......I just do not wanna go into work tonight........I guess its the case of the "Monday's" lol. I will be just fine once I get there and get all set up and ready to work.........Just getting there is the hard part. lol.

We watched "I am Legend" with Will Smith, it was pretty good, not one of his "best" movies in my opinion, but pretty good.

Weather wise it is supposed to be warm all week, so we shall see........I am tired of the cold and hot thing. lol.

Well take care everybody, I hope you have a Great Week!

I didn't go back far enough -- Thanks for the Avatars, Francie, I too love the Monkey! Cristina -- Yes I talk to the TV too. When I used to do I think it was Denise's Abs and Butt -- OMG I use to cuss her out. lol. She would always say, "only 2 more....." then you do 2 more and then she goes "oh you can do 8 more can't ya? come on I know you can" then I am like @#$%!!! But it worked!!! lol. Suzy Q -- Avatars, download? I am not sure what you mean. All you have to do is right click and click "save as" but maybe I not getting whatcha mean. lol. Or go to (there is where I get mine at least) and it gives you the code for forums.


hey - I'm back...haven't fallen off the face of the planet.

Made it through Spring Break unscathed and no weight gain - yay!

I have to get ready to drop my car off for some very expensive repairs So I'll have to come back later for chatting. Sounds like everyone had a good week..


03-31-2008, 02:04 PM
Good Morning,

It is nice to have you back Katy!! I knew you were because I saw your hubby at the library yesterday. lol Small town, eh?

Mindee- Wow, congrats on the continued potty training! I was always so lazy in developing the girls, figured they would figure things out on their own. Did Brandon make it back to school??

Sassy - Kind of agree w/ the internet dating thing. I had long distance ones in the past. I chatted w/ a guy for almost a year in Arkansas and even w/ all that talking I didn't feel I really knew him. My hawaii friend though I feel close too but he is an ocean away, and now there is McDreamy who lives around the corner from me - a little too close for comfort now. lol - jk.

k- I will have to come back later, I have some job things that I need to get done before Gab gets off from school.

Hope you all have a good Monday. I did weigh and am still 164!! Yeah.. felt better about that.

03-31-2008, 02:09 PM
Hey everyone!!! :wave:

Its a new week for me. And a new week means a new plan. Dh came home and totally messed things up for me. I have zero self control when I'm with him, lol. I gained 1 flippin pound. I started over with Fitday, made a new profile and everything. I'll be making a grocery list soon (and cleaning out the fridge). I'm gonna tell dh that I cant have any more fast foods except for Subway (Eat Fresh). I dont know why I dont have any self control when he's here. I just become so lazy. And then I start to feel guilty for being lazy and then feel even more guilty for eating bad. I hate feeling that way. I found this walking plan for the month, so I'm gonna go back and print it out and actually do it!! I seriously need to meet my goal this month!!!!!! Dh starts leave next week, and I'm gonna make him go to the gym with me.

I wish I had my own mini fridge. That way I could stock my own healthy foods in it...I should seriously look into that. I could probably get a cheap one from the Goodwill huh? Hmm..

Anyways..I'm gonna go clean out the fridge and find out if the yogurt in there is expired. (Thank God we get paid tonight, cuz theres NO food in here!!!!!!)

03-31-2008, 02:46 PM
Hello ladies...

Just a quick HI for right now...I will be back!

I signed in on Saturday and then little Miss Thang wanted to go back outside, lol. Was trying to entertain a 3-year-old but we had fun. Forgot I walked out and left the computer on and was too busy to get back on. Of course I am busy now and it took me forever to read everything. So...I am going to make the bed, fold some clothes, start a load and do a video and I will be back to post, lol. Got tired just thinking of all that.

I'll be back...

03-31-2008, 02:55 PM
Francie - I can live in a house with no food but because I have the girls...... I have to like, feed them. lol
So, I have to stock it with foods that I don't normally eat like mac and cheese, ice cream and such. I also nibble what I fix them thinking a tablespoon here or there isn't going to matter.
I think really planning even down to the time you are going to eat and what you are going to eat will help. I was strict like that a few years ago when I was still married and cooking for a family. I wasn't tempted by *their* foods because I had my own plan going on. Also rewarding with non food stuff would help, even if it is a gossip mag with one of your husbands on the cover :)
Maybe try craigslist too for the mini fridge??

Cristina - :wave: hey chickie!! Come back and chatter!

I am having a hard time getting serious w/ work search. Ick. I take Gab to see Water Horse tonight and she did come home from the weekend w/ a cough, poor Gab.

chat later!!

03-31-2008, 04:30 PM
hello are you all doing?

nothing too exciting on this end...... I did some major cleaning and I feel great about it! I went through the boys closet and put away some clothes that are too big at this time in a tote that can go down in the basement. I went through their toys last night and the rest this morning, and got rid of 4 bags of toys that were broken or missing pieces! I mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors. I cleaned all the windows. I told Tommy that when he walks in after work he is going to think that he walked into the wrong house!

now I am watching the Tigers game........spending some time with Rissa while the boys are asleep....uploading some pictures..checking my email and a couple of other things.....oh yeah....making a grocery list for when we go shopping on Friday!

SusieQ~ Thanks for the congrats on the potty training. Brandon is doing better with it then Logan, but I still think Logan is kind of young. He likes to spend his time on the potty playing "hide my willy so I don't have to go potty." and then when he does get the urge to go potty, he will stand up and pee next to the little potty seat!

Katy~ it is good to have you back!

Francie~ You have me wanting to get back on FitDay. I will have to go over there later and check it all out again. It has been a loooooooong time since I was last on there, so I will probably have to start all over again!

the guy was suppose to come over and check out the floor/fix the floor today. but it is approaching 3:30 and I don't count on him making it here today!

03-31-2008, 11:08 PM
Hi Ladies.

I am wearing the new pair of pants that I like today......+ my new shirt I bought a week or so again + my new shoes. :p Dunno why I bother I work all alone now, who cares what I look like? lol. :p So yup I am still upstairs, we do not know for how long, it is a pain though because me and the girl who works opposite nights I do share a desk now, so we have to hook up our computers at the beginning of the week and then unhook them when we are done at the end of the week.

I will call and try to stop them sending my other pants and I will send back the others as soon as I have time to drop them off, getting to anywhere in my town right now is a complete nightmare!! They have so many roads closed it is simply ridculous. Even the School Buses have to detour. They surely did not plan this out when they did it, that is for sure. :dizzy:

Suzy Q: Yeah but then again if my mom moves up here, then it won't be a "long-distance" relationship, so we'll just have to see how it goes......I met my DH up here too. But that was not planned at all. lol.

Francie -- I am the same way, that is why I love the McKenna Plan. It has totally "freed" me. I no longer look at food with guilt or worry. I know its not for everybody, but it totally works for me. Big :hug:

The Mckenna Plan has totally changed me, or at least I think. Have any you noticed any change in me?? You can be honest w/ me if you think it has or has not or whatever, won't bug me. lol.

Cristina -- Hey girlie. :wave:

Hi Mindee -- DH and I did our major cleaning last week. I even did the dishes this morning before going to bed and wiped down the counters, etc. DH said he is going to clean out the fridge this week. His office is still left

Well have a Great Night!!!


03-31-2008, 11:31 PM
just popping back in here before I finish up on here and go to bed.

tommy talked to the guy that was suppose to come and look at our floor. come to find out, they are not going to do anything with it until the tile is peeling. tommy said "so one of us has to fall through the floor in order for something to be done? if that is the case, then I will be owning this whole place!"

so that is where it all sits right now.....

nothing really ealse going on.....I did all that heavy cleaning in exchange for not doing my work out dvd because I thought that he was going to show up to check out/fix the floor!

03-31-2008, 11:41 PM
Hiya ladies!

I'm back! I meant to get back on earlier after all I had to do but then decided to take a shower. When I got back on the computer I saw I had some messages on myspace and ran out of time...sorry. :^:

SUSAN...aaaahhh, poor Gaby...hope she feels better soon. :hug: Glad you had a nice time with McD!

FRANCIE...same here, I lose all control when I hang out with the hubby. We end up running around and eating out and whatever. I am back on track today!

SASSY...:yay: to new clothes! I think there is a seem happier for sure! :hug:


This weather makes me sleepy! it was rainy and I stayed up too late last night. So of course I overslept this morning. Got a late start and eventually got things done. There's always something to do I swear! I managed only 65 minutes of exercise. I was dragging this evening when I usually do my second part and only did 15 minutes. Guess it is better than nothing. The food has gone well. While I'm not having a TOM hardly anymore, sometimes I have the symptoms...or it's all in my head. I crave the junk...greasy foods, junk food, sweets and I gave in, ugh! I'm not perfect though goes on. I'll get there eventually...wherever there is.

Take care ladies, nighty night!

03-31-2008, 11:44 PM
HIYA MINDEE...hey, at least you got a workout, that's all that matters. And who says housework isn't work?! It's one of the hardest jobs and I hate it! Wonder why they changed their minds though...seems weird, sort of. I mean they tell you they will replace and then say umm, no. How's the potty training going so far tonight? I remember the days and I don't cherish those, lol.

04-01-2008, 12:22 AM
Sassy~The McKenna Plan, is that the "i can make you thinner" guy?

Ahh my show is back on...bbl

04-01-2008, 02:18 AM
Hi Gals.

Mindee -- I agree with Cristina, house work is exercise, so kudos to you. I hope they can get your floor fixed soon. Sounds like what we have to go through to get things fixed at our place. lol.

Cristina -- thanks. I for once in my life feel happy. lol. I try to laugh things off instead let them "get to me". I still get mad, but its less frequent and if I do get mad, I try to clean so I use my energy for "Good" instead of bad. ;) I hear ya on the rainy weather making you sleepy........its hard to get motivated sometimes, that is for sure. But at least you worked out and I think 65 minutes is pretty darn good. :)

Francie -- yup that is the one. His show is on Sunday nights on TLC and I believe he has a website too.

Oh yeah and I looked to see how long the road construction was gonna be in our town? HOLY MOLY! They are doing the whole town almost!!! It would have been easier for them to say the roads that they weren't closing and re-doing instead of the ones they are!!! They had to even close a business due to all this construction, and it will be closed for 3 whole weeks! This is a small town, so not like there are lots of other alternatives or routes to go. Ridiculous! lol. Ok I am off my :soap: now. lol.


04-01-2008, 02:55 AM
popping back in here before I head off to bed!

thanks ladies....I didn't really look at it that way, although I should have since I could feel the sweat droplets!

they decided not to fix the floor yet because it isn't in complete disrepair.....i.e. nobody has fallen through it.....and the root of all evil.....they don't have the money to fix it right now. or at least that is what the guy told Tommy!

04-01-2008, 05:57 AM
Just stopping by real quick. We just got back from Walmart. I'm so proud of myself. I bought TONS of fruits and veggies (as well as other stuff,lol). I also bought one of Jillian's dvds and a Mini Stepper. I'm soooooooooooo excited to try it out tomorrow!! I can use my mini stepper and watch TV at the same time!! LoL!! OKay well..I'm gonna go to bed now. Its gonna be 2am in a few mins. Nighty nite!! And Happy April Fool's!!! :p

Oh ya!!! When we were in the check out line..I was looking at the gums and telling Fonzo how they should make some chocolate flavored gum..and whatcha know!! I see Chocomint gum!!!!!!!!! I havent tried it yet, but I was happy to find it, lol.

04-01-2008, 09:29 AM
Sassy - I saw part of the McKenna program when we were at the beach...pretty interesting stuff. I've been trying the tap-tap stuff he was demonstrating for controlling cravings, you know I think it kind of works. Makes me think hypnotherapy may be the way to go. I think I'll check out his website...

Francie - chocolate gum--where...let me at it, lol! Yay for all the fruits and veggie - you will feel so good after eating them.

Mindee - you are inspiring me to get to it on my house - it is in dire need of a good spring cleaning. I am reminded that my windows are in bad shape every time the sun shines...and my kitchen cabinets? well, they're pretty bad, too. GL on the potty training, my kids just did it when they were ready and not one minute sooner! Hope you have better luck than I did. Though now they have been out of diapers for a while now, I wonder what all the fuss was about - it seems like a long time ago.

Cristina - if you are craving stuff you should try this McKenna guy's hypnotherapy. He has a series of tapping on different parts of your body while you are thinking about your craving. By the time you are done- craving gone! It's on the show is I Can Make You Thin. I wish I could sleep in...I always feel better and more energetic when I do, but my body seems to be hard wired to get up at 5 - ugh.

Hi to Susan and Jules! I have to get some other things done before the kids get up, so I'll bbl. Hope you both have a great day.

Managed to maintain at 177 through the week. I hope to make some progress soon, tired of maintaining for such a long time. My wl group is going from monthly meetings to weekly for awhile, so hopefully that will give me a kick in the pants.

Have a good one ladies!

04-01-2008, 10:16 AM
Good morning, ladies...

Up bright and early, well, early for me anyway.

KATY...I keep meaning to check it out...made a note for myself to do it later. I also keep meaning to watch the show on Sunday and keep forgetting. Good deal on the 177! :carrot:

FRANCIE...yeah, I saw that chocolate gum a while back and wondered if it was any good...never did buy any to see. Good deal on buying the veggies and exercise stuff! Now you are ready to go!

MINDEE...well, that still seems stupid...let's just wait until someone is hurt before we fix wonder people are always suing people. Happy potty training today! :D

SASSY...sounds like here with all the construction. They are doing some near or on one of the highways and even though I don't think the traffic is bad block a lane or two and it's a mess. Of course they have been working on a major highway since ummm 2004 I believe. Said it would be done in 2006, then 2007 now they are saying 2008. It is not going to happen...maybe 2010!

Hiya Susan, Sue & Jules :wave:

I wil be back later to post more. Have some errands to run and V is home getting in the way, lol. He's not...just I have my little sort of schedule and he messes it up when home...never get anything done. Anywho...gotta go.

Have a wonderful day!

04-01-2008, 12:28 PM
Katy~The gum is by Dentune Blast!! I wanna try it so bad, but my teeth are hurting right I'll try it a little later, lol. I also bought Citrus with Blackberry gum by Trident Splash, lol. I have soooooo many packs of gum in my purse right now, they're taking over in there, lol.

Cristina~I'll let you know how the gum is later today. I'm so ready to go!! LoL!! I could hardly sleep last night because I kept thinking about all the exercise I would be doing today, lol. I'm a dork I know.

Anyways..I gotta get back to emailing my friend...bbl

04-01-2008, 01:42 PM
Good Morning -

Treated myself to a reduced fat breakfast sandwich @ Starbucks (thanks again Criatina! :)) this morning.
Took Gab to see Water Horse last night. I didn't like it, seemed a little too intense for me but Gab enjoyed it. Course it was a tad old for her so she kept asking me questions about what was going on. Gab did pik out a slice of pizza for the movie, over popcorn or candy. I managed to just nibble a little of the crust so felt ok with that.

anyway -not chatty for some reason but wanted to say hello to all you ladies!! Hope you have a great April 1st.

04-01-2008, 02:40 PM
I just done doing the 3 mile. I'm so wiped out. I wonder why sometimes I can do it without any problems, but other days it feels like a struggle. Weird.

I just realized that its 4 weeks until my birthday!! YAY!!

OKay..gonna go lay on the couch for a few hours, lol.

04-01-2008, 06:46 PM I tried out the Mini Stepper that I bought. And it totally kicked my butt. I was tired after a min, lol. But I pushed myself to do at least 5 mins. I'm gonna try it again after a little break.

Oh, and the gum is yummy.

04-01-2008, 08:05 PM
Francie-my daughter is using my old stepper, it's hard on my knees. Hubby & I had a motorcycle accident several years ago and my knees took the brunt of it, I was luvky that hubby was an experienced driver or it would have been alot worse. My right knee cap sits to high still. Most of the time it doesn't bother me but I have my days and there are certain things that aggravate it. Today my son had his 23rd bday. We had fun.

SuzyQ--passed a Starbucks today while we were out and about and thought of you!!

Cristina-It started out gloomy here but by afternoon it was sunny and warm. Perfect for stopping in all the little shops at the town we went too. Ry and I would have done more but hubby started complaining. Hubby & Teri both want to know exactly what is going to be done and don't deviate from the plan. Ry and I just have fun and do whatever we feel like. There is no plan when it's the two of us. I am going to miss him so much!!

Sassy--I got a couple of tops when Teri did a major shopping spree this weekend. I say wear those clothes for you!! Who cares if nobody but you and your hubby see them!! What's the McKenna plan? I will have to google it.
I thought about you during some moves they made in our office area. There are two separate departments sharing the same room. The people that kept whining got what they wanted and are still whining cause it's not EXACTLY the way they wanted it but it works. Two of the ladies that work in got bigger cubicles but we lost a storage space cubicle. The one lady keeps complaing about a few boxes that are in a cubilcle near hers but in plain sight of where her new bigger cubicle is and she is the one that wanted her space where it is!!! I don't know what she was thinking--the storage cubicle wasn't ever going to move and there printouts that have to be kept for auditing purposes. I needed the day off.

Katy--good to see you posting!!

I am going to post some new pics on my myspace as soon as the batteries on the camera charge. There is a really good one of hubby, my son & grandboy!!

04-01-2008, 08:25 PM
Jules - I was watching a show on public tv regarding the Carter Family from Virginia....and thought of you! It was beautiful there with the fall colors, I would love to come see in person!! Hint,hint.....I am sure you will put me up:D

Ate my usual 1/2 cup mac and cheese. I don't really count it towards calories because I eat it standing up, from the pan and it is really Gaby's left, tech doesn't count. My rule :dizzy:

Bored out of my mind!! Revamping my myspace page and that is taking forever.....I swear.

Might let Gab meet McD this weekend. I think it is time , been 4 months and she would love to meet his dog Ruby.....we'll see.

k- off to figure what is for dinner!


04-01-2008, 09:47 PM
Hi Girls.

Boy when I woke up tonight I felt like crapola. I woke up earlier in the day sick. I took some meds and went back to bed. I forced myself to go to work though since our one co-worker I figured would be out because his dad died last week and he did call in, I took the call, poor guy sounded so sad. :( He couldn't even talk........I feel for him. I remember when my dad died, it was heart-wrenching. Not only the death, but watching my mother go through it too.

Anywho. I had the strangest dream!!! I was a witch, but I looked like the exorcist chick -- scary! And I would jump into people's cars and make them crash, then take over their bodies! Totally freaky!!! Anybody dare to interpret that dream? lol.

I only ate a little something today, as I felt crappy, but I am feeling much better now. :yes: I am mostly just so thristy!!! I think I am partly dehydrated or something.

Katie -- Paul McKenna is my new "hero" lol. He has totally changed my outlook and I feel like a brand new person and I only have watched the 1st show, I still have 2 to watch on the DVR at home! lol. WTG on the maintaining, although I know you said you are tired of maintaining. I can give you a :kickbutt: if you want. lol. Just kidding! lol.

Cristina -- UGH I hate construction. I know its necessary, but why they have to do it all at one time is beyond me. I wish we could just wave a magic wand and VOLA! its all done and pertty. lol. I know what you mean about the hubby "messing" up your schedule. Totally just knocks you off kilter. lol.

Suzy Q -- not in a chatty mood? :faint: lol. Just teasin'. lol. I need to revamp my myspace page, just haven't been "in the mood". lol. Mmmmmmm starbucks. I have been craving some good coffee :coffee2:.........:drool: Maybe I will have DH stop in the morning and get us some. :)

Francie, -- WTG I am proud of ya, 5 min is better than 0 min. I need to get myself in gear..........

Jules -- you are totally right and I feel so much better in my new clothes. Amazing how something like new clothes can make you feel totally different! Today is back to the old and comfy duds though since I felt totally blah today. lol. McKenna -- He has 4 main things: Eat when you are hungry, Eat what you want, Eat Consciously, and When you are full stop. I haven't watched the other 2 shows yet, they are on my DVR. But just the one show made me feel totally better. :yes: From reading on his website a little, he also does lectures and has books on how to be rich. So maybe I can be this rich thin chick in a year or so! :lol3: Can't wait to see the new pics!!!

We got our monthly "newsletter" from our owner of our complex. I don't know if its just how she writes the thing or what, but it always just irritates me! lol. She has a way of saying stuff about people without actually mentioning their names, but you know who she is talking about, just drives me insane! Why not just come out and tell that person what they are doing wrong instead of making it public for everyone to see? And the person who is actually "doing" whatever it is probably doesn't even know that she is talking about "Them". UGH. Just seems so "highschoolish" to me. I can't stand people who "beat around the bush" just tell me already! lol. But I guess she thinks she is being "polite" or whatever. Who knows what that lady thinks. lol.

OH! lastnight I found a nice condo for rent, close to the in-laws and our friends. DH is gonna call about it tomorrow. Lets all keep our :crossed: that we can get out of our apt. once and for all!!! :D Then talk about happy, man oh man I think I will have to have a party for that one! lol. You all wanna come? lol.

Take Care All,


04-01-2008, 10:57 PM
Jules~I totally felt the burn on that stepper. It was a good buy!! Happy Bday to you son!!

Susan~I redid my page a couple days ago. Well...I changed the layout, lol. But I also redid my blog layout too. It looks so cute now!!

Sassy~I made it to 10 mins!! LoL!! I'm totally tired right now.

Ughhhh my baby kitty is in heat right now. She's meowing all weird. Since my dental insurance kicked in today..we're gonna get pet insurance next...

I had a pretty good day. I ate all my calories, and worked out a lot. I read a few chapters in my book. I didnt clean the kitchen though, lol. So thats something for tomorrow. I'm probably gonna go to bed as soon as TBL is over. I'll watch L&O in bed, lol. Fonzo has duty tonight, so he wont be home until tomorrow. Then we're gonna go to the bookstore. I'm gonna look some new weight books. I really want The Biggest Loser we'll see.

Anyways..I'm gonna go watch That 70's Show right now. I'll try and get back on before going to bed.

04-01-2008, 11:13 PM
Another quick HI ladies...long, busy day and I am pooped! Have some errands in the morning first thing but then after that pretty much have nothing to do the rest of the day. Well, except for exercise. Did 90 minutes today and that is probably why I am pooped! I know I have said it before but that Denise Austin kicks my butt big time! Anyway...

Nighty, night ladies!

04-01-2008, 11:58 PM
hello are you all doing?

nothing really new on this end.....same stuff just a different day! it was really nice yesterday, and this morning when I put Brandon on the bus......then it got really windy and the temperature dropped!

I have been dealing with Logan taking his diapers off today! He hasn't really been into going on the potty, so I took it as him not being ready yet. So, I figured that I would just hold off on training him right now, since after all, he is still only going to be 2 1/2 at the end of this month. I am however happy to report that Brandon is almost 100% potty trained! He only goes in his pull up (no diapers since Saturday!!!!) at night time and nap time, or if he has to poop. I think that is pretty dog gone amazing since we started all this full time on Saturday! He will tell me when he has to go and we head to the bathroom.

I was looking through my OnDemand earlier today and they have a TON of workouts on there. They have the Biggest Loser ones on there, Jillian Michaels' new one that just came out, plus plenty of others that I am going to look into doing now since I know that the guy isn't just going to pop in to fix the bathroom.

Brandon also came home from school today, and since it is Tuesday he had his speech class. He got some playdoh, and when he pulled it out of his pack back....I said "what did you get?" and he looked at me and said "playdoh." He also had to call daddy and tell him that he has gone on the potty all the time except for the above mentioned times! His teacher also sent home telling me how many kids are in the class so I can figure out exactly what I am going to make and send in for his birthday. And that he has been doing an amazing job at keeping his thumb out of his mouth at school, and that we really must be working hard on it at home. And honestly, I didn't realize that he hasn't had it in his mouth 24/7 until she mentioned something on the note!

Our next door neighbors were being really loud earlier today, and Brandon is tommy's son 100%! The last time that they were being really loud at night, and Tommy was home, he started being as loud as them. He was stomping on the floor....yelling and screaming just like them. Then a little bit later, he had put his ear to the wall to see if he could still hear them. Sure enough, they were loud today and Tommy's little mini-me stopped playing and started jumping up and down and stomping like crazy. Then when they still persisted, he started yelling and screaming at the wall. Then when they were still moving around but not being as loud, he walked behind the couch to the area that he could lean against the wall without any problems, and listened to see what he could hear! I had to try and contain my laughter while telling him that since it wasn't bed time that they were fine. But that if they were still loud when it was bedtime, then I would let Marissa scream as loud as she wanted, and him and Logan could stomp/jump/yell and do whatever! He liked that idea! (paybacks are you know what....especially when their little ankle biter dog barked all night last night AND woke Marissa up a couple of times! I was NOT a happy camper on that one!)

ok....I got side tracked after typing all that by my nightly chores that I needed to get done before going to bed, so I am sure that there have been some posts added to the ones that I am seeing now.

04-02-2008, 01:53 PM
Omg..I did this workout dvd today...'Jillian Michaels 30 day shred' and ughhhh my legs are all wobbly right now, lol. If I'm ever on TBL, I wanna be on her team!!! LoL!!

My damn weight keeps bouncing around. I dont get it. I'm never gonna lose the 5 pounds. :mad: I keep working out and I'm eating right and I either go up a pound or go down a pound. I dont get what I'm doing wrong. I'm so frustrated.

04-02-2008, 02:28 PM
Good Morning to Sue, Sassy, Cristina, Mindee, Jules, Francie, Katy and Michelle!!:wave:

Feeling fat today and under the weather w/ a stuffy nose. Of course the 2 aren't related *sigh. I am fat period and I also have a stuffy nose. There. I swear someone put me out of my misery!

Teacher wrote an email saying march homework is due and since it is a part time K we need to suppor Gab at home w/ the homework. WhatEVER. I tried to get her into fulll time K, I am not into the homework crap every day. I was telling someone I am interested in the nature way approach to teaching. I read about this school in the area where the kids spend all day outside learning from nature. They aren't sitting inside w/ pencil and paper....they are outside counting bird **** and learning their numbers and ABC's............or I was going to tell the teacher homework was against out religious belief's. Or it gives me a rash and makes me want to drink Merlot and run around the house naked. Whatever............I just sent her email to trash, I don't need the pressure. lol

04-02-2008, 02:32 PM
i tried to tell my teacher that homework was against my religion. But I made the mistake of saying that while I was in Catholic school and she told me that it wasnt, lol. I went through all of junior high and high school without ever doing homework..LOL!!!

04-02-2008, 02:48 PM
Thats right. And you turned out fine didn't you Francie?? Of course you did. :hat:

It is just totally bs. Gab and I love to read at night so I AM suporting her by reading books and getting her a library card.

I could say it is against my *diet plan* (ya, shut up. I know I don't have a diet plan, I don't even wanna exercise. Maybe I am just a lazy butt??? lol ) and the stress of making a 6 year old do her homework is stressful and makes me want to eat cold mac and cheese?? You think being a drunk at 2pm is bad enough.

*sigh. I am not going to be stressed on this but it burns my butt the teacher did a cc to Mike and now he will know gab's homework is late (again). lol

omg - and rent is due and I am $300 short!! And my nose is running and I took night time medicine at 9am and now I just want to sleep my day away. So, I can't do K homework even if I wanted too. I just have enough strength to eat a bowl of mint chocolate ice cream. lol

McDreamy called last night and is applying for a position 3 hours away - central Oregon and it will double his pay if he gets it. I started to tear up because what about us?? :stress: What about my pancakes and pasta on the weekends?? What about getting drunk?? :hat: Ok, forget about getting drunk , I can do that on my own but I can't cook!!!! :dizzy:

and I wanted to slam the phone down until he said "I have a diamond for you Susan, will you marry me?? ":lucky: .......*snicker*....I don't care about diamonds, I want a pancake :comp::comp: No, he asked me if I would consider moving w/ him if he got the position. Isn't that the sweetest??

anyway - it was. Now I have no time for indi's!! I have to go and umm, do something. Play around w/ my

chat later!

04-02-2008, 03:05 PM
Yes, I turned out just fine :lol:

I found these for you too...

04-02-2008, 03:37 PM
Hello ladies...

Where does the time go...I swear I get up and before you know it the day is half over, ugh. I need more hours in the day, or more hours in the night for sleeping, lol. a bad mood now and after such a great start this morning. Damn wedding companies will not return my calls or e-mails. I ordered stuff March 13 and it all should have been here by the 23rd of March...nothing! Anyway...had to resort to threats, sort of. Told them if they can't respond to me I will have to cancel my orders and go elsewhere. It's not even my wedding and I am getting stressed! are too funny! I never thought about the allergic to homework excuse, lol. WTG on the exercise! I am going to have to check out those dvds...if I went on TBL I too would want Jillian as my trainer...just like her better, and she's funny. And STAY POSITIVE missy! You WILL lose those 5 pounds...just don't get frustrated. Of course weightloss is very frustrating. If only our bodies would work the way we want them too, lol.

MINDEE...WTG to Brandon on the potty training.

HIYA SUE...good to see you checking in. Hoping all is well with you and yours. Hoping your mom is well also.

JULES...:bday2you: :celebrate:a very HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to RYAN!:celebrate: :bday2you: Glad you guys had a fun time! I know you are going to miss him when he's gone :hug: Being a mom is hard! How's that grandbaby? He sure is getting big! They grow way too fast. I will go back and check myspace for the new pictures!

SASSY...hugs to your co-worker. :hug: I agree with Jules about the clothes...I always do it for me. I feel better about myself when I feel I look good. The same with makeup...I get in a rut and don't want to wear any and Idon't wear much anyway. But when I fix myself up I always feel yeah, do it for yourself missy! Keeping my fingers crossed for the apartment :crossed: :lucky:

KATY... You are doing great and 177 or was it 175? Sorry, I forgot...either way it is great! You are getting there slowly but surely and that's the best way! :carrot:

Okay, almost time to call that stupid wedding company again. I called this morning and thinking 5 hours is plenty of time to find out something and call me back. Even gave my cell number so I wouldn't miss their call..the other place I keep getting the voice mail, ugh! No wonder brides turn into bridezillas, lol. Have some exercise to do as well and a load of laundry to get done.

Have a wonderful day ladies!

04-02-2008, 03:38 PM
I love those avatars Francie! So cute have to use them, lol!

04-02-2008, 06:48 PM
The cold medicine put me out of my misery. Gab and I even did homework while I slept and she is almost done w/ the packet. I knew she didn't need my help!! lol She is a smart little cookie.

Francie - Thanks for the McDreamy idea!

Cristina -
Hugs to you too!! I don't envy you on the wedding planning but in the end it will be all worth it!!!
It is close to the Cali border, I looked, more like 5 hours to me. He needs to be offered the job first and I will worry when he accepts it. He can't really pass up a 6 figure salary and I know he thinks we have a future (go figure - lol ) so, it'll work out - at least it isn't across the ocean!! I have done these long distance things before :)

anyway - I feel miserable, back to my bed !!

Hello to everyone!

04-02-2008, 08:10 PM
Hola everyone!! My mood has been lifted!! I went shopping :D :D :D :D I bought 2 books (Dead over Heels & The Biggest Loser Sucess Secrets), 2 workout dvds (TBL Power Scupt & WATP Walk Slim Fast Firming), 2 bottles of nail polish, some weights, and a mug that has dh's ship on it, a decal that says "I love My Sailor" and a magnet for Fonzo's grandma that says "Navy grandma"..And Fonzo bought some new uniforms & a video game, lol. OH, he did get me my own EN patch :D LoL!! Fonzo was totally making fun of me for being such a shopaholic while we were in the uniform shop. He said I could go into any store and always find something that I want to buy, lol.

But ugh..after doing that one dvd this morning..Fonzo came home and I SHOWED him what some of the moves were. Which was a bad idea. I was already wobbly to begin with, lol. But after I showed him some of the moves, I was even more wobbly, lol. We walked all around the mall twice, and all around Target. My legs are KILLING me!!!! Fonzo says that its good that I'm hurting, lol. I tried to kick him on butt, but I couldnt lift my leg, lol.

OH YA..I'm gonna take up roller skating again. I used to do that ALLLLLLLLL the time when I was younger. No wonder my legs back then were so nice & toned. I havent been roller skating since the 8th grade, so I'm gonna start off just skating around my balcony, lol. I'm probably gonna be really rusty at first, but I'll get back into it. I love roller skating more than biking (which I wanna start doing again too)

Cristina~You know to be honest, my teachers never assianged us too much homework. Usually the stuff we didnt finish in class could be taken home. But I usually stayed after school to wait for my friend (she was in band), so thats when I did it, lol. Or I'd do it in detention to pass the time, lol. Or I'd just ditch school all together to avoid doing any school work, LMAO!! I miss being a teen. I was one 3 years ago (scary, lol). The reason why I'd pick Jillian to be my trainer is cuz I think Bob is HOT!! LoL!! I'd be too embarassed to sweat or look gross in front of him, lol. Plus Jillian would totally kick my butt. Fonzo even said he'd want her as his trainer, lol. And its nice to know she has a senstive side too. I love her. Bob is just eye candy for me, lol.

Susan~Glad you like the icons!! You have a McDreamy, I have a McSailor. :lol:

04-02-2008, 10:32 PM
hello are you all doing?

nothing really new on this end......I feel like I am going to pee my pants. I have my normal Crystal Light Energy this morning, and then I had a pop at lunch time. Ever since then I have been drinking kool-aid so I have been drinking plenty of water, and I am about to float away any minute now!

I fell back asleep on the couch after I put Brandon on the bus! I woke up to someone unlocking the front door, and I almost jumped off the couch. I looked out the door wall, and noticed that the van was there. A couple of seconds later, in walked Tommy. I said "what are you doing home?" and he said "they sent me home. they didn't have any more work for me." To which my heart kind of stopped but then he told me that he has to go back into work tomorrow....they just ran out of work for him to do today!

oh, and the last company that he worked at......well he heard on the news Tuesday night that they closed up! Tommy had predicted it right after he started working there, and wouldn't you know it, they closed up shop for good!

Brandon had a rough day with going potty on the potty, but we are getting back. He went to the store with Tommy, and I forgot to mention to Tommy to ask him while they are out if he has to go. Logan again took his diaper off today! I am getting so mad because he has done it at least once since Monday, and it seems to be only when he is poopy. Marissa is growing up so quickly......she has changed so much in the past month! she is so long and skinny now since she started crawling! she will crawl all over the place, then sit up and then clap for herself!

Francie~ Those are some great avatars! I keep telling myself to snag the one in your signature about not being perfect but I keep forgetting to!

SusieQ~ I will have to head over and check out your page in a second! I would have told the teacher to stick it where the sun doesn't shine!

I do have to say though that I weighed in at 233.4 lbs this morning.....which is amazing since Monday I was weighing in at 237.6! I just got my butt in gear, did some major exercise and I have been limiting my pop intake and upping my water intake!

04-02-2008, 10:56 PM
Hi Girls.

Well I got a surprise when I came into work tonight......Went upstairs where I have been for the last 2 weeks now, right? ALL my stuff was GONE! Chair and all! (I have a special chair due to my back injury) Well I sorta figured that it had been moved downstairs, but was just kinda shocked because we usually have to move our stuff ourselves, they usually don't move it for you unless you are fired! Also was concerned because there are folks moving into our old area so I had thought maybe they had just took all my stuff and my coworkers stuff (we were sharing another ladies cube who is on maturnity leave) and did who knows what with it. So first I call downstairs, ask a co worker, he puts me on hold forever. Then I see the manager who moved upstairs and asked him, he said that he thinks it is downstairs.

So I grab my fan (they hadn't taken that) and went downstairs. I get down there and my tower is there -- that is it. No chair, no mouse, etc. I am like, "ok where is my stuff?" didn't think of looking around that area for it, turned around there it was, scattered all over the place. Since there was 3 people's things upstairs, they did not know what belonged to who. Luckily I was smart in labeling me and the lady on maturnity leave's computer tower and my coworker did the same. So I am downstairs now with everybody else. :) It was just kinda confusing getting all my stuff back cuz it was all over the place. lol. But I am all "settled" now. :)

Oh my boss approved me to use my floating holiday next Wed. So next Wed I will only be working 6 pm - Midnight, 6 hours, holy cow! That should fly by for me, since I am used to working 13 and 14!! lol. (I only have 7 hrs of floating holiday) So then DH & I should be able to go to the Outlet Mall next Thursday since I get off earlier I can go to sleep earlier and then we can get up earlier......;)

Watched Hells Kitchen. Boy oh boy do they have a bunch this time........I dunno if any of them knows what they are doing! lol. Shall be intersting......

Well will do indies later or on the Weekend when I am off! :)


04-02-2008, 11:19 PM
Hello ladies...

SUSAN...I thought he already got the job...yeah, I wouldn't pass up that kind of money either, I don't think. Of course it would depend on things, family & such. And yes! Thank goodness it's not an ocean away!

SASSY...good grief! Crazy people not being able to make up their minds. Hopefully you are were you will stay for a while...'til tomorrow anyway, lol. Hopefully you and hubby make it to the mall. are too cute! I told DIL-to-be we need to win a shopping spree. We were at Dillards and I saw so many cute things. But I was good, stayed focused. I tried to get the hubby to go roller skating, lol. He said NO WAY!!! He's really tall and he said if he fell it would hurt, lol. He doesn't know how to skate and I won't go by myself...but I always loved it! Never could stand up on rollerblades.

MINDEE...WTG on the loss! :woohoo: :bravo: You are doing GREAT! Brandon will get the hang of takes time for sure.

Well, I did manage to get in touch with the one wedding company and the order was shipped today. I thought the lady was just saying that but just checked my e-mail and had an shipping confirmation :yay: One down and one to go. This other company will not return my calls or e-mails so what the heck to I do. Thinking about ordering with someone else and put a rush on it and then canceling this one somehow...may have to go to the bank and stop idea. I'll try calling tomorrow. The order was supposed to have been shipped on March 24th, ugh! Anyway...did my 95 minutes of exercise today. Feel good that I got it done but my body aches. Anyway...going to go get a little reading done before heading to bed. Early day tomorrow so want to get to bed early.

Nighty, night ladies!

04-03-2008, 01:27 AM
just thought I would pop back in here before heading to bed!

Sassy~ That is great that you were smart enough to label your stuff! awesome on the floating holiday as well! I am sure that you said this before, but what do you do?

Cristina~ Thanks for the nice words! great news on the one shipment!! now, if you can only get the other company to return your calls! good luck with that as well!

04-03-2008, 01:59 AM
Mindee~Go ahead and snag it. I have a billion more icons if you ever want any. Just give me an idea and I might have it, LOL!!

Cristina~You should be on the look out for these Bridal things they do at Dillards. Me & my mom went to one and I won a picture frame, 2 towels and a photobook. It was pretty awesome. You also get some cool ideas for your wedding, and get to eat free wedding cake, lol. Although the one we went to had one of those chocolate fountains. I wanted one for my wedding, but my mom said no, LOL!!! Oh well..I should show you my wedding pics so far. OoO wedding expos are fun too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LoL!!

Dh & I saw 'Stop Loss' tonight and wow. That was one good movie!!! I cried several times during it. Movies like that really get to me. legs are seriously killing me. Fonzo is waiting for me to get off so he can walk me to the bedroom. Walking up the stairs tonight was it for me. My legs are done for the day (hopefully not the week). I'm gonna go do my nails in bed...see ya'll tomorrow!!

04-03-2008, 07:25 AM
Morning Chicks. :coffee:

Cristina -- Yeah I should be staying put for a while now. (Lets hope anyways!!!) lol. What was it that you were ordering? Anyways, hope they get it together!! WTG on the exercise!

Mindee -- Yeah in this place if you don't label it, its gone. lol. I work in a callcenter -- at night. I get the joy of waking people up in the middle of the nights and tell them to fix stuff. lol.

Francie -- hope the legs feel better chickie!


04-03-2008, 01:37 PM
I feel like total crap today. I'm feeling places that I've never felt before. Like my abs, back muscles, shoulders (well, its different than its usual stiff pain, lol), my arms (who knew my arms could hurt, lol)..and my thighs still hurt of course. I put bengay on my shoulders last night..then in the middle of the night I woke up to my abs hurting!!! I had a pretty bad night to begin with. I could only sleep on my back..and if I moved then I'd wake up in pain. I dunno how I'm gonna manage to get down the stairs today. We're gonna do our taxes and have to go back to the mall. I figure light walking will be okay for today.

Well..I'm gonna try and get up to make some breakfast (I've been trying this for an hour now, lol).

04-03-2008, 03:20 PM
Good Morning Ladies, I am back to normal *snicker*:dizzy:

Sassy - So, you are settled in the office, no more being moved? I don't like people touching my things at work (when I worked - lol) we had maintenance staff move our office but I think I did most of it myself. Is Hells Kitchen the one where this English guy goes in and teaches them how to run the joint better??

Mindee- Hope Tommy's work gets settled down, it would be frustrating for me to go in and not have work to do on a consistant basis. AWESOME on the weight loss!! So happy for you! :bravo: I haven't touched my myspace yet, just been deleting crap. can go look though if you want.:D I meant to say you seem like a natural mother. I feel I have to work at it. This homework thing is way frustrating to me. I want Gab to enjoy being a 6 year old and have fun. If she is spending 3 hours in school each day I don't see where she needs to spend another hour at home on studies. I would rather have her outside playing. I just think the teacher needs to lighten up, I am just too chicken to tell her that. lol

Francie - Your abs have gone where no abs have gone before?? lol Sorry you are sore, maybe take a hot soak in the tub? I hope you feel better soon!! Loved your shopping list!

Cristina - I would be so pissed on not getting your orders in time for the wedding. There is no way to get them on the phone or drop into the store?? Is everything like an out of state kind of thing?? What are you reading? No, McD is just applying for the job, he heard about it on Monday and his co workers are encouraging him to apply. Like I said it would double his pay, but take him far, far away. I doubt I would ever move w/ him. I mean we have only gone together for 4 months, it's too early to be changing my life for him. Maybe after a year???? Who knows....if he doesn't get the position I won't have to worry about it. lol.....

Katy - Where are you?? Hope all is well w/ the kids. Are they doing swimming this session??

Sue - How are you??

Jules - Happy Birthday to Ryan, is he getting ready to make his trip to Portland?? Hugs to you and Teri!

I guess I better make tracks!! I paid my rent this morning - another crisis successfully
My cold is almost gone, thank goodness. Swimming tonight and the sun is finally back!!

04-03-2008, 03:51 PM
Hiya Chickies :wave:

SASSY...the one order that is being sent are the tags for the one favors and a sixpence for the bride was on this order. The other order is for the pink netting circles and the black ribbon with their names and date on it...those are for the Wedding Day scented yankee candles. I could not find the color circles anywhere around here and of course I had to order the ribbon. are welcome missy! You are doing a great job so keep it up! You heard me, lol :D How's the potty training going today?

FRANCIE...hugs missy :hug: Sorry you are so sore...maybe you over did it. If you are working the muscle, for me I can't do strength everyday...I need a day in between to rest...I think that's what they say...whoever 'they' are, lol. Just be careful and not hurt yourself.

I tried to get up early...guess it was earlier than usual. For some reason when I try to get up at 6:30 I can't do it...lay in bed 'til a little after 7 or 7:30. Oh well...wanted to get my, well most of my exercise done before heading out. Did 60 minutes and plan on doing another 30 about 2:30-3'ish...sometime before Jeopardy so I can rest before having to cook dinner. Went to wally world and bought groceries...telling ya, everything is going up and I spent too much time there. Was trying to find Chase, Charlotte's boy some toys. I keep playing favs and that is soo wrong...can't help myself. Cambrie is too darn cute! Anyway...he will be spending the night next week so got him a few boy things to play with, keep him busy. What does a almost 9-year-old like to play with? I was in wal-mart for over a hour, yikes! Then went tanning...not sure why I bother except I want a little color to me, want to look good for the wedding. Anyway...

Hoping all is well with everyone. Take care and have a great day! :hug:

04-03-2008, 04:12 PM
Cristina -

I heard on Z-100 (radio) that it takes 8 months to get to know someone and if you aren't ready to marry by 8 months + 1 year (21 months, see I can add - lol) you never will be ready.....something like that.
I am getting old Cristina, I have taken the adventure route before. I also like being on my own for the most part. lol
I don't worry about Gaby being ready for 1st grade. I just believe she only has 1 childhood and I want her enjoying it and having fun. If the school really wanted to prepare the kids they would offer full time to all the students and not just some.
Also, Gab's 3 hours is w/ no recess time or down time that the full time K has basically it is the same amount of study time. And really ...who went to full time K in their days?? That is a new thing and these days it seems the kids have be up and running and have learned before they even step into the classroom.
I do believe in establishing good study habits and I suppose we can do that in K but you know.........I ain't stressing on it and come Monday when she wants her homework packet she might not get it. I might think Gab needs to be outside getting some sun instead. I might not have the degree but I know my child and what is best for her. She'll be fine, she is smart and she doesn't need a completed homework packet to prove that.
So, the teacher needs to chill. lol

04-03-2008, 04:45 PM
Good afternoon ladies. Nice to see that everyone is doing well. Hope the sun is shining where you are. It is cold, damp and ugly here. I swear this winter is dragging on...and on.

I had to run errands earlier. Then sewed and hung valances in the spare room. Finally! Next week I am working on the bedskirts for 2 beds. Ugh...but it has to be done. Have a 5 hour stew in the oven and it has been smelling so good..yum.

We are going to spend the night at the riverboat hotel tomorrow. Mom has decided she feels well enough to go so we got Baby an overnight at the kennel. She will hate us when we pick her up. :( Spoiled, just a little.

Susan- Hey, you might consider going with McD...kinda like running away from home. hahaha. Seriously, I think you will know if and when the time comes, to go or not to go. I do think it would be okay for Gabby to meet him though, don't you? And of course, the other girls...but I don't know about your Mom. *just kidding*

Cristina- Gal, I would be pulling my hair out with the wedding things. I do not do well waiting for orders to arrive...or waiting for most anything. lol (picture a little bratty kid stomping her foot and saying "I want it NOW." that's me.)

Francie- Sounds like you over did it. I know the stepper kicked my butt the first few times I used it...well it still kicks my butt, I just don't use it like I should.

Mindee- I can't remember potty training can't help much on Logan. Sounds like Brandon is getting it and I am sure Logan will want to also. My DGS always strips from the waist down when he goes in to poo. Once I visited his pre-school and he was in the bathroom forever...I knocked on the door and asked him if he was okay and he said "Yes grandma, I am just putting my clothes back on." I about peed laughing so hard...and then tried to have a straight face when he came out. The teacher said it was well known by herself and the aides that he took a long time in there, and why. :)

Sassy-Hope the moving is over and work. Any news on the condo?

Jules- How are you? I have been thinking about you and about Ry taking off for Portland. Brings back memories of helping DS load up his truck for his move to Las Vegas. I hated it, but now he has moved again, to San Diego, and is doing just fine. So hard to let them grow up.

Katy- It sounds like you are still doing well on your program. I thought about you being at the beach last cold here and I want to be at the beach in the sunshine.

Okay, I have rambled on enough. I need to go relax a little before dinner. Yum, that stew smells good!

04-03-2008, 04:51 PM
A quick HIya SUE! :wave: You snuck in while I was typing away. Ah! You just reminded me about french onion soup mix...I forgot to get some today! You mentioned your stew, and it does sound good by the way! I plan on a roast tomorrow in the crockpot...ugh, nuther trip to the grocery store...I can do it tomorrow though but thanks for reminding me, lol. It is cold, damp and ugly here as well. HAd some rain this monring, drizzle but supposed to have a storm heading our way sometime...hoping it's not bad. Have fun tomorrow on the riverboat and gald to hear your momma is well. Hugs to you! :hug:

04-03-2008, 06:48 PM
Hi all...have time for a quick "drive-by" before I head off to my meeting

Susan- stick to your guns on what's right for Gabby...the half day program is the same curriculum as the full day. Leigh has met all her benchmarks in her half day program and her only "homework" (if you want to call it that) is to read together. You are right on this! Do you get any indication she won't be ready for first grade...sounds like she's doing fine and the speech has to be helping, right? As you said, I think the teacher just needs to chill.

Sue - Can you believe it... we had snow at the beach.. so much for that, lol! It is weird to be at the beach with snow on the ground. We still had a great is good to be home.

Cristina - can't believe how busy you are with this wedding..I'm getting tired just reading about it :) NOT - tired of reading ABOUT it, mind you, lol! I love weddings (as long as they're not mine :dizzy:) It is going to be such a lovely day. When my son was 9 he was all about Game Boys and computer games...I bet you can find some online games on your computer that will keep him busy.

Mindee -WTG on your loss!

Francie - your exercise tapes sound awesome...wtg on getting it done even if it's making you sore. I have been slacking in the exercise department...will be hitting the gym tomorrow morning and getting back on track.

Sassy - glad things got sorted out at work - that sounded very disconcerting. I'm the kind of person that likes things to be where I put them and I get discombobulated when they are moved around. Still tap tap tapping? ( A' la McKenna) I found myself tapping to keep myself from worked!

According to my scale, I have maintained over the last month. I hope the weekly meetings help me get out of this rut. It's better than gaining, that's for sure, but I need to get in a place where I can get to losing again.

04-03-2008, 07:22 PM
Cristina~I dont feel that I over did it. I only did the one exercise dvd yesterday. But maybe walking around was an overkill. Honestly though my muscles never get maybe thats why I'm so sore, lol.

Sue~I didnt use the mini stepper yesterday. I only did the exercise dvd.

Katy~I loved the dvd. But I'm thinking that maybe I should do it every couple of days, lol. I'm gonna try some light walking tomorrow. Good luck on getting back on track!!

Okay, I'm gonna switch to teeny bopper mode right now. New Kids on the Block are gonna be on the Today Show tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!! I was 4 or 5 when I started liking them. Jordan Knight was my first ever celeb crush, lol. I have their videos on my Limewire. Dh thinks I'm a nut, but whatever. LoL!!

Okay back to normal sane mode, lol. I'm starving so I'm gonna go make some lunch and wait for Oprah to come on.

04-03-2008, 11:18 PM watch the Today show every morning. Not the whole program but some while I get up, make the bed, brush my teeth etc. So maybe I will catch them. I don't think you are a nut, lol.

Katy...yeah, maintaining is better than gaining. Hoping the weekely meetings help.

Nothing going on...had to come down and check a couple of things so thought I would get on and see what's up.

Good night!

04-04-2008, 01:28 AM
hello are you all doing?

nothing new on this end. I have been so tired lately and I can't figure out why! although I haven't really been sleeping like I should be, so maybe that has something to do with it?

we are suppose to go grocery shopping on Friday but since Tommy hasn't been sleeping well either, and he has to work on Saturday, I just figured that it would be easier to just do our grocery shopping on Saturday afternoon! I mentioned that while we were eating dinner tonight and he goes "are you serious? you are going to let me relax tomorrow when I get home from work?" I said "well, yeah. I figured that you would want to relax and since it takes us so long to go grocery shopping that it would be easier just to do it on Saturday." we think that our mattress needs to get flipped. So, I will do that tomorrow after I get Brandon off to school. I also haven't been doing my workout video.....but I have been getting in some form of exercise. So, I am thinking that that has something to do with it as well!

Marissa was a little stinker tonight! she didn't go to bed until 10:30pm! That was even after I took her for a walk around the complex! I will have to post a recent picture of her....she has really thinned out since she has become mobile! Tommy mentioned something about her being really skinny now while we were eating dinner. He said "I never really noticed it before because I see her every day. but now that I get a chance to see her from a distance, she really has thinned out." if only I could thin out that quickly after becoming mobile!!!!! I would be doing this :carrot:

Francie~ I will have to snag it here in a second! I am in the middle of making banana nut muffins. (we ran out of options for breakfast....well, not Tommy mentioned making them for breakfast for Brandon before school) where do you get them from? I have done searches and I all I can find are the lame ones that every body seems to have. I like the ones that are more sarcastic or ballsy as most people say.

Oh my goodness! Richard Simmons just showed up on Jimmy KImmel Live! I can't believe that he is going to be 60 years old!

Sassy~ I would love to have that job! Do you ever get people with attitudes because you woke them up?

SusieQ~ Tommy's work is actually going great at the place he is now. For some reason they were just slow that day. He was busy yesterday, and he is going to be busy Friday and that is a good thing! Thanks for the nice comments about me. I have basically been a mom since I could remember! I spent most of my teen years taking care of or helping to take care of my younger siblings. So, I got most of my mothering skills from that. Now, I get to use them on my own children. As for Brandon, he gets 10 minutes a day of speech homework, and that consists of using a study packet that she puts into his speech folder and we help him with the letters or sounds that they are working on. Right now, they are working on the final p sound, as in ship, nap, sheep, ape, and the such like that. I know what you mean about wanting them to be normal kids. I like the natural way of teaching. we try and do that any chance we can with the kids. we take them for walks, and we show them the different things and tell them what they are.

Cristina~ Yes ma'am! I will keep it up, ma'am! I am actually in a challenge that is basically a boot camp like setting! So, that is so far keeping me on task with all my drills and such! I am going to keep up with this one and I am going to make it through the hard tasks of the double birthday party at the end of the month! we are trying to figure out something to do for our anniversary next month. every year they do this thing here in MI, called the downtown hoedown. It is a free country music concerts and such. This year, they are going to have Lonestar (the group that sings our wedding song) and Gretchen Wilson there on our anniversary. every year we usually go on the Saturday of the event, but this year we are trying to make plans to go on the Sunday, which is the day that they will be there AND our anniversary.

Sue~ I thought it was weird that they do the striping thing just to pee! Logan just doesn't like the feel of a poopy diaper he will be starting again with the potty business at hand. that is great to hear that your mom is going to go with you! I am sure that she will enjoy herself!

Katy~ Thanks for the nice words! I hope that the weekly meetings jump start things for you!

04-04-2008, 03:40 AM
Mindee~here's the muffin icon I was telling you about..and one that is just too funny...

04-04-2008, 02:32 PM
Good Morning -

I don't feel good and am too afraid to jump on the scale, I feel bloated. I have been eating late all week and it feels like the food just lays in the stomache all night, how gross is that?? I woke up and had toast w/ peanut butter and honey.
Coughing all night and the medicine puts me out cold, *wah *wah. Stop the *itching Susan.

Cristina - Sweet that you are trying to find interesting things for Chase to do while visiting. I don't know anything about 9 year old boys though.Something that runs on batteries though and you can hold in your hand and play with?? lmao......sounds like a sex toy......oops, don't get him that!!!:dizzy: Anyway - hugs to you and hoping you are having a good day!btw - the roast sounds yummy!

Sue - Riverboat hotel?? Like something on the water?? I know, I am slow. Sounds nice, I am sure you will have a nice time! Ya, I wanna run away from home, the kids keep finding me though. McD will never meet my mother!! lol The last time I said to her Me:"I have been dating him for 4 months now mother"....Mother "It is just a friendship, right?? It is platonic??" Me: "We have been going out 4 months (yes, I have to repeat myself w/ her) ,I don't think it is platonic anymore"......Mother: "Ok, I don't want to hear about this stuff. I don't know why you have to drag someone else into your mess"....
She is another Mommie Dearest. My life is a mess and I deserve no happiness. lol

Mindee- I missed Gab's early speech today. I should have had her at school 15 minutes early and I remembered last night but w/ taking the cold medicine and Rach fussing for work this morning I totally forgot. I have Gab's packet almot done and we will make the Monday deadline....regardless of my protesting - lol. I am going to go look up that nature school though, maybe I will send Gab there for 1st grade? Good luck on Saturday afternoon shopping!! lol It is always busy here.

Katy - Great on maintaining! What kind of meeting were you going too?? Just nosy. lol

Francie - Hope your aches and pains are better! :)

Sassy - How are you ??

Did I miss anyone?? Hope not!!

I am just trying to get over this cough. I just wanted to say hello! Went to swimming last night and felt miserable. Bought myself some red vine to help w/ my feeling like scum. Gab's dad didn't show up , didn't call and isn't answering phone calls. A-wall.....he must be pissy I won't have his , whatever. I want my child support though!So, I guess I will have to track him down. Cleaning and just wanting to get over the cough and stuffy nose. Chicken soup sounds good!

04-04-2008, 03:06 PM
Good morning everyone!!! :wave:

Well, I've actually been up since 6, but you know what I mean, lol. I watched the New Kids on the Block on the today show this morning!!!! I was sooooo excited I started crying, how lame am I? LoL!! They're gonna preform May 16!! I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm doing some stretches to help my legs right now. I seriously cannot stand this!!! I'm gonna give in and take some advil. I doubt it'll work, but it could help with some of the pain. I actually forced myself to move around a lot more today. I cleaned in the living room and cleaned the kitchen. Even played with my kitties. Which reminds me..I had a dream my cat Lucky was pregnant, LoL!! She was pregnant one day, and then the next day she was ready to have her kittens. I'm sure it doesnt happen that way, lol!!

Susan~Hope you feel better soon!!!

Well..Fonzo is gonna be home soon, so I better go dry my hair. BBL

04-04-2008, 03:58 PM
Just a quickie as I just got home. Spent the morning with daughter, daughter-in-law and baby girl...too cute! So short on computer time. Nothing much to say anyway so...

Got in 50 minutes of exercise this a.m. which threw me off my schedule and I was running late...hate that...always feeling rushed...once it starts it kind of dictates how the day goes and it did indeed! Not stopped with the feeling rushed feeling. Anyway...babbling.

Have a good day!

04-04-2008, 05:36 PM
Hiya chickies! I once again did not make it to the gym today- I am officially a slug. But according to my scale I have lost .6 pounds in the last two weeks, so I am not depressed....yet I have been physically busy - doing lots of housecleaning and errand-running. I put all my exercise on the calendar for next week so I schedule around it and have no excuses!

Cristina - hope you had a nice time with your family...

Susan - The Kaiser group I'm a part of have changed from monthly meetings to weekly for 8 weeks. They call them boosters...and I need the boost, let me tell ya! The kids aren't swimming this term, J is doing track and field, L is taking a soccer class and a bouldering class. Sounds like the relationship is about to get serious ...ooooo..Seriously, though ( haha) McD seems like a nice guy and you'll know if he's "the one" and whether a move is what you want to do. As far as your mom.. well you know that you can't listen to that kind of talk. Life is messy - it's just the way it is...would be terribly boring if everything were perfect.

Francie - NKOTB?! Please, God , no! JK My cousin way back in the day had a huge crushes on them. She told me that she wanted to get hit by their limo so they would have to get out of the car and she would get a chance to meet them. 'Course this was 18 years ago and she has grown up...she hides all her New Kids posters in her closet (snicker) Love the muffin icon

Sue - hope you are having a nice time at the riverboat hotel - that sounds like fun and I'm glad your mother is up for it.

Mindee - Glad Tommy's job is going well. Now Marissa needs to go to sleep earlier and the boys need to pee in the just tell them I said so, lol! If only it were that easy, huh?

I have some family arriving this afternoon and we'll be keeping them busy this have a good one, ladies!

04-04-2008, 10:40 PM
Hmmm...why do my posts keep disappearing? Wonder if this one is going to do the vanishing act before I get back to. Anyway...

KATY...WTG on the loss and making it to the gym! :bravo: Every little ounce counts and adds up. I did enjoy my day with the fam. Actually went to the Church to measure some things and figure out some things. Then we all went to lunch and had a GREAT time!

SUSAN...hope you are feeling better. :hug: Well, I've bought so much for Cambrie and I have to make it up to Chase. Plus they need to have things to do while here. They get bored easily. Of course Cambrie is like the stinking energizer bunny, lol...she truly does keep going, and going and going...:lol: but too darn cute!

MINDEE...what a cute picture/avatar! Bet you take pictures of the kids like I did and still do! They hate it! Used to pose for any picture now they cover their faces. The hoedown sounds cute! and fun! Hope you guys are able to do it.

FRANCIE...I missed the new kids...shoot. I was up kinda early but since I thought I had plenty of time to get everything done and out the door at 9 I did a few little extra things. Ugh! Ended up getting behind and not getting out the door until 9:30, crazy! :crazy: And you are not lame!

Anywho...I have some wedding things to go look at, or rather try to find some wedding things. Trying to get some decorating ideas for the church...we are not sure what to do with at the altar. Of course today there were all kinds of chairs and other stuff that won't be was just really cluttered and couldn't really get an idea of things. We'll get it figured out...probably the day of rehearsal...gotta go over and help her decorate that day. I'm sure I will bore you guys to death with all this talk but I think as the day nears it will get worse....sorry in advance :lol:

Have a good night ladies...gotta go or I will never find anything!

04-05-2008, 01:34 AM
Hello are you all doing?

well, I was able to get all my things done that I needed to get done and then some! Brandon got his hearing tested and his vision tested at school on Friday!

this coming Thursday, the 10th, Brandon and daddy will be going bumper bowling with his class. And then next month, his class has a field trip to the zoo! I am sure that we will try and make it a family trip out of it since they don't use buses for the trips, the parents drive them.

after we did all of our things that we needed to get done, Tommy got home from work. He asked me if I had my shoes on and I said no. He said well put them on and go check out in the van, there is a surprise in the van. (mind you....before all this, he had asked me what I was thinking of doing for dinner) I went out to the van with Brandon and Tommy had picked up dinner on his way home. then after we ate dinner, we all went grocery shopping! we were suppose to do it on Saturday afternoon but he insisted that we might as well do it on Friday.

he then said that he had a surprise trip in mind for Saturday after he gets off work. we were going to go up north to see my parents since she had clothes for them that came in. but she sent them out in the mail a couple of days ago. so, the surprise trip will be a ride to a city in MI called Frankenmuth, that is known as Little Bavaria. we haven't been there in a while.....Marissa was a couple of months old the last time we went there. (I can't remember how old.....I just know that she threw up all over the place when we were in the Christmas store) And since the weather is suppose to be nice tomorrow, I will take the camera with us so that we can get some pictures of them!

Francie~ Those are some great avatars!!!

SusieQ~ They don't do Gab's speech during school? Brandon's is done during class time. He came home from school on Friday saying "dummy" and "dongey." We are thinking that the "dongey" is him trying to say donkey. the whole time we were getting ready to go grocery shopping, he kept saying dummy over and over again. thakfully he didn't say it once while we were shopping!

Cristina~ I hate when my schedule gets thrown off! Yeah, I take pictures any chance I can! Logan is getting to the point where he will avoid getting it taken at all costs. I have to bribe him with food or tickle him in order to get a nice one of him!

Katy~ WTG on your weight loss! I agree with you on what you said! And I will let them know that you said so! They actually went to bed pretty good for me today. Now, I have to come up with a non-boyish outfit to put her in when we go out on Saturday! the last time we went to Frankenmuth we got the "oh are they triplets?" and " cute....three little boys!"

04-05-2008, 09:17 AM
Hmmm...why do my posts keep disappearing?
Christina, two of your posts on this page have been deleted. They both say, "This post has been deleted by FrouFrou." :?:
Let me know if you want me to undelete them for you. :)

Excuse me for jumping in, ladies! :wave: Enjoy your day, everyone! :grouphug:

04-05-2008, 11:20 AM
Hey everyone..

Yesterday was crazy!!!!!! We did our taxes. Then went to a billion shoe stores, so Fonzo could buy some dress shoes to wear with his uniform inspection next week. But he couldnt find anything, so we ended up going back to the first and only place he saw the right shoes, which happened to be the uniform shop!! LoL!! We went to the movies too. We saw 'Run Fat Boy Run'. It was sooooooooooooooo good!! I recommend it. I LOVE Simon Pegg. He was in Shaun of the Dead & Hot Fuzz..I'm not sure what else he's done..but those are the 2 that we own, lol. OMG!! They even had a preview for Sex & The City movie!! I totally flipped out!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to go see it. Fonzo promised he'd take me!!!!!!! YAY!! LoL!! Oh..then we bought Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, and that was just sooooo freakin cute. A little sad, but cute in the end.

Fonzo has duty today, so I'll be here alone for the rest of the day. To be honest, I'm still tired, lol. So I'm probably just gonna go back to the room and try and get some more sleep. I'm not feeling so sore today. I think walking around and going up and down the stairs helped, lol.

Oh..and the only reason why I'm awake right when I was sleeping, something poked me really hard on my side. I thought it was one of the cats..but none of them were in the room w/me. So I thought it was Fonzo poking me before he left..and he wasnt even in the room with me either. So ya, I just got all freaked out. I feel that the bathroom is haunted, and now I'm hoping that the bedroom isnt haunted too. Does anyone else ever get the feeling that theres someone in the room with them?? Because I kept getting that feeling in the bedroom. I had to turn the effin tv just to distract myself. I dunno..I could say more, but I dont want anyone else to think I'm weird.

Katy~LMAO!! I laughed so hard when I read your cousin wanted to get hit by their limo!! That is creative, lol. I still love NKOTB. I have no shame in saying that either, lol. (admitting that I liked bsb, well..thats another thing, lol)

Cristina~I have to agree with you. By the time the wedding gets closer, you find yourself with more things to do. We had a freakin wedding planner, and we were still getting stressed out by all the stuff we had to do still. And on the day of my wedding, it RAINED!! No not only rained, it STORMED!! There was hail, thunder, lightening..then the electricty went out at our location. The whole thing was supposed to be an outside wedding..and it had to be moved inside. Who knew it would rain in Arizona in December!! LoL!! Ya, i hate to say this..but I drank a lot that day to calm my nerves, lol. But after the ceremony..all the nerves and stress just melted away, lol.

Mindee~I LOVE Bumper Bowling, lol. Probably because I'm such a bad bowler, lol.

04-05-2008, 05:17 PM
Hello ladies...

Whew! Man, what a morning! So much for plans, lol! My plan was to read, read, and read more, lol! HA! Someone called at 8:30 wanting to know if could babysit, yikes! Man...I don't think I am cut out to be a grandma! These kids have sooo much energy and won't listen. I am constantly getting on to them. The MIL was supposed to be babysitting and decided she wanted to do something...oh well. We stayed busy for a while but I didn't get any of the favors done or any reading. I did get 45 minutes of exercise before they came...will aim for at least 30 later. I think I got that and more running around after them. Anyway...'s okay. There was a post that disappeared but it doesn't matter. It wasn't anything but thank you for asking, I appreciate it.

FRANCIE...that is exactly what I mean about plans. I told Charlotte you can do all the planning you want but you can't predict the weather. In the beginning they thought about having a garden wedding in our backyard. Church is the safer place, hopefully it doesn't rain. :crossed: Me and daughter wanted to see that movie...he is a fav of ours too. Loved Shaun of the Dead amd Hot Fuzz too...we have both too!cracked us up! Your feeling is not weird. I had that happen once in DH's old house. I actually turned over and screamed at air I guess telling them to leave me alone! There was no one there. DH was snoring bad and I was on the one was up and he was at work.

KATY...for some reason I thought you were doing that study. Ooops! I thought I read that you went to the gym. Umm, you have two children so I KNOW you are not a slug!

MINDEE...woohoo to bumper bowling! And then the zoo?! I bet Brandon is having a ball being in school. How's he doing by the way? Bet he's looking forward to all the trips.

SUSAN...hope you are enjoying your weekend! Are you doing anything special with McD?

SUE...hope you and the fam had a fun time on the Riverboat.

JULES...I checked your pictures and I love them all! Nick is getting so big already and just as cute as can be!

SASSY...hoping all is well with you!

Well, hoping I can get something done now that the kids are gone. That is the best thing about being a nana...I get to spoil them and then send them home!

Have a great weekend ladies!

04-05-2008, 05:58 PM
Good Afternoon -

No, I am not enjoying my weekend! lol

Cristina - Sweet that you have taken to Charlotte's children, I am sure they are adorable! Hope you are able to get back to reading soon :) No, plans w/ McD this weekend, unless I tag Gab along w/ me and I am unsure of that. I need to make up my mind asap because the time is ticking!

Mindee- Gab usually does do speech during class time but this was an extra 15 minutes the teacher wanted to work into Gab's speech program. We have yet to make a Friday though.

Franice - Congrats on the taxes!

Katy -Hope you are having a good weekend.

Also to Sue, Sassy, Jules and Michelle and BIG hello to you ladies!!

I am my usual miserable self. Gab's dad has been avoiding my calls since Wednesday and was a no show at her swimming. He did leave a message yesterday to pay something in child support today but when I called this morning he didn't answer his cell. So, I called his father and M was there and he HAD to talk to me. Long story short he decided to pay other bills first, so he had no CS for Gab. Whatever. I will never ask him again, he can pretend to be a parent all he wants but he isn't. You put your children first, he has no bills that are more important, he lives free at his dad's. blah - blah

*sigh.........sorry, just burned my butt. And when ( I know, I am going on again, I reminded him that he promised Friday to give me something he said I was crossing a boundary and he was getting uncomfortable. I almost bursted out laughing...whatever......anyway, he had to go and couldn't talk to me any longer. Big Baby.

k- that was my Saturday vent. I have to take Rach to the mall for shopping and get back to Gab's homework and do all this in my cold medicine haze......


04-06-2008, 01:29 AM
hello are you all doing?

nothing new on this end. we ended up not going to Frankemuth on Saturday....we figured that we would wait until we had more money. so we ended up going to the mall to walk around some. while we were there, Brandon went potty twice in the bathroom!! we were going to go to Chili's for dinner....but we got the boys out of their car seats and their pants were soaking wet! so we ended up just getting something closer to home, but we needed to stop and get some more pull ups for B!

he is loving school! he enjoys himself while he is there, and he is super excited about his upcoming trips! he is especially excited about the bowling trip with daddy!

Francie~ I am an okay bowler. me and Tommy usually are really competitive when it comes to games and such, and bowling is included in there! Tommy is the better bowler but I have beaten him a couple of times. We even talked about having a bowling party for Brandon next year.

Cristina~ Man oh man, you had a long day, huh? me and tommy were actually talking about another date night especially since our anniversary is next month! He is actually doing really well in school. He came home from school on Friday saying "dummy" and "dongey" which we are thinking is donkey. But he is doing amazingly well!

SusieQ~ Sorry to hear about your Saturday. I hope your Sunday is better!

04-06-2008, 04:53 AM
Cristina~Actually...rain on wedding days is becoming a tradition in my family. It rained on my uncle's wedding, my cousin's wedding, and my wedding. They all tell me that rain means good luck. With ghosts, you're supposed to confront it, acknowledge its presence then release it. Or burn sage, LOL!!! I think my mom is with me most of the time, because I feel a motherly love around me. But other times, I can just tell that its someone different. Its weird, lol.

