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03-22-2008, 09:46 PM
Ok, here goes...

After reading a few posts asking for Diet buddies i decided to make a thread for it..

I really like the diet buddy thing its works well for me on another forum.. and i have made some great friends..

It really doesnt matter what plan your following how old you are or how much you need to loose diet buddies is about staying on track making friends and having a great time ..

We want to hear from you whether your on target or not.. having good day bad days , Great days or silly moments..

About me .. im a 27 year old mum SAHM of two .. We live in Adelaide South Australia .. I have struggled with my weight for years .. and have been there done that before only to gain it all back again.. and some.. lol .

So im here to loose weight for life.. i want to be healthy, happy and not guilty.. im Calorie couting with the assistance of Calorie King and finding it a very useful tool.. I exercise most days for 20- 50 minutes .. This time i strted in december last year and so far have lost 17 pounds .. slow and steady wins the race. lol. Im am happy losing 0.5- 1 pound a week .. I have the two kids to run after so cant afford to get run down on stupid diets lol .. i have a plan of 1700ish cals a day
exercise most days
drink heaps of water
gets lots of sleep
take a good mutli vitamin

and have fun.. treats .. are ok as long as they are with in cal limits and only once a week .. so that it about all i ahev to start this thread with since its easter sunday here and i need to get the kids ready to go out for lunch .. oh btw calories today dont count.. lol i just wont be stupid..

03-22-2008, 10:20 PM
:wave:Thanxs a bunch for the advice earlier. Most people around me don't struggle with weight issues so they don't really understand. I'm 28yrs young and have always gone up & down in weight. Now that I'm older though its been tough keeping it off. I live in South Carolina (US) now but I from New York City.

03-22-2008, 10:21 PM
I'm 16 (17 in two weeks), and I've always been chubby, and nearly always been very fat. Since this fall I've lost 35 pounds, but I also recently lost more and gained it back in record time. Today was sort of ups and downs for me. I jogged for... quite a bit, then realized my legs were near collapse and had to walk back. I still went about 9 miles total, which means I burned about 1200 calories, which I can't object to.

Of course, my eating has been far from exemplary. I've had two pieces of pizza, some ice cream, a bowl of pineapple, a piece of cornbread, as well as a salad with feta cheese for dinner and a cup of diet hot chocolate afterwards. So... yeah. Not great. Probably didn't make me gain weight, but quite possibly not in the range to lose weight either. So that was a bit depressing. And the other depressing thing was looking at photos that were taken of me by friends during a recent vacation- despite weighing 35 pounds less, I look extraordinarily fat. But the plus side of that is that sad as it is, I'm only really able to lose weight when I'm disgusted with the way I look.

So yeah. Just wanted to vent a little.

03-22-2008, 10:36 PM
What a good idea! It's so much easier to concentrate on reaching your ultimate goals when you have a bunch of people to help cheer you on! Thanks for the thread Amouse!

Okay, about me:

I'm 20 years old. I'm a college student and taking a ton of credit hours! Keeping up with school is like a full-time job plus some, and then I work part-time on the weekends where I just sit on my butt, watch security cameras, check people into the building, and do my homework.

I am really really really tired of being overweight and having self-esteem issues because of it (well, a major cause of it anyway). I am tired of having no control over what I shovel into my mouth. I am ready to take control back!

I've been doing really well since I kicked my body into gear with the healthy eating/exercising strategy. I'm not too concerned with calories (I eat when I'm hungry) but I do try to get enough protein in (carbs and fats are NO problem for me!)

The thing I want most is to be in shape and look fantastic. I am sick and tired of thinking of myself as fat and ugly.

I will lose 75 pounds by my 22nd birthday (June 2009) or before then (preferebly) excuses!

Thanks for reading!


