Weight Loss Support - Ready to start again...College food...grrr....

Tanisha Renee
03-10-2008, 02:59 PM
Hii, I'm tanisha.
I'm 5'9" and about 170? 175 maybe?
I am not highly overweight, but I am overweight and i want my body to be healthy. I'm in college now, and being that the food here is all FRENCH FRIES, PIZZA and burgers, i don't have many options...

but I am willing to try. I joined 3fatchicks awhile ago, and then i kinda went off track. But I really want to try and do this now, especially with spring coming now...yesterday i went to burger king and ordered this HUGE burger with fries and soda and i just felt so terrible afterwards...especially since i have acid reflux.

On top of all this, i'm a singer, and this summer i'm going to south africa to sing! I want to look good!!!! And not worrying about choosing outfits to hide my fat...grrr

i'm just tired of not treating my body the way it deserves to be treated.
So if anyone has any motivating words for me, please share

I'm just tired of being like this, and i'm ready to make a change
i'm setting my goal date for The Last Day of Finals,

May 16th.

I'm hoping for maybe at least 15 pounds. That would put me at the weight i'd love to be!
wish me luck :D

03-10-2008, 03:19 PM
Hi Tanisha! College is hard, especially with all of the tempting food choices. My sophomore year of school I took a behavioral psychology class and we talked a lot about reward systems (for rats, mind you, but I applied it to myself...don't know what that says about me...). I set positive goals that were measurable and rewarded myself for reaching them. For example, I wanted to lose a couple pounds but I can't directly control what number shows up on the scale, so my goal had nothing to do with weight. What did I have to do to make my weight go down? I had to exercise and eat less. So my goals were doing such-and-such hours of exercise a week and eating such-and-such a portion at the dining hall. Does that make sense? Then, I rewarded myself with calling friends on the telephone when I made my goals.

Good luck to you!


03-10-2008, 03:48 PM
I agree with tomandkara. It's great that you want to see large results around May 16th, so to get there I would set small goals so that the big one does not escape you. I would make an effort to keep healthy foods around (fruits and veggies if you can - I know my college had a salad bar) and start by trying to lose 3 lbs in 2-3 weeks, or by walking 5 miles this week - something like that. Good luck getting fit, and I'm sure your perfomance in May will be great!

03-10-2008, 03:52 PM
Yes, think about being physically active! Most colleges have a gym where you can work out, or a track where you can get some walking, jogging, or running in at least some hours of the day. This is a great way to help lose pounds and feel better!

As for the food--well--you need to find ways to make better choices, even if you go to fast food places. Most places these days have calorie and nutrient information on line, so that helps you plan what to order when you do go.

Enjoy! This is an exciting time in your life!


Tanisha Renee
03-10-2008, 07:35 PM
thanks guys!!