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02-26-2002, 05:48 PM
Here's hoping the ester bunny misses me out this year!

02-26-2002, 09:57 PM
Hey Geneve the dinner sounds great!

Thanks for the heads up on the posting.


02-27-2002, 04:37 AM
Morning ladies. Mine started at 2.15 when Leo woke up and decided it was time to be wide awake and happy. He finally wnt to sleep after 4.00. I'm not used to this and I hope it's not the start fo something new. I did leave him for as long as I could bear, but with Ted asleep next door I can't risk having two awake.
Now have to spend all day tring to avoid excess coffee and chocolate.
Oh to be asleep.......:yawn:

02-27-2002, 08:00 AM
Morning all. Drake is still sleeping at the moment but I think I might have heard him stir a bit so I'd better be quick.

Geneve - I had my exam at the dr and as far as she can tell there is nothing going on. So I'll just have to wait for my next monthly to see what happens. We are going to discuss different birth control after that. I don't know if I should try something different or stick with the pill.

Not much new going on with me. I feel pretty good about things right now. Got in my walk yesterday and my diet was good. The only thing left is to drink more water.

Take care everyone. Have a great day.:)

02-27-2002, 11:40 AM
Geneve you reminded me to make my coffee. I wasn't up during the night, but I haven't had any yet either.

Yesterday was a glorious day and I went on a walk from the bus stop. Is came with me in her stroller. We walked to the shops and bought a cup of coffee and then walked down to a coffee shop my friend works at. There we drank yet more coffee and Is had some nut bread (nuts removed) while we sat in the glorious sun. I went home and felt I had actually done something, the added plus was I was primed and ready to go! ;)

Today is colder and I might take a bit more for me to get out and about. I would love to be huddled in bed right now.......oh yes I need that coffee! :)


02-27-2002, 03:06 PM
Oops DH calling time to egt baby out of the bath. More later

Alex's Mom
02-27-2002, 04:38 PM
Do you have room for one more mom??? Hi everyone, here I am finally. I delivered Matthew on 1/23, he weighed in at 8 lbs 7.5 oz, and 20 1/2". I won't go into my delivery story, but it was frightening and complicated, I lost a ton of blood, needed almost 3 hrs of surgery to put me back together. Thankfully, end result is good--I'm ok and baby is fine too!
I got the OK from my dr at 1 mo to begin slowly exercising which I've done. So far I'm only at 3x a week (when my daughter is at preschool). Luckily I do have a Baby Bjorn as Matthew joins me on the ellicptical. After my 6 wk ck up next week I'm hopeful to get the ok to start back with my exercise tapes that include weights. I've dropped a good amount of my pregnancy weight, but everything is now in a different spot!!! lol. Nothing but my larger clothes fit.
Matthew is much more challenging than my daughter was. He LOVES to eat and cries much more than she did. As of now he doesn't care for the swing or bouncy chair. He wants to either be held, rocked, eating, or asleep.
Well he is stirring in the bassinet, so I must get going. Just wanted to stop in and say HI and I'll be visiting from time to time.


02-27-2002, 04:46 PM
Hello Ann and of course you are welcome!

You have really gotten back in the swing of things and only a month after the birth. I really feel like a slug now! My baby is only 9 months old! And I am still struggling to put in time on the Precor!

I should take this as motivation! Glad you are joining us. I will be more motivated for it! :D

02-28-2002, 05:06 PM
welcome Ann and as Barb says well done for getting motivated so early. Now take it easy after the surgery etc (ouch!) remember you have to look after yourself so you can take care of your babies.
I had a good bit of advice from one of my old teachers today...apparently it's a Buddhist thing...
'be kind to everyone, starting with yourself'...
I think I may make it my signature

03-03-2002, 05:37 AM
Hi! remember me being all excited about getting that article published? I got my copy of the magazine yesterday!
ANyway, apart from all that, diet right off track. I havebeen out too much and drunkl far too mcuh and I feel awful, really like I have poison oozing out of me.
Hope you are all haveing a good weekend.

03-04-2002, 11:17 AM
Congrats Geneve!!!! I'll bet you are som thrilled to see your article in print. We're all really proud of you:D

03-04-2002, 06:09 PM
Geneve it must be fun seeing your name and words in print. Have you writtem many articles? What was this one on?

Isabelle is sleeping terribly! I discovered she is getting four teeth all at once. the bottom two started coming in two weeks ago and now the top too are also breaking through. I am hoping her wakefulness at night is from the teething and not a bad habit starting. She has been waking up when I come up to bed in the wee hours, but then instead of nursing and sleeping near us (which wasn't as much of a problem) she is awake and pulling on my hair and picking at my face. I know she just wants me to wake up but I am so tired by then! Last night I took her downstairs so John could sleep but then I was dozing off on the couch while she was watching me bright eyed and smiling. What guilt! I decided she could get into more trouble on her own with me sleeping on the couch so I went back upstairs. Tried to put her into her bed, but she cried, John walked her around and she went to sleep quickly. Meanwhile I was So tired! I went to sleep and then at 7am John had to wake me up and my screaming at him (doesn't he realize sleep depravation is a serious matter?!) woke Isabelle up and started the whole thing over. He had planned to take the day off and took the boys to the bus while I slept with Isabelle falling asleep eventually. We kept this process up for much of the morning. When I finally did get up Isabelle had a hadful of my hair sticking to her from her explorations.

Tonight I plan to deprive her of sleep and then put her to bed. Hopefully she will sleep better and I will get to sleep on my own and keep my hair.

Last Friday I noticed I couldn't get enough food into me. Nothing was filling me up. That night (or the next day) I got my period. Now my appetite is normal again.......well normal for me... I guess things tend to balance out in the long run.

Barb (the sleep deprived ;) )

03-04-2002, 06:12 PM
I'm going mad, finally. I have also applied for a job!I said i would never work for anyone else again but if DH is going to stick at his local job so he can spend more time with the kids then I can get a job in the early evening and he can put the kids to bed.
The extra money could make the difference between holidays here or away, and I love my holidays.
AND it will keep me away from the fridge in the evenings. Can't be a bad thing. All I have to do now is wait and see if I get called in for an interview.
Leo has strted pulling up on everything and will now walk a few steps towards me if I'm holding his little hands. Sadly this is ALL he wants to do! The days seem very long at the moment.
He broke my beautiful candle lamp today, which is a sure sign it's time to go for the minimalist 'i have a toddler' look. Oh well, more for the attic.

03-04-2002, 06:17 PM
Hi Barb, we must both be here at the same time.
I'm just off to bed but I'm SURE it's the teething. Apparently it hurts like ****.
Much as I wouldn't dream of giving anyone advice about kids, we get strongly warned off sleeping on a sofa with a baby (I know she wasn't on the sofa but just in case it seems likea good idea when you're sleepy) it's supposed to be very dangerous.
Night night everyone.

03-04-2002, 06:43 PM
Geneve, Let us know about the job! If you get it you have to especially tell us what it is and how it does. :) I just saw a job opening for a special ed teacher (my field) and it said ASAP. It was for a town about a half hour away and I think it would do much to complicate my life so I don't think I will be replying. :D Imagine rushing the boys to school before childcare, having to pay for before school and afterschool childcare for two kids Plus full time infant care. I think it would completely eat up any wage I earned!

You are right she wasn't on the couch. She was just pulled up and standing there watching me. She didn't get into any trouble, however my mommy radar says there are many more things she could get into if I was sleeping than if she was on our bed pulling my hair and picking at my face.

Today is my hectic day because John has a class at night. :eek: :spin:


03-05-2002, 03:20 PM
Hello Barb and Jen,
I'm coming to the end of a hellish day. It's PMT time, so up 7lbs on the scale this morning, then off to the gym with grizzly baby who is still teething like mad.
Get home to find Ted has somehow written his name in marker on one of the sofas!
THEN, I get a call from my Mother telling me she is going to stay at mybrothers next week while his wife goes to Paris without the kids.
THEN my ex- boyfriend calls round, to give me the details of his new house in Spain (yes, I walked away from a seriously rich man to be with DH) And to drop off some sleaning things. He thought my Mother might be here (they still stay in touch) and apparently she wants to give my brothers house a good spring clean while she is away and he had bought her some stuff to help. All this while my home is a wreck, I spend SO much time trying to keep it tidy and all she does when she comes here is re arrange my flowers (when Ilike them the way they are).
THEN the baby went beyond normal grizzly into whiney crying.
THEN I had to go and pick up son from school and husband from work, all with crying baby in car.
THEN we get back and husband tells me he's not interested in looking at the lovely house I have my eye on because he'd rather get a new car than move. Obviously what I want doesn't count.
THEN my son managed to get glue all over the carpet.
Shortly after I exploded.
I hate them all, apart from the baby who can't help it.
still, I feel a bit better with that off my chest!
The job is nothing madly exciting, it's working for a company who deal with travel insurance. i would be assesing claims. i used to be an airline fraud investigator, so it's kind of relevant, but obviously no where near as interesting or well paid.BUT the hours are totally flexi as long as yopu can put in 8 hours a week, it's about 30 minutes from here, and theres potential for doingit from home.
I am going to apply to work right through tea time and kiddy bed time if they aren't careful. I bet they'd appreciate me then!!!:devil: Oh well, back to it.
Where are you Jen??:(
Tomorrow is another day, onwards and upwards my dears.

03-06-2002, 12:47 PM
Poor Geneve!!! We all feel for you sweetie, it will get better. Boy and somedays I feel overwhelmed just being at home with Drake who really is an angel of a baby. Both his bottom teeth have poked through the gum and he doesn't seem to really mind at all. I think he was being cranky because he wasn't getting enough sleep so we are working on regular nap times. So good luck with that job Geneve, I know you will enjoy having something else besides domestic stuff to think about.

Got my monthly this morning. It had better be a little heavier than last months spotting. I've been really headachey these past few days so I knew it was coming.

We've been having really weird weather in this part of the world, got some snow overnight but it is fairly mild. By the weekend it will be shorts and t-shirt weather. Global warming sure is strange.

Take care all.

03-06-2002, 05:56 PM
Thanks for the kind words. Today was not the day tho!I was in tears by 10.00, and it got worse. The low point was finding out that all that time I spent at the dentist after leo was born was a waste of time...IHATE the dentist, mainly because my jaws are held together with metal plates (long and nasty story) and when they give me the injections they tend not to work well because the nerves aren't where they should be. Turns out that the last dentist was even worse at the injections than most and has given me an abcess, which may or may not be under one of the plates. I know it's a bit gruesome but you know, I like to share all this awful stuff with you :dizzy:
AND my TOM is all wrong, lets just say I had to wash pyjama trousers, sheet, mattress cover and duvet this morning. Am going to see the doctor, I feel like I need a transfusion.
ANY WAy! Lets talk about something more interesting LIKE Global Warming.I would very much like to hear how much green issues like this are news where you are. The UK being such a wee place, and an island too it is getting to be more and more important. Our ecology is very fragile, we are kept warmewr than we should be by the gulf stream. if it moves, we freeze OR we could just warm up more.
As I live a stones throw from the beach I worry about how long the house will be here. The weather is changing here, much wetter winters and as you say Jen odd days of hot sun in the middle of cold snaps.
I would also like to know if you get the pressure we do to stop using disposable nappies. Being in a big country I guess you still have plenty of space to bury garbage, but we are fast running out, and lots of blame is put on nappies which are not biodegradable and also contain raw sewage.
The hospital i had Leo in only let you use cotton nappies which they provided. I hated them, but being a greenie I usually buy biodegradable nappies made from cornstarch, and with none of the gel stuff in. And very nice they are too, if a bit bulky.Apparently you can put them on your compost pile,but so far I have resisted as i don't want the garden to smell like summer in Bombay!
Oh and as this is supposed to have some dieting content, I have totally lost it. I have eaten enough in the past few days to feed a small army, including my emergency bar of very strong dark chocolate. I fear the scales.
Gym tomorrow. I may have to move in there if things don't improve.
I am a:moo: !
Please keep on posting, you guys are keeping my head above water at the moment!

03-07-2002, 10:08 AM
Morning all. I have a banger of a headache but I have to keep going through it. I've taken all kinds of pills in the past 5 hours to try and get rid of it. Thank goodness Drake is being nice and quiet so far.

Geneve - I wish I was having your out of control monthly. So far I have just had a bit of spotting. I'm starting to get worried why I am not having proper periods. It is very strange for me to be having this. Hopefully things will get better today. They use cloth diapers at the hospital also but you can bring in your own disposibles if you want. I don't think we've had much pressure here in North America to stop using them. I'm not planning to have another baby so I don't feel too guilty about using them, after all one baby's worth of diapers isn't going to be that much added to the landfill. Now if 1000's of women were changing back I would too but I'm certain there are more women using disposibles than cloth. About the global warming, I saw something in the newspaper that the gov't has put out some kind of a booklet about what we should be doing as ordinary people to stop it from getting worse. I can't imagine what is in there, I think they are targetting the wrong people. If the car companies would put out the electric cars that would probably be a huge step in the right direction but they are under so much pressure from the oil industry. If you really think about the whole thing it is quite depressing. I would say locally the worse bit about global warming is that we have had really nasty summers, practically no rain, so it hits the farmers badly and we have to start watching how much and how often we are watering our gardens. Apparently in some communities the water resevoirs get really low and they have to almost ration water. Only use it for drinking and personal washing. No washing cars, watering the yard or whatever. I believe too that the levels of the lakes is dropping every year. We haven't gotten much snow these past few years, not like when I was little. This year I think we had one really good snow that only lasted a couple of weeks. Today it is cold and overcast but tomorrow it is supposed to be really warm and sunny.

I did well yesterday, ate well, though I was snacking too much but they were healthy snacks, I don't have any junk food in the house so I would have to go out to get anything really fattening. Also I managed to walk a couple of miles and do my stretching and weight training. It was 9:30 at night by the time I got motivated to do the weight training and stretching but at least I did it.

I think the meds are starting to kick in a bit as my head has stopping banging and just hurts. Well the tension in my shoulders and neck is starting to let up a bit. I'd better get going as Drake is making 'I want out of my crib' noises, not exactly crying but getting there. Take care all. Be well.

03-12-2002, 06:55 AM
I'm here but no time!!!
Will write when I find some!

Alex's Mom
03-12-2002, 04:06 PM
Everything is going just so-so. I was really gung-ho about staying on track last week and I can say I did just ok. I didn't gain and I didn't have a loss either. I had hoped for better. Oh well. I did exercise 4x last week. I finally had my 6 wk chckup and declared 'fine'. Since I quit nursing we've been doing the formula 'dance'--trying to find something that doesn't upset Matthew's tummy. Right now he is on Soy Powder and that seems to be doing the trick. For some reason the concentrate and readymade version upset his stomach (?????). He is eating quite a bit daily, about 32-40 oz and he is just 7 wks old!!!!! My stomach is so droopy I can barely stand to look at it. Well just wanted to pop in. About to run out the door as usual.......


03-13-2002, 01:13 PM
Did anyone have their baby vaccinated with Prevnar? We are looking into it and just wondered what everyone else's experience was.

03-13-2002, 04:49 PM
HI everyone. I used to post on the PG thread way back when and some of you look familiar. Guess I didn't know there was an offshoot thread. My sweety is now almost 17 months. We are going to trying for # 2 soon!!! Just thought I would say HI!!!

03-15-2002, 09:00 AM
Hi all. How are you doing? I was really gung ho yesterday about the exercise and it is really coming back at me this morning. My back was really sore and just feeling kind of achy. I'm still going out for a walk though, I'm sure that will loosen me up.

Did I tell you that Drake is getting his bottom front 2 teeth in? He is taking it fairly well, not a lot of crankiness, mostly a lot of drooling and trying to munch on everything. I guess I have to start brushing his teeth now. He went and had portraits done at Sears yesterday and he was so good the whole time. We got some really cute photos. I have him sitting in his bouncy chair while I'm on the computer. He's finally big enough that he can reach the bar where all the toys are. I'm glad he is enjoying sitting up more that way he can play with more things.

ann - I'm 6 months post partum and my tummy looks like one of those beached whales that has been bleached white by the sun! I'm telling ya, I'm getting a bikini whether it looks stupid or not so I can sunbathe in the back yard and get a tan on my gigantic tummy! That or get a tan out of a bottle.

Take care all, hope everyone has a nice weekend.

03-15-2002, 03:53 PM
Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been posting but I've had a busy and depressing week!
I have been going to the gym though, which is the best I can say. The thing that really triggered my negative feelings was seeing two photos of myself inone week. i do all i can to avoid having my picture taken but sometimes people insist and then seeing the results breaks my heart. The worst one was from the side showing all that stretched out flesh...I still look 8 months pregnant! I have been doing 70 sit ups plus at the gym evey time but nothing is moving. It's all so grim.
I am obviously hopeless at dieting, I do a few days using the WW CD and then I can't be bothered to keep typing it all in, or I go out for a meal or drink a few glasses of wine and it all goes out the window again.
AND I have an abcess under my gum... I have a jaw ful of metal plates (don't ask, long and horrible story, but never come between your so called best friend and her psycho boyfriend) and they think it might be under one of them. I had a root canal just after leo was born and the problem starts from where the injections went in. Am full of antibiotics (thrush here I come) am terrified that i will have to have the plate taken out. It took 6 hours to put them in and I couldn't eat for a couple of months all time lowest weight ALMOST underweight you never knew anyone buy as many pairs of shorts in one summer...maybe I should be hoping they DO need to take it out!:dizzy:
Anyway, so there's all the grief. I may be fitter but I'm no lighter, andI need to find an approach that works for me.
Jen, you did Slimfast didn't you? Did it help? I think maybe I'll try it, God knows I've tried just about everything else, and it means I could have the same evening meal as the rest of the family.
Leo now has top and bottom teeth and is much more cheerful. i took them swimming today and he was so cute spashing about...he's fearless. He has this big curl sticking up which is so sweet when he's wet.
My belly is quite horrible, I think a tan covers a multitude of sins, although I know I shouldn't sunbathe I do try to maintain a light tan. Somehow I feel my stomach will remain white no matter what!
Oh one good thing I did read in the paper was that the body mass thing isn't appropriate for people who are very fit because muscle is so dense. Apparently many top athletes would be obese using the ususal height/ weight scale, and we should be using our waist measurement too They had this great chart to help you work it all out which I planned to keep but the one time in his life DH decides to actually throw something away and it's the paper!!!
Anyway,Mum's pleas ekkep on posting. I'm feeling a bit bereft as you may be able to tell and I need some encouagement. I must pick myself up again.
Hope you all get a good night's sleep.

03-15-2002, 04:57 PM
I posted a few hours ago and it was swallowed in cyberspace.

All is well with us, however I haven't been keeping track of my eating, nor loading on the veggies (a strategy that seems to work usually).

The kids didn't have school today. They are, thankfully, running loops around the house instead of in it.

No big plans for the weekend. We are going to friends for dinner tonight.


03-17-2002, 06:53 PM
Geneve - yes I am still doing Slimfast for all the good it is doing me. The scale has not budged a bit though I am trying very hard to believe that it is a combination of water retention and increased muscle mass that is causing the scale not to budge. Still I find that the Slimfast does take some of the urge to snack away. I bought 3 cans, I just started the last one. When I'm done that I'm not buying anymore. I've got to learn how to eat healthy all the time.

I know for 100% fact that if I started drinking more water I would start losing some weight. I am so sure of this because a few months ago I was doing really well with the water, diet and exercise and lost 4 lbs in one week. Then after that the water intake nose dived but I didn't regain those 4 lbs. I know all this but I just can't get myself to drink the darned stuff!! :mad:

Okay, I will keep trying, it is all I can do.

Geneve - sorry to hear about all your dental woes. It sounds really nasty. I can't imagine going through all of that. Hope it gets better without major surgery. I know what you mean about having your photo taken. Why do people persist in taking your photo when it is extremely obvious that you don't want it taken??:?: Of course it is always people who are in shape and are photogenic that take a million pics.

Barb - too bad your message got lost. I don't know how many times that has happened to me and it is always when I had a really really long post too. I shouldn't say that I'll jinx myself.

Take care all.

03-19-2002, 11:17 AM
Morning all. I've decided to take a break from getting on the scale, it is just depressing me that I am not seeing tons of weight loss though I am certain that I am losing but I am retaining water and building muscle and the scale doesn't reflect that. I'm just going to keep doing what I have been doing and try out the scale in a few weeks. Hopefully by then I'll see more results.

How is everyone and their baby's doing? Drake is fine though he went to the dr's yesterday for 2 needles, the regular 6 month one and his first Prevnar. Poor little guy was kind of cranky all day but seems better today. He has started waking up in the middle of the night again. I was giving him a bottle of formula to get him back to sleep but last night I just gave him cold water. He took nearly half a bottle. so I don't know if he is being bothered by his teeth or he is thirsty or what is going on. I was hoping by giving him water it would discourage him from waking up if I give it a few nights in a row. Speaking of Drake he just woke up from his nap so I must fly. Take care all.

03-19-2002, 06:22 PM
Hello hello heloooooooo
I'm quite enjoying the slimfast Jen, although I ordered one of each flavour (I order my groceries on the net) and they only had chocolate so I might be a bit sick of it soon. It does fill you up though, doesn't it? I figure that if I stick to it and still don't lose weight then I KNOW there is something up.
Baby Leo is making all the cute noises now da da da da and all that...and singing to himself. Very sweet. he has this big sticky up curl you know Mabel Lucy Atwell? An illustrator of some time ago used to paint kids that look v. much like Leo. He's a right muck magnet though, he seems to be covered from seconds after he is dressed, all his food sticks to his face and clothes and he always looks kind of sticky!
Had a bit of a row with DH tonight. Am not going to dwell on it though as it's our wedding anniversary (5 years, and they said it wouldn't last)on friday and he is taking me out for the day. I am still in love so lucky me, but God, men are hard work. Some days I feel like I have a house full of St Bernards.
Well, bed time already, and so much still left undone.
Wish I had the guts to chuck my scales out the window.

03-20-2002, 08:00 AM
Drake seems to be covered with something most of the time. It is either formula dribbling down his chin or a bit of food I missed wiping off his face or drool all over. There is only so much you can do without hosing them down every 2 minutes. I gave up changing his clothes every time they got something on them. As long as it isn't too gross I wipe it as best I can and cover it with a bib if we go out.

I'm just so sick of those stupid scales not moving and it is so inaccurate. Depending on where I stand it moves around by about 5 lbs.

Did pretty well yesterday. did all my exercise and the diet was okay. Actually drank a fair bit of water too so that made for a good day.

Take care all.

03-23-2002, 02:41 PM
Hi a quick post from what feels like ****!
On Thursday Ted and I were up all night being sick, so the next day Imissed my anniversary day out. then DH got it. Now Leo has the runs.
AND after a day of not eating and a night of throwing up guess what? The scales didn't move.
More when we are all a bit better.

03-24-2002, 03:33 AM
AAAARRGGGGGGGGGGHHH! I have seen the worlds worst nappy!
I feel like I will NEVER be clean again. EEEEWWW.
I should have listened more at school, I could have been a nun by now!

03-24-2002, 10:33 AM
Well Geneve you can say that you have been up to your eyeballs in you know what. I haven't seen the world's worst nappy but I think I have smelled it!

Things are going okay here. The diet is okay, exercise is good, even the water intake is coming along. I started walking/jogging yesterday. I would walk a few minutes then jog for about a minute then walk again. I'm going to buy a jogging stroller. The stroller I have is too old and rickety to be trying to run with. I realized that I only have 5 months left til I have to go back to work (unless the hubby gets fired from his job which he makes it sound like is going to happen any minute) and I want to lose as much weight as possible and so far I'm not doing very well. I thought if I kicked up my exercise that might help.

How is everyone doing? It's been kind of quiet in here.

03-24-2002, 10:49 AM
Aw come on Geneve, if you became a nun you would be missing out on other fun things. You could have still been changing diapers. :)

My following any eating plan has been blown to bits! I either have to recommitt.......or decide to be HUGE forever!

