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02-21-2002, 08:59 AM
Thru Thick & Thin is a group that was formed to give and receive support on our journey to take off the excess pounds and to keep them off. No matter who you are or where you are from, you're welcome here with us. We'll stand with you while you're losing and stand by you if you're not. We all have ups and downs and we need support in both.

02-21-2002, 09:04 AM
Boy not much going on in here yesterday. And by the way Skeeter is very sick, so she won't come in til she is feeling better. I hope the rest of you aren't sick to. Today is my shopping day. I have to take a fish by the shop and see if they know what the heck is wrong with it. I've had this sort of thing before and no one could tell me what was wrong with them over the phone. So I've decided if this is something that is going to be happening all the time I want someone to see it. That's what I'm going to do If she ain't dead this morning. I haven't looked yet, because our hours are so crazy I don't like to turn on the light on them too early so I cover the tank with a dark cloth. I have more problems with my fish and work harder than anyone I know at feeding and keeping things clean. OH well!!!
Marybeth~~ Looks like it's you and me. I remember one of the hardest things for my Mother was when she had to leave her home. At the time I didn't give it much thought, but later when I reflected on it, I can't imagine leaving my house for the last time. Getting old is not a fun thing. We sold my Mom's house after she was gone. I've waited my whole life waiting for things to get just right and then I could be happy. Things never get all lined out, there's always something going on that isn't perfect. I must admit your life is a bit turned upside down right now. I will all come out OK, it'll just take time.

Thank I'll go and sew some more before time to go to town. I hope everyone is feeling well.

02-21-2002, 10:43 AM
Hello All

I have only been gone for 2 days but it seems like forever! I have been quite busy the last two and I didnít get a chance to come in and read what was happening. Okay that isnít totally true Ė last night was not busy. Dh was working on a deadline so I knew that he would be home until 9:30 at the earliest. So I decided to make the night mine. Once I got home from work I grabbed a bowl of leftover soup that was in the fridge and ate it while I started the tub. After I was done gulping down the soup I slipped into my sanctuary. I poured myself a glass of nice red wine, lit the candles around the tub, turned out the light, and slid into the bath (heaping with bubbles of course) and dove into my book. Oh was it heaven!!! Once I got to hot Ė I like steaming hot bathes but canít stay in too long, I grabbed my robe and my book and curled up on the couch with kitty. I didnít turn on the TV or computer all night. I donít remember the last time I treated myself like that. It felt soooo good. The funny part is that hubby is home today and stuck with all of the dishes that I had ignored. Wonder if they will all be magically done by the time I get home.

Sally: Glad to hear that you havenít gained! Good for you. Sounds like everyone is getting really busy right now. Especially those of you with kiddies. Donít know how you do it. Hey glad to hear that your treadmill is being put use. Our weather here has been pretty good. We had a cold spell but it only lasted 2 days. Unfortunately one of those days was the day I set to run my 10-miler. I have to admit, I treated my self to a steamy mug of FF hot chocolate when I got home! But now that it has warmed up, it hasnít stopped raining. Oh well I would much rather have rain in February than snow. A new mountain bike?! Ohhh how exciting. Does your hubby ride as well? Sounds like it could be a fun family thing. I donít blame that guy for being on the Runnerís World Website. Itís great. Not that I would ever be on it at work. :devil: Wow your girls really are doing great! You should be one proud mama!

Skeeter: I am so sorry to hear how sick you and dh are! :( You have my wishes for a speedy recovery. 45 Ė 50 miles? That is amazing! He must have had a great pair of legs! Thatís too bad he hasnít gone back to it. Sometimes it is so easy to slip out of it and soooo hard to get back in. I would love to see a picture of your ďpooch-in-a-pouchĒ

Jen: I am pooped just reading about your ordeals with school, work, the car dealership, and the bank! I hate dealing with the dealerships as well. When we bought our last car, I made poor dh do all of the work. All I did was sign on the dotted line. Have you had your legs checked out yet? That sounds like a terrible thing to live with. Glad to hear that you are getting breakfast in.

Moonstone: Yes it is spring here and we have the rain to prove it. I donít mind the rain so much except it smelt like wet dog on the subway yesterday. :p Oh I wonít forget womenís hockey. I have a date with dh tonight to watch the women win gold! I love your kitty story. Did hubby mind sleeping in the ďdog houseĒ?

Mb: Sorry to hear about your momís fall. Hopefully she will enjoy her new home. Glad you did manage to away for a bit. Itís good that you may have some time to look for a new job. Then you can be more choosey and not have to take the first thing that comes along if it isnít what you want. Grilled cheese and goodnight sleep sounds good to me too! I do hope that you have the dry days on the weekend for the move.

Marlana: Sorry to hear that mama and babies didnít make it. :( However, your new babies sound beautiful. Tonight should be a good night for womenís hockey. Hope youíre ready to settle for the silver. :lol: I saw really interesting show the other night called ďTaking it OffĒ. It is a documentary type show that is falling a group of people through a period of trying to lose weight. One woman said she really needed a visual representation of her weight. So she started a paperclip chain. She bought all different colours of paperclips and every time she lost a pound she added a clip. Then after every 10 pounds she switched colour. I thought that was a great motivational idea. Not only do I have a fellow Canadian here, I have a fellow Torontonian here! I love you picture of Cleo! Your tank is also beautiful. Is that the one you worked so hard on cleaning up? If so it was worth it! Thanks for the update on Skeeter. Hope she is up and about soon.

Jojo: When I first read about your hubby toolbox I thought it read $400 and then I realized that there was another 0 to that number. Yikes! :eek: Iím glad that he is enjoying his new job. It is good to have a hubby who comes home happy!

Well I think that is all for now. I just got some good news. Our director is taking all of the support staff out for a nice lunch tomorrow just to say ďThanksĒ. Gosh what a great place.

Have a good one!


This attachment is for Skeeter and anyone else who is under the weather.

02-21-2002, 04:51 PM
Good afternoon gals. I found a few spare minutes and thought that I'd get my butt in here. Things are usual around here for me. I ended up getting a new car last night. I'd been working with the salesman for over a month and got it down as far as they would go. I made sure they knew I wasn't in any hurry, make them desperate to sell. I got a '02 Olds Alero. I traded in an Alero for another one. I had alot of rebates, and got a 5 yr warranty. I did pretty good. I just hate dealing with salesmen though. No matter what, I always feel like they snuck something past me and I paid too much. Oh well, at least it's over for awhile!

Mom had a bunch of teeth pulled this morning. She's doing pretty good. Took a couple tylenol with codeine and fell asleep on the couch. Of course, as I'm sitting in the waiting room, my wisdom teeth start in. Guess that means that I'm next.

I'm pretty tired and think I'll go take a nap before I go to work at 7pm. At least it's only for 4 hrs tonight.


02-21-2002, 06:41 PM
Hello Everyone

Its cold out today and we are getting flurries. I just wish we'd get some accumulation.

Oh boy, state employees are in an uproar today. First it started out with the Governor requesting everyone take a furlough day without pay and the union balked not because of the furlough day, but because he was still threatening layoffs. So then we got the papers that we have to take the day whether the union wants us to or not or they will pick the day for us to not be paid for. I don't mind that. Well now the gov is being vindictive and yesterday paper said there will be over 3,000 state employees laid off because the union is not cooperating. He wants us to give up our annual raises now and the union is saying the contract cant be opened. Today's paper had an article where the Governor was asked about if he and the legislators, reps and senators were willing to give up their raises to and he replied that its constitutional that they get their raises. Our contract is binding that we get our raises. Oh, our governor is a HYPOCRIT and luckily he won't be in office after this term. I've been so mad all day over this. I can't even stand to see that mans face. He is very vindictive.

Marybeth, wow, 12 hours sleep must of felt pretty nice. I'd love to sleep that long but usually I wake up to go to the bathroom and can't go back to sleep.

Marlana, it was quiet in here yesterday, thats why I waited till today to post. I'm anxiously awaiting the ice skating tonight. I've got my fingers crossed for Michelle and the other 2 American girls. I'll pass your tip along to dh since he is the one who washes his own work clothes and I'll have to stop by Dollar General to see if I can find some Mean Green for him to use. Boy, you do have a lot of problems with your fish.

Jen, congrats on your new car. I think thats the one that replaced the Cutlass.

Tobey, I told dh this toolbox had better be the last one he gets. He told me that with the last one he had but then he decided he need this one which cost about $1000 more than the other one. He promised me this was the last one. It is a good heavy one. I couldn't even help him lift the top box out of his pickup truck last weekend when he brought it home. They used a fork lift to get it in his truck. There weren't any tools in it either. We should all treat ourselves like you did last night. I'm thinking about soaking in the tub for awhile myself tonight as my low back is bothering me again.

Skeeter, hurry and get feeling better. We miss you.

Well, I've got to get going. Talk to you later.

02-22-2002, 07:36 AM
Morning Ladies,
Hope everyone's doing okay today; I'm all right, I guess; Jeff has to work all day today--Fridays are usually just overtime for him, but they are extra busy lately, so it's an all day affair (let's hope not!:devil: ). So, my dinner won't be cooked when I get home like usual on Fridays-booooo. But he gets time and a half for 10 hours----yay. I'm just glad he's at least working, with the job market like it is now. We have one plant laying off 1200 people at the end of the month, so they will be out looking, if they aren't already.
Skeeter, hope you and hubby are up and around before you know it....my supervisor has had a horrid time the last couple of months with bronchial stuff--she went from sinus drainage to bronchitis, to pneumonia, and now she's got it again. Must be a very bad year for that. I've had pneumonia every year for the last nine years (must be something my oldest daughter did to me--I got it for the first time when I was pregnant with her) but so far, not this year. Get lots of rest and lots of fluids and feel better soon!
Mama, did you get those fish straightened out? You may need a fish doctor! Poor things, they have had a time, not to mention Mama! It has been quiet in here lately, hasn't it? I guess folks are either not feeling well, or still eating Valentine's candy & Girl Scout cookies:devil: I hate it when that stuff is staring at me, saying "just one, just one." I usually make it one box, though, not one piece. This year I put my Girl Scout cookies out in the lounge---I told everyone I was contributing to the fat fund...better on someone else than meeeeee!
Tobey, sounds like a lovely evening you had! I haven't had one of those since the kids came along. A closed bathroom door instantly means they either need something out of the bathroom RIGHT THIS MINUTE, or they must, simply must, talk to me and only me, RIGHT THIS MINUTE. I've taken to taking a shower after they go to bed, but still sometimes I hear a scratch at the door when the water starts running and a little voice.....they must wake up just to interrupt Mama. Jeff does have a mountain bike too--he bought his when he got mine, but mine is a 2002 model, so it's a bit nicer, and more expensive :eek: The girls got mountain bikes for Christmas this year. So hopefully it will be family thing for us---we biked last night for about 30 minutes; we live on a hill and that was all Mama's legs could handle! I have to get into this gradually I think!
Jen, JoJo, MaryBeth, Moonstone, Carol & everyone, love you all, and I'll try and shove my way to the computer this weekend. It's the girls' dad's weekend so they won't be here some of the time (they're so thrilled!:s: ) There is an RV/camper show in town tomorrow, and Jeff wants to go, so I guess we'll go check out the new ones and come home and see how inadequate ours is ! I hope he doesn't get the "wants".
Love you all, and talk to you soon!

02-22-2002, 11:42 AM
Good Morning~~I'm breaking my rules to myself this morning. I ended up going back to bed this morning. Staying up and watching the Olympics is killing me sleep wise. I was pleased with the skating last night almost. I felt real sorry for Michelle, but she was just off, and I'm not sure the 16 year old didn't skate better than Michelle can anyway. She done just like Kara done 4 years ago, she just skated so good and so easy. Was really glad the Russian didn't get gold.

Tobey~~ Congrats to you and the girls Canadian Hockey Team. If we have to lose to anyone I want it to be to Canada. I don't know about you but we didn't get to see much of the game at all. Today I want to see USA beat Russia really bad. I'm sure they won't show much of that game either. US TV has to make room for commercials you know.:rolleyes: I'll say one thing for you, when you make up your mind to relax, you sure know how. I like the paper clip idea by the way, that's neat. I thank I'll do that and glue them to a magnet and then put them on the fridge.

Jen~~Girlfriend the car salesmen will be talking about the tuff woman they finally sold a car to for months. Good for you. They thank women are push overs. We are not all push overs, some times I know more about things than they do. Not cars but building things. Don't you just love the smell of a brand new car.

Jo Jo~~If it isn't one thing with your job it's another. I'm going to bet you have a ********** governor. Which ever he needs to go. Girlfriend he couldn't be any worse than the little pipsweak we have here in Okla. I now live in a right to work state. I thank I live in the state with the most stupid people in the country. Let me tell you something, politicians take care of their friends and them selves. They don't have any idea how a working man lives. Most of them don't pay their fair share of taxes. Here we go, I just hate them. (((((Jo Jo I wrote all the above at least 2 hours ago. I was outside working and thanking and I thought about what I had wrote to you and decided I better come in and take one word out, I could affend someone. You'll just have to guess what it is.:D
Sally~~ Don't even mention those dang little fish. They seem to have something that looks a bit like fin rot.:mad: Jen is not the only nurse on duty now. I have a hospital tank set up. grrrrrrrrrrrrr I tell you its something all the time. I thank the problem is I try to keep them too clean. I go to the pet shop and their tanks are dirty, I don't know how they keep anything alive. I hope you can keep the camper fever down in your hubby this week end, because the only thing to cure it is a new one.:lol:

Since I broke my rule, I must hit it now, and hard. Have a good week end everyone. I'm missing you Skeeter. Get well soon.

