Support Groups - LOW CARB #21 Get ready to SPRING into action!

02-24-2002, 08:10 PM
Well this last one had gotten very long so just wanted to start up another one.

I have had a good weekend. I did much on a few M&M's my son had stuffed in my pocket lucky they were self limiting and well if there were more then i would have eaten them.

I worked out everyday of the week even when i was sick. (some not as good as others but still a workout.)

I stayed OP even with the M&M as i did not have enough to add up to any amont of carbs.

36 more days to easter. so how is everybody doing on Melody's bunny challenge???

02-24-2002, 08:53 PM
Hello all,

Hope everyone is doing good....

Melody---sounds like you still have your hands full...those dang men anyway......he sounds just like my guy......frustrating:dizzy:

sue---Hope you are feeling better.... good job on the exercising while sick....that would have been my excuse NOT to move.....I AM PROUD OF YOU GIRL:D

Pat, Dana and everyone.......everyone have a great week and I will try to chat with ya later.....

I have created a monster with hubby learning how to use computer and looking things up.......AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!



02-25-2002, 07:04 AM
Good Morning ALL!

I am back, I haven't even been lurking. Been in teh dumps about the #@*&^ scale. But enough!!! I have missed you all. So , I am going to teh YMCA today and check them out. I had been eating OP(Until yesterday) Working out, still stuck on this plataeu. Very frustrating. But I am lookimg for a 100%OP week. I will check out the Bunny Challenge. I made myself accountable on teh weigh in.

So Melody Don't Men suck sometimes? It's all about them. But they do have their uses, I guess LOL. Sounds like you are settling in. It will be bumpy for awhile. But it will work out.

Sue, I loved your reply to teh skin question. You my girl are a wealth of information!!! DH still doing alright?

Dana, I think we should put our heads together and plot against the metal monster! You and I have been stuck for so long now. UGH!! But we have come along way too.

Terri, Hey girl how is weight watcher's going? Are you happy with your plan choice?

Boo, Pam and everybody else, check in and say hi.

Well off to teh room

02-25-2002, 11:01 AM
:) :) :) Hellol chickees! It is such a bright shiney day...What a great day to be alive!

Isn't funny how being OP, and staying Op can brighten your whole world. Well i sat down the other night and reworked my program. i am going to limit my carbs, and count calories. I am trying to keep calories under 1800 a day. That's what my body will need to function at my goal weight of 140.

In addition I worked out a little the last few days. Time is short, I don't have enough of it. But Saturday i walked a mile, and yesterday I did a "circuit training" kind of thing. I would run up and down the stairs for 1 minute....record up and back down 5 times in one minute! then the next minute I would do some curls with my free weights, then the next minute I would do some round house kicks, then the next minute I would run the stairs again, then the next minute I would do lunges, or squats, etc. i did that for 20 minutes. Not what I wanted, but better than nothing. I am going to try to walk today. Hopefully for about 45 minutes. I want to start incorporating some running soon.

Since I am "writing" my own program I was wanting to read up on some other programs...has anyone read "Body for Life"?? I have heard from a friend it is good, even if I want to keep the low carb aspect of my diet...which I do. Any thoughts on this, anyone?

Question? why don't they put page buttons on remotes? We just got a new satelite system and when Bf was at work the other night I lost the remote. He is about to have a cow about it. I don't have a clue where it is...If they had page buttons on the stuff they belong too, we would never lose them. Just like phones....Just a thought to make life easier...

You ladies have a great day!;)

02-26-2002, 10:23 AM
I am staying OP and working towards my goal.

Where is everyone????

Hellooooo???? Where are you???? Sue??Terri??? Dana????

Hopping off ten pounds by March 31st!!!!

02-27-2002, 06:56 AM
Hi all, I am here, SOrry I didn't gey on-line yesterday. I haven't been sleeping well in teh past couple ofnights and I feel like crap. Met my Monday goals. And did everything except workout yesterday. The scale is holding at 231#. Hope all is well with everyone.

Way to go Melody!

02-27-2002, 02:32 PM
Good Morning Chickees!

:) I did not have to go to work today! Whooooo Hoooo, it snowed little and the roads got icy, so no school!!!!! I teach the next county over, so my son had to go....we had school here. Boy, was he mad!!!:mad: He wanted to know why the weatherman lied and said we were going to get sleet, ice, and snow, and all we got was a little snow??? It wasn't fair, he hated school, its too hard (this from a straight A-gifted student, who has never had a moments trouble getting anything...), his teachers are too strict....his whole world was crumbling!!!! UGHHHGHHGHG!!!!!!:devil:

I just smiled and sent him on his way!;)

:devil: My Evil BF is home today,( he works nights) and I was showing him some of the body for Life stuff I had gotten in the mail. I am considering incorporating some of their workouts into my program. I was hoping he would want to do it too. He's not a bit over weight, but I thought that he might want to try it...he's always talking about getting back into lifting and getting "buff"... I said maybe i would enter the BFl contest...He said

"I'll tell you right now that you can not do it. It's too hard to work out everyday." :devil:

:mad: OMG!!! I was soooooo mad!!!!!Where does he get off telling me what I can and I can't do???? I went off....I mean I flew off the handle...I mean I lost my f*&^%#@ mind!!! I told him he could stick it up his A&*!!!! That if I couldn't do it, then why was I working out every night, and why couldn't he be a little supportive of anything I do????? Why does he have to be so negative, and never say anything nice????? I informed him first of all, they only do cardio for 20-25 minutes, and they strength train...and they do not do it everyday....and I said some really nasty stuff,...lots of cursing. Then I left the room. He followed me and he said well "prove me wrong then." Which got him a bunch more curse words and I told him, that his negativity kills any motivation that I have, and him being negative does not help me get skinny. Negativity helps me stay fat. Then I went into the kitchen to cook breakfast, and he sat in the living room, and said "you look like you lost weight....Did you lose 10 pounds???" He was being a smart a%$ was not sincere, he was being a di*k. I told him to shut up and leave me alone... I wanted to come straight here and tell you guys all about it.

:love: You guys are the reason that I am still here! You guys are the reason that I am still trying....without your support I would never make it, because I get no support at home. Even my own mother was telling me I needed to stop eating so much meat, and cheese that it is not good for me, and that i needed to accept that I cannot lose weight this way....OMG!!! I am so sick of people! But really I am glad that I found you chickees!

Even through all that I am still Op...
...still hop, hop, hopping my "weigh" to 190 by Easter, March 31st!

02-27-2002, 10:02 PM
MELODY{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} }

that was the same responce that i had gotten but it was followed by laughter!!! HUNY let me tell you BFL is a great program. and do follow most of the eating, just plan on doing more carbs than what you are doing now or you will find that you have much less energy than what you really need to do the workouts. and it is a great program.. I have been thinking of joining the challenge again!! I have done 2 of them, but i have always stoped before it was over so i will if you are going to!! they have a great site and well it has the winners and all on there and you can down load your workouts on that too. there is also a new program out that is called BodyRx. that is another program but the focus is on weights not much cardio. I want to try that one. and there is alos another one called power 90 that one is a video tape all them are absolutly fantastic. but i will be willing to do the BFL with you if you want!!! (Pictures and all :lol: )

sorry about your sons decising to hate school I have one who is doing the same thing. UGH!!! and boy what a problem I am seriously thinking of doing some sort of homeschooling or small christian school that they have localy

Me i was Off program yesterday for dinner and again today for lunch but back OP for the rest. i just had those cravings that TOM was demanding so i caved and let fly and boy it was not as good as it seemed. and i am feeling great of being OP again. exercise was fair for a few days but back today was my usual good worl=kouts!!!

well still having to run and fight fior time on the puter with the kids and all and trying to clean the house

02-28-2002, 08:48 AM
Good Morning!

I am really planning on doing BLF. Pictures and all! I just have to find someone to take them!!!! I really need to find the book. I have already been to the website, and I have been downloading my workouts off of their site. I am not sure about eating their way...I need more info about how to do it. That's why I need the book!

I am still angry with BF. He is such a pig!! Why do men have to be such a@&es? I am really tired of him!

Sue, I will do this BLF challenge with you if you want! What start date do you want to begin? I need a few days to get my Stuff together...and figure out how to eat, then I will be ready....$25,000 is a powerful motivator!

Have a wonderful OP day!

(I also will try to find that Power 90 tape....)

02-28-2002, 11:41 AM
Try I got mine cheap there and it took only a week to get it. but walmart is selling the book for 20$ and so is most any of the ookstores. I have the book but mine is loaned out to a friend. i will have to get it back!!!

give your self a few weeks before you start the actual challenge. you will find that the workouts will take a bit getting used to it. have a friend take the picts. NOT BF!!! do not use a poloroid. they do not come out clear enough. so use a 35mm. it does not have to be fancy even one of those throw aways. maybe your kids can take some just for fun. (when BF is not there) LOL

I am going to call my friend that has my book to get it back. it is really motivational

the eating is very low fat!!! no oils, no skins more chicken breasts without the skin and such. but i ate low carb moderated my fat and ate more carbs while i was doing it I needed to increase carbs during the workouts as that was holding me up from reaching my 10's/ the otherthing is to really push to the 10's it iwll take some time to get to it that is why i say start the exercises first before you actually enter the challenge. it is hard to actually find where the 10's are. and i can help you develop the exercises. there are manythings that you can do that can give you the same results. like working the calves and hams and quads that are not requiring to go to the gym. when you get stronger then you may want to change but for now you can make do with the home stuff.

one of the keys to the eating is that they eat 6 small meals daily 3 med meals and also then 3 snack type of meals some eat p-bars and others p-shakes. and others a hunk of meat and vegie. but you also get a free day too. wich is nice. i try to give myself the free day from exercise.

if you can not find the book i can pick up the one they have here and mail it to you?? just PM me your snail mail and i cna get it in the mail to you tomorow.

And as far as to hard to workout everyday?? I do 45 min of weight training everyday!! lower v=body one then upper the next, and i am a 41 yer old woman who have never exercised in her life!!!!! so do not let him stop you. I will tell you hes is just jelous, and when things start to change you can expect more flack with the workouts. many men just do not think that woman can change or that they can not do weights. I have a friend that started the BFL with me in june and she is trying out to be a state trooper noe. and can out lift them men in the barracks with weights for her legs. (she was on a tour otr the barracks and saw their weight rooms, and was challenged)

A friend has the power 90 tapes and was going to loan them to me to copy and i would be happy to make one for you if you want (If she ever gives them to me to copy)

Well you certainly have me all riled up!!! thanks i really needed that. it will be good to have some one to do the BFL with.

OOPS HI girls! Dana and Pat and Terri See what melody did??? she got me all riled up and really ready to kick some fat bunny butt!!! one girl i know was doing power 90 and droped 3 dress sizes during that time!!! so just imangine what i can do!!!

02-28-2002, 07:50 PM
[COLOR=crimson]Hello Buddies!

I am here! Busy with not much to share. I have been a good girl in the eatting department......but so/so in the exercise! I officially GAVE UP on the peanuts.......but the scale refuses to move! I am trying to be positive. I am hoping my body is ADJUSTING to this weight.......and then will begin to lose again. I am sick of it.....but I won't give up! I have read your posts and must admit that YOU all give me strength and help keep me going.

I won't give up!


03-01-2002, 09:01 AM
Good Morning Chickees!

I am excited too, about doing this BFL challenge...I am really hoping that I can accomplish what I am setting out to do. I would love to rub it in BF's face...

Dana, don't get down or you will lose all your motivation. If you are sticking with your program the scale will move....eventually....just stay positive. I know you can do it, and you know you can do it. What kind of workouts are you doing?? About two weeks ago on the low carb thread some one had posted the plateau buster's diet, maybe you can try that. It seems harsh but it guarantees that it will put you back into ketosis...if your getting desperate it may be worth a try. Someone on one of the other threads said that they did it and lost 4 pounds! Look on the bright least you have lost enough weight to reach a plateau....mine seems super glued on...and at least you have a little willpower...I have none! (I am learning though...). Just keep your chin will move to the left!

Sue- Let's do it!!! I am so ready!!! I will have to go this weekend and buy some myoplex a day maybe??? I can't afford too many...those things are expensive!!!I will go to their website and fix up my shopping list. I am ready...I have been downloading my workouts off of their website...I will get going this weekend, and as soon as we are ready we will set our start date!

My birthday is March 9th....My present to myself...a new and better ME!!!!! I will be 28 years old....3 kids...loving (Well sometimes) BF, but I am missing something...I never finished my BA...must do that! Must get my life together....When I was 25 I was having anxiety attacks, and I had to have a stress test. I heard my doctor tell the technician guy that he didn't see any problems now, but in 10 to 20 years I would be having problems...Ten years!!! I would only be 35!!!! At 35 Christian woud only be 18, and Devin would only be 11...Trini will only be 7. I have to get in shape for my kids, as well as myself...

Goals for today...stay OP...drink water...80 ounces...exercise!!!

I will talk to you ladies hopefully this weekend!;)

03-02-2002, 05:11 PM
My Fellow Weight Warriors..............

What I am about to say sounds so dramatic but it is not meant that way. It is purely a statement of fact so here goes........

In July of 1988 , at the age of 31, I lost my life. All that I am, all that I was, all that I did, all that I hoped and dreamed for myself was gone. For many years I held the dream of being whole again,
of not merely existing but regaining my life. Resurection was what I held close to my heart. Always, I knew I was fixable. Someone was wise enough to figure out and solve the illness that followed the injuries and my life would be restored. In truth.... I am fixable I know because for one week I had my life restored. One week in 1995 I was treated with massive antibotics for an infection and after three days on the meds I was totally well for one week. After I was out of the meds within three days I became just as ill as I was if not worse. This was a glorious week hwere vigor and health filled me. I had the cleanest most organized home in the known world. Everything was tooth brush cleaned and sparkling.
I ccoked for my beloved as never before and removed his shoes when he came home from work just for the joy of being able to do so for him. Every day since then I have dragged my way through life with a multitude of health issues.
THe reality of this situtation is however that my search for medical
care to resolve this is not forth coming. No one listens. No one takes the time to grasp the whole situtation nor lends credience to that week. It told me without doubt there is an answer. No one hears and if they do it is dismissed as unimportant. SO.......

here I am within the walls of my small universe, trapped by a body
with oh so many limitations but I am not alone nor am I the only one with these type problems. I am angry, I am hurt, I am depressed a condition not common to me and only learned through great illness. I am at war with myself.
The war is the hole into which I slip easily now.... of giving up on myself just as the medical people have. To be heartbroken and depressed at the loss of a loved one is one I know well but it does not last in time that passes and we learn to live with it but the loss of ones self and life while the body exists is a difficult thing with many branches of emotion and painful frustrations. Still,
I am alone in this either. The truth is I one of many who find myself in such circumstances. More than you can imagine. I have known many so very much worse off than I but................
while weight is a large issue it began long before this , all my life in fact. It is only complicated by the threads of illness and here again is a war, a war I have lost again and again. I shall likely never recieve the medical help I need nor be cared for medically as one should be that also is a fact of life I refused to face for oh so many years. Whatever "life" I have left I will have to make for myself. If I give up on me I am lost forever. This is not just a war of weight I wage. Weight is the issue for which I battle, genetics do play a part and stuggle against me , as does illness, and a variety of other "compications" but this is a war on all fronts!

There lives inside here a worthy human being. Loving , kind ,giving, painfully honest, honorable,talented, smart, beautiful inside and out, given half the chance, Loyal, and so very durable as well as bubbly and fun. THE PERSON TRAPPED HERE AT THIS TIME IS A PERSON I DEARLY TREASURE. a HUMAN BEING IT TOOK ME YEARS TO BECOME. I spent years devoted to my own growth, mentally, and spiritually. I know me well. I even enjoy my own company. I would choose to be me every time no matter what my situtation may be. I worked hard and earned that. I am strong woman who has endured all that life has thrown at me and still I remain standing......well ok sitting but none the less I am here. SO >>>>> why is it so easy to give up on a person who has so much to offer and has given much to so many?
Here is the real terminal weakness. That wonderful person is in here hidden by many things and difficulties. The attitude , the mentality is the war zone, the part of me that has always, always settled for less from myself and for myself. Taking the scraps from life. What self destructive monster lurks hidden from my view to add to my loss of who and what I am. It os no lack of self worth but something reaches from the dark recesses of the inner mind that is without hope for me. This creature who helps to keep me trapped even more than I have to be who does not want me to find freedom in any way. I know it is there, sculking in the back ground. Some fear I think that I have missed on this journey. Always knowing it is there but unable to as yet to grab it and face off with it, for surely if I did it would lose and so would I ....... weight! give your thoughts and help me to bring this monster to light. I may never be well fully but I have the right to the best that I can be. I am back here again fully, daily to wage this battle no matter what mountains may face me. I can not promise you all that I will do this without many long writings as this one is but I will wage this war against all odds including myself and will help you all in any way I can. That is a promise.
I begin again today!!!!!!!
I have regained 11 pounds since my lapse, and weigh in at 315 .
I have still kept off 18 pound from my start but I only count from the 338 of my actual weight loss program so that means I have regained less than half of what I had lost.
Today I start fresh from 315 lbs. I have my food and what I need to make this work and you shall see me here most every day.
My back has given me mass headaches on a daily basis and meds help little so you can expect days when my spelling is really awful and concentration is difficult but here I am and here I will be until I have won this war outright. I must set Pollyanna free I love her and want her back. In the mean time I shall deal with my anger and frustrations , forgive me if it is sometimes with you. This is a part of me now , a part I do not want and with many branches it shall take time to get rid of but God willing and with your help, The person I was shall return in force. I miss her so very much.
Love to you all.

