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03-21-2008, 01:54 PM
Hey everyone,

I had posted another thread under "question", but I wanted to be sure someone sees this so I am posting this after going to this new doctor.

She did the pap and then an ultra sound and then suggested this endometrial biopsy. I had two periods but no other symptoms really, well some bleeding a while back, I know you're not doctors, but has anyone had this done? I am 44 and premenopausal. She did not take blood work like she said and then forgot to tell the receptionist to schedule the procedure. The receptionist said take 800 grams of ibuprofen(sp?).

Well I looked online and it sounds like it is painful with no pain med. I am not convinced I need to go through with this as I believe stress caused the irregular periods and it only happened once. I am thinking I should just wait for the pap smear and ultra sound results and go with that, I would hate to have an unnecessary painful test. Should I get a second opinion? Or what would you do?

Oh I am losing weight, one pound above ticker weight after going up to 170:(

03-21-2008, 07:13 PM
I had this done twice in office with no pain meds and no "numbing" spray used. I also had 2 D&C's done with only narcotic--no anesthesia per my request. The biopsy only hurt when they had to grasp hold of the cervix. I read that some offices use a "numbing" spray, but where I went did not and would not--I asked. If they have to dilate the cervix then that is uncomfortable also. (the first time, they didn't have to, the second time, they did)
Because of the biopsy, I had to have a D&C. The following biopsy showed the same thing after medication, so another D&C. My ultrasound and MRI were normal.
This has nothing to do with your pap. My pap was also normal. The biopsy deals with the endometrial lining, the pap only with the cervix.
It sounds like your symptoms and not your pap have led your doctor to want the biopsy.
The ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin etc) is to try to help with the discomfort/pain during the procedure and after. I had a lot of cramping afterwards.
This procedure is done to look for abnormal endometrial cells (hyperplasia vs. cancer). If it is abnormal, I would suspect they would offer you a choice of D&C or hysterectomy. They wanted me to do a hysterectomy. There were no cancer cells on any of my tests, but hyperplasia that has not gone away. Some day I may consent to surgery.
Best wishes, these issues are not fun to deal with. One of the perks of getting older.