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03-29-2008, 07:45 AM
Good chilly morning from the snowy country but the sunrise is beautifully clear. :sunny:

It's ridiculously cold out there at 11F and not going to go above freezing today. The sap won't run at those temps so the lads will have a day off from gathering. They did bring me some of the first syrup yesterday. I can resist the stuff. I think I ODed on syrup when I was a kid as we always had a huge - and free - supply. :p

This morning I am off to Brockville for my quilting class. It's a Block a Month one and I'm way ahead. I got a lot done while I was convalescing but will probably manage to keep busy and pick up hints. I must NOT pick up any more fabric! :nono:

How does your weekend look? Time for a :cofdate:?

03-29-2008, 08:22 AM
It's a clear, but cold, morning here. But not as cold as in Ruth's part of the country! :brr:

Have fun at your quilting class, Ruth, and lots of luck on not buying any more fabric! Isn't the Chinese buffet in Brockville? Try not to give in today! Yum, first run maple syrup! That would be hard to resist for me, too!

We have no plans for the day, just see what the day brings. Monica and Carley may come out for the day, and Jake may go off to do a job with Dustin. First, though, breakfast!

03-29-2008, 08:41 AM
That brr smiley always looks like she has huge boobs! A robin just came and sat on the deck rail and looked pretty blue. Maybe I can quickly knit a wee scarf?

There is a Buffet in B. but it's in a really busy shopping centre, not the wee one where my quilt shop is! I refuse to go to shopping centres when they are really busy.

Enjoy your family day.

03-29-2008, 09:58 AM
Good morning my moderators...
i need a hug... i'm not a bad person right? .... hug me...

naw.. i'll be fine...

my food has been spot on for two days Yay me!
making my veggies for breakfast for today and tomorrow...

ruth it's cold here too today but like Cottage not nearly as cold as you have

todays plans are

go buy a new sofa (actually 2 of them) to replace the 25 year old sofa in the living room.. we use it daily so it's taken a pounding in recent months and with DH weighing in at 400 pounds, he's hard on furniture....

then DH and i have a bull and oyster roast today/tonite... there will be some food i can eat and since i don't drink beer, i won't have a problem there.... there's always pit beef and ham and i can have them without the bread (which i fine i don't care about that kind of bread) and cole salw and some veggies with dip... and the cake is store made sheet cake easy to refuse.

not a perfect day but close enough... no dancing with the boot on....

03-29-2008, 09:59 AM
Good morning, chickies! I'm showered and stretched from my run this morning and am waiting for the hunger pangs to kick in before I get some breakfast. Can't eat too soon after exercising or it turns my insides to a twisted, crampy mess.

Avery was up when I got home this morning - NAKED! She did this yesterday morning, too. I guess I'll have to come up with some fool-proof garter system to keep that diaper on at nighttime. Really, she doesn't take her clothes off until she wakes up, so maybe I'll just have to leave a little bit earlier for my run so I can be back before she wakes up.

Have fun at quilting class, Ruth! What type of quilt will you all make with your block-a-month?

It *is* a bit chilly out there this morning, Linda, isn't it? It was 33* when I left for my run, but I hear it's supposed to go up into the low 50s. Have a good time relaxing today!

:hug: Nessa. You can always have a hug! Sounds like you have a plan for your evening, so now it's just a matter of sticking to it. Good luck tonight, and have fun sofa shopping!

Ah, I feel the breakfast yearnings. Off to cook something up for the troops!


03-29-2008, 10:40 AM
Morning girls! We just got up and are starting our day. Tommy seems to be doing better today, thankfully. We skipped the fun last night and will go out with Abdul tonight instead. I may go shopping with Abdul today too, but I'm not sure yet.

We get a high of 52 today but it's 30 now. Ruthie's right, that brr smilie DOES look like it has huge boobs! :lol3: Hopefully those of you freezing your brr smilies off can find something relaxing to do inside today so you don't have to go out in the cold.

Kara, see if they make a diaper-sized chastity belt? Maybe that'll hold her. :)

Gonna get started on my day! Hope you girls have a good one!


03-29-2008, 12:06 PM
Ruth - you and fabric sounds like me and yarn. I have been avoiding the craft stores because I can't seem to get out of there without a new skein that called to me.

LOL! on the smiley!

Kara - two words: Duct Tape. I'm not kidding. I had a kid that liked to "paint" in the mornings. :yuck: Duct tape is the only thing that will keep those diapers on, unless she can wiggle out of it without opening the tabs. Granted, you'll have to cut them off in the morning, but one of those little rectangle letter openers does the trick safely.

I have been eating like CRAP lately, and not exercising (still). I don't know what's wrong with me... I know what I have to do, I want to get skinny, it's just that... well, I don't know!?!?! I haven't stepped on the scale (afraid to), but I don't think I have gained too much, if anything. I'm not eating too much, just the wrong stuff. But that wrong stuff is deceiving, because ya never know what kinda calories crop up in them.

I feel like a failure - Nessa, you are so not the only one that struggles. I haven't even managed to stick on plan for more than a month! I am not in that dark place of futility, but I am just so feeling like I need to do better but not sure why I'm not.

Well, either way, my kitchen needs cleaning.

03-29-2008, 12:08 PM
weezle - who is Tommy - your son? Did he just have some virus, or is this something that bothers him regularly? I just sorta missed the background. Sorry if I'm being nosy, but I am confused.

03-29-2008, 12:11 PM
Boy do I love Saturday mornings!!!

Ruth: Brrrr! I don't think I could get out of bed if it were 11* here!!! Enjoy your quilting class - one of these days I'll get the chance to take one!

Cottage: Enjoy your unplanned Saturday - those are by far the best!

Nessa: Enjoy your day - sofa shopping sounds fun. We're going to go pay for a new mattress set, but we don't get it for a week. :( Not nearly as fun as buying a sofa, IMO. Have fun tonight - you can always tap your bootless foot! And I'm sending lots of hugs your way! :hug:

Kara: :lol: I had to chuckle when I thought of you getting home from your run to a naked child running loose in her room! Hope you and the kiddos enjoyed your breakfast!

Lisa: Glad Tom's feeling better, no bathroom celebrations today? I hope not! :rofl: Hope you enjoy your night out with Abdul - and your shopping if you get to go!!

Me: Last night I was not feeling the WATP dvds for a workout, so I joined DH out in the back yard so that I could try out his "gauntlet". He basically set up a huge obstacle course back there based on military and nfl style gauntlets. The only things it's lacking are climbing obstacles. It was tough!! I ran it about 10 times and can definitely feel it this morning. Thank goodness they have to order our mattress because I would not be able to help him lift one today!

Not much else going on - some light cleaning, a load or two of laundry and some errands. Tonight is fajita night and our cooking shows from 8 - 10 pm. I love our laid-back Saturdays!

Well, off to start on the housework! Have a great day!


03-29-2008, 01:12 PM
Hi chicks,
Kim, I am all about the laid-back Saturdays!

My kids slept at Grandma's last night, and DH took off early this morning to spend the day out, so I've been on my own this morning. I slept in and then my friend came to get me and we had breakfast and a little shopping at the PA Dutch market. The kids should be getting dropped off soon, and then we'll see what the rest of the day holds. Our second car is acting up and I'm not sure when DH will be home, so I may be carless for most of the day, so I guess I'll try and get stuff done around here - some laundry, some cleaning, definitely some WATP, maybe even some loafing on the couch and reading!

Hugs, fluff!:hug: Glad you are still hanging around here and haven't thrown in the towel. That's the important thing!
Have a fun day with Tommy and Abdul weezle! Did you do the room yet? How does it look?
Kara, nakey just feels good, ya know?
Here's another hug for you Nessa. I am jealous, wish I was couch shopping today! No more big purchases until I get our budgeting done.:( Well, I can live vicariously, hope you find something great! And great job on the two days, soon to be three!
Stay warm Ruth, and no more fabric!:nono:

03-29-2008, 01:49 PM
:grouphug: for Nessa! I hope your day brings you lots of smiles and cheer.

Kara, that seems to be a common problem with the wee ones, stripping naked in the morning. :D Carley used to do that, and so did Maggie. It seems the problem was, they were so used to wearing big girl panties during the day and didn't like being wet. Do you think she may be ready to ditch the diapers at night yet? I think once they're potty-trained, if they have a diaper on they seem to think it's okay to pee in them. Just my humble opinion. ;) How was dinner at your MIL's last night? What was on the menu?

