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03-01-2008, 07:49 AM
Good morning to everyone. Today is commissary day again so we will be out and about early I guess. I got a call finally about my contacts being in, but they said I could only pick them up between 1 and 7 PM. What's with that, they open at around 9 AM? Between those hours it is busier than the devil (probably because they only allow pickups between 1 and 7 PM) and you have to stand and wait forever. I don't have to be fitted so I hope I can get them quickly. We will just get our Walmart shopping done while we are there I guess. There are always a few things the commissary doesn't have or have in a size I need. I always buys Jack's baby aspirin at Walmart because I can get bigger bottles than at the commissary.

I am deciding what I am going to do next when I finish the sweater. I usually have decided by now what I am going to make for the boys for Christmas, but I haven't really even been searching. I need to get to it so I have the stuff here when I go to the hospital and can knit there if I feel like it. Their tv channel selection stinks and it is a Catholic hospital and at least 3 of the channels are Catholic services, info or something I wouldn't be interested in. They even have a still camera shot on one channel of the chapel, I guess for those who feel the need to pray in a church atmosphere. So, I don't watch much tv when I am in the hospital. I have it on for the noise.

Susan: Glad Stan is home and resting. Do you have the wound gel or wound spray? The visiting nurse left me both, but we used the gel until it was gone and we liked it much better. I still have a big bottle of wound spray. I sure hope Stan gets to feeling like eating again so he can put back some of his weight. Speaking of that, did you see the American exchange student that some family in Egypt where he lived for the year practically starved him to death? He went from 155 and came home at 97 lbs. The family belongs to some religious cult that fasts a good part of the year. They claim he ate huge meals, more than he should, but they had a picture of him on AOL and he had his bones sticking out. I think I would be going three rounds with the exchange program for putting him with a family that had those religious practices for one thing.

Jean: I agree with Susan that is it scary when kids that hate school are wandering around. They are trying to find trouble that is for sure. Sounds like you have had a rough year with no adminstrative support for misbehaviors. Too bad you can't get a hard as nails prinicipal in there that would do something about your situation. Hope you are catching up on your apres vacation laundry and clean up. It is the worst part about going on vacation the coming home and getting everything settled back in.

Think I will start my morning chores then knit on the sweater for a bit until Jack gets up.

Have a happy Saturday!

03-01-2008, 05:46 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is out but not too bright today. It's too windy and cold to stand outside for very long. I had some customers in the gift shop this morning so it wasn't a waste of my time. I also got caught up on reading some of my magazines which I leave there for the magazine cart. I'm doing laundry again/yet and should do some ironing. Beth and family are coming over tomorrow so will have to make a grocery run later.

Susan -- I'm glad that Stan is home again and hope his recovery goes well. I'm sure both of you rest easier with him home. Congratulations on losing the 10.4#s! :cp: :cp: :cp: You are doing great!

"Gma" -- Is WM the cheapest place for you to get your contacts? We have a vision center at our WM, but I've never thought about checking prices. I need to figure out what I need for my lunches this week plus the evening meals and head for the grocery store. I hate going so put it off as long as possible. :(

I hear the dryer buzzing so need to fold towels and get the next load going. Have a nice rest of the day and a relaxing Sunday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa1

03-02-2008, 08:34 AM
Good morning to you all. First off, let me fix a faux pas big time. CONGRATULATIONS, SUSAN YOU ARE SPECTACULAR!!!!!!:carrot::bravo::cb::cp::dance::ha t:

Now I feel better because I was such a schlub and didn't post my congrats on the weight loss.

Jean: No, Walmart's contacts are expensive. The city changed vision insurance last year and Walmart is one of the places I can go. I had my exam there and I am allowed $150 toward contacts, minus $30 for fitting, then either pay $15 copay or buy enough contacts that it would be over $15. What I did was ordered 6 boxes ($24 a box)
and so I didn't have to pay a co-pay because after subtracting the cost of the 6 boxes from the $120 I owed $23. I am now going to my favorite online site and order the rest at $18 a box! Commissary shopping was a nightmare, which I knew it would be. It was SS check time, retired navy check time and active duty payday so we had lots of people in the store. It would be just as bad today so I just went and got it over with. When we finished and got in line, we must have been 20 customers back! (They have one line and a little light that lights up with the number check out you are supposed to go to and it says "# such and such please." It was so busy yesterday they didn't use it and used a person to direct traffic instead so all in all it went ok. We had a couple things we couldn't find, but Walmart didn't have them either so we will check Kroger.

