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02-26-2002, 12:45 AM

Here we are again ~ time to start a new thread...those of you who haven't read the end of old #143 please do.

WELCOME to all who come here to post or to just read. We are just a bunch of ladies going down the road to thin together giving each other encouragement and getting it also. Come often, you are very welcome to join us if you would like.

OK FLOWERS the Iron Monster was happy with me once again and showed me down another 2 POUNDS which I am very happy about. That is a total first for me to have shown a loss every Monday for two months straight. Now on to the third month. I am so pleased to say that my total for those two months is a loss of 18.5 POUNDS. You just know I am so happy I would jump :sheep: if I could and dance a jig :jig: ~ This is definitely a first for me and as you can tell I am totally excited.

Have a great Tuesday everyone.

02-26-2002, 07:58 AM
Good mornin' everyone...thought I would visit before I left for work. Hubby is on day shift afterall...I think. The powers-that-be have switched him around so much since last Thursday its a wonder he knows whether he's coming or going! Then this morning he tells me there is a vicious rumor going around he may have to work Saturday AND Sunday. I am not a happy wife right now and I've put my foot down! Yes I have! And he knows I'm serious!!!! :s: Here we have made plans to go to Virginia Beach this weekend. I know I shouldn't get upset with Wayne because when they schedule you to work you're forced but...gosh...darn it all! :mad:

Okay...let me take a second to calm myself down...<taking a second>... ;)

Maggie! Another two pounds RELEASED forever! Quick! Someone...grab a hold of this woman--she's floating off the ground! :joker: That is wonderful! I am tickled pink for you! I truly am!

Jean, now 21 degrees and windy is some kind of serious winter! When does spring usually move into your neck of the woods? As you can tell I'm not particularly happy with Wayne's place of employment right now.

Gloria, I have to get back to being on program! I have way too many plans for this summer and I do not want to be walking around in 90+ degree weather carrying this weight...again. I'll be going to Virginia Beach again to the boardwalk art show in June. Then there's my trip to New Orleans in July. And Wayne is talking about spending a couple of days either in Atlantic City or Ocean City, New Jersey sometime this summer...and I just know he's going to want to sit on the beach...and quite frankly if I don't lose a good portion of this weight I'm not buying a bathing suit. <shudder> And then there's a family reunion planned for sometime in August I think and it will be held at my aunt's house and she has a huge pool...and well...you know what I mean! Just got to lose some of this weight!!!!!!!!

I'm looking at the time and I know I have to get a move on. I have a lot on my desk and I'm leaving the office today at 1:00pm for a dental appointment. At least I'll be home early today and Wayne will be here waiting for me! :D



02-26-2002, 11:52 AM
Good Morning!

Maggie that is a terrific loss. You have done so well staying with the program.

Gail, that would be awful if Wayne had to work. Is there anything he can do about it? I have confidence in you that you will have some more pounds off by this summer. You are doing great and your motivation has been better. One slip does not make you blow the whole thing. I am counting on you to behave. You help keep me going.

Jean, your weather sounds awful. Thankfully we have had some beautiful weather here. I am not in a hurry for the 100 degree stuff, but I want more of the 70's and the sun.

I have been doing some better the last few days. Bill irritated me last night by offering me something I didn't have enough points for. I said no and felt proud of myself. The thing is it reinforced in my mind that it is my CHOICE. I can't use him as an excuse. If he is not going to be careful, so be it. I will cook healthy and make good choices and he will follow or not as he wishes. I cannot do it for both of us and that is what he seems to want.

I have to get to work. Talk to you later.

02-26-2002, 05:50 PM

It is another warm day here - weather bug tells me it is 85. AH but the humidity is very low and the breeze feels great and it doesn't hurt at all.:o Turn wants outside so bad but there are "big" things out there that would love to have him as a snack. He always watches us to see if we latch the screen. The other day Cowboy didn't and you should have seen that cat jetuson himself at it and out the door and under the truck like a flash.:( He came out with a bit of coaxing but was not happy about being deposited back inside.