Thinking on this. :smug:

Isabelle is now 10 months old and unlike her brothers she gets very board with food. She doesn't want to eat the same food and she wants to eat ANYTHING she sees us eat. Needless to say she is growing up quicker than her brothers in the food department. That child is aquiring sophisticated tastes. I just hope she keeps them ;) I will have to treasure this for when she is four and won't try ANYTHING.

I hope you are all doing well. Coffee(lots of it) and Precor are in my plans.


03-24-2002, 11:25 AM
Oh I didn't tell you. i went to see my doctor aboutmy horrible periods and PMT and also plucked up the courage to tell her I really thought I should be losing weight. I know I sounds like someone on deth row saying 'i didn't do it, honest' but I really do try with the healthy eating, i get LOADS of exercise and I have seen people much worse lose weight much faster. She is sending my for thyroid disfunction tests. My grandmother had an underactive thyroid, in the days when they could do little about it, she sat in her chair most of the day with her little daschund on her lap,it was funny she had what I guess you would call a maidservant and she used to ring a little bell and Mrs Petch would come and she would say 'I don't have enough spit to cover a sixpence' which would mean she wanted a cup of tea!!!!!Poor Mrs Petch was about 100 as I remember it and terribly slow herself. My Grandmother was large but apparently consumed nothing but tea and biscuits,although I could be wrong, maybe she and Mrs Petch opened the wine and chocolates once we went home!
Anyway, odd as it may sound I am hoping the thyroid IS a problem as it can now be treated and the weight will of course drop off. It would also explain the periods. On the otherhand, if I can't put it down to health problems then I simply cannot think of what else to do, apart from reconcile myself to being fat...and if I myself all this heartache.
DH ahs taken the kids out. they all hate me and rightly so, i have been a dragon today but I have only had a few hours sleep since wednesday. I feel fine writing this but the minute I see him i want to explode with rage. HHHmmmmm.
Barb I read in yesterdays Times that girls are much smarter than boys (tell me something I didn't know) from birth and that a new born girl is the equivilant of a 6 week old boy. I wouldn't know, only having had the blue flavour ones BUT it did make me broody for a pink one again.DH quoted 'malclom in the Middle' for me where the husband says to his wife in a similar situation 'but we've already got you outnumbered 5 to 1 and you're still winning', which made me laugh.Probaly the only time today!!!!
Both my kids seem to eat anything (bar curry, my favourite) but then they'd have to to survive here, believe me, I'm no chef!
Look at me wittering on. I should be asleep, oh well.
Bye for now, geneve

03-24-2002, 12:38 PM
Geneve, I have the thyroid dysfunction......and apparently my meds are at the correct level........still the weight isn't dropping off. I wonder if that has anything to do with my offers to eat my kids pepperoni from pizza? Or my insatiable appetite? Lately I have been really HUNGRY but I think that is pms. It should pass. I find the eat everything stage of the month is followed by the hardly eating stage and it all balances out (I think!).

There is some hope for kids. My nine year old loves curry, the spicier the better, however he won't eat the chicken nor the vegetables in the curry. He only wants the sauce soaked up by bread.

You know we were on the fence on a third child for years (6 to be exact) and I really was happy with my two boys. Very happy. We never planned to have another it just kind of happened and she is a wonderful addition so it worked out too.

Amazing how these children can just insert themselves into our lives and although we can look back and remember how it was..... we wouldn't give them up either.

Jen, I am in such admiration about your getting out and walking/jogging. I really do need to get out and do something. Ok that is it I WILL hop on the Precor and do something. After all I have a pile of fitness magazines on it that I can read and reinspire myself with. I hope things go ok with your husband's job. My husband is entertaining thoughts of quiting his job and becoming a construction worker......... Please he has three kids!:^:


03-24-2002, 10:02 PM
Geneve - let us know what happens with your thyroid. I've had mine checked every time I have bloodwork done and it is always normal. I still think with all the gym work that you are doing that you are building a lot of muscle and that is why the scale isn't budging. I've given up the scale for now, I think I'm going to weigh in once a month or so that way I'm not driving myself insane by it. DO NOT reconcile yourself to being fat!!!! Even if you never lose all the weight you want to lose you will be a healthier person for exercising and trying to eat better.