02-22-2002, 12:32 PM
Howdy All

Well of course I spent last night watching womenís hockey. What an exciting game despite the reffing. There were a lot of bad calls! Naturally I am very proud of our women. I also think it is fantastic that the Swedish women won a medal as well. They almost were allowed to complete in the Olympics because their country did think they were good enough. Well they showed them! In fact it is the womenís hockey and not the menís who are bring home a medal. Now thatís GIRL POWER. At 2:00 our time is the semi-final Canadian menís hockey game. A lot of people are trying to get out of work to see it. I donít think I will but they are going to try to get the game on in our office.

No real big plans for the weekend except tonight. Tonight I am going to an all girls Pampered Chef party. It should be fun except I am a bit worried because out of 20 women I will only know the host! I plan on treating myself to a few gadgets. I have already gone through the catalogue and have my eye on a few items.

Jen: CONGRATULATIONS on the new car. Wow have you worked for it. Iím sure you got an amazing deal. Hope your mom is recovering. My wisdom teeth have been bugging me lately too. Next week I have an appointment to get my crown, so I think Iíll arrange for my dentist to set up my consultation with the specialist at time. Iím not looking forward to that. I am very jealous of dh right now. He was one of those lucky ducks who were born without wisdom teeth. He claims that is because he is highly evolved. :rolleyes: What ever.

Jojo: Wow you are actually getting flurries?! Hey be careful what you wish for. You may just get dumped on when you just want some accumulation. :lol: Thatís how it works you know. If it takes a forklift to lift his toolbox, I guess he should have to worry about anyone steeling it. Unless they stole a forklift first. I highly recommend a nice hot bath Ė sore back or not. :D

Sally: Hubby normally has dinner ready for you on Fridays? You have him very well trained. I think most people are very thankful they have a job right now. BIL was informed that he was loosing his job at the end of February (they told him just before and Christmas). But luckily he did manage to find a new job after a long search. My other BIL had to take a 10% pay cut. Not good times. I have also ordered some Girl Guide cookies (our Canadian equivalent) but plan to through the box in the freezer right away. Out of sight out of mind. Problem is that when I remember they are there, they are sooo good frozen. The family bike rides sound like fun! Nothing wrong with a 30 minute ride Ė especially with hills! Enjoy the RV show!

Marlana: For womenís hockey, if USA loses it will be to Canada and vice versa. Unfortunately Europe doesnít have a very strong womenís hockey program. Which is too bad. We didnít miss a minute of the game. The only time they played commercials was in between periods. You know us Canadians, we canít miss a second of our hockey. Iíll be out tonight and will miss the US vs Russia game. But dh cancelled his plans so he could watch it. I hate to admit it but we are rooting for Russia. We donít want to have to play US in the finals. The US has a fantastic team this year. I think the paperclip chain will make a great souvenir once it is all gone for good. :)

Hmmm looks like Iím done already. I hope everyone has a super weekend. Stay health (or in some cases Ė get healthy!).


02-22-2002, 05:36 PM
Hey Everyone. :wave:

I'm going to try to write a little while my headache has eased up a bit. Boy have I been feeling bad. I have the typical sinus infection with bronchitis. My coughing finally slowed down today but it sure is deep and hurts when I do cough. Hubby hasn't improved much at all and is running a fever again today. He is still taking medicine so maybe there is going to be some changes soon. If not, he will have to go back to see the doctor on Monday.

Marlana~Thanks for letting everyone know that I am still among the living, although it didn't feel like it the past few days. :lol: I can't remember the last time that I spent that much time in bed sick and it isn't over yet. I'm sorry to hear that you have fishy problems again. I am so lucky to have cleaned all my tanks just before I got this nasty bug. I have been dragging myself around to feed them and the rest of the critters. Hubby hasn't wanted anything to eat except a sandwich once in a while. I finally lost my taste today, so I won't be having much to eat either. It helps when you just feel too bad to mess in the kitchen.

JoJo~It sure sounds like you are going to have some major developments between your union and your department. I hope it works out okay for you. I watched the skating last night although I was feeling very bad. I sure wish that Michelle has stayed on her feet for the gold. Tonight is going to be a good exhibition.

Tobey~Thanks for your well wishes. That attachment was really cute. My neighbor told me that he saw a health warning on a local TV station warning of this nasty bug outbreak. It's a little late for the warning. :( Congratulations to your hockey team. We have been very limited to what is being chosen for us to see of the Olympics. It seems like at least one station would have had complete coverage and let us choose what we wanted to watch.

Jen~WTG on being a tough lady with the car lot. I just caught a smidgen of a report about a local car dealer having to make restitutions on strong arming people into buying cars. They took their old cars and keys and just kept at them until they wore them down and made a sale. Makes a person want to keep what they have on the road for a while longer. :) Anyhow, enjoy that new car.

Sally~Our weather is so crazy this year, that it's not surprising that everyone is sick. It goes from the low 30's to 80's in 48 hours at least once a week. I've seen some crazy weather here but this is about the strangest in a long time. Have you resolved the problems with the ex or is that still coming up? 30 minutes in the hills on a bike sounds like a very good start to me. :lol:

Hello to the ones that I missed. A hot bubble bath is sounding good this evening. It is starting to cool off here so I think I'll go soak for a while. Y'all have a good evening.

02-23-2002, 01:23 PM
Good morning gals. Thought I'd take a quick minute and post. I plan on going out with dear bf tonight, but I'll have to work on my paper this afternoon for awhile. I can't wait until this semester is over. What will I do with all of my free time.

Ok gals. Here is the good news. From being soooo busy this past week, and always on the run, I lost 4 lbs! In ONE week! Wow. Only about 10 more to go, by summer. Now I just have to get exercising regularly again, especially with spring just around the corner!

Skeeter- My bf has had a terrible cold this week too. I just hope that I don't get it. I have a couple white spots on my tonsils, but not a sore throat or fever. Hopefully it'll stay that way. I can't believe that car dealer would do something like that. If they tried something like that with me, I'd kick 'em where it counts!!!

Tobey- I also need to get my butt to the dentist for a crown, and then my wisdom teeth. I'm sure my bf would think the same thing as your husband if he didn't have wisdom teeth. What's with these men? No I haven't been to the doctor yet about my legs. They haven't been to bad this past week. I'm waiting to see if I puff back up.

Marlana- What is going on with your fishies? You are turning into quite the animal nurse! I do like the paperclip idea. Creates a nice visual of your accomplishments.

Sally- I guess I don't realize how the job market is. Nursing is just the opposite, plenty of jobs. I guess I'm very lucky. I've done some research for school, by 2020, nurses will be 20% less than what is required.

Jojo- Yeah, I've read some crap about Ryan lately. Lets see him take a day off without pay. Please don't wish for too much snow. I don't want to have to deal with that, and I'm not too far from you!

I guess that is about it for this morning. Time to go write a paper! My topic is burnout prevention. Go figure!


02-23-2002, 07:59 PM
Hi everyone. Not alot going on here today. We went to the Goodwill today to look for some jeans for dh to wear to work. He wont be able to order uniforms until he has been there for 30 days. He found 3 pairs.

Other than that, I figured out the checkbook, called in our federal taxes (we get a decent refund this year) and a few other piddly things. I'm sitting here fretting over a poor kitty stuck up in the neighbors tree. Its way up there. He tried to throw a ball to knock it out of it since it wasn't that high up there but the cat got scared at went higher. It won't come down because of their dog. I tell you, when it comes to animals, I can really work myself into a worrying fit.

Jen, oh, the guv is bragging about how he worked his day off without pay. Thats good. I was glad to hear it. But see, its illegal for them to try and make us work it without pay, even if they didn't pay us for it then, they'd have to pay us for it later so that option is out. He is so vindictive. He spent way to much money on things this state does not need and is making the state employees pay for it. But he and his cabinet do not feel they should have to give up their raise, just us low level peons. One state official said that the average state employee makes $55,000 a year. HA!!!! I don't even know anyone except maybe the executives that make that much, I don't even make half that. So where they get that amount, I have no idea. Oh, I'll get off my soapbox now. I'm just getting mad again.

Skeeter, be sure you go back to the Dr if you keep running fevers. I know of 3 people who have pneumonia. It started out as bronchitis. Sounds like you are getting lots of rest which is good and what you need.

Tobey, those flurries were coming down pretty good but it was to warm for it to accumulate. I like snow now for some reason. I like looking at a fresh fallen snow, its just so pretty. But I'd rather not go out in it if I don't have to. Congrats to the Canadians for doing so well in the Olympics. By the way, what the heck does sweeping those brooms do in curling? I'd never heard of that game till the Olympics. I hear its a big thing in Canada.

Marlana, we definetly have an ******* of a governor. Oh, I'm not even going to start again. I just get to mad. I can only imagine the word you took out. I've got several of my own for him and they'd never fly in here I bet. I wouldn't want to get kicked off this site. I felt so bad for Michelle the other night. She looked totally devastated. But I hope she realizes that she doesn't need that gold medal to prove anything. She's already a champion.

Sally, hi to you to. I wish my dh could get in overtime. We could really use some. Thats nice that he fixes dinner for you once in awhile.

Well, I've got to get going. Take care everyone.

02-24-2002, 10:47 AM
Hi guys ...starkeeper - hope the cat is down but don't worry if it isn't - he will eventually work himself down - there was a cat near us once that was up a tree in the ravine for 2 days - I tried all sorts of things, eventually called the Humane Society (fire department/police laughed at me) - they said don't worry he will come down when he is ready and he did!

I totally sympathize about your governor - we are in teh same situation with our premier - a totally arrogant man who is so removed from how real people live - he has decimated our health system, our education system and managed to alienate anyone in the Province who isn't rich ... now he is selling our natural resources (which belong to us all) to his corporate buddies .... as you say, don't get me started ...
Dolphin, 4 lbs!!! That's absolutely wonderful!
Skeeter - hope you're feeling better - keep an eye on that throat - there is a lot of strep going around.
Marlana - I hope your fish are doing better - I didn't know you could nurse fish! It must be frustrating though, especially when you don't know the problem with them. Hope they get better - hope you're enjoying Olympics too - frankly, I have watched very little - I have been very cynical about the Olympics for a long time - and the odd time I do catch something there is invariably some nasty thing happening which confirms my decision to "boycott" them - I was thrilled to see our Canadian hockey women win, though, despite, dare I say it, some "interesting" referreeing - good for them! I do love the short track speed skating too - it is like roller derby on ice!

Well, hope everyone has a good day ... I'm at work so better get back to what I should be doing.

02-24-2002, 04:08 PM
Hello. I hope you are having a good weekend.

I was so upset this morning when I got up and saw the cat in the tree. I told dh he had to do something cause I just couldn't stand the thought of that poor thing stuck up there. He had managed to work himself lower but showed no signs of coming down. Dh went over and got up in their tree and the cat tried to come to him but got scared so dh used his long handle limb trimmer and gave the kitty a nudge. He said the cat looked just like the one of the cat hanging in the picture that says "hang in there baby" and gave dh a look that said 'you s.o.b. and fell to the ground and took off like a bat out of heck. So I feel much better and my anxiety level is much lower and dh is my hero. :love:

Moonstone, sounds like your premier is even worse than our governor. Our governor had a scandal behind him when he got elected and I was really surprised that he won. Our governor is only in office thru next year and hopefully we get a better one. The only bad thing is, when our governor goes, the agency director where I work will have to go and everyone loves him. Thats the only thing bad about political appointment jobs.

To everyone else, Skeeter, hope you and your dh are recovering and feeling better, hello to everyone else.

02-24-2002, 06:49 PM
Sorry to my American friends, but WE WON GOLD!!! It's back where it belongs!

02-24-2002, 10:22 PM
Hey Everyone. :wave:

Well I have been out of bed longer today than any other day since last Monday. That must be a good sign. I do feel a lot better and the headache is so much better too. My husband is still coughing bad though. I am glad that he is going back in for a breathing test next week. If he has asthma, he needs to get on some medicine to control it.

Jen~WTG losing 4#. That is really great. You must be doing everything right. There was an article in our local paper Saturday about the severe nursing shortage here. To make matters worse, the agency handling the paperwork for the Board of Nursing moved from one side of the state to the other and had to hire new employees. This caused an unusually long delay in the authorizations for state boards. Now that it has made the papers, solutions will probably be found a lot faster. You have chosen a career field with a lot of possibilities.