We get to take Thomas out next weekend! :carrot::carrot: I emailed her about a video game that is coming out next week and I want to buy and put in his Easter basket and snuck in a "Tell T we are ready to take him out for his report cards whenever mom and dad have time for us to do it." We are taking him to a new place sort of like Chuck E Cheese but geared for a bit older kids as it has go carts and he wants to go there. I will just take my knitting and let he and granddad do everything. That's why I usually do.

Susan: I am going to start socks after I get done with the sweater. I belong to a knitting website and one of the women puts out a tutorial which I hear is wonderful so I am going to get my needles and yarn and learn to knit socks. I hear you will want to do them all the time once you learn how.

I guess I better get some chores done. I bent over yesterday to measure the length of my sweater (I had laid in on the carpet flat) and pulled muscles around my stoma somehow and was in awful pain all day if I stood up and did anything. It was so bad I had to ride a scooter in the Commissary and Walmart's because I couldn't walk around. It got better by evening and is still better this morning, just a bit sore, but not all out screaming sore.

Have a good Sunday and take care of yourselves!

03-02-2008, 10:00 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! We started the day by going to church. Bob thought we might have to reintroduce ourselves since we've missed the last 3 Sundays. :lol: We had "pick and dip" communion with the bread cut in cubes. The minister offers to let anyone come to the rail and kneel where he will serve them; more and more are doing that each time. Stopped at the grocery store on the way home, fixed lunch, and visited with Beth and her kids for a couple hours. Her kids still nap and you can tell when it is past the time for one. She left and we both took a nap in front of the TV! Tomorrow is the beginning of another week and I'm not looking forward to it. We have 2 full weeks and then get out early the 20th for 6 days of vacation. I'm ready for that! April and May seem to fly by faster than the rest of the months do.

Our next year's calendar was in the newspaper; we are getting out Dec. 24th for Christmas and only get a couple of days at Easter. That will cause a ruckus, I'm sure. :yes: Since the doctor isn't on the school board any more I guess the full week of spring vacation is history. It will be interesting to see if his kids take a full week when the time comes.

"Gma" -- I know you are looking forward to spending some time with Thomas! :cheer: Knitting socks will keep you busy; do you have a pattern for each individual size or do you get several sizes and designs in one pattern? I hope your sore muscles are much better tonight.

I have another load of laundry going and should do some ironing, so need to decide what I'm wearing tomorrow. Our weather started out sunny and nice but turned to dark, gloomy, and windy this afternoon. Guess I will dress in layers again tomorrow.

Have a marvelous Monday, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

03-03-2008, 08:07 AM
Good morning ladies! It is really warm here. It was in the mid 70's yesterday and I told Jack we could have worn shorts outside it was so warm.

I got an email from my brother concerning our mom's will. We were never given a copy and since my mom's husband died just a couple months ago, my brother wants a copy. Well, he finally got the oldest dd to call him back and she is sending him a copy. She said, "There is little left down there, because the grandkids and Jim(one of the scummy sons) are stealing it." She even asked if we wanted to help pay the left over bills? My brother said sure if Jim goes to jail for all the stuff he has stolen.
My brother said that there were some CD's that my mom's husband had and she said her brother had stolen them all. He asked why she didn't do some thing to stop it? She said she couldn't accuse a sibling of something like that. He told her that is why she and her siblings going to get stuck with the bills. Her dad beat me when I lived there until I ran off with my brother and sister to my grandparents and she thinks I want to help pay his bills? Not in this lifetime. I might have forgiven him for what he did, but I am not going to help get his kids out from under his debt. They always treated the three of us with distain so I figure if she doesn't have enough guts to have her brother arrested for stealing then she is out of luck.

Jean: Jack gets Good Friday off so he will have a long weekend in a few weeks. He says we need a road trip so we are looking forward to going to Indiana. We haven't been anywhere since Christmas so we are a little bit antsy. You can tell when the grandparents get worn out, they need a nap after the kids visit! :) I know just with Thomas I am worn out after he goes home. They have so much energy and expect you to keep up with them. I guess they figure their parents can so why can't you?

It is that old time to do weekly cleaning again. Sure does come around awfully quick, but then that makes the weeks go faster too. I have several things I want to do today so I don't know if the cleaning will get started today or tomorrow, but the house doesn't look dirty so I could scrape by another day if need be.

Everyone have a great start to their week. I am going to go and get some breakfast in me I guess.


03-03-2008, 12:58 PM
Good morning, ladies! Warmer and sunny today. Spring is coming.

Don't forget to change your clocks this weekend - daylight savings time begins.

