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02-22-2002, 07:39 AM

You are going through so much right now.
Your life is in a state of flux.
You don't know if you are coming or going, if the light is red or green or if it says up or down.
You need strength.
Strength to say NO, to push away from the table, or to tell your loved ones to back off and leave me alone.
You need to find strength to stick to your eating plan, your exercise and your resolve to drink water.
You need to find the strength to carry through with your plan to maintain and to reach your desired goal.
How do you find this strength?
You already have it you need to draw it out.
To believe in yourself, to tell yourself that you are worth it, to get up in the morning with the resolve to succeed.
You can do it.
You have us, the love of family and friends and you have yourself.
One day, one minute, and one step at a time.
You may not lose anything, you may only lost a mere 1/2 pound, but you have gained an incrediable amount of strength, will power, fortitude and a new healthy spirit.
Whether it be inches, pounds or attitude you are a winner and I am proud of you.
Today is a new day go and make it a bright, happy OP one.
Lady Windsong :)