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02-22-2002, 06:23 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's Friday, it's Friday, it's Friday! Hip Hip Hooray! Can you tell I am excited? :dizzy: We are supposed to get some rain and snow this weekend and it's sure gloomy out again today. My family is coming tomorrow so I have a lot to get done tonight. I need to go get groceries but will go later after the 5:00 rush is over.

Gail -- I felt so bad for Michelle Kwan last night but tickled for the girl that won the gold. I saw an ad for the next Survivor show . . . I think it is starting next week. I will have to tape it because I have bell practice at the same time. :( Oh well, then I don't have to watch the commercials, although my favorite is the Aflac duck one! Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned. Enjoy your time with Amanda!

I am off to start the laundry so I don't have to do it all Sunday night. Have a great weekend, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-22-2002, 06:37 PM

It is so georgeous here - 83 degrees by the weather bug. We have all the doors and windows open and the fan going and Turn can't decide which area to press his nose to. Right now he is on the back of the couch walking back and forth - guess because Cowboy is outside that wondow.:lol: He has to supervise our work you know. We went to the green grociers today and got more veggies to make that delicious OP chili and some strawberries. OH the strawberies are so gooood.

JEAN thank you for starting us up a new page. Have a good time with your weekend company. Sounds like a good idea to get a head start on that laundry. How is your program going this day, keeping that FOCUS intact are you?

GAIL how did it go with that little darlin' last night? I got a good laugh with the veggie floss. Now if you really want to know, which I have no doubt you do, when a artichoke is cooked the edible and good part is on the base of the leaves. You place the leaf in your mouth between your upper and lower teeth and scrap off the soft part that is yummy. Now for those who don't have any upper teeth [I know some who do this:D] just use your upper gums for pressure and scrape the nice veggie with your bottoms. That is artichoke eating 101 class. :lol: Some folks even dip the leaves in butter before eating or some sort of mayo sauce. I call it a "recreation" food. Fun to eat.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful OP day.

02-23-2002, 08:49 AM
Happy Saturday! :cool: The sun is shining and I'm in for a fun day with Wayne. We'll be leaving for Atlantic City in a couple of hours. Its really going to be crowded there today because of the big annual antique car show and auction. There will be some real classic beauties there! Noooooo...I'm not talking about me! :lol: ;) I'm talkin' about some cool cars! There will be everything there--from old Packards to Mustangs (Maggie, I get the feelin' your a Mustang-kind-of-gal) to Corvettes to everything between and beyond!

Maggie, I feel good about today. :D Today is going to be the start of a new phase of the program...where I stick to it no matter what! Wayne will help me keep my FOCUS. We'll take some bottled water and some raw veggies and fruit for the road trip there and back. While there I'll eat healthy--it CAN be done! I cracked up when I read about that marvalous description on how to eat an artichoke without teeth. Thank goodness I still have mine! I swear I do!!! Artichokes are a lot like pomegranites I think--not a whole lot to it but sure are fun to eat! Ya know...sociable food! I remember as a child eating a pomegranite and we would see how far we could spit out those seeds! ;)

Jean, my heart broke too for Michelle Kwan! But Sarah Huges! Wasn't she something?! I tell you though, whenever ANYONE (didn't matter which country they were from really) fell and made a boo-boo, I felt sorry for them. The pressure must be unreal! So many talented people there at the Olympics! The gold medal for Sarah was a real American Dream story wasn't it? :D Of course, on the darker side of things the judging really does need to be over-hauled. Sarah getting the gold medal did renew my faith in judging somewhat. Yes, I'm aware that Survivor will be starting up soon...and yes, I will be watching it. Make sure you tape it while you're at bell practice. Weren't you a little disappointed with the last series though? I was. Now...this time, they aren't even going to have any food with them at all...and that should prove interesting! What a way to lose weight! :lol: What always got me were those sanctimonious people who said they weren't there for the money! :rolleyes: Who are they kidding?! Well, I'll tell you something--IF I were doing that...going on Survivor, I'd be there for the money! I just love those AFLAC duck commercials! I laugh with it all the time! :lol:

Last night I babysat Amanda. I survived. I was all geared up to expect the worse (shame on me) because my daughter said she had been a little hellion that week--that she was entering her "terrible twos" early. Well...she was an :angel: and she let me cuddle her and we had the best time watching "Rugrats" and "Powerpuff Girls"...