Faye, you'll love knitting socks. There are some really nifty yarns that knit into patterns as you go. I learned to do circular needle but I'm back to the old double points. I'm glad you get to have Thomas this weekend and are going to see the baby.

Jean, I sometimes think with so many women working, we'll be seeing more year round schools.

03-03-2008, 11:22 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I've had my nap with the cat so am good for another couple of hours before it's time for bed. Monday was typical Monday at school the best part being 3 of my behavior challenged students were absent. It made such a big difference in the study hall that even the students mentioned how nice it was without them! Here I thought it was just me. :rolleyes: The sun was out today but it was cold so no melting today.

"Gma" -- It sounds like your step-siblings are a not-so-nice bunch! :no: I wouldn't help them out either. We are thinking of taking the kids and grandkids to Maui with us in a couple years. I'm not so sure I could do a whole week with them. ;) At least they would have their own rooms, cars, etc., and Bob has already said he isn't babysitting for any length of time. We'll see . . . . . I think when it comes down to the wire they won't have enough $$ to go. We've tried to show them how expensive it can be; we gave them the choice of our paying for the airline tickets or the hotel room and then they are on their own. :yes:

Susan -- I am convinced there is going to be a shortage of teachers in the near future. :dunno: The government needs to stay out of education! The paperwork alone, for special ed. students, is beyond belief. Most of our parents don't/can't understand all the information because they were special ed. students themselves -- not the brightest of the bunch for sure. We are very short on subs and often times classes are sent to the study hall because there is no sub available. I am enjoying it being light when I leave for school in the morning, but I really hate to see daylight savings time start so early. I wonder who made that decision?

I'm off to figure out what I am wearing tomorrow. It's supposed to be cold again! Have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow . . . make it a good one and smile! :D

Jean -- :D in Iowa!

03-04-2008, 05:19 AM
Good early morning to everyone! I had to get up because my bag filled with gas during the night and when I got up a little while ago to go to the bathroom it sort of it was so full and tight it had burst open at the bottom and boy did we have a mess to clean up. I got to the bathroom before it got all over, but then I was stuck shouting for Jack and he was sound asleep so it was hard waking him up. I always have my little fan going so that didn't help any either. We got everything cleaned up and I came downstairs to put the bath rug and my clothing in the laundry and do them and dispose of the stuff. I imagine I am going to just get into the recliner with a blanket and go back to sleep.

Susan: Thanks for the reminder. I knew it was different but couldn't remember how. I ask Jack a couple weeks ago when it was. I am looking forward to trying socks. I am pretty awkward with dpn's but I imagine it gets easier the more you work with them. Do you magic loop your socks by any chance? I know that is what some do. I have a great tutorial from a lady who belongs to the knitting website so I should be able to learn to do it.

Jean: We have often thought of a full family vacation to Disney World since they have a military hotel down there, but we would have to wait until Jackson is a bit older so he can enjoy the park. You can get big suites that sleep 8, but we aren't crazy enough to have them all together for a length of time. Someone would get into it with someone else for sure. Las Vegas is Jack and I's spot besides I don't care who says different, it isn't a place for kids. Sure, they have things kids can look at, the zoo, the Ethel M candy factory, the big M and M place, but you are haul are still hauling kids through a smoke filled casino all the time to get out anywhere, you can't gamble unless you hire a sitter or bring one along and why punish the kids by making them stay in a hotel room so you can have fun? I see people do it all the time and I think it is awful.

I think I am going to go back to sleep for a bit. You have yourselves a good Tuesday and don't work too hard.

03-04-2008, 12:18 PM
Good morning, ladies - warm 66 degrees already but the threat of thunderstorms tonight.

Faye, magic loop is fun for socks. I'm just old fashioned with the dp needles. Remember, I still do my quilting by hand for the most part. One thing I like to do is add a strand of nylon yarn when I knit the heels and toe. Makes them wear better. You can get it at yarn shops that exactly matches the yarn. I've started a pair of pink socks for myself. The yarn is varigated so I am anxious to see if it knits into a pattern. I can't remember now (bought too many different ones and it's taken me awhile to get to them). I think I'll make Stan a sweater for Christmas. I used to do fisherman's sweaters all the time because I love all the pattern changes and don't get bored.

Jean, it's amazing how 3 kids can be so disruptive people are glad when they are out. We have a lot of people who home school or send they children to private schools here (nearly 1/2 of school age children). My cousin in Ohio home schools her children. We also have a few magnet schools here that have long waiting lists. Nothing but the 3 R's, uniforms and discipline and the children do well.

