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03-19-2008, 03:36 PM
Hello and :welcome: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

You are welcome to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey! So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke or whatever your drink of choice is, and pull up a chair and join us. :coffee: :cofdate: :coffee2:

03-19-2008, 04:05 PM
Cristina -
Thanks for the new thread! :)

I have to get off my butt and go get Rach a vanilla bean latte something or another. Yesterday I got it wrong, she is going to keep sending me back until I get it right. haha
Going to spend time w/ Gab and get her attitude adjusted,she isn't a baby anymore....she is like a pre,pre,pre teen. ugh.

Going to go get some chicken for lunch and cottage cheese.
Meant to say too that I liked Carly & David from last nights Americal Idol.

k- later chicks.

03-19-2008, 04:06 PM
darn it! SusieQ beat me in here!

nothing really new on this end.....Tommy called me and told me that he got a "promotion" at work! he is now at a different shop working from 7am to 5pm instead of 4am to 4pm! He is hoping to have Saturday off so we can take the kids to an Easter Egg hunt. I am catching up on my AI from last night. Brandon did this really cute picture at school today. It was an Easter Bunny with a poem next to it, and the bunny's ears were Brandon's foot prints! It is really cute and it is one that I am going to treasure forever! After Easter, Tommy has mentioned that we are going to get a family picture done. We will also have to get Logan and Marissa pictures done by themselves. It is a tradition since my mom had my oldest sister that for every girls first birthday, they are photographed in the famous yellow dress. I have the yellow dress and I can't wait to get her picture taken in it! I am hoping that she will have enough hair to put into some kind of pony tail or some cute little barrettes.

Sassy~ I hope you guys don't float away! I heard on the news that Ohio is under Flood Watch or Warning, I can't remember which one right now. Thanks for that article.

Jules~ I hope that you can figure out which one it is.....I would love to have a massage right now! But then again, I would love to have one done once a day if it were at all possible!

Cristina~ I have the Biggest Loser: Cardio Max workout dvd, and boy is it a work out! Right now I am doing the level one workout and boy let me tell you Bob Harper can kick your butt in no time! I have been doing it every day (except for last Saturday and Sunday) and I found something abs! When I talked to Tommy at his 9:30 break this morning, I told him that I had abs of fire.

Katy~ I hope you all feel better and stay that way! I have a feeling that these kids of mine will be sick for the next I am kind of glad that Brandon has Spring break next time! And so therefore I am hoping that he will be 100% healthy when he goes back to school!

SusieQ~ I have noticed that if Brandon is around, well any of my kids actually, older kids, the attitudes of the older kids rub off on my kids. Especially if we go up to my parents house and the boys are playing with my younger brother Sean. I will try and figure out how to post his school picture when we get them....I am hoping that I can see it online after we get them in 2-3 weeks! Nope, we didn't get one with the Easter Bunny. That was actually this past Sunday, and in all honesty I forgot all about it even though it was written on the calendar! OOPS!

03-19-2008, 04:09 PM
I have to agree SusieQ......I haven't seen them all yet, but I would agree that David and Carly are great! I think that it will come down to the two of them. My pick for top three would be Jason Castro, David Cook and Carly Smithson.

And I hope that Amanda goes soon! I had to agree with Simon's comments about her needing to change her voice technique and to sing something different WITHOUT adding the bluesy stuff to it.

03-19-2008, 04:11 PM
Okay, I am back...

Started a new thread since we were close to the 100 posts, hope that's okay.

No luck finding anything, well, for DD, lol. She didn't find a sweater, er, cardigan...whatever, lol. So I had the one to exchange or get a refund and exchanged for a pair of capri's for me, lol. Ran by the grocery store to get milk and a couple of other things even though I buy groceries tomorrow. Went ahead and bought a ham for Easter dinner. I haven't cooked anything for Easter in I don't know how long. Not going to be anything special, just ham, potatoes, rolls and I don't know what else...nothing like having a plan eh?

SUSAN...just put your foot down missy and tell the ex no! You want Gaby for Easter. It's a fun one and I would want her for Easter too! Of course I would never want to share her so with me he would be out of luck, lol. Kidding...I know you guys have to have a civil relationship for the sake of Gaby but still....and I meant what I ARE a sweetie!

JULES...good to see you checking in lady. Aaahhhhh, a massage, and a visit to the chiro....both sound so relaxing right now. I woke in a pi&&y mood but once I started exercising I think I worked it away, sort of.

KATY...glad the kids are well :crossed: Enjoy your visit with your momma and to Lincoln, have to look it up and see where you and SuzyQare talking about.

SASSY...I can't keep cookies around here, I will eat too many. I think sweets are my downfall so I just buy bananas and granola bars to satisfy me. I could eat bananas all day, lol. Going to have to check out this guys plan/program. Any plan you can eat cheeseburgers and fries sounds good to me! Sorry don't have any suggestions for movies. Last I looked there was nothing playing that I wanted to see and haven't seen much of anything advertised. Hopefully, you find something you guys want to see.

MINDEE...another cute avatar! Love the costumes, especially the care bear one...loved the care bears since the kids were little. Hey, we learn something new I always thought purse snatchers went after the ones with the longer straps. Hoping you do post the school pic of Brandon and can't beleive their BD's are almost here!

SUE...hope it's warmed up for ya and the rain has stopped!

Anywho...I probably should go look some more for a song. Still undecided. I want to find the 'perfect' one, if there is such a thing. Well, there is, just the two I like sound kind of depressing. It's supposed to be a happy occasion. not depressing. I don't want to be crying all night. And I need to find a recipe for a pistacchio (sp? too lazy to see if it's correct) salad I want to fix for Sunday.

Take care ladies, and have a GREAT day!:hug:

03-19-2008, 04:14 PM
On the run! Sorry about posting before you, I couldn't contain myself from posting - :)
Krsity Lee has to go before Amanda, she does really odd things w/ her eyes. I don't care if she is from Oregon. lol
Congrats on the promotion!!

03-19-2008, 04:15 PM fair! You ladies beat me! :lol:

HIYA SUSAN! :wave: Now go give Gaby that adjustment, lol. You are welcome for the new thread...its the least I can do and I had time so...

MINDEE...isn't it weird you you feel things you haven't in such a long time? I actually found my hips and collar bone, lol. :yay: to Tommy getting a promotion! :carrot: Love the yellow dress tradition!

Have a good one ladies!

03-19-2008, 04:16 PM
Cristina - crap girl....I need to go, people keep sneaking in. :) Sorry you didn't find anything w/ the shopping, means you can go out again - haha. Easter is mine! I need *Gaby time* and get her back in line....
k- starving - bbl

03-19-2008, 04:24 PM
Susan...go, go do whatcha gotta do, go eat! No, no more going out. I think we have definitely had our fill of shopping, ugh! I really don't like shopping, lol...serious!

03-19-2008, 04:46 PM
just popping back in.....

SusieQ~ Not a problem about beating me in here. I figured that someone would since I was writing a novel like I usually do! LOL We usually have to have a "retraining" phase with the boys after we go up to my parents house because they start to act like my younger brother Sean.

Cristina~ Thanks about my avatar. The costumes, will more then likely be reversed though at actual Halloween time! The Care Bear costume is too tight on Brandon, and the Elmo is too big for Logan. So, hopefully they have a change of heart when it comes time to put them on! But then again, isn't that how it normally goes? The kids tend to want the one that is too big or too small for them? In all honesty, I don't think I have ever felt my abs like I am feeling them now. I didn't even feel them like I am now when I was in high school and had to take gym freshman year! I have found my stomach area as well! I have never had a flat belly, but I am getting really close to one now!

As for AI......I have to agree....Kristy Lee has to go at some time.....but I just hope Amanda goes first! My hubby keeps rooting for Kristy Lee......I guess because she is a blond.

I have a little Cheese Puff eating machine next to me. The boys are watching Dora OnDemand, and Marissa is trying to see if she can eat the whole bag of cheese puffs herself! She is turning around in the high chair to try and find where I keep pulling them from!

03-19-2008, 05:41 PM
Good soggy afternoon. I had a nice lunch and visit with my BFF. Applebee's for soup and salad. I didn't even have a margarita today. I am so good! We went to Hobby LObby and Kohl's. Gosh HL has 50% off most of their decorative items and some are so lovely. I bought 2 pieces of pottery and a ceramic ball. Hope they all look good on my empty pot shelf.
SusieQ- Yes, my kids are grown. DD#1 lives here and is 42. She has two of my "grands" and 3 of my step "grands." Her two are a 21 y.o son and 17 y.o daughter. DD is such a help to me with looking after things here when we travel. And just a real are all my kids, of course.
DD#2 is 39 and in CA and has 2 sons. The oldest is 18 and the "baby grand" is 7. She also has a step-DD who is 10. I talk to her often and IM, but sure miss them. The 18 y.o. lives here.
DS is going to be 28 Fri. He is in CA, has his own business and is almost finished with law school. He lives and has the business with my step son who is 37, Both of them are single.
So see...I really am "over the hill." Most of you on here could be my child! I talked so long I don't have time for the other indies. I will be back. And ya'll be good until I do.

03-20-2008, 02:20 AM
just popping in to check on everyone....I will be back tomorrow, well later today since it is after midnight!

03-20-2008, 11:14 AM
Just a quick Hi while I wait for the lazy girl to get up. Got 45 mns of exercise in and now I am doing the waiting HATE waiting on people! Going to go buy groceries...thank goodness I don't have much to get because I am tired of all the running. I need a break for sure. Anyway...then I am running to the scrapbook store to see if they have a wedding album. Thought I would make one for J & C for Christmas...ha, it will take that long to get it together, lol. Anywho...will be back to do individuals. Have a good day!

03-20-2008, 11:32 AM
Just poppin in to say Hi to everyone :wave:

03-20-2008, 12:38 PM
Morning lassies...Quick note for SusieQ. Are you watching the new Bachelor? I know you loved the show in the past. Anyway, I think he is a doll...and with the British accent, so yummy. But, the reason for going there is to say he was just on Ellen. He said he DID fall in love and he DID pick one of the girls. (and he thought the panties in his pocket was a gross move) LOL. I am hoping that he doesn't so something totally stupid in the coming weeks to make me dis-like him. They usually do! It's a man thing.
Some of those girls were really bad though! to get started on some house work. Back soon.

03-20-2008, 02:41 PM
Good Morning -

You're so funny Sue! I think all the Bachelor girls are bad and doing panty stuffing pocket moves because all the girls are plastered, they are always drinking. I missed the first show (I did see the "where are they know" one) because I fell alspeep w/ Gab. Rach watched it and told me about the panties. lol - yuck. He is dreamy, I am glad he found someone - look forward to the next show! You're not over the hill! :D All this talk about Kohl's I really need to see where a store is in the Portland area.

Francie - Great to see you here, let the Shopaholic chatter begin! :) I can't wait to get into the first Jane Green book tonight! Hope you are having a good week up north. :D

Mindee- yum, I love cheese puff's, so does Gaby. I like to suck on day old kind of gives em a chewy moldy taste. You got your wish on Amanda!!! I was surprsied. I thought she was talented, even though she needed a hair makeover. I hate to say it but Kristy Lee is kind of growing on me, I feel so bad for the pressure she must be under to always be in the bottom 3 - lol. Very shocked about Carly being there last night! Maybe people voting just figured she would be ok??

Cristina - I hope you are enjoying your morning! I went and picked up more chicken and cottage cheese myself. I also went to my mom's and picked up her house key. She is leaving today for the coast and I asked if I could come over and hide from Rachel., I might go there tomorrow night and enjoy her steaks and chocolate drawer. Gab went today w/ tangled hair, refuses to let me comb it. We both are in tears by the time we get in the car and her little lip trembles saying "you still like me??" Of course I like her.....poor thing. I am not sure about Gab's father and Easter yet......he is so dang pushy. anyway - I hope you are having a good day too!!

Hi to Sassy, Jules, Katy and Michelle!!

So, I had the usual slim fast and banana for breakfast. My hopes of 160 by Friday has turned into just wanting to maintain. lol *sigh - just kind of into the munchies right now. We are having better weather so I know I should be getting out and walking more to really reach goal. So, I won't whine too much.

anyway - better scram! Chat later. :D

03-20-2008, 02:53 PM
Ever have one of those days where you really do feel like you are back in school playing stupid mind games? Especially when they are the ones playing them? Geez, some people! I have no use for people like that in my life and why they think I would attempt to contact them is beyond me. Some people need to grow up and act their really is ridiculous that a grown woman or women act like school age girls, heck I didn't even act that when I was in grade, jr high or high school and I sure won't act that way now. Had my fill of the drama for sure...NO MORE DRAMA in my life!! Moving on...

HIYA FRANCIE...good to see ya checking in! Hope you are having a good day!

SUE...I've not watched the Bachelor but I did see on a couple of shows where they said "What, are there no good men in the US?" Makes ya wonder...but I guess they wanted something different. You just reminded me I should have looked at Hobby Lobby for wedding day stickers and such for the scrapbook!

MINDEE...well, whoever wears the costume will be adorable in it...they both are too cute!

SUSAN...any plans for Spring Break? And THANK YOU so much for the books! :thanks: :hug: I may be reading those next and Kite Runner may have to wait even longer, lol.

HIYA JULES, SASSY, & KATY, and anyone reading this!:wave:

Got my shopping done and man was Wal-Mart full. At least they had enough cashiers this time. They don't normally have near enough in the early morning. Spent too much time in the scrapbook store before heading to Wal-mart and now I just feel so pooped! I think I am going to have to go to the doc and have my foot checked is killing's the top of it and not the bottom. it's frustrating me for sure. I am still exercising and I am sure that it is not helping matters, oh well. I refuse to quit exercising. They will have to cut my foot off for me to quit, lol. Anyway...

I am going to go read a little here, head on over to another site and maybe do some reading and scrapbooking today, who knows. Such a beautiful day today I hate to be couped up inside.

Have a great one ladies!

03-20-2008, 03:07 PM
Susan...I wish I could say I am enjoying my day. If my foot and body would quit hurting. I'm telling ya, that Denise Austin dvd is a killer...I feel it in every muscle in my body. Eat some choc for me! I didn't buy anything sweet to eat and now I am wanting something, wah! Gotta watch it though or I won't be getting into that dress for the wedding...then I will be screwed because I have nothing else to wear.

Meant to ask what Jane Green book are you reading? I read Jemima J and liked it. Kind of reminded me of the Shopaholic one I started last night except she likes to eat instead of shop, lol. Just got to chapter 2 before I got sleepy last night. Again, thanks for the books, I appreciate them!

Ahhh, poor Gaby, and crying! You should have said, "No, I don't like you, I LOVE YOU silly girl!" I used to say that to the kids when they would ask if I still like them. I miss them being little but hey, I have grandkids now. OMG, that makes me sounds sooooo old!

Okay, better get going or I won't get anything done today.Want to post a little or at least read a little on the general thread.

Have a great day missy! And everyone else too! :hug:

03-20-2008, 03:14 PM
Hola!! :carrot:

Susan~YAY For Shopaholic chatter!! LoL!! Theres a Shopaholic group on myspace, as well as several chick lit groups. I'm in a few of them, lol. I cant wait for you to read your first Jane Green book. She's coming out with a new book soon!! I cannot wait for that!!

Cristina~We grocery shop at Walmart too. We usually go after 10pm (after we get paid) and its empty. But this time, we went the next day and it was so packed. I hated it, lol. I dont do well in crowds. Dont cut your foot off, that would be bad, lol. Maybe it needs to be popped or something. I know that sounds weird, but I can pop my feet, LOL!! It creeps dh out!! haha!!

Hey to everyone else :wave:

Anyhoo..I'm sooooooooo bored & tired right now. I have no motivation to do anything. I wanna go back to bed, but I dont wanna sleep the day away. I should be doing laundry, but I really dont feel like it, lol. Maybe its cuz I dont want Fonzo to leave. I've been singing "Blue, navy blue, I'm as blue as I can be/'cause my steady boy said "Ship ahoy"/And joined the Nay-ee-ay-vee" and "Kiss me, sailor, before you go out the door/ Whoa whoa, bye bye sailor boy/ cause its Anchors aweigh once more " all morning. I know he's not gonna be gone long..I've been saying that over and over. But I hate it when he's gone. He just got back from a deployment 7 months ago!!!!!!!!!! :tantrum: Okay..I'm gonna go calm down in front of the tv before I start to cry. Sorry for whinning.

03-20-2008, 08:11 PM
I am back for a sec (oh joy.....I know and you thought I had a life *snicker*)

Mindee - Where are you?? Thought you would be here posting by now!!!

Cristina - You got the books already? Wow, that was fast. Ya, I know about the mind game people :hug::hug: Hope your foot is feeling better!!
I never make it to a Wal Mart, I am sure I have said in the past Wal Mart is on the other side of town and I don't make it over there as much. We do have a Kmart close by or Target.
I am reading Jemima J, it came in first on the library holds this morning. I took Gab to the playland at Burger King and managed to read up to 156!! It is a cute book and I soooo wish I had a friend like Geraldine that would help air brush my heavy pictures....haha. No, I have no real plans for spring break, just a lot of swimming for Gaby.

Francie - :hug::hug: I am sorry about the deployement thing - that must be a heartbreaker. You have him now though!! hmmm, did that help?? Probably not....:) I am enjoying the book, I have half the book still to read - probably stay up tonight and finish it.

Ugh - Beck just showed up w/ her frined Olivia. I will have to cart them home. Rach got the job!! She passed the drug test, she was surprised, which makes me wonder. ha. I need to take her for new shoes and a white polo shirt for work.

Feeling my heart flutter all afternoon, makes me worried.....what does that mean?? Wonderful how I sit here w/ no medical coverage. *sigh.
Had chicken and cottage cheese for dinner. I am going to pack my things and Gab and I will head to my mothers tomorrow after I get her out of school. I might even take my cat so he can see my mothers kitties...since I got my kitty from her in the first place. It'll be a kitty reunion :D

Nope.....this is about as exciting as my life gets.....haha

03-21-2008, 01:06 AM
Susan~He's not really leaving on a deployment. Its just a workup. But a seperation is a seperation. Good luck finishing the book tonight. :) My heart flutters sometimes too. When I had surgery in '06, they kept me in the hospital longer and kept doing EKG's on me. But I guess nothing was wrong. I had a EKG done last year too..and yet again nothing was wrong. So I dunno what it means. Maybe you're nervous about something?

Nothing much is going on right now. Just finishing up dh's laundry for tomorrow. We took a extra long nap and missed dinnertime. Which is fine, I feel sick to my stomach right now, and can only handle water. So ya..I'm just waiting for Lipstick Jungle to come out..Thats about it. I'm boring. LoL!!

03-21-2008, 02:03 AM
hello there you fine young ladies! how are you all doing?

nothing really new on this end. I did however step on the scale on Thursday AFTER eating breakfast and doing my workout! It said 234.4! I had to step on it a second time to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me! I finally watched my "I Can Make You Thin" program. I will be watching/taping that from here on out! He had some great pointers and I plan to incorporate them into my every day living!

Brandon had a great last day before Spring Break on Thursday! They were suppose to have watched a movie and ate pizza. But I am not sure if they did or not because his teacher didn't send a note home. But I did ask him if they watched a movie and he told me yeah. So, I asked him what the name of the movie was that they watched and he told me "joseph." So, I don't know if that was a characters name or if it was in the title. I was going to send his teacher an email to see what they watched, but I didn't get a chance to. He got a monkey on a spring during class, I think. And then when I got him off the bus, his bus driver gave him a little Easter goody bag! He loved it and it was really nice of her to do that for him. It had a bunny on a spring. a lamb ring, bunny glasses, and a gummy bunny in the bag.

Francie~ Don't be sad! (I know....easier said then done) Some one has to keep me entertained with her nasty neighbor stories!

Cristina~ That is great that you are going to make them a scrapbook! I had to sew Logan's pillow up this morning and had to move the paint by numbers that I did for the boys. And I realized that I missed doing them, so I am going to pick some more up when I get a chance!

SusieQ~ Cheese puffs are my weakness too.....but I am getting better! Marissa loves them! I swear she was inhaling them the other day when she was eating them.....until I heard her crunching on them.

03-21-2008, 04:04 AM
Mindee~I'm not gonna be sad tomorrow or sat. Because theres a chance he'll be home for Easter. I'll save my saddness for monday when he'll really be gone, lol. But for the moment, I am craving chocolate. I just want everything dipped in chocolate right now. I wanna take a bath in chocolate I want it so freakin much!!! LoL!!! I havent had any neighbor stories yet. They've been pretty mute lately. Although, they do make LOUD noises during the day.

Anyhoo..dh is pretty much done packing. So I'm gonna go lay down with him. I doubt I'll be able to sleep tonight because I took such a long nap...

03-21-2008, 10:09 AM
:wave:Just stopping by to say Hey to everyone!! Hope everyone has a good day. I'm actually going back to bed because dh's alarm scared the crap out of me at 4:15am, lol.

I'll be back laters!!

03-21-2008, 12:48 PM
Good morning lovely ladies!

Sorry for a quickie but not much time. I slept a little later than I have been the last few mornings so didn't get up and get things done early enough to have time to do individuals. But...I will be back later for sure, may be this evening though. :dunno:

I am getting ready to go meet Charlotte and the kids to see Horton Hears a Who...supposed to be cute. Now, I don't normally go see kids movies but if daughter-in-law-to-be invites me to see it I will be there. Nothing else to do today anyway.

I did get in 45 minutes this morning thank goodness. Did the 1 mile WATP=15 mns. and Denise Austin=30 minutes...I am telling ya, you really do feel the burn, for days after! But it's a good burn, lol Plan on doing another 45 minutes before the day is over. Not counting on a loss this week...not sure why. I dont' think I have eaten so bad this week but just not feeling like there will be a loss and really dreading getting on the scales. We will see tomorrow.

Have a good day ladies! I'll be back! :hug:

03-21-2008, 02:20 PM
Good Morning -

I am so glad it is Friday!

Cristina - Can't wait to hear about Horton Hears a Who.... I wanted to take Gaby to see that but w/ the weekly PTA movie I have put it off. I think the next one is Martian Child (??) never heard of it. lol Anyway - hope you had fun!!!

Mindee- Gaby is always tight lipped on what is going on in class, she never wants to talk about Cute about Brandon and all his Easter goodies.

Francie - :hug::hug: hang in there. I really need to learn where my heart is because the fluttering isn't on the heart, my ex said when I pointed to my flutters "that ain't your heart, that is just your *it"....charming. Anyway, I was thinking it was a heart attack or something dramatic like that. haha

In a hurry to get some errands done before I need to pick up Gaby from school. We stayed last night at my mothers. I should have waited til Gab went w/ her father. She missed her bed and kept saying she wanted to go home. I didn't read as much as I wanted to so I didn't finish my book. I took the cat and he didn't seem to appreciate my efforts. WTF....why do I even try?? lol.....

k- drank way too much coffee......I need to go run or jog or sprint or something,way jittery. :dizzy:

chat at you all later!

03-21-2008, 02:43 PM
Quickie while baby, hubby and both dogs are crashed out. I took Francie's advice and am going to do both chiro & massage--I went to the chiro today, I actually have more "knots" than I thought. He helped me tremendously--he said I should sleep better tonight and my headache is finally gone. He's on vacation until next Friday but I have an appt then and plus I have my appt to get a massage on Monday. I am still hurting but nothing like I was.

Granboy woke up so he's sitting on my lap watching me type one out for typos....

SuzyQ--hope your flutters go away unless your fluttering about mcdreamy! gld to hear abou Rach's job. Ry gave us a nightmare during his teenage years but became more responsible once he started working--hope the same thing happens for you.

Cristina--hope you enjoy Horton..i wanted to go see enchanted myself. sorry to hear about the drama people caused--I didn't run with the popular crowd in high school because i didn't play those games then. my crowd was older people who had moved on and a few my own age.

francie--hugs to you! several of my son's friends are in the military--tony's wife and kids missed him terribly while he was in iraq.

mindee - wtg on the loss--sounds like brandon is liking school!!

katie, sassy and sue--hi!!!

03-21-2008, 03:40 PM
Cristina~I'm dying to see Horton Hears a Who. I heard that it is so cute!! Me & Fonzo are totally into kids movies, lol. Plus, we love Steve Carrol, Jim Carey & Seth Rogan. Let me know how it is.

Susan~Hmm..maybe it was just the nerves in that area then. Whenever my boobs grow it feels all weird. Btw: cats never appericate anything unless its like cat nip, a new toy, a new bed, a plastic or paper bag, etc. They're totally self centered lil animals. But I love kitties and I especially love my kitties!! :D LOL!!

Jules~OoO..I hope you get all the knots out. Those can be such a killer. I know I have about a zillion in my shoulders and neck. Did he crack your neck? I totally love it when they do that, lol. I hope the massage helps!!!

Alrighty. Dh is gone so I can totally have a girl day today. I'm gonna watch my movie on Lifetime in a half an hour. Then I'm gonna do my nails and eat Cherry Garcia (low fat frozen yogurt woohoo). I'm gonna stay in my sweats all day and not clean (the house that is, I'm still gonna shower later today, lol) until tomorrow, lol. Plus, I'm totally gonna be watching Mermaids & Moonstruck tonight!!!!!!!! YAY!!

:wave: to everyone else!!!

03-21-2008, 04:30 PM
just popping in here while I got the chance! we got the eggs decorated and they are drying. now, all three of them are asleep. I did have all four (tommy too) sleeping until Tommy's "boss" lady called him to say that he can start vacuuming at 4pm.

well, Tommy had a short lived "promotion" at his work. starting Monday he is back to his 4am to 4pm shift! His boss from that line threw a hissy fit to the guy that moved him to the new line and so he got him back. Tommy wasn't too happy about it, but hey, it is two more hours so the money will be nice!

I know it is late to be eating lunch.....but I am hungry!!

03-21-2008, 06:25 PM
Just real quick...dh is gonna be able to come home tomorrow!! :dance: I'm so happy. Hopefully we'll get to color eggs. I didnt get my chocolate bunny this year, so hopefully I'll get one in the after Easter sales. Dh said he'd buy me Antoment & Enchanted & I Am Legend for we'll see, LOL!!! Still no money from Nutrisystem :mad: I'm gonna give them until monday and then call again. Okay..thats about it for now. My lazy day calls for me..

03-21-2008, 08:49 PM
Hello ladies!

I am sleepy for some reason...had to have an energy drink to wake my arse up...didn't help so much though, I am sleeepy!

Sorry for not having time to do individuals...I promise to be back first thing in the morning to do them. I have to go get dinner cooked for the monkies, lol. But I wanted to stop by and say Hi since I was in the basement waiting on the dryer to stop. I'm just fixing a salad for me, not really hungry.

Have a great evening! Ciao :wave:

03-21-2008, 09:52 PM
Francie--yes he did crack my neck...I love it too though everyone else says they hate it. He also cracked my upper back, everythings so tight, but it did relieve alot of the pressure. I'd actually like to see all three of those dvd's. You'll have to let us know how they are. If you used a credit card for your Nutrisystem I would talk to them about getting your money back if you are not getting any satisfaction from the NS.

Mindee--not doing eggs this year but watch out next year!! Teri wants to take Nicky to get his pic on the Easter Bunny's lap. My mom always does pickled eggs for Easter..I'm going to get a couple. Me and Ry are the only ones that like them--Teri and hubby don't.

Cristina-I am so tired too. Dr Creek, the chiro says I should sleep better tonight.

Hi SuzyQ, Sassy, Katie and Sue!!!

03-21-2008, 10:29 PM
Jules~OoO I bet it felt nice when he cracked your upper back. Me & dh crack each other's backs. Its probably not good for us, but it sure does FEEL good, lol. I've been having drama with Nutrisystem. I cancelled my account..but they sent me the food anyways and took out a ton of money for it. So then I sent it back, and now I'm just waiting for my refund. Enchanted is a really good movie. I saw it when it was in theatres. I'm just dying to see Antonment. I LOVED the book and read it so fast, lol. But I'll let you know how it is.

Anyhoo...I'm gonna eat some dinner now, so I can enjoy my Cherry Garcia for dessert at 7. No food after 7 for me.

03-21-2008, 11:09 PM
Hi gals!

Francie--oooh I LOVED Atonement. The book, that is. I've been nervous to see the movie because I thought book was a masterpiece and it would be hard for a movie to live up to it. I thought Saturday and Amsterdam ( books by Ian McEwan) were also very good, but Atonement was really the best. (((big hugs ))) sorry your DH has to leave... I thank him for his service to our country, just like Cristina's take a special person to serve in the armed forces. It also take a special person to be their partner, so kudos to you , too :)

Jules - pickled eggs? ugh...but I love pickles, so maybe it's not that big of a stretch. So glad you saw a chiro and a MT...I've been helped alot by seeing both myself. I still see my MT once a month, plus have started doing a pilates class twice a week - that has really helped my back, even more than yoga.

Oh geez - I'm posting in quick reply and I can't see what everyone else has written. Something about Susan and some suspicious the girly bits? Did I read that right, lol! You know - when it comes to that - I take what I can get, after all I am a woman in my 40s and I have the hormones to prove it :)

So, I am sorry-I know I missed a bunch of stuff, but I hope everyone is having a great Friday. It's officially Spring Break here. Both kids had great report cards so we celebrated with pizza and the kids each had a treat from Baker and Spice. My treat is some wine and off to bed early to read The Language of Baklava. It's really good...Hub and the kids are watching Jason and the Argonauts - anyone remember than movie? pretty great, but I've seen it and my book awaits.


03-22-2008, 01:45 AM
Hi Gurls.

I am here. lol. Wed. was a night from he--double hockey sticks at work. Lets just say I can now add "office mover" under my title. :p I had to move not just once, but 3 times!!!! So frustrating and I was SO sore after having to get under my desk, unhook everything, lift all that crap onto a cart, then under the desk again, reconnect, unload my crapola, then to get a phone call from my boss to say, "you have to move back".........GRRRRRR! So only took what I HAD to have and used part of a co-workers stuff that has not moved yet, he was out of town at the time. Climbed under HIS desk, unhooked everything, hooked up my stuff, then guess what? Still could not connect to the stuff that I needed that I couldn't connect too downstairs! So I had to move AGAIN back to my original spot, climb under the desk, rehook everything up, still the same thing! Finally they got me connected to some things but not all. and before anybody asks, yes they do have a team who just moves people, but that doesn't apply to us "after hours" folks. They don't wanna pay them overtime to help us "nightshifters" move and I don't think they did it even for the dayshift people. Why do we have a team who moves people, but yet they don't move people???? Anyways. At the end of my shift on Thursday morning, I again unhooked everything and had DH take down my tower and my chair (I have a special ordered chair because of my back) and I moved all the guys stuff back to his desk that I used..........PHEW...........But I am proud of myself because I must have lifted everything correctly because it was my LEGS that were so sore and not my back!!! :carrot: I was so happy about that!!!! Ok so it doesn't take much!!! lol.

DH is back to work tonight and he had to move his tower upstairs to work and is working on a different co workers monitor, keyboard, etc.......he said this guy's stuff was nasty though, dried up FOOD on the keyboard, etc!!! EWWWW!!!! Said he had to clean everything before using it. Only thing I had to deal with was the crappy mouse that my co worker had that I was using. I asked DH if we had an extra optical mouse and he said yes, I said please give it to that man!!! He desperately needs one!!! lol.

Anywho, Thursday night, DH & I went out to dinner, we had Italian food. We both did not finish our meals and we did not have dessert -- we were full!!! :carrot: Then we went shopping INSTEAD of the movies, there was nothing that interested us. We bought a new tv for our bedroom, its awesome. :D Then I bought a few new tops for me, one is really cute, only thing is it accentuates my "girls" if ya know what I mean......:lol3: DH loves it........:p His answer was, "What? you got nice BB's, you can't help it......" :rolleyes: But it is a cute top and guess I'd rather my "top" be more emphasized than my "lower" half...........I gotta big booty.......:lol:

Ok speaking of clothes shopping, what is with the 70's fashion coming back? I felt like I was shopping in the Brady Bunch era! And some of the stuff they have for plus size women is just simply ridiculous!!! I held up some things to DH and said, "now why in the you know what would I want to wear this?" :lol3: It was quite funny. But very frustrating too because the pants were just horrendous!!! Why can't they make decent clothes for plus size women that does not cost a freaking fortune??? Is that too much to ask for? lol.

So needless to say I did not get any pants........guess I have to go around with my new tops and no pants. :p Just teasin' I'll find some, just have to look, which btw I hate doing. I can clothes shop for my DH, but for me? Forget it!!! lol. Now I can so sympathize with my mother. She always hated clothes shopping for me when I was a kid. I think I have always had the same problem -- a big booty. lol. Even as a kid. lol. It was tough finding pants to fit that weren't so long that I was walking on them........I still have the same problem. lol.

Anywho.........enough of my "Fashion Dilemmas" lol Why can't I have a "Nigel" (from Devil wears Prada) to pick out clothes for me??? :lol3:

It has so far, STOPPED RAINING!!! :carrot: It was gorgeous Thursday and yesterday and I think supposed to stay that way for a little bit.........YEY!

DH & I also went grocery shopping while we were out and for the very first time I did not feel "overwhelmed". I felt "free" because for the first time I didn't have to worry about "should I be eating this?" it was a very good feeling and I can see how the way I felt "before" was doing more "damage" than good. And Paul McKenna is right, after a while, things start tasting different and I do eat less!!! My pants I was wearing that night was even loose!!! Doesn't sound like a huge deal I am sure to you all, but it is huge to me. I feel free for once, I like myself for once and I don't put myself down all the time and I stopped feeling sorry for myself and I am taking action instead of sitting around whining about life. I feel FREE! Yes on Wed. night at work I was very very frustrated and yes I did VENT how I felt right then and there, but guess what?? I moved on after!!! I dunno I feel like I am finally being the person I wanna be instead of worry about what others want me to be. I don't care what others want me to be, I only care about what I want me to be. And being a better "ME" strengthens my relationships with people too. :) At the ones that care about me. ;)

So anywho, there ya have it. I bought the stuff to make banana pudding and my infamous banana cake, per DH's request. He wants to take my banana cake to work because this girl he works with, is from Romania, she has never had it before.......So I am making it for him to take in. The banana pudding is for DH, he's been wanting it. and Yes I still have GS cookies left!!! :D And DH said that the little "cookie pusher" at work gave him more boxes of pb cookies for him. We don't even ask for them, she just keeps bringing them in! I still have boxes left, so I don't need nor want anymore!!! lol. DH told her she is a "Cookie Pimp" lol. Anywho I am hungry, so I am going to go and eat.......:)

Take Care,

I hope you all are well!!!!

BIG :hug:

03-22-2008, 01:55 AM
just popping back in here before I head off to bed just to start all over again on Saturday!

Saturday will be one busy day for us! we are going to an Easter Egg hunt with all the kids. Then over to my in-law's house for dinner and spending some time over there. Then Sunday we will be relaxing!

We got snowed on tonight.......somewhere between 1"-4" or 4"-8" I didn't look with a ruler so I don't know exactly!

03-22-2008, 03:26 AM
Katy~I loved the book too!! I mostly read it because I knew dh wouldnt want to go see the movie. But omg, now that its on dvd, I'm just dying to see it!!! Thank you for your kind words. :hug: It really warms my heart when people say that to me.

Sassy~I LOVE the 70s fashion!!!!! I used to wear my mom's old tops from the 70s when I was younger. I remember she had this hippi looking dress and I would wear it ALLLLLL the time!!! But this was back when I could fit into a size 5. I think I was like 10, LOL!! Mmmm..I'll gladly take the GS cookies. I still have my box of Thin Mints that I'm slowly eating. (the cookies, not the box, LOL)

Anyways...I have a headache again right now. I cant take anything because I took some advil for backpain earlier. So I'm just suffering right now. :( Anyhoo..if anyone is online and has yahoo..IM me. I'm lonely right now.

03-22-2008, 12:07 PM
Hiya ladies...

SASSY...geez louise girly, you definitely got a good workout with all the moving, tired me out just reading it, lol. Hey, I love the 70's clothes, espeically the cute tops...the babydoll ones. DD hates it, she calls them the pregnant tops. I don't like the bellbottoms though...was glad when those went out and refuse to wear them again, lol. WTG on the NSV! :carrot: I think that's all that matters-that you feel good about yourself. Glad it stopped raining.

JULES...glad the chiro helped...I really need to go but once I go I will feel like I need to keep going, they always want to see me 2 or 3 times a week and I don't want to feel trapped into it. I know it's just at the beginng but still. And yeah, I can do without the drama. It is just really stupid to me and as I said, I am too old for the bs. I refuse to play games, refuse! Anyway, speaking of Tony, how is he doing? Josh may have to go back to Iraq, ugh! How's that grandbaby? He sure is getting big already...they grow too stinking fast!

KATY...I am the same way. If I read a book and then a movie comes out I am a little leery of seeing it. Seems they never live up to the book. But...I was pleasantly surprised with the movie The Diving Bell & The Butterfly...loved both! Speaking of the Jason & the Argonauts...DH#1 loved it! That is why Jason is named Jason, lol. Yay for GREAT report cards! :yay:, you guys colored the eggs early. Are you guys going to your moms, can't remember if you mentioned that you are or not. Question: why do you weigh after you eat and/or after a workout? Just curious...WTG on 234.4! :carrot: Sorry for Tommy's short lived promotion, that would suck...give you a promotion one day and take it back the next. I am going to have to catch I Can Make you Thin...heard a lot of talk about it.

SUSAN...the mail is so goofy. I was surprised it got here so fast too. Never know how long it is going to take something to reach it's destination. Hope you like Jemima J...I thought it was cute. Yay to Rach getting the job! :yay: Sorry about the heart flutters hope it's not from stress. :hug: Martian Child looked cute...I didn't want to go to the movie and see it but I will watch it when it comes out on dvd or on the telly. So what do you have planned for the weekend missy? Anything special planned with McDreamy? far I am liking Confessions of a all her excuses, lol. Did you have your ice cream and watch your movies? I love Moonstruck and especially Mermaid...would have loved a mother like Cher growing up...her and her kabobs! I didn't know myspace had all the groups, one day I will have to venture out and see what's up. I usually just go and blog or send messages/comments. DIL-to-be seems to live on there and will only contact me that way, lol. Sorry about DH having to go, that always sux. I know it's different, but I always hated too when Josh (DS) left. Of course I hate good-byes anyway. Lots of hugs to you missy :hug:

Horton Hears A Who was cute! I am not a fan of Jim Carrey except in serious roles but this was cute. Going to have to go see more kid movies in the future. Love Steve Carroll (sp?) he cracks me up but overall it was good...definitely would go see it ladies.

Nothing much going on today or this weekend. I DO plan on getting lots of reading done. Haven't cooked an Easter dinner in a couple of years and didn't plan on doing it this year. But while I was in the store I saw the hams and figured I have to cook something so it might as well be ham. Well, I don't actually have to cook ever but I do, lol. Going to Easter Mass this evening, that should be nice. Other than that, nothing special. Need to get some exercise done sometime today too.

Have a great day/weekend ladies!


:easter: :bunny: :bunny2: :egg: :easter2: :egg: :bunny2: :bunny: :easter:

03-22-2008, 02:21 PM
Cristina~I'm reading the book again too. It still cracks me up. I can totally see myself doing all the stuff that she does, lol. I did get my ice cream, but I never made it to the movies, lol. I ended up just watching regular tv. I was gonna watch Mermaids in the bedroom, but my friend got online and I ended up chatting with her until I got sleepy. I love Mermaids!! I love Cher!! I used to live on myspace too. But it got to be too much drama, so I eventually cut back a little on it, lol. I do admit to only contacting people through there. LoL!!! My friend emails me through yahoo..and I'm always telling her to get a myspace account, but she wont, lol. Glad you thought Horton Hears a Who was cute. I really wanna see it now!!! I hate goodbyes whenever dh leaves, we never say goodbye. We just say "I'll see you soon" It seems so much nicer, and he will be coming back.

Nothing much else is going on. I think I'm gonna go eat a yogurt and watch Mermaids, lol. BBL

03-22-2008, 06:36 PM
Happy Saturday before Easter!!:easter::easter2:

I am such a nerd w/ no computer and tomorrow being Easter, the library will be closed, so Happy Easter early!! :bunny2::bunny: :easter:

Katy - Good to see you, when do you head for the coast, Monday? I haven't had the flutters since yesterday. Everyone seems to have their opinions on if it my heart area or just tension. I swear my sister thought it was the heart too. We ain't very smart in my thar family. haha. Anyway - have a safe trip and congrats to the kids on their report cards!!

Cristina - I don't like Jim Carrey either, I never have, yes...along w/ Johnny Depp. I love John Travolta, and I like that Steve guy too. I will have to look Martian Child up and see what it is about. I am glad you liked Horton and the Shopaholic book!

Sassy - lol on your post. I am not sure on the Brady Bunch fashions, I like my Old navy jeans, makes me feel like a teen. I noticed all of the young fashions for like Gab kind of looks like maternity tops.....which is nice for her tummy but she has lost a good deal of weight over the last 3 weeks, so she has no tummy anymore. I love banana bread, never have made the cake before....YUM on your Italian dinner!! And good for you on going to the store and not feeling overwhelmed :) , I am sure that was a great feeling! It would be for me.

Mindee - Ick on snow, how freaky. It is sunny but windy here. Awesome on the egg decorating, I am not doing that this year.

Jules - Ick on all the neck cracking!! lol Sounds painful. Rach will sit there and crack her knuckles, drives me batty. She says it feels good , can't imagine. Enjoy the Easter holiday w/ the baby!!!! I am sure it will be fun. :)

Francie - I like Cher too, I liked her in MASK, I have never seen Mermaids though. I hope your headache is gone and you are feeling better!!

Am I done w/ indi's??? whew.....Hi to Sue and Michelle!!

I slept in w/ Gab, she was so cute sleeping and is always up at 7am, so sleeping til 10 was wonderful. Rach went to work for the day and is whining already about being inside all day. I told her to think of all the $$$, stop whining.
Met up w/ Mike and we took Gab to an Easter thing at my church (*sigh, when I get my butt and enjoyed a hunt and games and such. We were going to go to another one but Gab was having fun so we stayed and it was rather relaxing.
Mike took Gab overnight and I am still thinking of what I want to do for the evening.
And....omg- when he (Mike) was leaving he said "come here" and he gave me a hug and kissed my on the forehead....omg. I could have f- ing died!!! ewwwww. I had my arms crossed. It was like a f- ing birthday hug or something....ewwwww........I ran into the apt and got a shower.....of course he ran in after me and jumped in w/ me....ewwwwww.....jk.
He did hug me though...............ewwwwww. lol

McD was going to make chicken enchilada's (sp) but I didn't say for sure if I was making it over. I have to pick up Rach at 8pm, so that would cut into our time. It is no biggie she is only 2 1/2 miles down the road and I could always go back to his place....I mean, he is only around the corner. lol.....

I did finish Jamima J, it was good. I miss my Becky though!! Now I am reading The Other Woman but Jane Green and I like the book. So, I think I will go snuggle on the bed and read for awhile after I call McD though. Always something to do....I just wanna my,me,me - all about me!! lol

omg- I need to replace some covered chocolate peanuts at my mothers.....I opened a container and ate the whole thing. Oops, how did THAT happen?? :D

k- have laundry that needs to be put in the dryer!!

chat later.................

03-22-2008, 07:51 PM
I gave myself a new goal. I want to lose 5 more pounds by my 23rd birthday (April 29). And my gift to myself will be to get my tongue pierced. Woohoo!!


03-23-2008, 05:08 AM
Hi Girls.

Well I had an emotional night and er um Have any of you noticed that once you stopped the emotional eating you are left with all these feelings? All I have been doing tonight is crying :cry: and I don't even know I feel like I am crazy :crazy: or something but I know I am not. I know its just all those feelings that I kept burying with food. But what do you do with those feelings? And I don't even understand why I am feeling them???!!! lol.

I cleaned my bathroom really well, except for the floor........:p But I even took down the shower curtain and alive was that a workout! I have a shower curtain rod that does not come down so I had to reach up and unsnap them all and then resnap them all back. I felt like I have been lifting weights!! lol. :lifter: Crazy. :crazy: You don't need to go to the gym for a workout, just get out the playtex gloves and some bleach. lol. I can see it now, a new workout video, starring.......Martha Stewart. Instead of a mat, you will need playtex gloves and bleach, the spring meadow scent please....:lol3:

Anywho, today (Sunday) I need to address the uh kitchen. Shouldn't take long but you know........just don't wanna do it. lol. DH stripped and remade the bed for me. He um kinda had too as our cat barfed all over the bed. But still it helped me out! lol.

Well its back to being chilly again. :brr: I think it got up to a whopping 30something today? What the heck is going on??? The poor Easter Bunny is gonna freeze his little tail off!!! :bunny2: lol. :easter3:HAPPY EASTER!!!:egg: BTW! lol

Cristina -- Well you and Francie can all have the 70's fashion, I don't want it, thanks. :) lol. What is NSV??? I don't know that one. I even tried to look it up on the net and all I found was: No-Scalpel Vasectomy :lol3: :lol3: and I know that isn't what you were talking about. :lol3: But I figured you gals would get a good laugh :lol: from that. lol. I wanna see Horton hears a who as well. :)

Francie -- well you can have ALL the 70's fashion. lol. I don't want it. lol. I don't know what I want actually. I want someone to just find what looks good on me for me. lol. I hate shopping, esp for stupid pants because its so hard for me.........they are either too long or big enough that it looks like I have a "load" in my pants. :lol: Sigh. I think I am just gonna give my MIL some $$ and have her order me some things off of QVC or home shopping network.....:p I have been doing SO good with my GS cookies. :) I still have 2 boxes left! :D Oh and I bought some of those 100 calorie hostess snack cakes, holy moly are they small!!! :fr: They look like they were made for smurfs or something! :lol3: But I was good, I only had 1 pack.........and I savored every single little bite. lol. Hope your headache went away, next time you can try drinking something with caffeine in it, (if you drink caffeine) there is also supposed to be a pressure point somewhere that is supposed to take away a headache....can't remember where it is though. Helpful aren't I? :p I added you to Yahoo, but dunno if it worked or not. I'll PM you my id.....:) Goodluck with your Goal, we know you can do it! :cheer:

Susan -- yes those are the tops I am talking about, they look like maternity tops! I am like I do not need any help in looking even more fat, thanks. lol. Everybody I have made the Banana Cake w/ Cream Cheese Icing for loved it. I think I have only eaten it once. lol. I used to make it all the time for my step dad as he was allergic to chocolate. I love Italian and it was good.....haven't had it in a while. :) Yes it was such a great feeling to not feel overwhelmed at the grocery store any more. :) I love Chocolate covered anything.......cover it in chocolate and I will eat it. :D lol.

Big :hug: to all.

03-23-2008, 11:47 AM
:bunny2:Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!!!:egg:

Sassy~I did bought some pants from Lane Bryant once and they gave me that "load" look. LoL!!! I returned those asap. OMG!! I totally have those 100 cal snacks. Me & dh bought brownies. The reg for him, and the 100 cal for me. And his were HUGE compared to my barbie food brownies, lol. But they were sooo good though, lol. Ya you need to savor those little bitty things, lol. Its well worth it. I want more GS cookies. I'm craving the Samoas (spl?). You know the ones with coconut on them. Me & dh have to have our own boxes with those cuz they're our faves!! I dont drink caffine (because we're ttc)..but I think the pressure points are the temples. (I saw it on The Way We Were, lol) Whenever I press on them, it goes away. I'm not totally sure if thats the right thing to do though, lol. I didnt get your add on yahoo. So ya, PM me and I'll add you.

I'm gonna be spending the rest of the day with dh. He's leaving later today, so I'll be back then. Have a great day with your families!!!!!

03-23-2008, 11:27 PM
Hey everyone!!! I hope you all had a good Easter!!

We had a pretty fun Easter. We ended up going to Walmart this morning because I never got to get my chocolate Easter Bunny. Which turned out to be a huge bust. They were all GONE!!! But oh well..I ended up getting Hershey's Kisses. They're the new cherry ones..and Mmmmmmmmm they're sooooooo good!!! I also got the new People mag with Jennifer Lopez on the cover with her adorable twins (I want twins now, lol). And I got Antonement!! Which I'm going to watch after Dateline.

But for the bad news. Fonzo is gone :( He'll be home in a few days..but I'm still gonna miss him...I wish he didnt have to go.

Anyways..I'm gonna go watch the rest of Dateline. BBL

03-24-2008, 12:43 AM
Hola Chickareenos.

Well the bunny didn't get too cold here. I was in the 40's.......still chilly. Well I found some pants! Through one of the many email newsletters I get. I am getting 6 pairs. 4 of them are only $5.88 each!!! :D The other two are under $10 and I also had 40% off of one of those. Not too shabby. ;) Now I will have to get a few more tops when I go out, but that is easy, its the bottoms that are hard. I just hope these pants fit right and look right. If not they have a satisfaction guaranteed thing, you can send them back within 90 days.

Francie -- Yes they are Barbie snacks for sure but like you said they are good!!! I bought them mostly to have at work so the vending machine won't "tempt" me. :p Well I broke into my 2nd box of thin mints.......I swear those GS put some addictive feature in those things. lol. I PM'd you my yahoo ID. I forgot to do it this morning. lol. My mil got DH and I chocolate bunnies. She does every single year. lol. Mine is "Diva Bunny" she is so cute. Has a candy necklace and all. lol. I bought the People with Patrick Swayze on the cover. Its so sad about him........if any of you don't know, he has Pancreatic Cancer. :cry: But he is fighting it. Awwwww Big :hug: I know you'll miss Fonzo, at least he'll be home in a few days. I know not much comfort......:hug:

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday. Back to work tomorrow night...............yippee, at least I will finally be on my new floor and won't have to move around!!!


03-24-2008, 01:40 AM
hello are you all doing?

man were we busy on Saturday and Sunday! Saturday we took the kids to Tommy's oldest brother's church for an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. There were so many kids there, that each one got to get 35 eggs for themselves. Brandon had Tommy helping him, Logan had me holding his bag while his vacuum hands grabbed every thing in sight that he could! And Tommy had Marissa's bag while my BIL had her. We then walked around the church and checked it out with my BIL and his family. We mentioned something about wishing that we had a church like it close to us and got invited to come back on Sunday for their Easter service. We also met the pastors of the church, and Brandon really took a liking to the youth pastor. She invited my BIL and his family, as well as us, to come back in the afternoon for the bigger kids Easter Egg hunt. She told my BIL and us that the kids could go again to get some more eggs. This time, since there were fewer kids.....they got to get 95 eggs a piece! We only took Brandon and Logan on this one. Tommy had Brandon, who after a while got bored with it, so Tommy was picking them up. And I had Logan, who didn't have any gloves but seemed to find ALL the ones that were buried in the snow or just sitting in the snow! His poor little hands were ice cubes by the time we caught up with Tommy and Brandon!

After that we then went back to my in-law's house and proceeded to get every thing and every body ready for Easter dinner. The kids all had a blast and I got some cute pictures of Marissa with my FIL and Brandon with my FIL. Logan was too busy running around doing something every minute we were there so I was unable to get a picture of him at all! then we ate and had some cake and ice cream for my other BIL's birthday. we left there at 9pm and at that point in time, Marissa had already been passed out for about 45 minutes or so! The boys followed shortly in the van.....we got home, put them to bed and were able to spend some time on the couch together before we both crashed!

Sunday, we had every intention of making it to church, but we were all just so dog gone tired that we slept in! We then went over to Tommy's oldest brother's house for Easter dinner. The kids all had a blast playing with Tommy's brother's boys. We hung out for a little bit and then came home so that we could relax. On the way home, we stopped by the NEW Wal-Mart Supercenter to pick up some stuff.....and then to Krogers......and then home!

So, that was our chaotic weekend in a nut shell! Now, I get to try and find time to squeeze in my workout before getting the kids up or after every body goes to bed since Brandon is on Spring Break this week. Tommy told him that he was out of school this week and he almost started crying! He kept telling us that he had school, and we had to keep telling him that he is on vacation this week.

Francie~ How are you feeling? I am feeling you on the teeth pain. I think I am getting a couple of canker sores, so that explains all that!

Cristina~ I don't usually weigh myself after breakfast and working out. Generally I do it right when I get up and before I work out and eat breakfast. That day I forgot to, so I decided to do it after and that is what I got! nope, we didn't go to my mom's for Easter. She is in Brazil finalizing the adoption of my little brother Gabe. She was suppose to be coming back this coming Tuesday, but things got screwed up, and now she won't be coming home until April 1st. were you able to catch I can make you thin? I dvr'd it....but like usual lately, I fell asleep while watching it! So, I will catch it on Monday when I watch it.

SusieQ~ I agree on the snow! It was so nice on Sunday that is has melted some of the snow that we got! it was rumored that we were suppose to be getting more, but I never saw any more! we were going to take the dyed eggs over to my in-law's house when we went, but we forgot I have roughly a dozen and a half hard boiled eggs in my fridge! Tommy said "looks like you will be having a lot of egg salad this coming week!"

Francie~ Great job on the goal! Your birthday is not that long after Brandon and Marissa's! Brandon's is on April 23rd, and Marissa's is April 24th. Funny tid bit.....we got engaged on April 25th, 2001, my cousin got married on April 26th, 2003, and my sister Katy got married on April 29th, 2000. I want to get my tongue pierced as well.....I am more or less just waiting for money to pan out. I was freaked out at first, but now I can't wait to get it done!

Sassy~ How are you doing???

Hello to every one else that I might have missed!!!! I hope you all had a great Easter and that you will have a great week!

03-24-2008, 03:44 AM
Sassy~As a former Girl Scout..I will admit that they probably put something in the cookies to make them so addicting, LOL!! Nah, I'm just kidding, I dont really know why they're so addicting, lol. The only 70s fashion I dont like is bell bottoms. Like seriously, what is up with those pants?!?! LOL!!! I had goucho (spl?) pants..and omg, I lived in them for so long. But I wore them with this 80's style backless was hot. I have a few 40's style tops too (I think they're 40s style). I dunno..I just love clothes in general. The bunny sounds so cute. I love candy necklaces!! I have that People mag too. Its so sad about him. I LOVE Dirty Dancing (people used to call me Baby because her real name was Frances, like meeee:D). Thanks for the hug :hug:

Mindee~My teeth hurt off and on. Fonzo thinks its my wisdom teeth during the hurtin. He also thinks they're the causes of my horrible headaches. :( Wow..April is a very active month for you isnt it?? LoL!! So your kids are Taurases?? That is so awesome!!! :D:D I cannot wait to get my tongue pierced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg, I'm like so nervous, but excited about it. I still want a tattoo..but since we cant make up our minds about what to get, I'm just gonna get my tongue pierced. Your sister got married on my birthday!! :carrot:

I watched Antonment tonight..and omg, it was soooooooo good!!! They skipped a few things that were in the book, but I guess you cant fit everything into a 2 hour movie. I really loved the movie though.

I FINALLY found some tops to buy from Torrid. But I forgot to ask Fonzo if I could get them, so now I'm just waiting for a email saying I can. They are so cute!! Here are the links.. and

Well anyhoo..I'm gonna go now. :wave: to everyone and Good night!!

03-24-2008, 01:37 PM
Hello ladies, and a Happy Monday!

Of course I don't know what is so happy about Monday's...for me every day is the same old boring stuff.

SUSAN....eeewwwww! I'm telling you, he is wanting you, lol. I think everytime he finds out you have a special guy in your life, he wants you even more, lol. Glad you guys had a nice time at Church. And don't be a spoiler with The Other's on my list of reads, lol. I think you would love Mermaids, or at least really like it.

FRANCIE...I don't see anything wrong with living on mypsace...I'm just not there a lot and some things I just think she could pick up the phone and call about, lol. I am almost done with the book...going slow for some reason. Seems like everytime I want to sit down and read I have something else to do and then when I do sit down, I am too pooped-like yesterday, lol. I had planned on finishing it...didn't happen and I am behind on my goal for the month, ugh! OUCH! A pierced tongue, yikes! I think it was Mindee who was wanting one too. The shirts are cute...I should buy the beatles one...DD hates them and I love them! hehehe

SASSY...:lol: I think I like that better, lol. NSV=non scale victory. I hear ya about the emotional eating. I think yesterday was one for me. Of course I do feel bad afterwards...but I kept eating. ANd I have no idea what to do about the feelings. I try not to think about it, and just move on. But I feel myself falling back into the same old habits and I refuse to gain the weight back so...time to get tuff with myself! You'll have to share the recipe for the banana cake...bananas are my new dessert. I saw that about Patrick Swayze and hope they can do something for him. I saw where there was a guy who survived it, and some others as well so many prayers and hugs to him. My granma died from it so anytime I hear those words it scares me. are right about those hostess snacks :lol: I buy them for hubby so he will stay away from the vending machines at work. But yeah, they are just one biters I think. It's enough for me but for him one bite is all three! Glad to hear you liked Atonement, so that's two that liked either the movie and/or book...might have to check it out now.

MINDEE...geez louise...35 & 95 eggs each, that's a lot of devilled eggs! Overall sounds like you guys had a nice and busy, Easter weekend. OMG! I knew there was something I forgot! I ended up cooking too late because I was in between helping V put together a swingset for the kids and then when I finally sat down I saw that Sahara was on and started watching it...wonder if they show it thru the week. I saw previews for it all morning yesterday too, darn it! How exciting your mom is in Brazil and you will be getting another brother. I applaud your parents...I think they are GREAT! And everything the do is wonderful. Wish there were more people like them in the world, shoot, I wish I was able to do it to.

Well, we didn't do anything special for Easter. We did go to an Easter Mass Saturday night and as always, it was nice. Place was pretty empty for once which was kind of odd. Sunday I did cook a ham dinner, not a lot of food, but there are leftovers. We started putting together a swingset for the kids too. V bought them one of these things with the fort, cool little thing. They just needed something to do while they are here so...anyway, didn't get my reading done like I wanted to but I am hoping to today. Of course when DH gets home we have to go get the taxes done, and then head to this stupid store 1 1/2 hours way at get him some work pants. He called a bunch of stores around here and no one carries them. I think I will let him go to do the taxes and then drive him to get his pants, lol.

Better get going...busy day, again. I've got to find last years taxes, and a couple of other things, mow the dead crap off the grass and do a little weeding even though it is cold out. Then laundry, shower, and on and never ends. Oh, and exercise.

Have a wonderful day ladies!

03-24-2008, 02:11 PM
A quickie for me--lunch time at work!! Wow, it's been a day here...both for me and hubby. I need a vacation!! At least I leave today to go get my massage!!

BBL for indys--you all were busy posters!!

03-24-2008, 03:29 PM
Good Morning Ladies!!!!

I am not chatty at the moment, I will come back when I don't have a Gabster sharing my seat. Makes for writing close to impossible!!

Funny Cristina but M doesn't know anything about McD. M is just naturally obsessed. lol

k- off we go to do something a 6 year old wants to do. *sigh. Some weird reason she smells like butter and keeps tugging on my sweater, bout to go bonkers.


03-24-2008, 03:56 PM
Cristina~What is your book goal for this month? What # are you on now?? I think I'm like on book #22. I pre-ordered a book a few days ago and its coming in on the 28th. So yay!! I'm having a hard time finding books to read. But my fave authors new books are coming out in April & May, so that should keep me busy for a day, lol. Dh wouldnt have ever eaten the 100 cal snacks. He bought fudge rounds and the whole thing was gone on friday. He ate them all in a day!!! But thats okay, because he used to look like a stick figure and now he's filling out, lol. I love the Beatles!!! Have you seen Across the Universe?? Its an awesome movie!! I highly recommend it if you havent seen it.

Anyhoo..nothing much going on with me. I did my workout this morning. Woohoo. I have my workouts planned for the week too. So that should keep me busy. Well..I'm gonna get off here and make some lunch. Its almost time for the Lifetime movie, exciting, LOL!!


03-24-2008, 04:52 PM
Ok, I am back!!

I am still not overly chatty. I need to go change my ticker and am annoyed w/ that at the moment, went up 2 pounds! Gads, talk about the munchies.

We had a nice Easter w/ my mother and step dad. Gab came later and had a bite to eat from being at her fathers. Rach has been working and will get tomorrow off, her feet are killing her!

Almost done w/ The Other Woman, I do not like Ellie. I hope that doesn't spoil it for you Cristina. I just don't like her, kind of mean to her mother in law.
Anyway - going to take Gaby swimming for a few hours and read. She will come out like a prune. Annoyed w/ an email that came in from her father. I guess I really need to be more assertive and give him a chat about boundaries. hmmmm, the last time I was assertive I was banned. haha.

Franice - Enjoy your Lifetime movie!! I would love to get a nose ring. I don't think I could ever do the tongue. Never seen the Atonment, was it good?? There was a review in the paper for Dog's Day Afternoon from the 70's - Al Pacino, have you seen that??? I thought it was funny, I might pick it up again.

Jules- Enjoy the massage!!

Cristina - What is the dead crap on the grass?? lol

Mindee- Going to have to come back to you chickie - you have way too much activity to catch up on - wow on 95 eggs a piece, that is a lot of egg salad :)

Hello to Sue, Katy, and Sassy!!

Better run!! Catch you all later.

03-24-2008, 05:25 PM
hello are you all doing?

nothing new on this end.....just the first day of Spring Break....and I am happy to report no issues between the boys! They were even laying together nicely on Logan's bed when I opened up their bedroom door this morning! I think Marissa is trying to cut either more teeth in the front or her nasty one year molars! She was a little miss pain in the butt last night. I tried to feed her her solid foods last night and she didn't want them. So, I mixed her dinner with some baby cereal today at lunch time and she ate a good amount of it! I then tried her with some fruit, and she took a couple of bites and was ready for bed. So, I will mix her food with baby cereal for now until I can get her to want to eat it without it.

Francie~ Not that much longer and you will be sitting in the dentist's office getting your teeth checked out and fixed! April really isn't that crazy on a month for birthday's for our family. August is our crazy month! In August we have birthdays or anniversaries on: August 4th (my mil), 5th (my dad), 6th (my uncle), 7th (my oldest BIL), 9th (my grandma - dad's mom), 13th (my other uncle/aunt-in-law), 14th (our dating anniversary - 9 years!/my sister Beth and her hubby's one year wedding anniversary), 15th (my oldest bil's wedding anniversary), 16th (a friend of our's birthday) 17th (my birthday), 20th (our niece Koryn's birthday), 22nd (one of my younger sister's birthdays), and 23rd (Tommy's friend Tony's birthday). Yup, we have two Taurus' in this house hold! We have one Aquarius (Tommy), two Taurus' (Brandon and Marissa), one Leo (me) and one Scorpio (Logan). So, we have all four seasons covered with birthdays! I love those shirts!!! I will have to poke around the website to see what I can find on there!

Cristina~ Nope, not deviled eggs. Those plastic ones that you can fill up with candy and such! They had some filled with money and some filled with slips of paper saying that they won a prize of some kind! They didn't get money or prizes.....but plenty of candy! I believe they do replay it during the week. I would check right now, but the kids just started watching Eight Below that I dvr'd for them a little bit ago. I will check in a little bit and let you know! You can go on tlc and check if I am not mistaken.

I will make it back here later to check in with every one!

03-24-2008, 08:25 PM
Katie--to answer your pickled egg question???? Maybe they are called something different in OR--Ry will be disappointed (or have to make them himself) when he gets out there if he can't have one once in a while. He loves them. You take hard boiled eggs and soak them in beet juice till they get pink all through. How was your massage??

Mindee--we are wondering if our baby boy is starting to cut teeth. He is showing some of the signs...

SuzyQ--the ex needs a woman--anyone you don't like that you can set him up with?? You are just so irressitable.

Francie--my son turns 23 on April 1. He's the one moving to OR.

Cristina---in the summer I tease hubby that I have to go out and mow the weeds.

Sassy--it's still cold here--it's suppossed to get in the 50's this week though but it will be cloudy and maybe rain--I want spring already!! I do the emotional eating too.

Sue--hey lady!!

Well I got my massage today--she told me that c3, 4 & 5 were out--I told her it was worse before I went to the chiro last Friday and she says to get back there. SHe was able to get the neck muscles to relax enough for c-5 to go back in. I go to the chiro next Friday morning again and then back for another massage in 2 weeks. I told her once I get everything back in line I want to just make a standing once a month appt with her.

Saturday night, Teri, me & baby went up and took hubby's psycho mom out to eat for her bday which was Sunday. SIL and my niece and her baby boy came too. I can't believe little Blair turns a year old next month and then Little Henry is 1 in May. MIL is still a little crazy but I feel bad for her. I am just a softie.

Baby is so much fun. The house gets quiet when they go home. Ry is still moving as soon as Adam and Lauren find a place in Portland. They fly out April 2 and will stay at her sisters while they look. Ry was told he could go but he wants to wait for the apartment and not sleep on the floor indefinitely at the sisters house.

Well, I am tired--I am going to play a little on the pc and then go to bed.
Hope everyone has a good night!!

03-24-2008, 08:58 PM
Susan~The movie was good. It was based on a true story, so I looked it up online, lol. Atonement was really good!! I wanna watch it again. The book was really good too. No, I havent seen that movie. I'm not really into Al Pacino, he kinda scares me, lol. I didnt really like The Other Woman. Nor did I care much for Swapping Lives or Babyville. of the girls got on my nerves in Babyville...

Mindee~I cannot wait to go to the dentist. I'm thinking of waiting until dh is on leave to go though. When he gets back, he has to take me to the doc on April 7th..and I'd feel really bad if he got out of work early again to take me to the effin dentist. I dunno..thats just how I feel..but he feels differently about it. I just dont want to hurt his career with my medical dramas, lol. And WOW!! Aug really is a crazy month for your fam!! Geez..November & December is usually crazy for us. But nothing like that, lol.

Jules~Did you add me on myspace??? day has been okay so far. I did the one mile walk this morning (i'm gonna be hitting the 3 miles on Wed). Then about a half hour ago, I did some firming exercises. Omg, my "abs" and thighs are killing me right now, lol. Thats pretty much it. Tonight, I'm gonna use my exercise ball while watching my show. Is there any dvds that are based around the exersice ball??

03-24-2008, 09:58 PM
Back for a sec

Mindee- oops, thought they were *real* eggs too! Sorry. The kids were lucky to get so many candy filled eggs! Gab stands where she is and is not very aggressive in her *hunt* - I tell her to knock everyone else down or kick em. lol - jk.

Jules - Of course men adore me *snicker*...he does need a gf. I don't know anyone to set him up with. Hugs to you!!

Sassy - How are you??

Francie - Al Pacino is a doll, I must be old. When he was younger he was a cutie, I know he is pushing 60's now (??) I loved the movie though.

Cristina - Thank you sooooo much for the cards and gift!! Starbucks to perfect!! I almost was teary because I spent my last $1.75 on a grande with no money until I have coffee money for my birthday!! Yippeeeeee. You are a sweetie!! Thank you again!

k- NOW I am taking Gab swimming we have been sidetracked all day!!

Hugs to you all,,,,and the Bachelor is on tonight!! How exciting. lol

03-24-2008, 10:28 PM
Susan~Oh I agree..I think he was pretty good looking when he was younger, especially in The Godfather!! He just scared me in The Devil's Advocate. LoL!!

03-24-2008, 10:56 PM
just popping back in here....I am finishing up watching DWTS and then I will be doing my workout! I am debating if I want to attempt to do my other 30 minute work out dvd as well.

If any of my words are misspelled or anything....please forgive it! Logan decided to sit and just pick off key after key on the laptop. I got them to go back on, but you have to push them really hard just to get them to show up on the screen. Tommy said "if I get fed up enough, I will just go and grab the USB keyboard."

Francie~ Good luck with which ever you decide. I am going to be getting my work out in here shortly! Tommy showed me the oreos that I have been doing so well with avoiding.......until now! So, I have to work extra hard to get rid of those!

SusieQ~ I guess I should have been a little more specific on those! oops! How did the swimming go?

Jules~ I hope little Nick isn't too miserable with the teething! How are things with Dave and Teri? How is he doing? Has he heard any thing more about how long he will be in for?

03-24-2008, 10:59 PM
Francie--yes that was me adding you--Ry wanted me to check out a girl he just met. Teri said she met her at the apartment and the girl is really polite & really cute. Hope you get to the dentist soon. I hate a sore tooth. Hubby just had his wisdom teeth pulled. Never gave him trouble until a few months ago.

SuzyQ--Teri was like Gaby so shy when she was little then she went to school and by her teenage years she became like Becky--a little bit of a smartmouth. Ry is more like Rachel with the teenage angst--glad they both grew out of it--you have hope yet. Ex seems to be getting a little creepy--when Ry moves to Portland I will have to introduce you so he be your body guard!!

03-24-2008, 11:02 PM
Mindee--hey there-Dominic isn't too bad--it seems to have stopped but not any teeth through yet. Dave finds out in Aaril whats going on. Teri is on pins and needles waiting. She goes back and forth whether she is going to stay with him. She feels torn--he has lied so much and she has found out a lot of crap and most of it not good, if she waits and he doesn't change she will be upset but then if he really has changed and she doesn't wait she will be upset too. I am trying to stay out of it cause I have never liked him and neither does Ry, but if she loves him we will accept it.

03-25-2008, 12:16 AM
Hi Chicks,

You all aren't gonna beleive it. I had to move AGAIN! It started out a very crummy evening already........First, DH was snoring so he woke me up 2 hours before I had to get up. Second, they closed our road down from our apt. so we had to take the long way around, Third, I dropped ketchup all over myself + the floor and then Fourth, I had to move......I think I should have just stayed at home! lol......

So looks like I am staying upstairs, where we originally were until they fix the problem. So 1/2 the dept is downstairs and 1/2 is upstairs. So I just brought my tower and chair and I'm using this chicks cubicle that is on maturnity leave so I didn't have to haul anything else up here. :p So I am up here all by Kinda peaceful without the guys yacking away. lol.

Anywho. I do have to say my new top does look good on me, if I do say so myself. :D and you all know I NEVER say that! lol. Its cute and its true what they say about larger people, if they/me, wear larger clothes it makes you look even bigger than if you have something that actually fits. But it is different because usually I am swimming in my clothes. So this is new for me. I feel self concious about my arms, the sleeves on this top are a bit shorter than regular shirts.......So I keep pulling my sleeves down only there is nothing to pull down. lol........

Well driving in to work tonight it was snowing! Can u beleive it? Snowing and it was like 44 degrees outside! I think mother nature is having a nervous breakdown or something! lol.

Francie -- I could beleive they put something in there. lol. Its like Lays chips, you can't eat just one. :lol: I dunno what "style" I like, whatever fits I suppose. :p Its usually really huge, except for the new stuff I got, and I have to admit it does look better.......its totally devestating about Patrick. I just hope he beats it!

Cristina -- :lol3: I figured it was not the one I found! lol. But mine was pretty creative, don't you think? lol. I totally emotionally ate lastnight. I just couldn't deal with the emotions. Paul Mckenna (I can make you thin) guy had a show all about emotional eating on Sunday, but I didn't watch it because DH wanted to watch it too and by then time he got home, I just wasn't in the mood, so we'll watch it when its on again. But it makes me feel like a freak cuz its either cry :cry: or stuff my face......Ah well I'll get it right someday! lol. My step dad died of liver cancer, so I understand as well, very sad, I just hope Patrick keeps fighting.

Hey Jules -- Yeah it was snowing here and it was 44. Totally weird. I wonder if its gonna snow during the summer when its like 70 or something. lol. Awww massages are so nice! I remember I got 2 and the guy who hit me in my car accident -- had to pay for em! lol. My chiropractor recommended it so the guy had to pay for them! lol. Glad your having fun with the bambino. LOL @ your DH's "psycho mom" lol.

Hi Susan, Sue, everybody else out there! Has anybody heard from Michelle??? :wave:

I hope you all are well. :)


03-25-2008, 09:11 AM
SuzyQ--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have a good one!! Is McDreamy planning something special?? Tell all the girls they have to be nice to you today!!

Sassy--I could tell you stories abot my psycho MIL, but she is going downhill. Both MIL and my stepmother are not doing well but my mom who is older by a few years than both of them bowls on Thursdays in a league, babysits Dominic on Mondays and volunteers and has a fun group of senior citizens that she goes to plays and trips with once a month.

Hi to everyone else...guess I have to get to work now!!

03-25-2008, 11:50 AM
Sorry I don't have time to do individuals, but I will be back. Have some errands to run this morning. Just wanted to say...

:hb: :woo: :bday2: :gift::bday2you: :bday2you: :gift: :woo: :hb:

Hope you have a GREAT day! :hug:

03-25-2008, 01:31 PM
:wave: Good morning Starshines!!

Sassy~I agree about the Lays. I LOVE Salt & vinegar chips, I had to force myself to stop buying them, lol (although i cheated when we went to subway on sunday and bought a small bag. It tasted like heaven, lol). Have you ever thought about going to a personal shopper? Sometimes they're available for free. They'll help you find the right sizes and find stuff that looks good on you. I totally want one to help me find the right bra size. I think for that I'd have to go to JC Penny though.

Susan~:bday2you::celebrate::bday2: I hope you have a great day!!!

Alright..its another cold day here (it actually hailed twice yesterday, crazy). I'm gonna go to my living room, to do my morning walk. BBL!!

03-25-2008, 03:43 PM
:bday2::celebrate:Happy Birthday to meeeee,
Hapy Birthday to meeeee
Haaaaappy Birthday to Susan, Happy Birthday to meeeeee!!!!!!:dance::getwell::goodluck:

Wow, I am exhausted. I always wanted to wish myself a Happy Birthday. I called my muther this morning and she started in on my sisters *issues* and I was dying to chat my *issues* and finally I blurt out "it's my birthday!" and muther replies "yes, I know....I was there.",what a meanie.

Sassy - Cute on the moving, I can just see you lugging that tower upstairs!! lol How is your mother?? You want mine?? haha. I don't know anything about Michelle. Last I heard she was losing internet connection at her brother in laws???

Francie - I never seen the Devils Advocate. I liked Dustin Hoffman too when he was young. I guess McD was scraping ice off his car this morning but it seems nice and not too cold here in Portland. I LOVE lays, especially ranch flavor. Thanks for the B-D wishes!

Jules - Hugs to Teri, I am sorry it is such a hard time with her guy. No special plans w/ McD until the weekend. Thank you too for the wishes :)

Cristina - Thanks again for Starbucks , Gab and I went this morning and enjoyed bagels and coffee...of course she had hot chocolate. :) Hope you are enjoying your morning!

Mindee- What are you doing today??? Still catching up with your posting over the weekend. Have Gan here at my side so have to hurry.

Hi to Sue and Katy!!!

Taking Gab swimming in a sec, we went yesterday for 2 hours. Rach is happy to lay in bed and watch Tyra Banks on her day off....and I don't blame here. Very proud of her working and she likes her co workers.

Watched Bachelor last night and ate a bowl of oatmeal....I feel FAT. I really do, I am totally scared to get on the scale. Yikes. Anyway, taking it easy and enjoying Gaby.

Tonight is American Idol!! :) toodles for now......

03-25-2008, 03:59 PM
I'm having a bad day!!!!!!!! First my computer keeps changing my background to say that theres spyware on my comp and that I need to download a scanner. But I already have one on my comp, and I keep running scans, and everything is perfectly fine, so I dunno what is up with that. Then my stupid cell phone company took out 80 bucks from my account. And because I bought something yesterday and it hasnt gone through yet, my account is gonna go negative now. I dont even know why they took out 80 bucks, I have it set up so I only pay 60 dollars. They keep over charging me for stupid stuff I dont even use. Plus, my card is EXPIRED!! Why must everything fall apart when Fonzo isnt here?!!?!?!?! I need chocolate!!

On the plus side though..I finally got around to calling Tiffany's and now my wedding band is gonna be shipped here tomorrow. YAY!! No more just wearing my engagment ring, lol.

03-25-2008, 04:19 PM
Hello ladies...

Took me a while but I am caught up on all the posts ladies were busy little chatting bees yesterday. I had planned on getting on the computer but we were gone most of the evening...left at 4:30 and got home about 10:15. Anyway... are welcome for the little something. I love your mom, too funny, lol! Yeah, I would have to say M is obessed with you. And you need to be assertive with him. For some reason I thought he knew about McD. Hey, maybe you can give Rach a foot rub, lol. How's she doing/liking the job? Forgot to say your avatar is first I thought it was Gaby. And sorry about the 2 pounds. :hug:See Susan, Jules knows what I am talking about the dead crap grass, :lol: I'm really not crazy! Or am I? :lol:

FRANCIE...I've not seen Across the Universe, but if it comes on cable I will. Originally, my reading goal started at 3-4 books a month but I was on a roll when I started in January and read 8 books and read 9 in February...this month I am struggling...just have had too much going on with the wedding stuff. I am currently on book 5 for the month of March, hoping to get this one finished and two more read before Monday. With the one I am reading it is #22. WTG on the workouts! :carrot:

JULES...a massage sounds so nice right now, I could use one myself. Glad it felt good! Lots fo hugs to you, I know it is going to be hard when Ry moves. At least he is thinking things thru...I wouldn't want to sleep on the floor either! Hugs to Teri as well. Hopefully, she will figure things out soon with Dave. :hug: :hug: I love you mom! I wanna be just like her when I get older. She reminds of Wanda, our neighbor at the other house...just getting around town doing all kinds of things. She was not one to sit in her house and do nothing, like I do now, lol.

SASSY...I've not heard from or about Michelle for quite a while. Last I heard she wasn't moving to Georgia. Geez louise woman...can they not make up their minds...move, don't move, move, don't move. Sorry your day started out not so good...hoping it got better. I would have gone back to bed and started over later, :lol: Glad you like the new got quite the bargains didn't ya? YIKES! I was out mowing yesterday and you guys got snow....that is some crazy weather!

MINDEE...:lol: not sure why I thought they did real eggs because I have been to a few hunts and I know they always use the plastic ones, duh, lol. Not sure where my head was :lol: That would have been a LOT of eggs to color! Aaahhh, I love Eight Below...made me cry, seriously...I love dogs and hated that they had to leave them. I'm a big baby, what can I say. Your busy August month sounds like January for us...too many bros/sis/cousins/nieces & nephews BD's.

Hiya Sue :wave: hoping all is well with you and yours.

KATY...hope the fam is enjoying spring break.

Oh man, it is so nice out. I am getting ready to go mow the back since I didn't do it yesterday. It is only supposed to ge tup to 64...depending on what station you watch. But I think it hit that about 10 this morning. Too nice to be couped up inside.

I did get in my Denise Austin and 1 mile WATP this morning. Will do 10 minutes with the weights later and then a hour mowing the back. So that's a good day of exercise. Although, I never feel like mowing/yardwork is exercise.

Trying to get laundry done as well. I swear if I miss a day it piles up.

Have a good day! :hug:

03-25-2008, 04:23 PM
HUGS FRANCIE! Sorry for the mess ups. Hope they/you get it straightend out. Seems like there is always something though eh? Glad you are going to get your wedding band soon though. Did you have to have it resized? :hug: :hug:

03-25-2008, 04:27 PM
Cristina - I am ok with the 2 pounds gain, as long as it stays only 2 pounds. Just seems stressful w/ Rach and Gaby and all the men in my life.
Only the R's know about McD, maybe it would be a good time to tell Gaby's father??
Gab comes home from weekends and says " I want a brother....and a sister!!" omg- I go "and who is the father Daddy Doug or Daddy Mike???".....Oh, Daddy Mike she says.... fat chance. Ain't happening, my kitty is my baby.

Anyway - all your exercise talk is EXHAUSTING me woman!!! lol :stress::faint: haha

Francie - Cell phone companies are evil. :devil:

Sassy - Ya, second the moving thing w/ Michelle. She is here in Oregon. After that she wasn't going to be able to get on the BIL computer.

k- off to the pool.......

03-25-2008, 04:39 PM
Susan...omg! Too funny...he's already got to Miss Gaby! Hey, maybe if you tell him he will back off. You know, I am okay with a 2 pound gain too...doesn't bother me but if the scale goes above that, ugh! I think I will die. I think I have just made the exercise a part of my daily life...on most days that is...that it is nothing to me. I've got to get focused again on losing, or rather my health. When I started this time I started losing because I focused on being healthy rather than losing. Then it turned into losing, I GOTTA lose, blah...I was obsessed with the scales and I quit that. But I have days where all I want to do is eat. Okay, not eat all day, but just eat what I want to eat...McDonalds, Burger King or whatever. I get tired of cooking and want to go out. But I haven't done too bad because I only gained the two pounds so...but I refuse to gain more than that. Maybe once I get to a goal where I will feel comfortable I will allow myself a range of 2-5 pounds. Anywho...gotta go mow and do some yard work. Can't miss the beautiful's supposed to rain tomorrow and Thursday.

Have a WONDERFUL Birthday missy!

03-25-2008, 04:54 PM
Cristina~Across the Universe just came out on it'll be awhile before its on cable. Maybe try pay-per-view? YAY for not buying plus size clothes anymore!! Yay for not being obese too!! Where did you find that scale/graph?? No, I didnt get it resized. When I took it in to be cleaned a few weeks ago, they said that one of the diamonds was loose. So it had to be fixed.

Susan~Yes, cell phone companies are evil. I've been on hold for a half an hour!! I'm about to hang up and try again tomorrow.

03-25-2008, 05:45 PM
just popping in here quickly.....all three kiddos are up right now. the boys are watching the dvd of our wedding shower/wedding/reception. Marissa is eating some food right now. Tonight Tommy has lodge so I will be trying to figure out something for us for dinner.....and then it will be bedtime for the kiddos!!

Cristina~ They didn't finish watching Eight Below.....maybe later on I can get them to sit down and watch it.

Francie~ I hate when people/companies do that! It urks me to no end!

SusieQ~ Today, I am not doing anything too exciting! Tomorrow is Brandon and Logan's recheck from when they were sick. Brandon is going to get his physical done and get one shot. Then he will go back on April 30th and get the rest of the shots that he needs!

I did 46 minutes of cardio last night.....I was going to do 60 minutes.....but I wasn't sure if I would have been able to handle the full 60 minutes! I am going to try again soon to see if I can stick it out!

03-25-2008, 05:47 PM
Across the Universe is available on the Comcast New Releases section here in MI for $4 or $6 I think

03-25-2008, 06:00 PM
Hola everyone. Just stopping by to say Hey :wave: I'm seriously bored right now. I ended up looking at my SIL's myspace (we despise each other). And Fonzo's lil brothers have grown up so much. They're such lil cuties. It makes me sad, I miss them. They're so funny. I stole the pics from her page and sent them to Fonzo, lol. He'll probably get sad looking at them..he misses his brothers. Too bad his sisters have to be so evil. LoL!!

Mindee~I was on hold with the phone company forever!!!!! I never got through. :mad: I'm gonna call back tomorrow. I hate that phone company. And its like $175 to end my contract. LAME!! Woot for doing the cardio!!

Oh, I 4got to mention. Last night I used my exersise ball to do some push ups & crunches. I was gonna do 20 each..but ended up doing 10 each, lol. My arms were killing me afterwards. I'm gonna do some more tonight.

03-26-2008, 11:42 AM
Just a quick Good Morning, ladies!

Need to go get ready but I thought I would drop by here first. Tried to get on last night about 10'ish and it wasn't having it, lol. It said the server was busy..then I finally signed in, and never could get to an actually page so just signed off the computer all together. I was pooped anyway.

Anyway...need to go make the bed and get ready. Miss Charlotte is coming over about 11 and we are going to lunch. This is what I mean about myspace...goofy girl. Asked me to lunch on myspace...well, if I wouldn't have gotten on the computer last night I would have not known until today. Only reason I am on now is she was going to get back with me and I told her I would check it this morning first thing, lol. Anyway...hope she doesn't want me to go shopping with feet are killing me. It took me longer to mow the back yard than I thought and I do not know why my feet hurt so bad after. It was like I was on them all day yesterday but I wasn't. Definitely going to have to go to the doc about that.

Anyone watch Biggest Loser? And did you see it last night? If so what did you think about Dan being kicked off? They made me mad taunting the women and Roger saying something stupid about the women whining and he said wah, wah, wah...well it bite them in the arse in the end, no pun intended, lol! Roger needs to go next...he is just too darn cocky! I think he honestly thinks he is going to win, ugh! Anyway...yay to the women! :yay: :yay:

Okay, so much for a quickie! I may do 15 minutes of exercise but that will probably be it for the day...taking a break.

I'll be back...take care ladies, and have a GREAT day! Love ya's :hug:

03-26-2008, 12:51 PM
Cristina~I watched The Biggest Loser last night. I actually found out Dan was going home before Kelly even weighed in, lol. I looked it up on myspace because I couldnt stand the suspense. But omg, I'm sooooooooooooooooo glad he went home!! I was getting sick of him being so cocky!! He seriously thought that it was gonna be him & Kelly at the bottom and he'd be saved and she'd go home. Wtf!! What a fool. I'm glad the blue team is falling apart now. I'm also glad that the girls were the top 2. Now that Britney is gone (:() I'm gonna be rooting for both the girls, lol. Its all about girl power baby!! I think Roger needs to go home next too. Its a shame, cuz I used to like him too. Does Charlotte not believe in email or texting? I mean, I dont like to call people, but I do text a lot, lol. Oh well...I hope you enjoy your break.

I'm so freakin cold right now. Its supposed to be spring, and we're having weird weather. Its hailed, rained and now I'm hearing about snow on the news. They said that its a combo of rain & snow. I miss springtime in Az. When its just H-O-T!! LoL!! Okay now I'm homesick..

Anyhoo..I'm gonna go work out. I hope my arms dont fall off. :lol:

03-26-2008, 02:42 PM
Just wanna share my good news!! I thought I lost 10 pounds, but really I lost 11!! Woohoo!! I've lost 11 pounds since joining 3FC!!!! I never thought I'd be able to do that. I'm past my high school weight too!! I still have 39lbs to go though. Once I get to my goal, I'll weigh the same as Dh, lol.

I hope everyone is having a good day!!! BBL!!

03-26-2008, 02:51 PM
hello are you all doing?

nothing really new on this end....the boys had a picnic lunch. they also decided to break Brandon's toddler bed. So, now we are in a mad scramble to find him a new one! I looked at KMart online and they have one of the basic type ones for $20 but they say that they are out of stock for I am hoping that they have some in the stores!

other then that.....not a whole lot going on! we are going tonight to take the boys for their recheck from when they were sick a month ago. Brandon is getting his prevnar shot tonight.....but he doesn't know! and then on April 30th, he is going to get his MMR and chicken pox shots. he is getting his physical done today as well.....even though he has an appointment set up at the end of April with Marissa.

03-26-2008, 02:52 PM
that is great news Francie! I have surpassed my weight at when I found out I was pregnant with Brandon......and kept on going!

I might actually watch the rest of BL now that Dan is gone!

03-26-2008, 05:18 PM
Hello ladies...

FRANCIE..I agree...GIRL POWER, BABY!! I have had my fill of the blue team for sure! Definitely cheering for the girls. About Charlotte...she doesn't have a cell because where she lives she can't get a signal so she doesn't text. And apparently she thinks I am always on the computer so...she just goes thru myspace. I told I almost didn't get on for a few minutes last night but she said she would have called. WTG on the 11 pounds!! :woohoo: :bravo: :carrot: I see about your ring...I think you mentioned but I forgot, lol.

MINDEE...when Kelly got on the scales I covered my eyes and said I am not looking! :lol: I did of was killing me because I am so down on the blue team...the guys are getting too big for their britches! Or, Roger is, him and Dan are just too cocky for their own good. Hope you find a new bed for Brandon. A picnic sounds nice.


Lunch was nice...went to Olive Garden, she loves me, lol! Then she had some shoes to take back to Dillards. She bought them for the wedding but decided it's not what she wanted. Then we went to pick up some lotion from bath & body works. I needed to pick up some soap and some lotion...they have a new scent, can't remember what it is but oh my is divine!

No exercise today after all. She got done with her chiro appt. sooner than I thought she would so was here sooner than expected. Doesn't matter though...I have planned on giving my feet a break today. Other than that nothing much going on.

Have a great day chickies!

03-26-2008, 05:45 PM
Afternoon -

Mindee- Hope the recheck goes well for the boys. When they watch videos's of the wedding do they know it is "mommy & daddy"?? Just curious bcause when Gab watches one of the R's she thinks one of the babies is her. lol Good for you on the cardio workout!!

Francie - Congrats on the 11 pounds!! Must feel great and with summer coming you'll have cute things to wear with the extra weight off!!

Cristina - Grapefruit,is the *in* smell. Don't ask me how I know this , I just do. lol My sister emails me all the time on *time sensitive* stuff. Like babysit her kids or she is having a melt down (since her son passed away in Sept she has had a horrid time of it) and she needs me to call. I have to keep reminding her I don't always see the email til the next day, if she needs something right away she should call. Sounds like you and Charlotte had fun, and YUM to Olive Garden!!!

Hi to everyone else.....:wave:

I had to run to DMV this morning and renew my DL. I added 5 pounds from my old one (because it said 145) and now I am, and I am also 5'5....I am really 5'4. Anyway - it is all mixed up and I am a total mess. lol

Taking Gab swimming again.Rach is enjoying her time off and back to work tomorrow! Thank goodness.

I ate chicken garlic pizza last night, we didn't get cake. I did buy some ranch rice cakes (almost a cake, huh??) and some Merlot and proceeded to celebrate myself by watching Dancing w/ the stars and American Idol. lol

anyway - reading Swapping Lives and enjoying the book so far.

toodles,....better run!!

03-26-2008, 08:49 PM
SuzyQ--did you have shoes on with 1 inch heels??? Glad you had a good bday!! Merlot sounds good. I watched American Idol too. Brooke is my fave though she probably won't win. I really liked the last guy that sang too. I think David Cook is his name.

Cristina--Olive Garden sounds yummy. We are trying to decide what to do for Ry's bday. With my neck and back out of whack I just don't know if I am up to going on a DC run for the museums. Hubby wants to spend time with him too before he goes to OR. Hubby doesn't like the metro or going to big cities.

Mindee--boys are hard on things. Dominic get his shots at 4 months, I hope he does better then last time.

Francie--WOOHOO on the 11 pounds!!

Well I am going to talk to my mom some...

03-26-2008, 11:14 PM
Cristina~The whole blue team is just way too cocky. Its about time some of them started to leave. That whole thing with Dan & the cake was jus too funny. It was like the cake was his baby or something, lol.

Mindee~Yes, watch The Biggest Loser now!! Its getting really really good!!! I cannot wait until next week!!!

Susan~I plan on visiting Dh in San Diego this summer, so I totally wanna look cute. Well..cuter than I usually look ;) LoL!! J/k. How was the chicken garlic pizza? That sounds interesting..and I LOVE garlic!! LoL!! Glad you're enjoying Swapping Lives..I didnt like it very much. I'm thinking of rebuying Mr. Maybe (lost my copy somewhere).

Anyways..this day has been so boring. UPS never came with my ring :mad: I ended up taking a 20 min nap on the couch during the news, lol. I also washed my warm blanket because I've been freezing during the night. I did get an early Birthday card from Victoria's Secret!!!!! I'm sooooooooooo excited about that!!! I get 10% off any purchase during the month of my bday!! I also got The Aristocats from the Disney Movie Club and my new book!! Yay!! I'm gonna be reading tonight!! Woohoo!! Oh ya..I also signed up for The Biggest Loser challange. Not really sure how it works, but it sounds interesting. Well..I'm gonna go watch the rest of That 70's Show. America's Next Top Model comes on tonight!! Woohoo!!!

03-27-2008, 02:41 AM
hello are you all doing?

well, we did manage to find a new bed for Brandon. we went to Kmart after looking online and it said that they didn't have them instock to ship out, so we figured that we would check out the store. we did.....and according to the lady that works there, they only have the side rails, the slats, and the mattresses, but NOT the toddler beds themselves! So, as we were walking out, Tommy says "well, I guess the only thing that Kmart is good for is cheap backpacks!"

We then went to Meijers just to say what they had, and sure enough they had one toddler bed left! we picked it up and price checked was $28 on clearance....which is $8 more then what Kmart was. BUT they at least had them in the store! so we bought it and brought it home. Brandon helped daddy put the bed together!

the recheck went well! Brandon is 36.5 lbs.....and 37.5 inches tall. Logan is 29 lbs. Brandon got his MMR and chicken pox shot also. he has two more to get, but he has to wait until after his birthday to get those ones! so he will get them at his next appointment on April 30th. the doctor did say that we have to really buckle down on him and the potty training since he is going to be 4 next month. I mentioned to Tommy that if we buy two of those potties that sit on the floor then both Brandon and Logan will get potty trained at the same time! so heres to hoping that we can get those potty seats this coming weekend!

I actually took Brandon and Logan over to play on the play structure here at the complex. They had a blast and then we went for a couple of walks around the complex while Tommy was here at the apartment with Marissa. It was nice to get them out and walking. They didn't give me any fights when it was time for bed, so I know the fresh air helped with that! So, I will be making it, or at least attempting to make it a daily occurrence once we get every thing back in order!

Cristina~ I agree with you on the guys getting so cocky since they saw all the ladies going home. But now that two of them are back, they don't know what to do with themselves!

SusieQ~ Yup, they do know that it is mommy and daddy on the video. And it is actually funny because it goes from our shower, to our wedding, and then to our reception. Brandon did try to say that he was there somewhere....but we had to explain to him that it was before he was born, and he eventually dropped it and let the subject go.

Jules~ I know what you mean! Brandon freaked when he got his thighs rubbed with an alcohol prep pad! Then when he saw the doctor pull out the first shot, he freaked again. He jumped when the doctor was getting ready to put the needle in his thigh, so in return he actually got stuck twice. He didn't like that one....but he was a little better with the second shot!

we did actually discuss on the way to get his new bed, that when we go places we will get into the habit of him walking and just using the double stroller for Marissa and Logan now. We shall see how that goes! He did well when we were in Kmart and Meijer's with walking with us. I just worry so much now that he will be walking with us that it is just that much easier for someone to just walk up and snatch him! am I wrong for thinking that? I know that I can't keep him in a bubble for his whole life.

Francie~ I will have to read up on the BL challenge! Jillian kicked my butt in her level two cardio part of my video! I will have to be a little bit quieter and not so jumpy when I get back to working out in the morning!

03-27-2008, 03:44 AM
Quick question...

I'm looking at TBL's dvds for Cardio Max & Power Sculpt right now..and I was just wondering if the workouts were hard & fast paced? I'd really like to get them both, but I was reading some of the reviews, and someone wrote that its not for beginners, so now I'm not sure.

03-27-2008, 06:17 AM
Hey Chicks.

Guess what? I had to move -- AGAIN!! Just teasing..........:p I am still upstairs where I originally was in the first place......:p and I am not moving until they guarantee me that everything works down there. lol.

So I am leaving my tower and mouse upstairs, I hope it will be safe. There are people moving in our old room already so they better get to fixing my stuff soon or I'll be out on the roof working. :lol:

Well 2 more hours to go and then my "weekend" officially starts. :carrot: Yey! and thanks to my dear sweet hubby I won't have to clean either!!!! We both cleaned while we were off and so there won't be anything to do, well except good ole laundry. lol. And I may "tackle" the *Horror Music* fridge. lol.

I also put in to use my floating holiday (7 hrs worth) either on April 9th or the 16th, whichever one my boss says is better. That way I can leave here at midnight and go to bed early and so we can hit the outlet malls on the Thursday after. DH has been wanting some GOOD kitchen knives and so I've been telling him over and over again to get some, but he wants to shop around to be sure he gets the best knife and the best price.....:rolleyes:

We've been having issues with our cable box. I think DH is gonna end up strangling the cable people eventually. :lol: This is our 2nd box in 48 hrs and it still does not work!!! Its also a DVR so of course we have missed ALL of our shows too.

Anywho........its warm here, for now until Mother Nature changes her mind again. lol.

As far as eating goes.....I have been doing ok, when I am not in a hurry. Before work is the worst..........I need to get up earlier to prepare something better ahead of time. or maybe I can work on preparing stuff this weekend and freeze it............

You all have been too Gabby :gossip: :blah: I will do individuals later!!!

Hi Francie, Susan,Jules, Cristina, Sue, Mindee, and anybody who I may have accidentally forgotten!!!:wave:

03-27-2008, 01:55 PM
Sassy~LoL @ the fridge. I totally need to do that too. I was having issues with the CW last night. It totally cut out in the middle of the America's Next Top Model. I missed them at the panel. All the other channels were working, so it wasnt our cable. It just sucked. We've had so much cable drama lately, I thought we were over it, lol.

So today is my day off, but it wasnt by choice. First of all, my needy animals woke me up at 6am again. I really need to start closing the door to the living room so they stop coming into the hallway and waking me up. I pretty much just read myself to sleep. I woke up like 20 mins ago..and ugh. I feel so sick. It feels like period pain, but its way too soon to even be having that. My inner thighs hurt so much too. I think I overdid it last night.

Whenever I'm hurting or sick, I always think of my mom. Cuz who is the one that can make you feel better?? Mama!! Even when I moved out, I still called up my mom when I was sick. Heck, she even called up her own mom when she was sick. I miss my mom so much right now. I'm listening to all the songs that make me think of my mom right now. I miss my grandparents too. I know I should call them, but I'm scared. :( I hate feeling like this.

03-27-2008, 02:41 PM
Good Morning -

I just dropped Gab off at my mothers and left close to tears, my mother is so witchy. All you that have *normal* mothers are so lucky. lol
I didn't mean to but last night when Gaby's father called he asked if he could see Gab today and I said no , she was spending time w/ Grandma. When I got to my mothers house I thought I would warn her that he knew where Gab was today and I didn't want him calling her and being a bother.
So, my mom goes "now Susan, you just have to tell him everything?" and I hem and haw...will, no. She also pushes me out the door and I just sat for a second, I swear.
I said "you don't pms any more, do you?? "....Geepers.
Anway, I have a few hours to myself. - poor Gab, now I wish I hadn't taken her over. *sniff. lol

Francie - I like Swapping Lives, I think out of The Other Woman and Jemima J it was my favorite Jane Green so far. I finished it last night. I don't know anything about the cardio dvd's so no help there. Hope your thigh is feeling better!:hug::hug:

Sassy - I hope you have a good *weekend*!! :)

Mindee - Cute about Brandon wanting to be in the video too. Gab swears she is Rebecca, course they look nothing alike. When I went to Hawaii last year I bought a second hand stroller because Gab refused to walk, she wanted to be carried and we walked a lot. She always says her legs hurt and looks to be picked up. Not happening at 79 pounds - haha. Great about getting the bed for Brandon!

Jules - My 5'5 came 7 years ago when I renewed the license last time. I always thought I was 5'5 but when pregnant w/ Gab they(the doctor, not DMV - haha) said I was 5'4. So, yesterday when she said "is your weight still the same??" I added 5 pounds from 145 and she asked about my eyes and I said brown...she never asked about my height.....otherwise I would have said 5'4. So, no I wasn't wearing high heels...lmao.... did I get the answer right?? Is David Cook the one that sang Billie Jean?? Whoever did was sooooo good, I enjoyed his singing. I still am rooting for Carly.

Hi to Cristina, Katy , Sue and Michelle!

I still feel ill over my mother. I guess I will go and do something fun and get past the sick feeling.

Hope you all have a great day!

03-27-2008, 03:17 PM
Hello ladies...

SUSAN...I wish I had amother who cared, lol. I say lol but it isn't funny. She totally pi$$es me off. She was coming to Josh's wedding...said she wouldn't miss, it's she's making excuses...geez, it's a month away. I just told her not to bother about coming...sick of it. Whatever...I just gotta move on and forget about it. But I am not one who has a normal mother, darn it. Glad to hear you stood up to M! :yay: :hug: Funny that the woman at the DMV actually asked. They never ask me and thank goodness because if they looked at the weight on their they would roll on the floor laughing, :lol:

FRANCIE...I forgot yesterday to mention the scale/chart whatever it was...I saw it online somewhere, can't remember. But I don't put much stock into them. I don't need a chart to tell me how much I should weigh or if I am just overweight or obese, all I have to do is look in the mirror, lol. Sorry you didn't get your ring...hopefully today. I don't know about the BL tapes...I have heard they do go thru pretty hard workouts but haven't tried any of them. I am happy with my WATP and Denise Austin dvd's. Just gotta get back to doing them!

MINDEE...glad you guys found the bed :yay: I meant to tell you yesterday (don't know where my head is or has been, keep forgetting to say things) WTG on your exercise! :yay: You're doing great!

JULES...I think I am like your hubby...I don't hate big cities per se, but do prefer being out away from them...too much traffic. I think that's my biggest thing...dealing with the traffic. I laugh at people here when they talk about rush hour and all the traffic here...ha! Spend a day on the 405 in CA, or any other of the freeways there. or Houston or Dallas, ugh! Hope your back gets to feeling better soon.

SASSY...silly woman...I was going to say, OMG! You moved again! Geez, 2 cable boxes in 48 hours, yikes! I grew, or I should say we tired of the local cable company here...too many days of no t.v. and of course they are not going to give you a credit on your bill.

Nothing much going on. Went and bought groceries this morning and then had to take a wedding gift back. Glad I opened it and checked it before giving it to them...the wheel on it was broken. So got a refund and reordered it. I've got tons of laundry to get done and exercise too! Probably should cut this short and go do it! :lol:

Have a good Thursday!

03-27-2008, 05:35 PM
Cristina - You sure we don't have the same mother??? I call mine *mom* what do you call yours???

lol - hmmm thought that was funny.

How far does your mom have to travel for the wedding?? I am sure she will make it maybe she just is fussing now because she wants the attention on her?? Just take care of yourself and to hoot w/ everyone else.

I have to do laundry too...also have to trek back across town for Gaby.

Did I tell you her father called last night and said he is taking a job on the coast?!?! Yippeeee, get him away from me..:fr: Now I have to tell him visitation still has to be at his fathers, I am not letting Gab go to the coast, he'll need to go into court and change the order for that. Tired of being a push over and letting him steam roll his way over me.

anyway - picking up "The Glass Castle; a memoir" from the library.

chat later!

03-27-2008, 06:17 PM
Susan~I'm glad you're liking Swapping Lives. It reminded me a little too much of Wife Swap and this movie that I saw.

Cristina~I have a Denise Austin dvd and I just cant do it. Its way too fast. I dunno..maybe I'll give it another try. I just gotta find it in my giant pile of dvds, lol.

My ring came today, which made me feel better. Nothing says hope you feel well like jewelry, lol. So now I have 2 little blue boxes, yay!!! I'm probably a dork for saving them. My exercise ball dvd also came today, which is awesome. I'm gonna try it out after White Oleander (which btw, is a GREAT book!!) So ya..I'm gonna go try to eat some jello right now. BBL

03-27-2008, 09:36 PM
Just wanted to share:

Better Abs Without Crunches!

Hi, Welcome to eDiets News Section. Check out this Article below

03-28-2008, 01:44 AM
hello are you all doing?

is it time for school again? Brandon and Logan are driving me bonkers since they don't get time apart! they will like it though....we are getting somewhat pounded by a spring snow storm....lovely let me tell ya! Logan has started this thing just recently where we think that he might have been an Indian dancer in a past life! He will stop what he is doing just to dance around in a circle and from the pow wow that we took them to last fall, I recognize some of the things. but he hasn't been to one, nor has he seen any other dances since then! so I mentioned to Tommy that I think he might have a kindred spirit.

Fancie~ I have TBL's Cardio Max dvd. I love it! It has three different levels on it. Bob takes you through level one cardio, which is for beginners. Jillian takes you through a level two cardio, which is for intermediates. And Kim takes you through a level three cardio, which is for advanced people, I guess. You can customize your own workout. I did the warm up, level one cardio, level two cardio, and then the cool down on Wednesday, and it kicked my butt! Or shall I say, Jillian kicked my butt! I have been doing Bob's warm up, level one, and cool down for two weeks like it suggests and then you work your way up! You can do the workouts with the instructor's giving you the instructions which is what I even still do. They are very fast paced and you can't even tell that you are doing 20 minutes of cardio with Bob! Jillian makes her ten minute stint worth it! I found my obliques today thanks to her! I think I over killed it a little too much on Wednesday, so I took it easy on Thursday. But I will be back into it!

On a side note, I think I am going to skip the Turbo Jam all together and just see what I can find at the local stores. I want something that is fast paced and won't make it seem like the work outs are dragging on and on. Does any one have any suggestions?

Sassy~ I know what you mean about getting up early to get things ready a head of time! Things should fall back into ship shape for me soon when Brandon goes back to school!

SusieQ~ That sucks about how your mom was to you. I still get unsolicited advice like that from my mom! (even after she picked a fight with Tommy when I was delivering Brandon and called him a few choice words...but that is a story for another day!) How was Gab's visit with grandma? Did Gab have fun? That is what I wonder about Brandon. I mean he did fine with the walking around the other day, even after getting shots. But I just wonder about if we go to the mall and what not! I mean, Tommy won't let him walk to the grocery store that is literally right behind us because he says it is too far for him to walk.....but yet he wants him to walk whenever we go someplace? that doesn't make any sense to me!

but then again, we are talking about the same person who has been telling me a lot lately that I need to stop coddling Brandon and to let him do things for himself. Ummmm.....hello! I don't coddle him.....he is very independent and has been since he could walk! the only time that we cuddle (which I know is different from coddling) is when he is getting ready to take a nap or go to bed. But I do have to say though, that he is getting better on going to bed on his own if he is still somewhat awake when I take him into his room!

Cristina~ Thanks for the nice comments! I took a break on Thursday, probably not a good thing to do, but hey I think I deserved it! Now, I need to get back on schedule with my regular routine come Monday morning!

we are also going to get both boys a potty chair that sits on the floor so that they can each go when they need to. I put the last package of diapers in the closet Thursday. I told Brandon "mommy just put the last package of diapers in the closet. how about we make that the last package of diapers that we buy for you and brother?" To which Tommy said "well, Logan still needs them." I said "not if we buy them each a new potty chair that will be their own and they can start to use them. and we can buy them the white cloud pull ups from now on. I want to get as many out of diapers as I can while the gettin' is good!"

03-28-2008, 04:04 AM
Just stopping by to say Goodnight to everyone. I had a fun night, so now I'm heading off to bed. Dh will be home tomorrow (sat)

03-28-2008, 04:10 AM
Francie -- Lookie what I found!!!!! (

Have Fun with Hubby!!! :love:


03-28-2008, 12:00 PM
Mindee~Hmm...I really want to get those dvds now!!!! I think after payday I'll buy maybe the cardio max one. I'm also interested in TBL cookbook too. But I can just get that at the bookstore and not order it online. I can probably even buy the dvd from Walmart and not worry about shipping, lol. I'm just rambling now. Do you have any other dvds that you like?

Sassy~LoL!! Thanks!! I dont have that one yet. I found these ones for you!! The monkey one cracks me up!!

Sooooooo I woke up early this morning. But its okay, because when I looked out the window, I saw that it was SNOWING!! I love love love love love the snow!!!!!

Well, I'm gonna go workout now. I'll BBL!! :wave:

03-28-2008, 01:18 PM
Good morning, ladies!

Aaaahhhh, Friday...more like ugh, Friday! I think this weather is making me grumpy, oh no wait...I think it is a thing called mother and another called son! :lol:

SUSAN....yeah, I believe that is the word I call her too, lol. Okay, so it's an eight hour drive but for once she can suck it up and just deal with it. She has driven to North Carolina by herself I don't know how many times when my brother was living there. She went to Florida a few times when my Aunt was staying there for almost two years for her job. She drives to NW AR a lot to see my nephew, her absolute fav for some reason and she has yet to come here once. I've been here a little over 10 years and she has not come here once. We are about 3 1/2 maybe 4 hours from my nephew so...I just don't want her to's always something so whatever. I would rather her not come, and she won't, believe me she won't if there's one thing I do know, it is her. Anywho...sorry for the rant, lol...feels good getting it out. Sounds like the coast job is/will be a good thing and yeah, I wouldn't let him take Gaby to the coast either especially if there is a court order. Will have to go see what the Glass Castle is about...sounds good. I NEED to finish up with what I am reading, lol.

FRANCIE...I agree...the cardio part of the Denise Austin's DVD is kind of fast but I think if I did it enough I would get the hang of it, it's basically dancing. But, I don't do it often enough. It has the custom workouts for you to do and you can do whatever you want. I mostly do the warm-up, strength and cool down because I get a full body workout with it. OMG! My body hurts so bad after...but in a good way, lol. I am going to have to check out some of the TBL dvd's. Glad you received your ring...and hey, I would keep the boxes too! Do you have anything special planned for DH's homecoming? Did you say snow :yikes: We are supposed to be getting some rain, which it is dry here so we need it. We had quite the wet winter though...too much snow and I don't care if I ever see another snowflake! :lol:

MINDEE...once I made the decision to potty train the kids when the last diaper was gone there was no more. Everyone told me that they would put underwear on their kids during the day and then diapers at night but I thought that would just confuse them. I figured they would think it would be okay to go in their pants (diaper) at night but not during the just nixed the diapers all together. it wasn't easy either, ugh! Josh was stubborn, still is, lol. Carrie was the easiest thank goodness. Anyway...good luck with the potty training. Turbo Jam goes pretty fast and she makes it fun, or I think she does...can't think of too many dvds. I do a lot of the WATP ones. I like the ones that don't have the mile markers...seems to go by faster when you don't see that. Richard Simmons Sweatin to the Oldies seems to go by fast for me...I think for me it looks more fun and I get into it and before you know it, it is done! I know the WATP ones are all basically the same but having different ones makes it seem different, lol. Of course they are all different people in them too so...except for the Jog & Walk & the 3 Mile one. There's a woman, Mary Kay that is in both and I think she is in another, possibly more. I have to have different ones so as not to get bored. I don't have to do crunches ever again? Lol, like I can anyway. I do do that though...of course getting my belly button to the spine is quite funny, lol. Denise Austin says that in her dvd. I like her though...except when I am doing the dvd...I alway say "You are killing me Denise!" Yes, I talk to the t.v. Anyway, thanks for sharing the article...I kind of skimmed it I must say but I did watch the video...pretty simple if you ask me or so it seems.

HIYA JULES, KATY, SUE...why do I always feel like I am forgetting someone? Hello to anyone reading this too! Feel free to jump on in...the more the merrier! :wave:

So...nothing going on today. Doing more laundry. Geez, I skipped a day and had four loads yesterday and will do one today as well. Going to go exercise in just a few minutes and then about noon'ish take the recyclables to the dumping ground, lol. Other than that not much else going on. I lead a very exciting life :lol: I'll be back later.

Have a wonderful day!

03-28-2008, 01:55 PM
Cristina~I can find her dvd. I'm guessing its in the hall closet, which should just considered lost, lol. There too many boxes in there (been here 3 years and never unpacked those boxes, lol). Do you have any other dvds that you like? I'm making a list of all the ones I want to try. Not doing anything special for dh's homecoming (if you wanna call it that, lol). He's probably just gonna catch up on his sleep. He's taking leave on April 10th, so I wanna start going to the gym with him once he's on leave. We'll see if he can keep up with me now, lol. Yes, it snowed!!!!!! Talk about crazy weather!! LoL!! Last time it snowed was in December. It snowed in other parts of WA a few days ago, and I kept wishing it would snow here, and it did!! YAY!! LoL!!

I just got done doing 3 miles w/WATP. I feel sooooooooo good, but yet so tired. LoL!! I wanna do more!!!!! I wasnt even paying much attention to what mile I was at. Normally I do and I keep pushing myself to reach that 3 miles. But today I just sailed through it. My arms & thighs hurt right now..but its a good kind of hurt, know what I mean?

Oh ya..I posted a bulletin on Myspace that has videos of dh's ship!! So anyone who has me on myspace, please check it out!! The homecoming vid has this totally beautiful song. I was bawling when I watched the video. We were in Az when the ship pulled in for homecoming, dh got to come home like a week or so before the ship did. So watching the video was really emotional for me. Anyways..check it out!!

03-28-2008, 04:02 PM
Back again for a few minutes...

FRANCIE...I will check out the videos as soon as I sign off from here. My favorite work out dvd's are:
1 mile WATP...I use this a lot as a warm-up before doing weights or walking on the treadmill or outoors.
2 mile WATP
3 mile Walk Away Your Waistlin
4 Fast Miles Walk Slim
2.5 Mile WATP Walk & Jog
Denise Austin Burn Fat Fast
Turbo Jam
Those I use on a regular basis and the Richard Simmons just once in a while when I want something different.

Lol, I will call it that...he is coming home right? So it's a homecoming :lol: I know whatever you guys do you will just be happy to have him home!

Good job on doing the 3 miles! :woohoo:

I just did, well, about 30 minutes ago, 45 minutes...will do another 45 minutes after Jeopardy.

MS SUZYQ...where you be? :D

Well, ladies I am going to go do some surfing. See ya's :wave:

Have a wonderful day!

03-28-2008, 04:44 PM
Cristina~Thanks, I'll look them up on Amazon and add them to my ever growing Wish List, lol. I usually think of a homecoming after being gone for more than a week, lol. But to be honest, before I entered this military world, I thought of a homecoming as just something that was in high school, lol. Woohoo on 45 mins!! LoL about Jeopardy though. That show hurts my head. I'm better at Rock & Roll Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune :lol:

I'm ffffffrrrrreeeeezzzzziiiinnnngggggg my bootay off right now!!!!!!! If dh didnt have duty today, then he'd be here warming me up. But noooo he has duty today and I'm stuck at home freezing my bootay off, lol. Curse him for taking all his warmth with him, lol. I'm gonna go turn the heater on in the bedroom and finish reading my book. I hope the heat will knock me out so I can nap. I'm sooooooo tired. I also hope all 3 of my cats sleep around me too. Even though they are tiny lean animals, they sure do give off a lot of heat when they sleep, lol. Be back laters.

03-28-2008, 05:32 PM
Omg omg omg!! I was looking at my ring and I noticed that one of the diamonds are pink!!! And its not supposed to be. But I dunno..maybe its my bad eyes or something..but can anyone see the difference?????

03-28-2008, 08:34 PM
I am here..........*sigh. Had to get rid of Gaby before I was *allowed* computer time. Anyway - she is gone w/ her father til Sunday - yay.

Francie & Sassy - You guys are funny, I like the avatars but some I can't download (?? )

Francie - I will have to look at the ring in a sec. I hope it isn't pink...what does that mean if it is?? Someone changed the stone? I pawned the rings from my first marriage and tossed my wedding ring from my second marriage off the Astoria bridge when we were driving over it and having a fight. I showed him,,,:D So, he never replaced it. Swapping Lives is a lot like Wife Swap, the next one I have is Second Chance. Anyway - hope you hare getting warm!

Mindee- I always carried Gaby, I talked for her too.. no wonder she has a speech delay. lol Spoiled little girl but who cares, we only get one childhood. I am sooo ready to get these kids back in school too! Anyway - good luck on the potty training :) I know we have mentioned this before but I think Ballroom dancing is excellent exercise, I love Dancing w/ the Stars. I wish I could dance like the ladies do on the show.

Sassy - Ick, you are going to make us look at links to better abs??? lol Ok, after the diamonds :) How are your days off going??

Cristina - Hi, how old is mom?? Where do you get all your laundry from?? lol Is it just you and V at home? I can do 1 load a day easy. I use Tide Bleach, what about you?? :)

I LOVE The Glass Castle, has anyone else read it?? I finished it last night, stayed up til 4am reading it and bawled when I read the last page. She writes of a horrible poverty striken childhood but the love she has for her family is on every page, even though her parents were rather irresponsible w/ drinking and such. It was actually very humorous.......anyway - I will have to read it again before I have to return it, it's that good.

Hi to Katy - Jules, Sue and Michelle...and I hope I am not forgetting anyone!!

Oh ya ....I second Cristina .....if you are cruising through stop and say hello, we're a friendly bunch!

Going to buy some sushi and take a hot bath and do my nails tonight. McD is going to dinner w/ a boring co worker male friend. They usually get together once a month but haven't since we have been dating, so I might trek over there later after he gets home and say *Boo*,,,among other things - lol

k- chat later!!

03-28-2008, 08:41 PM
Francie - It does look pink in the picture. It is a beautiful ring, and are those your nails? lol..Goofy on diet pepsi...anyway - I need to go paint mine now, yours look so nice!

03-28-2008, 10:58 PM
Susan~I think someone put the wrong color stone on my ring. It sucks, but after talking to dh (he called, yay)..I decided to just leave it. It looks kinda pretty with a pink diamond in the middle. But I WILL be going back to the store to complain (maybe they'll give me a discount, lol. you never know. my bday is coming up and Francie loves Tiffany's, lol). Omg..I loved Second Chance. That was a really good book!!! Its kinda sad though. Ya, those were my nails. Not sure I get the "goofy on diet pepsi" remark, lol.

Anyways..its I'm gonna go eat. BBL

03-28-2008, 11:02 PM
HI ladies...

V is watching his basketball so I thought I would jump on the computer for a few minutes. Then i am going to tackle my reading...must finish that book tomorrow. May prove to be hard since Cambrie is coming over to spend the night and I will have to entertain her, sort of. She took a liking to DD and if she is around she loves her better, lol. When her and Char were over Wednesday she wanted to stay but didn't have clothes so...tomorrow she is coming.

Me and V made a trip to Sams and stocked up on water. One day he is going to get a water osmosis thingy for the faucet and we will drink faucet...not sure why he hasn't yet. definitely looks pink to me. Someone made a booboo but I love it! Makes it unique for sure, and I agree...your wedding band is very pretty. Lol about the homecoming conversation...I never went to homecoming and yeah...usually a homecoming is after someone has been gone for a while but what the heck...who cares if it's a few months, or a few days, lol. I finally found the ship videos *slaps forehead* :lol: Very cool! I bet it is weird to be gone for months on a ship...what exactly does your hubby do? Tell him THANK YOU for his service! We appreciate all him and all he does!

SUSAN...I still can't believe you threw the ring off the bridge, lol. I haven't read that book but will definitely see what it's about. I have quite the stack of books to read otherwise I would get some new ones, lol. Thank you for the ones you sent! :thanks: :hug: I've not read them yet but look forward to getting to them after the one I am reading and then another. Kind of put The Kite Runner on the backburner, lol. Sometimes I wish it was just me and V home...but there is DD & DS#1. Jason does his own laundry though and I do the rest. If I do at least one load a day it's good, sometimes I do two but if I miss a day watch out! Of course V takes two showers a day and he changes twice a day, so makes for a lot of clothes. I use Tide too, the stuff that smells...can't remember the smells soooo good! My mother is 64,, I don't even know. Wow, Gaby is going have a long weekend with her dad...what will you do with yourself missy? Whatever it is...enjoy!

Hiya everyone else :wave:

I did a total of 90 minutes on the exercise, woohoo to me! :lol: It was like I never missed a day. I took a couple of days off and have been lazy about it but won't let myself go too far. I know if I go too many days without exercise I will be in trouble! Gotta keep on movin'...

Nighty, night ladies!

03-28-2008, 11:14 PM
Cristina~Omg 90 mins!! :bravo::cheer: Thats so awesome!!!!! :carrot: Thanks, I'm gonna keep my ring as it is..but still complain to the store, lol. They should know that they messed up. Dh thought it was funny how I wished all the diamonds were pink now, lol. Glad you liked the ship vids. That Rod Stewart song gets to me everytime, lol. I'll tell dh :hug: He's an EN (engineman) in the Navy. Basically thats like being a mechanic in the navy, lol. I'm really gonna go eat dinner now, LOL!! I need to step away from the computer.

03-28-2008, 11:26 PM
Yeah, I liked the song too...and love Rod Stewart! As a matter of fact I just bought his Greatest Hits CD and I have some others. It was weird looking at the ship and seeing all the people from the distance they took it...they looked like a bunch of ants...soo tiny! Doesn't matter what they do in the service...I think all the jobs are important ones! I imagine he is a fine EN! I was just curious cause I couldn't remember if you mentioned before or not. Have you guys found out where you will be going yet?

GO eat dinner missy! I forget about the time's 9:30 here!

Have a good night!

03-29-2008, 12:18 AM
LoL!! That ship is sooooooooooooo HUGE!! And dh works near the bottom too. Insane. I hate going on there. And its so scary to be on the very top. I looked down once and it felt like I was going to fall. Actually..before the last deployment, some dude jumped from the top and broke his ribs. No..we havent found out where we're going yet. The last list they gave us was HORRIBLE!! Everything was for VA or FL. :mad:

Anyways..I'm gonna go back to doing my nails and watching Amnesia, lol.

03-29-2008, 01:15 AM
well, it is safe to say that the race is on and so far Brandon is in first place! and by race, I mean the race to potty training!

we went to Wal-Mart tonight and got them each their own potty chair that sits on the floor. we have been attempting to use the one that goes over the big toilet, and neither one of them have been two enthused with it lately. so, I figured that if we got them each their own potty, then they would want to go on it more often, and that way we can kill two birds with one stone and get them both potty trained at the same time!

well, we got home, and they both instantly wanted to sit on it after daddy got them put together. Brandon for some reason had to strip all the way down to being naked to sit on his, so of course Logan had to follow suit. Sure enough, Brandon went potty on the potty. So, he got to put two stickers on his almost filled potty chart. Logan wanted to put some on his, but we had to tell him that he had to go potty on his potty in order to get them. Tommy came in with the stickers and asked if Logan had gone, and I said "well, if farting counts, then yeah he did!"

So, now we are on the path to getting them potty trained! we picked them up some pull ups. Logan will get pull ups during the day and a diaper at night time. we are even going to cut back on them getting their cups right before bed, since like Tommy pointed out, that is why they go potty so much at night!

It felt weird walking through Wal-Mart with a basket full of potty training supplies, lunch meat, bread, and stuff for dinner for Saturday night! But, it felt even weirder walking through the store with a notebook of paper and a thermometer for temping!

for the past couple of months, things have been getting so chaotic around here, that we have had a couple of months with the thought in our heads of "is she going to come this month? are we that percentage that a tubal doesn't work for?" and this is now going to put an end to all those guessing games! Tommy kept telling me "why do we need to buy that? when you had the surgery for a reason." I kept telling him all through Wal-Mart that I don't want to play the "is she going to come? is she not going to show?" every month! I want to know for a fact that I can go back to knowing exactly when she is going to show up so I won't have to get that inkling that we might have another baby. (I know I know.....I am getting way ahead of myself....but after I had signed the papers to get the procedure done, I did check to see what the percentages were!) so I will be starting that all over again in the morning! I need to get back into the habit of getting up early to get Brandon ready for school why not start with taking my temp first, and then going about my day!

Francie~ Yup that does look pink to me! But I think it would look cool, and that way you can say that you have a unique ring! Tommy's wedding band was a goof up on account of the jewelry store.....and now they MAKE the rings! let me see if I can find a link on their website......

As for the work out dvd's I have to have something that will keep me interested and not sitting there staring at the counter! I have a catalog as they call it from a place online that is nothing BUT workout dvd's! I got it a couple weeks ago, but just now had the time to sit and look through it!

Cristina~ I am kind of dreading the training of both of them at the same time, but Logan was really excited that Brandon went on the potty and he say the excitement that went along with it. So, I am hoping that he takes suit and follows right along with him! I did mention above, though that he is getting diapers only at bedtime, which I am sure is a big time no no.....but we have a full pack of them that I just put in the closet and I am sure that it will take him some time to pick up on things. (now watch that since I said that they will both be potty trained by B and M's birthday party next month!)

SusieQ~ Tommy says that I coddle Brandon....and that I don't let him do things on his own. The only thing that I really only help him do is get his cup, and then when it comes time for naps and bedtime. But I think that is more so because that gives me some time with him. And since he is in school now, I really don't have that much time with him. I love watching DWTS! I just wish I had HIPS like the girls on there! (they have to be able to move like that or I will not accept them!)

03-29-2008, 03:15 AM
Mindee~Interesting..what is the mag?? Wow, I wanna see Tommy's ring now. Fonzo's ring is all scratched up because he doesnt take it off while working, lol. I'm getting used to the pink diamond. I keep looking at it though. I wish I had one of those jewelry magnifiers or whatever its called so I can see it close up, lol. The diamond is even a tiny bit bigger than the other ones, lol.

Anyhoo...I'm kinda tired right now. I wanna go to bed, but Fonzo is emailing me right now. Thank God he's back in WA and not on some crazy schedule like last year. When he was on the other side of the world..I would wait up until 6am just to "chat" with him in emails, lol. But he'll be coming home in a few hours-woohoo!!! I cant wait. I wanna stay up and wait for him..but I'm sure I'll be awake by the time he gets home in the morning.

03-29-2008, 03:52 AM
Francie~ It is actually a site online that I had then send me the magazine.....not sure if it will work on here.....but search for Collage Video.

and as for Tommy's ring, let me see if I can find it.....

hopefully this works....

and here is another shot of it.....

03-29-2008, 03:57 AM
I meant to post to that because they screwed up on his ring, they told us that he would have a one of a kind ring.....then come to find out after we had gotten married that they started to make the rings to sell! tommy was bummed and when we went back to get my ring inspected and cleaned, he asked if he could get some loyalties since his is the original....and you can see how far that went!

03-29-2008, 04:04 AM
oh man..that sucks. they totally stole his idea then. my engagement ring is one of kind. Fonzo designed it himself..I keep looking for it at the jewelry store he bought it from, but I've never seen one like it. I'd feel pretty bummed too.

btw, the first pic was beautiful!!! me & dh didnt even take pics with our rings, because he had just gotten back from deployment a month before we got married. and he had lost so much weight, that his ring didnt fit him. its probably too late to do it now, lol. although, my bouquet was dried and is in a beautiful shadow box, so hmm..maybe we could pull it off? LoL!!

03-29-2008, 11:33 AM
Good morning starshines!!

Just wanted to pop in really fast. Fonzo came home at 5am and woke me up, lol. I'm debating whether or not to work out right now. I mean, I'm really really sleepy and enjoying my Us mag right now, lol (my other husband is on the cover with Fonzo's other wife, lol). I know that tomorrow I wont work out at all, lol. I dunno..either way, on monday I'm gonna be busting my butt big time!!! (btw, I'm seriously craving a pastelitos right now!! Anyone ever have one of those before? Mmm I want one so bad I can taste it and smell it, lol.)

Anyways..I shall go now. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

03-29-2008, 02:30 PM
Good Morning -

Sassy How is your weekend?

Katy - Hey Beach Bum, you ever coming home from the coast!? Miss you.

Jules - It is FREEZING here! Snowed yesterday and this morning. Can't wait for your son to get here in Portland, hope he likes it :) Hugs to you and Teri.

Francie - Who is your other husband?? Because my boyfriend is always on the mags w/ the ugly chick Angelina Jolie. Brad feels sorry for her so I can understand, I guess so much so he keeps having babies w/ her. lol

*goofy on diet pepsi* because normally I wouldn't have asked if those were your nails and I wouldn't have asked Crsitina what soap she used in washing. Just that my mind is racing and I HAVE to chatter about something.

anyway - the ring is beautiful regardless of the pink in there, makes it special!

Mindee- What is w/ the temp thing?? Do I have to go back and read?? You thinking of another baby or something else?? lol:dizzy: Those lady dancers have bodies I could only dream to have....I love looking at their toned backs....

Cristina - I didn't know you still had a full house! Awesome on the exercise and cute on Cambrie coming for a sleep over!!
Yes, Gab is gone for the looooong weekend. It should be a Saturday pick up time but I had her all week and she was starting to say "you're mean" because I want her her brushed and refuse to be at the pool 24/7. When her father picked her up she had packed her suit and goggles and said "I want to go swimming!" and he said no and she ran behind the couch and said she wanted to stay w/ mommy., we got her in the car. I missed her last night though.

So, what do I do w/ my time on the weekends?? I sleep. lol I have been staying up til 4am all week and I fell asleep last night at 9pm.
I did my toe nails but not my finger nails because I couldn't find the clipper. I played w/ the kitties and chatted w/ McD on the phone. Decided just to wait and see him tonight because he had to get up early for a Saturday @ work. Just as will because I was pooped and not in the mood to be social. Rach came in at 10pm from her friends up the street and was a BEAR to wake up this morning for work at 6:30am.
I clean the apt on weekends and catch up on laundry, might go look at the second hand stores for a bargain....just meander and try to stay out of trouble. Weekends go fast though!!!! I will meet Gab at the pool tomorrow and let her swim for a bit and come home and get her ready for school on Monday.
My mom did call this morning saying what time we were going out for my birthday dinner and I called back saying I had a date tonight. She goes "your life is so complicated as it is"...she is not happy that I date - ever.
I suppose I should just be a spinster and play w/ my kitties on a Friday night (which I did do last night , come to think of it :dizzy:) . I have a 46 year old sister that never dates, doesn't drive and is boring as **** but if Sis was dating that would be ok...just because I have EX's I have had my chance?? hmmm, no wonder I feel guilty dating.....and forget about having SEX.....omyyyygod.....that would make *mom* come unglued. lol

k- Adios.....I am going to meander now :D

03-29-2008, 07:03 PM
Susan~My other hubby is Jake Gyllenhaal..and he is dating Fonzo's other wife, Reese Witherspoon. LoL!! Brad is my other husband too. I actually have like 5 other husbands. Jake, Brad, Johnny, Orlando, & Shia (but he's more like my lover since he's a younger than me, lol).

Well..I did get in my walk this morning. I only did 1 mile and then I passed out until 11am. Then we went for Arby's. And I'm proud of myself because I only ate what I ordered and nothing more. I didnt get the shake, even though I wanted to. Then we watched the Aristocats. So right now, we're both gonna be WATP. LoL!! It should be interesting because he's never done it before. Lets see if McSailor can keep up with me. BBL..

03-30-2008, 12:34 AM
Quick hello..Hope you are all enjoying the week-end. I am just getting ready to read until I fall asleep. Real exciting aren't I? My DH thinks ZZZZZZZZ

Have a happy Sunday.

03-30-2008, 01:32 PM
Ughhhhh I've been bad this whole weekend!!!!! I ate the Arby's (which was like heaven in a bag, lol) Then dh & I tried to do WATP together, and he was making me laugh so hard I could only make it to mile 2, lol.

Then last night we were watching Superbad for the millionth time, Fonzo was all "Lets drink!!" And at first, I was like.."nooo we cant drink its almost midnight" But then I remembered that I hadnt had a drink in MONTHS and I'm not an alcoholic or anything, I just like to have fun. So ya..we started taking shots of mostly everything liquor we had. I'm such a lightweight, I was pretty wasted pretty quickly. Then dh made me a pina colada, which has 170 calories!! WTF!! Not to mention the moijos has like 80. Geez..I didnt even know that. I checked the other bottles, and they didnt have any nutrition labels on them. So I thought that was kinda weird, lol. I'm so lucky I'm not hungover today. I woke up at 4am and I was STILL drunk, LOL!!! I dunno how Fonzo is right now. He's still asleep. He's a really bad influence on me. LoL!!

So between the Arby's and the drinking..I'm gonna have to really really work my butt off today and tomorrow. But the thing is..I havent gained or lost anything. Weird. I hate maintaining, but I guess its better than gaining. Fonzo owes me a major walk around the base today!!!

OH and another thing..I cant use the lactose milk in my cereal anymore. I cant use regular milk, and I cant use lactose milk. BOTH make me really sick!!!! This sucks!!!!!!!!

03-30-2008, 07:05 PM
Afternoon -

I drank wine Francie last night, kind of on the tipsy side myself. I don't know why I do that, wine is not water - I can't chug it like it is...ha. I am sure you will get right back on track! :)

Hi Sue - :wave:

So, had a wonderful time w/ McDreamy last night. He made a chicken pasta dish and we chatted. He called at 8am this morning and said come over for pancakes, so I ran. I LOVE pancakes!! He has nifty gadgets in his kitchen, it is fun to watch him cook. I did the dishes, so I was pulling my own weight. Last night though I sat and drank wine and was totally blitzed. Made it home and sipped ice water, I couldn't sleep and by 8am the room had slowed from spinng around. lol Geepers.

Was close to 163 yesterday, didn't weigh today, too scared. lol Maybe I will try Tuesday and see if it hit 163.

Gab is coming home in a bit, missssss her sooooo much.

Just wanted to say hello and catch you all later!!

03-31-2008, 12:39 AM
hello are you all doing?

nothing really interesting on this end! I did manage to make it through the kids toys. I threw out three bags of toys that are either broken or they don't play with anymore!!! I am so happy about that! I folded and put away our laundry. I still have to fold and put away the kids' laundry. I have one empty tote that I am going to try and put all the bigger clothes for Brandon in and then that will go down into the basement! I missed him being in school.....I was able to get so much done that way!

I did however do really well with potty training the boys over the weekend. Brandon went a couple of times on the potty. Logan went next to the potty and in the bath tub, so I guess that counts for something! Now, I just need to get back on track with my eating and water drinking as well as my exercising! I am not sure if I will get my work out in after I ship Brandon off to school in the morning. One of the maintenace guys will be coming over to replace our bathroom floor! It is starting to dip near the bath tub, and before it gets too bad we are going to have them fix it! The guy that is going to do it, told the office manager that he might as well just replace the whole floor instead of just the one area. Our office manager did tell us that we could use her shower if it takes longer then a day to fix it!

I need to cut this short and get into the shower!

Francie~ Sounds like you had a great weekend! I haven't had a legal drink since before I got pregnant with Brandon! I found out I was pregnant with him the day after I turned 21, so I wasn't able to drink. Tommy owes me a night of me being drunk and him taking care of the kids! He always says "that won't take but one drink, and you will be drunk."

SusieQ~ Nope, we are not planning on any more kids. I want to get back into temping so that I don't have to guess at when AF is coming into town, I will know when she will be here. I used to do it when we got pregnant with Brandon and Logan, but then life turned upside down and things got too chaotic! I sat down a couple months ago and actually figured out that I have been pregnant every year since 2003! (excluding this year)

03-31-2008, 04:37 AM
Mornin' all. :coffee:

Yippee another Monday! lol. I put in my request for my 1/2 floating holiday night off. But I guess I either put in the wrong dates or my boss is an idiot, either one could be true, so will just have to see once I go into tonight. lol. I put in for either next Wed. or the Wed. after, whichever one works better, doesn't matter much to me. :shrug:

DH is in desperate need of some new jeans, he only has ONE pair now. So yup that means I have to do laundry more often and we all know that is no fun, right? lol.

I received my new pants. One pair I like, the rest that I received (one is on back order) I don't really like, on me anyways. Trying to see if its worthwhile to send them back or not. I got all the pants on clearance. They say they take the price of shipping off on the credit or refund? I guess that means I get it back, right? I dunno. One pair is just ugh. I dunno doesn't look right on me at all. I look like a seal that is pregnant and about to pop! :lol3: The other pair I do not like look like I could fit another one of me in them!!! :lol:

So I dunno I hate returning things through the mail but I do want pants that look right too. So I dunno. Maybe I will return the ones I do not like for a refund and try to find something at the outlet mall so I can try them on!!! lol. Sound like a good plan??? lol. So I wonder if I can call them and have them not send me the ones that are on back order, as they are the same as the ones that make me look like a pregnant seal. lol.

Well I can honestly say I haven't done much at all, since the cleaning is all done, but now there is dishes to do again and I honestly do not feel like doing them. :p lol. Lazy, huh? lol.

I talked to my mother Saturday night. She met a new guy, who lives in my area. He works for Kelloggs. He has 4 kids, 3 boys and a girl, but they are all older and married, like me. She says he is really nice. So we'll see.........Once again she is talking about moving up here, and now that she has a man that lives in my area, its probably a lot more likely, if it works out. Not trying to be negative, just trying to be realistic. She's gone through a few men now. I wish she would meet them the old fashioned way instead of on the net, not that there is anything wrong with that, I just think its hard to really "know" someone via the net, but I know there are lots of people out there who have met on the net and it turned out wonderful, so lets hope this works out for her. :)

Well my dept. is still upstairs. The girl who works my shift when I am off worked in the same cube I did upstairs so she only had to take her tower and her phone headset upstairs, instead of everything. So guess that is where I will be this week. Who knows when they will get it fixed. The way our co. is it could be a year later!!! I hope not, but I doubt it will be anytime soon. Luckily the ladies cube who we are using is on maternity leave and as far as I know she hasn't even had her baby yet, so it should be awhile yet. She had to be on bed rest due to complications, so that is why she's been out already.

Anywho......I just do not wanna go into work tonight........I guess its the case of the "Monday's" lol. I will be just fine once I get there and get all set up and ready to work.........Just getting there is the hard part. lol.

We watched "I am Legend" with Will Smith, it was pretty good, not one of his "best" movies in my opinion, but pretty good.

Weather wise it is supposed to be warm all week, so we shall see........I am tired of the cold and hot thing. lol.

Well take care everybody, I hope you have a Great Week!

I didn't go back far enough -- Thanks for the Avatars, Francie, I too love the Monkey! :) Cristina -- Yes I talk to the TV too. When I used to do I think it was Denise's Abs and Butt -- OMG I use to cuss her out. lol. She would always say, "only 2 more....." then you do 2 more and then she goes "oh you can do 8 more can't ya? come on I know you can" then I am like @#$%!!! But it worked!!! lol. Suzy Q -- Avatars, download? I am not sure what you mean. All you have to do is right click and click "save as" but maybe I not getting whatcha mean. lol. Or go to ( (there is where I get mine at least) and it gives you the code for forums. ;)


03-31-2008, 10:22 AM
hey - I'm back...haven't fallen off the face of the planet.

Made it through Spring Break unscathed and no weight gain - yay!

I have to get ready to drop my car off for some very expensive repairs :( So I'll have to come back later for chatting. Sounds like everyone had a good week..


03-31-2008, 01:41 PM
Starting #40 THREAD!! Don't POST here.

Stop, Drop and Roll Over ((and yes, you have to roll over at least 3 times to be eligibile to post , hehe)) to chat!!