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02-24-2002, 02:57 PM
Good Evening!!!!

Lyssa--Thanks so much for the info!!!Can I come to U for support??????If I ever yelled at my dad like she does, I would have been punished for life!!!!!They say that U start liking them again when they reach 13....Life is hard as a Step Parent, esp if U have never been a parent before..She "remembers" alot of things about her mom and throws them up at me, forgetting she was alot younger when her mom was alive..(Like mom always let me do what I wanted..well at 6y/o, U want to do different things than U do at 10!!!!!)

Rex Smith....I have not even thought about that name in years!!!Leave it to Lauren to remind us of our ages!!!!!!!:lol: :lol:

Lauren--U dont actually think I would bottle myself????No way, that is the best $25 I ever spent to let someone else do it!!!!!!I use to pay alot more but found a little place down the road that DH goes to and it is the same stuff done cheaper...A haircut is $15 and I was paying $38!!!!!

Have a great one!!!Off to get the little one out the house!!!She is rearranging everything!!!!

02-24-2002, 04:22 PM
Hi All,

OK, let's get one thing straight...it's Leif Garrett, not Garrettson...miss Lyssa!! :lol: And yeah, he was up there with Rex, et al... :D How can you girls be 30 something and not know Rex?!?! Do you not remember "You Take My Breath Away", or "Goodbye to You"?? Ahh...I just did a search for Rex Smith and found a link where I could hear the music and man, it just brought me right back to like, 8th grade!! Actually, that was 1979, so I was 11 y/o, and in 6th grade!!

Vicki- WOW!! $25. for a hair color...I wish!! I pay $65 for a cut and color!! And when I get it highlighted, it's more...and supposedly that's cheap!! I pay $25. for a regular wash, cut and blowdry. Glad I could help bring attention to our ages!! :lol:

Well, I've been a lazy bum all day, been watching TV and reading the paper w/DH all day!! Now it's 3:30 and I really need to get going and do something!! Hope everyone's having a great day!

Backfor 2002
02-24-2002, 09:22 PM

Ok Lauren I can not figure out who Rex is either. I am racking the brain here.

Vick, What a great deal you get on your hair. I have been going to the same person for about 12 years. It might be tempting to change for those prices though.
It can be very hard to be a step parent. I can certainly relate to how hard it is sometimes to remember that we are the adults. Count to 10 when you need to and always remember what a good job you are doing with both of them.

We had a pretty mellow weekend. We just got back from an hour walk. I am not sure who was more tired the dog or I.

I have the Sunday night blues. I really need to do something about this job situation. I just dread Mondays.

Take care all

02-24-2002, 10:42 PM
OK, girls, go refamiliarize yourselves with Rex: Rex Smith (www.rexsmith.com)!!

02-25-2002, 07:15 AM
Can anyone say UGLY?? I was not going to add this up, because it is so bad, but I decided I really should. I tried moving to the 18-23 range this week. Have been pretty good in the 20-25 range. Well, at 18-23, I should have 126 to 161 points a week. Put me back at the 20-25 range and my max should be 175. Add 10 miles, and I should STILL be under 200 points for the week.

The sad truth??? 241.5!!!! I know, it's frightning. I am actually glad I looked back over the week though. I had 4 good days. It was just the other 3....(56.5 points on a SUNDAY?)

So, New week, no guilt and move on. Trust me, you won't hear me complaining about the stats at WI!!

Elissa - LOL, clearly I was with you on having the hungry's at the end of the week. I had a whole weeks worth of points between Thursday, Saturday and Sunday alone! Lets jump back on these horses and ride into the 140's (yes, I do believe this week has me back above that 150 bar).

Lizzard - Let no one fool you - CANDY BOUGHT FOR CHARITY HAS NO POINTS. In fact, that may be WHY you lost the pound! Seriously, though, good job.

Juldiet - wow - 10 posts a pound. I will have to try to figure this out. I think my food journal will have me at a pretty high number, though. The roof sounds exciting! Good luck with the H2O.

LBH - Great job on the 12.5 miles! I am up early to go to the gym to start working off those 100 extra points I ate last week! Lets see, 1979 was 9 years old in the 4th grade. Got a dog, wasn't into boys for a nother 2 years - well, except the HARDY boys! Went to the web site and STILL can't place this Rex Smith guy. Thanks for the link though - not bad!

Nanci - Have fun meeting the dutchess! Don't those compliments feel great? Good luck with the work situation - that is the worst feeling. Maybe we can motivate each other to get moving on the job switch process?

Lyssa - Thanks for the info on scale vs scales! That makes sense. Suddenly I thought I was missing some huge part of life not knowing the correct word. You made me feel better, but then I found out about this REX SMITH guy.... Always missing something!

RR - Great about sd2! Sorry about sd1 - I am SURE you are doing great! It's an ugly age - best of luck. P.S. - if one of 'em read 10 lbs less, I would most certainly have "scales"!!!

BFB: I remember you talking once about laying under the wagon. That is the only way to describe my situation. Interesting view down here!! Hope all is moving forward - we miss you!

02-25-2002, 09:17 AM
Just a quick note to Bailey...
I totally look forward to reading your posts and your "what I ate" diary. They always make me smile and help me to get over my mistakes and start over again. I did so great all week and then ate completely out of control this weekend.:ink: Why???? I still don't know. But then I came in here and read your posts and realized I'm not alone. I love it that you love your drinks!!!! :lol: :devil: I do too and I try to be good but somedays I just have to have some alcohol -- especially on the weekends!! And I love my wine too!!!!! I just wanted to say a special thanks to you. You keep me going!!!!