I made halupki casserole for dinner tonight so all I have to do is set the table and get out fruit salad and dinner will be on the table.

Have a good day!

03-04-2008, 11:24 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It was another cold, but sunny day in my corner of the world. The weatherman says rain turning to snow during the night and into tomorrow. I could do without the ice! One of my challenging students has been removed from my study hall. :cheer: :cp: :jig: I just hope she shapes up in the main study hall so she doesn't get kicked out of there.

"Gma" -- I'm sorry you had such a 'rude' awakening this morning. :( I really doubt that both of our kids will decide to go with us next time simply because of the cost involved. I would love to go to Disney World with the grandkids. I'm not much on rides but it would be great to watch them have so much fun. I can't imagine taking kids to Vegas either. :no:

Susan -- Just having one of the students gone makes such a difference. The other girl wasn't there again today; she is in trouble for just "filling in the dots" on her ITED test as well as walking out on me when I asked her to stay after class so I could talk to her. She comes from a very dysfunctional family and it wouldn't surprise me to see her drop out. She is not the brightest bulb in the box -- one teacher commented that the only thing she will be able to do is reproduce and that is scary! :eek:

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow. We have a 7:30 staff meeting where maybe the administrators might let us in on a few secrets. Hah!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

03-05-2008, 08:19 AM
Good morning to everyone! Boy it is a chilly one this morning. I imagine Susan has what we got yesterday. We got some biting windblowing sleet/snow yesterday. We had to go out and find out what time the fun center thing opens this weekend to take Thomas and go out to the Navy base area to the little drugstore that carries my ostomy supplies and pick them up. We came back and stopped at Chilis for lunch and when we came out the stuff was blowing right in our faces and boy it really bit into the skin.

Jean: It is always so sad when kids fall by the wayside for whatever reason. There is only so much a teacher can do if the family unit is kaput and no one is looking out for the child. Once they get older they start looking out for themselves and end up seeing school as a total waste of time for them. In the day of big $$$$ selling drugs, they seem to go that way. I am not a amusement park rider anymore either, but it would be fun to see the kids together. Thomas adores Jackson even though they are so far apart in age.

Susan: I am finding the patterned sweater fun to do except when I do something wrong and can't seem to find what the mistake is. I did that close to the end of doing the back and it was driving me nuts. I would take it out and have the correct number of stitches in the pattern row then do the row of purl and have 2 extra stitches so I would take it out and do it over. I did it three or four times and still don't know where I goofed, but the back is done now and I have started the ribbing bottom on the front side and am almost ready to start on the pattern. I think to help myself, I am going to take my #6 dpn's and a skein of a dk weight yarn and just practice doing the sock tutorial I have until I can be comfortable with the dpn's. They are pretty awkward yet for me. I have only knit one thing with them and that wasn't a whole garment only the ending of that baby's apple hat.

I guess if I want to get anything done today I better get to it. Everyone have a good "hump" day and keep warm and dry.


03-05-2008, 11:23 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! Three days down and two to go until the weekend is here. What more can I say?! It's cold and windy again today although the weatherman promises it is going to warm up. We didn't get any of the rain and snow that was in the forecast so that is good.

Not much is newsy from Iowa. We had a 25 minute bell choir practice tonight. The director was gone and we play on Sunday. Talk about flying by the seat of one's pants -- we didn't practice last week so it will be interesting on Sunday. It's a "no brainer" piece so we should be able to pull it off.

"Gma" -- March 1st has come and gone; that's when we have to have our early retirement papers in. *sigh* I am beginning to think I should have called it quits for next year. My patience is wearing pretty thin these days. I was not a part of this, but last night was Dance Squad Night where the dance squad performs all of the dances they have prepared over the year, invite other squads from the surrounding schools to perform, etc. The senior boys do a dance with the girls, the fathers dance with their daughters, etc. Well, one of the so called prominent local family's son has been in big trouble with the law over the past few years. Last summer he stole the van from his father's business, drove without a license and drunk, tried to outrun the cops, wrapped the van around a tree, etc. This whole school year he has been ineligible to participate in any extra curricular activities and he was one of the star athletes in all sports. He was asked to dance by one of the girls; the athletic director said "no" and the principal said "yes" with the superintendent siding with the principal. Needless to say there are some pretty irate teachers and parents today! Evidently there have been some other things that the principal has done to offend teachers and there is talk of a "no confindence" petition going to the school board. Time will tell -- never a dull moment that's for sure. If I make a mistake knitting I have a terrible time picking up the stitches afterwards; some of them are backwards and I have a real mess. I usually end up taking the whole thing out and starting over. :o

I'm going to get ready for bed and head that direction! Hope you all have a terrific Thursday tomorrow. Do something nice for someone else and remember to :D !

