Support Groups - ~~The Thin Group Exercise Thread~~

02-26-2002, 01:04 PM
Hi guys,
Thought I would bring this back for those of us Thinsters that have been adding exercise to our program.

I have been working out in a variety of ways. Trying to vary what I do. I go to the gym whenever I can. And when I can't I either work out downstairs on my treadmill and with my weights/weigh machine or I love to do my Leslie Sanson Walk Aerobics exercise tapes or dance with Richard Simmons too. For me exercise has led me to even better results on my weight loss program.

So anyone want to join in? Come on guys, I know lots of us are exercising so post and let everyone know what you are doing. We can all help each other with idea's, support, motivation and encouragement and friendship.

Join me!

Love you, Sassy Sharon