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Healthy Mama
03-05-2008, 02:03 PM
So here I sit - passing the second kidney stone in 2 months :mad: and feeling generally pretty sorry for myself. I have been trying to knock the little sucker out and went to the gym yesterday to walk the treadmill, which didn't help the stone, but did lift my spirits alot. I have missed 2 workouts and I am so bummed about that. The painkillers help but only so much. So here I sit, surfing the net, drinking my gallons of water and hoping that "this too will pass" ;)

I am sooo glad that my Mom is around to help out with the munchkin!

03-05-2008, 02:25 PM
I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this. Hubby had to pass some and he still ended up in surgery to have it blasted out.

I can relate about missing out on the exercising though. I got something respiratory last thursday and monday was the first time I attempted to exercise again. I'm really wanting to go out and jog but it's still too cold.

03-05-2008, 02:27 PM
I hope everything comes out alright... sorry... I don't have any better wording >_< :hug:

03-05-2008, 02:37 PM
ouch! I hope it gets better for you! I have heard that kidney stones are just horribly painful :(


03-05-2008, 04:13 PM
I'm soooo sorry that you are going through this horrible, horrible pain. I had a kidney stone about 6 months ago. I told everyone that I know that I would rather have a baby with no meds than have another one of those suckers. Labor was nothing compared to them suckers! Mine was acutally stuck in my uretha(sp) and I had to have it taken out. Good Luck and if you need anyone to vent to I'm here.

03-05-2008, 04:20 PM
Honey I feel your pain! I've had kidney stones 3 times in the past couple of years and have had to have them surgerically removed every time (the last time was when I was backpacking through central america. You wanna scare your parents to death tell them you're having emergency surgery in a developing nation!). For the next few months my dr has me on a male prostate medication, it's susposed to help keep the uretha tubes dialated, so that the remain stones my doc found in my kidneys can pass easier. You should see the looks I get when I get that prescription filled.

Hardatwork, my dr the first time I had kidney stones told me that she had delivered twins without any sort of medication and would rather do that again than pass another kidney stone!

All I can say is drink lots of water, and pee as much as possible. Get those suckers out!

03-05-2008, 05:53 PM
Oh, honey...I'm SO sorry!

I haven't had them, and hope I never do, but I'm sending you some love, and LOTS of pee vibes :goodvibes:

:grouphug: :hug:

Healthy Mama
03-05-2008, 06:56 PM
Thanks everyone! Yes very painful but not as bad as the last one so i guess that is the good news!

Shantroy and Hardatwork: I've had one stuck in the urethrea too and I'm really happy that this one seems to be moving (rather slowly) because stuck is waaaay worse. I'm on the Flomax too - my pharma was like "um, this is for you?". :D Apparently it's supposed to help pass HUGE ones. The worst part is the waiting and wondering what is happening. My doctor said they just treat it as "watchful waiting" unless it is obviously stuck because they usually pass on their own. I have good drugs. Thank the good lord for good drugs.

Oh and Shantroy, I know that our heathcare system is a mess, but I would still rather be operated on here than in a developing country. How scary was that! You know you are in immense pain when you don't care who is ripping the d*** stone out - just get it out!!

Healthy Mama
03-05-2008, 06:59 PM
I hope everything comes out alright...

LOL - that is perfect! Me too!

03-05-2008, 07:12 PM
I'm so sorry you are in pain :hug: Hope it works it way out soon!

03-05-2008, 08:13 PM
YEOW, sorry to hear. My husband had two stones at various times, I know it's beyond painful. Best of luck that it moves on out of there

03-05-2008, 10:26 PM

03-06-2008, 01:04 AM
Oh I feel for you. ......... My hubby had a kidney stone a few months ago and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Hang in there, because like most things - this too shall pass. ;)

03-06-2008, 01:29 AM
I had a nasty stone that wouldn't pass on its own so it had to be removed.

I took it pretty stone-faced, though I did get pretty stoned on my painkillers. He left no stone unturned while they were in there. Unfortunately I got an infection and lost about a stone because I couldn't eat. I could have stoned the doctor. Relief was just a stones throw away once I got on antibiotics though. I told the doctor he's got to have a lot of stones to have that job.

Also kidney stones suck. Feel better!

Healthy Mama
03-06-2008, 01:36 AM
Oh Tamaroot - that is priceless!!!:D

03-06-2008, 08:34 AM
Hi Healthy Mamma. How are you doing today? Any relief?

03-06-2008, 08:42 AM
Well wishes are being sent your way...:)

03-06-2008, 10:39 AM
Just checking in to see if you had any relief!

03-06-2008, 06:33 PM
Hope your feeling better today....

I haveta admit I was pretty lucky when I was in the hospital. I was in San Jose, Costa Rica and I went to the private hopsital. I felt very secure there. Iwas actually more comfortable having surgery there than the two previous times here in canada (I know there are problems with your health care system, we have some serious problems too. Ours of just of a differnt variety. But that's a whole other thread). I saw a kidney specialist within 3 hours of arriving in the ER. The doctor spoke 4 languages (Spanish, english, french and german) fluently and had done his undergrad in the Costa Rica, but went to med school in the states and did his residency in england.

The cost wasn't bad either: $3,600 for all my medications, 3 specialist visits, surgery and a two day hospital stay. Blue cross paid it all though!

Healthy Mama
03-06-2008, 07:22 PM
Thanks for checking in on me GirlyGirl and Hardatwork - I'm actually feeling worse today and have been laying low with a hot water bottle. I made an appointment with my naturopath for this evening to get some acupuncture to see if that will help move things along.

I see my other doctor (GP) tomorrow and will see what she has to say in regards to intervention - I don't think I can take too many more days of the anti-inflammatory meds though - my stomach is starting to rebel.:mad:

Shantroy: I'm actually in Canada too - Victoria (though I did do a stint in Calgary too - drank my way down 17th Ave many a Friday night);)

03-06-2008, 07:46 PM
Hey Healthy Mama,

I do feel for you and I've been worried too! I live not far from you (just over the hat) but I like to remain anonymous :)

Take good care of yourself and maybe the acupuncture will help!


03-06-2008, 07:54 PM
I love the name of your thread...I also love to laugh!!

I hope you don't mind if I chime in...new to 3fc. I have never had a kidney stone, but am a nurse and have seen alot of suffering related to them. My sympathies. Hope everything turns out alright. Have a great day everyone! Keep your sense of humor!:DBethz

Healthy Mama
03-07-2008, 01:56 AM
Thanks Ginger and Bethz! Thanks for sending positive thoughts my way :hug:

Ginger: I wondered if you were from my neck of the woods...the healthy organic air comment kind of gives it away ;) I figured you must be one of us "lotus eaters from the left coast".