Well...I have to go...gotta take a shower and get ready for my big day out...


02-23-2002, 01:10 PM
Good Morning to those bright and shiny faces.

Maggie, isn't it beautiful???? I love the sunshine. It is hard to believe you are already hitting the 80's. I think we will just hit 70, but that is okay with me. I crave sunshine not heat. I love artichokes. Don't forget the sweetest part of the artichoke is the heart. That is my favorite. I do dip in ff mayo. Yummy!!!

Jean, I think I remember you asking for the new cats name. Most of the time we call him the lump, but we named him Felix. I just made the bed with him on it and not about to move to far. He just kind of rolled over and purred into my face and asked for a belly rub. He is so sweet. Sounds like you are in for some nasty weather.

Gail, I hope you have a great time. Is the weather going to be good? I am glad you and Amanda had fun last night. Rugrats and Powder Puff girls huh. Sorry I missed it. :dizzy: Believe it or not, you can fill up on artichokes. There are little tiny ones and great big ones. You can make a meal out of them easily.

Better go take care of my menagerie (sp?) Talk to you later.

02-23-2002, 05:19 PM

Another beautiful sunshiney day here in the neighborhood. I can hear the joyful sounds of the boy scouts that are camping arcoss the way as they frolic in the creek. I love to hear children playing and having so much fun. They bring the scouts out here quite a lot which is great for them. I am doing a low point day today and holding together.

GAIL I too remember the pomegranite seed contests. WOW did we ever get that juice all over us. Aritchchokes aren't quite that messy.;) You just gotta try them and as SHARON said the heart is the yummiest part. I just know you are having fun today and feeling good. You are smart to take along those OP snacks and having your partner helping with your FOCUS ~ what more can a gal want. Yes I am a Mustang gal. Cowboy is planning on getting mine for me early ~ before I reach goal since I am working so hard at it now. :p And as you see ~ Thin Within is in hers riding along in my Avitar.

SHARON Isn't it just so much fun having a neat cat such as Felix to help you make the bed. Turn is always there at bed making time and he especially likes to help on sheet changing days. What is that lump under the fitted sheet ~ OH it's Turn ~ there he is. And when the pillows go on and then the beanie babies.... watch out.:D I don't think the heat will climb back up to the 80's today..we are running high 60's almost in the 70's. Just georgeous.

Have a wonderful Saturday Flowers

02-24-2002, 02:15 AM
Good "Night", Flowers!
I just had to check in before I go to bed. It has been a very long day since I was up early; I didn't accomplish anything besides laundry last night. :rolleyes: Our prime rib dinner was good -- lettuce salad, baked potato, pasta veggie side dish, roll, and chocolate cake completed the menu. I passed on the cake since I had baked one at home for my dad's birthday. The meat wasn't the least bit red so it looked appetizing -- #1 son finished mine for me!

Maggie -- I just didn't do too badly today with being OP. I'm sure that my evening meal was way too many points but I hadn't eaten much during the day so think I will be OK. Our Maggie cat likes to help change sheets too! :lol: She has a long tail and chases it around under the sheet while she chases the wrinkles. For being 12, she is still frisky.

Gail -- I didn't realize that Sarah was so young. Tonight, on the late review, they said she wants to be a doctor or a lawyer so the speculation is that she won't pursue a skating career. I wonder if Michelle will try again. I wasn't able to follow the last Survivor show as closely as the second one. I fell asleep :o during an early episode so missed some of the who's who when the tribes were still separate. That's the main reason I like to tape the show and watch it when I'm more awake. Glad you and Amanda had a fun time together!