02-25-2002, 11:47 AM
Thanks Liz - that makes me feel good, although I shouldn't want to encourage anyone to consume 56 points in one day!

But seriously, I look forward to your posts as well. You have been a big factor in my FINALLY starting to exercise.

Did y'all feel the cold coming up from the ground? Look out the window to see the pigs flying? Yup, that's right: lazy ole not-a-morning-person Bailey got up at 5:30 and went to the gym BEFORE WORK! Until today, I thought 6:00 am only occurred if you stayed up WAY to late. I might try doing it again tomarrow to see if that hour actually exists EVERY day!

JULDIET: Another shocking scientific find here: This is my 239th post. Total weight lost? 24 lbs (well, that was before eating those 100 extra points...). Bizarre coincidence or proven weight loss tactic?? Maybe I'll post another 10 and then jump back on the scale:)

02-25-2002, 11:55 AM
BTW Liz, It takes a LOT of alcohol to wash down a small barnyard in a few days all while pretending you are GOING to drop 2 more lbs before your trip next week. Believe me, a LOT of alcohol...:o :D

02-25-2002, 01:30 PM
:shrug: I was thinking more along the lines of Rex Harrison (http://www.filmsite.org/myfa2.html)

02-25-2002, 01:37 PM
LOL, sorry hon, I wasn't going that far back!! :D

02-25-2002, 05:12 PM
Hi All,

OK, I feel like a big, fat, bloated, cow!!! :( My scale says I gained 3.5 lbs. this week!! Now, I know I was bad, but not 3.5 lbs. bad!!:mad: I have felt bloated all day, like PMSy bloated, and i shouldn't be...I don't wanna see that freaking hag til at least Sunday!! I guess I should be happy that I haven't been spotting for 5 days!!

02-25-2002, 05:12 PM
So there was a Rex Harrison? Right? Because that is what I kept thinking, and I think he is the reason I can't keep Leif Garret's name straight. Duh, I just looked him up on Google.com, and he is the classic actor. Well, I always say gain a baby, loose your mind, and I did that 4 times over - not much of my brain left anymore (maybe I am just kidding myself to think it was ever there).

Well, I don't remember Rex Smith, I never heard his music before, and neither has dh who can be like a music encyclopedia sometimes. Sorry, Lauren, but I missed out on him. Andy Gibb was my teen idol!!!

Well, I went crazy yesterday and got a large portion of my livingroom cleaned up. I even put my futon out by the street for someone else to clean up. I didn't really want to clean up where the dog peed on it, and dh has been after me for years to get rid of it so I put a sign on it saying "Free, Needs Cleaning". Well, I guess someone wanted to mess with it because it is gone now. I am glad, because it is nice to be able to walk around my livingroom again. Now I have to get rid of this darn treadmill. I am not going to use in, and neither is dh. He is going to see if anyone at work wants it. I just want it out.

The scales are moving downward again. Another .5 pound since yesterday. YEAH. This is the longest I have stuck with a diet in 6 years. And I intend to stick with if for the rest of my life. I have realized that if I ever stop "dieting" again, I will end up where I am now, and I don't want to ever do it again. I may be under 200, but I am short, and I wear the same size as a friend of mine who is over 200. Not a pretty site. Well, that will all be in the past very soon!!!

RR - I would be glad to give you support anytime you need it, and that goes for anyone else, too. Parenting is a hard job, no matter what role you play in a child's life, and no matter how many children you have. If anyone tells you different, they either don't have kids, or they aren't aware of what is happening in their own home.

Just a side note. The reason we had the last 2 kids was because we went to a church where many of the young mothers believed you should have as many children as God wants you to have. They followed a parenting method that they claimed made having more children easier. We bought it hook line and sinker. The program worked great with our older two, so we figured it really worked. We soon found out with #3 that it wasn't a magic program, but that our first two just fit into that method for a time. Not #3. Born red headed, and proves the old myth of red headed temper to be fact. I think we caused more harm than good with her. But before we realized that the program was not working, #4 was on his way when #3 was 3mos. old. The funniest part is that 2 of the ladies who were so convinced that you should have a large family quit at 4 too. I do believe God give grace to some to have large families, but I also know that I am not one of those people.

02-25-2002, 06:01 PM
Hello all!!!
The funniest thing today..the weather was soo beautiful that I couldnt bear the club, so I came home, got on shorts and my radio and headed down the street..THe school crossing guard caught my attention and when I turned around, I had 5 cats in a line running down the sidewalk to keep up..NEedless to say, after running back home, giving out treats and then running fast to move out of their view, I was able to excercise..It is suppose to go down to 18 degrees on Wed after being 75 today...

Lyssa--your house hold makes me tired!!!!!Wow...I couldnt even imagine having kids until whenever!!!I just want 1!!!I am with U on the short issue..Being 5'1 is definately no room to expand!!!

Lauren--I think that is definately PMS.....I am ready for the old hag soo I can have 2 AF under the belt and 1 more to go!!!:D THe first one was weird, soo I have noo clue when the next one will be and what to expect...DOnt let that discourage U and keep doing like U R doing!!!!

BFB--U R too funny..U always make me giggle with the post or the pics!!!!