03-02-2002, 07:33 PM
Pam we all know and so do you that there is only You that can do this fir you. we will be there for you even if you yell at us and get angry. that is all part of it. so welcome back and the bus is rumbeling!!! Tape is ready!!!! and go for it!!!

Melody I went to walmart and would you believe it it was gone!!! it was there thursday when i was there. so i went to kmart and gone too but never fear i am stil trying!!!

I am trying to get back OP totally as i was before TOM. I fine myself straying a bit here and bit there and well it is adding up!!!

Made a delicious diner but the boys decided to eat a ton (unusual) so there was not enough!!! UGH grilled marinated checken thighs. MMMM really good will have to make them again!!

I tired to exercise but Ben wanted to be there with me and well i could not with him around all those weights!!! "Mom" was having a fit!! so i sent him away with a very sad face and then i could not exercise so i stoped!!! this was my day from exercise. :(

03-03-2002, 05:01 AM
Funny isn't it, I have so rarely met a large man or woman who was not truly beautiful inside and out in reality. Beauty can be features, bone structure, skin and so on but real beauty is the light that shines from within. Ones bearing and how we feel about ourselves. Feature beauty as measured by magazines is almost surely slipped away for me (though I had the potential which was never reached ,my Mom made a great vehicle for me) with the years, physical abuse and illness but Large people are usually so deeply sensitive. The body beautiful women are often beautiful skin deep and ugly to the bone . Now mind you there are many exceptions to this observation. Dear heart it is not anger at anyone that is the problem but you know I find myself snappish. Things get on my nerves and I react to it much more than I once did. Frustration really ticks me off. The Bubbly , happy person who I so loved being has become kind of down, flat in my personality, snappish and overwhelmed easily. None of these "qualities" are normal to me. It is all so contrary to the person I am inside. The restless sleeping patterns and viscious headaches do not help in any way but for heavens sake .... it hurts me to be short with my Darling Mother for any reason. It hurts me to have lost the joy so suddenly from my heart. I have so depended on it in life. It is what kept me true to my own nature and the kind of person I would want to be around. I am so angry to feel half dead all the time and what kind of spouse does that make me. My Husband loves me totally, for that I am so grateful but at this time I can not help but wonder..... why? What must he feel about coming home to someone who can barely sleep, snappish, and so angry at the betrayal of my body and yet what could I expect? This body as durable as it can be has had little care or appreciation. This miracle of creation I have treated with disrespect or ignored. It is only just really and I make peace with it. While there is no much I can fix myself .... it is up to me to show gratitude and appreciation for this body by caring for it. The weight excess can only be solved by me. skin , hair eyes everything needs care. I can't make it brand new but I can greatly improve it. I will , I will, I will and perhaps along the way with your help and patience this bus will help me to be less angry at myself for my lacks. For all the best of who I am there are just as many worst things on my list. The worst is not caring much about the body in which I live. Failing to see I have what I need for my body, mind and spirit. I have spent so much time over the past years angry at what I could not do for my loved ones, for not meeting everyones wants and desires, for not function as "normal". Today also I am beginning to let go of this painful attitude. As you all know we are none perfect but how sad it is to me to see the disappointment in a loved ones eyes when you know you are not able to be or do something that seems so resonable to them. To know without doubt your limitations exceed far beyond their understandings. I will make peace and in doing so set my self free............................... a light dawns from the inner recesses. I must examine this. Shame. What a concept.
The point is I have found here on this board you all who offer so much and bring your beauty to shine on my heart without fail. I am so glad to be back on this glorious bus. I can't stay away for to very long and that is why I shall suceed. I love you all.

03-03-2002, 07:22 PM
Pam you bring tears to my eyes. I agree we do need to treat this precious gift of our body wih much more respect than we have. I have been beating it up so much lately that i have been letting it doen and it me. so now it is time again to respect it so it can give me my gift back. thanks for those words.

Yes i am going to respect my body!! BFL (Body For Life) has so much more meaning when you think of it that way. My body is for life and i want to live so i will give it the respect ahd attention that it deserves!!!

Melody i am still looking for it. do not despair i will be finding it!!!