03-22-2008, 10:46 PM
fantastic its great to have you guys on board welcomr to diet buddies.. Im gonna have text book ummm bad day .. well not all bad it is easter sunday here i have stuck to my goals all week and have relost the 4 pounds i put on last month when i was unwell so all in all not a bad week at all .. i will feel guilty laster even though i dont want too but hey easter sunday .. i plan on gving any chocolate i get given to my kids :)) lol i know evil arent i.. the kids dont need it either.. My duaghter is like me and she is only 3 she puts in wieght very easily.. and when she is heavy she is very moody.. just like me.. lol .. So my family is getting healthy together so we can all be happy.. being overweight is not fun no matter what you age.. even 3 lol .. anyway gotta go .. 12.16 and im due at the aunties at 12.45 and im still in my pj's lol.. oops .. hahahaha

03-23-2008, 12:17 AM
Oh you all in Australia get Easter before us :(

Actually, the funny thing is I'm Greek Orthodox, and our Easter Sunday isn't until April 27th I I still have a long time coming before I have that terrible temptation creep up on me.

Although, I will go over to my boyfriend's house tomorrow night for Easter dinner (he is Catholic) so I hope to make really good choices there. I was thinking about eating before I went so I was full but I think that it is time for me to learn how to make good decisions in bad food situations. So here goes nothing!

One slip day won't kill you just as long as you get right back OP and go exercise!

03-23-2008, 06:47 AM
Hi Ladies,
It sounds like many of us women around the world struggle with the same thing! I am 27, very fit, run up to 8kms 3 times a week and swim etc...but am totally out of control with binge eating (no purging, so not a technical eating disorder!). This has been a haunting presence in my life for as long as I can remember. I really have a wonderful life - teach at a great school, have a wonderful partner and live near Bondi Beach. But as soon as I become tired or mildly stressed I reach for food! How to stop? Self control is the key, but it is so difficult to find people who really understand and are totally non-judgemental. Perhaps this thread is the place? I'd like to get to a point where I easily fit into a size 10, but most of all I want to regain control over my life.
Does anybody else have the same battle? How do you deal with it?
Looking forward to seeing how you all go and hoping we can make it!

03-23-2008, 08:50 AM
laura i think we all struggle with that one.. to a certain degree. my trigger is stress in particular if my kids are sick .. i eat crap then.. I stop caring about myself complelety and turn all my attention on them .. This is one thing i really struggle with, but i spose with time it will get better . (long whiny post warning)

My daughter has been sick alot .. she has allergies and always finds new things to be allergic too.. cats, dog, medicine, immunisations, food additive, preservatives, grass.... lol .. To make it short she has hayfever and has chemical and airborn allergies.. which has made he very sick in her 3 years and has spent many days in hospital as a result.. ( id say close to a month iff you add it all up .. plus the added up days she suffered probably 2 out of the 3 years she has been alive lol ) So yes i binge.. and since my lil girl gets soo sick i get very stressed out .. when her skin is on fire her arms look like popeyes arms and so do her legs and she is starting to have trouble breathing.. ..

so now you see how i got to 131 kilos... i started to loose weight again in December and though leah has been unwell a few times since .. i havent faired to badly in now 123 kilos.. and having the support of online peeps make it easier for me to think before shoveling food .. lol..

anyway ^ that is how i got so fat ,food is how i coped with stress and as you can tell its not working well for me... lol I still find myself looming towards the kitchen when im stressed but have found a few new things to do.. instead.. a pissed off workout is always a very vigereous one.. lol .. windows become very clean when pissed .. and even the dog is happy to go for a walk and listen to me whine about hubby/ kids.. he always listens... lol.. when i upset .. i have been having a hot shower .. going out .. ringing a friend or just layed in bed for a while to clear my head.. all of which are better then binging.. lol i spose we just have to come up with new ways to cope.. with everyday stresses..

03-23-2008, 08:59 AM

lol just thought id say happy easter.. after my big whinge post lol...

i had agreat day today no exercise but i managed to stay below 2000 calories.. and for easter sunday .. im very pleased with that :)

The kids had a ball . they go in the pool and splashed about all afternoon .. the poeple wer fab the food was great and we all had fun..