Bailey--I thought something weird hit my windshield today..Now that I know pigs flew, that explains it!!!!;)

Well, have to put the old Durango in the shop to get the dent repaired..I know it has been since Dec...but I sort of forgot about it!!!!!

02-25-2002, 06:09 PM
LBH - You have me thinking!!! I have been looking for the web sites for my old heart throbs when I remembered my firs crush at age three onDavid Cassidy (http://www.davidcassidy.com) (click on the link, it is a cool site). I thought the Partridge Family was everything!! I even had a poster of him in my room at that young age. Someone should have gotten a clue that 3 y/o's shouldn't be boy crazy, but I was, and David Cassidy was the cutest at that time!!!

02-25-2002, 06:19 PM
OK - my job is making me want to cry (it's really not that bad, I'm just not into it at all) and the same orange has been staring me in the facr for the past 6 1/2 hours! Well, at least I am not eating anything else while I try to talk myself into a nice yummy orange.

Anyhow, despite my crankiness I had to stop to say

Lauren: So sorry! Don't get discouraged. It could be PMS. It also could be because of the exercise. I know that sounds weird - but it is true. When you first start exercising your muscles kind of freak out and start retaining H2O. I would have to do some research to figure out exactly how much and for how long, etc. However, what that really means is that your gain is good!! You are being so good to your body. It will just take it a little while to adjust to its new "lifestyle" and that extra water weight will go along with MORE lbs! Keep it up. You rock.

Gotta go run clean some windshields while I moon over david cassidy - Dreamy! (To coin a marsha phrase)

02-25-2002, 09:09 PM
HI ALL!!! I'm back! Had a great trip to Atlanta. Ate too much, I'm sure, but worked long days so hopefully worked it off!!

So many posts to read!

I'm with Bailey, Nanci, & Lyssa - I've never heard of Rex Smith.

BPB - glad you haven't thrown in the towel!!

Elisa - good luck on finding your motivation. That seems to be a constant thing, don't you think? ~ I want to get one of those grills.:)

LBH - the turkey burgers sound good - will have to try that.

Pryia - Great daily goals!:D Yeah for the loss!!

Lizzard - LOL on the dream.

Lyssa - Hooray for the exercise!:cool: ~ Thanks for sharing the recipes. ~ does not sound like your sil did the weight loss thing healthy at all.

Bailey - I'm back! ~ Hooray for the loss!

Jul - glad you had a good time in Philly. ~ Hooray for the maintain and for the 43 pounds lost - AWESOME!

RR - glad sd#2 is better. ~ I can totally relate on the step parent thing - it is tough, tough.

Nanci - You are my hero - hooray for the loss.:) ~ Compliments are so great.

OK, hello to everyone else I missed. Glad to be back for awhile.


Backfor 2002
02-25-2002, 10:59 PM
Manic Monday! Remember the song.

Rabbit, Welcome back! It seemed like you were gone forever. I missed you.

Lauren, I am betting it is PMS. Don't let it sabatoge you. The scale is probably showing water retention or some stupid thing. IGNORE IT. Go to curves it will make you feel better.

Vick, That is hilarious about the cats. I can just see it.

Lyssalou, I can't begin to imagine 4 kids. My hat is off to you. It sounds like you are a great Mom.

Jul, Are you going to be coming this way to see your friend anytime soon?

Bailey & Liz, I am with you on the wine thing and I know tech is the same as us. Tell me though how you do with following the points and still drinking. I can figure the points but I am telling you a few glasses of wine and I am feeling like doo doo the next day. I have been banking during the week and try to pick one weekend night to have a few glasses. The other thing is who only has 4 ounces of wine at one time?

Bailey, The pigs were flying here this AM as well. I got up and did the treadmill this morning. I thought DH was going to fall over in shock when he came back down and saw me. I am one of those ppl that is snuggled in tight until the last possible minute on a work day. Funny how on the weekends I have a much easier time getting up.

Well we are still plugging along here. It is still going well for us. I can't believe how well it is going. I sometimes question it and get a bit nervous. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to do this. I have to constantly tell myself positive things and try to stay away from the self talk. I am finding that I can't think of how long it is going to take to get it all off but rather concentrate on the day.

I do have to thank all of you. Coming here is such a huge amount of support. I am feeling very thankful that I have all of you, the DH folllowing program with me and an awesome WW leader.

Hope everyone has a great night.

02-26-2002, 09:11 AM
Well I have been on vacation for 2 days. And let me tell you I NEEDED it. I had a doctor appointment yesterday and the little one has 2 today. But I really enjoyed not dealing with work.

Had a bunch of blood test taken. Cholesterol, Thyroid, Blood Sugar, Iron and some bacteria one. She wanted to make sure my hair is not falling out because of a bacteria diease. She does not think so but wants to be safe.

Program was not good over the weekend. I did go shopping for some good food last night. SO I am hoping that helps. Tried to buy more food and less processed food. Bought a roast for the crockpot. Just a real tiny one. So I will add lots of veggies to it.

I loved Rex Smith....Shawn Cassisdy was more for me than David. And I remember Leif too.

How about show Eight is Enough? Talk about a big family!

Have a wonderful Day!

02-26-2002, 02:22 PM
Hi All,

Been busy today...have a class and auditors here! :eek: It's bowling night and of course I was gonna stop home and make a tuna sandwich for dinner, but DA (dumba$$) me went and had a tuna sandwich for lunch!! :rolleyes: Obviously not thinking...like that's unusual for me... :lol:

I still feel slightly bloated, but I weighed and am down a 1/2 lb. from yesterday. I really hope I didn't do that much damage with my high point days last week. :( I hope it is all muscle and that it's gonna catch up and I'll lose next week. I can't wait for them (Curves) to measure me on March 8th!! I think it'll be really good to hear that I have a loss in inches, even if I haven't lost weight.

I did exercise last night, but I was miserable. My head really ached, and I just wasn't into it, but I made it through. Just kept telling myself that it's only a half hour. So if I keep this up, I earn 6 miles a week, for 4 days a week, or 4.5/3 days a week.

Gotta get back to work...

02-26-2002, 06:04 PM
I don't think I am ever going to successfully get this post posted!!! First the web site when blank on me this morning (I could go to any other site in the web except 3fc's), and then dh wanted me to go look something up which wiped my post out yet again.:mad: I guess I will survive!

Speaking of heart throbs and Eight is Enough, Willie Ames was another one of my early heart throbs!!! Now ds thinks he's the coolest too. He has gone on to make Christian children's videos, sort of a Batman fights for God kind of thing ( BIBLEMAN (http://www.bibleman.com) ) As a matter of a fact, that is all he wants for his birthday - Bibleman costume and Bibleman stuff. He watches the video over and over and over, the rest of the family is Bibleman sick!!!

Anyway, dd #2 has pink eye, and dh is home because he took her to the dr. So life is way off track for today!!! Oh well, I'm glad he's here, so I can't complain too much.

LBH - Just get back on that wagon, and those pounds will melt into muscle, and disappear into skinniness!!!!:smug: Have fun at bowling tonight, and two tuna sandwiches never hurt anyone!!!

Pryia - I am glad you have a few days off, but I hope you get to do something more fun than just go to dr's. Hope however that the dr's all have good news for you!!!

Bf - "wish it were Sunday" that was a cool song. That is one really cool thing about us all being near the same age, we have a lot of the same memories.

Rabbit -


Baily - hope you are having a better day today!!!

Hope everyone else is having a great day, too!!! Lurkers, make yourselves known!!!:cool:

02-26-2002, 09:29 PM
Hi all. I could not get on here earlier today, but luckily I can tonight!:)

Nanci - It seemed to me I was gone forever also! You are so nice!:D ~ Thanks for sharing what is working for you - the fact that you really really want it is probably the most important, don't you think? I am so glad for you.:)

Lauren - hope you have inches gone on the 8th! How exciting that would be.:cool:

Lyssa - Thanks! I'm glad to be home.:smug:

Yesterday I had points left, but today I think I'm using them all. Ah well.

117.815 miles

Backfor 2002
02-26-2002, 11:56 PM

Pryia, I am keeping my fingers crossed that all of your tests come back fine. Keep us updated.

Lyssalou, Oh your poor daughter! Pink eye is no fun.

Lauren, I hope the bowling was fun.

Rabbit, The good news is you had the points to use!

Well it was the second morning in a row of pigs flying here. I am trying to do the treadmill in the AM and the TTAPP video in the PM. As I said before getting up in the AM is a huge accomplishment for me. If I can do it every day this morning I am going to get myself a nice reward. I just have to decide what that will be.

Hope everyone has a great Wed!


02-27-2002, 07:50 AM
Back to work for me!! I was off for 2 days. And I do not want to go!!! I want more vacation. But I only have 3 days to go.

Nanci-Great job excerising. I am proud of you. I always thought pigs could fly!

Okay back to goals:
Stay with in point range
Excerise on the balance ball I bought

Have a wonderful HUMP DAY!!

02-27-2002, 10:07 AM
Hi All,

I did not go bowling last night. We have auditors here today and I was here a little late last night trying to get all the training files straightened out and ready for them to look at. I could've made it there a little late, but I didn't feel like going...when do I ever feel like going bowling this season?! :rolleyes:

Pryia- Glad to have you back...hope your days off were good! Good luck with your goals today, I know you can do it!!

Nanci- Yeah...boy, I'd love to see pigs fly around here!! I barely have enough time to get ready and get to work in the AM!

Rabbit- Welcome Back!! :D So you did good while you were away? YEAH!!! What a huge accomplishment!!

Lyssa- We had Bibleman at our church one night. I didn't see him, don't know if it was Willie Ames or a different person dressed as him. I didn't know Willie was doing that! Hope DD is feeling better!

RR- That cat story was hysterical...what a visual I had!! :D How dare you leave the house without giving them their treats!! :lol: Zeus doesn't like the kitty treats.

OK, gotta go, auditors just took my files!! :dizzy:

02-27-2002, 11:05 AM
Hi everyone. I've been lurking but just haven't had a chance to respond to everyone. I love how active this site is!! But sometimes that makes it hard to keep up. I've accomplished my first huge goal today. I'm wearing my black jeans that I once couldn't even get over my hips. First time in over five years. They are actually loose in the butt area but still a little snug in the tummy -- not uncomfortable though. Thanks everyone for all your support and inspiration!!!!

I've been stressing this week cuz my boss is going to retire this summer. I've been his admin asst. for seven years and Monday our big boss asked me to apply for the mgmt position. I recently got my degree in mgmt and have been doing a lot of the admin mgmt stuff already. It's a huge responsibility but it comes with lots of $$ and perks. I'm sending in my resume today and I'll see what happens. It's definately a situation where I'll understand completely if I don't get it but what the heck -- I might as well try.