GAIL yes I am still floating. I am strongly resolved to do this thing. You get your FOCUS and keep it and you will be in a shop happily looking for a bathing suit for the summer. Don't let anyone or anything or anyplace derail you. Be :strong: now and keep that resolve. {{{{{HUG}}}}} I feel so badly for you and Wayne. That is not an easy thing to have thrown at you ~ constant shift changes.

SHARON girl you are so right to do this for you and let Bill do his program for himself. Every time you turn something down it gets easier to do it the next time. People will offer you things and that gives you an opportunity to practice your smile and a nice "no thank you" with a shake of your head. Even those who want you do do good sometimes do things that aren't good for your program like offer you food that wouldn't work into your day. We have to learn to say no and thank them at the same time for the offer. You can do this.

JEAN has it warmed up any there? Do the cats come out of the shed during this anytime except for food? Turn was so funny in the snow..... but I don't think he liked it much.

GLORIA isn't this your weigh day? Got your FOCUS handy? Chasing those grand kids sould earn you some exercise points.;)

LORRAINE how are you doing this day?

CINDY you are in TEXAS right now....are you enjoying your stay in the one star state? I bet Natasha will take you to a rodeo.

Have a good afternoon FLOWERS :wave:

02-27-2002, 12:02 AM
Good Evening, Flowers!
I don't know how but the iron monster showed another pound lost . . . forever, I hope! I was expecting a gain so I was surprised . . . and I'm doing a happy dance! :jig:

After our church meeting last night, the organ builder was putting the finishing touches on our organ so we went into the sanctuary to listen to him play. All I can say is WOW! We have a truly majestic, awesome organ and can he ever play! I hope that our local organist can come close. We are on a home visitation committee that is calling on every member to return to the church for the "grand reopening" on March 10th. I hate making unannounced home visits and we are calling first to let the people know we are coming even though the chairman told us not to. I don't have enough time to keep going back if no one answers the door.

Gloria -- our weather is still cold and the wind has the wind chill temperature at -0 tonight. It is supposed to warm up Thursday so I hope it does! It was so cold at school today and the furnace wasn't working right. *groan*

Maggie -- congratulations on another GREAT loss! Your weather reports are giving me spring fever!

Gail -- I hope Wayne doesn't have to work this weekend so that you two can leave. It's usually May before our weather settles into spring -- back in '78 it snowed on April 24th! That is when our daughter was born and we drove to the hospital in that wet, sloppy snow! Your summer plans sound like fun! With your determination, I have no doubt there will be less of you by then!

Sharon -- congratulations on making good choices for YOU last night! Men can be so oblivious at times!

I need to figure out something to wear for tomorrow and head for bed. We had an early meeting this morning and I am ready for the day to end.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Jean -- :yawn: from Iowa!

02-27-2002, 12:57 AM

JEAN CONGRATULATIONS on that loss. Isn't it sweet to get one when it is unexpected. This should spur you on to the next victory. One step at a tme and we get there. Buuuuurrrr that is some cold weather you are having and not have the heating working properly at work. :( Spring is just around the corner though. I sure agree with you about calling folks first before you go over. I like that courtesy afforded to me ~ gives you a chance to "get ready." I have had people pop over when I was in the shower and that is a tricky business. :shrug:

I am winding down another georgeous day. We still have our windows open and it is 8:30 pm. Just the way I like it. Nice.

I made the best ever Gratin Dauphinois (grah-TAN doh-feen-wah) dish that I have ever made :T tonight and it was so good it called to me to eat it all up ~ ah but Thin Within said :nono: and it is in the fridge for a re-run tomorrow. In English it is Scalloped Potatoes with Cheese. The cheese was Gruyere. It came from the Jan/Feb issue of Cooking Light page 164 ~ it made its first appearance in a May/June issue in 1992. One of those worthy to bring out again. If anyone wants the recipe I have it typed in my Master Cook program and can e-mail it to you. 4 Points per a cup serving isn't bad and the recipe can be lightened further if you wish.

Have a lovely Wednesday tomorrow - it is hard to believe the middle of the week is already here.