Barb - It must be rough trying to fit in exercise with 3 kids. Can you schedule it into your day like you would a doctor's appt? Just say to yourself, okay everyday at 2:15 to 2:45 I am exercising, nobody interrupt me unless the house is on fire.

Take care all.

03-25-2002, 04:01 PM
Hi everyone,
It's odd making time for yourself and something I could NEVER do, in fact I'm still fairly lousy BUT I do try. Making time to go to the gym is one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done, not just for the physical element, but also because having some time for me makes me feel like I'm worth it (as they say in the commercials). No one has complained because I make sure I tell people I'm going to do it and when, rather than asking if it's OK with everyone else first.
And to be hinest I don't think i could recocile myself to being fat. As I'm sure I said before I'm always shocked when i look in the mirror and see a fat person looking back. I'll probably give myself a heart attack if I don't cahnge it before I see a fat OLD person looking back:devil:
Jen, is Tim Hortons still big out there? If I lived that close to endless coffee and doughnuts of that quality I'd be the size of a cow.:moo:
Blood test tomorrow, also dentist, and slim fast. There's a day to look forward too!
Hope you both have a great day,

03-26-2002, 10:08 AM
Gen, I live in Hamilton which is the home of Tim Horton's and has the most # of Timmy's in the world. I would safely say that not a week goes by that we don't get something from there. Usually just a snack pack of Timbits (donut holes). I can eat a couple of those and not feel like I have blown my diet. The coffee I don't drink anyway so that isn't a problem.

I know what you mean about being surprised to see a fat person when you look in the mirror.

Bought my jogging stroller yesterday morning but of course today we are going to get a snow storm!! Figures.

Have a nice day everyone.

03-26-2002, 11:20 AM
I am the one thinking of getting in tune with my fat and accepting it. At least I can try to look good, despite my size. I have had way too many years getting use to this look, and while I am larger than I was before and frustrated by it, I am also not having much luck.

I read an article a neighbor gave me from Prevention magazine. In it they talk about the body blues. Apparently this is different from depression. and according to the article can be combated with three things. Getting natural light, exercise everyday for 20-30 minutes, and vitamins. Since these are things I should be doing anyway I thought I would give them a try.

You know I went to look for a link for this article and I got on on a tangent surfing........... so no link to the article but you can look under,4435,2824,00.html
Now you too can get caught up surfing. :D

With coffee in me I feel all things are possible. :p


03-26-2002, 11:21 AM
Oh sure just after I click to send that I find a link!,1204,2647,00.html



03-26-2002, 02:01 PM
There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good. Just because we are overweight doesn't mean we can't have nice clothes and get our hair done etc etc.

Whenever I hear somebody say that they are going to accept that they are fat makes me think that they are going to give up trying to improve their health. I know that is not what you mean. I think that Prevention article hit it right on.

03-29-2002, 05:18 PM
Hi, I keep thinking I'll post when I have read the body blues thing, then not getting round to it! A fair analogy for the way i spend most of my time!
I can't believe you are having snow storms, it's LOVELY here. I went for a 6 mile walk yesterday (into the next town and back along the sea front) and I have a sunburnt face. Disaster for me as I am covered in freckles...worse every year and the first blast of sun does it. I didn't have my UV on as I didn't expect it.
I'm sure it's getting warmer here, they have planted palm trees on the front and it's looking very mediterranian.
I have a Tim Hortons ceramic mug...I MADE them give it to me instead of selling me one of the plastic ones because of my good custom during my holidays...and guess what? they are made in England!! Good job they don't make the donuts here too.Toujours frais...
Diet right off the rails, it's Easter weeknd and I have PMT. No chocolate is safe. To date only one person has dared buy me an egg BUT they buy them for the baby who obviously isn't going to eat them. I keep trying to tell people jewellery is THE ONLY present but no one is listening.
Oh well, happy holidays to you girls and as easter is here and I'm still not even a warmie I'm going to start a new thread.