Mindee~Me & Fonzo are sooo the same way. He can beat me at most video games..but I rule at Air Hocky and board games!!! LoL!! He's a better bowler..but sometimes he lets me win.

Well chicas..I had a dull night. I watched nothing but movies on Lifetime..then when I got tired of those, I put on Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Yum!!

LOL!!! I did use my weights for an hour. My arms felt like they were fall off. But my shoulders dont feel tight So thats good.

Right now, I'm soooooooo sleepy, so I'm gonna be going to bed. Nighty nite.

04-06-2008, 05:17 PM
Good Sunday!

Mindee- You're sweet, thanks! My Sunday is better and crossing fingers for a good week!! I did lose my debit card for my unemployment that I get on Wednesday, so I had to order a new card, hope it gets here that day or at the latest Thursday! But at least I noticed it was gone and didn't wait til Wednesady to figure it out. Rebecca is freaky at bowling, the first time we took her she was doing strikes left and right. lol

Francie - Hope you aren't as sore today and that you were able to rest some! I love Lifetime, when I was pregnant I would watch all the chick flick movies and cry all day. lol

Cristina - Did you ever decided on the music for the mother/son dance?? I was thinking of that this morning was wondering.

Katy, Sassy, Sue, Jules and Michelle...hope you all are having a good weekend!

Gaby and I have had a wonderful weekend of catching up on homework and reading about various farm animals riding bikes and talking to each other. I think another 30/40 minutes and we will be done w/ the homework packet that teacher wanted for tomorrow! Yippeeee. It is a good feeling.
Didn't see McD but we did chat a few times and w/ me not feeling well we decided to skip and catch up next weekend.
I weighed and am UP. No surprise there, so will go ahead a change the ole ticker. It will be a year in May that I started at 206, I am ok where I am but surprised too that I am not at goal.
Oh, I guess I shouldn't be....what a slacker I am! *sigh.
anywho,,,,Rach is working this afternoon so the house is quite w/ just Gab and me. Drinking water and I went and bought some chicken breast for dinner.

k- that is my dribble! :)

04-07-2008, 12:51 AM
just popping in here ladies.....

we really didn't do that much today. Tommy's parents came over and were here for a little bit. Then after they left, Tommy went to do laundry, so I have something to do tomorrow! and then I made dinner (gotta love Rachael Ray) and we are that.....we were going to go for a walk but Tommy was still doing his work laundry.

now I just need to make his lunch, get every thing all set for the morning, and then head to bed! I need to get back into a better schedule then the one I have been on!

oh yeah....Brandon has been wanting to take showers with Tommy lately, so Tommy has been letting him. Well, earlier tonight Tommy had given himself a hair cut. We had talked with Brandon that once the weather gets warmer and stays warmer then Mommy will give him and logan a hair cut. Well, Tommy jumped into the shower first since he had loose hair on him. While he was in the shower, Brandon got ahold of his clippers and gave himself a hair cut! Thankfully his hair is so think, you can't even tell that he did!

Francie~ I meant to mention that I want to see that movie, Stop Loss. It looks really good. And by the time I see it, I will be watching it on cable!

as far as rain on your wedding day, we were told that it is good luck! when we got married, my grandpa had passed away a week to the exact time of our wedding. (so we had a funeral on Wednesday, and then got married on the Saturday following the funeral) we had gone outside and had started to take some pictures under the cherry blossom trees. while we were under the trees, I had said a silent prayer for my grandpa, tommy's grandpa (whose birthday we got married on), and for all of our loved ones that have passed on, to bless our marriage in some way. as soon as we came out from under the cherry blossoms and were getting into the car to leave, it started to rain. and it didn't stop until a couple of days later.)

SusieQ~ Do you have any ideas on where you could have lost your debit card at? You are right, at least you noticed it now, and not later! I am excited about Brandon's first bowling trip, but I am kind of sad because I won't get to see him bowl for the first time. BUT Tommy did say that he is going to take the cameras and take pictures!

04-07-2008, 01:53 PM
:wave: Happy Monday Morning Ladies!!

Mindee- Isn't it cute when the kids give themselves haircuts? :nono: I think Katy has some stories about her darling DD cutting her own hair. Gab has done it once or twice when she was like 3 years old. Now she seems to think her stuff animals need trimming. I was making the bed just the other day and while I was laying there in my medicine stupor I didn't realize she was trimming her horses mane, hair all over the bed! Ugh.

I think I left my debit card at the banks ATM. Since it isn't my own bank I usually just take out the whole benefit at once. I must have been so busy putting the money away in my wallet I walked off leaving the card in the machine. That is my best guess because there was only a $8 balance and there was no reason to use the card again until the next weeks $$$ came in.

Anyway - lets hope for fast mail! The $$ goes in on Wednesday and without the card I will have to wait.

I tossed and turned all night. I could have read but I didn't want to get in that habit again. I woke up not too sleepy which is nice and so did Gaby. We had time for baths and breakfast and I even had time to do the dishes.

Going to take her to the Enchanted movie tonight, she doesn't want to go but I do! It is one of the movies that I wanted to see, next week is Alvin & the Chipmunks.

So, I had oatmeal this morning and will fix a chicken breast for lunch. I usually get red vines for the movie for myself and Gab pizza. Course I nibble her pizza crust like a good mommy. Need to rummage around for some decent walking shoes and get my butt in gear, especially with the nicer weather!

Going to look up this job that is located in the national forest, near MT Hood. You live up there, kind of like a camp asseistant Me and Gab , up in the wilds of Oregon. omg - she would LOVE that! I willl go see what it is all about.

Hi to everyone!!

04-07-2008, 03:02 PM
My sister sent the below article, thought it was good for a chuckle!! Looked up the Mt Hood job and I need to lift 80 lbs and know how to take care of a pool. *sigh, I would love to work there though,I guess I can leanr how to maintain a pool?? :D

This is an actual job application that a 75 year old senior citizen submitted to Walmart in Arkansas
They hired him because he was so funny.....

NAME: Kenneth Way (Grumpy Old *******)

SEX: Not lately, but I am looking for the right woman (or at least one who will cooperate)

DESIRED POSITION: Company's President or Vice President. But seriousl y,
whatever's available. If I was in a position to be picky, I wouldn't be
applying here in the first place

DESIRED SALARY: $185,000 a year plus stock options and a Michael Ovitz
style severance package. If that's not possible, m ake an offer and we can haggle.


LAST POSITION HELD: Target for middle management hostility.

PREVIOUS SALARY: A lot less than I'm worth.

MOST NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT: My incredible collection of stolen pens and
post-it notes.



PREFERRED HOURS: 1:30-3:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL SKILLS?: Yes, but they're better suited to a more
intimate environment .

MAY WE CONTACT YOUR CURRENT EMPLOYER?: If I had one, would I be here?

TO 50 lbs.?: Of what?

DO YOU HA VE A CAR?: I think the more appropriate question here would be 'Do
you have a car that runs?'

winner of the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, so they tell me.

DO YOU SMOKE?: On t he job - no! On my breaks - yes!

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE DOING IN FIVE YEARS?: Living in the Bahamas with a
fabulously wealthy dumb sexy blonde super model who thinks I'm the greatest
thing since sliced bread. Actually, I'd like to be doing that now.


KNOWLEDGE?: Oh yes, absolutely.

04-07-2008, 03:05 PM
Hey everyone!! :wave:

Nothing new going on with me. Had a nice sunday with Fonzo. He brought home his nice & new uniform. So I'm gonna take pics of him in it later today. I also have a doc appt. in 2 hours. So I gotta get moving..BBL!!!

04-07-2008, 03:10 PM
Hi ladies...

SUSAN...first, is M serious, what? Thinking he is just being an arse because of the e-mail, eeewww, lol. I agree...if he is living with dad he can't have utilities turned off so his daughter/children should come first! Wondering if he is going to start being a jerk because of the e-mail and you standing up to him. Hope you get the new card soon. Hey, did you call the bank you think you left it at to see if anyone turned it in? I know V is always doing that...not calling the bank but leaving his card places. The last time was at McD's and someone there charged $80 worth of food on it before he realized he left it there the next morning. Pain in the butt for sure because there's so much you have to do to get the money back and one was filing a complaint with the police, ugh! He's more careful now :crossed: I did finally decide on a's kind of ugh...but I love the words and that is mainly what I was looking for...the perfect words. Not "perfect" but the one I decided on. Everyone I like I pick to death and something bugs me about it and almost changed this one but Charlotte had already told the lady's a link (I think I can put this up????) It's called I'll Always Be Your Mother. Hope you are feeling better.

MINDEE...oh man, sorry you guys didn't make it to Applebee's. I love the wedding story, so sweet. I believe our loved ones always send us signs. Glad B is liking school. I remember when Josh was in kindergarten there was a little boy that did not want to be in school. Every morning was a struggle because he would hold onto his mothers leg and her feeling bad did not want to leave him like that. Kind of scared the other kids because he was really crying and screaming. It took a few months and a lot of times where the teacher told his mother to just go that she was making it worse by staying there. He grew to like it.

FRANCIE...that's funny that it's rain on so many family members weddings. I love reading about traditions and how they get started. We were married on a Wednesday and supposedly it was good luck. I have something I actually cut out of a magazine and put it in the scrapbook that says it. Wonder what it says about Friday's.

HIYA SASSY, JULES, KATY, SUE and everyone else :wave:

Got in 45 minutes of exercise before heading out to run some errands. Feel good about that. Going to do the 4 mile WATP later. I decided to do Leslie Sansone's 10 day challenge with it and see what happens. I've stalled again and I DON'T want to go to long sitting here not losing, ugh! It kills me when I stall. I was doing good and then made a darn goal! Everytime I make goals I set myself up for failure. Of course this is a bad month...V's BD is Friday, Chase's is the 29th, Josh will be home then and we will celebrate his then, maybe...then the rehearsal dinner and wedding, ugh! Definitely have to stay on top of things so I don't gain.

Started doing the gift bags yesterday...didn't get too far. I was going to start them Saturday while I waited for the tags. I received the tags Sat but the only thing I managed to get done on them then was taking all the white ribbon off. I would have more done but there was a little bit of preparation. I had to cut the black ribbon that is to replace the white...and I didn't have enough of course. Not sure what I was thinking, well, I actually I didn't think about the two sides, just thought about 1. So that's where I was this morning, one of the places. Had to go order a cake and balloons for V, go to J's bank and then Hobby Lobby for more black ribbon. Let me tell ya what happened...I picked up four rolls just o make sure I had enough Put it in my cart, went to the restroom and came out and noticed two were gone. I thought they might have fallen out of the cart but I retraced my steps twice and the two rolls were nowhere to be found. Someone either took them out because they needed it or took it out to 'f' with me, lol. So weird :lol: Went back over to get more and they only had one more hoping three is enough. Anyway, sorry for the long post. I better hurry and get off the computer. Okay, better get going.

Take care ladies, and have a great day!

04-07-2008, 03:13 PM
:lol: that is cute Susan! Thanks for sharing it...I needed a good chuckle!

04-07-2008, 04:38 PM
just popping in here while the kiddos are having their quiet time. we have new neighbors that moved in we now have to get used to that again! hopefully these ones will be a lot nicer then the last one!

Brandon came home from school with a backpack full of stuff! his school pictures came in today, and boy let me tell you they are super duper cute! I am going to try and see if I can save one to the computer off the website. I even saw, when I quickly glanced through every thing, that they are doing a relay for life for his school. Once I read more about that I will post about it. I think it would be really neat, and I am actually surprised that they sent one home for him, but it helps to promote good exercise and healthy living so I am all for it! they also got to go outside today because the weather is really nice!

SusieQ~ That was a funny application! I will have to see if I can find the application that my sister sent me. It is an application to date my daughter. Have you called the bank to see if someone turned in your card?

Cristina~ Logan is usually the one that acts up restaurants, so I felt really bad when he was throwing a fit because we were leaving! Tommy had asked him if he was going to behave while we were there and he kept saying no, which is normal for him! thankfully the bus picks him up and takes him to school, so we didn't have to deal with that. That cracked me up about being in Hobby Lobby. That sounds like something Tommy would do to me

04-07-2008, 05:16 PM
Hey All,

Sassy - I think the avatars download was in the library computers. It wasn't letting me download but this new computer is so avatars-away! I know. This was a past conversation, everyone must be thinking "wtf?"


Hi Cristina! - When you wrote McD I thought you meant MY McDreamy. Thinking "keep your hands off my cheesebread!" Until I realized you mean McDonalds!! lol Geez. Umm, I don't know about M, I give. I just know when I ask for money it means I really, really need it.
And my point w/ him was he said Friday he would have CS Saturday. When I checked in again it was he had gone and paid his bills, that happens Susan and don't remind me what I said because you are crossing boundaries.
He had a perfectly fine car with low miles from his father that he bought and owned free and clear but went out and bought a new one w/ a $300 car payment tagged on.
So, I can't simmer too long. I just make sure Gab has the basic shelter and food and if we lose our car so be it. lol

It is a beautiful song! Making me teary as I listen to it. How did you find it?? You need to do an assembly line on those gift bags! Sounds like a lot of work, I would help if I lived closer! Awesome on the exercise!!!

Mindee - Cross fingers the neighbors are more quite! I never did call the bank (USBank) because it was after hours on Friday and I had looked in my wallet, car and around the house and couldn't find it. I was checking all the balences on my cards to see where my money went...(just seems to go somewhere!! lol) I just thought it would be safer to cancel it and get a new one on the way since I wasn't going to get more $$ until Wednesday. Can't wiat to see Brandon's school pic!

Francie - Hope the doctors appt went ok!! :)

I steamed a small head of cabbage,seasoned it w/ salt & pepper and ate it all , along with a chicken breast.It was yummy. I think I am done eating for the day, I feel so full now.
Is The Bachelor on tonight??? Hope so! I have to run to the store for some odds and ends and get Gab's homework out of the way and off to see Enchanted this afternoon.

Hope you all are having a good Monday!

04-07-2008, 06:34 PM
Okay I'm back from my doc appointment.

I basically just had my annual "you know what". I'll get my results from that soon. However, I finally got my blood test results. I have traces of PCOS. She said she could put me on fertility drugs..but she'd rather have me go to the infertility clinic. I'm having more testing done as well.

I figured I had it..but its disappointed to know, now that its been confirmed...I dunno..I just need to take it all in still.

