Weight Loss Support - New here! Question regarding Tae bo and plateaus..

03-25-2008, 02:50 AM
Hey everyone. I am new to the forum and in the process of losing weight. :carrot: My starting weight is 187, I am currently around 149/150 shooting to be 110 pounds.

My question is this: I have been doing tae bo every day for a few months now. Later on in those months I added 20 minutes of weight training every other day. I am currently not at a plateau..but I am hearing all these stories of how you have to switch up your cardio routines because you will become used to them and I am hoping that is not true. I do tae bo twice a day. I love it, and I have around 13 different dvds to chose from, some with weighted amplifiers to intensify the workouts. I don't want to do anything else but tae bo. I hated every other workout dvd I have tried, I don't like being outdoors or going to gyms. I was wondering if I would still plateau even though I am doing a different tae bo workout every day? Sometimes with weights/resistance bands to make it harder. On top of that I do weight training like I said (but I DO change that up every now and then)

This is so like me to worry about a plateau before one even happens. But I have been doing tae bo for months now and I am still losing weight. I don't see how I could plateau when every workout is a new routine each day. Any tae bo users out there with advice??

03-25-2008, 08:34 AM
Hey! :wel3fc:

There are a lot of myths floating around about weight loss. The fact is that some people don't ever experience plateaus, so why worry about this ahead of time?

My own experience, having been on a plateau for a few months now, is that it doesn't matter what exercise you are doing or not doing. I have been going to the gym 5-6 days a week for the last month, doing different things every day I'm there, and it has made no difference yet in my plateau.

Good luck! Keep going! I love my Tae Bo tapes, although I don't do them so much these days. Hmmm :chin:


03-25-2008, 08:47 AM
Hi there Starlight!

Like Jay says, why worry about something that may or may not happen? Enjoy the fun that you have doing your Tae Bo! Enjoy your weight loss as it happens now! If in a little while you have some stalls, shake things up then. Don't fix what ain't broke! ;)

Best of success!

03-25-2008, 01:45 PM
Thanks so much for your replies guys:carrot: