Support Groups - Getting our Grooves back - for separated/divorced women losing weight

03-06-2008, 06:40 PM
Getting our Grooves back - for separated/divorced women losing weight... remember the movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back? Well I need to figure out how to get mine back after a separation/pending divorce. How about you?

For me getting my groove back has included weight loss, I have more to go but I'm feeling better, younger, and healthier as a result of losing weight this past year. Getting my groove back has also been about organizing my home and kitchen, my closet and wardrobe - and there's been the spiritual journey, the process of finding ME again after some years when I lost myself, gained weight, felt down.

Getting my groove back is a journey, and this year once I reach my weight goal I'm going to get a tattoo, buy some sexy underwear and wear a sexy swimsuit again. I'm going to rediscover bright red fingernails and skinny jeans. And I'm going to learn to draw, study some french, write again and do a photo collage of my travel pictures from around the world. I'll read more, relax more and I'll realize that I can't control others - and I'll never try to make over a man who's BAD. I won't let someone else define who I am and drag me down again. I won't.

Getting my groove back might be selfish, a bit too much about ME... but I'm going to GET IT BACK. How are you getting yours back? Look at some of the stars like Reece Witherspoon, how did they get IT back? They got in their best shape ever, got a new haircut, wore sexier clothes... oh perhaps they did find a new love too, but isn't it more about finding oneself again, being authentic, and perhaps in the back of our heads KNOWING that the best revenge is looking our best? Being fit, eating healthy, glowing AGAIN?