JoJo~I'm sure glad that your husband got that kitty down. I get wrapped up in stuff like that too. I am going to try to have a quieter spring this year with no orphans. Maybe there won't be any that need me and I won't be so tied down. That would sure make my husband a very happy man. :lol:

Moonstone~Congratulations to your hockey teams. The closing ceremonies are on as I type this. It's too bad that they have had to take the medals from some of the athletes for drug use. It's also ironic that they are from the same country that has been crying "foul" so much.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. I wanted to post tonight because I might not make it in here tomorrow. We are going to town tomorrow to get a few groceries. Neither of us have been up much and we are moving around kind of slow. It might take all day to get a few things. :D

02-25-2002, 07:17 AM
Morning everyone,
Skeeter, I hope you and your husband are feeling better today - if it is asthma he will definitely need some puffers - I can't think of anything worse than struggling for a breath. Good luck.

Starkeeper, That's great news about the cat! I know when the cat near us was up the tree, I was the same - couldn't sleep for worryinga bout it. Your husband is a hero!

Well, celebration and joy on the streets of Toronto last night! I worked Sunday but we had a big screen TV in our lunchroom - I am a total suck when it comes to tension like that - stayed away but gauged the results by the screams emitting from down the hallway - jumped up and down like a maniac and then went down to Yonge to join the celebration! It was insane but all were pretty well behaved. It was certainly an interesting Olympics - the doping scandals, the figure skating and the upsets!

Hope everyone is receoving from their various illness - incidentally I am a big believer in ecenecia - you get it at health food stores and boosts the immune system - although two of my kids were sick last week off and on also - sounds like the same thing you have Skeeter - sinus, headache, coughing - this mild weather is partially to blame, Ithink.

have a good day!

02-25-2002, 12:44 PM
Good morning gals. I finally crawled out of bed. I decided not to go spend time with the case manager for school today before work. It makes the day way too long. I am going to go tomorrow instead. I am off work tomorrow. I took a vacation day because there is a "filed trip" for school to Des Moines on Wed. I would have to leave at 5 am to get there on time, and I didn't want to work the night before. But I don't have to go at all since I don't live in Iowa. It's contact a legislator lobby day. I'm taking care of that assignment on my own time so I don't have classes this week. I'm not telling work that. I'm taking the day off to finish my paper. What favors would they do for me? NONE! Ha ha. I win.

Last night I didn't do so great with the food. I did great all day, but then I went to a baby shower and there was so much good food, and "better than sex cake". I suppose that depends on your frame of reference. But it was good. It was a German choc cake, with sweetened condensed milk poured over, then a jar of caramel topping poured over, and then a cool whip frosting with crumbled heath bar on top. Back to the plan today. My weigh in days are Friday, so I have plenty of time to iron it out!

Moonstone- I haven't paid much attention to the olympics this year. I didn't have much time to sit around and watch, but I like the summer games better anyway. I agree with the herbal treatments, but you have to know what you're getting into. Like echinacea, you're not supposed to take it if you have an immune system disease, like neither my mom (with MS) or me (Raynauds) should take it. Just do your research first.

Jojo- Oh that poor kitty. I should go find him and give him a hug and a can of tuna! I don't really follow politics that much, but I can see I'm going to have to start. I guess I've gotten at least that much out of my

Skeeter- I can't imagine having a headache for that long. Must be horrible. Things must be really short in Florida! I get a quarterly magazine type thing about how great it is to work and live in Florida. It is very tempting, but with mom, and grandpa, I can't leave here. They offer relocation assistance, sign on bonuses, student loan forgiveness. I could get rich moving! I'm glad you're feeling better. If hubby has asthma, he needs meds to keep acute attacks away.

I guess that is it for this morning so far. I'm gonna go work on my hip exercises, get my butt moving for the day. Only work 3-7 today! YIPPEE! Love those 4 hr shifts.


02-25-2002, 03:55 PM
Good Afternoon~~I was lazy Sat. and didn't even come in and read. Well really I was depressed all week end. Yesterday would you believe my mouse died again. I had only had it for about 3 weeks. The darn thing didn't work right in the first place. The cursor would take off on it's own. Well anyway I just got back from town and bought another one, one of those without a roller ball on the bottom. Some how ladies I managed to lose 2 1/2 pounds last week. While I was in town I bought 2 sizes of colored paper clips. I have 100 little ones and I will hang one up for every pound I lose. The big ones I will hang up when I lose 5 pounds so I will always know at a glance how much I've lost. I have a cork board right beside my puter.

Skeeter~~Hey girl, good to see you are feeling well enough to write again. I would be in bad trouble if I had to stay in bed for more than 7 hours. My back would kill me. I sure hope Hubby is feeling better by now. Most of my fish problems are caused by me. Right now I thank I've got too many in the tank. It's better to have too few as opposed to too many. If your hubby has some Asthma as they thank he might a cold is very bad for him and will be hard to get over. I hope he doesn't have it.

Tobey~~Well what can I say, Canada won fair and square. I guess after 50 years it's your turn. I'm quite happy at how it all turned out. 34 medals isn't bad. For some of our people I was so happy I cried. I wanted Apolo to win his 4 gold's, but I admire him as a very young person having such a nature taking the losses when sometimes it was someone else's fault he lost. Was good to see the two Canadian men win in the relay in short track.

~~MoonstoneUSA rocks too....34 Medal's...not bad considing we had only hopes for 16. I will say this, first I was for USA, but second I was for Canada. You talked about tension, Short Track is so fast I guts just get all bound up watching it. I love the Olympics, both winter and summer. I wasn't going to watch the closing but I did and enjoyed it too.

Jo Jo~~Has your cat come down yet?? Sometimes I wonder what the heck I was thanking when I got these fish. I didn't have any pets and didn't have to worry about them if we went off on vacation for a couple of week. I'll have to leave these fish with one of those cakes in the tank to feed them. Believe me it would be a mess to come home and find them all dead.grrrrrrrrrrrrrr I may have to flush them before I leave. :cry:I'm a bad Moma!!!!!!

Jen~~I didn't do well with the food over the week end either, but still managed to lose a couple of pounds. I got my paper clips going on here.
Congrats on your 4 pound loss, that is wonderful. OH my goodness, those fish are lucky to be alive with a mom like me. There is so much to learn about keeping the water in the correct shape. It should be called water keeping not fish keeping.

COLOR=teal]Sally~~Missed you this morning! [/COLOR]

I've got to run and get this mouse installed right. It's got a roller on it and I wasn't ready to install it right when I got on the puter, if I can get the wizard back up that is.

02-25-2002, 05:47 PM
Hello All

Well Canada walks away with a gold in both men and womenís hockey. I can tell you that it was crazy here with national pride. However, the US team should not feel the least be ashamed. They played a fantastic game and fought the hard fight. It must be so strange for people who are normally on the same team to compete at such a fierce level against each other. It was nice to see that the end, the 4 Detroit players (2 Canadian and 2 American) have their picture taken together. But than hockey, not much happened in my life over the weekend. I got in a good 8-mile run on Sunday morning and signed up for an 8k race on April 6th.

Skeeter: Youíre alive! Sound like you and hubby are having a rough time. Has hubbyís meds kicked in yet? Nothing worse than when you are both sick at the same time. :( The Canadian coverage of the Olympics were fantastic. No commercials during the game and great coverage of all of the sports. My BIL who lives in Boston was complaining about the American coverage. He said there were commercials through out everything and he missed a lot of what he wanted to see. He really wanted to watch the menís hockey bronze game (Russia vs Belarus) but no American stations were covering it. Dh has to e-mail commentaries to him.

Jen: Congrats on the loss! Nice! How are the legs doing? I donít blame you for taking the day off! But what a way to use a vacation day. I would have to break down and try Better Than Sex cake Ö although I have my doubts! :lol:

Jojo: Oh those are some of the best words in the English language: TAX REFUND! I have all of my stuff ready to go but dh is still putting his stuff together. Since he owns his own business it takes much longer. But the upside is that we get so many write offs! That poor kitty Ė I hope that story has happy ending! Curling is pretty big here (not that I am really interested in it) but it is actually a Scottish sport. Itís a lot like playing shuffleboard on ice. By sweeping the ice, they create friction that will speed up the rock. A lot of good curlers came from my hometown but it is a sport that I have never been interested in. To me it is the winter version of bowling (no offence to any bowlers or curlers). Ah just read your last post. Glad to hear kitty is okay Ė way to go hubby!

Moonstone: What can I say but GO CANADA GO eh? We were glued to the TV from about 2:00 Ė 8:00!

Marlana: Congratulations on the loss! So you did go in for the paperclip idea. I wish I did something visual like that while I was losing. I didnít even take a ďbeforeĒ picture. Yah I guess after 50 years you would say that we were due. I canít even tell you the celebrations that went on here. Even today when I was walking to the gym on my lunch break, they were people driving around honking and waving our flag. I feel kind of bad for the other athletes because they have quickly been forgotten and overshadowed by our hockey team. Hope your mouse goes smooth!

Well I think that is all. Guess it is time to pack up and head home to dh :love:.

Have a great one!

Thought this picture was just too sweet.

DADDY WON!: Joe Nieuwendyk shows his gold medal to his daughter Tyra after Team Canada's 5-2 victory to win the gold medal against Team USA.

02-25-2002, 06:45 PM
Hey all, I survived this past week and the weekend. It has been so busy here I hardly have time to sleep. But now maybe I can have some time for me. I have been running all over the place for the girls this past week getting them ready for the Beauty pagent at school. Both were on different nights. The little on got in the top ten. We are so proud of here. We were just proud that she went out of the stage. She is only 6 and has never done anything like that before and is shy.
So, I have made it almost one whole day being back on program. I am going to walk when I go to pick up the older one from softball practice. I still have to get some water in. But I will work on that when I get back. I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing. I will try later to catch up on the post.
Take care

02-25-2002, 09:36 PM
Forgot to mention earlier. Remember old Mr. eat all my food and not supportive at all. Well he has decided that he needs to lose weight. I hate to tell him that is all I needed to throw all the junk away and I will not buy anymore so I hope he means it because I am only cooking one meal from now own. He can eat it or do with out. Isn't that really sweet of me:devil: No for real I hope he stick to it and learns to eat right for our kids.

02-26-2002, 07:46 AM
Morning Ladies,
I've got two bad little monsters running around getting ready for school, so this will be quick. Not much going on around my house; mother in law may blow thru this weekend on her way home; she's at the beach this week. Work is going pretty good; we went to the RV show and of course came home loaded with brochures and ideas. I had to pull Jeff out of one of them by the shirt; he was working on a payment plan with the salesman.....I told him we were only there to LOOK. Not to BUY. But who listens to Mama?? Oh, lost one pound last week--I'm in the 150s by the skin of my teeth now. I've got to go and get them finished up for school---I'll try and write everyone properly tomorrow. Love you all!

02-26-2002, 01:00 PM
Good Morning~~I've had a very busy morning, getting caught up and back into what I'm suppose to be doing. I've got all the fish bowls and the tank clean. I got the shock of all shocks a few min ago. I pulled up a chair to watch the fish to see if all was OK after I got through cleaning and changing the water. I seen this little dark thing dart under a rock. So I got down there and low and be dang I have a baby fish in there. I don't know what it is.:?: It has to be one of the Platys that was born a couple of weeks ago, but it's really dark and the moma was golden orange, and died. I hope he makes it, but some how I don't much thank it will. More likely I won't ever see it again. I have some good news, we got a check for $200 dollars yesterday from our daughter. I've got to get the number of her bank and see if there is enough money to cover it. There is a small chance that I might get to cash it. Then again this might be an acc. that she closed and just had some check left.:^:

Tobey~~Glad your happy about the hockey, I've already forgot about it. I'm afraid I have plenty of before pictures, I want some after ones. Got 2 paper clips on my cork board. Hope to get a couple more next week. If I gain I have to take them off.

Teresa~~Good to hear from you. Congrats on being back on program and congrats to your little girl too. Glad things might slow down for you, maybe you can get back into the swing of things and lose some more weight and come and tell us about it. My husband decided a few weeks ago he was going to lose some weight and he is. He walks everyday.

Sally~~Yahoo, Sally is in her 50's, good job girl, your going to get there....and stay there.What kind of a RV is hubby wanting now? The only thing that will kill that fever, is another RV.

You know what my hubby is really taking this losing weight serious. Yesterday he told me the next time I go to town to get him some celery and carrots to snack on on the way home of a evening. He says he snacks to stay a wake. Can you believe that one. I also noticed he is cutting down on the food he eats for super. It seems so easy for him and just a battle for me everyday. What is wrong with people like me?:shrug: I seem to be related to a :ink:, and bigger than a :moo:. Bye Bye. :wave:

2 Paper Clips!:D

02-26-2002, 08:00 PM
Hello Everyone

Its a cold and snowy day here. It started snowing yesterday but we really don't have that much on the ground, maybe 2 inches except for the drifting. Its really windy out there. I like the snow, I just wish I didn't have to go out in it this morning.

I just can't seem to warm up yet. I've been home for over an hour and I feel like an ice cicle. That wind is awful. It just goes right thru you. Even the dog doesn't want to be out in it for very long. I'm going to finish this and then put on my long night gown and chennille robe and I'm going to kick back for the rest of the night.