Atm however im waiting fo a doctor to come around.. The kids went to bed at 6.30 and at 7.30 Cameron (7) got up crying .. he has a bad earache.. i thnk he must have got water in his ears.. well anyway he is a tough boy and he was balling his eyes out . so i have called them.. and it is now 10.30.. he is asleep on about 9 pillows becuase laying down made it really hurt and im sitting on her whineing .. and telling you all the crap about my past lol.. Hey .. if it wasn't for the doctor taking so long i wouldn't be on here i would be in bed.. lol .. and then you guys wouldn't have to read my long boring dribble above .. lmao..
OH well it was still a great day today :) If my hubby was home i could have just Taken cam down the after hours centre but.. he is working away .. so i cant win.. i just wait.. .. ok i promise ill shut up now.... lol

03-23-2008, 08:27 PM
The doctor came in at midnight... yawnnn .. lol and both Camerons ears are infected.. lol poor kid.. he gave us a script for antibiotics.. So today i will hunt the country side for a chemist open on this public holiday monday :) lol .. I hope he will be ok to go to school tommorrow.. he loves school :) Well its 10 am here and i still havent had breakfast so i will go and have some :) lol .. have a great day :)

03-24-2008, 05:27 AM
ok i know its easter sunday for everyone else but today here is monday i have had a great day despite being tired.. i did 30 minutes on the elliptical..

and had 1679 cals for the day .. my weight is still the same so no damage done over easter at all .. I put Cameron to bed at 5.30 since he was very tired.. and he went to sleep .. his little sister is still hanging around.. lol 3 year old staying up 2 hours more then a 7 year old where is the justice in that... lmao .. anywa .. im off to go clean up the dinner dishes night all

03-24-2008, 09:43 PM
Oooh, Amy, Adelaide! You've got some lovely territory there. And a lot of countryside to search.

Liz -- what're you studying? How close are you to finishing?

Impala -- gotta admire your drive! Wish I'd had it when I was your age.

So, I'm a 35 y.o. grad student in Atlanta, GA, studying political science. I work as a research assistant for a complete nutjob, and he drives me to (a) drink (in moderation) and (b) nosh (in less moderation, alas.)

I am neither married nor have children: I have dogs -- Jojo, the Belgian Tervuren, 12, and Halifax the retriever mix, 3 -- and 3 cats -- Satu, Dundee and Hawkeye.

Today sucked like a hoover: blocked drain in the shower (ankle high water. Ugh!!), followed by mad dash down to library at school (running late), frantic search for parking (only just found one) -- and then a 6 block hike to library (yay exercise?).

Get to library. Find I have no purse. Wave down classmate -- explain -- go back to care (another mad dash -- it was windy and cold here today!)

No purse.

Expletives ensued.

Drove home, gave up on getting to class (Boo!) and worked on finding purse (finally found).

Found insane e-mail from nutjob professor saying 'Come over here for your key right now.' Uhm. Hi, even if I'd -been- there I would have been in class, I -wasn't- there, and finally, 'come over right now?' Do I -=LOOK=- like my retriever? Even -he- doesn't fetch!!!

I guess on the upside I got an unexpected 12 block dash?

How're your days going, buddies?

03-25-2008, 04:31 AM
Kate what a laugh you have given me lol. 12 blocks in record time eh.. well there is a postive... but the prof is a bit of an *** .. ho rude is that .. you know my dad always had a saying about really smart people ... they got alot of dollars but not alot on sense.. As in common sense , and human relations like most of us ..

Anyway welcome to buddies . Im very glad you have joined us :) I beleive the others are still recovering from easter.. lol

I had a quiet day today Camerons ear still hurts so he has spent all day on the couch in his pjs...... omg.. i cant belaive it ..... its actually raining.... wow i dont think it has rained since november last year.. yippee whats left or my garden might actually survive... .. oops back on task lol Cam spent all day on the couch watching tv in his pjs.. Leah has spent most of the day playing in her bedroom .. and i have been washing my floors tidying up the toys and sorting out washing.... I also managed to get a 45 minute 9 km workout on the elliptical .. and im pretty pleased with that my cals for today are 1764..