LBH, good luck w/the auditors. I know how fun that can be. You are doing a wondeful job with your exercise. Trust me...you will see a difference when you take your measurements.

Pryria, welcome back to the working world :)

Rabbit, welcome back. I've been having trouble accessing this website too. If you read her diary, it sounds like Suzanne is having a lot of family troubles.

Lys, I never was an Willie Ames fan but I do love the Bangles..."cuz that's my fun day...when I don't have to run day..." I have that cd and love to listen to it. I have to admit that I had Rex Smith's pictures on my wall too!!!! And Andy Gibb and many others!!

Nanci and Bailey, keep those pigs flying!! I'm watching for 'em. As for the wine, I try not to drink during the week and on the weekend I'm not quite the lush that you are Bailey. :lol: :lol: Usually when I do, I only have two glasses of wine -- I buy the small bottles so there's not as much in them.:D I'm usually over the points when I have them -- but what the heck!! You gotta make some sacrifices.

RR, It sounds like you have some spoiled kitties in your house! That was a cute story!!!

BFB, hello?? whatcha been doing? I always love reading your colorful posts. Keep them coming. Remember, we're here to support each other.

One more thing...Bailey, did you ever eat your orange???:lol:

And Hi to anyone else I missed!!

02-27-2002, 01:26 PM
What more can I say - I'm still struggling with a lot of hunger and I've been eating too much these last few days or longer! This is the longest I've struggled since my husband and I really started eating better last September. I've been at basically the same weight for the whole month and I know that's not the end of the world but it's getting frustrating. Anyway I'm still trying and planning better. I really think I can keep today under 20 points and that would be great. I'm only a little worried because I might be working late tonight and when we do sometimes we order food. And you can imagine how healthy that is. I'm planning to buy a 6" sub if we're here late but if they order pizza it will be very difficult for me. That's really one of my favourite foods. But we'll see. The good thing for me is I've learned that every day - every moment really is a chance to start over. You never have to make it worse by saying "I've already blown it so I might as well have this!"

Liz - absolutely go for that job. You never know unless you try. If you don't get it, you're no worse off but if you do????? And the fact that the boss asked you to apply is so great!

Nanci - good for you if you manage to get up in the morning to exercise. I've always thought that was a great idea but it's never worked for me. I've tried so many times over the past few years but I've learned that it's probably never going to happen. I always choose sleep. I know now that for me it has to be at lunch or after work. You go girl!!

Pryia - hope work's okay and you're keeping your goals.

Hi to everyone else!

I'm off to have a healthy lunch - I can do this!!


02-27-2002, 01:51 PM
Elisa - I'm with you on the sleep thing. I have tried for years to get up early, but "waking up is hard to do" (that could almost be a song). I would rather find a different time of day to exercise than try to rely on me getting up. I would never do it then!!!

Liz - Sarah Hughes thought there was no way she could win the gold, so she just went out and skated for the fun of it. And we all know where that got her!!! Go for that gold at work, you just might get it.

Pryia - Short work weeks are always nice. The weekend will be here before you know it.

LBH - Hope all goes well with the auditors!!!

Well, got a little red head on my lap who wants a story read, so I guess I should oblige her!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!

02-27-2002, 02:13 PM
hi all

Nanci - yeah for the treadmill!!:D I need to get on mine today because I didn't do my usual morning work out at the health club - roads were a mess!

Pryia - Enjoy your balance ball!:)

Lauren - well, I'm hoping to maintain - did not lose while I was gone.

Liz - HOORAY for the black jeans fitting!!:cool: ~ Good luck on the job application!!! ~ I saw on the first page that there was some kind of family emergency.

Elisa - seems that you have a good attitude with the things you've learned!!

gotta run - hungry for lunch!


02-27-2002, 02:16 PM
Hi All,

SO...they totally ripped us apart!! :mad: The guy from my dept. that was here to deal with them came out looking rather deflated...like he just got you-know-what up the you-know-what!! :eek: Arrrggghhh....like it 's our fault that people don't turn in their training records when they're supposed to!! Like the girl I work with says, We're the cops, but without guns!! We have to deal with it, and we have no backup support from senior mgmt.!!

AND...guess what I had for lunch today...yeah, that's right...tuna again!! :rolleyes: I mean, I love tuna, and I could eat it everyday, but I wasn't in the mood for it...guess that's what sponging lunch will get me!!

My afternoon has to get better!! Oh, it will...I am going to exercise tonight!! :D

02-27-2002, 06:55 PM
Just a quickie..sick child to deal with!!!
Lyssa--Dont trade places with me since I get up at 3:30 am and get to work for 4:30am!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!

02-27-2002, 10:08 PM
RR - you poor girl!!! I can't imagine getting up at those hours to go to work!!! I definitely don't want to trade places with you. But I wished you had better hours, then again, maybe you like getting up that early!!! :?:

I just re-read your bio, and I guess that is an ok shift for a nurse. I guess I don't want to be a nurse when I grow up.:p

Backfor 2002
02-28-2002, 12:44 AM
Pigs are still flying here in Seattle!

Ok I just have to say I think I am suffering from a extreme case of PMS! I am not sure what is going on here but I could do some damage. I came home and got right on the treadmill thinking that the exercise would help but NO.

Ok I am going to shake it off.....