02-27-2002, 07:59 AM
Good morning! Good morning! Good morning! :D See my bright smile?! :D I went to the dentist yesterday for my 3-month cleaning! :D

It was really nice having Wayne home last night. It felt nice cooking an actual meal and sitting down to the table with someone--preferably Wayne. ;) While BOTH of us were on program I'm finding it difficult to get back into the swing of things--staying on plan. It took shear determination to eat at 29 points last night. This morning Wayne said the same thing for himself. Both of us feel that our little food fest on Saturday was not a good thing for either one of us and that will not be repeated anytime soon. I think we're having a difficult time getting that grease out of our system! Kind of like clogged pipes!

I hadn't been on my bathroom scale since last Friday and stepped on it this morning. I shouldn't have. I did more damage on Saturday than I realized. <shaking my head in disgust> I asked Wayne if the number was up on the scale for him and all he did was shake his head up and down in the affirmative.

When will I learn? Will I have to keep making the same mistake over and over again?


Sharon, good for you for making the CHOICE of saying "no" to Bill. See? You can do it. While I know its a lot more easier and fun to be doing the program with a spouse, sometimes you just have to do it yourself. Know what? I bet that after you lost some more weight and Bill sees that, he would be right back on program with you. :)

Maggie, it was unseasonably warm here yesterday--66 degrees--and that felt tropical! Wayne was saying last night as he looked out the back sliding glass door at the sunset, that he missed that--watching the sky turn colors while sitting out on the deck. Its getting darker later now and that's always a good sign that spring is around the corner. Well...if I don't keep my FOCUS, I'm never going to lose this weight! Right now I'm striving for "onederland" which I'm beginning to think I'm afraid of!!!! :?: I keep sabotaging myself and THAT has got to stop. You are certainly an inspiration to us all. That potato dish sounds awfully good--I save all my Cooking Light magazines and I'll be looking for that one. I like cooking new recipes that people I know have tried. So frustrating...and irritating when I try a new recipe and it tastes like...cardboard.

Jean, congratulations to you! Losing a pound is a solid loss! Weigh to go! :D That's wonderful. :D I'll know about the weekend maybe tonight or surely by tomorrow morning--Wayne will call me at work as soon as he knows. I'm supposed to take some WW material to my mother and if we're not going I have to put it in the mail asap because Mom and Dad are leaving for Florida on the 7th and I want her to have it before she goes.

Well...my hair is wet. I need to blow dry it and get ready for work...

Gail...staying FOCUSED today!

02-27-2002, 11:48 AM
Good Morning!

Well, we didn't go to w.w. last night. I have to say Bill was going to try but he is so uncomfortable with the shingles plus a sinus thing, I just wouldn't push the point. I told him that I was going Saturday morning and whether he did or not was totally up to him. That I was releasing him from any of my expectations. I told him I am very concerned about his health, but it had to be his choice to get on program and work on it. So now it is in his hands. I am going Saturday. They have lots' of meetings. They start at 7:00 and the last one is at 12. I think there are 5 meetings in between.

Jean, congratulations on your loss. I know you have been struggling to. I had an on program day. Banked 2 points. I bet that organ is wonderful.

Hi Gail! Your sure bright today. I am glad that you and Wayne seem to be settling down to program again. It is amazing how crummy a high fat day can make you feel. Remember the summer. You will be gorgeous for it.

Hi Maggie, it has been gorgeous here also. I love this weather.

Well, I had better get some work done.

02-27-2002, 04:03 PM
It is Wednesday already! That means the weekend is almost here!:jig: Today has been a busy one. On the go since 6:30AM. First and formost I was down 2# this morning. Then off to the eye doctor. This time he did some sort of test to see how my Glaucoma is progressing and it is stationery so no drops of any thing else needed at this time. This test required he use a 'device' in my eye to hold it open and see way back. It required he put some junk=goo in the eye so I was very blind for about an hour. By then I had got home and was able to use a warm cloth to wash the eyes and now all is back to normal. The best thing he said is I don't need this test for 4 more years. YEAH!!!! After that we went to pick up the tax papers and and then stopped at Bedford Air Base to pick up a few things. I was able to get some ink for the computer this time. They never carried it before. Then it was home and put everything away.
DH is off on an errand so I have some quiet time to talk to my friends.

