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03-06-2008, 04:12 PM

It started out as a crooked path but all is well. Such pain in my knees back on 2/6/08 - like needles of fire. All I was doing was walking, albeit too much too soon but the pain was a shocker to me. I came to this site and a bunch of you helped me in trying to figure out what I could do. Well,,,,,

I purchased Schiff Move Free Advanced tabs and started taking them 2/12.
I rested for a week & then resumed my walk on 2/18 *s l o w l y* at 1 mile for 1 week. Then 1.5 miles for 1 week.

Glad to say my knees are better & pain free. Ankles ache a little but I've always had a weakness there.

This glucosamine, etc. seems to do the trick. I am so glad I asked questions when I started because you guys saved me from giving up! :hug:

I will continue to take these supplements for they seem to be turning the corner for me and it is FUN to get out to walk every day. Yesterday, for instance I walked 5619 steps for a total of 2.39 miles and no pain! Yeah!

Now if only the cold weather would beat a retreat so I can ditch the beanie, scarf, gloves and coat!

Thanks again to all!

03-06-2008, 05:58 PM
That is awesome news! I sometimes have problems with my knees, too. Glad to hear that the glucosamine can help. Now, if I can just remember to take it every day!