Lauren, Sorry to hear that the visit from the auditors was a pain.

Liz, Go for the Job! Lyssalou's analogy about Sarah Hughes was perfect.

Elisa, Hope you made it through working late ok.

Rabbit, How was that treadmill.

RR, Oh my 3:30 would not be happening here. The only time I see that (unless I haven't gone to bed yet) is if I were getting up to go on vacation.

Pryia, I am glad you enjoyed your days off. I am heading out of town for a long weekend in a couple of weeks and I am really looking forward to it.

Ok this is Nanci signing off to go to bed before I convince myself a nice glass of chardonnay or merlot is in order. Sheesh! I better be in a better frame of mind tomorrow. The dog and DH might be moving out.

02-28-2002, 07:59 AM
Good morning all!

I did not do the ball excerises yesterday. I took a walk during lunch though.

I stayed OP and will do the same today. I was so tired last night I was in bed at 9:30pm. Did not even watch TV went stragiht to sleep.

LBH- Tuna casserole for lunch for me yesterday. I too love tuna.

Nanci- Keep those pigs flying!! I need to get them to fly here too.

Off for breakfast---waffle and turkey bacon.

Have great day!!

02-28-2002, 10:00 AM
Hi All,

I totally blew it yesterday!! :( DH was taking a class on the county college last night and I knew I was on my own for dinner. Had to go shopping for a birthday present for my niece, and decided that it was OK to go to Mc D's and get a big mac value meal!! :rolleyes: I enjoyed every bite of it, and it should hold me over on that craving for quite awhile, but still...I totally blew it!! I didn't even burn enough calories at exercise (which was before shopping and Mc D's) to cover it!!

Pryia-Yeah, you were OP...and at least you walked! I love tuna, but not tuna casserole, or tuna melts...it has to be cold tuna, preferably on a sandwich, sometimes just with salad...and mixed with mayo. I know, I'm whacked...

Nanci- Don't get hit by any of those pigs!! :D Hope you made it to bed without the glass of wine!! Hang in there, PMS is not a good place to be!!

Elisa- Hope they didn't tempt you with pizza...did you get your 6" sub? I can't resist pizza either, it one of my favorite foods and it's hard to stop at one piece!!

Liz- GO FOR IT!!! Just the plain fact that your boss is recommending you go for it should be reason enough!! And I think you have a good chance because he's on your side, and when they see you have the initiative to actually apply for the job...they'll see you're determined!!

As for the auditors yesterday...I saw one of the PMs involved in the whole thing as I was leaving, and she said that they told her after our guy left, that they were very impressed with the training dept., and the company's committment to training!! I almost fell over!! I went back to my desk and called the girl I work with that's the coordinator and she almost died and said she was gonna call our director and the guy that was here right then and there!! Basically they were just giving him a hard time all day!!

Have a great day all!!

02-28-2002, 10:16 AM
I have been sadly lacking in my posting and contributing to you guys, but honest I am trying to get back there.

As I keep on saying, I am still here in spirit (and too much flesh :lol: )

Glad everyone else is doing okay. What's this with the flying :ink: :ink: :ink:

02-28-2002, 11:18 AM
BPB- Well, if you came around on a regular basis, you'd know, wouldn't you?!?! :joker: Hint, hint...

02-28-2002, 11:27 AM
Message received - still not understood :lol: about the :ink: that is.

02-28-2002, 12:23 PM
Well, Bailey Started it over here on the east coast, thenm it spread to Nanci over on the west coast, and she just ran with it!!! Gosh, I hope the pigs don't make their way to New Jersey, because I have no business being up that early!!! :ink:

02-28-2002, 12:50 PM
I see all the pigs every morning on my way to the gym at 5:10 am. Or maybe I'm just hallucinating?!?!:lol: :lol:

02-28-2002, 12:54 PM
Lauren - Dh is in the training dpt. at work too. And he is always telling me when ever anything goes wrong in the company, it is always somehow training's fault. Either they didn't train it right, or it wasn't the right stuff. He caught a guy in a lie the other day. The have a training web site where all the training info is; dh is sort of the one running it, anyway, the guy made some comment about the info not being available to them, and dh knew it was there, and appropriately updated. They just don't want to take responsibility for them not paying attention to the trainers!!!

BPB - I'm glad to see you are still hanging in there. Your "voice" is missed, but we all have our times of pulling back. Just don't quit us. It has been so wonderful to get help, support, etc. here. Keep reading even if you don't feel like posting. Then you will know what the :ink:'s are about!!! :dizzy:

Nanci - Your pms must be bad if the dog is considering moving out. :rolleyes: I know there are time my kids wished they could move out during that time of the month. I am glad however that the pigs are continuing to fly in your area, but please don't send them to Texas!!! I like my sleep. And besides, everything is bigger in Texas, especially the pigs.

ABOUT TUNA - I read on one of the other forums (sugar busters I think) that those who eat fish (including tuna) everyday loose 20% more than those who don't. Tuna is some good stuff!!!

Pryia - Yeah about the walking!!! You will get there with the ball.

Liz - I forgot to tell you congrats on the jeans!!!! That is too cool. I can't wait until I get there. I have a bunch of fabric I bought to make myself some clothes, but never made anything, I think I am just going to save it all until I loose my weight (especially the red velvet, so I can make a sexy dress out of it!!!)

02-28-2002, 02:52 PM
Hi all! :)

I think I forgot to mention this (if I'm repeating myself - sorry!), but I was on the "top ten" list at my health club for being there the most during the past year!:D WooHoo! I was so excited.:strong:

Like the new smilies!

Lauren - glad everything didn't turn out so bad!

RR - sorry about the sick child.

Nanci - oh, that pms gets me too. Hang in there!

Pryia - Hooray for the walk & op!!

Hi BPB! Glad to see you check in.

Lyssa - well that was an interesting fact about the fish.

I have weigh in tonight - nervous after being gone - would be happy to maintain. Have been making good low-cal dinners this week though, for me & dh. Only mistake was the cadbury eggs. :nono:

Later all.

I will require more of myself.

02-28-2002, 03:53 PM
Tomorrow is finally Friday!! WooHoo!! Thanks everyone for your good wishes and support regarding the job. I sent my resume in yesterday. It's strange -- I don't consider myself a leader but everyone else does.:D I have low self confidence in that area. The thing that scares me most is that it's such a responsible position and I would have to learn a lot of technical stuff but I know I can do it. I've always been one of the peons -- I can't imagine myself in the corner office with the fancy desk rubbing elbows with the Big Wigs. Sometimes I still feel like I'm ten years old.:lol: Luckily I work with a great group of people who have a lot of respect for me (and I for them) so we'll see what happens. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. :)

I've been going a little over plan this week but not too bad. The scale hasn't moved but I guess that's better than going up. I joined a contest at the gym with two other people on my team. You have to go at least 2 times a week for the next six months or you get eliminated. I'm fairly regular at going but my teammates aren't. Hopefully this will help us all stay consistent and we'll win a nice prize at the end. DH is on my team too.

Rabbit, Congrats on the top 10 list!! That's a huge accomplishment! You should be proud.

Lys, thank you. I was so proud of myself. I can't tell you how many times I checked my butt out in the mirror!! :lol: Sometimes I find it hard to believe I'm shrinking.

LBH, well at least you enjoyed it. A co-worker was eating a burger for lunch today and man did it look good. I'm going out to dinner with friends tonite so I'm sure I'll splurge a little and make up for it tomorrow.

02-28-2002, 06:11 PM
For some reason I don't get an email anymore telling me to come here to read the posts. I'll have to check the profile page and see if something got messed up.

A good/bad week for me. Two wonderful dinners out with my DH alone. My friend gave me a babysitting evening for a late celebration of our anniversary (we had our 12th while I was in Philly). We went out for that dinner last sat night, then last night we went out for my birthday (turned 35 yesterday). My jeans are a little tight, but I shouldn't need to eat out for a few weeks so that will improve. My parents have been so proud of my weight loss that they gave me a lot of money for my birthday - for new clothes. I'll be so excited to go shopping for spring/summer stuff. It will go a long way if I hit the consignment shops first!

The boys both have colds (we went from high 60's to single digets, today is high 40's and tomorrow we're suposed to have freezing rain/snow), I spilled a whole cup of coffee on my sofa!! I've had to change clothes 3 times today. Helping Alex make a cake, the spoon flew thru the air and landed down the front of my shirt, then I got in the middle of the coffee spill. And of course it was laundry day so the last load had already been done and now I have a new little pile of laundry.

RR: I just love the mental picture of the kittens following you on the run.

Nanci: We will be in Seattle summer '03 for GAS conference. No its not for stomach upsets ,its Glass Art Society. My Sedro-Wooley friends are suposed to come down here for part of the summer. They adopted another child this last year so now they have 3 kiddos. I was really hoping to go out there this year, but I think the furthest west we'll get is Denver and Santa Fe. We'll be spending more time on the south-east coast.

Did you all know that glass "when pigs fly" is one of our most popular wholesale items??? We made over 1400 flying pigs last year!!

- jul

02-28-2002, 07:30 PM
Hello all!!!!!
What is up????Me not much except for work and more work..WE are soo busy at work and decreased people to do it....The money is great but it can wear U out!!!!!:jig:

Lyssa--The best part of working at 4:30 is getting off at 1pm..I can healthclub it and have quality time before everyone is home at 5pm...I beat the traffic and the crowds at the club!!!:D

Jul--Best of luck at your "home hospital"..Hope the boys are better!!!!!

Liz--I am with U on the TGIF~!!!!

Lauren-COngrats on the work achievement!!!!Stay away from McD's!!!!!!

WEll, off again...I must remotivate again soon!!!!

Backfor 2002
03-01-2002, 01:14 AM
Hi all!

Well we are back from WI. We both had a loss. I was 1.4 and DH was 2.2. It was a good thing with my current frame of mind I probably would have been on the floor blubbering.

Jul, Ok that's it send me one of the pigs flying. That is my treat for getting up every day and exercising before work and then again after. Do you still have my address? Just let me know how much to send you. Do they come in different colors?
Happy BDAY! What a nice present from your parents.

Pryia, We miss your posts!

RR, Ok I thought you were crazy for awhile getting up so early but I am thinking getting off at 1:00 sounds pretty darn good.

Rabbit, That is AWESOME about the club. Keep up the good work! Stay out of those Cadbury's.

Lizzard, The challenge at your gym sounds fun. It is nice to have something to keep it intriguing.

Lyssa, The PMS is WORSE only Queen Bitc* has moved on and weepy wilma has moved in. I am not quite sure what is going on but I even cried over the type of jam we have in the fridge right now. Sheesh!
I have one of those little sexy red dresses and can't wait to be able to wear it again.

Pryia, Great job in getting that walk in at lunch.

Thank god tomorrow is Friday, I am seriously questioning my ability to make it through it. We then have dinner at my folks for my Dad's bday. Those get togethers can sometimes be challenging. I am thinking investing in a bottle of St Johns Wart might be in order. Sometimes I think it is a good thing valium is something you can't purchase over the counter. :-)

03-01-2002, 08:04 AM
Well, the sky is pink and the ground gummy around here (although I have not been to the gym since Monday). Conferences coming up reall soon with two vacations planned before them!!! Pulled 3 all-nighters this week trying to get it all together - Off now for a ski we in VT!! Getting tons done and some "daily living" exercise to boot!

Been scanning all, but no time for a long post now. Thanks you guys - you really brighten my days even when I can't "hang with ya".

03-01-2002, 11:19 AM
Hi all. I maintained at weigh in last night. I was happy with that after the week I had in Atlanta - but I realize that is NOT requiring more of myself. Have to work on that!

Liz - Thanks!! I was very happy about it.:D


RR - glad the $$ is good and I'm sure getting off at 1:00 is great!:)

Nanci - Hooray for your continuting losses!!! :eek: ~ Thanks - and there are no more C.E.'s in my house!

Bailey - Have fun on your skiing weekend!

Gotta run - take care all.

I will require more of myself.

03-01-2002, 12:10 PM
I hope you don't mind but I would like to share this with you. We had one of the most spectacular shuttle launches this morning. It was right at the beginning of dawn and incredibly beautiful. I feel so blessed to be able to watch them fly.

03-01-2002, 02:48 PM
Nanci: Flying pigs are $22 plus shipping. And I think I need you to email me your addy again. riverside@tri-lakes.net Cranberry, Pink, or Cran/Pink mix is nice. Cobalt or Cobalt/white. Cobalt/blue.
I can make them any color - those are just the best selling colors.

DH just left for a state art guild conference. Weather is yucky, still not sure if we're just going to get rain, 2-7 inches of snow, or ice. Missouri weather at its best! I'm hoping to do some major cleaning today and tomorrow. Also want to go get a few chick flicks to watch after the boys go to bed.

Guess, I'll get on with it and work on my bedroom awhile. - jul

03-01-2002, 05:35 PM
Hello all!!!
Nasty weather here...nothing but rain and rain!!!I am not excercising today..not in the mood today!!!!I will start back tomorrow....

Jul--I think the pigs are gonna be flying to new homes now!!!

Have a great evening all!!!
COngrats to all on the weight loss~!!!!

03-02-2002, 05:57 AM
Just checking in. Need to get my booty in gear as I went shopping and bought a beautiful sequinned (sp?) top which is a UK size 14 (largest they did in this shop) and I have to lose weight to fit into it. It cost 100+ too scared to tell you the real price. Hubby hasn't seen it, because I rushed in and hid it in the back of the wardrobe :s:

Do you think this is a good enough incentive :lol: Do you think hubby will find the top :lol:

Happy belated birthday Jul

Backfor 2002
03-02-2002, 12:08 PM
Happy Saturday Everyone!

BFB, How fun to get the top. I love sparkely things. That will be great incentive for you.

Bailey, Have a great time skiing. I don't know how you are able to pull the all nighters. I haven't done those in a LONGGGGG time.

Rabbit, Way to go on that maintain. That is awesome. I am heading on a mini vacation soon and I need to figure out how I am going to handle that one.

Liz, I am glad you got to see the launch. I just love it when I see something that is so pretty it takes your breath away.

Jul, I am sending you the email right after this post. I have decided I am going to put the pig right next to my alarm clock on the night stand so when I reach over to hit the snooze I will see it. It is just so appropriate that you guys make them when we were talking about them :-)

Vick, Sounds like NASTY weather.

Everyone have a great Weekend!


03-02-2002, 02:23 PM

Thought I'd do a bright color hello because it is so dreary here! Rain, but no ice or snow yet - thankfully!

Did okay last night, but am a little bummed at myself about having too many snacks - I've got to get some control.

Liz - Cool about the spectacular space launch!:D

Jul - Enjoy the chick flicks. I should have done that last night - there was nothing on tv.

BPB - sounds like a beautiful new sequin top & what an incentive!:)

Nanci - you have done so well that you can't let a little mini vacation get the best of you!:D

Have a great OP weekend all!!


03-02-2002, 04:09 PM
BFB: the top sounds wonderful. I traded a $180 bowl for a lovely hand woven scarf. (thats the most expensive scarf I've ever owned) It has matillic threads and electric blue and black cut threads and purple and a few other muted colors. I need something very fancy to wear this scarf too - luckly scarves fit any size. But I'm much braver about what I wear at a lower weight.

- jul
PS still determined to lose 20 lbs this year, even though I seem to be going thru self sabotage stage right now (comfort foods).

03-02-2002, 04:21 PM
Well the snow has arrived in WI. Should have known since Spring is around the corner. We got about 4 inches last night and now about another 6 on the way.

I went and shoveled for my mom. So now I have found muscles I forgot I had. OUCH!! I now need to clean my house. Which I start after this post.

On day 5 of being OP. Really ;) with myself. It has been awhile since I have been. Won't make it to weigh in this week either. So hopefully when I go in 2 weeks, I will have a great BIG loss.

have a wonderful day!