SHARON It is hard to get someone else into the same mood as you. I know DH needs to lose a few more #s but until he makes his own mind up there is nothing I can say that wouldn't be naggingl I think the best thing is to do what you are doing and take are of yourself.

JEAN Wow! Another pound gone forever. Great work! And I know it is work. But worth it. That organ sounds great. It will be nice to have the church up and running in it's new space. I am sure the whole congregation will be happy. Yes, it is better to call first.

MAGGIE Your weather is making me jealous. We are having a cold and rainy day and are to expect more this weekend. I have no complaints though, as this has been the warmest on record. Only one more month til Spring.:love:

GAIL :cool: The sunglasses are because of your dazzling smile. Isn't a great feeling after having your teeth cleaned. It almost makes me not want to eat again. Almost!!!!!

Gloria in MA...off to read a chapter in my book before DH gets back.

02-27-2002, 07:10 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
While it is still on the chilly side, there is NO WIND today! I have had a sinus "feeling" headache all day -- I don't have time for that!

Maggie -- I would like to have your recipe please. When I first read the title, I thought "NO WAY -- what in the heck is that?" :lol: I figured if I couldn't pronounce it, I surely wasn't going to eat it!

Gail -- I can see your sparkling smile clear out here! :D I can really tell the light difference in the morning and evening . . . spring is definitely on the way. I have my fingers and toes crossed that Wayne won't have to work this weekend!

Sharon -- I know how painful shingles can be in that both my mom and stepmom have had them. :cry: They can be really miserable. I wish we had more than one WW meeting to choose from. Actually, our group has gotten so big that they did split it but the meetings are back to back so the second group is coming in while the first meeting is still going on. Not a good set up at all.

Gloria -- CONGRATULATIONS!!! on 2 #S that are gone forever! :strong: I'm also glad that you got a good report on your eyes. I just spent a half hour with my favorite eye doctor; he ordered a back up contact for me and it came in the wrong prescription so had to send it back.

Guess it is time to think about something for supper. I can't say that anything sounds very good right now . . . must be because my head hurts. :( Have a terrific Thursday -- another week is flying by fast.

Jean -- :sheep: in Iowa!

02-27-2002, 08:17 PM

We have had a busy day doing the regular water tests etc. but one thing unusal happened ~ there was a group of school children out here for a field trip and when it came time to leave they were missing a girl - about 10 years of age I would guess. Anyway we all went out searching and did find her on one of the hiking trails safe and sound.

GAIL how nice of a smile you have now - not that it wasn't charming before.;) I love that fresh from the dentist clean feeling. If you learn from your mistakes then you are ahead of the game. I sure hope Wayne can get the time off that you had origionally planned for the weekend.

SHARON that was a commendable move for you to release Bill from your expectations. He will surely see your progress and get back to it. I know how hard it is when you love someone and they won't do what you want them to ~ to be better. But we all have to make our own choices and that is that. CONGRATULATIONS on banking those 2 points. That shows me you are in control once again. And that total loss of 11 POUNDS is GREAT. That is a lot of cubes of butter gone bye-bye when you think of those little foil wrapped rectangles. Now on to this coming month. March on.

GLORIA CONGRATULATIONS on that 2 POUND loss your body gave you. That should be an incouragement to you - double your expectations. It certaily has its perks living here for sure. I sure missed seeing the Pacific and the georgeous sunsets it produces while out of the state.

JEAN if I hadn't seen the picture that was with that recipe maybe I wouldn't have wanted to eat it either. However when I made it ~ it did come out looking just like the picture and a definite do again. I'll e-mail it right along to you. I sure hope that miserable sinus headache :( leaves you alone soon.

Well FLOWERS I must start thinking about warming up some stuff for dinner..... re-run night. Plus a nice green salad will do it.

02-28-2002, 07:56 AM
Good morning! Y'all ready for the next installment of my life? Welcome to Gail's World...

First things first: Yesterday was much easier being on program. I ended the day eating 25 points worth of food. Much better! I still didn't drink all the water I should but I did better there also--about 48 oz. worth. I figure each day will be easier and before long I'll have a long string of OP days again.