Leah just called Cameron and asked hi what is making that funny noise.... hahahha .. Cameron told her.. its actually raining Lolly .. lol... its already slowing down.. omg 3 minutes of rain and its gonna stop.. that is sad.. i hope it starts again.

03-26-2008, 10:21 PM
Happy Wednesday! I got to corrupt undergraduates in their International Law class today -- 2 hours, non stop standing and moving! Also, kept on plan for food!

How'd y'all do?

03-27-2008, 07:48 PM
I had a good day yestereday i mananged to stay away from the chocolate for ther first time since easter lol .. I was gettinh really anoyed with my self over that one :) lol anyway . my calories were on target and i did a 50 minute workout so no complaints here . Last night i spoke to my hubby for the first time on his new laptop :) it was great. We both have webcams so we sat back relaxed and had a great chat . It was like he was in the room with me :)We were up till past midnight chatting lol.. oops considering he had to get up at 5 am this morning..for work . It hard having him away from home.. but im happy thekids can now hear and see there daddy Especially little Leah becuase she hate the telephone.

03-27-2008, 09:13 PM
Oooh, Tech Geekery!

What's DH do that he's away from home?

03-27-2008, 10:00 PM
he is a scaffolder .. i like tech geekery it works well once you have spent 2 weeks swearing at the computer wasting countless hours trying to get webcams to work then finally blowing yest another 50 on another stupid webcam and hoorray it worsk lol..

I am in South australia and Hubby is up on the top point of australia in the Northen territory in a place called Nhulunbuy in est arhemn land.. (aboriginal country). They are building a aluminum/gas plant up there in paradise .. It tropical and beautiful and they have put a refinery right in the middle lol..

He went becuase of the money he is making 3 time more a week then he was making here .. when he was working here i ddint have enough money to pay our bills let alone fix my old car.. but he was up ther one month and i bought a new car .. and payed off all our bills.

We dont know how long the work will last for and he is doing 12 hours a day at present so we can pile as much as possible into our morgage. so when he comes home to work again i will be able to pay our bills and fix things that need fixing. over half his pay i put in the morgage each week .

We were fine until we had our second child .. and she went into the box room .. a tiny room that is 2.7 m by 2.7 m and you could hardy out a bed in it let alone the wardrobe chest of drawers and a toy box. She had to sleep under the window and since she is asthmatic is was no good at all .
So we decided in october 06 we needed to make our house bigger .. Leah got our old big bed room and we built on a new bedroom for us with ensuite and a family room.. this doubled the size of our house and our morgage.. before out house was a small lounge eat in kitchen 2 decent size bedrooms and the box room . now the box room opens into our new family room and behind that is our lovely big bedroom and second bathroom. IT made so much differnce to our lives and i dont regret building but with the interest rate always goping up this year we foung our selves in a bit of bother.. so he has gone away.

For anyone that does know what a scaffolder is they build scaffolds/ working platforms for other worker to work safely at hieghts .. I hate watching him work .. he dangles off tiny things way up high and builds the platform so everyone else is safe.. but he isnt safe .. i however cant even change a light bulb.. lol im a chicken at heights lol

03-27-2008, 10:01 PM
ok here it is my wrotten weigh in day lol....

ok so time to face the scale...... im 270.6 last firday i was 271.7 so that is an over all lose this week of 1.1 pounds lol

im not to unhappy with that this week i have

gained 3 cm from my bust (must be ovulating lol)

lost 2cm off my waist

lost 4cm off my hipo hips lol

and gained 1 cm on my thigh... must be all that working out lol

so either the chocolate has gone on my thighs and bust or there is something else going on lol .. i beleive its working out and hormones .

so there it is my check in lol

03-29-2008, 02:23 PM
Yay measurements!!

I'm apparently too 'young' 3FC wise to put in the ticker thingy. Poot. Ah well. So, here's progress:

My March of the penguins is as follows S / C / G ==> 226 / 220 / 165

The mini-goal Hike of the Hedgehog... S/C/G ==> 226 / 220 / 200

Tomorrow I turn 35.

Drunkeness may ensue.

03-30-2008, 11:17 PM
So!! In honor of turning 35, I've gone and bet $25 that I can work out 3 x a week, at StickK dot com. -way- cool site -- you can either send the money (only if you lose) to charity, anti-charity, friend, foe, or 'other.'

I'm supporting Pekinese rescue.

Well, only if I lose. Which is to say, don't work out 3x in any one week -- then that week's $ goes to Peke rescue.

03-30-2008, 11:32 PM
Blech. My week has been not so great. I am in my junior year at a crazy highschool (half my classes are at a university), so basically, I'll be lucky not to die of some stress related illness before I get into (IF I get into) college. I managed to gain five pounds which a friend of mine (who has trouble keeping weight on) marvelled at, but I guess I'm just talented like that. I did fence a fair bit, but I had trouble keeping up with the sabre class (I don't usually, even if I am 30 pounds overweight) and I get the sense I've gotten WAY out of shape since the fencing season ended, not to mention lost some fencing skill during the two week break I took from it. You can totally see muscles in my arms now, though, which is exciting, even if they're not as well defined as they could be. I'm now trying to do damage control and get more active and even if I'm not still fencing, at least run everyday, ideally for an hour. My new motto is "How bad could it possibly be?" because I notice that I make exercise out to be torture when in fact it's generally quite enjoyable. What I need, I think, is a plan. When I was on a plan designed to get me to be able to run for half an hour at a time, I had a great time, and it was exciting to do more every day. But now that I can run for half an hour (fifty minutes once), or should be able to, it doesn't seem like an achievement anymore, and I get disappointed if I can't manage it. Now I'm trying to just go all the distance I can, and not bother much about the time. I'm also going to try to work in some more strength training because I can barely handle ten pushups at a time. But yeah. Thanks for listening.

03-31-2008, 12:02 AM
oh impala i know exactly what you mean. lol a few months back i was obsessing ( im good at obsessing) about the number i was doing on the elliptical.. i was trying everyday to beat the day befores time per ks run ... and in the end i just burnt myself out to a point where i hated the elliptical.. and i love it .. so go figure..
You should enjoy running for running not for the time or ther distance.. i learnt that the hard way .. if you dont have the energy one day you dont have to make up for it the next.. just listen to your body and enjoy the experience .. as far as the small wait gain. i bet you anything it is hormone related.. or maybe even chocolate related.. i have not been able to stay of that junk all week .. lol but luckily i didnt go over my calories too muach and managed a small loss .. one day i did 50 minutes on the elliptical and 40 minutes weights just to burn off the half a bunny i ate on top of my already full cals for the day .. i managed to get it down to a level i was confortable .. but i dont want to have to do that.. i will not loose weight doing that ..
so anyway im glad you are staying active and trying so hard to keep on top of all your schooling.. I dont know about you but after school i used to be starving ..

kate ......:celebrate::balloons::gift::bday2::woo::bday 2you:

Happy birthday :) i hope you have a great Birthday .. you got any thing nice planned?

I have had a a few quiet days .. My sleeping has gone down the toilet and so too has my energy .. lol I am getting only a couple of hours a night .. and at 4 am i thought maybe id just get up and forget about sleeping all together.. to see if that would fix me.. but some time just after i finally fell asleep. Only to be woken at 630 by the kids.... OMG .... Today i cant even open the blinds the lights is hurting my eyes and giving me a headache.. I have a sleep dep hang over ( lol i dont drink) So yes im special i can have a hangover without even drinking.. think that skill will get me to loose weight??? lol The good news is being awake so my my body must be burning more calories.. hahahah.. im still losing weight.. But i did only take saturday off working out so i spose that helps too anyway time for me to go and sweat a little .. cya girls later

04-01-2008, 12:09 AM
Hi, folks!

Impala! Wow, Sabre! I never got beyond foil -- but man, I had a figure while I did it!! just keep at it -- it'll come off. Remember, we're female -- we can sleep wrong and wake up 5 lb heavier.

Thanks for the B'day greetings, Amy!! Had a nice, quiet day, with some really spectacular prezzies and even more spectacular friends. This came after drunken karaoke Saturday night for roommate's friend's B-day (29th).

I had a schadenfreudean NSV today (schadenfreude -- being glad that someone else's misfortune is not your own).

I wasn't the fattest girl in class.

I think this was the first time in a year or so that this was the case. And I'll probably deny it ever happened, soon. But for today, it's enough.

04-01-2008, 12:28 AM
lol kate nice nsv..

i had a sv today lol .. i broke into the 260's!!! hooray.. 260 just soun ds so much better then 270 or 280 :) im happy with that

04-01-2008, 06:14 AM
Shrewkate: I also aspire someday to not be the fattest girl in class, but it may or may not happen, given that none of the people in my classes are actually overweight at all...
Wow, foil? When I first started I was advised to do foil because I'm short, but I just didn't get it at all. When eventually I got the chance to do sabre, I jumped at it. Even now, the prospect of a weapon with such a small guard and such a small area I'm allowed to aim for makes me nervous.

amouse: Congratulations on the weight loss! I'm always really amazed at people who manage to motivate themselves to lose a lot of weight. Good luck continuing!

04-03-2008, 09:11 PM

Weigh in tomorrow. Wish me luck.

1 walk down, 2 to go.

04-13-2008, 09:52 PM
Right, so, been nowhere for a week or 2 -- got bogged down with Life. Also Work.

But I now have patio furniture! And there is a notable absence of leaves from same patio and driveway!

Also, I have stuckk! Two weeks of 'making plan!'

How're y'all?

04-14-2008, 09:16 PM
I have now gained 10 pounds from my lowest weight. But I know I can get the weight back off, and dammit, I will do it. Bad as it sounds, I think I need to stop obsessing about hitting the right number of calories and just aim low, because I don't seem to have a middle setting. It's really 900 calories a day or 5000. I don't do "maintenence".

Which is actually probably something I should deal with, but I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Doing well with weight loss seems really hit or miss with me- one day I will find it impossible, and I'll spend the whole day grumpy because I can't eat what I want to, and then end up eating a ton anyway, and the next I'll set a goal and stick to it, effortlessly resisting the allure of gravy and pizza (not together, don't worry). It seems also to be linked with how well I'm doing with schoolwork, but I still haven't figured out how to control either.

So, yup, I'll keep trying, and be happy with the fact that even though I gained 10 pounds, I'm only 15 pounds from my ultimate goal!

(Incidentally, shrewkate, Terry Pratchett references= <3. Unless I'm reading way too much into that. In which case, I should probably lay off the discworld habit a bit).

I've also started jogging outside, which is pretty exciting. The first time was pretty bad, because it was a Sunday at about 8, and there were all sorts of skinny people in spandex. I ended up going faster than I could handle just because I felt intimidated by them. But if you go at 5 am on a weekday, nobody, and I mean nobody, is out. On my way back at around 6:15 I saw two people, but they seemed too sleepy to be judgmental. Or maybe I was too sleepy to consider them judgmental.

I can still only run for about 10 minutes at a time outside, which indicates that I'm moving faster than my usual 5 miles an hour on the treadmill, with the possible exception at the very end when I'm too tired to move my legs very far.

04-14-2008, 09:37 PM
im stuck and going no where.. no where is better then up i spose but oh well lol.. my hubby had been home all week so i havent behaved so i am happy to ahve not gained :) lol its just gonna take time to start losing again :)

05-06-2008, 06:52 PM
Bleh. I screwed up big time. I don't think I gained much, but still. I have GOT to get my priorities back in order, because I'm starting to feel like crap all the time. I forgot that that was one of the consequences of gaining weight without muscle. And I'm back to not being able to keep up with my fencing class. Well, first things first- I'm going to get caught up on my homework (which I've also been neglecting- when I get apathetic, I get REALLY apathetic) and then try to be in good enough shape academically I can afford to take an hour every afternoon to jog. Or do pliometrics. Or whatever.

Anyway, I actually came on to whine. I'm hungry. There, mission accomplished.