Marlana, wow, I bet you were shocked to see the check from your daughter. I don't blame you for checking with the bank first tho. If the money is there, cash it quickly. Yep, dh "helped" the kitty out of the tree Sunday morning. He went over in the neighbors yard and got up in the tree and the cat started coming towards him but then stopped so dh took he pole tree limb trimmer and gave it a little nudge and down it came. Luckily it wasn't as high up as it was the day before. My anxiety level was much better after that. Congrats on losing 2 1/2 pounds. Thats great.

Teresa, thats great your dh seems to be more supportive. my dh could stand to lose some weight to because his belly just keeps getting bigger and bigger. So as soon as I get my act together, maybe dh & I will start losing weight together.

Tobey, yes "Tax Refund" is a favorite couple of words for me to, especially since we usually end up having to pay in every year. I've decided that I'm getting a couple things for the puter when we get the money back. I'm going to add some memory plus I need to update my systemworks program to. I can imagine Canada was one big celebration the other day when they won the gold medals in both hockey games. Thats great. I don't think I would be all that interested in Curling either. Who won the gold in that?

Jen, I'd of loved to give that cat some cat food and a drink but dh said it took off like a bat out of h e double toothpicks. Can't really blame him. I just hope his home was somewhere nearby and he was able to get a drink of water. The poor thing. Did you get any of this snow? If not, I'll send some your way, ok?!!!! Actually, i'll keep the snow and send the wind.

Moonstone, I've got a couple bottles of ecinechea and I took it when I was sick. I'm not so sure if it worked or not. I got over the cold but it came back several weeks later and I've still got the nasty sinus symptoms yet but I don't feel bad. And now there seems to be another nasty virus going around and I'm just trying to avoid anyone who has it.

Well, I cant stand my clothes anymore so I'm going to get off here and change. Take care everyone.

02-26-2002, 08:20 PM
Good evening gals. I really don't have time to post to everyone tonight, although I'd love to, but I feel like I need to come in here and vent a bit. My beloved manager (please note the sarcasm) has decided in all of her infinite wisdom (oh please) that we no longer deserve to have a "free weekend" a year. Since we are required to work every other weekend, we were allowed to choose one a year that we would normally work to be off. That was nice in case of a wedding, graduation, etc. Well, and I quote, "this is not a hospital policy, it was a unit privilege that I am no longer able of offer." Yeah, bite me. Like morale wasn't low enough. She didn't go in until 11am yesterday, didn't even come in today, and I can't get a weekend off. She didn't even have the decency to tell anyone in person, she sent it through the hospital email system. Well, now I'm definately not doing her any favors. I went in today to spend time with the case manager for school, and of course I was asked to work tonight. I said, "No, today is a vacation day, might as well be my free weekend". I have a feeling my days are numbered, and getting fewer. In July I hit my 5 yr anniversary there and my retirement is 100% vested, and in August I make my 1 yr commitment for some of my tuition reimbursement, who's counting????

I've got to go relax, maybe work on my paper. I'll check back in tomorrow when I feel a little better.


02-26-2002, 09:20 PM
Evening to all,
Well, I have survived another day. I have stayed op all day. I even have eaten some yogurt. Never have been able to make myself eat any before. It was really good. I have gotten my water in for the day. ( Just a little pat on the back). Now I just have to figure out how to get in some exercise. :p then I will be on my way. Hubby I must say as far as I know has really stuck to his diet today. I am sitting here trying to figure out what am going to eat tomorrow. You know if it wasn't for bad luck we would have no luck. On top of everything that has happened in the last few months, now the element in the oven has gone out and everything is closed by the time I get home so until this weeek end I can not bake anything in the oven unless it is broiled.
Jen sorry you had a bad day. We found out today at work that if it snows and we miss a day of work we will have to make up that day on the 5th of July which right now is a scheduled holiday. But to be paid for the snow day we will have to use our annual time. So if we are out for snow in the long run it will cost us 2 day. Our holiday and an annual day. Sucks. I hope it doesn't snow now. But I sure could use a day off and it is a long time until the end of May when our next holiday comes in. Also if we have to make up that day it will cost me another annual day because I have put in to be off that week and was only going to have to use 3 annual days. Oh well that is what they are for I guess.
Marlana, we must be kin in some way. I too think I am in the
:ink: family and feel like a big fat :moo: Oh and I borrowed the saying off of your last post and I am going to put it up all over the place to help me to have a good attitude. Espically at work and when someone asked why I am acting that I way I am going to tell them it is to irritate them. :o
Jojo, way to go on getting the cat down. My little one took ours outside the other day and came in the house just a crying. The cat had got up the tree to get away from the dogs. I had to go out there and call the stupid thing. Instead of going back toward the trunk of the tree it kept going out on the limb until it fell and I got it up and brought it back in the house. Raychelle has not taken it back outside since. But if the thing bites my foot one more time and it may go outside for good.:lol: Not sure what the thing is yet male or female (I can do dogs but cats I just cant figure out) but it hides under things and when you walk by it jumps out and bites your feet. But, no matter how mean Raychelle is to the little thing at night when she goes to sleep it get up there with her and snuggles up next to her.
Well, I better go. I wil talk to you all later.

02-27-2002, 07:27 AM
Morning Ladies,
Mother in law called last night, and will be here Friday night, so today and tomorrow are CLEANING days for our household. Jeff has made the supreme sacrifice and is going to clean off the sacred workstation and chair tonight. Anyway, I got the girls enlisted to do their rooms and I'll get the kitchen & living room. At least when MIL comes we get the house clean!
Mama, are you doing the paper clip thingie? I think that's neat---I hadn't thought of that before. I put a paper clip in an envelope for each pound I want to lose, and when one comes off, a clip comes out....I want an empty envelope!!:jig: That little guy has nothing to do with anything, but I think he's cute. I like their new smilies. Hubby wants a fifth-wheel camper, and a diesel truck to tow it with; we've looked at both, and are looking at about a $60,000 commitment. Soooo, maybe this fall we'll get one or both.
Jen, I want to lose four pounds! We had a luncheon yesterday for government accountants, and I didn't go; I felt very self-righteous, let me tell you! :devil: I just didn't want to look at the scale and see the 160s again!
Teresa, how's it going? I have one of those cats in my house...you see a little striped arm come out from under the couch when someone walks by. The girls have gotten snagged a couple of times, but I'm quicker! We have two outdoor kitties, and one indoor....she's only indoors because she kills all the birds in the neighbors' yards and brings them home to show her family...we got tired of cleaning up bird parts. Ugh.
Skeeter, hope you and hubby are on the mend--is it cold down there? It's 21 and snowing here! School's aren't closed, though; it isn't on the roads, just the grassy areas.
JoJo, hope you're doing well; and hi to Tobey and everyone else! Love you all,

02-27-2002, 11:41 AM
Good morning all!

I tried to get in during the day yesterday but the site was down. Then I got in last night but it wouldnít let me post. :( I have to say that I love the new Smilies List! Very cute! Not too much to report today. I have a 2 hour dentist appointment tomorrow :eek: and that is about the most exciting thing that is happening this week. Although dh has to work on Saturday so I have decided to treat myself to a day at the Art Gallery. I have always wanted to go but dh has always resisted. There is an exhibit on by Yoko Ono right now Ė and that should be interesting to say the least!

Teresa: Congratulations to you and your little beauty queens. What a proud mama you must be! And congrats for staying OP. Thatís a big step for your Mr. I donít blame you for only cooking one meal. I have done that for the last few years. Although I have a good excuse. I am a vegetarian and dh isnít. So if he wants meat, he has to cook it himself. And believe it or not he is quite happy to do so. Glad you enjoyed your yogurt. Isnít amazing how our tastes change? Our oven is terrible and so I donít bake in it that often. I have actually become very good at making almost anything in our toaster oven Ė easier when there are only 2 of us!

Sally: In the 50ís! WAY TO GO! Good thing you went to the RV show with hubby. :nono: Who knows what may have shown up in your driveway. Men and their toys! Nothing like a visit from MIL to get your motivated to clean!

Marlana: That would be a shock to find that baby. I hope he comes through okay too. I have my fingers crossed that you get your $200. This isnít a time when you can say that it was the thought that counts! Hubby asked for carrots and celery?! I think that would fall over if dh asked me for that. I loved your ďgood attitudeĒ quote! ;)

Jojo: It is cold here today too. Well if it was a normal winter this wouldnít feel cold (it is only around the freezing mark) but because we have been so spoiled by such unseasonably warm weather it feels very arctic! We also go a light dusting of snow. And I mean light, it wasnít even enough to cover the whole lawn. Not even enough to brush off the car. Fine by me! Iím like you Ė when I get a chill almost nothing can break it. We even have a space heater that I will sometimes turn on and blow the hot air directly at me! Sounds like a great way to spend your refund. In womenís curling Great Britain won gold (Canada earned bronze) and in the menís competition Norway won gold (Canada earned silver).

Jen: I donít blame you for being POíed about the free weekend. From an HR standpoint she handled it very poorly! Enough canít be said about employee morale. I think would be looking for escape hatch right about now. Hope you did manage to relax some last night Ė not that I think working on a paper is relaxing!

I hope everyone has a great day!!!


02-27-2002, 12:16 PM
Good morning. I had a really good nights sleep, and feel better. I just wish that we hadn't gotten any snow. Now it's so windy that from the snow blowing across my sidewalk turned into ice. I'm not going out there to shovel it either, it's too cold. At least the sun is out today, maybe that'll help.

One of the my friends that I work with, another nurse, is having a terrible time. I'm starting to get worried about her. She found out a couple weeks ago that her son's spleen was enlarged, huge. They thought it was mono, but all the tests are negative. Now she has to take him to an oncologist. Can you imagine, your 9 yr old son. Then yesterday, her dad, who has had problems, went in to respiratory failure and is in the ICU on a ventilator. And her single, 22 year old sister just found out she's 9 weeks pregnant. I told her that if she didn't call her doctor (we go to the same one) I was going to call him and have him check in on her. I just wish there was something I could do. I am working some of her hours so she doesn't have to try to figure it out.

Anyway, I need to stick to the plan today. I did alright yesterday, not great though. Practice makes perfect. Hey, I got my Self magazine this week, and it's time for the Self Challenge again this year. I may just do that. It's 12 weeks of exercise and diet and the plan is all laid out. Go to self.com and check it out. I will start on Monday.

Tobey- I didn't even notice that we had new smilies! They are cute. Is tomorrow your crowning? Sounds royal! Last night I watched a couple stand up comedians on HBO. That really let the stress out. If I get my paper done today, I will feel soooo much better!

Sally- Congrats on your 150's. I wouldn't let go of that either! You know, cleaning is really great exercise, scrubbing and washing. I'll have to climb on the stepper today. I'm not going outside, too cold.

Teresa- Good for you for staying OP. I love yogurt. In the summer, I let it freeze for a few hours, not solid, but a nice soft freeze. It is so good. That really bites about your snow day policy. They hit you twice for missing one day. I think I'd dig my way in with a shovel. Does it count if you only work part of the day?

Jojo- I think we have the exact same weather. It sucks. I want the weekend back. It was almost 60 here. I've already gotten my tax refund. I'm saving it for a new deck. My steps are literally falling off of this one. It'll make for a nice relaxing summer. On the deck, flowers, a garden, the sunshine.....

Marlana- Oh, I hope your baby fishy is going to be ok. You've been through so much with those little buggers, I hope he makes it. How is that check? Good? That would be something if it was! Congrats on your 2 paper clips.

Skeeter I hope you're feeling better, and Moonstone hope you're behaving!!!

Remember to check out self.com and see if you want to start Monday!


02-27-2002, 02:51 PM
:wave: Boy I am in such a I don't know what today. I went in over an hour to watch something on the TV and went to sleep, I can't stay awake. I guess just too much excitement here. I went to the bank and deposited the check, but won't know until about Thursday if it goes through or not.

Jo Jo~~I hope it isn't colder up your way than it is here. It was 14 degrees here this morning. The weigh loss last week was luck, I can't count on that every week. How's Hubby's job going? Does he like it?

Jen~~I believe you was a bit out of sorts yesterday when you wrote, can't say I blame you. Have you ever thought that if you didn't have to work life would be great? Do they offer bonus's to sign a new contract. They are really giving pretty good ones here to nurses. Nurses are so few. Sounds like your friend has a full plate right now. I have often wondered how people live through having really sick kids. I thank that would be one of the hardest things in the world.

Teresa~~A lot of people love yogurt, but I can never eat a whole one of those little cups. I can't make myself like it. It sounds like you are back on track. Thats wonderful, and with your husband dieting too, it might make it easier for you. Hasn't worked for me, mine eats the same things he always did, he's just walking everyday and cutting down on the amount.

Sally~~You can't have too many paper clips in your envelope, you've already lost so much weight. Fifth wheels are real popular now. It wouldn't work for us, we have a boat that has to be pulled around.

Tobey~~Lucky you with the dentist appointment, I don't have anything even near that exciting going on here, that's why I fall asleep every time I get still. The baby fish made it another night, I seen him again this morning. He hides under the rocks.

Time for another nap, I'm about to toddle over.