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03-27-2008, 03:42 PM
Can anyone suggest a good Yoga DVD? I've never done yoga before and can't spend money on classes as I am going back to school in September at night to finish my degree. Extra spending money will be very limited for a while.

03-27-2008, 04:11 PM
check out they have a daily webcast for free.

03-27-2008, 04:13 PM
i like lilias!yoga. i came across it by accident but now i am totally in to it.lilias folan(instructor) is such a sweetheart and it's perfect for beginners. this is hatha yoga so it's also spiritually enlightening (but not too overbearing) and every session leaves me feeling peaceful as well as giving my muscles (who knew there were so many??) a real work-out.;)
here's her website

03-27-2008, 04:24 PM
thank you ladies i will check out both!

03-27-2008, 04:54 PM
I'm no expert but I just tried Just My Size Yoga and really liked it. It is not intimidating, and she shows lots of ways to attain the positions for different body types and those with ahem "extra flesh". I really felt good after I did it, like I'd definitely done something.

03-27-2008, 06:28 PM
If you get the oxygen channel there is a program called Inhale that is on every weekday morning at 6. I really enjoy it, the time doesn't fit my schedule so I tivo a few episodes to use when I can.

03-27-2008, 09:31 PM
I agree with Pacergal...Inhale on Oxygen is awesome!! THe instructor is very laid back and funny, and the music is great.