Weight Loss Support - What are we really hungry for? Exercise 39, 40, 41 & 42

02-24-2002, 11:55 AM
Lose weight without dieting? HOW?!?!

By getting to the root of why you overeat in the first place! "Why Weight," written by Geneen Roth, is a non-diet book that contains exercises designed to help compulsive eaters learn how to stop using food as a substitute for handling difficult emotions or situations. You'll also learn how to enjoy eating and still lose weight naturally. This program offers reassuring guidelines on:

-- kicking the scale-watching habit forever
-- learning to say no
-- discovering other pleasures besides food
-- learning the difference between physical and emotional hunger
-- listening to and trusting your body's hunger and fullness signals

Each week at least one exercise will be posted and you are encouraged to share your answers, thoughts, etc..

Please share any insight, ideas, articles or other information that you may have.

Join us in Breaking Free from Compulsive Eating!

02-24-2002, 11:58 AM
Exercise 39, 40, 41 & 42

Exercise 39 Eating in the Car

Car-eating deserves individual mention as a way to eat without really eating.
The question is this: Is car-eating the best way to care for yourself, or are you eating in the car because you feel you donít deserve anything better?

1. I like eating in my car because
2. If I didnít eat in my car, I would miss being able to
3. A different way of giving myself what I get from car-eating might be to
4. On (day of the week) of this week, Iíll do the above.

Exercise 40 The Two of You

A favorite pastime of compulsive eaters is standing, staring and eating directly from the refrigerator.

Imagine invitin a friend for dinner. When she arrives, tell her that sheíll be joining you at your favorite table, the refrigerator. And that you will be standing, not sitting for dinner.

1. I think my guest would
2. As her hostess, I would feel
3. When I think of standing and eating at the refrigerator in this light, I

When we stand at the refrigerator to eat, we make a statement to ourselves that we are not our own best guests. Is that a statement you want to make?

Exercise 41 Real Eating

If standing at the refrigerator isnít real eating and eating in the car isnít real eating, if edging a cake isnít real eating Ė then what is?

1. Real eating is
2. On (day of the week) of this week, I am going to treat myself well and eat in a way that I consider ďreal eatingĒ. The way I am going to do that is

Exercise 42 Be Your Own Guest

1. Choose one time this week when you can eat by yourself.
2. Set the table with your best silverware, glassware, or dishes. Use cloth napkins and candles
3. Serve yourself food that you really like. Make this a special meal, a meal that you would serve to a loved one.
4. Before you eat, notice the aroma of the food; try to distinguish between one spice and the next. Look at the food. Notice its color.
5. Take one bite and eat it slowly. Very slowly. How does the taste change as you chew? How does the food feel against the roof of your mouth: On you tongue?
6. Eat the next bite exactly as you ate the first one, noticing the exquisite combinations of taste, color and texture.
7. Eat the meal, enjoying it to the fullest in whatever way feels most pleasurable and comfortable to you.
8. When youíre finished with the meal, answer these questions:
a. When I used my best table setting for myself, I felt:
Very glad
b. When I sat down to this meal, I:
Wanted it to be over with
Looked forward to eating every bite
c. When I age slowly, the food tasted:
d. After the meal, I
Wanted more food
Felt satisfied
Was thrilled
e.By eating this way, I leaned that

02-24-2002, 12:01 PM
I have never eaten in front of the refrigerator and only in my car while traveling. My issue is Ė I will not eat anything all day and then have a huge meal when I get home at night. I even do it when home all day on the weekends. I keep thinking, ď If I donít eat all day I can have a lot to eat when I do finally eatĒ. I have been working on grazing throughout the day but itís a struggle for me. I do think I need to get my energy level up and that would help. I did get a cheap protein drink Ė vanilla Ė itís barely okay but I wanted to try it before spending a higher price and finding I hate it. Does anyone know what kind of protein powder you get if you want to use it to put in your food?

Crone: I know you said you eat in your car and I swear this exercise came up co-incidentally Ė or did it?

02-27-2002, 05:30 PM
When I eat in the car, it's as though no one knows but me. I spill things, get stuff on my clothes and would be embarrassed for anyone to see me do it.

Five weeks ago, I began a Body For Life challenge. The food is so well balanced and the exercise considerable, but doable. Because my meals are balanced, my sugar levels are stable and I am able to address some of this emotional eating from a place of sanity.

Stable blood sugar means I don't eat in the car, I don't eat sitting at the fridge, I don't eat standing up -- and I'll have to work on treating myself like a guest.

Thanks for keeping this thread alive. I'm not in here too often, but I do lurk and see the progress everyone is making.



02-27-2002, 08:08 PM
I've been lurking on this thread for months. This is the kind of thing I need to do; I can tell because I'm so resistant to it! :D
I know I'm terribly late, but better late than never!

When I eat in my car, part of me feels very efficient, like I'm taking care of business, multi-tasking and the other part is appalled that I'm engaging in such an unsafe practice! Not to mention there's NO enjoyment of the food at all. Have you ever noticed how many people do this? What are we thinking?!

I'm a cook so sometimes I have a tendency to eat on the fly--just a bite here and there. BUT I would never dream of serving anyone else like that. I have very strong feelings about wanting the people I cook for to be completely happy, but I don't extend that same courtesy to myself. What's up with that? On the last thread, one of the exercises talked about just being with your food with no distractions. I almost always have the TV on when I eat--not proud of that!

Back in November, I had an entire golden month where I ate really well. It was glorious! And the thing that I remember is thinking, "So this is what it feels like to really love myself"! I'd like to get back there! :)

There. That wasn't so bad! :lol:

02-27-2002, 09:44 PM
Claire You can lurk anytime you want but I do love reading your posts, so please do when you have the time.

Eydie Welcome. I really need to do more work than I do here. Sometimes I think "dumb exercise" but, like you realize my resistance is telling me something. I do need to do more journaling. (not food, emotional stuff) It seems when I feel in the mood to write it isn't the appropriate time - middle of work, driving - so I wait. When I can write I find I don't "feel" like it. Hmmmmm do I smell resistance here again???

I do think I have a fear of success...what about you?

I also have been reading another book that has good insight into our food issues so if you don't mind I will post from there also.

Get ready to figure this out!!!!!!

02-28-2002, 08:59 AM
Hey! :wave:

Eydie, welcome. This is a very healthy thread. Glad you came out of lurkdom! :)

LLB, please post from other sources too. There is just so much information available and gives us all a chance to consider different tools that will help us. Thank you for the offer!

Since I eat six small meals a day and do not consider cooking a hobby :lol: I've done a lot to make my food more attractive. Rather than inhale a meal on the run, I do my best to chew at least once and notice the different subtle tastes in things. I have stopped eating in front of the TV or the computer, so I guess it's a start.

Have a great day, all!

02-28-2002, 09:11 AM
Eydie I had to tell you I love your "Goddess-in-training ". PERFECT...

03-01-2002, 09:25 AM
Does anyone have plans for their special dinner? I've got to tell you, I'm going to bite the bullet and do it even though I feel a little silly about it, almost like it's not worth the trouble. HOW ICKKY IS THAT???!! At least I'm aware...

Okay, I may as well jump in with both feet. Does anyone else have this battle raging away inside them: one part of me thinks that I'm absolutely magnificent and deserving of only the finest and the other part thinks that I'm not worth the trouble?

I've got to remember my quote at the bottom of my posts! ;)