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03-12-2008, 11:56 AM
This is the first post for all of Crystal's bridesmaids. She's getting married this September and we all agreed we wanted to lose weight for the next fitting in a few months, and also the wedding! So I'll start with what program I'm doing, my progress so far, and yesterday's calories and exercise, and you girls can post yours as well!

I belong to Global Health & Fitness ( and I'm following their 5 meal-a-day plan and their strength training routine. Their personal trainers are in contact with me every day to check my progress and check my eating. I've adopted a few rules for myself because of my polycystic ovarian syndrome:

1) no grains except oats and yams, and no sugar
2) at least 60 min/day of cardio to keep my hormones in check and help my hair grow in thicker
3) 2 tsp of MSM supplement/day

So far I've gone from 205 to 200lbs in the last month and have lost one whole dress size! I'm now a 14 from a 16. I am strength training with the big guys 3x week at my gym, and really pushing my muscles to failure. I know this is key to changing my metabolism.

Yesterday's (Tuesday) Stats:

Meal #1:
1/2 cup OJ
1 Oatmeal muffin, dry
1 hardboiled egg w/ yoke
1 egg white

Meal #2:
3 cups lettuce
6oz chicken
2 tbsp olive oil
1 half and half in coffee

Meal #3:
6 Hershey kisses (yikes!! They are my roomie's and I hid them after this!)
4 turkey meatballs
2 tbsp parmesean cheese

Workout: 60 minutes horseback riding; 30 minutes barn work

Meal #4:
1 whole fruit popsicle, no sugar added

Daily Total: Cals 1400, Fat 63, Carbs 112, Pro 76

Comments: I really didn't do well with the 5 meals yesterday, and I had a hard time finishing all the food. I'm not adding olive oil to my salad anymore since that bumped my fat up and was unnecessary! Could have had protein in the evening instead of the popsicle, but I was tired and dehydrated from riding, and not that hungry. I hid the Hershey kisses after that sudden 6-peice binge. Haven't touched candy in almost 3 weeks so I'm not sure why I suddenly did yesterday!

Tonight I'm strength training and that should take an hour since I'm upping my sets from 1 to 3. I'm going to be pumping and sweating.

03-12-2008, 03:41 PM
Well first of all I'm 175lbs and am 5'6. I've lost 15lbs since January just watching what I eat no calorie counting or anything but I've plateaued so I need to add in exercise and actually count what I eat etc.

Unfortuneately I can't afford a gym/trainer/nutritionist, so I have to figure all this out on my own. I understand that 3500 calories add up to a pound so through lowering calory intake and adding cardio you burn those calories to lose a pound. Now what's confusing me here is I go look at what it takes to maintain my weight calorie wise which is about 2050. And instead I put in what I'm supposed to weigh 130 and that says to maintain that weight you should take in 1560-1950 a day. Now to me 1950 still seems like a lot of calories. So that makes no sense to me. Is it that if you don't work out much you take in 1560 and if you work out a lot you take in 1950?

Also exercise wise I have a small gym for my apartment complex which consists of a nice treadmill and a bunch of stuff that doesn't work. There is a weight machine but it's really confusing and I think cords are missing and hooks. So with the treadmill and my bike and some dvd's I have I can get in the cardio but I don't have access to any weights besides the small hand weights I have. So instead of machines can I just do crunches and pushups and things like that. I have a book called the abs diet that has a bunch of exercises like that that aren't all for abs, but that's where most of my weight is anyway.

Well I know Michelle has been doing this for awhile so I thought she might be able to answer my questions. Good Luck everybody.

03-12-2008, 05:22 PM
Oops didn't realize this thread should be in the new clubs forum, hehe. Yeah, I have been doing this for a while, and trying EVERYTHING, then losing 30lbs and gaining it back. When I started dating Patrick a year and a half ago I was 177 and doing well, then I went on the pill and gained 20lbs in 3 months without changing anything. Then I went vegan and gained another 10 friggin pounds! I don't think my body liked the soy and all the grains. So, I'm off the pill, eating organic meats, and cutting out a lot of grain. I have to watch my insulin levels because of the PCOS and have been doing well without grain (no pasta, bread, chips, wraps, etc., except oats and yams).

I've always gotten the best results with weight training because it ups your metabolism for 24 hours after you do it and also ups for metabolism for GOOD! Cardio just burns calories when you're doing it, and weight training burns calories during, after, and while you sleep that night. Laura, if you want me to come and look at your gym I could help you figure out what to do. I know I don't look like I've been doing it a while (I was never really serious about eating right AND working out at the same time) but I could get you started so you won't injure yourself. I've been to countless trainers! But I've realized what it comes down to is me actually doing the work myself.

I'm going to plug in your numbers into my GHF (Global-Fitness) account and they'll tell you how many calories to eat. 1950 sounds way too high. Most women successfully lose wieght on 1400-1800 per day. I would say if you're strength training hardcore 3x week you need the upper end of that number. But anyways, here are your numbers for 175lbs, 5'6'', moderately active cardio 4x/week: calories: 1538 per day to lose, 1950 to maintain.

That's just a general number and on weekends I try not to cheat alot with grains and sugars and usually allow myself 2000 cals per day, instead of the usual 1400-1600. So that might work for you, too.

It's great because my new roommate is a size 4 and is totally ripped and hot, and she strength trains hardcore with her boyfriend 3x/week. They both spend about 2 hours in the gym lifting together and spotting each other. So I'm also learning alot from her. But let me know if you want me to come and look at the equiptment.

And daily cardio over 30 minutes is great, too. Have you looked into LA Fitness? I'm actually going to switch to them soon. They are really cheap (like $30/month) as opposed to my $70/month! If you have the extra $30/month their weight room and cardio classes will totally be great :)

So tonight I'm heading home then strength training from 6-7pm. This is my first attempt to break up muscle groups and work longer and harder. Hope it goes good. I know weight training seems weird for girls but after only losing 5lbs last month I actually lost a whole dress size! It actually changes the makeup of your body. So someone who weighs 150lbs but doesn't lift can be a size 10, and someone who weighs 150lbs and lifts can be a size 6.

I'm not sure if I'll weigh in tonight. On Friday I was 200lbs and my skinny jeans feel really loose this week... but it's only Wednesday. And I know i shouldn't measure my progress from the scale. But it's so tempting...:dizzy:

03-12-2008, 05:56 PM
If LA Fitness is actually that cheap I could do that. There's one about 10min from me and Crystal goes there. I asked her the prices etc. The treadmill I have here in the little gym is really nice probably a lot newer than the rest of the equipment. It takes your information and actually calculates the calories your burning based on the time and speed. Everything else doesn't work, the machines just won't turn on. The weight machine is the difficult part b/c there used to be a poster with how to set up different exercises and what muscles they work. But that disapeared. My parents have a bowflex which worked really well for my mom so if I can't afford a gym membership I can always go there. Thanks for your input.

03-13-2008, 11:26 AM
How was everyone's evening?

Recap for 3/12/08:

Meal #1:
1/2 cup OJ w/ MSM
1 Oat muffin, dry
1 whole egg
1 egg white
half and half in coffee

Meal #2:
3 cups lettuce
6oz chicken
1 can mandarine oranges

Meal #3:
1/2 cup cottage cheese
3 celery sticks

Workout 6-7pm; chest, shoulders, triceps, abdominals

Meal #4:
1 cup flaxseed pasta
shrimp and mushroom sautee with vinegar and garlic
4 turkey meatballs
1 all-fruit lime popiscle

Totals: cals 1644, fat 31, carbs 192, pro 133

Did much better on fat count today, but ate 644 calories at dinner. I know I'm still under my calorie allotment and yesterday was a high-carb day, but eating a bulk at night isn't good. I need to try to eat more during the day.

The workout was great and I could really feel the difference with splitting up body parts and doing more sets. My arms are aching this morning! Tonight is riding for 60 minutes and 30 minutes of barn work. I always do better with not eating at night on barn nights since I get home around 8:30-9pm, usually have an empty stomach and just have some water and relax in bed. So I'm not worried about tonight. The weight comes off me very fast when I don't eat past 6 or 7pm.

Tomorrow is leg day for ST and I'm looking at my routine with some wariness. There are like 7 leg exercises on it, Chad approved, and I hope I'm still able to walk out of the gym after that! I might start with the squats and lunges, then move onto machines since the floor work is always harder for me.

03-15-2008, 03:47 PM
Just so michelle doesn't feel like she's talking to herself I'm starting my diet monday. I found this great book called The Everything calorie counting cookbook. It has some really great recipes that sound good not diety. So grocery shopping tomorrow and diet Monday w/exercise. Hope the rest of you post soon. Lauren still doesn't know though b/c I don't have her correct email. I'll try Crystal again. TTYL Have a nice weekend.

03-17-2008, 01:06 PM
Thanks, Laura! :)

I'm used to blogging on the GHF site so I'm sorry if my blogs seem a little too much, lol. On GHF we list everything we ate and our feelings and our exercise, and we give each other feedback. So I'm kinda used to blogging about EVERYTHING. ;-)

As for this weekend, I had an @$$ kicking on Saturday as my first experience with Platoon Fitness. After that it was wierd but like I totally went off and ate a grilled cheese sandwich, some vanilla cake and some tiramisu. Yesterday was kinda the same thing with a grilled cheese and some sugary stuff. I'm gonna try not to eat as bad next weekend. My trainer said one meal on the weekends that is HALF bad food is okay.

Omg, I HAVE to write about my experience at Platoon Fitness! They are in New York and Philadelphia areas, and are now franchising since they are getting so popluar. I feel I am so lucky to be 5 minutes away! It's fitness based on the U.S. Marine's regime.

I had my first personal training session on Saturday. It was a full hour with the trainer and we used almost NO equiptment, and by the end of the session I was begging for mercy (in a good way- he was actually very nice, but kicked my butt as well). We did lots of core and balance work. He had me run up stairs 3x, then scoot up backwards on my butt 3x (THAT IS SOOO HARD!), then bunny-hop up 3x. Then we did work on something that is like 1/2 a balance ball, and then I used gymnastic rings hanging from the ceiling. It was super fun and I've never worked that hard before. Lifting over a hundred pounds on a machine doesn't compare to this workout, and I was surprised with all the work on machines I do at the normal gym how out of shape I really am!

This morning at 5:50am I was on a football field at Haverford College (they rent out parks or campuses as their gym for outdoor classes) for their outdoor workout. Today was leg day. We were on the ground doing stretches and staring at the stars in 22 degrees. I bundled up and wasn't too cold. It was very refreshing! Then we immediately went to work doing drills. It was the HARDEST thing I've EVER done. No class at the gym could compare to this. Fortunately the instructors knew I was new and (as always) it's "Challenge by Choice" which is their motto- they'll push you, but won't kill you. Many of them are ex-marines.

We ran to the 10-yard line, did one squat, ran back, then ran to the 20-yard line, did two squats, ran back, etc. Then we did squats for 50 yards, sprinted for 50 yards, did planks, sit ups, and tons of other stuff. I was never bored and was having the time of my life running around like a little kid. Also the trainers count like a seargent, which is cool (every time they say "ah one-two-three" you count 1 aloud. If they can't hear you they make you start over. Also, they might ask you what you ate for dinner the night before and if you give them an unhealthy answer they'll make you do 20 pushups, lol. I love the strictness. It's so fun :)

My normal gym membership is up and I'm not going to renew. I feel I've accomplished more functional fitness in the last 2 days than I have at my gym in the last 3 years- it's truly awesome! I'll supplement these workouts with dumbbell exercises, and I should be in great shape. Haven't weighed in in weeks, but my legs are looking amazing this morning!

Tomorrow morning is arm day at 6am on the same field. It'll be a little warmer tomorrow a.m. (about 30 degrees instead of 20) but that shouldn't matter since once I do the first drill I am sweating bullets.

How was everyone's weekend?

03-18-2008, 11:39 AM
So yesterday's stats were just okay. I overdid it at dinner (8:30pm). After the barn I was ravenous and went to Wawa with Patrick. The plan was to get a sandwich and not eat the bread. Well I got a chicken cheesesteak and wound up eating the bread. From now on I won't even order the bread. I just can't do it, and I'll treat myself like a recovering drug addict. It can't be in sight. So total calories yesterday were 2100. Did I need to order a 10"? No, just a shortie would have been fine. I'll keep that in mind.

Now, not to justify it but I did do about 3 hours of physical activity yesterday. Bootcamp for 60 minutes, then worked 2.5 hours at the barn, no stop hard labor. Maybe that's why I was so hungry?

Tomorrow is an appoitment with my trainer at 6am and I know he's gonna kick my butt even harder than last time. He's starting to realize my strength, he said, and is gonna stop being nice. Yikes!!! :/

Today's meals:

Meal #1:
Oat muffin
1 egg
1 egg white
water w/ MSM

Meal #2:
3 cups lettuce
6oz chicken
1 tbsp Blue cheese

Meal #3:
1/2 cup cottage cheese

Tonight's dinner will be crab cakes (premade from TJ's) and veggies with a salad. Then we watch the Biggest Loser and curse at the TV :) They better not vote off Britney!!!!!!

03-18-2008, 03:16 PM
2 Oatmeal Muffins
2 cups hot tea with 2oz of ff milk in each

1 cup Turkey Chili

Fruit cup-Mandarin oranges in juice not syrup

2 cups Turkey chili again....I was in a hurry to leave my apt and it was convenient

Oatmeal muffin

1012 Calories 12 g fat 94g carbs 118g protein

That is kind of low so I'll try and eat better tomorrow. Unfortuneately I've had some stomach issues for a few weeks now and my gastroenterologist has told me to stick to a bland diet. Trying to get in the calories will be tough eating very little dairy, no spicy stuff, nothing acidic etc. Bland stuff doesn't really encourage me to eat as much as I normally do. I figure fruit, whole grains, chicken, muffins and breads from my new cookbook. I'm really not that worried about carbs if I find myself at a plateau I'll consider changing that. I'll add exercise in once my stomache is a little calmer.

On top of that I have to get an endoscopy where they stick a camera down your throat and look for tumors, ulcers, nodules etc. Also I have to get an ultrasound. Insurance or not this is going to cost me I'm sure.

Anyway..branched off there..That was my monday. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

03-18-2008, 05:00 PM
Oh no! Sorry to hear about your stomach. I hope everything is okay!

03-19-2008, 01:46 PM
This morning was another butt-kicking by Malik (my trainer). And oh my god... despite going to the gym for years I am SOO out of shape! This is what we did for 1 hour:

Treadmill/biking intervals
15 flights of stairs
Push ups from wall-to-wall
Pulled a 100lb ball across the floor and back
Really hard step-up foot switching thingies
More pushups

So my new routine will be Mon-Sat outdoor 'bootcamp' 6-7am, then Sundays 8am with Malik. I have NEVER worked out this much in my whole life. Geez I swear if I don't see results from this... :P

I ate about 1600 calories yesterday. I'm going vegan again for a few days since all of the sudden animal products make me wanna hurl. But I gotta find good sources of protein. Tomorrow is bootcamp leg day. I haven't weighed in in a few weeks... so I need to find a scale somewhere!

03-19-2008, 02:55 PM
Ooooh just testing out my new signature! I'm not a junior member anymore :)

03-20-2008, 12:15 PM
Bundled up this morning and went to Platoon at 6am. It was HARD today! Each workout is different every single day, and today we did a ton of running which was killing me. But I feel excellent right now! The field wasn't too wet and the wind and the pretty clouds was a nice way to start the day. Tomorrow is arm day. I'm really going to try not to skip a day unless I'm sick or something (or it's pouring).

Back on the low-carb thing today. Yesterday my stomach was so bloated I couldn't stand it. Oyyyy...

Meal #1:
1 egg omlette with 2 Babybel cheeses inside, hot sauce

Meal #2:
Oat muffin

Meal #3:
lettuce with turkey slices, lite cheddar cheese, vinegar

Meal #4:
1/2 cup cottage cheese w/ frozen unsweetened berries

Tonight is riding for 60 minutes plus 30 minutes of barn work so that brings my workout total to 150 minutes today.

03-20-2008, 04:56 PM
Come on, girls! If we're not accountable we won't see outstanding results! Whether you've been good or bad, let's just write it out. There's no judging, just feedback and track-keeping.

Anyways, I'll continue to be here so feel free to join in when you can. :)

04-08-2008, 02:46 PM
Well I've decided I'm not going to do the whole calorie counting thing. It's just not something I'm going to keep up with in the long run, so I'm just being realistic. I'm just going to eat right and exercise. I'll list what I eat though.

BF 2 slices whole wheat cinnamon raisin toast w/ ICBIN Butter Spray
Lunch Tuna Fish sandwish with lowfat mayo (2 Tbsp) on Rye
Dinner 2 slices of veggie pizza, homemade
Snack small piece of dark chocolate from Easter

Workout at Curves

So far in the last week just eating right I've lost 3 lbs. 172! Only 27 lbs to go.

04-08-2008, 03:11 PM
That's a much healthier way of looking at things... not counting calories. It's funny... I was kinda thinking that today as well. Like I just wanted to throw my hands up and be like "I'm sick of thinking about calories all the time!!!!!" Where has it ever gotten us?

Laura, I think I'll try it with you. Although it's so tempting for me to log into and see the numbers on the screen... I'm so analytical like that... but I think I will resist the urge.

Meal #1- 1 slice Ezekiel toast, 1 tsp cream cheese, coffee
Meal #2- Oat muffin (dry), 1 egg
Meal #3- Larabar
Meal #4- turkey slices, lettuce, vinegar
Meal #5- shrimp, garlic, flax pasta

Workout: 60 minutes Platoon; 15 minutes lifting (arms)

04-11-2008, 04:41 PM
I'm ready for the weekend! How has everyone's week been? I haven't posted in here all week but I've been chatting up the other threads like a fiend. You guys should see the other threads as well :) I'm participating in the 3FC 5k this weekend!

So, after some scale frustration, I went out and just bought a friggin book on my condition, polycystic ovarian syndrome with insulin resistance. Omg, I've been going about this all wrong! Anyways, I'm now on the diet that is taylored for someone with my condition, The Insulin Resistance Diet. Basically, my body can not metabolize more than 30g of simple carbs (ANY bread, pasta, potatos, etc, whether whole grain or not) per 2 hours, when a normal person's body can. A normal person will eat spaghetti and their body will burn it off, and I will eat spaghetti and gain a pound instantly. So unfair! Anyways, I just have to absolutely eat protein with every carb, and that should fix my body permenantly.

Tomorrow morning is riding at 8am, then Sunday I'm running the 3FC 5k! You guys should sign up! They'll give you a number! Just run it on your own (or with friends), record your results, and post it. I am so excited. I ran 2 miles last week to my surprise, so I know I can a 5k. :D

My 'skinny' 14 jeans are about to fall off my hips. I'm lovin this. Just want the scale to reflect how I'm looking!

Have a great weekend!

04-12-2008, 02:40 PM
No exciting plans for the weekend. I'm kind of drug out today. My time of the month. Tried to go to curves yesterday but forgot it closes early on Fridays, was going to go this morning but had a really rough night, was up till 4am. I have trouble sleeping sometimes. I'll do the nordic track and use the bowflex today to make up for yesterday and this morning. Starting Monday I'm sticking to a workout schedule:
Definite - Curves M/W/F
Possible - Curves Saturday, Treadmill in between curves days

Diet's mostly been made up of whole wheat raising cinnamon bread for breakfast, tuna on rye for lunch and different stuff for dinner: WW's macaroni, ham sandwich on dark pumpernicle bread (no cheese) homemade veggie pizza. Snacks: granola bars, mandarin oranges, apples, small amount of light ice cream. That's about it. Have a good weekend everybody.

04-14-2008, 04:21 PM
Well, this weekend was both successful and a wash out! Friday was great and I ate well- splurged and got chinese food! Steamed scallops, lobster, crab, and shrimp with veggies and garlic sauce, and one eggroll. Gave Patrick the rice! So yummy!

B~ 2 slices Ezekiel bread, egg whites, lite cheese, turkey, broccoli
L~ 1 slice pepperoni pizza, skipped crust
S~ 1 cup blueberries
(Here's where it gets bad!! But fun!!)
Girls' night out in Philly:
D~ 2 glasses white wine, wheat pasta dinner with pine nuts, olive oil, and mushrooms, 2 slices white italian bread
Bars: 2 mojitos, 1 cosmo, 1 mangotini
2a.m.~ 1/2 box of mac and cheese

woke up sooo hungover
B~ other 1/2 box of mac and cheese
L~ Ruby's Diner: 1 vanilla milk shake, 1 grilled cheese with fries
D~ lite popcorn, black licorice, another 1/2 box of mac and cheese, water

And this morning my pants are falling off my hips, AND I didn't gain any weight! I seriously lucked out... I ate so bad on Sunday b/c my body was totally messed up from the drinking on Saturday. I didn't crawl out of bed til 3pm! I am NOT going over 3 drinks when I go out anymore- it just feels like total crap, and I wasn't even drunk!!!! I hardly ever drink anymore but that one night could have set me back a few pounds- good thing it didn't. My tummy actually looks really flat today, lol.

B~ Ezekiel toast w/ 2tbsps lite cream cheese; Omlette, egg beaters, lite cheese, broccoli
S~ 2 creamers and 2 cups tea
L~ 3 cups salad greens, 3oz turkey breast, 1 lite string cheese, fat free italian dressing
S~ Larabar (chocolate) dipped in 1 plain nonfat yogurt cup

Cals so far today: 870

Workout: 4 hours barn work tonight, tomorrow morning 6am Platoon workout (arm day!)

I think I just gained 5lbs reading about my weekend, lol.