Sharon -- Felix is a good name for a cat! I just call our's
"Momma" and the other one is Hank. He reminds me of DH's first manager . . . big and roly poly! He is a long haired cat so it's hard to tell how big he really is but he does have big paws. I'm not even sure that he is a he! ;) I hope the weather forecast is WRONG!

Well, I am heading for bed. We have to be greeters at church tomorrow so will be another early morning. DH and I are sharing a bathroom because my parents are using "his". Have a nice Sunday!

Jean -- :yawn: in Iowa!

02-24-2002, 08:44 AM
I am so sore. Yesterday, Wayne and I walked...A LOT. I felt like I walked all day. My calves, thighs, and even my butt is sore! We had a great time in Atlantic City at the convention center and then later at the Tropicana. At the car show, we saw so many beautiful cars. At the Tropicana I discovered a slot machine with the neatest game! Although I'm not a gambler as I will only put so much of my own money in those machines I was able to play for almost TWO HOURS with the original $20 bill I fed it! Wayne didn't gamble (he likes the craps (or is that crap? oh well...whatever!) tables but he wasn't in the mood) and just looked over my shoulder. Actually, he said he was having fun just watching me have fun and watching all the people walk by (I was playing at the end of a row). On our way home, we ate at a favorite seafood restaurant in Somers Point (NJ). We didn't get home until about 11:00pm! I was so sore that it was difficult for me to fall asleep and now I'm awake and "the kids" will be over in about an hour and a half--they're eating breakfast with us and then we're going to walk on their lot they put a deposit on and hopefully they will start building their new house in a few months (of course they have to sell the house they're in now). Wayne is still asleep...sleeping like a baby!

Jean, I just might have liked your prime rib--I have a problem with it when its served raw looking...and most of the time it is! I'm happy for you that you were on program. Me? :lol: Keep reading...

Sharon, the weather was just fine. It started out cloudy but the sun came out. It was windy on the boardwalk--usually is in the winter...but the temperature was in the 40's. Cold. How are you doing on program this weekend? Me? :lol: Keep reading...

Okay Maggie, let's talk about this FOCUS: I think my partner forgot about that! He was more like my partner-in-crime! :rolleyes: First of all, both of us ate our usual breakfast of cereal, milk, and juice (5 points) before we left. So far, so good. Then we stopped for coffee (well, I got fat-free cappucino--3 points). Next thing I know Wayne is eating those sugar white powdered mini donettes (Hostess) at 1 point a piece...I ate 1 (another point); he ate the rest (5 more points for him). We get to Atlantic City about noon. We park at the Tropicana, walk through the casino to the boardwalk to proceed on towards the OLD convention center. We find out that its empty! NO CAR SHOW! Fortunately there is ONE LONE PERSON standing at a booth. We haven't been to that car show in years. Gosh, we hadn't been keeping up with Atlantic City...and come to find out there is a NEW CONVENTION CENTER! So...we're directed to take the trolley from there to the new place. We do. Then we stand in a long line for tickets. And I guess we walked around for 2 hours because the next thing I know its 2:00pm and neither one of us has had lunch...sooo...Wayne says, "you stand here; I'll get us some food" and that's what I do--prop up a wall (it may fall after all! ;) ) and he comes back with the THREE HUGE HOT DOGS, A LARGE ORDER OF FRIES, AND A REAL COKE! First of all, I haven't drank a REAL COKE in years. My body only knows caffeine-free diet Coke and I think my body went into shock or something from that first sip because it was downhill from there until I got home when it came to food! FOCUS? :lol: I ate the largest hot dog I've seen in a long while (keep in mind I've been eating those skinny fat-free things that Oscar Meyer makes), blew caution to the wind and proceeded to help my partner polish off those fries (keep in mind I've been eating BAKED french fries and not FRIED)! Well, we walked for another 3 hours at the car show...and FINALLY we leave to hop on another trolley to go back to the OLD convention center and then walk back down the boardwalk to the Tropicana. And that is where I parked my body for a couple of hours...spending my $20 bill at a slot machine. We leave there to go find our car--which my partner wanted to go to the SECOND level of the parking garage when I knew full well we were parked at 3A! (My partner lost his FOCUS you see!) Thanks to ME we find our car and went to the restaurant. Well, by then my body has enjoyed such fine dining cuisine that day that by the time we got seated at 8:30pm both my partner and I were so UN-FOCUSED we ate FRIED shrimp, FRIED fish, FRIED scallops, and I'm sure that crab cake I ate was FRIED too! However, Maggie, you would've been proud of me--I did NOT eat all my french fries or my coleslaw nor the blueberry muffins (that were brought to the table earlier) and NEITHER my partner or I had any dessert.

