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03-31-2008, 09:19 AM
1) Does anyone here use powerblocks? I am moving my home gym to my livingroom and need compact equipment. If you have these, do you like them?

2) I need a solution for a portable squat rack or ideas of how to get a good squat done if I can't lift the weight over my head. I no longer will have room for my bench with attached rack.

3) I am also considering eliminating my three days of 20 minute moderate cardio after 30 minutes weights. Instead, I am going to increase my weight time to almost 60 minutes...this will include warm up and stretching... so I can do Cathe DVDs. If I go heavy on the weights and use the other three days for my cardio...moderate(interval type between 60-75%) for 60 minutes as I seriously cannot do high intensity....and keep up my daily 60 minute walks, do you think this will harm me at all?

I really want to start focusing on building some more muscle, while keeping my heart healthy. I was happy just maintaining it but I am no longer afraid to see larger numbers on the scale as long as my clothes are still fitting well.

Any other advice?

Thanks so much for your time.

03-31-2008, 10:19 AM
2) If you are working in a cellar or outside where you can dump the bar onto the ground (and you practice on how to do this safely) so that you aren't worried about safeties, self standing squat stands could be an option for you.


3) Based on your goals, it seems like a good plan. Extending the weights and dedicating those three days to just resistance training will help you with the building muscles and your low and moderate intensity cadio will be more than adequate to ensure good cardiovascular health. The high intensity cardio would increase fat loss, help raise lactate threshold to allow for even higher intensity work, and help you build speed, etc , but since you are already past goal, do not care for high intensity work, and have not stated speed as a goal, for you it not only does no harm to keep it out of your program, for your goals, it really doesn't add much IMHO. It would help raise your high end work capacity, but your increased weight training if progressing properly will also do that.