Weight Loss Support - New Book read..a shaker ..and maybe some help

03-30-2008, 11:36 PM
I just finished reading a bk titled "confessions of a carb queen"..by Susan BlechAlthough I've never been a binge eater..I am familiar with eating too much...this book is a very graphic journal of a woman who is many times over a healthy weight point and how she reacts to emotional eating,how she get's to the point of doing something active about it,and how she does it. It also looks at society's feedback at obesity, the put down's ..as well as being invisible in society..Many can associate with this. What I found especially helpful for me is that 'click' where she decided to do something about it. I read this odd shape book in two readings. The author was probably close to 400lbs. in the beginning,and what looks like 130lbs. at finish. This was quite a journey. Interesting,and helpful.
Keep on the right path, focus on the goal. We are so worth all this effort~