I'm gonna go lay down for a little while. Be back laters.

04-08-2008, 01:54 AM
just popping back in here......

this is going to be a short visit since my left wrist is hurting me. I am going to buy those wrist splint thingies when we go to wal-mart on friday.......or sooner depending on how much pain it throws off. I just took some tylenol for it and I am going to head to bed.

SusieQ~ the neighbors were quiet so far.....they aren't up there right now! they were moving stuff in until about 10:30, which in return pushed Brandon off his sleep schedule. he just now went to be at about midnight! that does seem like a better idea to just go ahead and cancel it.

Francie~ When is your appointment at the clinic? if it is early enough, did your doctor mention anything about going in and taking it out? if it isn't that much they can usually take it out and you won't need to go to the clinic. we were told that we were infertile before we got pregnant with if you have any questions at all, you can shoot me a message on here or myspace, which ever one you feel more comfortable with

04-08-2008, 11:32 AM
Good morning, chickies!

Was feeling good but just took a bite of my muffin and my stomach is hurting now, ugh! Not sure why...wanted to sit down while I ate breakfast and for some reason I feel like I need to be on the computer or watching tv while I do so. I know...not good, oh well, that's life, for me anyway, lol. Maybe I drank too much water too is going away. Anywho...

Did my Denise Austin and the 1 mile WATP=45 minutes. I have to go run some errands and then when I get back will do the 4 mile WATP=50 minutes. Can't remember if I mentioned the 10 day challenge she mentions...decided to do it. This is day 2 and so far, so good. The eating yesterday was okay but could have been better. V took me to dinner at Olive downfall. I actually didn't do too bad...I did NOT clean my plate so that was good.

Okay, gotta go. I will be back to do individuals. Have a good day! :wave:

04-08-2008, 02:26 PM
Good Morning!!

It is Tuesday, yeah! McD always does his emails by the day of the week, I tell him how that is such a turn on that a man with a masters degree knows his days of the week - *snicker*.

Francie- :hug: thinking of you, hope you get some positive results on your medical.

Mindee- Hope your writs feels better, here have a :hug: too!!

omg - are we all falling apart?? lol

Cristina - If it was my stomache it would just be hurting for another muffin. haha. kicking in! I better get off the computer before I get too obnoxious. :dizzy: YUM to Olive Garden!! Hope you are feeling better and here is your :hug::hug:.

ok, I am always behind these days!! A BIG hello to our MIA's
Jules, Sue, Sassy, Katy and Michelle!!!! Come chat when you have a second!

Gab and I saw Enchanted last night and I enjoyed it! It was way cute, especially when she calls for the animals to come and help her clean the apt and all the New York City rats come running. lol It was funny. I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

Ate an english muffin while watching The Bachelor last night, I couldn't resist. I mean I did through DWTS but by the Bachelor I was needing something to keep my mouth busy. lol WhatEVER....I also had a slice of cheese. :cheese:

Rach back to work after a day off and her 1st paycheck comes Friday so she is going to get back into kickboxing, good for her!

Gab is obsessed on babies. She asked me who was going to hold her hand when she has a baby and I said I would ...until I said "I guess your husband would" and she said "I don't have a husband" and I replied "you don't have a baby either" I don't know where she is getting this baby stuff at!!! UGH.

anyway - bbl!!

04-08-2008, 03:54 PM
Just stopping by to say Hi. I'm still feeling down about ya..I'm gonna go lay down.

04-08-2008, 04:17 PM
I'm back!

SUSAN...Gaby is too cute! That's funny she was thinking of babies, lol. Yay to Rach's first check! :yay: Lol, I was just too lazy to type McDonald's so put McD, lol. I don't know what that stomach ache was about because it stopped as fast as it started. Thinking I drank too much cold water too fast. :dunno: But I am fine now. Yeah, that song made me cry...I thought if I kept listening to it by the time it is played at the wedding I will be fine. I think I am kidding myself though...this is my first to get married and I will cry...I'll cry at all of them. Tears of joy of course. I thought about doing the bags assembly style but it was actually going faster if I did the whole thing at once. I have plenty of time and not doing so bad. Here's a look at them. I have more than that done...took a picture to show Charlotte.

MINDEE...hope your wrist is better. I know the feel all too well and I have one for each hand. Thank goodness though, they don't bother me like they used to. For some reason when I started exercising and moving my arms it helped. I have two because the first one was for the right and that was the only one bothering me. Well, they didn't have one that fit for both the right and left (I bought it at a medical supply store). The right quit bothering me and then the left started, lol. Now I have the two and the second one can be used for both the right and left hand. I don't like it as much though. Hoping to see Brandon's school photo's...the kids are growing up too fast!

FRANCIE...lots of hugs to you missy. :hug: :hug: :hug: I am sorry about the PCOS...I don't know much about it but have heard things.

HIYA SUE. KATY, JULES & SASSY! Hoping all is well with you ladies!

Ran my errands...came home and did the 4 mile WATP=50 mns. for a total of 95 minutes today. It seems like a lot but I am getting weird and feeling like I need to do more. I finally changed my ticker...not sure why I haven't in the last few weeks. I had gained 2 pounds a while back. Guess I thought I would lose them. Ha! But they decided to stick around a little longer and stay, and stay...ugh! Working hard this week to get those scales to move, and down! Proving to be quite the challenge. Actually, Friday will be the challenge. I plan on doing my WI on Friday morning. We always eat out and I know V will want BBQ. Which isn't so bad but then throw in the cornbread muffins and the fried okra....and then the BD cake and ice cream. I will partake but it will be a small portion. :lol:

Take care ladies! :hug:

04-08-2008, 05:08 PM
popping in here while the boys are sleeping! Marissa is awake, but I haven't gotten her up but I will in a second. I am going to try and take a quick picture of Brandon's school picture since I can't get one to save off the computer.

we talked to the office manager last night about switching things. she told us that we could pull out the dead plants/shrubs. Tommy wants to pull the shrubs out closer to our porch and put in patio stones to put the grill on. I asked her if I could pull out the other dead plants/shrubs and put plant some more flowers. I want to plant a rose bush or two, but after listening to her talk about another tenant that wanted to put one in, I will make sure it is okay first!

we also want to plant some flowers at my family's cemetery plot. my grandpa used to do it but since he passed away almost six years ago, nobody has done anything with it. Tommy has already agreed with me on this one, so now when we buy the flowers to plant out here, we will get the flowers for there as well.

ok..I was able to take a picture of his school picture with our camera, so I will post one as my avatar here in a second.

SusieQ~ did Gab come home from M's talking about babies? I haven't seen that movie yet, so maybe I can get the boys into watching it.....maybe!

Francie~ I hope things start to get a little better for you If you want to talk, just shoot me a message!

Cristina~ I didn't notice it while working out....I noticed it when I was trying to get up off the floor. So, maybe once it starts to subside some, I will make sure that I work them out at least once a day so I can keep them moving! Those pictures are great! Those bags are amazing!

04-08-2008, 05:20 PM
Just poppin in for a second.......

Francie- :hug::hug::hug::hug:

Mindee- Enchanted was way cute! Of course the real McDreamy is in it and he is *sigh* Dreamy and I love Susan Sarandon. I don't know where Gab comes up w/ this baby talk. I guess she also saw on tv the story about the "man" having a baby and she was telling me men and women can have babies. .....and I was telling her no, men can not have babies. Confused child. lol

Cristina- I love your dining room, how pretty!! All the bags look so festive! Fried orka sounds good, I have always eaten it in soups but anything fried is a must! At the moment I am craving chocolate cake. lol - yikes. :hug: hope you feel better!

anyway - on the run. Need to go spend time w/ the Gabster and talk birds and bee's. Still have a cough and that kept me up til 2am. That is ok because it was free coffee sample at Starbucks today! So, I might go snag an afternoon cup.


EDITED FOR MINDEE omg- what a cutie picture of Brandon!! Thanks for posting!! :)

04-08-2008, 07:12 PM
Well I'm back. Thanks for the support. :hug:

I've gone way off my diet because I'm doing nothing but emotional eating and then just laying in bed. Yesterday & today have just been bad days for that. Plus, the weather is sooooooooooooooo crappy and it makes me so sleepy. AF came this morning soooooo unexpectedly. I didnt think I would start until next week. So maybe thats why I feel so out of it too.

But I'm doing a little better. I'm still a little confused. But I joined this message board that Sassy recommended to me. So thanks to her for that. :D I found the military girls on there, lol.

Well..I'm gonna go lay down and continue reading my book. I'll be more chatty later.

Susan~I LOVE LOVE LOVE Enchanted!!!!!!!

04-08-2008, 07:37 PM
Francie - I love your "How cool is this outfit" avatar, I meant to say that earlier. More :hug::hug::hug::hug:, it'll get better:hug: Wasn't Enchanted cute? I didn't know anything about it before I went.

I made the mistake and had another cup of java at Starbucks!! Free is a good price, now I will be up for days and able to post non stop.:fr: Don't worry I won't put you all through that. I better go!! Feel so dang jittery!!

04-08-2008, 07:44 PM
Susan~I just LOVE that icon!! LoL!! Its just so me, lol. Fonzo took me to go see Enchanted when it was in theatres. It was just so cute. I love Disney movies, and that one in on my top 5 list!! I love it when she calls the critters to come and clean..lmao!! It looks so gross, but cute at the same time (except for the roaches, ew). Hope you dont have a huge crash after all that Starbucks.

04-08-2008, 10:36 PM
Francie - It is a true shopaholic avatar, you have done Becky proud! haha. I liked when the rodents cleaned the dishes with their tails, how gross, how cute! I also thought the chipmunk was cute. Have to see it for a second time for sure!! Hope you are feeling better tonight!!

Gab is swimming and I am heading home. I didn't want to sit for 40 minutes w/ her father. I think I will get my pj's on and wait for Dancing w/ the - wow, how did I get so exciting!! lol

Night all :)

04-08-2008, 11:51 PM
Susan~haha..she would be proud, lol. The chipmunk was totally cute!! I loved the little girl too, she was so sweet. "Happy Working Song" omg, I was singing that for days, lol. Fonzo totally has the hots for Amy Adams, lol!! I'm feeling a little better. How are you feeling?? Over that bad cough yet?

My life is just as exciting. I'm getting ready to watch TBL, lol.

04-09-2008, 12:36 AM
just popping back in here.....

I had Tommy pick me up a wrist thing, and he got me a two pack wrist compression and something else. It is already helping and I have only had it on for a couple of hours! I did take some Tylenol at about 8:15pm because it was killing me. But I did try to not use it unless I absolutely had to.

SusieQ~ Thanks for the nice comments on his picture! Now, we have to get an updated family picture, a picture of Marissa alone, and a picture of Logan alone. So, it will be an expensive trip to the Wal-Mart photography place, but one that needs to get done! The birds and the bee's talk, already?

Francie~ It is good to hear from you! It is also good that you were able to join a group. Once you find one, you will get a lot of information that you didn't even know existed! On another board that I post on, a lady mentioned to me that there is also a Post Lubal Ligation Syndrome out there, and sure enough, based on some symptoms that I had at the end of last cycle, I am thinking that I have that. BUT I only have a couple of them, so I am not taking it as a diagnosis since I don't have all of them. But anyways, I am babbling right now.

C'mon now....nobody is as exciting as me......I was in my pj's and waiting for American Idol to start. (that symbolizes bed time for Logan (if he isn't there already), Marissa (again, if she isn't there already) and cuddle time for Brandon)

04-09-2008, 03:59 AM
Hey Everybody, I am here!!! lol.

Just haven't had much to say.....yeah I know......Amazing, eh? lol. Not down or nothing, just I dunno, blah......:p Probably because the weather has been very nice here, :sunny: but I am stuck here at work.......:p And I think its supposed to rain every day I am off.........:rolleyes: Isn't that how it always goes? lol.
So I have been just reading posts....Then saw Francie was diagnosed with PCOS or traces of it......So I sent her a message because I remember how I felt when I was first diagnosed. ;) :hug: Girlie.....
Anywho, I am alive and kicking. lol. Oh and btw my User name here has ventured into work now. lol. It all started with a back of chips that were called "Sweet N Sassy" and my co workers said I am definitely Sassy. (notice they didn't say sweet.) lol. I actually said I am "Not so Sweet N' Sassy" lol......:p They have no idea about my user name here either so I guess I picked a good one. lol. Anywho, just thought I'd share that, figured you'd all get a kick out of it. ;)


04-09-2008, 10:10 AM
Good morning!
Well, I ate some homemade pizza last night and, sure enough, didn't sleep through the night. Ugh. When am I going to learn? I'll have to sneak in a cat nap or something this afternoon. However, being up and at 'em at 4am does give me time to watch a bunch of junk on hulu ( they would upload more entire episodes. I really want to see The Real Housewives of New York City. They put up one episode and I thought it was a hoot, but they are not loading anymore...just clips. Oh well, I guess I can watch more Charlie's Angel that's a hoot after all these years!

Sassy- well - I think you're sweet and sassy! No more moving around at work, I hope...if they make you move again then you might be Not-so-sweet-and-sassy, lol!

Cristina and Jules - Found you over at good reads...what an addictive site! Is anyone else here on Goodreads? let me know and I'll add you. I like to see what everyone is reading...I am always looking for a good book. C- I love your dining room - it is so elegant...and the gift bags a re really pretty, too. Can't believe the wedding is right around the corner.

Jules - saw the new pics of Nick over on ms - boy he is a cutie! How's Teri doing? Has Ryan moved here yet?

Susan - Has McD heard anything about the job? Hopefully M has coughed up some cash by now...what an a**. Kids before cars - how hard is that to grasp?

Mindee - Very cute pic of Brandon - school pics are the best! I've heard of that Post-tubal syndrome, but just get your info on it from lots of different sources. The stuff I was reading was from some very anti- medical establishment groups who thought all docs are evil for performing tubals, but I think that's an extreme POV. I thought I had some of the symptoms, too, but it turned out to be something different once I began to see the np and getting my symptoms examined more closely.

Francie - ((((big hugs))) Haven't had PCOS, but have had endometriosis (a long time ago and not related to the tubal stuff) and had infertility related to I know how depressing it can all get and I am keeping you and Fonzo in my prayers. Once upon a time, ivillage had ttc message boards for women who had endo and pcos...maybe it still does. I haven't been back there for about 6 years so who knows.

Hi Sue.... and anyone else reading this. Well, L has bailed on soccer; the class was for 6-9 y/o and she was overwhelmed - doesn't do well being the youngest at something competitive. So, she is going to take a Dance & Motion class at the art center instead. We had a great visit with the cousins this weekend..went to the zoo.

Here's a link ( to a flickr set of the zoo trip.. hopefully you can see it without needing an account. If you do, sorry! Youcan go to my blog and click on the flickr photos and that should take you there as well and you can see ALL my photos ---yawn...not very exciting, lots of yarn ;)

I am going to stay away from the pizza today....have a great day everyone!

04-09-2008, 11:59 AM
just popping in here while I have the chance! Marissa and Logan are watching Cars.....and seem to be enjoying themselves!

I did manage to sit down and make a list of all the pictures that we are going to need to order when Tommy gets home. Next step after that, is to figure out when we will be able to get an updated family picture, and single pictures of Logan and Marissa done. At this rate, it will more then likely be when we get that rebate check next month!

Katy~ I have never heard of that website, I will have to go and wander around it again here in a few minutes. I agree with you on getting information from many different sources. I only did a quick search because I wanted to see if there was anything to it, but I will be looking for more information if I needed and then compiling a list from the different sites!

04-09-2008, 01:49 PM
Katy~I'll have to check out ivilliage..I was just here for other reasons and didnt even think to look for pcos there.

Well..I'm feeling better emotionally. Physically, I feel so out of it. Af showed up and is ruining everything. I'm just sooooooooooooooooooo tired. Last night, I sat down on the couch and was gonna read my book. Well, 20 mins later dh is all waking me up and it was like 6pm!!! I read a half a sentence..:lol:

Anyhoo..I need to go to the post office for I'm gonna go walk on over there. I hope it doesnt start raining, lol. BBL

04-09-2008, 02:35 PM
Good Happy Mid-Wednesday!!

Sassy - Hey silly chick! Good to see you alive and kicking!! Happy to hear you aren't sick or anything.

Mindee- With Mothers day coming up I wanted to get a pic of the 3 girls, never have. It really pays to take care of the pictures as they come in because now I don't have dates on the back and I have 100's of photos on boxes. Ugh. I started out so good Never seen Cars, what is that about? I am glad your wrist is feeling better and the birds and the bee's only as far as men don't have babies. You know.....the basic's. lol

Francie - Was Amy Adams the princess?? The girl was cute, Gab perked up when she said she was 6 years old, Gab goes "I am 6 too!" cough is almost gone, thanks! :hug: rest some more, it is probably want your body needs :)

Katy - The deadline for the McD job is May 1st, so probably won't get an interview til mid May sometime and after that he would know. Saw M last night as I handed over Gab at the pool and when he brought her home. No money, no mention of when there will be money. He did say Thursday would be his last pool night because of a job he is taking. He never did mention his Astoria job again so maybe he is moving there, we can hope. lol Of course over my dead body is he taking her to the coast for visitation. I will have to go look at Jules and your pictures!! Cute about L! I have seen glimpses of the Housewives show, Gab never lets us turn it off the animal channel for long though. lol

Cristina - How are you?? :)

Jules - Miss you :)

Sue - Come check in when you can! Miss you too! :)

I missed American Idol! It wasn't in my tv guide. I watched Dancing and went to bed at 11pm. Finally was able to get some sleep, with all that caffiene and everything. Fancy that.
I was brave and stepped on the scale this morning and was surprised to be holding at 166!!! I thought I was creeping up to 170 w/ all my munching at night.

Waiting for my debit card to come in the mail, comes from ND. Totally broke and took an hour to rummage looking for coins this morning so I can have a $1.75 coffee.....*sniff*,,,poor me. I have cleaned out my extra change pretty
good so after an hour I only had $1.40. lol
So, I went back to the bedroom to look around my bed because that is where all my clothes go and change drops out of my jean pockets all the time.
No luck, so I swipe my hand under the mattress and come out with a quarter!! Yippeee and I swipe again and come out with another quarter!! Yippeeee, coffee time. I kept feeling around with my hand and thought - "just lift the dang mattress" so I did and I saw a $20 dollar bill in the middle of this king size bed.
I was sooooooooooooo happy. Coffee, coffee, coffee!!

How cool is that?? Be inspired, lose weight! lol

k- out of here for a bit.

04-09-2008, 04:43 PM
Hello ladies...

Man I am sleepy for some reason. I think all these early mornings are catching up with me, that and this gloomy weather. In for round two this afternoon and it is getting dark. Was hoping it would hold off until I get back later. Have to go and make reservations for the rehearsal dinner at 3:40.

Thank you ladies for the nice comments about the bags. I didn't like them, lol. But Charlotte did...she saw them yesterday and loved them...thank goodness. We don't want a bridezilla on our hands.

KATY...not yawing at all...the pictures were GREAT! I loved the zoo ones where the kids were holding the birds and feeding them. There were so many, and the penguin shots. Of course I had to go to your blog as well and see your new pics...loved 'em too! The living room is the entertainment center and your couch, lol. Now, all this knitting...geez, you should start a business lady. All the shawls/ponchos you must have a closet full! They are so pretty, that purple'ish color is pretty...and the striped die for! Too freakin cute for sure! Oh, yeah...I love Goodreads too! I've told a few people about it and they too love it! THANK YOU FRANCIE! Lol Seems I never have enough time to spend there and do everything I want to do.

SUSAN...ugh, M! You should tell him Gaby needs fuel too! I want to see Enchantment again. Cambrie had it with her when she spent the night so I saw most of it...but she is a talker and it holds her attention for a few minutes at a time, lol. I loved the dress from the drapes, lol! Woohoo to the $20! Maybe you put it there for that occasion and just forgot, lol. Glad you found it and hope you get your card today. :crossed:

SASSY...glad to hear from ya! Was wondering where you went off too. know, for some reason the last two days I have been really sleepy. Fighting to stay awake as I am typing, and I am serious. I seriously need a nap but I have to get going in a little while. Glad you are feeling better.

MINDEE...such a cute picture of B. When the Jason was in kindergarten and had his picture took they let me take the other two up to have their picture took too! I thought that was cool. Glad your wrist is feeling better. I know those braces work well for me. There are a lot of nights I've had to sleep with one or wonders!

Wanna hear something cool? I bought some of the bags at the grocery store a couple of days ago and used them today. I did not know that if you buy the bags and use them that the grocery store pays you to use cool is that? It's only .05 (per bag used) but I just thought that was great. A grocery store that pays you to use the bags...can't even think of what they are called...instead of using the plastic or paper ones. Anyway...I had been meaning to get some and just happened to see them Monday and grabbed some. They are only .99 each or 5 for $4. Wonder if Wal-mart does the same. in 95 minutes of exercise today, a load of laundry done and a trip to the grocer out of the way.

Have a wonderful day!

04-09-2008, 06:37 PM
Susan~Yup, she was the Princess. Glad your cough is almost gone.

Cristina~You should just a day off and just relax. :hug:

Well..I'm gonna go finish reading my book, and then take a nap. I'm still so very sleepy.

04-09-2008, 07:32 PM
popping back in here while Tommy makes chicken quesadillas for dinner, and possibly nachos for a snack later. If not later, then tomorrow when he gets home from bowling with B!

Francie~ Finding groups of women that are going through the same thing you are will do wonders for you! I can't tell you how many times they have helped me out a lot!

SusieQ~ I agree with you! I want a picture of all three of them together since we got a picture of both boys while I was pregnant with Marissa. Man, I should write a list of all the pictures I want done and how many I am going to need of each one! I will have to do that later!! Cars is the Disney movie with Lightning McQueen and Mater. Man, you make me want to go check under my mattress. although I just flipped it the other day, so I know there isn't any money under there! I usually find the money in the laundry when I am folding it! I found a dollar in Tommy's pocket when I was folding them over the weekend!

Cristina~ My mom mentioned that as well about the other kids being able to go in as well. I used to have to do that with my pregnancies..having to sleep with something on my wrists or having them elevated! Are you talking about woven totes? I believe I saw them at Wal-Mart the last time we were there.

04-09-2008, 10:22 PM
Hey Girls. :wave:

Man oh man was it ever tough coming into work tonight. It was totally GORGEOUS outside!! :sunny: I just wanted to keep driving! lol. I had my window down and the wind blowing through my I hope that the rain :rain: holds off for tomorrow......I want it to be :sunny: can we all do a little :sunny: dance? lol........Hey its exercise, right? :D

I felt icky this mornin, I had a very unwanted "visitor" this morning.......with a vengenance............:p I was so upset I was like whyyyyyyyy now? :cry: Sometimes I hate being a woman. lol. I took some Midol and went to bed and feel better today.......I also am wearing my new clothes so that makes me feel better too. :)

I am so happy, only 2 hours and 40 minutes left!!! :woohoo: I can't beleive it! Only 6 hr work night? :yikes: I can handle that! Only if they would pay me for my regular 13 and 14 everynight too. lol!!! A girl can dream, right? lol. At least I will be getting paid for doing nuttin the rest of the night tonight (after midnight) lol.

I am hoping to get lots of walking in this weekend too. :running: :D

Well ladies I will chat with you more later when I am OUTTA here! :D :D :D :D :carrot: :dance: :woohoo:

:hug: to all!!!

04-09-2008, 10:48 PM
Well..I finally took a nap. I feel tons better, lol. I think I should even be able to sleep tonight too. Yay!! :carrot: Plus, Fonzo starts leave tomorrow, so double YAY!! :carrot: :carrot: And tonight is America's Next Top Model, so triple YAY!! :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

Sassy~Ughhh I'm right there with you (maybe we're synced up together, lol) Midol isnt strong enough for me. I need like a freakin horse pill!!! lmao!! Or just some advil will do, lol. I'm glad you're having such nice weather. Please send some over my way. My pretty sweatshirt is getting a little worn in, and I'd like to wear it next year, lol.

04-10-2008, 01:50 AM
just popping in before I head to bed! tomorrow Brandon and Tommy are going bowling, so Tommy promised that he would take tons of pictures.

Sassy & Francie~ Sorry to hear about your visitors! I hope she doesn't stay long!

04-10-2008, 04:39 AM
Mindee~Just 2 more days and she'll be gone..woohoo!!

I just got done watching Transformers, lol. It felt like a Shia Labeouf night, lol. If it wasnt 12:35, then I'd put on Disturbia. But that movie creeps me out.

Anyhoo..I'm gonna go play a game and try to get sleepy, lol.

Nighty nite all!!

04-10-2008, 01:56 PM
Today is Brandon's bowling trip with his class. Daddy and him went to it. Tommy called me at about 11:30 and told me that his first game was a 91! Then he told me that Brandon bowls better then me.....which is true!

But I asked if he was having fun and Tommy said that he was. And that they were about to start the second game. Right about that time, they should have been getting their pizza and pop.

Logan wanted to go so bad this morning with them. But we had to tell him that we would all going bowling as a family soon. Then Diego came on, and he was happy with that! Right now, Logan and Marissa are taking naps. So, it is nice and quiet for now!

Francie~ Gotta love the quick visits! I haven't seen either of those movies. I am a major horror film scaredy cat! Although in my defense, I can handle them somewhat if I watch them during the day. Have you ever seen the movie called "Strangeland?"

04-10-2008, 02:48 PM
Good Morning -

I agree (w/ Cristina) , wonderful pictures Katy! My favorite exhibit is the penguins, they look so happy zooming around the water.

Yeah for getting some sleep Francie!! I have Mr M (??) on hold and need to pick up. I think that is the title, by Jane Green.

Mindee- omg- a bowling field trip?? How fun!

Sassy - HUGS!! Sorry about the evil visitor :)

Cristina - Awesome on the exercise!!! I love the bags, you have done a great job, I am sure Charlotte appreciates it, I would. :)

I know I am all over the place but I was in my email for a long time already. Rocky sent some 1/2007 Hawaii pictures so I posted those on myspace. I think I was 175 in those photos and I had my hair pulled back because it was so windy and didn't want to look like a poodle. haha

No, debit card yet!!!! UGH. It is ok, I saved the $20 for today and coffee. We went to ex husbands house for a steak and wine dinner last night, yum. Oh, ya. Did talk to M and he is moving to Astoria!! Not far enough but I will take it. Course he said since he is starting a new job he won't have CS for a month. *^$##@ , whatever. When I get my debit card today I am going to buy Gab some shorts and a new swim suite, suppose to be 70ish this weekend!!!

Better run!! You all have a great day!!

04-10-2008, 05:03 PM
Hello ladies...

I see we are a little over 100 posts...I don't have time now but if someone hasn't started a new thread I will come back later and do it.

Busy freakin day, ugh! I had to get V's BD cake and balloons today because he will be home tomorrow. He always takes his BD and mine off so we can go do whatever. On top of it, exercise, grocery shopping and a few more errands and now I am pooped!

SUSAN...those are GREAT pictures! OMG! I loved the view, so pretty! Does Gaby & R have a 'big' fish tale or what? :lol: Too cute! Sorry you haven't gotten the card yet, hopefully by tomorrow! Yay to M moving :yay:

FRANCIE & SASSY...sorry about your visit from that darn TOM!

MINDEE...I haven't been bowling in ages...used to take the kids and we always had fun. Glad Tommy & Brandon had fun!

Sorry this is a quickie...have a couple of other posts to do and get going. I will be back later though...hoping too anyway. I won't be on tomorrow at all so I must be!

Did my exercise like I said...95 minutes and I feel pooped! I think it's taking a toll on my old body, lol.

Have a GREAT day ladies! :hug:

04-10-2008, 06:26 PM
Cristina - The pictures were of the northern side of the island, towards Kona from Hilo, I will have to ask R what the name of the park we stopped at. Gab would never let R *catch* the fish, he always had to throw it back in the water. haha.
It was beautiful there!!!
No debit card today - argh. It is ok, I still have $$ for coffee in the morning. :D

k- off to playland to let Gab get some energy out of her!

04-10-2008, 07:40 PM
just stopping in while I get a chance before the chaos of bedtime rituals insue!

I will see if I can get the pictures of his bowling trip to post here quickly, while I have a second:

04-10-2008, 07:45 PM
STOP!!! Post in BIK #41