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03-01-2008, 03:33 PM
There, it must be March Madness.

Or Snow Blindness.

:df: Happy First of March :flow1:

:rain: Think Spring

:swim: Yeah right.

03-02-2008, 01:10 AM
I was so dazzled by that flower that I forgot what I was going to say. I just listened to an interview with Carrie Fisher and found out how witty she is. She doesn't lead a life; she follows it around. When she gave up drugs, she changed seats on the Titanic and took up glitter.

It's still snowing up there? I am very surprised as the snowbirds are all leaving now. Do they know it's snowing? Some snowbirds are lovely but a lot are amazingly and unattractively cheap. Some people leave their pennies for other customers to use to avoid a lot of change. Watching this nicely dressed woman scoop them and put them in her purse while her husband watched made me feel ill. It was 11 cents, I think, and disturbing.

Happy March yourself.

03-02-2008, 11:03 PM
I am just posting to get this thread to the top, over the Feb. thread.

03-03-2008, 02:33 AM
I made the transition to March. Regrettably DH is still trying to squeeze appropriate performance out of my new computer. Old MotherBoard fried. New one only wanted to run @#$%'d Vista... so there have been re-formatting, LAN, and mail issues to solve. Feh.

And it's supposed to get thundery and cold tonight.

03-03-2008, 05:30 AM
I'm sad today.

Last Thursday (which was DS-now-15's birthday!) Mummy phoned from Vancouver to say that her cousin's wife in England had passed away. She had been battling cancer for soooo long and it was really a blessing, but still. Mum also said a dear friend of hers had had a massive stroke and was not doing well and that middle brother's ex-mother-in-law (my parents were still quiet close to her) who had lung cancer for what also seemed like years wasn't expected to make it through the night. Never smoked a day in her life and still gets lung cancer. Oooog. E-mail late last night confirmed that these two lovely ladies had also passed away on Friday and Saturday. *sigh* TOO much bad stuff. I wasn't really that close to any of these women, but thinking how the loved ones they left behind must be feeling right now is making me cry. :(:(:(

On a more optimistic note, Dh's 46th birthday is tomorrow and I'm making rack of lamb. Yum.

On a less optimistic note, I feel REALLY barfy. :p I hope it's not the dreaded Noro-Virus that's going around. I will drink ginger tea and shop for groceries and ignore it.

03-03-2008, 05:33 AM
Some snowbirds are lovely but a lot are amazingly and unattractively cheap. Some people leave their pennies for other customers to use to avoid a lot of change. Watching this nicely dressed woman scoop them and put them in her purse while her husband watched made me feel ill. It was 11 cents, I think, and disturbing.

Well that's how they afford those expensive motor homes. "A penny saved is a penny towards the new Winnebago". :dizzy:

03-03-2008, 11:35 AM
We have 100 percent chance of rain tomorrow. I think this is Painty's rain today and what she doesn't use up, we get. I prefer it to rain when I'm at home. Painty, could you hold on to it til Thursday? No. Never mind. DS will be home on the weekend and that should be nice weather. Unless --- you could keep it a couple of weeks?

Sugar, So sorry. I'd be sad, too. Too much at once.

I don't know about rack of lamb. Whenever people buy lamb in my store, I think about the book of Leviticus and how they had to sacrifice these specific part of animals there and there. Lambs are too small to hide what part it is. I'm sure it's yummy though and the fat makes a "pleasing aroma."

A penny saved should not be one you stole from the counter at the supermarket. People leave them there for the specific purpose of making the cashier's day easier. That's how I see it anyhow.

DS is now a certified or licensed or something fencing judge. Can work at tournaments which doesn't pay money, I think, but travel is free.

03-03-2008, 04:29 PM
Aaaah, Sugar, I'll be sad right along with you. It just does seem to be too much at times. :(

I'm trying to eat myself into some kind of comfort, but it doesn't seem to be working. It's just making me really fat and sad. At first, I was losing weight like crazy, now I'm eating everything in sight. I don't like myself very much right now.

My dryer is on the fritz. Actually it's gone beyond the fritz and just quit working. I have no clean clothes so I can't go out of the house. Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I'm also out of coffee. I can go through the Starbuck's drive up window in my dirty sweats and take care of that.

Bunco is next Saturday so I'm sure that will make life worthwhile. Waaaaaahhhhh! ... and this is exactly why I don't like myself right now. I'm such a whiney baby. :bb:

03-03-2008, 04:54 PM
A penny saved should not be one you stole from the counter at the supermarket. People leave them there for the specific purpose of making the cashier's day easier. That's how I see it anyhow.

Ackk! Sorry, I should learn to read. I thought she was just taking her OWN change, NOT someone else's. You're right, that is very gauche and uncouth. Bad, bad snowbirds. :o

Yes a pleasing aroma. I have no idea what I'm doing, but dh loves dem little lambs.

Wabby - WE love you no matter if you are thin or not so thin or happy or sad. :hug:

03-04-2008, 01:12 AM
Seattle is beautiful. Fog blankets the city in early morning hours. You can see a classic view of the city from Queen Anne Hill. The skyline at sunset is gorgeous. If you look down from a plane you can see the Olympic Mountains and the Space Needle and other big stuff all at the same time. Pioneer Square is really really cute and has a statue of a cow with a coyote or doggie on its back. How do I know all this???? Wabby sended me POSTCARDS>>!!! yay Oh Yay. I love Wabby.

03-04-2008, 02:50 AM
Aw, Sug.. I'm with you on the difficulty of dealing with big gobs of grief. It was so bad last month, I bought a new book about it!:o (when in doubt buy a book and eat cookies -- that's my motto) Anyway, it was a pretty good one-- it's called Staring at the Sun by I. Yalom. It's a dirty trick to get to a turning point in our own lives where other people's difficulties remind us of OUR mortality. Grrr.

Wabby... I agree with SugP -- We love you no matter what. I'm so glad to see you posting.

My weekend adventures include a new computer that is almost configured as thorougly as the previous one (RIP, MotherBoard), and definitely FASTER. I still haven't located my old email files which survived on the old hard drive, though.
And today my MD said some words you never want to hear. You can read them here. (
Oh, and it snowed tonight. If I weren't up so late, I'd probably have missed it. It's supposed to be 53 tomorrow... I don't know if it will even last past sun-up. (Sorry, Cowpernia.. couldn't keep it here till Thursday!)

03-04-2008, 11:36 AM
Painty, I read the words I'd never want to hear and have to say that I have heard them myself within the past two weeks.

It snowed?? Send that. Send the snow.

03-04-2008, 04:04 PM
My goodness, what is it doing snowing in Texas in March? The world has gone cuckoo. Glad you didn't have the scarier diagnosis, Painty. "Those words" can really get your adrenaline going, eh?

Sorry to hear about all your bad news, Sug. How depressing.

I got a scare last night when I heard from my mom -- my stepfather is in the hospital for the 3rd time in a month. But it was not the same thing as before, which was diagnosed and taken care of; this time they were concerned about stroke or cardiovascular issues. He's feeling fine though and just putting up with a ton of tests. They will probably declare him healthy as a horse as usual and tweak his meds or something. I hate to hear that he is not feeling well because it's so unlike him. After 90someodd years of vigorous health, why start getting sick now, eh? Well, I think I'll find him a funny card and send him photos of snow plowing or something; he'll enjoy that.

This house stinks. Do you think I should clean it? :barf: I hate cleaning. You do it.

03-04-2008, 04:45 PM
Did I mention that DD got into her study abroad in Oman and we have been reading up on the particulars? She will have to get a whole new wardrobe, it looks like. When in public, she'll have to wear an abaya ( and cover her head (not sure that she has to wear this (, but probably will at least have one), and even at home (she will stay with a host family) and in class, she has to be covered from shoulders to knees, no tight clothing (unless it's covered with loose clothing), no sleeveless tops. It's going to be interesting and a challenge.

03-05-2008, 01:08 AM
Will you be sewing then, Kiwi? Can you make them up print material? Maybe your own Scots clan plaid could liven it up. Dismal.

03-05-2008, 04:05 AM
The snow lasted about five minutes. but it was really pretty driving to work. None stuck on the roads, just on the grass and most roofs.
It is strange that even stopping meds for only one day would make as much difference as I feel. Perhaps it was intermittent anyway...? I need to keep better records.

03-05-2008, 08:20 PM
Will you be sewing then, Kiwi?Bite your tongue, woman! I will not be sewing, I will contribute by worrying, thank you.

Well, today we had an interesting break from the twice-weekly snowstorm. Must be a harbinger of spring: we had some snow then we had hours and hours of sleet. Tiny little ball-bearings of ice, building up on top of the solid ice. DH went out to get in the truck and fell flat on his back.

I have learned what frankincense is used for and how it is produced.

And I have made spaghetti sauce with moose sausage.

Scenes from Oman ( -- isn't that a sprightly donkey, cheerful in spite of his load?


03-05-2008, 08:24 PM
Wait a minute, I think I missed something, Painty. You stopped your meds for one day and then had the episode that sent you to the ER or you stopped them since then and feel better? worse? Sorry, I read your page and promptly forgot what you said. :rolleyes: A brain is a terrible thing, as GWB would say.

03-05-2008, 11:06 PM
my goodness!!! sorry to hear of all the parental illnesses and passings---i know my mom is sad that alot of her best friends have gone on-- I was reading painty's blog the other day and thank heavens there was good news at the end of that story!!!!----what a scare!!!!======i can't believe that the possible next president is mom's age!!!! THERE SHOULD BE SOME KIND OF AGE LIMIT???? ---i saw hillary on john stewart and kind of liked her--now i am all mixed up---i guess i will like either one-----either way,it will be cool to have a woman or an african american in the Whitehouse---please tell me that Grampie is not going to win!!!----kiwonkers----SNOW,RAIN,SLEET,HAIL,SLUSH----that is today's forecast-----isn't it a delight--every time i went outside,the car was once again covered in ice---i had to chip away at my window over and over again----people up here may go insane---it could happen. my sister is in Barbadoes with friends who have a three month time share {the sister who is a music teacher} she is on her winter break---SHE SENT ME AN EMAIL TODAY AND SAID SHE SWAM IN THE CARIBBEAN THIS AFTERNOON AND SHE SAID 'THE OCEAN REALLY IS TURQUOISE"-----IT WAS 32c IN THE SHADE-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH JEALOUS I AM

03-05-2008, 11:08 PM
Kiwi--- I Would Be Having A Bird If My Baby Was Going To Oman---i Will Join You In Worrying----i Have Lots Of Experience-----worrying Is My Forte---if There Was A Job For Those Who Are Good At Worrying,i Would Be Considered An Expert In My Field And Command The Highest Of Wages-----i Am Also A Catastrophic Thinker,if You Need Any Other Talents ----

03-06-2008, 10:40 AM
How long will that baby be in Oman? She will be fine. On NPR I heard this teacher from her school talking about the middle east. He had a nice accent. If it weren't safe, he'd tell her. I think the donkey is a professional model as it walks so well with one foot in front of the other.

Here's what I like about Hilary:
1 She stayed married despite good reasons not to do so.
2 She raised her kid well.
3 She has already tried to push national health care but was pushed back.
4 According to NPR, after she appeared on Saturday Night Live last weekend and a comedy skit accused the press of being pro-Obama, the press has argued this in print, somewhat agreed and are correcting themselves.
5 No matter how bad her dh was, we weren't at war and the economy was better. I don't think he is accused of being a bad president for the country.

On the other hand, Obama would be ok.

Bagz, I didn't know you were such a good worrier. Very impressive. I'm pretty sure there's no market for it but you are role model for me.

03-06-2008, 03:25 PM
Greetings from the Snowy part of Texas (for at least another hour or so!!
Kiwi-- It turns out everybody in my immediately family voted for Obama. I think the kids were surprised that we old fogies voted that way. And, we all think it would be OK if Clinton wins, as well. We are not happy with the Bush party... even if McCain is trying to distance himself.
Newest medical report:
Went to PCP to see why leg was hurting (even though thrombosis has been ruled out). Found out it could be: arthritis, disc/back problem, Tamoxifen side effect, Lipitor side effect. She sent me for x-rays to rule out (or in) arthritis. She gave me AWESOME NEW DRUGS! I should have a report on the X-rays by tomorrow. And if things don't get better w/o the Tamoxifen, I'll probably have to re-start that, but eliminate the Lipitor. THEN, if it's all still the same, they can do the $$$MRI to see if there is a herniated disk.

Anyway, the drugs, cold weather and pain relief are really helping!!

03-06-2008, 04:00 PM
Wow, what's with all the snow? Other places in Germany got some too but we only got wind. Meh.

My goodness, Painty! I'm sure glad you're OK after that scare.

Kiwi - Lovely donkey. I bet dd will have a blast in Oman despite the restrictive wardrobe.

Peacheroo - Contrary to popular belief, I have nothin' against Hillary, I just like Obama a bit better, but I think either one of them would be just fine a WAY better than That Incompetent Dubya Boob (do you think Laura B reads 3fc?)

Bagzieee - Yes, it's getting to that time where everyone around my parents is going and they're still hanging on but I know one day I'll get that dreaded phone call and it totally freaks me out. :(

Wabs - my dryer works just fine but I STILL have not clean clothes and can't go out of the house 'cause I'm just too darn lazy to do the laundry.

Oh yeah, I went to the eye doctor yesterday for the first time in eons and he said my glasses prescription hadn't changed even though I'm having trouble reading the fine print. So I'm shortsighted and nearsighted at the same time but he said he wouldn't recommend progressive lenses just yet. He also did a glaucoma test and that was fine but then he used some new Optomap laster thing to take a picture of my retinas (my optic nerve is very purdy!) and said I have a thin spot on my left retina that could be the start of a detachment and I may need to get it lasered but apparently it's not that urgent 'cause I don't need to go back until after Easter. Whee. :D

03-06-2008, 09:18 PM
Wow, Sugar, I told you we were separated at birth. Except you were born a few years later... I had that same eye doctor visit a few years ago. Had to have some big fancy dancy appointment with another specialist to have my retina checked. Nothing came of it. Lots of todo over zip.

I'm still trying to adjust to the whole nearsighted and can't read thing and it's been years. One of my friends swears by tri-focals, which totally sounds like 90 years old, but you have to see, right?

I don't have a problem with Hillary either; I think she'd make a good president -- she really knows what she's talking about, and she could be a strong leader. The problem I see is that there is a large portion of the population that absolutely hate her, which to me says Hello, President Grampy. (I love that, Bagz) I also think that with her running the country if she did get elected, Bill will be getting in all sorts of trouble, which will lead to more distracting sex scandals instead of progress when we really need it. That was the only thing wrong with his presidency, without the horniness, he'd have been one of the best presidents ever.

It's hard to believe, but I think this country is more ready for a black president than a woman. I think Obama has a somewhat better chance to be elected, and he doesn't have all that divisive baggage to bring along.

I am getting nowhere on my sign project. Get me off of here, you crazy people :crazy:

03-06-2008, 10:24 PM
I wear those trifocals, I think. The doctor told me the secret is to point your nose at whatever you want to see. I also learned that there are different priced lens you can buy and the same prescription in the cheap lens will not work as well as the expensive one. She recommended one in the middle.

As far my personal experience, the people who hate Hilary are the same people who hated Bill. But I don't know why. I'm not asking them. These two guys wrote a book called Aristotle and an Aardvark go to Washington. They were interviewed recently, told jokes about logic and spent way way waay too much time (in my opinion) laughing and asking what Hilary could have been thinking when she said she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary when that could so easily be googled and disproved. They seemed obsessed about it to me. I googled it and read that her mom told her that story because she thought it would make the child proud. It annoys me a lot that people seem to criticize her for things like that. Big issues yes.

As a child, I often told DS that I got him in a department store. I saw this baby on the shelf and reached for him just as another woman also was. I beat her up and she had to take a little girl. He always found it funny so I kept telling it.

I don't like signs. Don't make signs. People who make signs are anal. I know one.

03-07-2008, 04:13 AM
At least nothing here is frozen... except my motivation.
I hope that tomorrow can be full of lots of painting and perhaps some filing/straightening up. Or good writing. Or knitting.
WITHOUT gorging all the time.

03-07-2008, 04:51 AM
I don't like signs. Don't make signs. People who make signs are anal. I know one.Oh great, volunteering is making me anal, just what I needed.

We're getting another snowstorm tomorrow night. Because we didn't have enough snow. Did I tell you I climbed down a ravine on my snowshoes today to retrieve a tennis ball? Sounds a little cuckoo, doesn't it? Especially when you learn that the snow was up to my hips, covered with a layer of thick ice. Even the dog wouldn't go very far and tried to hitchhike on the back of my snowshoes. I got the tennis ball, though... Fell down half a dozen times and had to drag myself upright with nothing but knee cartilage to lean on. Ouch. Nothing to hold onto (not even the ground -- it's 3 feet down) What a weird way to live.

03-07-2008, 10:40 AM
It sounds like Jet has a marvelous life. Romping in the snow. Going as far as she wants and then finding transportation. Yesterday on the news they showed that it snowed in Kansas City (I think that's where) and the penguins in the zoo were all happy and running around in it. So sweet.

Was the tennis ball ok?

Painty, I think we all deserve time off from motivation. It's ok. Relax and go slow.

03-07-2008, 02:48 PM
Yes, thank goodness the tennis ball survived. :dizzy: However, since you asked, it later rolled under the sailboat and I can't convince Jet to retrieve it from there. The boat is up on stilts, but the snow is so deep all around it and covered with ice that there is only one way to get under there and then she has to go over and around some chains and blocks and stuff. For some reason she declined.

And then today I threw another ball over a snowbank on the other side of the house and it rolled on the ice until it fell off a drop-off down a much deeper ravine than yesterday's. Jet chased it up to the edge, got burrs in her fur and called it a day. :shrug:

So ends the saga of the tennis balls. For now. You do see the common thread in all these tales, right? The words "I threw". Perhaps I should have taken steroids.

I wonder if any penguins need foster homes? I think they'd love it here. Jet could herd them around the yard. They could even go fishing. I have lots of little scarves they could wear.

03-07-2008, 05:48 PM
I had that same eye doctor visit a few years ago. Had to have some big fancy dancy appointment with another specialist to have my retina checked.

Yeah, he says he wants to take a closer look by using those eye drops (which were supposed to be avoided by using the fancy machine!) and see what exactly it is. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's nothing, because it's my good eye. :o

I also think that with her running the country if she did get elected, Bill will be getting in all sorts of trouble, which will lead to more distracting sex scandals instead of progress when we really need it.

Hee! Absolutely. If Hillary wins, I can just see ol' Bill the First Ladies' Man roaming the halls of the White House without a care in the world checking out all the new pages and interns.:bunny2: As one of my brothers always says about the other one, "He goes where his :cb: takes him." :D

I also learned that there are different priced lens you can buy and the same prescription in the cheap lens will not work as well as the expensive one.

I always end up having to get the most 'spensive ones to avoid that coke bottle look. I can't imagine what bi or trifocals would cost me. I'll just make someone else read the fine print and thread the needles for now, I guess.:dizzy:

As a child, I often told DS that I got him in a department store. I saw this baby on the shelf and reached for him just as another woman also was. I beat her up and she had to take a little girl.

Cute. We told my littlest brother that my mother found him behind a bush in Australia and that kangaroos looked after him before she took him home. I wonder if he still believes it? That would explain a lot of things.

ds11 is making a pinata for his birthday party next week = BIG GIANT MESS. I better go wipe everything down before it fossilizes.

03-08-2008, 12:15 AM
Oh my Gooo -- a homemade pinata -- ˇArriba! Nothing like a room full of wet paper and glue. Do you have pets? Better lock them up. Hmm :chin: DO you have pets? Didn't you have a dog? Perhaps a pet weiner schnitzel? Doesn't that sound like it should be a dog breed?

Speaking of weiner schnitzel, I started making country fried steak, which I've made tons of times before because it is the most palatable way to eat moose steaks. But I didn't really have enough to time to put the pot in the oven for an hour and a half (all those important internet activities, y'know), so I figured I'd just braise it on the stove. It usually comes out so tender I didn't think it would hurt it any. Well, I let it simmer for 20 minutes or so and when I went to take it out of the pan, it was black on the bottom and stuck like glue. Plus not so tender. Actually it didn't taste too bad, but good grief. :mad:

Don'tcha wish I'd get a real life friend so I wouldn't have to tell you guys every single idiotic detail of my boring as **** life?

Who wants a nice project (


03-09-2008, 04:09 PM
Hey I've been offline all weekend and no one else has posted! Our internet is down completely, possibly due to the ice and rain and snow and all that carp. We have a yard full of twigs that have snapped off trees.

I'm sitting in the car in front of a restaurant that has a wifi hotspot, listening to, I think it was called The Annoying Music Show on public radio. It is sort of annoying, especially the static. I wonder if that's part of the show?

It's pretty funny watching all the cars zoom up Main Street, as we call it (not its real name) and fly around the corner. I swear I keep seeing the same trucks over and over. There goes the one with Dallas Cowboys lettered across the back end.

Sign project in full swing. Once I finish playing on the internet, I'm going home and make big posters.


03-10-2008, 01:05 PM
I'm here to post, Kiwi. I was in an ugly mood all weekend so you wouldn't have been able to understand me between the blubbering and hickups. I didn't even go to my usual Friday nite movie. I stayed in bed and felt sorry for myself. I do not like myself when I get like this. but..... I think I may be a little better today. I don't want to get too confident....

Sugar, I have a bad case of geezer eyes too. Sometimes I think I should start reading braille, just to have a jump on it. Lucas could be my gude dog. He guides me to taking naps already.

Big news about my laundry appliances --- I bought a nearly new washer dryer set on Craig's list. It's all hooked up and purring along wonderfully. They cost me all of $100. I didn't want to go drop a big bunch of money right now, so it worked out perfectly..... and they're really pretty too. I think these ppl waxed their appliances.

Once again, I'm disheartened to see that in this big old wide country these are the only 3 choices we have for President. I like Obama, but I would have like him to hang around the Senate for a few years before heading up to the big house. Hillary is ok, but Billy boy would be such a distraction. McCain, hmmmm .... too old. Sorry, but reality is what it is. What to do? what to do? Oh, I forgot, it doesn't even matter out here because our primary is so late in the game it doesn't even count. And b/c were on the left coast, the poll are al.most closed back east and it's already decided before we vote.

I'll tell you an internet miracle --- I was going thru Gpa Jims photo and came across an old school board campain flyer. It featured Gpa Jim's younger brother, George. Jim had lost touch with his family over 25 years ago.... and since Jim had changed his name from Disderio to Ellis I wasn't even sure how to spell the old name. Anyway, I did a search on the internet, and there was Uncle George, 83 years old, living at the same address as it said on the campain flyer. To make a long story short, I sent him a letter, then he emailed me and called me. He's sending me a bunch of family pictures. I just can't wait. I soooo wish I'd done this when Rick and Jim were here.

Kiwi, I can imagine you're freaked out about DD being so far away in such a volatile part of the world. Then you watch the news about the 2 young girls in the south being murdered, and school shootings and you realize that it's a dangerous world every where. Even if she stayed home in Frozen Tootsies, there are dangers. Hard as it is we just have to let them go and pray that they are being watched over.......... and think of the life she's living! how exciting!

Painty, take time off for good behavior. You do not need to accomplish things. Pretend you're on vacation and do only fun stuff. Like naps.

03-10-2008, 01:07 PM
Yes, I do know that I spelled campaign incorrectly..... and you thought I was perfect.

03-10-2008, 05:49 PM
i think you are perfect anyway wabby!!! i just love that picture of you---you are such an adorable baby girl---speaking of ----i would LOVE to see some pics of your grandbabies---can you send us some down't the email??? you must have some of them together too !!!! how adorable----i am working again today---i must say this working thing is quite annoying---i mean ---who the **** is buying gifts from a shop like mine on monday in march???? my pants are tight---i am trying to eat good food---not really dieting-----can't do that---i think ten years here has proved that fact-----i sent ONE package out last week--i wonder who will get it-----here is a clue---THE SQUEAKY WHEEL GETS THE GREASE { or in some cases the chicken bones----never the crack laced lentils-------------} has anyone watched the series---"Breaking Bad"?-----the father from Malcolm in the Middle is in it----strange but well done

03-11-2008, 11:28 AM
I am not posting because DS is home for spring break. So sorry. He's asleep now and we're both working a lot.

My 2 cents on the election today is that we have the chance to discriminate or not discriminate against someone because of gender, race or age. I wouldn't vote for a republican. I went to his web page to see how old he is and was upset by it. Republicans do not see things the way I do.

I loved the crack laced lentils. Tired. Must go.

03-11-2008, 12:45 PM
I don't know where to begin. I found in my mail box
a beautiful Canadian shopping bag!!! What can be more wonderful?? Nothing.
And then there were POSTCARDS!!! Gorgeous lighthouses and farm and old buildings and gardeny doorways
and ... ready? .... SILVER COW EARRRINGS . Stunning. Theya re accompanied by a puffin necklace and a greeting card that Bagzdd made. This is like heaven. I am transported out of this world.
Marvelous soaps
Coconut candy
and and and
Oh I must go rest from the delight.

03-11-2008, 06:51 PM
I was in an ugly mood all weekend...
Sorry to hear that. Yay about the new appliances, though!! Man, I could use a new washer/dryer -- we bought ours with the house 22 years ago :yikes: i.e. they were ?? years old to start with. What type did you get?

That's amazing about the great uncle! I'm not sure which is more unlikely -- finding a long lost relative like that, or an 83 year old who knows how to the use the internet well enough to reply to you :lol: Anyway, that's really nice. I'll bet he is delighted with the contact.
Oh, I forgot, it doesn't even matter out here because our primary is so late in the game it doesn't even count. When is yours? Funny, I thought you'd already had it :o You never know, though, if Hillary stays in, neither will have topped the # of delegates, so every primary will matter.
has anyone watched the series---"Breaking Bad"?-----the father from Malcolm in the Middle is in it----strange but well doneI love that show. DH and I have been watching it. It's sort of perverse, but you can't help but want him to succeed. It reminds me a little of American Beauty, in the way that there's this normal guy who just kind of dumps his normality one day, and even though you can't approve of what he's doing, you can't help but be on his side. Just my take, of course: DH hated Am. Beauty, so YMMV.

My 2 cents on the election today is that we have the chance to discriminate or not discriminate against someone because of gender, race or age. I wouldn't vote for a republican. I went to his web page to see how old he is and was upset by it. Republicans do not see things the way I do. I love it! Shall we be ageist, racist, or sexist? Or, as I keep telling DH, I'm not against anyone as much as I'm for one of them. Well, I will admit to being a little against them, but nowhere near as much as I was against Shrub both times he ran, or for that matter, against his father, and Reagan, and George Wallace, and Nixon and and and. Do you think I might be a dyed in the wool Democrat? I vote for Republicans here in Maine. But they're women. And moderates.

Glad to hear DS is home. Hope he has some fun while he's home? DD is not going to get home until next Tuesday or Wednesday apparently. She has 3 girlfriends coming to visit her all weekend, then she wants to spend a few days with the bf, then she's going skiing with another friend. I am trying not to be upset. It's her vacation and at least she's not spending a fortune getting drunk in Ft. Lauderdale or Cancun or something. When I was in college, a lot of my friends used to go to the Bahamas during spring break. I went home. Once I walked off the plane (back when you had to walk down the stairs to the tarmac and into the terminal, and people could greet you before you got inside--god I'm old) in Charlotte without a bra on. My mom was a little shocked. It wasn't a political statement though, I had just run out of clean laundry :lol:

Well, I've been painting out in the garage today. Making 2 plywood signs for the jazz fest this weekend. Busy busy busy. I really like the painted poster ones I did; I'll have to take some pics. It turns out I am absolutely anal about this, Peachie. I drew pencil lines and used rulers and everything. I'm putting 2 coats of paint on the plywood before I letter it. On the plus side, I saved everything salvageable from last year's festival and I can reuse about half of it. Yay me.

Later gators, I have to address an envelope to a faraway place :chin: where shall I send it....


03-11-2008, 08:23 PM
You know how Oprah talks about those "aha moments?" I had one. Bad one. The dh of a woman I worked with passed away. She's a sweetheart one hundred percent and I learned about this on my answering machine from my friend who hasn't spoken to me since I asked for borrow her car. So I went to the church and arrived with someone else I had worked with at that place. She was with someone who might've been her sister. I dunno. We walked in together. I got to the guest book first, signed and tried to decide where we could sit. There were 2 chairs by the front door and a lot of space in middle of pews but things were on the pews and I didn't know what that meant. Pillows. Tissues. I could see all the people I knew squashed together in one pew up front. So I went into the pew like a man told me to do, waited, looked around and my former co-worker and her friend/sis were sitting happily by the door. I almost broke into tears. I just left. My AHA is that I have a phobia of being alone in a church. I barely know this woman, don't care a thing about her but couldn't get along without her sitting with me. So now I know. I don't do church alone. Too many bad memories.

03-11-2008, 08:23 PM
I'd like to see Breaking Bad. Will wait for it on Netflix.

03-11-2008, 11:13 PM
what a beeotch for not waiting and sitting with you---i am mad at her and i would have left too-----you signed the book so they will all think you stayed anyway---what an arsepain and a half--------------kiwonk---don't despair!!! when the dd's come home on breaks,they almost always are all booked up with things they have to do-----that is the way of the young people--they are destined to have fun ALL the time===not just once in a while {like us if we are lucky!!}----------my kitchen is a mess,i am tired and i have to clean up before bed-----ARSEEEEEEEEEEE PAIN INDEED!!!

03-12-2008, 12:14 AM
Wow, that woman ought to be ashamed of herself for leaving you in the lurch. In church. Sorry, couldn't help it...

There are situations I'd rather walk out of than bluster my through alone too. And I'm the sort of person who will happily go to the movies alone, drive for 2 or 3 days alone, sit alone in a restaurant reading a book. But some things just don't feel good alone. Parties, for instance. I hate going to a party and finding out I only know the hostess and no one else, because she is always too busy to hang out with. Church is exactly the same thing.

Figure that one out.

I still have work to do. Stop distracting me.


03-13-2008, 07:07 PM
Hi Cowsies! I'm going out in the subfreezing temperatures to deface the town. See ya later.

03-13-2008, 07:10 PM
Hi Cowsies -- I had a McD cheeseburger today for the first time in at least 3 months. If my dietitian appointment keeps being changed, I will have probably increased my cholesterol by the time I see her again. So much for good eating habits...

03-13-2008, 10:14 PM
Hi Cowsies -- my ears were so cute today. I chopped the hair off myself (just a little) so the whole ear showed and it was out of my eyes and I dangled cows from them.

03-13-2008, 10:18 PM
Find the US on this list. ( and explain.

03-14-2008, 03:49 AM
Easy: We do more airplane travel that anyone else and what's the most common aircraft? 747 -- hence 747 trillion in debt. Clear?

Tomorrow I will explain the chemical theory of color.

03-14-2008, 09:09 PM
blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah---it's cold and there are flurries and step dd called and said she played a round of golf today in Denver------------why do i live here again????

03-15-2008, 10:03 AM
I haven't had a flurry in a long time. I didn't even realize McDonalds still sold them. You live in a beautiful puffiny whaley place. Stop complaining. On my drive home last night, I saw a wild hog.

03-15-2008, 11:46 PM
ohhhhh peachbutt---to see a wild hog on the ride home---how divine--we saw a freakin moose on the way to Fredericton-----something like a freight train waiting to hit you-----------do the hogs run wild on the roads----does anyone hit them??? can you take them home and fry up the ham hocks???? remember when you used to weigh yourself down't the Winn Dixie---i miss those old days--------------back in the nineties-----some friends held a b-day dinner for me tonight----i was the oldest one there-----it was lovely,but it reminded me---i am advancing down the fifties road and it's a wrinkley journey------------and fat too.

03-16-2008, 12:41 AM
:celebrate:Happy birthday, oh sweet and adorable Bagzie!!!! :hug:

You tried to sneak one by us!!! My baby boy is 25 today, which means next month I'm going to be the opposite ..... 52!!!! Aaaarrrrgggghhh!!!

You'll always be younger than me, so appreciate being the age you are......


03-16-2008, 09:31 AM
and I will always be older than everyone I have ever met. My own birthday is next week or so and I am already sporting gorgeous silver cow that I got for it (it = birthday). HAPPIEST BIRTHDAYS BABY BAGZ COW. Yes, you can take the pigs home and cook them. I think there's a season on them. They don't walk in the road. Every single night, I drive through herds of deer. The deer here are about as big as Kiwi's dog and they graze by the road. I drive through a military base where no houses are and that's where these critters live.

Wabbo, I was thinking of you and wishing I were there with you. This woman I work with was taken to Bunko. She seemed to resent it. She lost her dh a couple of months ago and tons of people are moving in on her to fill the void. They take her to movies, to bunco, to dinner, to military wives parties and all she does is complain. I would LOVE someone to fill my void. I want to play bunco with you. Can we meet in Kansas?

What is the psychological term for someone is sweet sweet to the boss, bats eyelashes, speaks softly, yes ma'am yes sir but to other employees is a witch? This person has accused me of making a till that is shared by many come up short. She yelled at me in front of a customer for no reason. Etc. I called the boss when I'd had enough and told him no one at that company has ever talked to me this way. Several employees have told him the same thing and he says "She needs to work on her interpersonal skills. I can help her with that." Fortunately, the incident I was reporting was witnessed by another employee who went to him and said he was disgusted by her behavior. So .. is there a term? I want to label her.

My baby will go back today. Sad. Whaa.

03-16-2008, 12:15 PM
I hate that your baby is going back today---and the term for the woman is "MAJOR SUCK UP *****"--- that is nicest thing i can say----also---good that some others are reporting her----twit that she is----THANKS FOR THE BDAY WISHES!!!- the actual day is tuesday,but the feelings of fifty-one began last march------thank god i am younger than someone--cause at my 'celebration' i was the effin oldest one there----the next oldest was sissy who is two years younger!!!blaeachhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

03-16-2008, 07:17 PM
My baby just left. Such emptiness here. I hate to be all dismal but that's descriptive. The day is gorgeous so he's driving in nice weather. Yesterday was so windy. He's got this old tiny cranky car that I thought he'd drive til he graduated from college THIS MAY. But .. he changed his plans and added a year , then changed them and added another year. I don't know about that car.

He has an internship to apply for that is CLOSE BY. I reallllly want him to get it. It's in Pencil Cola.

All the kids go on Spring Break (except DS apparently), check into their condo on the beach and head to the liquor store. They are all born in 85 and 86. I find myself saying things like "You're a very pretty girl. Be careful." They are all nice mannered and don't give me any trouble over the IDs even if I refuse to sell. Alabama gives temporary licenses that are printed on typing paper with computer cartridge ink just like we all have at home. Couldn't accept that. She asked for my manager and he refused also but she was sweet. It seems that every spring, there's one in the paper who fell off a balcony. I somehow wonder what their parents are doing, why they don't demand them home for the break, who's paying for this vacation.

DS called me at work yesterday to say the kitty is sick. This is the kitty who, when he is sick again, will not be coming home from the vet as the bills are too expensive. They think he has a chronic problem like pancreatitis. I told DS Not To Chase Him when he threw up. Do not send him behind the furniture to throw up. Just keep cleaning it up and make sure he has fresh water. Then I came home and gave him anti-nausea meds and appetite stimulants and he's better. But I don't know for how long. He is the sweetest cat imaginable. In the lap, or lying next to you touching your leg and purring and soft and huggable.

Major suck up. I will remember that when thinking of her.

03-16-2008, 07:21 PM
What is the psychological term for someone is sweet sweet to the boss, bats eyelashes, speaks softly, yes ma'am yes sir but to other employees is a witch? ..So .. is there a term? I want to label her.
I'm thinking two-faced b*tch, but that's probably not a psychological term... :lol: Perhaps Over-grown teacher's pet. head-case?

Well, the jazz fun is over, thank goodness. It went well, although I was so lame from the hours on my feet that I thought I was going to have to bail out a few times. The festival itself went from about 9:30 am to 10 pm on Friday, and 8:30 am yesterday until 11 pm last night. Not to mention all the preparation and setup. After doing it last year we recognized that volunteers were going to need to break up their shifts to try to avoid the exhaustion that being on duty continuously for 2 days causes, but somehow we didn't really change anything and most of us were once again on duty all day and night for 2 days again. I got to the point yesterday that I couldn't come up with some people's names who I have known for years. :shrug: But the thing went off fairly smoothly. Everyone thought the signs were fabulous. Which of course they were :lol:

Anyway, I slept until 3 PM this afternoon :lol:

Later gators.

03-16-2008, 07:38 PM
The signs are beautiful but ... did you get them up in time? I think you put them up yesterday and missed a day. and why aren't you online? Are they keeping the signs for another year? Did you paint those letters? Did you know that sometimes cells die on purpose so their innards can be used by other cells and sometimes accidently they die and that's bad? I learned that from a paper DS is writing.

Everyone should wear a name tag. When entering a store where cashiers are wearing name tags, customers should put one on, too. Only fair. And at one's birthday party, people should make the b-day girl feel she is younger, more attractive, wittier than those in attendance. Only fair, too.

03-16-2008, 07:44 PM
I'm so sorry to hear about kitty. But I'm glad he has you to take care of him. Sick pets are a tough road.

I'm glad to hear that the kids on spring break are mostly nice polite kids. You always hear the horror stories, but my experience with teenagers and young adults is more like yours. You gotta worry about them, but they're not the nightmares some people would like you to believe.

And then there's our kids, who don't seem to go on spring break, eh? DD, whose spring break started Friday, had some of her friends from high school come visit her for the weekend. They had a great time; apparently went to play pictionary with the muslim students on Thursday :dunno:, went out Friday to the Paradise Rock Club (I saw the Talking Heads there in the '70s), and were at the movies last night. Today she is working on a lab for her multi-media music course, tomorrow she has to work all day at an event on campus, then she heads north to spend a day with the bf, the next day she goes skiing with a friend, and finally we get to pick her up on Wednesday to come home. Not exactly how you picture spring break, but not too awful bad either. I can't wait to see her.

ta. You like my signs? I didn't get a photo of the other ones--this was the only one (actually 2 -- the one behind is the same) I painted on plywood. The others were all on poster board.


03-16-2008, 07:59 PM
Everyone should wear a name tag. When entering a store where cashiers are wearing name tags, customers should put one on, too. Only fair. And at one's birthday party, people should make the b-day girl feel she is younger, more attractive, wittier than those in attendance. Only fair, too.You speak much truth.

I am shocked by the news about cells. Republicans should pass a law against cells dying on purpose, and not allow them to be used by other cells, because that might encourage trafficking in perfectly healthy cells.

I put some of the signs up Thursday evening with DH's help. The wooden ones we put up Friday at 8 am; I was a little afraid they might be stolen, so I didn't want to leave them out the night before. Also Friday morning I put up all the indoor signs (dozens of them) with the help of some lovely students. The bands started arriving about 9:30am and the performances started about 11:00am that day, so I was not late! Amazingly.

I am taking those 2 wooden signs back to the school tomorrow; they will be able to reuse them every year I should think--sometimes they have the state festival, sometimes they have just the district festival, but there are at least 4 different events that can be called "Jazz Fest". I did paint those letters. I made up a stencil of sorts on the computer and transferred the outline to the board, then painted them. At 2 in the morning. Yay me

03-16-2008, 08:17 PM
I LOVE THE SIGNS!!! THEY LOOK VERY JAZZY!!! LIKE THE STYLIN' OF THE PRINTIN' IS RATE JAZZYYYYYYYY!!!! because Kiwi is so KOOOOL!!!!!---brava!!!---i hear you tired pain----it sounds exhausting----peach--i will beseech the heavens for ds to be close to home----that would be wonderful----he is a sweetie to come home for the break---lots of 'guys' wouldn't so that was adorable of him----what will be his degree when he is done----i assume he will be getting several degreees!!! here,they will give you BIG BUCKS to go to graduate school if you are in the sciences---they need people in those faculties!!!!

03-16-2008, 11:33 PM
Science? Heck no. Double major in math and espanol. Minor in physics. So far. And you can go ahead and call him Dr. Peachesds as in PhD. This is his plan.

Maybe Kiwi could make signs for me? There are no social outlets here. Can you make one up like it's a big event and I could show up along with the crowd? The crowd would be 3 people though, so never mind.

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Wear green. Do not dye your poodle green.

03-17-2008, 07:38 AM
Do not dye your poodle green.


Couldn't post. I was growing out my bangs. I just realized I haven't been to the haidresser since, oh, October 2007. And you know what? I don't care. Well, I do, I'm just too DAM lazy to make an appointment.

Happy Belated Birthday, Bagzerooonie! Can't believe I missed it. We have so much b'day excitement going on in Feb/March that I just can't keep up. My little baby turned 12 on March 11. Wheee! He is still such a mummy's boy.

Very nice signs, Kiwi! Not at all anal. :D

Today I am sending out a 'congratulations on your new baby' card and three condolence cards. Mixed emotions. :smug::(:smug::(

Peachy - Dr. Peachesds sounds VERY good. I bet he can do that with one hand tied behind his back. I'm going to come live with you so we can be lonely together.

Dh is being a carpy husband. Yes, yes, I know I should be grateful to even have a husband, but really, sometimes he is just TOO MUCH and I want to take the credit cards and run away. Oh well, this too shall pass, eh? :dizzy:

Kids have Easter holidays. It's 11:40 a.m. and they're still sleeping. I kind of like it.

03-17-2008, 09:24 AM
I am clearing out the spare bedroom for you Sugar. Bring the kids. When DS was here, he slept 12 hours at a time then complained that he slept too much. He didn't think about how he worked 40 hours that week or how he stayed at night working on/procrastinating his paper.

I want pictures of the bangs.

03-17-2008, 04:51 PM
I think I spend too much time indoors. It's all :sunny: out and when I go out with the pupster, I can't stand the brightness. I am apparently a :dracula:

Thanks for the compliments, Bagzie. They are kinda kool.

I dreamed I had a job. But it's okay, the company was going to move far far away and I wasn't expected to go with them.

Personally I think we can stand to look upon the virtual Sugar even if her bangs are not quite completely grown out. What do you think? :D

Peaches, what would you like for an event? Perhaps a celebrity golf tournament? Singles only fly fishing demonstration? Naked cooking show?

Have you all watched any of Oprah's Big Give? I find it all a bit unbelievable -- that it's so easy to raise thousands of dollars just by saying "we're from the Big Give". I think Oprah paved the way, so the show wouldn't look pitiful.

I've been watching HBO's In Treatment too. Little therapy session every day. Interesting. Not helping me any.

I have no energy. Is it really St. Patrick's Day? I guess it must be. I haven't been paying attention to the real world. :cupgold:


03-18-2008, 01:35 AM
Singles who like foreign films. I haven't seen Big Give. What do they give to? I have mixed feelings about Oprah. Did you know that 2 Brach's choco covered rabbits with marshmallow centers only have 175 calories? Ds left his puter charger here. Who gets to mail it to him? Guess.

03-18-2008, 10:41 AM
okay sugar sugar!!! TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY SO YA DIDN'T MISS A THING!!--- I AM AT WORK!!! this older gentleman { he says he is 44 ,twice} comes by the shop every day and gives us a chocolate bar-----today it was kitkat 'chunky' version!!!----he wants to take me to bora bora!!------sugar-,tell,carpy that you and the kids are going for a visit to peachland for a bit,and he can change his carpy ways----a few weeks without sugar will turn him around!!! if not,we want you back in CANADA!!!!XOXOXOXO we miss you!!!!-------alot of husbands look and smell like carp sometimes............................

03-18-2008, 10:49 AM
to treat myself-------------i just bought at HOT ORANGE CRANBERRY MUFFIN FROM THE BAKER IN THE MARKET AND I AM SLATHERING IT WITH BUTTER----just thought some of you might want to know---i am telling myself that i can eat whatever the **** i want today {and most days]

03-18-2008, 01:38 PM
Oh that sounds divine. I will eat one on my birthday, too, if I can find one.

About that suckup woman .. the employee who witnessed her snarling at me, told the boss that he's had problems with her, too, and will call the police the next time she speaks to him in such a manner. This guy is in the police academy so I thought it was a great thing to say.

My local satellite post office can't accept anything over 13 oundes due to homeland security legulations. So I can't mail DS the charger without DRIVINGGGGG somewhere. hay-ull.

Happy Delicious Birthday Honeybun.

03-18-2008, 02:21 PM

03-18-2008, 02:48 PM
:woohoo: :celebrate: Happy Birthday to the Adorable Bagzie!!! :woo: :gift:

Have a great time in Bora Bora, you deserve a vacation. Just remember to give him a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, or things could get awkward. :lol:

Later darlings

03-18-2008, 11:15 PM
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!! AWKWARD INDEED!!!YIKESSSSSSSSSSSSS----WELL,if anyone would like to come with me to Bora Bora and entertain my 88 year old,you are all welcome---the wine is an excellent idea!!! thanks for all the good wishes cow-cows!!! and thanks for making a guest appearance with the gorgeous lettering Cookie!!!! what's up with you????do TELL!!!----------so ,tomorrow,back to being fifty-one and what the hay ull as peach would say-------------bring on the muffins!

03-19-2008, 09:02 AM
I was just thinking of asking ds to make a point of telling me something positive every week or so when I got an email from him telling me everything is going wrong in his classes. He has a paper not finished that was due 2 weeks ago, assignments not turned in, bad grades, etc. I wonder if he's depressed and I don't know what to suggest. Ideas?

03-19-2008, 09:18 AM
Happy Birthday on the right day, Bagzamuffin! :carrot:(or did I miss it again??)

Bora Bora sound wonderful. Dealing with an 88 yr old can't be that difficult, can it? :o

He has a paper not finished that was due 2 weeks ago, assignments not turned in, bad grades, etc. I wonder if he's depressed and I don't know what to suggest. Ideas?

YES! Buy him this book for his birthday: The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play (

I'm reading it now and it's actually making me DO stuff instead of *thinking* about doing stuff. And we all know that I am the OberSupremeProcrastinatrix. Many examples in there of students being overwhelmed at the the prospect of of writing papers, studying for exams and just generally having poor time management skills.

It snowed all over my daffodils yesterday. Now it's snowing again but the shine is shining gaily. I'm dreaming of a white Easter???

03-19-2008, 11:19 AM
Bagzz, between running up to Little Rock to take care of my mom, my health and one of my kid's health, I just haven't had the energy to do much else.

I started seeing a new doc at the end of February and he determined I am borderline diabetic and no wonder I have been feeling like crap. I have only been on Metaformin, Byetta and Wellburtin for 19 days, but I am feeling lots better already. Thus I have shown up to bug y'all. :D

P.S. Is it just me or is this forum slow?

03-19-2008, 11:39 AM
Hiya Cookie! Wow, sorry about all the family health issues. Hope your "feeling a bit better" days continue. And yes, the forum is soooooo slow.:bunny2:

03-19-2008, 03:58 PM
He has a paper not finished that was due 2 weeks ago, assignments not turned in, bad grades, etc. I wonder if he's depressed and I don't know what to suggest. Ideas?My suggestion is to send him an email offering to come and stay with him for a few days to help him with his homework. Either he will stop complaining, or he will consider the idea, in which case you know he really is depressed.

The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play (, I need that book. It doesn't read like this ( by the same author, does it? I couldn't read a whole book like that.

Truthfully I have pretty much given up doing stuff at all, I'm so behind. Today I spilled half my oatmeal on the floor, and patted myself on the back for delegating that cleanup job to the dog. :lol:

P.S. Is it just me or is this forum slow?So glad you are starting to feel better, and glad you are here! I don't notice the forum being slow at all, but I have dialup so if it loads in a few minutes I'm impressed.

People with dialup are really getting the shaft: my ISP dumped all its dialup customers on another, unknown company. They never said anything; it happened in January. We had a couple of outages recently, and they still never said anything, never replied to our queries (not that they ever had very good customer service anyway Prexar, by the way, to name names). We couldn't connect for a whole weekend and finally got through to a number they'd given us when we tried to call their regular support number ("call during business hours" :eek: ). Turns out they had changed our login name without informing us at all. They still didn't tell us our account had been sold (or that we were in fact talking to a different company at that point). We only found out when DH emailed support again to see if there were any other dialup changes we should make, and they replied with a terse "Your account has been sold to xxxx Here's their email address" This address didn't work, so I demanded more info; I did finally get a reply of sorts. Still haven't gotten any response from the new company. Unbelievable. What I don't get is that these companies could save themselves a lot of cancelled accounts and a lot of time spent dealing with complaints if they just told people what was going on. Like maybe they could use the internet of something to let people know...... :rolleyes:

Rant over....

My little kiddo is coming home today finally. Hopefully she is having a wonderful time skiing right now.


03-19-2008, 05:58 PM
Can't believe it is already late afternoon! I gave a presentation this am on The Brain that Changes Itself ( I don't know if my presentation was interesting, but the book was. Tells ways to "keep your brain fit" and how stroke survivors are recovering, how sexual preferences/fantasies change...
But it was a lot of work learning PowerPoint and making handouts. Just the same I was revved up enough to clean kitchen and put in some wash. Should have taken a nap immediately. Now I'm torn between painting/sketching or reading or napping. At least I had a sufficient lunch and am not hungry.

Sugp - did you hear about the lady in Arizona (or someplace) who was being prosecuted because she died her poodle PINK for breast cancer awareness? she used beet juice. I can't see that as "animal cruelty" any more than just giving any dog a bath! Hope your white Easter is fun anyway!

Cowper - Sorry your son is having a hard time. If he'll take advice, great... but I think usually people need empathy first... and inquiries about what they're WILLING to do that might help. Or what they think will happen if they don't change their patterns? It's hard to be quiet long enough to let them grow up.

Kiwi - Condolences about the high-handed ISP/login changes. Yipes. How's the energy lag coming? Pretty smart to let the dog work on oatmeal cleanup. I think my DD wishes that her OATMEAL would clean up after her dog.

Bagzz - HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. I LOVE cranberries and cranberry muffins are at the top of my list. Dunkin Donuts is finally coming to Texas (70 stores planned in the metroplex... holy hot latte!! Anyway, I think their orange cranberry muffings are top notch.

Cookie Amazon - Glad to meet you. And contratulations on finding meds that help. And committing to all of the life-changes people can do to reverse the diabetic tendencies. I gather that Exercise is THE most important. (I read in that book that after 6 months of cardio vascular exercise, rats increased their quantity of neurons by 500%. Maybe then we'd have brain power to spare! (and we'd have room to get out of our old mental ruts.))


03-19-2008, 07:36 PM
Wow -- I need more neurons! Maybe the vacuuming I just did will add a couple. I got sweaty anyway :dizzy: So do you think if you got drunk while riding a bicycle, you'd come out even?

Not that I was thinking of trying that.

I'm a little punchy. Must be all the dust. I have to go grocery shopping. Yeah, at 6:35 PM. Blah. Later dahlings

03-20-2008, 08:14 AM
I need all the neurons I can get! :dizzy:

03-20-2008, 02:19 PM
My sweet DD is home! We are going to go see Horton Sees a Who today. Hee Hee, I used to love reading that book to her. And all the other Dr. Suess books, the more of a tongue twister, the better!

Unfortunately it has been sleeting for about 12-15 hours. There is a buildup of 2 or 3 inches of sleet -- it's like walking through dry sand. Except cold. Not looking forward to the drive, but it's kind of letting up, so I think we'll go anyway.

DH went to the big city yesterday and bought me a big oval crockpot (I actually asked for it) -- there was a coupon and rebate on it and it will end up costing only $12.99. It's very cool looking-- stainless steel with a black crock. Plus it came with a tiny crockpot bonus -- holds about 1 cup. What on earth would you do with that? The box suggests warming hot fudge :rolleyes: -- Just what I need. I told DD it was a potpourri warmer just to watch her roll her eyes. :lol:

So anyway I'm making chicken soup. Before I go to the movie. Except I have to go take a shower first. Uhoh I better get going.


03-20-2008, 11:16 PM
I think I have that crockpot, only the liner is white. The mini pot you use for keeping nacho cheese sauce hot..... or you can put spices in it and simmer it so it smells good. Not that I ever do that, but you can.

I just got back from Tacoma, WA (almost to Seattle) to visit my ex sister in law, who really isn't because she never did marry my oldest brother, but she is the mother of my niece. She asked me to come help her plant her flower pots so that her deck would be pretty b/c she's selling her house. Except I planted flowers and painted her garage doors, and front door, and helped her edit her decorative stuff, and washed a few windows. Now I hurt all over b/c of the ol' rheumatizzzz. It was hard work, but fun to focus on someone else's problems for a change.

Peachez, I'm sorry about your kitty. I feel your pain b/c my golden retriever is not doing well either. I'm going to take him to the vet next week, but I don't want to, b/c I think they're going to tell me there is nothing they can do, and they'll want to put him down. I think he has cancer, and I don't want him to be in pain, but I love this old doggie and I don't want to lose him.

Your signs look lovely, Kiwi, very artsy, and I'm so glad to hear your baby girl is home for a visit.

Hi Cookie! sorry you're having some troubles, but hang around and we'll try to cheer you up.

......and Sugar P, as I tell my sister when she complains about her hubby, don't hold back, it has no bearing on my situation.

I'd yak more, but I really do hurt bad and I've driven 3 hours and I'm going to lay around and watch tv for as long as I d*mn well want. Don't you try to stop me. :faint:

03-21-2008, 08:19 AM
Aw. thanks Wabby. I'm so sorry about your doggie but thanks for sharing that. If my kitty were next to a picture in the dictionary, it would be "gentleness." Yes, I need him here.

And thanks to Painty for reminding me to empathize with DS. I worry about him. All I hear (I've said this before) is negative. Yesterday, I talked to him and he said he'd slept through a quiz. Actually he said, "my quiz" like I'd know what he meant. I learned later that night that he had emailed me to wake him up BUT he sent the email after I'd left for work. Why not leave a text message or voice message on the phone? Why he can't wake himself up is another question I'm not ready for.

Painty, that book sounds fascinating. I try to think more positively but don't get far. For example, yesterday I was working in the liquor store with another woman. There were 3 customers in the store and the woman was yammering at me about her varicose veins. I left her to go help a customer and what does she do??? She comes after me, answering the same questions for the same customer as though she's the great authority .. he turns to her because I'm so uninformed (Does vermouth comes in a smaller bottle?) and the other 2 customers are left on their own. So .. positive thinking would be that she was being friendly to me and I should like that but really I wanted to toss her out the door.

Get up Wabby. Enough tv. Gilmore Girls is off the air.

03-21-2008, 12:21 PM
Nacho cheese and hot fudge sauce -- yessiree bob! Little pot o sin! Yeah, I had thought of simmering spices (because I'm so Martha as you know). Someday I'll do that. Probably right after I paint my house oatmeal.

I wish all the sweet kitties and doggies good health. It's just too hard when they decline.

Peachie, I'm no expert of course, but I think DS is overwhelmed if he's trying to pass off some of his responsibilities onto you, i.e. you're not his alarm clock. Do you think he would be willing to talk to someone at school? Just for some perspective, maybe advice on how to juggle it all.

I'm supposed to be down at the in-laws baking bread with DH and DD. Instead I am home on the computer. DH worked up this whole shebang and I assumed since we were going to be there all day I'd have to bring the dog with me. Before I got up this morning, he comes in and says we ought to take 2 vehicles because he might have to go somewhere or do some errands, and I might have to come home and let the dog out. I.e. don't bring the dog and I don't care whether you show up at all. Can you tell I'm a little p-o'ed? No? I don't even know why I agree to do all this crap he wants to do.

So I'm protesting and taking my own sweet time.

DD and I didn't get to go to a movie yesterday as we planned. We got halfway to the big city and heard that her bf's brother had flipped over his car on the interstate. We were about 20 minutes from the location so we did an illegal uturn and went to see if there was anything we could do to help. He's fine, the car was on its head though. The driving conditions were pretty treacherous, worse than we thought when we headed out. But since we were already halfway, we continued on and did a few errands (picked up another new toy for DH :rolleyes: ) and drove back home rather than stay for a movie. So, no Horton.

We rented Dan in Real Life and watched it, which was really quite good. Not what I was expecting (i.e. not stupid).

Okay I guess I've wasted over an hour. I can probably get going now... :devil:


03-21-2008, 01:06 PM
Spring is not starting off well. Guess what? I got an e mail from my mother today telling me that my Uncle E. (Dad's younger brother) died of a heart attack on the 19th while he was in hospital being treated for kidney failure. :(
It was all quite sudden and unexpected. The brothers never got along well but Mum wants Dad to fly from Vancouver to Montreal for the funeral out of respect for the rest of the family - four adult kids + partners,two grandchildren, ex-wife, girlfriend. Dad doesn't want to and won't say why but I know it's because he's almost 79 years old and deaf in one ear and a little confused sometimes and the thought of getting on a plane all alone and figuring out where he's supposed to go is freaking him out. I can totally see both their points of view. One solution is to get Dad to Ottawa where littlest brother lives so they can attend servive together since brother will be going anyway. Another idea is to have middle brother go with Dad from Vancouver. I hope they figure something out because my mother is having a fit. She says she would go but then she might miss her operation date for major back surgery that she's been waiting for for over six months. Ain't life grand? NOT.

Thanks for the permision to rant, Wabs. :hug: dh and I had a long chat and he is no longer being a poop-head. We, uh, kissed and made up and everything is (sort of) OK again and no one will be moving out. :dizzy:

I want to see Horton Hears a Who too! I love that book - And the small kangaroo in her pouch said, "Me too!"

Oh, I need that book. It doesn't read like this ( by the same author, does it? I couldn't read a whole book like that.

Gahhh! That sounds scary. Nope, I have three or four of those kind of "whatever happens you still have your self worth, yada, yada, yada" books on my self-help bookshelf graveyard, but this one is pretty easy to read and doesn't make one feel like a loser. It goes into the reasons for procrastination and how you need to schedule the fun stuff FIRST and THEN make room for the work you need to do. Quite revealing. :D I know nothing about this author, just bought the book on a whim.

Peachy - seriously, get him that book. Kind of not fair that he's trying to make you be a mom from afar too. Sounds like he wants to be an adult but isn't ready to take responsibility for his own mistakes. I can totally empathize with him, though and I want to fly over and give him a big hug and tell him everything will be all right. Too much to organize and nobody tells you how. Don't they have classes for that kind of stuff? I remember a room mate of mine taking a "Time Management" class at university and getting a lot out of it.

Painty - You'd think people would have other animal rights stuff to worry about than a pink poodle who came to no harm. Not that I would do it myself, but still, pretty silly to get all fussed up over it.

My crockpot is silver with a black pot too. No little pot though. Is it from Rival? I got the big one but I really should have gotten the smaller one 'cause the food looks so lost when it's in there and I'm not into making and freezing big batches yet.

It just started snowing again. Whee.

03-22-2008, 02:00 AM
really glad kiwiddbfdb is ok.

sad to hear about sugar uncle.

Thi ( QssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem)s is what ds is getting me for birthday. He may change his mind if I tell him what I really want.

I ordered the book, Sug, but do you think he'll read it? I remember my parents sending me a book when I was that age. I knew it was religious and was happy to find it was the Gospel according to Snoopy but I feared the worst knowing it was coming.

It never snows here.

03-22-2008, 09:44 AM
Might be a good idea to tell him what you really want.

03-22-2008, 12:49 PM
A Boulder woman facing a $1,000 fine for dyeing her poodle pink has hired a lawyer to fight the charge in court. Joy Douglas says she dyed Cici, her white miniature poodle, to call attention to breast cancer. She says she used beet juice and Kool-Aid. She was ticketed March 1 under a Boulder ordinance that makes it illegal to dye animals. The ordinance is designed discourage people from dyeing rabbits and chicks for Easter. Douglas had a court hearing scheduled Tuesday, but the judge postponed it until April after she said she has hired a lawyer. Douglas took Cici with her Tuesday but had to leave her outside the courthouse.

I found that on the webpage for my local news.

About the gift, I told ds that I already have an empty cookie bag and broken rubber band. Made other suggestions.

03-23-2008, 12:42 AM
OK. I overreact. I worry about catastrophes. My dog has hot spots, not some horrible skin cancer, and it cost me $185.00 to find that out. What can I say, I'm crazy. I admit it.

I went to my Great Aunt's 90th birthday party today. She's still sharp as a tack, but I'm going to go buy me a new big ol' bottle of calcium pills tomorrow.

I also bought a bookcase from Craig's List. In the last month I've bought a cute little desk, a rocking chair for Kayden, an antique bed for the guest room, and a set of Johnson Bros. red and white dinnerware. I have a serious addiction. I guess it's better than gambling.

I painted Kayden's little rocker all Mary Engelbreitish. It is painted red, green, yellow and black checkerboard. It has a section thats black w/ yellow polka dots and one thats red w/ white and yellow daisies, and it has a little lady bug painted on one of the green armrests. It says "Kayden" on the back. She loves to rock her dollies in it. She's quite the little mommy.

Apparently I don't have enough to do.... I finished a smocked Easter basket that I started about 15 years ago. Maybe 20.

Ask DS for a gift certificate for a massage, Peach. That's always my favorite.

Sugar, sorry to hear about your Uncle.... and sorry that your Dad is having a harder time negotiating airports these days.... although he's not the only one.... I think everyone feels a little discombobulated going thru the security maze these days.

Tomorrow is Easter and Kaydy will be w/ her mother and Vincent isn't quite old enough to appreciate Easter candy. I guess I'll have to eat it all myself. We may not be big Easter morning churchgoers, but we will be eating a ham dinner tomorrow.

03-23-2008, 02:12 AM
Happy Easter Y'all.
I think Easter is a Chickie holiday-- what holiday is the Big One for cows?

I took an abstract art class today. I ended up wearing a lot of pink, brown and red paint on my lavender T-shirt. And I'm not sure I like the painting, either. But it sure was fun! Like frosting a cake (we used pallette knives) but without the butter and sugar.

Kiwi-- Sorry you missed Horton (My DD, DS and DDIL were heading off to see it this evening just when I called them)... AND they'd had crockpot supper, too. So glad that DD's BF was OK. My SIL rolled her Pathfinder in MO this week, too. Went out and bought herself another one. She's 62--- so it's not just teens that have challenges driving on the slippery wet stuff.

Cookie-- Some self-help is definitely better than the rest! And some is SO sweet, that you need to have a crock of salt near by to cut the treacle!

Wabby-- Dare I say that I admire your resilience? I know it hasn't been easy. I'd say I was "proud" but I haven't had ANYTHING to do with it. Good for you helping your SIL... and painting Kayden's rocker. I still have "my" rocking horse... I bet Kayden will have it when she's a granny! Any photos to show us?

Cowpernia-- Glad you got the dog dyeing lady back in the right state! Perhaps she and her pink dog could visit you in the liquor store and get the folks with DT's or psychotic visions to leave you alone. BTW: Optimism is NOT denial!! Being positive doesn't necessarily mean cutting so much slack as to say they're "fine," but rather 1) I don't need to take ___ personally, 2) It isn't permanent (i.e., it will change), and 3) It (whatever) isn't impacting EVERY area of my life. That's plenty positive! Good luck.

SugP: Sorry about your Uncle. One of my friend/colleagues had almost the same situation last month. She doesn't know why her dad and brother were on the outs. She doesn't know why her (step) mother was so adament that her dad go. But HE didn't, my friend did. She connected with cousins and the widow and felt fine. She seemed to think it was a useful lesson to all in MYOB.

I am so glad the Cadbury egg season is finally over. :devil:

03-23-2008, 09:57 AM

Click here to see the mysterious Cowbunny. (

Or here for a cow in bunny slippers. (

03-23-2008, 08:49 PM
So sorry to hear about your uncle, Sugar. That whole travel quandary never occurred to me until a year or so ago when my step-father's brother died, and he declined to go to the funeral, reasoning that he had just seen him not long before. He never liked traveling anyway, but at 92, it must have seemed like quite an ordeal.

On the other hand, my mom is off to visit her sister this week, flying to Florida; had to fit it in between her computer classes. :eek: I talked to her yesterday and she was all computer talk. She said the class was going a little slow for her. Oh my! They have unleashed a monster! Funny--this is the same mom who previously threw up her hands in frustration at the suggestion that she look at my photos online, or that she could download her email to read when she was not online (they have AOL--what can you expect?) I can hardly wait to see what she does with this.

I just ordered that book, Sugar. I found it for less than $3 on Amazon. I'll let you know if any of it takes... My new crockpot is some off brand - EuroTrash or something. :lol: It's 6 qts; quite big enough! I guess my ancient one was only about 3 or 4.

Good god, that empty cookie bag went for $20.50. What is wrong with people? I have some nice trash I could sell. hmm

Oh Wabby, I'm so glad the dog's only got hot spots! Although I know how much work those are to try to get rid of, at least it's not cancer. How is he doing? Kayden's little chair sounds absolutely adorable!! Take a picture! I want to see I want to see!
I am so glad the Cadbury egg season is finally over. :devil:Well, all except the eating :eek:

We had the usual in-law family dinner today, then DD headed back to school. Her bf is on vacation this week -- they never have the same week, poor dears.. It was so nice to have her home, even if it was only about 5 minutes. Last night we made pizza with her and bf and played a couple very raucous rounds of Pictionary.

For some reason DH decided to get Easter candy and make homemade Easter baskets; they are very funny and cute: crumpled brown paper bags with shredded paper in them. Wish I'd known he was getting candy because I got a whole load of it like I usually do, for DD's basket (yes, I know she's 20) and now we have gobs and gobs. I think I'll put most of it in the freezer.

The great-nephew was at the family dinner -- he's the same age as Kayden. What a cute little boy -- all smiles and grins and parroting people's names. So adorable. He was going around the living room after dinner -- there were I think 11 or 12 grownups there and he was passing out little granola bites. Someone would say "give one to Uncle Frank" and he would march over and hand the right person one. It was very cool. Kayden must be about the same stage -- so much fun!


03-24-2008, 09:16 AM
I think it's delightful that kiwidh made baskets. And I'm realllly glad Wabpuppy is ok. I woke up feeling pretty good today and I must tell you I'm in love with you all. I could give you reasons but won't. I'm just so glad I have cows in my life. I miss Shots and am glad Cookie is hanging out.

03-25-2008, 04:24 PM
Wow, I know had something to post, but I can't remember it now. I read this news tidbit and can't think of anything else at the moment:Everything they know about evolution, they learned watching Flintstones reruns. A group of Evangelicals that believe the Bible "literally" — that God created everything in six days and the Earth is only 6,000 years old — have taken over tours at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science's evolution exhibit to push their own beliefs upon visitors, most of whom are children.
(Some have suggested that these people haven't actually "hijacked" an existing tour. However, they conduct these tours on their own at the museum free of charge, where any unsuspecting person/kid can follow along and join the tour. So if your kid is at the museum and encounters a tour group, it is easy to believe that they are an "official" tour operated "by the museum." When children see this and are welcomed to follow along, they have indeed been "hijacked.")If it didn't make so mad, I would just be very sad at this forced ignorance. To me it's right along the same lines as deliberately failing to feed a child or chaining them in a closet, just not so dramatic -- they're "only" chaining and damaging their minds

So anyway, how is everyone today? It's a beautiful sunny day here in Endless Winter. It's so sunny you need sunglasses outside. Jet doesn't want to come inside at all. She's happy to sit on the steps, clipped to a line, and chew on a stick in the sunshine. Who can blame her? I took some pics, perhaps I'll get them up on facebook later.

The dietitian thinks I'm doing fairly well. Although according to her scale I've only lost 3 pounds. She says it gets used so often it could be somewhat off. :lol: I like her attitude.

ta Kiwi

03-25-2008, 11:08 PM
oh my behuddas!!! how could it say you lost three pounds when you have lost TWELVE!!!! she needs her butt kicked---buy her some new scales!!!----SO TODAY I GOT MAIL FROM ENDLESS WINTERVILLE!!! AND I GOT MY BELOVED OBAMA SOUVENIR~!!! THANK YOU MY DARLING KIWONKERS!!!! I AM USING IT FOR A BOOK MARK RIGHT NOW----SO I CAN SHOW OFF AT BOOK CLUB ON THURSDAY--- the deputy mayor of this harbour town is in our book club--she is running for mayor,so that is interesting--my ex is running for counsellor so i have his poster up in my shop-=-----i am so IN with the city politicians!!! ----haha---it's not my bag,but i thought i would mention it for fun-----Easter Dinner was at sissy's and there were over forty people there i think---i forgot to count them all----my husband is obsessed with watching something on maine public tv----i think it's called something like---Bush's War----anyone watching it??? i think i will retire for the evening---i have not finished the book---book club is on thursday ---it's called 'the stonecarvers'by jane urqart---not sure how to spell her name---so far,i am not impressed---

03-25-2008, 11:11 PM
i just read my post--i sound like a nut----why can't i write in paragraphs??? why do i speak with stream of conciousness ---if that makes any sense----i mean,i just shoot my mouth off and bore myself and everyone else---someone edit me!!!

03-25-2008, 11:13 PM
stream of consciousness is a literary technique that seeks to portray an individual's point of view by giving the written equivalent of the character's thought processes, either in a loose interior monologue, or in connection to his or her sensory reactions to external occurrences. -THAT'S IT--I AM A LOOSE MONOLOGUE WAITING TO HAPPEN!!-----TOO BAD I CAN'T LOOOOOSE SOME WEIGHT!!!!

03-26-2008, 01:49 AM
Honestly, Kiwonk, at what age would your child have believe that stuff? Mine would've laughed at them as far back as I can remember. I don't like -- paragraphs anymore. I only like -0--- these things that Bagz does. Good night. Very late. I worked til 11ish and must be back at 8exactly. Not tired. This is bad schedule.

03-26-2008, 12:19 PM
I'm following along, just in a bad mood lately.

Painty, and anyone else who asks for pictures of stuff..... I would share photos if my camera would work. I think I'll ask for a camera for my birthday, and if no one buys it for me, I think I'll buy myself a birthday present.

Bagzie, I like you loose..........I like your dots and dashs--------and your !!!! and your enthusiasm........----------!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03-26-2008, 02:56 PM
Honestly, Kiwonk, at what age would your child have believe that stuff? Mine would've laughed at them as far back as I can remember. Well, we're not talking about gifted intellectuals here, clearly. But hundreds of thousands of adults have bought into this garbage because someone told them to. I guess ignorance has an appeal for a lot of people -- it's easier not to bother thinking for yourself, just let someone else tell you what to think. What I don't seem to understand is why you would choose the more preposterous of 2 things to believe.

-I AM A LOOSE MONOLOGUE WAITING TO HAPPEN!!-----Such a loose hussy. It's shocking! :lol:

Sorry to hear your camera is on the blink, Wab -- because I was hoping for some grandbaby pictures too! My video camera seems to be broken -- it's strange - everything works fine, we just can't get the thing open to take out the tape :dunno: Go figure.

Well, I have nothing to say except I'M GOING TO GO EAT CHICKEN BONES :carrot:

03-27-2008, 11:23 AM
someone edit me!!!

LOL! Where's the fun in that? We love you just the way you are, darlin'. :D

Have I got the day wrong or it not the illustrious Peach Melba's (severe lack o' decent dessert colours here!) birthday today???:belly: :celebrate: :hb:

03-27-2008, 04:51 PM
I'm thinkin' tomorra, but nothing to stop us from celebratin' today

DD is participating in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life on her campus tomorrow night, if anyone would be interested in donating. They have teams and have to walk all night from 6 PM to 6 AM (at least one person on each team at all times). It's held in the gym. Sounds like quite the whoopdedoo -- all the musical and dance and other entertainment troups on campus come in and perform for the participants. Her team (click here ( and search for Team Loretta) has almost met their fundraising goal, although her personal goal ( could use a nudge.

I've been reading at the NY Times ( about how to cook from the dollar store. Sounds disgusting. They actually cut up Chuckles into a parfait. And anyway, other than in NY, who's got a dollar store that has a frozen food section? Not me. Our dollar store is where you get either common junk food or really scary canned goods I wouldn't even dare to eat.

We're having a thaw of sorts. Hasn't made a dent in the snow that I can see, but it can't hurt. I went snowshoeing with pupster yesterday. I didn't go far, but it was nice to get out. We were able to walk near the lake shore because the snow is so deep and solid. Normally where we walked would be all big rocks. It's sort of an alien landscape this year. I'm wondering if this would be a good time to prune our ancient apple trees -- on snowshoes I'm up off the ground about 4 or 5 feet!

Okay, I have a weird problem: some of you get migraines, right? Have you ever had that aura thing they say that some people get before a migraine? What is it like? I've been getting a sparkly light thing. It's sort of like when you look at the sun or a bright light and look away and still see a residue of it for a while, except this is lasting almost an hour and it's all sparkly. The first time it happened, I got a whopper of a migraine. I'm having one now (although no headache yet); it's the 3rd time this week. It's freaky! I'm thinking I should make an appt. with the eye doctor.

Kiwi the Strange

03-27-2008, 05:02 PM
Wow, I looked it up and it's a classic migraine aura. What is strangest is that it only just started happening. I had migraines for 25 years and they finally subsided a few years ago. Crap.

03-27-2008, 05:36 PM
I'm thinkin' tomorra, but nothing to stop us from celebratin' today

All righty, then I'll just be a day early for a change and wait until Peachy shows up.

I've been reading at the NY Times ( about how to cook from the dollar store. Sounds disgusting.

Eeew, dollar store food. We once bought a package of crackers at one in Vancouver and we had to throw them out because they smelled like they had been dipped in a vat of noxious (is that a word?) chemicals. I'd be really careful creating entire menus with that stuff. I think people should spend less on carpy stuff like cigs and booze and junk food and more on REAL food (she says, stuffing the last taco chip into her mouth. I'm PMSing, OK?:mad:)

I've been getting a sparkly light thing. It's sort of like when you look at the sun or a bright light and look away and still see a residue of it for a while, except this is lasting almost an hour and it's all sparkly.

Oy! I was thinking of some really scary retinal detachment because sparkly light can be a symptom, but I see that it's that it's also a migraine thing. Might be a wise to see an eye doc anyway. You just never know. :o

I don't get an aura, my arms just go numb. So convenient.

03-27-2008, 05:48 PM
It's really tomorrow but SO NICE to get good wishes today before I'm all bummed out about it. I got ds's gift in the mail. He called to say mine might be late. that is just fine. I'm actually enjoying my day off and giving myself the gift of having parts of the house clean. This woman I work with came in and said "I cleaned my whole house today" and I've been thinking about that. She is such a nut job anyway. I am dismissing it.

I heard the 99 cent woman interviewed. She said she made some kind of 99 cent ham dish and wouldn't eat it herself but her friends thought it was good. Revolting. But .. if you see any good recipes that are cheap, send 'em on.

This ( is what I got DS. He gave me a list of things he'd like but when I looked at the music CDs they have descriptions like "sounds of a riot." He has vol I of this already and I like it. Cute. So I bought the set.

I put it in a box with some other stuff (clothes, candy, balloon rockets), wrapped it in gift paper and covered the whole thing with clear package tape. I saw this done somewhere and it was so cute. SO CUTE. Actually, I received something like that and kept the wrapping as a template. I need instructions for everything.

03-28-2008, 10:25 AM
hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa----i am a packing tape fanatic!!! the rest of you stay tuned for chicken bone fever---i am on a roll!!!!-----okay!!! TODAY IS THE DAY SO HAPPY DAY OF YOUR BIRTH MY DEAR PEACHBLOSSOM!!!!! I HOPE YOU SPEND IT IN QUIET CONTEMPLATION OF HOW LUCKY YOU ARE TO LIVE WHERE YOU CAN AVOID SPENDING A THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH ON OIL!!HAHA---seriously my dearest---have a happy day!! myself,i have grown to dislike the day,as it generally is a disappointment----not enough singing the glories of me and whatnot-----not enough balloon rockets and buffets---BUT FOR YOU----maybe some hummus and pita and a walk around duckhudda would be in order--!!!! go peachie!!!

03-28-2008, 07:42 PM

Okay, I have been waiting all day to get on here and tell someone!


Not kidding, I found out today. I can take a guest and I am going to fly to LA in May, stay for 2 nights and go on the Results Show! Seriously! I haven't decided whether DH or DD is going with me. I have to figure that out by Monday. aGDSGDASuaioasdp :yikes:

03-28-2008, 09:44 PM
oh my lordy lordy loo kiwonk!!! tell us how this came about!!! that is soooooooooo exciting!!!!HOW WONDERFUL---I AM JEALOUSSSSSSSSS!!! I LOVE AMERICAN IDOL!!!!! THAT IS AMAZING!!!! WHAT CONTEST!!????? FANNNNNNNNTASTIC!!!!!

03-28-2008, 11:09 PM
How exciting Kiwi! I feel almost famous just knowing you!!! If that cute little David Archuleta wins, tell him I think he's adorable. Now, how do you choose between your DD and DH??? Somebody's not going to be happy. Maybe you should solve that problem by choosing ME!!!!

DS has just broken the news to me that he, GF, GF's adorable 6 year old and my Kaydy are moving into a condo next Tuesday. No more Kaydy weekends. No more Alec watching cartoons with me at 5 am. I knew it was coming, but I was trying not to think about it. It seems I need to find a life. :?:

Now for good news------

It's the fabulous Miz Peachez birthday!!!! Ta-Da!!!!! I hope you treated yourself extra special today, because you are!!!! :celebrate::bday2:

03-29-2008, 02:00 AM
Ohhhhh Kiwi. This is the most exciting thing to happen since our kids were born. Tell all the details!!! How did you enter? Did you write an essay? What will you wear? EVERYTHING>

Thanks for all the sweet wishes. I got a little book from Europe today. The envelope said don't open til birthday OR ELSE but .. I only got it today so how could I? Perfect timing. Very impressive.

Wabby, I missed the part of your story. Kaydy is not living with ds?? If she's with him on weekends, just go collect her. Kids!! What do they know?

03-29-2008, 10:37 AM
Kaydy is with DS every other weekend and every Wednesday evening. This was wonderful with DS living at my house (he moved in when his house sold last fall) but now that he's moving into his own place with his girlfriend and her son, Alec (my sunny personality adopted grandson) I won't get to see them all as much. My house will be emptied out again. Just me and my doggies. DD, son in law & baby V live right next door in Gpa Jim's old mobile home, but it's not the same.

Peaches, I shouldn't be whining to you, b/c I know you live by your lonesome when your DS is at school..... but I'm whining anyway. I'm happy for DS, though. He needs his own place, I know. Ah well, life is change, isn't it?

03-29-2008, 12:31 PM
...I just spent most of the afternoon scraping goopy green goo out of my vegetable crispers. What a waste of vitamins. I am slowly learning that it's not enought to buy the vegetables, you need to actually eat them before they liquify. Blurghh. :p

Kiwieeee! Wowzers! You have now acheived pseudo-celebrity status. We are not worthy. :D Take DD - she looks better in a strapless dress. ;)

S'okay to whine, Wabby. So sorry about the change of accomodation, Wabs. But I'm sure you can work something out so you'll be able to see your l'il darlings on a regular basis. Little kids are so uplifting, even if they are hard work.

Peach - it actually got there sort of on time??? Will wonders never cease?

Bagzzzz - they are doing the baby seal thing again. I can't stand it. What shall we dooooooo? Can't they find other jobs for people who make a living doing that? Too many sides to the story and none of them are very nice.

03-29-2008, 02:28 PM
Wabbs, I am offended. Of course you should whine to meee! Who better to understand?? Whine please so I don't whine alone.

When is Kiwi going to tell the story to us?

Vitamins are messy. I always knew it.

I have whines of my own but will keep them til later.

03-29-2008, 02:33 PM
:lol: Isn't it nuts? I entered one of those contests they announced on the local Fox station during American Idol every week. Just went online and filled out a form; it was a drawing. I probably entered it 4 or 5 times. They called from the TV station yesterday. It makes me laugh every time I think about it. The guy says "I have to ask your real age" -- every time I filled out the form, where it asked for age, I wrote "Over 21" or "Plenty old enough" or "Old enough to know better". So I told him 52, and he said "Oh, that's how old I am!" Surely this was supposed to be won by some young kid, right? Not that he said anything of the kind, it's what I'm thinking though.

So yeah, I think you're right, Sugar, DD would look better than DH in a strapless dress. :lol3: We'll see. I'm not entirely sure she cares about going, I'll have to try to gauge that this weekend. Over the phone. :chin:

Sorry to hear the kids are moving out, Wab, everything's always changing, isn't it? Remember when the kids were young and life seemed to stretch way out ahead without great big changes at every corner? Luxurious feeling in a way, wasn't it?

Mmm green goo. Sugar, I know you could whip up something good with that. :rofl:

I'm reading the Procrastination book. I've gotten through the introduction.. :shrug: The good news is that I finished another book before I started this one. Granted it was a cartoon book about dog training, but still, I finished it.

All right, what do you wear to Hollywood? Will I be thinner by then? I need a haircut. Do I have to wear makeup? High heels? Oh good grief, I'm not equipped for this. If I take DH, I'm going to have to dress him too. hellllpppppp.............

03-29-2008, 02:43 PM
kiwi!! get the **** back here and tell us the deetsssssssss-----sugar---i will email paul mccartney and tell him to get back here----without that old hag-----he stepped on my friend's foot in the Newfoundland Airport last year--and said 'oh,sorry love!'-------clubbing seals indeed====TERRIBLE behaviour--

03-29-2008, 05:58 PM
I watch The Price is Right, which is in Hollywood I think, and they wear tee shirts that say "Drew for Prez" and "Pick Me Pick Me." Blue jeans, sandals, shirt not tucked in.

Here's one whine. DS just had a summer job interview on the phone. It lasted 30 minutes and they told him that neither of his letters of recommendation have arrived. Indeed!! i want to smack someone's face.

03-30-2008, 06:02 PM
I get the impression from reading about people who've been to the shows that they discourage casual dress -- how about I wear platform heels, sparkly slit skirt and a tee-shirt that says "Paula is a Ding Dong"? And moose antlers.

Oh, and cow earrings of course.

We've decided that DD is going with me. DH agreed with Sugar; DD will look better in a strapless dress.

Apparently the news about this got around the local high school the same day I heard about it. I don't exactly know how. All I can say is no camera crew better show up at my door; I will not be letting them in.

Unless they're from Extreme Makeover.


03-30-2008, 07:33 PM
Belated Happy Birthday Peaches!

Kids and DH were off last week and have monopolized my time plus I had PMS. My house is a bigger wreck than usual too. DH is back it work and kids go back to school tomorrow. Sadly I am looking forward to it. :devil:

03-31-2008, 12:45 AM
Thank you Cookie . When your kids go back to school, we can celebrate.

I think Kiwidd would be excited to go. After all, it is a music show and she is a musician. I don't get that channel BUT if Kiwi is shown on-camera, I expect someone to send me a dvd. I know the someone will be Kiwi herself as no one else knows how to do anything here.

This is my complaint about ds. I had one of those days yesterday where I really needed to talk so I called ds but he didn't answer or call back. I called friend in CA and talked to her til I realized she was trying to get off the phone then I felt embarrased as I had said NOTHING. I emailed her today to say that she felt she said nothing either but it's not true. Her mom, a person who used to include me in her family, fell but is ok except for 2 black eyes. That is news! I have a reticent kid who does not give me info to share. I want stories! I want to be able to say that ds's teacher said .... or ds's roommate did .... or in class, ds learned ... All I know is he feel sick right now (cold or flu) and and and .. that's all. Not fair.

03-31-2008, 11:58 AM
I'm confused. Whatchu talkinabout girl? I do identify with the whole got-nothin-to-say feeling. When I talk to people on the phone and they ask what I've been doing with my time lately, I usually change the subject -- I would feel pretty silly saying "playing with the dog and checking my email" but that's what comes to mind. They always ask this question after you've told them everything interesting you had to say, anyway.

I have to go to the Big City today and sign some papers for the television station where I won this contest, waiving my right to my first-born grandchild I believe.

Do you think any of these "pranks" ( are funny? I would be really ticked off at anyone who did any of that to me. We used to pull April Fool's tricks when I was at college; frankly I haven't thought of any good ones since then (possibly because there are none that wouldn't really p*** the person off).

I was just reading some stuff on the website of a local dog training center that I like, and they had a whole page on how bad the training techniques of The Dog Whisperer are. I had no idea.

I'm up too early today. I need sleep and I'm not going to get any.


03-31-2008, 02:00 PM
Just stopping in for a quick whine... (And so Shad, Mel, Ruth or anybody can give me a smack where it counts).
WHY does a @#$%ing number make so much difference to me?
I knew I was fat before I got on the scale this morning. But the number was up almost 10 pounds... which, of course explains why I'm not feeling BETTER as far as lets and joint pain goes... but aside from that.... why does the numerical change make me think I should go stand in front of a bus?
No I'm not going to DO that... but the mental pain of thinking that is just as bad as the other.

DH asked me yesterday, in jest (after I cussed out a TV ad for lap band surgery -- the speaker seemed smug and it made me mad) "You think you might have an issue about your weight?"

Well, D'oh.
Cripes. Tearfully -- and back to "anorexic thinking" i.e., don't deserve to eat.

Sorry to scare those of you who know my chosen profession. All I can say, I guess is that it takes one to know one.

But here's a painting I did (more of a self portrait than you might know)... when I had more self acceptance on board. (<a href="" title="Fat-fauve-feminist by Sultry, on Flickr"><img src="" width="178" height="240" alt="Fat-fauve-feminist" /></a>)

Off to the line at the post office.

04-01-2008, 01:15 PM
I tried to leave a message on facebook concerning a wolf smelling a pile of snow but was informed I didn't know my password. It would've taken a long time to straighten it out with this dial-up so I gave up.

No the prank was just annoying and mean. I only saw one prank from that link.

Yesterday this agitated woman told us today is "rabbit rabbit rabbit" day. I looked it up and learned that if you say those words or other words (lots of variations) you will have good luck al month. This is especially true of children. So I did. I think. Except I woke up in the night and may have spoken to the cat. It has to be the first thing you say.

04-01-2008, 02:28 PM
No the prank was just annoying and mean. I only saw one prank from that link. Sorry, here's the whole thread ( The rest are worse.

04-01-2008, 02:50 PM
If I have to hear one more blasting volume commercial about erectile dysfunction, I'm going to put a hammer through the TV. :bomb: It's bad enough DH has to listen to the TV as if he's hard of hearing, but he can't be bothered to skip through or mute the volume-inflated ads.

Note to TV networks: One of the reasons I never watch ads anymore is because of the cranked-up volume. Tone it the **** down and maybe I wouldn't be so annoyed that I spend extra money to be able to skip through them!

Sorry, what were you saying?

Apparently I should have done the 3 hares thing because I'm having a crappy day.

Wow Painty, I feel your pain. I suppose you could do what I do -- live in a state of denial. The difference between my home scale and the one at the dietitan's office is so extreme, I should be really depressed about it, but I'm not. I just prefer to believe the home one. Re-adjust your scale downwards. :lol: Your painting is awesome. If I had done that, the shadow would have been one of a thin figure. That should tell you something about my brain.

April Fuels Day, everyone! The jokes on all of us!


04-01-2008, 10:24 PM
hi galssssssssss-well painty i know how depressing that effin scale can be--i usually won't get on it if i think it's going to upset me----i have to stop what i have been doing lately---two nights in a row of making my refrigerator oatmeal cookies which are CRISPY andddddddddd CHEWY---MY ULTIMATE FAVOURITE----BOTH NIGHTS I ATE AT LEAST 8 OF THEM!!!!! for some reason,i feel powerless about it right now---i am blaming the weather as it is APRIL and fer lards sake,IT SNOWED TODAY---I CAN'T TAKE MUCH MORE OF THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS----RABBIT RABBIT RABBIT INDEED----THE RABBIT DIED!!!

04-02-2008, 03:09 AM
Amazingly the only April Fools Day things that happened to me were via NPR. Who knew that the stodgy public radio people would do that? I actually thought THEY were funny, though. One was a review of a "minimalist composition" which consisted SOLELY of B flat. The other was about how the IRS, instead of issuing rebate checks was going to mail merchandise that they "thought you'd like." It could be anything from Viagra to toaster ovens. I have so little faith in the gov'ment that I actually thought it might be true.

I didn't care for the ones on the other thread....

After my big whine, I've cut down on amounts and fat-content. (Have NOT re-weighed. I went to the grocery store and bought vitamins, immune-system boosters, and about 4 kinds of tea (my daughter recommended those) and toilet paper... So you spend $100+ dollars and don't end up with anything to EAT. Jeez. (Well, there's Progresso special soup... but still.)

The talk with the daughter was great. I think sons don't know how to relate to their moms... or are scared of us. Or something. I don't count on him for heart to hearts.

Bagzz, you are a saint to make cookies. Lucky them!

Kiwi-- I didn't know how far back I'd have to read.... You won a trip to LA I guess? Congratulations. On the street, at least, pretty much anything goes... and most people actually in Hollywood are tourists anyway... unless they are some of the rarefied ones who actually live in Brentwood, Westwood, etc. Lohan/Hilton/and assorted sheiks. You don't need to worry about what they wear, because they're not going to worry about you.

I found out in my most recent alumnae magazine about a social worker who was pranked into What Not To Wear. She apparently had a blast. But I am SO glad it hasn't been me. Talk about humiliation. And even with $5000 where would they find something to fit me "as is"?

No more pranks. Hope the May Flowers are coming soon.
I have ranunculas blooming... and DH and I startled a bunny out of the dandelions... THEN we found he'd been digging up lily bulbs that were sposed to make things look got this summer. Grrrrr.

04-02-2008, 10:30 AM
Hi, it's Wabbit, Wabbit, Wabbit here. Too late, I already talked to my dogs first.

DS moved all his stuff to the new place yesterday, with the exception of his bedroom furniture and clothes. I do hope that he takes ALL his stuff with him when he moves out. There's always the leftovers that take forever to get out the door. I don't feel so bad now, because I'll be picking up DS's gf's little boy from kindergarten 2-3 days a week. Then he'll hang out with me until his mom or DS gets off work. And I'll be the pick up person for Kaydy on her visitation days.

News Flash!!! Vincent got his first tooth in!

Bagzie, we've been getting really cold weather too. It snowed last week. Nothing stuck to the ground, but this ridiculous.

If it wasn't for the humiliation, I'd beg everyone I know to send my name in to What Not To Wear. I love that show. It's amazing how a change in wardrobe can transform people. It wouldn't be hard to get the ugly clothes secret footage of me. They'd say "here is Joy in the same sweats she wore yesterday as pj's."

DD told me she is pregnant again. That was her idea of a funny April Fool's joke. Not. :fr:

04-02-2008, 02:24 PM
I think my DH may be sick. He did not play a single joke on me. Neither did the boys. Maybe I have been too crabby.

04-02-2008, 04:58 PM
I love the NPR April Fool's jokes -- now those are funny.

Yes, Painty, I won a trip to L.A. for the American Idol final competition (to be in the audience, not, as some people have wondered, I hope facetiously, to sing). I'm taking DD. DH very generously felt she would enjoy it more (not that he would have hated it). I did go shopping the other day when we had to go to the Big City to sign the papers at the tv station about it. I looked at dresses and stuff, trying to think what a middle aged overweight woman ought to wear to such a shindig. I know it doesn't really matter -- I could wear a t-shirt and ratty jeans and no one would care but me I guess, but just on the off chance that we get to meet someone interesting or get our pictures taken, my vanity insists I find something perfect to wear. I found a top that I really liked -- it was one of those open-front blouses with a sewn-in shell. The material was this really cool tiny vertical (like 1/16") pleat stuff; I don't know what you'd call it, but it made it drape really nicely and had certain sheen to it that looked really good. Bit expensive, but with the right pants or a long skirt, quite nice.

I'll have to take DD with me for a sanity check before I actually buy anything. I am not a good clothes shopper. I either get totally discouraged by the fact that nothing fits, or I buy something I think is just wonderful only to take it out a week later and think it's the stupidest thing I ever spent money on. I found out the other day that Macy's better dress department had some good deals, and (some) Evan Picone dresses actually fit me! I will be returning there. I nearly bought a god-awful gold puckered sequined jacket-top because it was so cheap, but I came to my senses in time.

It is a beautiful (freezing cold windy) sunny day today and a whole bunch of the snow melted in the last 24 hours. I can see out the windows now, although from where I'm sitting I can still see the top of snowbanks, at about standing eye level. But less snow = good. Even though we had that little snowstorm too, Bagz. Got about an inch the other day. Unfortunately our driveway and yard are, respectively, a big luge run and a skating rink today.

Anyhoo, later cowsies

04-03-2008, 12:59 AM
OK. All that brave stuff I said about DS moving into his own place and how I hoped he took all his stuff....blah,blah, blah, blah..... He moved out the rest of his stuff and I'm all alone and lonesome!!!! My dogs refuse to talk back when I converse with them. I went over to see his new place tonight and I acted all happy for him and everything... then I cried all the way home. DD called me and asked me over for dinner and cooked something fabulous, and Vincent was all smiley and happy, but then I have to come back to an empty house... I guess I have to learn to like my own company more. It's just too hard and I miss that man so much I can't even put it into words.... and you know I'm not talking about my son. Remind me again how it will get easier. Tell me I'll figure out a way to make a new life.

Somebody say something funny, damn it!

's ok. I'll be better tomorrow.

P.S. Kiwi, just let down your taffy colored hair and everyone will be so dazzled they won't notice what you wear anyway. Besides, I bet you'll look beautiful, how could you not?

04-03-2008, 02:29 PM
Hey. It's tomorrow and I'm better. Just had one of those evenings. So........ like Roseanne Rosannadanna said "never mind."

04-04-2008, 02:09 PM
Hey Wabby -- I'm glad you feel a bit better. And sorry none of us were here to lend a virtual shoulder yesterday. It's never easy to let those kids go, no matter how closeby they are going. Just makes you miss your sweet DH that much more, I know. I'm so glad you are able to see those kids regularly though; that's a joy at least!

I'm such a wimp. I'm having a hard time with the fact that DD made her own eye doctor appt. in another city and went to it and I haven't heard from her yet. I know, I'm proud of her for doing stuff on her own, and then I whine about it.

Today I have to take Jet to the vet. Probably just the usual checkup, but we had a heart-breaking incident the other night. She had a seizure, for no reason that I can determine. She was sleeping and suddenly thrashing around like mad and frothing copious drool and then it was over almost as quickly as it came on. Since I don't know of any reason for it, the chances are that she has a seizure disorder and we'll see them again. I cried for hours -- she's so healthy and such a great dog (in most ways) and I hate for this to happen to her. Maybe it'll never happen again, but I'm not counting on it.

Anyway, life sucks. More evidence. Later kids


04-04-2008, 07:05 PM
Oh Wabbbbby, we always pretend for our kids, don't we? I'm glad you're here telling us about it. Parents go through this all the time with kids going to school, military, marrying, etc. It always hurts.

I hope little Jet just had a bad moment. Very sad to look forward to a lifetime of this. Is it common in the breed?

I need advice. I opened my freezer to find all the ice in the ice maker had melted and froze back together. There were frozen drips down the side of the ice maker. I don't know what happened but I might've not closed the door good when I put new stuff in. DO I NEED TO THROW OUT EVERYTHING IN THE FREEZER? Tell me soon.

I have been depressed partly due to my job. In Nov, I asked to be trained for work that's more interesting. Boss said ok, and to learn some of that stuff he'd put me in the little store with the liquor. Four months later, I'm still there 3 days a week, 1 days doing the interesting stuff and 1 day cashiering. I have complained to 5 managers (not the mangaer of the store but everyone else) and no one seems to care. I called my boss today and told him I used to like going to work but don't anymore. Blah Blah. He said he'd improve this next week. I expect him to now but he's said that for weeks now and every week it's the same d*mn thing.

So .. freezer. What should I do?

04-04-2008, 10:46 PM
awwwwwwwww kiwi!!! i hope you didn't watch oprah today---i hope you don't worry too much about Jet----ex dh's greyhound had epilepsy and took a pill for it and was fine---it seemed to be very treatable and the meds worked great---it's probably something that can be dealt with----WABSSSSSS----it's hard isn't it with those kids---dd is moving to nova scotia with her great dane and i am very happy for her---but i know that i will miss her when she leaves---she has been here since last august----one thing that is good---SOON all your grandbabies will get a little older and demand to be at your place and with you===and your kids will look forward to that as well!!!!Sleepovers and all that stuff!!!----it's so good to have you here all the time===i know it seems like you are not doing well sometimes,but it seems like you can still be funny and enjoy the good things around you which proves you have a good attitude---WHERE DO WE WRITE TO NOMINATE YOU FOR THE SHOW??? I WILL DO IT IF YOU LIKE----INFORM US!---------------PEACHBAG---COME OUT AND TALK====WHAT'S UP!====AND OF COURSE DEAR PAINTY====I cannot even imagine what it must be like to see things GROWING ,because right now ,this very evening---IT IS SNOOOOOOOOOWINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!===but kiwi takes the cake on this one,cause we had bare ground before it started and it will be gone tomorrow--i heard that it's good for the garden??? better be!!!

04-04-2008, 10:51 PM
peachers--try out this info on the freezer problem=-------------

they seemed to have some decent ideas.

04-04-2008, 10:53 PM
sorry that link didn't work for me so here is the whole boring lot!!!

Safety of Frozen Food During a Power Outage, #9002

If you think you might lose power, turn the freezer and refrigerator thermostats to the coldest settings. If you've already lost power, use these tips to keep food cold and safe to eat.

Keep the Freezer Closed

With the freezer closed, foods usually will stay frozen at least a day, perhaps two or three days, depending on the quantity of insulation. Food in well-fitted, well-insulated four-cubic-foot home freezers will not begin to spoil in fewer than three days. In 12- to 36-cubic-foot freezers, food will not begin to spoil in fewer than five days, and may be all right for seven or eight days if the food is very cold.

Open the freezer only to take out the food, to move it to a cooler or to add dry ice. With the door closed, food in most unopened freezers will stay below 40 degrees F up to three days, even in the summer. Thawing rate depends on:

* the amount of food in the freezer (a full freezer stays cold longer than one half full);

* the kind of food (a freezer filled with meat stays cold longer than a freezer filled with baked goods);

* the temperature of the food (the colder the food, the longer it will stay frozen. Never put hot or warmed foods into the freezer since this will increase the temperature. Keep hot food covered, and throw it out if you don't eat it within two hours. Meat should be kept above 140 degrees F);

* the freezer (a well-insulated freezer keeps food frozen longer than one with little insulation); and

* the size of freezer (the larger the freezer, the longer food stays frozen).

Use Emergency Measures

Cover the freezer with blankets, quilts, or crumpled newspaper. Do not cover the air vent openings. Use dry ice if it is available. (See section on Using Dry Ice.)

Use Caution if Food has Thawed

Partial thawing and re-freezing can ruin the quality of foods, like fruits, vegetables and prepared foods. Red meats are affected less than many other foods. However, it may still be safe to eat.

You may safely re-freeze some foods if they still contain ice crystals or if they have been kept at 40 degrees F or below for no more than two days.

Follow these guidelines for completely thawed foods:

* Fruits. Re-freeze fruits if they taste and smell good. Fruit that is beginning to ferment is safe to eat, but will have an off-flavor. Use off-flavor fruit in cooking.

* Frozen dinners. Do not re-freeze frozen dinners that have thawed. Cook and eat thawed frozen foods and frozen dinners right away if they are still cold. If any foods are warm or smell bad, don't eat them.

* Vegetables. Do not re-freeze thawed vegetables. Bacteria in these foods grow fast. Spoilage may begin before bad odors develop. Some spoilage may be very toxic. Re-freeze vegetables only if ice crystals remain throughout the package. But, when in doubt, throw them out.

* Meat and Poultry. Meat and poultry become unsafe to eat when they start to spoil. Examine each package of thawed meat or poultry. If odor is offensive or questionable or if the freezer temperature has exceeded 40 degrees F for two hours or longer, don't use the meat. It may be dangerous! Discard all stuffed poultry. Cook thawed but unspoiled meat or poultry right away.

* Fish and shellfish. These spoil easily. Do not re-freeze unless there are ice crystals throughout the package. Seafood may be spoiled, even if it doesn't smell bad.

* Ice cream. Do not re-freeze melted ice cream. Throw it out or eat it as a liquid before an off-flavor develops.

04-04-2008, 10:58 PM
Sigh. I guess I have stuff to throw out but there's stuff in there I don't want anyhow. It's a side-by-side and the side seems narrow to me. Not room for big things like sides of beef.

I saw Oprah and was shocked to hear about Amish puppy mills. I thought they were sweet, peaceful people and imagined them all kind and caring. Dogs that live their whole life on wire? OMG.

The great dane is moving to Canada??? Things are really happening there. Alarming.

I hear ice falling in the freezer. I can't get the ice maker to turn off while the ice melts from the bucket that collects it.

04-05-2008, 12:47 PM
Kiwi! poor Jet, I bet you're worried sick about her. I also had a friend w/ an epileptic schnauzer that was controlled quite well with meds... so maybe it's not as bad as it could be. Still, I'm sure it was traumatic for you to witness. I hope the vet will have good news for you.

Peach, managers always tell you one thing, then get sidetracked until you hound them some more. Keep hounding. It's the only way to get what you want. I'd think they'd be thrilled that you have the initiative to want a job that uses your nogin. Give your ice bucket a quick zap in the microwave.

Thank you for your sympathy, cowsies. It's the loss of DH, not DS that's making me crazy. Your kids and grandbabies just can't fill that void anyway. Having DS here for awhile was just a distraction for me. Geez.... what a bad time for my grief counselor to go to Japan... doesn't she know she needs to clear all vacations with me first????

I've been miserable sick for days now. First the nasty cold, sore throat, cough and body ache, then the last 24 hours I've had the horrible barf inducing migraine. I think I'm better. I think.

Bagzie, I can't gloat over spring weather here. It's been extra cold.... so everything is a bit late. Tulips are just starting to bloom, but the daffs are all over the place.

Ok. I just told my Dotty dog I'm going to have a good day today, so I'd better get to it.

04-05-2008, 12:54 PM
Oooo. I forgot to say... if you haven't checked out Sugar's blog lately, you should. She wins the most creative and wonderful cook award for her Easter food post.

04-05-2008, 05:22 PM
I hope little Jet just had a bad moment. Very sad to look forward to a lifetime of this. Is it common in the breed?
Unfortunately, it is sometimes a problem in this breed. It will not be fun having to tell her breeder about it. The vet says to expect more seizures, but they are not likely to do her any harm unless they get very frequent or long lasting. I'm very bummed out, but I'll just have to get over it, because she's fine for now. So I bought her a dozen tennis balls and a giant green bouncy ball (I am eternally optimistic for spring, even though we had another 2 inches of wet snow yesterday). And last night we went to a Rotary auction and I bid on and won a gift cert. for dog grooming. DH won a door prize for a haircut. :lol: We left happy.
DO I NEED TO THROW OUT EVERYTHING IN THE FREEZER? I hope you haven't thrown everything out -- thawing and refreezing isn't all that likely to make food dangerous, since it's still in a very cold environment even if the door was open for a while. It will make some stuff inedible, which will be fairly obvious when you open them. Was the ice thawed all the way to water before refreezing, or are they just ice cubes stuck together? Certainly if they melted entirely, that's a different story (like the refrigerator was actually off for a long time). But if the ice held its shape to some extent, its center remained frozen -- therefore so did the food in the freezer. Logical?

-IT IS SNOOOOOOOOOWINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!===...--i heard that it's good for the garden??? better be!!!If that's true, I should start sending away for seeds because this will be a garden paradise this summer :dizzy: I was talking to someone last night at the rotary auction who said his bulbs were up (daffodils I think) but he had to climb over a giant snowbank and peer down the trunk of a tree to spy them :lol:

I saw Oprah and was shocked to hear about Amish puppy mills. I thought they were sweet, peaceful people and imagined them all kind and caring. Dogs that live their whole life on wire? OMG.I didn't see the show, but my doggie e-list is all abuzz about it. I am so glad someone finally took the Amish puppy mills to task. That is a sickening situation -- and no one wants to criticize the Amish. I think the truth is that they live much closer to natural life than most of us, so are maybe less bothered by messy facts of life -- animal suffering and death seems normal perhaps? But frankly that's no excuse for the way they treat these dogs. Every responsible dog breeder knows that if you do it right, you can't make much money breeding dogs; there are too many costs. Health checks, proper housing, personal handling and socialization -- all absolutely necessary to produce decent pets.

I've been miserable sick for days now. First the nasty cold, sore throat, cough and body ache, then the last 24 hours I've had the horrible barf inducing migraine. I think I'm better. I think. Wow, I hope you are better. Sounds pretty nasty.

That reminds me:I was supposed to hear back from the doctor's office about my migraine meds. Been over a week since I called. They suck.

My sweet DD got glasses :eek: for reading. The eye doctor told her she might not need them after she finishes college. Well, she likes them and thinks they help. She got Ray-Bans! She's a good little shopper -- they were half price. It is very hard for me to imagine her with glasses.

Sugar! Flat Stanley has been visiting you! We had a nice visit with him a couple of years ago. Also I absolutely love the pipe cleaner chicken -- a thing of great style and beauty! You are a wonder with your Easter cookin n bakin -- not to mention the great decorations!

People have been stopping me everywhere to congratulate me on the American Idol trip -- apparently they keep announcing it on a radio station, although I haven't heard it. A newspaper reporter buttonholed me last night at the Rotary auction and said she was going to call me to do an interview on my spectacular win :rolleyes: -- hard to believe they would actually want to do an article on someone who wins a trip, but they do. I think I will steer the conversation to DD. Perhaps I will use Sugar's classic strapless dress comment. I'll let you know if they print it.

04-06-2008, 02:17 AM
Thank you Kiwi. The ice didn't melt entirely so I feel better. There's not that much in the freezer anyhow.

I will go see who Flat Stanley is when my connection moves faster.

Get well Wabby.

We had thunderstorms today and this tourist asked what the weather would be like for the next few days. Bagger-kid said might be warm, might be cold. Tourist asked if the water was cold. Could he go swimming? Bagger-kid asked "where are you from?" Atlanta. Too cold then, bagger-kid said. Canadians could go ahead and swim though, he said.

04-06-2008, 03:04 PM
Could he go swimming? Bagger-kid asked "where are you from?" Atlanta. Too cold then, bagger-kid said. Canadians could go ahead and swim though, he said.:lol: How true! Very wise boy.

I went on the spur of the moment to a figure skating show at the university ice arena last night. It was sort of like an end of year recital, only for figure skating students. Some of them were really good. And let's face it, every one of them, even the tiny ones were better skaters than I am!

Jet loves her new giant ball. She chased it around the yard for quite a while last night. It's very convenient to have all these snow mountains surrounding the "dooryard" as we call it here -- she can chase the ball right up a snowbank and gravity will skitter it back down and she can chase it again. During the non-snow months (month?) I usually end up going after it down a hill or in the woods.

Bagz, is it your older dd that's moving to NS? How are things with her Danish bf?


04-07-2008, 10:08 AM
yes,kiki----dd23 is moving---she already has a serving job at a fancy organic restaurant---her lover is moving thereto live with her in a few weeks--things are progressing well for the young. She is very happy at the moment---i live from moment to moment with these mercurial ladies----the dd22 is moving to PEI and the Vet school for next term!!!

04-07-2008, 11:07 AM
i think we should start a new thread====april showers brings cow power!!! or you know something to that effect---i am afraid to go to sugar's blog cause it makes me hungry..........................

04-07-2008, 05:59 PM
Aloha darlings

I'm reading such sad things here today. :( Wish I could post but I have the WOOOOOORST effin' cramps imaginable and must go to bed and drive dh crazy by tossing and turning and letting out large sighs.

Stuffed Stanley back in his envelope and sent him off to Switzerland today. He was SO cute - did you see his freckles?

More tomorrow.

04-07-2008, 08:03 PM
New thread!