40-Somethings - 45 year old south western Kansas gal who needs a e-mail buddy to help me

03-17-2008, 06:19 PM
I'm new here.
I'm 45 and live in Western Kansas and I'm looking for a e-mail buddy. I need motivation to lose about 30 to 40 lbs. I used to do weight watchers I even was a lWW leader but that is in the past. I have moved and packed on some weight and have been trying to take it off and I'm having no luck on my own. My husband enjoy going to rodeos and car races. And we drink socially more so in the summer months and I don't want to change my life style. Is there anyone out there that drinks socially and trying to lose weight that can helo me. We also have 3 children 2 have moved on and one still in junior high.
You can e-mail me at mps-1985@hotmail.com. I plan on getting back on my treadmill tonight.

03-22-2008, 12:43 PM
Sure, I'd love an e-mail buddy. I'm 44 and live in NYS. I'll send you an e-mail.