South Beach Diet - Panera Bread good for phase 2??

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03-05-2008, 12:21 PM
I loove tomato basil bread and I am trying to find what exactly is in it to see if it is ok..
I know they bake it there and everything I have gotten there is organic..

Anyone know??


I start phase 2 on Monday, WEEEE

03-05-2008, 12:29 PM
Just being "organic" doesn't help much. You need to know the ingredients. They should be available at the bakery.

Edited to add: Just Googled it and it looks like most of the products are made with unbleached flour. They refer to "wheat" flour which is NOT whole wheat flour.

03-05-2008, 12:34 PM
:welcome3: Jonsgurl! :wave:

I absolutely love Panera and have eaten there since the first day of Phase2. I actually had my first good carb there! ;)

Okay, the Fast Food Guide lists some specific things that are okay at Panera. I'm sorry I don't remember them all, but it's a bit stricter than I've been with myself. Phase 2 is different for each person as our bodies are different. You'll have to experiment and see what works for your body, okay?

However, I'd think that most of the Tomato Basil bread would be okay, occasionally. I have no trouble with their sourdough bread (something we're allowed occasionally because the acid in the sourdough makes the sugar go into your system more slowly) and the Tomato Basil description says it's their sourdough bread, but with tomatoes and basil. However, it also says it has "sweet walnut streusel topping" and I'd think that would be pretty off plan. :(

But, if you're only having a couple slices, it might not work out to very much, so see how your body does with it! Personally, though, I'd wait until you've been in P2 for a while, first. It's tough to figure things out if you start P2 off with something that's kind of "iffy."

Here's the nut'l info ( for that bread. You can find more nut'l info on bread here ( nut'l info for the regular menu here ( (click on the category at the top to go to sandwiches, soup, etc.). Here's their nut'l guide ( ingredients).

03-05-2008, 02:12 PM
I figured the crust I would just cut off. I would only want some type of
bread for breakfest since I find it hard to eat plain eggs with can. bacon.

Breakfest is just a bad time for me lol I was a cereal girl..and even if there are some south beach diet friendly cereal I wont try... I cant just eat a serving size

03-05-2008, 04:39 PM
Jonsgurl, you can find a multitude of unique breakfast options in the Breakfast Alternatives to Eggs ( in the FAQ. If you do have eggs, consider adding a large amount of vegetables to them so you'll be more full and feel like you've eaten more. I know it sounds odd--I was an oatmeal/bagels/cereal girl myself before I started SBD--but having a breakfast without starches will make you feel like a goddess!!! :queen: You'll be full for hours, rather than the seconds of fullness you had with your cereal (I usually had a second "breakfast" about a half hour after the first because I was still hungry...and then I noshed on stuff until lunch because I was still hungry... :rolleyes: ). You'll feel good and stable, rather than twitchy and irritable. It's truly amazing. Plus, unlike your life before SBD, you'll wake up with stable blood sugar, so you won't have that panicky "I-HAVE-TO-EAT-SUGAR/CEREAL/BREAD-NOW!!!!" feeling. It's amazing...truly. :cloud9:

If you do decide at some point to add bread, how about finding a really hearty 100% whole wheat bread? If you toast it and put healthy spread (like Benecol or Smart Balance) on it, you'll feel like you're in heaven. Toasted WW is just nutty and caramelly and amazing. You'll find recommendations for different breads in the FAQ.

Sourdough is awesome stuff, but I think most of us need to keep it in moderation (once a week or less?) or we'll start craving. You might be different--so play with it if you want, but wait until you feel more comfortable in Phase 2 since it's really hard to start out with something iffy.

03-08-2008, 06:27 AM
Personally I find that I loose weight much faster if I stay away from the bread all together. The only thing grain wise that I eat is all bran. I would also eat something that is over 10 grams of fiber per serving and under 150 cal. I cannot get the wraps or the extra fiber Arnolds up here, at least I haven't found anything like that as yet.

Hillbilly bread? I thought they ate salty cornbread. ... least in Eastern Kentucky I remember eating that stuff. GAK talk about dry.