And then we waddled to the car and drove home...where I went searching for Tums...

But all in all, it was a great day! :D


02-24-2002, 11:41 AM
Gail, Gail, Gail!!!:dizzy: And here when I went to dinner last night I was thinking, now what would Gail eat if she was here? To be honest I skipped the fried fish, but we had the most wonderful prawn and scallop saute with the richest sauce on it. We weren't doing to bad until we came home and had a Foster Freeze Parfait for desert. Oh well. I don't know anyone who is perfect. Refocus today. You didn't tell me the kids have put down a deposit on land to build on. Wow!!!! I am about to go make that quiche for breakfast.

Hi Jean! It is gorgeous here and my kids will be all together today. Mike and Tara came in last night. They are still asleep. I think we are going to go see Big Fat Liar and then come home and BBQ chicken!

Hi Maggie! How are you doing this weekend? Better than Gail and I are I bet. :^:

Got to go. Have a great day!!! Take care of those sore spots Gail. It is good to know that Wayne is not perfect either.:D

02-24-2002, 06:32 PM
Happy Sunday!
Maybe if I type this all in BLUE the FOCUS will kick in!

Everyone has gone home and the house is quiet! I am tired! Getting ready for company is work! :dizzy:

Gail -- I didn't think your menu was too bad as I read through the hot dog, fries, and Coke. I figured that you had walked enough to offset the extra calories. Now I'm not so sure about the fried fish! :^: This a new week and you can get a renewed FOCUS! It sounds like you had a fun day regardless! I hope your soreness is better today!

Sharon -- I think winter has returned! It has dropped almost 20 degrees since this morning, when we left for church without jackets! The wind has picked up and it is dark and gloomy out. I am ready for spring to get here! Is Big Fat Liar a movie? Inquiring minds want to know! :smug:

I haven't read the papers so guess I will head that direction. Actually, a nap sounds even better! :yawn:

Have a marvelous Monday, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-24-2002, 06:41 PM

It is finally quiet in my house!!!!:dizzy: I don't know if anyone remembers that old radio show "The Bickerson's" it had Don Ameche and I can't remember who played the female. Well, those two GK's of ours are a good example of "The Bickerson's" for the bickered all weekend long. Never angry at each other but the usual 'he's on my side of the couch' or 'she won't let me have a turn at the computer'. They are real good kids but I guess I am too old to be a full time mother.:lol: Kerri is the embodiment of a motormouth. She never stopped talking. They just called to say thanks for the weekend and that they had a good time. So, alls well that ends well.
Just saw the very end of the Olympic hockey game between US and Canada and Canada won! Happy for all the Canadians out their. USA did put out a good try. I will try to keep awake for the closing ceremonies tonight but not sure it will happen.

GAIL It sounds like you had an exceptional day. Just remember it with fondness and begin anew. It is the only way one can deal with our humanity. We are allowed to fall once in a while. It is when one gives up entirely that we really fail. With all that walking you could rationalize the food as you walked it off.

SHARON Your prawns and scallops dinner sounds wonderful. That is one of my favorite dinners. Haven't had it in a while and while I am trying to lose I will try to stay away for a little longer.

JEAN & MAGGIE Hope you both had a great weekend. Maggie the sun and temperature you are having sounds delightful. Jean hope you had a good time with your church group.

Gloria in MA...heading to the kitchen to make up a light supper.

02-24-2002, 08:00 PM

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood but we do need rain badly. Everything is green and the flowers are in bloom and they need rain to stay that way and to cut down on the fire hazard. We had a great time after church going out to eat with my folks and sis and bro in law then over to my folks house where I got to turn down a bananna split. YIKES but I did have a nice cup of coffee which was black, not the cup but the coffee.:dizzy: For lunch I chose grilled salmon, rice pilof and brococli - ate half of the garlic toast and have 9 points yet to spend for dinner.

GAIL the account of your day sounded like so much fun. Hope your walkng muscles have calmed down now. You surely did enough exercise to off set any overage you may have incurred.:D Besides this is a brand new day and your program start gets renewed. We aren't quitters here but we do occasionally take a side road but get right back onto the main road and continue on down to thin.

SHARON your dinner sounded scrumptious. Looks like we all had fish this weekend. Like I said above.... this day is a new one. Keep your FOCUS and you will be gald at your next weigh in that you did.

JEAN I'd say after that company you do deserve a nap. I liked your blue mode a gal has to do what ever it helps to get her going here.:)

GLORIA aren't grandkids just a wonder. We some friends that have a 13 year old now but when she was 2 she was a non stop talker and on and on she would go so we nic named her Lippy Lou. Well to this day she likes us to call her that. It is a special name and she is the only one of the 3 in that family we gave one to. Wonder if she will still want that name when she is 18. We shall see.

FLOWERS have a great evening and make your Monday count.

02-25-2002, 01:42 AM

It has been a good day and now it is time to go to bed and count :sheep: Have a great nights rest FLOWERS and an OP Monday.


02-25-2002, 04:58 PM
Well...here is the person with the sore butt, checking in. Where did the weekend go anyway?! Its wonder I don't have whiplash because it went by so quickly! whoooooosh! And here I am...at work...and its already <looking at the time on my monitor> 3:33pm!

I do want to report that both Wayne and I were on program yesterday! After Saturday's :ink: food fest :ink: both of us knew we had to get back to eating healthy asap. It was very easy to do actually...I was still full from the day before! I read an article (forget where) about dieting and going off diet. It said you knew you had eaten too much the day or night before when you woke up from a night's sleep and you weren't hungry. Well yesterday morning I definitely was not hungry but thought I had better eat some healthy food anyway. Don't even mention the word "scale" to me right now.

It does feel good to be back on program! :sheep:

Well Sharon, what can I say? Don't ever ask yourself WHAT GAIL WOULD EAT or do in any given situation! One does learn by one's mistakes! :D I will be the first to say that I am not perfect...although I'm sure there some people who think I am! :shrug:

Don't y'all just love these new smilies? Makes you just want to think of new ways to incorporate them into your post!

Jean, goodness gracious...I stopped counting points on Saturday at 50. That hotdog was HUGE! No kidding. Even Wayne said to me...with a look of innocence on his face mind you..."I guess we blew it today, huh?" "No kidding!" I said back to him! That hotdog with bun (even the bun was on steroids) was at least 15 points! <shaking my head>

Gloria, you know what Wayne and I have finally come to the conclusion to? As we age, we just want a little peace and quiet! After our grown kids have come over to visit...whether its for the day or for 2 hours we feel so relieved once they have left--it is sooooo quiet! We love them dearly but...after they've been there for an hour Wayne and I look each other and we telepathically ask each other, "When are they leaving?!" :lol: We're always glad to see them come but feel blessed to see them go! :dizzy:

You've got that right Maggie! None of us here are quitters! I loved that sentence of your's: "...I got to turn down a banana split." That sounded like you had been given such a big priviledge! :D What spirit! What WILL POWER! And then you mentioned grilled salmon...<putting my hand over my heart>...oh my...I loooooove grilled salmon! I'm afraid if we don't start getting some rain we're going to have to declare a drought. "They" are talking about that very thing in my neck of the woods. Good luck when you weigh in this evening!

Well...Wayne just called me. Last Thursday he was told he would be working dayshift. Then last Friday night he found he had been bumped back to night shift. NOW, he calls me and he says that he was approached and asked where he was this morning! :rolleyes: After telling the supervisor about the "bait and switch" deal...he was told he will be working dayshift after all this week! And I am glad to have him home...


02-25-2002, 05:32 PM

I do feel like I should be building up bulging muscles for being so :strong: doing my program. My goodness I have now gotten through 2 months of it. January and February (after tonight's weigh in which should be a loss). I just amaze myself since I have never been this good at it before. This is the time. Ants got into my Tootsie Pops.... smack dab under the wrapers.:(

We just got back from a tour of the camp ground. There are 72 sites here and we had a few campers in over the weekend. For the most part everyone picked up their trash. I like going out on the tours riding along in the golf cart. Nice fresh air. We will go out again this afternoon.

I made another pot of that Hearty Chili but left out the meat. I can add meat balls or whatever ~ when I heat up some. This way it acts as a free bowl of chili soup which we ate for lunch along with some taquitos. Cowboy likes it fine.:T

GAIL WOW what a hot dog. But at the time I can imagine it tasted so good and was worth it. Now you had a good day yesterday and this day will be fine. You did the right thing by eating something nutritious the next morning. Back on track. On goes the walk down the road to thin which you are making. Girl you will have such fun shopping for new clothes in a smaller size and different department. Yep ~ I like the new :joker: they added.

Well everbody in the FLOWER PATCH have a great afternoon and I will be back in later with my weigh in report (thought I wouldn't?:shrug: Ha.)

02-25-2002, 06:42 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
The wind has been blowing HARD ever since last night. We had no TV this morning and the internet just shut off after I started reading the posts. GRRRRRR! Winter is back! It's 21 degrees outside and the wind makes it feel even colder. We have a meeting at church tonight so have supper in the oven -- leftovers!

Gloria -- I know what you mean about bickering kids. Whenever we are "out and about" and listen to other children going at it, we both can hardly wait to get back home to peace and quiet. I guess that's why we have our kids when we are young. I just hope that I can tolerate grandchildren if I ever get any! :jig:

Maggie -- Congratulations on passing up the banana split! :D I could do that since I'm not a big ice cream fan. I am so mad at myself!! I sent left over cake home with #1 son, DIL, and daughter but forgot to send the rest home with my dad -- and it was his cake! I will take it to school tomorrow and that will be the end of it. It's hard to believe that it is ant season again -- I guess I assume that everyone is still in winter. *sigh*

Gail -- ROFL -- I never thought of hot dogs and buns being on steroids! I hope Wayne gets his days and nights straight! ;) I bet you will enjoy having him home in the evenings.

I need to wash my last load of towels so better keep moving. Have a terrific Tuesday, Flowers!

Jean -- feeling :ink:y in Iowa!

02-25-2002, 07:57 PM
Went to read the posts and couldn't believe how many they were. Just was in reading last evening. Have you ladies been busy.

JEAN I think we will be getting some of your weather by Wednesday. At least, the weather man said it would be colder and some rain turning into snow. Don't know if I can believe them anymore.:joker:

MAGGIE You really are doing great and I am sure you will show another loss tonight.:D Don't you just hate it when those ants get in your food. It has happened to me a few times and means a big clean out. Although, that's not a bad thing!:lol:

GAIL Right back in the swing of OP land. I knew you could do it! I am glad I am not the only one to feel 'relieved' when the kids go home. Wow, it must be difficult when DH has such varied work times. Hope you enjoy these evenings with him at home.

Gloria in MA....enjoying the new smilies:sheep: