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03-03-2008, 05:04 PM
I had no idea that the entire 1st season of the biggest loser Australia was on You - tube. I've been watching it here in Canada on the slice network, but I know lots of you have said that you couldn't find it in the US. Search for The Biggest Loser Australia 1.

The episodes are each in 4 parts divided into 10 minutes each. No commercials! And there's tons of episodes to keep you going...since in Australia it aired every night for 1 hour episodes.

I have found the Australian version to have so much more of Bob and Jillian working out with the contestants, and I have loved it. More twists and turns. And there is one episode which I now re-watch over and over because of one person - episode 26, part 4 - which I call "Christie's moment"......it moves me to tears and makes me believe that I too CAN succeed.


(PS I posted this on the TBL forum, so sorry for the duplicate post.)