Secondly: We're not going to Va. Beach for the weekend to visit parents. This time Wayne's work did not get in the way. Wayne's Dad called us and said he has plans and for us not to come. Wayne is a little upset. Now Wayne doesn't begrudge his Dad going out and having a good time (fil square dances, goes out to lunch, dinner, movies, and does church-related activities). Wayne would rather his father be out with his friends and not sitting home by himself. However, my fil is a bit of a "romeo" <chuckle> and has had a string of girlfriends for quite a few years now (since Wayne's mother passed away about 8 years ago). He's even talked about remarrying with some of them but it never worked out. And Wayne doesn't even begrudge his Dad a second marriage. However, my fil has only known his latest girlfriend since New Year's Eve and when he called last night to tell us not to come this weekend he started talking marriage with this lady. All we know is her first name and that "she's a real nice lady." (that was a quote from fil and that is all we hear) And my fil is not making any moves for us to meet her although he's met her four grown children (she's 64). How can we meet her if he tells us not to come down? Anyway, Wayne is a little upset with his father and I think he's going to call him this morning from work and try to talk with his Dad. Not to talk him out of doing anything--just to tell him how concerned we are...because isn't this kind of sudden?! Granted my fil is 77 years old and perhaps he feels the need to move quickly...if you get my drift?!

I'm not even going to go into what my mother said to me when I called her on the phone last night to tell her that we weren't coming...nothing bad really...just got me a tad annoyed last night as well. Oh well...

Soooooo...I'm still taking tomorrow off from work since it was approved and because Heather isn't work (she's starting a new job on Monday) we're going shopping! :) Not that I'm looking for anything in particular; but I'll help her find something new to wear on her first day at her new job. And of course, we'll go out to lunch...and yes, I plan on being on program.

Sharon, I think its a good idea at this time to start going to WW by yourself on Saturdays. You might find you like going by yourself--it could be a little bit of "me" time. I'm sure that when Bill sees how well you're doing on program that might just spur him to go with again. Show him that the plan can be worked no matter what the plans for the day is. :)

Gloria, Wayne has the beginnings of Glaucoma also. He's not putting any drops in his eyes (like his dad) yet--he's also stabalized...but he has to go to the eye doctor every 3 months. He goes again on the 9th of March and not only are they going to give him that test but there's some kind of new x-ray machine the eye doctor has now and he's going to do something else. I really don't know what I'm talking about but I am going with Wayne to this next visit so perhaps I'll learn more. AND...a big congratulations to you on losing a whoppin' 2 lbs. this week! :D That's great! WEIGH TO GO!

Jean, this must be the time that everyone is going to the eye doctor! As you know (because you've just finished reading this novella) that we're not going down to see the parents. I'll know by mid-morning if Wayne will have to work. I hope he has the weekend off. We'll have nothing planned but perhaps that will be a good thing--Wayne is a little tired from waking up at 5:30 am every morning and I'll let him sleep in until....6:00am! :joker: Only kidding--I'll let him sleep later than that! Hope you're feeling better today.

Maggie, oh my goodness! A little girl lost! How long was she out there by herself? I know everyone must've been so worried! Bless her heart...and bless y'all for finding her.

Okay...I guess I had better go get ready for work. My in-box is about to topple over if I don't do something about it!

Y'all take care...


02-28-2002, 02:39 PM

Another georgeous morning to wake up to. My goodness I am getting spoiled with all this lovely weather. This is a 19 point day for me and all I have had so far is my morning OJ for one point. I need to plan out my day before I eat anything. In the old days I think I could have polished off all those 19 at a breakfast.:ink: AH, but this is the good ole new days :Tand THIN WITHIN is awake and doing her thing.

JEAN I did some figureing this morning on that recipe and cut it back from that ackward serving number of 7 to 6 and it still comes out to 4 points a serving. Then I substituted Butter Buds for the butter and it cut those 6 servings back to 3 points each. Now that is what I am going to do next time I make it.

GAIL Romance is in the air ~ how sweet. This could be one of those " :love: at first sight times and he just wants to keep her to himself for a bit before introducing her around. Hopefully he is just savoring his time with her before he has to share her and all will work out for them. You are so right that it wil all become easier for you once you string some days together. I look back at January and February and want March to look like them. Time gets away from me if I don't keep my FOCUS and the other things fall into place. Have fun shopping with Heather ~ I just know you will find something for yourself while out there. :joker: That child that was staying out on that trail..... about half hour and we found her.

Everyone have a good OP day and drink that water. I have been drinking about 64 ounces during the day and then 10 throughout the night.:T

02-28-2002, 06:28 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
Our sun has disappeared and it looks like it might rain. We do need it; I just hope it doesn't freeze and turn into snow later.

Maggie -- looking for a lost child is scary and especially so after the last "lost" CA girl. I'm so glad you found her! My headache is still hanging on . . . I didn't sleep very well last night so have decided not to take anything except aspirin tonight. Thanks for the recipe! I am anxious to try it.

Gail -- after my mom died, my dad said the numbers of available women just seemed to multiply and they always needed "help" with something or a ride somewhere! We didn't get to meet his wife until after they were married . . . they eloped to Reno! We knew they were going there to get married but we all wanted them to get married here so we could attend. It's hard to change an 80 year old's mind that's for sure! They've been married 5 years and we all are so happy for them. I hope your fil's romance will work out if that's what he wants. Enjoy your day off tomorrow!

I have bell choir practice tonight so need to set the VCR to record the first Survivor show. At least I know I won't sleep through it and can rewind if I do! :lol:

Have a fantastic Friday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

03-01-2002, 07:51 AM
Its going to be wonderful day! I'm goin' shoppin'!!! And I'm not even sure if I'm going to buy anything for myself--I'm really not looking for anything--its at the end of the winter season and too early for spring/summer clothes. I'm going to go and just enjoy whatever comes my way.

OH! I found a new cookbook! COOKING LIGHT 5 INGREDIENTS/15 MINUTES COOKBOOK. I can't wait to try some of the recipes! What I like about the cookbook? First of all, it was recommended to me by a co-worker and she's tried about a half dozen of the recipes and says they were delicious. Each recipe has a picture of what they're talking about! THAT is a big plus for me--I like to see what its supposed to look like...know what I mean? :s: Because we all know some recipes don't turn out right! Plus...they give a suggestion to what to serve with the main entree (plus giving a recipe of that which is EASY)...and of course all the nutritional values are listed making it easy for us to use...AND...they're reasonable points-wise. I'll let y'all know the ones I try and like and I'll pass on the recipe! :D

Jean, don't tell me that! :lol: Wayne would be so upset if his Dad just eloped! Wayne wouldn't mind his Dad re-marrying at all but he wants to be THERE! Marvin (fil) said the same thing about women/men ratio...there are a lot of lonely women out there and as Marvin says "his dance card is always full!" :joker:

Maggie, I was looking at your signature line...one word: WOW. Okay...I'm back on track back on program...but have ot been on the Wendi Plan. Having Wayne home is great and he does keep me busy to keep my mind off food in the evenings but its been difficult to be stringent about points...soooo...I'm starting again with the Wendi Plan on Sunday. That is my high point day...and then I'll just slide on back on to the Wendi Plan that way. I know it works--you're proof! :D

Okey dokey...gotta get going...got a lot of ground to cover today...lot of places to go; lot of people to see...


03-01-2002, 04:46 PM
Hi everyone! Even as slow as this thread is, I have trouble keeping up. :o

Gloria, great job on that loss. I am hoping to report a maintain when I weigh in on Saturday. I have lost about 3# of the 3 I regained in my 2 weeks of no control. I want to see a break even restart for me. Bill just had an eye scan because he is diabetic. We have not received the results yet.

Jean I hope your headache is better. I had a mild annoying one for a couple of days. Bill has some days with the shingles that don't seem too bad and then there are some awful ones. I sure wish they would go away.

Maggie, I have lost touch with what you are up to. What are the water tests for? i am glad you found the little girl. I am impressed at how well you are doing with the program. What a terrific total for a short time.

Gail, sounds like you are doing better. I hope you are out having a wonderful time today. Did Wayne or the girls go with you?
Good luck with your fil! He is something. How nice that he is still so active.

Back to work. Maybe I will talk to you this weekend! Have a beautiful on program one.:lol: