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03-04-2008, 12:50 PM
I am so discouraged! I feel like I have lost the ambition to loose more weight. I haven't been thinner than I am right now in 7 years. I feel really comfortable. But I know I must continue. I am a little over half way there. I cant seem to stay on plan and my will power is weeker. I cant figure out what happened. I have been stressed lately. I did the TO and didnt loose anything. I have never tried a LA Slimdown and need to know how to do that. I want to use the slimfast optima so I dont want to call the COD. Can someone tell me how , and if the slimfast is the same? Has anyone else lost that motivation? what can I do to get it back? I feel like Im loosing faith in the diet plan and myself. Lynn says if i follow the plan it will take me where I want to go. I keep saying that over and over.

SORRY: I meant LA SlimDown instead of Jetstart

03-04-2008, 01:06 PM
Let me start with the easy things in your post to address. Jet Start is a drink that LA sells, that I believe counts as 1 startch and 1 fruit, someone else can confirm this as I've never actually had it myself. I personally have done the Slim Fast Optima's instead of LA's Slim Downs, however, the protein in a Slim Fast is a little less so you need to supplement it with something, cheese strings are a good choice.

As for losing motivation, I so understand where you are coming from. I myself have been struggling with that very thing. In fact, a couple of times I have almost wished that my centre was one of the ones closing down so I would have an excuse to quit (I know silly me). Similar to you I currently weight less than I have in over 20 years and am starting to feel great, the weight loss had slowed down, ok outright stalled and was feeling frustrated. However, and i may be premature in saying this, it has now started to come off again. Nothing, to me, is a better motivator than seeing that scale move down, or getting a smaller size clothes.

Try going back and reviewing your diaries from the first few weeks, and eating similar to that again. When that scale starts moving again,your motivation will come back.

03-04-2008, 03:50 PM
"tinkertoy" - All I can say is please hang in there, PLEASE-HANG-IN-THERE. I speak from experience I have been there myself many of times. However, I am promising myself now that I will stick to it. It is an un-explainable feeling what you are going through. I think you should use this forum to get back on track let us help you get re-motivated and committed. I am not sure if you have ventured out to the other boards/forums but I have and found them so helpful. I found this one thread that talked about body image and emotions that develop during and after weightloss and it was nice to read that I was not alone. YOU ARE NOT ALONE EITHER :hug:
Use the forums, boards and threads - Maybe join the Bunny Hop Challenge?

I did TO too at one period and I was upset that I did not loose anything that I was angry with the counselor for making me spend my money on the drink. But that was just a temporary glitch in my system and the next week I started to lose again.

I am not sure how the SlimFast Drinks compare to the LA Slimdowns Meal Replacement.

Here is the breakdown for the Slimdowns

(PLEASE SOMEONE CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG)Calories: 250-270 calories (45 from Fat)
5g total Fat (3g saturated fat)
36g Carbs
less than 1 to 2g Fiber
32g Sugar
20g Protein
According to my book Slimdowns count as 1 Protein and 1 Starch and should be used only 1 per day

I myself never wanted to call the center when I felt the way you do. But after I called them and sat with them I felt a whole lot better. When I did drag myself into the center when I felt blah, I tried to avoid the counselors who were somewhat brash and sat with a more friendly one who I can discuss my trials, feelings and emotions with.