Lisa, I'm glad Tommy seems to be over his stomach virus. Have fun today!

fluffy, sounds like you could use a :hug:, too, and a little :dust: to get back on track again! Don't feel bad, though, I think we've all gone through a period like that. Don't give up, that's a sure sign of failure!

Kim, it sounds like you have a nice weekend planned. That gauntlet thing sounds like a version of Boot Camp!

Schmoodle, enjoy your laid-back Saturday!

We went over to Home Depot after breakfast and finally bought a brand new mailbox. :D Our old one was looking pretty sad after all these years, but I wanted to wait until winter was done with us before we replaced it. We got one of those new Rubbermaid maintenance-free ones, but I'm going to paint it to match the colors of our house with that Krylon paint that you can paint plastic with. We also looked at bathroom fixtures, since we want to remodel our bathroom. Jake wants to do it this summer, and says I have to find someplace to go for a week or so while he rips it out. Anyone want some company?

Monica just called to say she's been stuck on the Schuylkill Expressway for 1 1/2 hours. :( That place is a nightmare in the best of times, let alone a Saturday.

03-29-2008, 02:43 PM
Cottage - you can come stay with me. I'm only about 8 hours from you, give or take.

03-29-2008, 02:45 PM
Linda, use Lisa's website and come see us in Germany this summer!!! We'll have lots of fun! Pohai should be there by then, too, and maybe Jan can show us all around! I think you're right about not liking being in a diaper. She does wake up dry some mornings, but I can't really say "most" mornings, so I wouldn't be comfortable leaving her in undies overnight. I just need to make sure I get ahold of her before she starts causing trouble in the mornings!

Lisa, glad to hear Tom's feeling better! Did his son like his new digs?

Kim, I laughed so hard when I read about your husband's course! I would love to see pictures!!!

Krystal, I'm sorry you're feeling down about the whole eating thing. We all go through it at one time or another. Thank goodness not all at the same time, or the darned wagon might just turn around with all of us headed the wrong way. What about setting small goals for yourself to get back on track? Like, getting all your water in every day for a week and then the next week concentrate on getting all your veggies in and keep the water consumption the same as the last week, and the next week work on limiting your grains or something?

Schmoodle, do you go to the market in Annapolis? We used to love that one when Tom was stationed in DC! (Plus, it was right near Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, if I remember correctly.)

The big kids are teaching Avery how to jump, which is so cute! She's actually caught some air a couple times, but every time she does, she stumbles backwards onto her rear. She's so proud of herself, though! So cute!

In a little while, when the girls go down for their naps (and after I get in my Walk Away the Pounds DVD), I'm going to try making some carob chip cookies with the Z-Sweet. I'll let you know how it turns out!


03-29-2008, 03:42 PM
Home from quilting and the house is sooooo cold! I forgot to turn up the heat this morning. I may put a fire in the woodstove in the back room, make a herb tea and sit out there in the sunshine and read today's paper. ** Sigh **

I thought I'd posted the quilt but here it is again. My colours are brighter than the picture but still deepish and "country". I have all the applique blocks done and am working on the last two pieced rows. I'm ahead!

03-29-2008, 04:52 PM
Be careful what you say, Kara! I'm allowed to fly MAC if there's a seat available, so I just might show up on your doorstep! :lol: And thank you, Fluffy, for your invitation, too! It's nice to have so many invites! :)

When we were stationed at Ft. Meade, we used to go to the BX in Annapolis, and I really liked it. Of course, that was many, many years ago!

Monica and Carley finally made it, so I'd better go!

03-29-2008, 05:34 PM
Kara, no, sadly. I know it well though. That was a really nice one. Before we moved here, I lived in Annapolis my whole life. That is where I got hooked on Trader Joe's AND the PA Dutch Market. The place right next to the PA Dutch Market was a Fresh Fields, I believe, but I didn't shop there much. But I was really happy when they opened a PA Dutch Market near us in Hagerstown about a year ago, so I can still get my fix, and I hit TJs when I've got to run down to DC or VA.
cottage, what is the BX? I remember the PX out on North Severn Station. My Dad worked at the Navy Research Labs out there.

03-29-2008, 05:59 PM
Oh, Ruth, that quilt is too much! I love the piggies!

Linda, I think the Navy has the best exchanges, by far! We took Connor down to San Diego for his fifth birthday when we were living in northern California, and the exchange at the Navy base there had TWO FLOORS! We couldn't believe it! The commissary was unbelievable, too. We decided Navy life wasn't worth the better exchanges, though. Plus, we can always take advantage of them when we're nearby a naval yard anyhow.

OK, the report on the Z-Sweet is that it's a very light texture with no aftertaste. My cookies turned out a bit strange on the density side, but I used a mix of oat, soy, and brown rice flours so that might be the culprit. I'll have to experiment with this one.


03-29-2008, 06:35 PM
Cottage - we've got Niagara Falls Air Base nearby... does MAC go there?

03-29-2008, 06:45 PM
oh i really like that Ruth

thanks everyone...

i'm sitting here now with hair dye on getting ready to go to the bull roast.. oy vey.... after breakfast we went out to buy the sofas. we got two of these:



my big fat redneck couch...

then to the dollar store
then to value city

at 4 pm DH walks us into old country buffet....
here i am no food in nearly 8 hours

i had
a glass of water
salad w/ vinegertte dressing
small bowl of chili
green bean
plain sweet potato
one bbq rib (yes JUST ONE)

and dessert
small bowl of fat free NSA soft vanilla ice cream
and some fresh melon
oh and more water

i did not have ham as i am having that tonite at the bull roast....

I planned to do a NO EATING today day to attempt my Beck Work. I noticed that by 2 or 3 pm (after my breakfast of eggs and veggies) that all i could think about was how crummy I felt. how I was hungry. no it was not horrible... but it was uncomfortable feeling, but i could have continued on. I know being hungry won't kill me. so i'm done with this...

i also said no to things that caught my eye fried chicken, mac and cheese, hot fudge cake, peach cobbler, butterscotch syrup.... popcorn shrimp... all these things appealed to me.... all these things I turned down CREDIT MOI!

i also did not go back and eat more just because i could.... credit moi!

while NOT perfect... it's good enough for me.

03-29-2008, 06:49 PM
So far we've had a really nice day. We slept in and ate a leisurely breakfast. Then we took the lawnmower over to get the Spring tuneup. It should be ready before the grass has to be cut. We then went up to the new Scout shop and picked up some new scout shorts for Brian and socks. He wanted a new belt but they were all sold out of his size. He can wear my web belt for now since I use a leather one. He'll be given his troop number, red epaulets and Boy Scout handbook tonight. We don't know what patrol he is yet so we can't pick up the patch yet.

Then we went to Lowes and I showed him the patio furniture I like. He agreed it was the best but also begged for the swing. We found the gas grill we want too. We're going to wait a few weeks until the landscaping is further before buying those and having them deliver them. They will take about half my tax refund but they are good quality and nice looking. I just want to make sure I don't get any surprises from my lawyer before spending that much. We did eventually decide on the stone for our retaining wall we need behind the pool. We picked up the first 18 stones. That was about all we could handle at one time but I think we will need three more trips to get the rest. We might start working on that tomorrow depending on whether Robert comes to get more stuff.

Right now ham jambalaya is simmering on the stove (phase 2 approved) and we'll eat before going to the ceremony.

03-29-2008, 07:47 PM
Hugs to you, Barbara, with your grown up boy this evening! I would cry my eyes out!

CREDIT TOI indeed, Nessa! Great job! Have fun at the bully beer fest!

Off to make dinner for the grumpy munchkins. Avery got up on the wrong side of her crib after her nap today and has been pretty much sobbing non-stop since 3:30. At least I got my endorphin fix while she was sleeping, so I'm handling it rather well, if I do say so myself! It's not too bad typing with a screaming toddler on your lap...


03-29-2008, 08:21 PM
Chinese food for dinner, and I'm going to bed early tonight - maybe as soon as I can get the kiddoes in bed. (which is soon)

I had a crummy night sleep last night and girly problems all day. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

03-29-2008, 08:31 PM
Nighty-nite fluff, sleep tight...
Barb, you will enjoy your pool and furniture and grill so much this summer! I think we'll hardly hear from you because you'll be too busy lounging by the pool with your fruity umbrella drinks.
Nessa, love the sofas, very fancy, love the features! Is that the girl child? So cute! I think you did great at the buffet. Good luck with the bull roast tonight.
Ruth, the quilt is too cute! Looks hard. Is it a gift for someone?

I really really did not want to cook tonight, but nobody else was offering, so I just cooked up some lite kielbasa and made a 3 bean salad. The rest of the night is for me! DD's overnight guest has arrived and they have plans to watch some big event on Nickelodeon, so I think I will take a bath, maybe a pedicure and facial, read my book.

03-29-2008, 09:39 PM
Oooo, Schmoodle, that sounds like the night I need. Enjoy yourself! Sorry you had to cook! Sometimes I just get so tired of being the one who plans and makes the meals. About once every other month or so, I'll just burst out, "Would you PLEASE just make the salad tonight?!" to Tom. I don't know what it is about salads that annoy me, but I get tired of making them.

Nessa, I was wondering if that's your daughter in the picture, too. She looks comfy.

Krystal, I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight! Maybe some chamomile tea before bed? I'm about to go make myself a cup of green tea to sip while I watch Trading Spaces.

Did I tell you girls I did decide to go down to Florida for a weekend by myself? I have reached a bit of a breaking point and decided I deserve it. Yesterday Avery was "talking" on her pretzel stick to Daddy and I counted it up - we have spent seven of the last fourteen months apart. That totally stinks. So I'm going down to visit Tom by myself and I'm leaving the kids here. My one sister, my parents, and Tom's dad and step-mom are all going to pass them back and forth. I feel a little guilty, but not too much because I'm taking the kids down for a week two weeks before I go down by myself, so they will get a vacation to Florida, too.

OH! And the carob chip cookies...oh my good word...they were unbeLIEVable tonight! I guess they just have to sit a couple hours before they firm up. They were kind of flimsy out of the oven, but now they're just like a regular cookie. They almost taste like they have peanut butter in them (I think from the soy flour). I threw them in the freezer so I wouldn't eat the whole batch!

Off to turn on TLC. Have a nice night, all!


03-30-2008, 12:17 AM
i blew it at the bull roast.. .but we had fun

and yes that is the 15 yr old girl child...

03-30-2008, 08:05 AM
Good morning and Happy Sunday! :sunny:

The day is shaping up to be a gorgeous one, although it's supposed to be another cold one. I picked up another flat of pansies yesterday, this time the adorable little mini ones, so I'm going to get them arranged in some planters. Jake wants to go look at some bathtubs and vanities at Lowe's after breakfast, then he'll be working with Dustin the rest of the day. I plan to visit Mom & Dad for a while, then spend the rest of the afternoon doing "me" things. :) We had a full house yesterday with all the kids here, so I think today will be a quiet one.

03-30-2008, 08:49 AM
Good morning Chicks :coffee:

The sun is shining in my window - spring must be coming! It looks like things will finally be warming up a bit around here this week. :jig:

Yesterday was a crazy errand day. We went to Whole Foods and Trader Joe. I am really starting to understand why people like TJ. I don't imagine I'll go there much when the fresh produce is in season but it's really great this time of year! I was very excited to discover giant bags of mixed greens all washed and cut up. I love greens!

Today we're going to check out new ellipticals. Ours is old and creaky and not worth the cost to have it serviced. Might be time to get a new one. I'm just holding out for outdoor exercise weather and bikes and kayaks :)

Have a good day Chicks!

03-30-2008, 09:03 AM
Cottage, have a nice day with the family and your quiet... today is my quiet day too.. dh and girl child are going racing. i have errands...

cyndi for me Trader Joes started out as the great products... what's continued to improve my feelings are the staff and customer policies. if i don't like it, I take it back. the manager found it was my birthday and comped me some cheesecake... i guess cause i'm in there a couple of times a week and talk to everyone...

everyone have a great day... i'm back on track today and I'm going to wait to eat till i'm feeling hungry after all the food I ate last night...

03-30-2008, 09:15 AM
:lol: Did you eat a whole bull, Nessa?

Good frosty morning but the sun is shining. The snow on the deck is hard as rock. Hershey is still trying to eat it but I noticed a bit of blood on it from her poor old gums. I guess, I'll shovel it all off once it softens up enough. Silly dog! She always has water in her dish inside so don't call animal control! :shrug:

This morning everyone is going to the sugarbush and for pancakes after late Church but I am begging off. The walking is terrible at that place and I can visit my own sugar bush in relative comfort on Ernie's wagon with the horses. I can certainly do without pancakes! I'll come home and quilt and rest the knee.

May your Sunday be sunny and happy with a bit of rest from the week worked in.

03-30-2008, 09:23 AM
GOOD morning! I am back and showered from my nine mile run this morning! Tom's dad decided he wanted to go to early church today, which means they have to leave the house at 7:30, so I was up and out the door by 5:45. It exhilerating running as the sun rises! And there's not so much traffic to contend with. My pasta with "meat" sauce served me well last night and I had a terrific run - 84 minutes and some seconds! Now I've got a Beach-friendly (well mostly, aside from the butter...) blueberry/strawberry (ran out of blueberries and got creative with the frozen fruits) buckle in the oven and am waiting on the kiddos to wake up. Today will be a good day! I can feel it in my bones (which aren't sore from the run...yet...). We've got church at 11 and then our weekly run to Wegman's afterward (I will stick to my list...I will stick to my list...) and then home to nap the girls before we head over to my parents' for dinner. Sixteen days until we leave for Florida!

Linda, I adore pansies! I cannot wait until we get a house and I can get my hands dirty!

Cyndi, good luck elliptical shopping. I would LOVE to get an elliptical! Maybe someone will be garage sale-ing one this summer.

Ruth, have fun at church, and hope the quilting goes well this afternoon.


03-30-2008, 09:31 AM
:lol: Did you eat a whole bull, Nessa?

oy it seems like it.

a huge plate of lean roast beef and ham and a second plate of ham
2 fried oysters (i wanted to try them)
green beans
cole slaw
one roll (why oh why??)
and then
2 pieces of cake... ugh...

i did drink water the whole time.

03-30-2008, 09:34 AM
Kara how great that you got your run in already... have a great day!

03-30-2008, 10:26 AM
Morning chickies, I got an extral long sleep last night, hoping that would help a pound or two leave. I notice that sometimes on the days I sleep in, my weight drops. Just a theory... And a good excuse... Anyway, I am UP two pounds. Then I remembered last night's kielbasa was pretty salty, sigh. I did have another good Ph1 day yesterday, except I ate a couple of strawberries, but really, I'm not going to consider that cheating.

I think I'm going to get some stuff done here this mornning, then take the kids swimming this afternoon. We are going to Winchester tonight to take DD1 out to dinner for her birthday. She is turning 21 tomorrow. Don't know where we will go - her pick, but I will stay on plan. Restaurant food is always salty though, so tomorrow I will push the water and maybe have a good end-of-month weigh in!

Kara, good decision, you deserve a break and something to look forward to.
cottage, happy bathroom planning. I want to pick up some pansies to go in my front planters.
Cyndi, happy eliptical shopping. Kayaking sounds fun, but it scares me...
Nessa. Nessa, Nessa... Was it GOOD cake at least? Did you eat it mindfully? :hug:
Happy Birthday again Laurie!! You are a ram, like my DD. Your poor hubby (lol)!

Okay, off to start my day. I think the only coffee I've got around here is decaf. Bleh. Why would I even buy that stuff? :coffee: Can anybody spare a good strong cuppa?

03-30-2008, 10:30 AM
it was store made but it was pretty good... and yeah i enjoyed it.

i'm back on track....

have a great day Schmoodle..

03-30-2008, 01:39 PM
Morning ladies. No personals today, just don't have the oomph. I didn't fall asleep until after midnight, but I lounged around all morning with DH and the kids, so that made up for it. Supposed to go to a church retreat with DD this afternoon, but might not. DH has got body aches, so he's resting right now. The flu is still in full force in our area. I wasn't so keen on going to the retreat today, and this is sort of giving me an excuse. Might just stay home instead.

03-30-2008, 02:20 PM
Looks like it's sushi tonight. Guess I'll eat before we go. Sigh, I love sushi...:(

03-30-2008, 02:36 PM
"Morning," everyone. Had a good day yesterday; got the house clean, paid for our mattress, bought a new ceiling fan for the living room and looked at lights for the kitchen, then had a nice bbq fajita dinner. Then I tried to go to bed. Sigh. Ended up having terrible nightmares all night and only got about 3 hours of sleep. I'm home from church now, so I'm off to start a load of laundry and nap on the couch while dh watches the Spurs game. Have a relaxing Sunday!


03-30-2008, 02:46 PM
Looks like it's sushi tonight. Guess I'll eat before we go. Sigh, I love sushi...:(

do they have sashimi?? is that how you spell it.. that's fine....

03-30-2008, 05:20 PM
Nessa, I wanna know how the cake made you FEEL! (I'm just being sassy. You said you were all about the feelings lately.)

Schmoodle, I'm sorry you have to pass on the sushi. I'm sure you'll have a great time with the family, though!

Kim, was it the spicy barbeque from last night that gave you nightmares? Food sometimes affects my dreams. Isn't that bizarre?

Krystal, glad to hear you got some lounging in! Hope your husband doesn't catch the bug. Load that boy up with some zinc!

I'm waiting on the girls to wake up and then we're headed over to my parents'. It'll be a fun evening! Tom's dad fixed the back window of my car, which wouldn't close because Connor messed with the latch that holds it shut (we have a Tahoe). I swear he's going to end up being an engineer or something, the way he's always taking things apart!

Gotta get another glass of water in me. I've been really thirsty these last two days!


03-30-2008, 05:39 PM
I slept in this morning but we made it to Faith Formation on time. I got paged during church and stood outside dealing with work until just after mass ended. Luckily Brian is old enough that he is okay with me leaving and just met me afterwards. They had a pancake breakfast where I had planned to have an egg taco that would be relatively healthy (especially if I skipped the tortilla but they ran out just before us and I got stuck with pancakes because I just can't do sausage with the grease. I didn't eat much and mainly had some fruit.

The parents in our den gave the leader and I gift cards for Joe's crab shack so Brian and I are going out tonight and I'm going to try to stick to healthy stuff. I have good meals planned all week but March has not been a good month as far as eating and weight loss.

I need to go get some yardwork done now that groceries are put away and the laundry is in the dryer but I do need to finish reading the rest of the posts first. I also need to make sure I get Brian's Boy Scout patches on his uniform tonight because he has a troop meeting tomorrow. It's going to be a busy week.

03-30-2008, 11:11 PM
I am so mad at Robert right now. :bomb: I got out the sewing box to sew on Brian's patches. I didn't realize that Robert took what he considered his out of the box. He took the seam ripper (okay, that was his), the large pack of needles (that was mine) and all the good thread which I bought. I don't have the shiny red thread that is the exact shade of the number patch or the shiny green I need for a patrol patch. I had Brian call Robert to see if he had taken them and he says they are in his storage unit which means he didn't need them right away. If I had known he had taken them, I could have gotten to the store today and gotten what I needed. Now I'm going to have to drop Brian at school and work for a few hours before I'll have to take a break from work (if I can) and run to the fabric store when they open at 9. And then hope that I have time to sew on the numbers when I am supposed to be working. I have to pick Brian up at 4 tomorrow, have a meeting at 4:30-6:30 and then he has to eat and be at his troop meeting by 7. Tonight was when I had the time to do the sewing!

03-30-2008, 11:14 PM
Hooray, no sushi!
The sushi restaurant was closed so we ended up in a tavern place. It was really good, and I was able to stay on plan with salad, steamed veggies and a nice rare tuna steak. I love rare tuna, but not a big fan of the sashimi, Nessa, that's a little TOO rare. DD brought a friend along and the grandparents came too, so it was lots of fun.

03-31-2008, 12:12 AM
Yay for Fate blessing you with a wonderful dinner, Schmoo!

Barbara, I am so sorry. What the heck does Robert need a pack of needles and red and green thread for? In his storage unit? What a moron. Sorry if that's out of line. He just seems like a vengeful jerk lately.

I am so done with this living in different time zones deal. So completely and thoroughly done with it. I have literally forgotten what it's like to have my own house and I believe I cannot remember what most of my furniture looks like. It has been fifteen months since we moved out of our house. I do hope the same Fate that blessed Schmoo with her lovely dinner sees it in our favor to dump the most perfect house in our laps when we arrive in Germany! Preferably one we can actually afford! I can't wait to actually own my own forms to be filed for painting interior forms to fill out if we want to put a swingset in the back forms to sign if we want to have guests overnight. Golly gee. That will be nice! And have I mentioned we haven't had our own room since Avery was born?! That was almost two years ago! I'm sorry to be such a whiner. I'm just so ready to be on to the next stage. I know I shouldn't rush this time because there are things to learn and experiences that are precious, but I can't help but wanting to get on to what's coming.