Jean -- :D in Iowa!

03-06-2008, 08:27 AM
Good morning to you all! It is cool this morning, but though it was really cold yesterday morning, it warmed up nicely. Jack even turned on the ac for a bit when he got home because he was hot.

I had one of those didn't sleep nights and now I am dragging. I have a lot I really need to get done today, but it may take me awhile to get motivated.

Jean: Sounds like things are just going to get worse at the school. You now seem to have no support at all from the superiors. I hope you can put up with another year of what has gone on this year. Seems like the principal is trying to currie favor with the prominent family to stay on their good side. The thing that has to be upsetting is if it were the poor kid that was always in trouble you know they would have adamently said no. Hope the bell piece goes off without a hitch on Sunday. I am sure it will.
I used to freak out about dropping stitches, knitting a stitch where I was supposed to purl and not discovering it until later on, etc. I now don't panic. If it is something like that my handy dandy crochet hook comes to the rescue. It is much easier to pick up stitches or drop a stitch to take out a mistake then weave it back in again with a crochet hook. The only time I have any real problems with this pattern is where you are to slip a stitch, knit 2 together than pass the slip stitch over. I forget occasionally then have too many stitches and just go back and look at the pattern, which is in increments of 10 and find where I have too many then just take the knitted stitches off and put them on the other needle until I get to the point where I forgot to pass over fix the passover then put the stitches back on the other needle. I am about halfway through with the front now and I discovered I didn't order enough yarn so I had to order more. I am about 350 yards short. Must have had a brain bubble! lol It is a pretty dark color so I am hoping it will match. If there is any variation because of different dye lots, I will just use some of one then some of the other and back and forth to kind of blend the colors together.

Well, I need to get hopping so I can start chores and such. Everyone have a super Thursday!

03-06-2008, 11:11 AM
Good morning, ladies. Sunny and cool in Virginia.

Faye, maybe you can get a little nap today after your chores. Almost time to see Thomas!

Jean, I'm thinking about retirement, too. I'm down to part-time but I don't know if I even want to do that. At least I have until November to decide.

Stan's previous aide has returned from California so we are getting her back. He really liked her and they got along so well together. His groin is healing pretty good so I have my fingers crossed that this will be the last time to the hospital for that. Now the problem is he has no appetite and hardly eats anything. He will drink Nepro, a meal replacement for those on Dialysis. All he had yesterday was 2 cans of Nepro and a banana. I called his nephrologist to get at appetite stimulant prescription so hopefully they will get that called in today.

My eating has been bad this week - weigh in will probably show a small gain. I wait for him to say he'll eat some dinner, then I get too hungry and eat too much, and too late at night. I also didn't get my meals planned out this week so have to do that for next week. I always do better when I have a plan.

I guess I'll start spring cleaning tomorrow and at least get the downstairs done for Easter.

Jean, they always say money talks. Rich kids get the breaks and poor kids suffer the consequences. It would be good for everyone if that principal got fired.

Have a good day!

03-06-2008, 11:47 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I had my two cents worth all written and somehow lost it into cyber space never never land. :tantrum: It was nothing earth shaking for sure. My last study hall of the day was pure bliss -- 4 students were AWOL, 3 were in PE, 2 went to the computer lab, and that left 2 QUIET students who did their own thing. Wish every day could be like that!

"Gma" -- The mother of said student is the special ed. director and knows better! I keep hoping that someone will notify the school board and they will stand behind the athletic director who was only doing his job. Poor guy -- his office adjoins the principal's office. One of the teachers wrote up a student who blew up in class and walked out saying that the whole shool was "f***d up!" The teacher personally handed it to the assistant principal in charge of discipline and his comment was . . . . "what should I do, punish him for being honest and telling it like it is?" Talk about administrative support! Zip, none, nada is what we have of late! You have far more patience for knitting details than I would. :dizzy:

Susan -- I hope that the meds will help Stan's appetite. :yes: That is
something I've never had a problem with unfortunately. I would love to be part time and the prior principal told me that I could whenever I wanted to. Somehow I don't think the new principal would honor that request. We just had an IA turn in her 2 weeks notice today -- they are moving to AZ even though she has never been there and hubby has only driven through once. No jobs, no home, a daughter in grade school, and a high school son that will stay here with a grandma. I sure wouldn't move somewhere that I had never been before; at least I don't think I would.

I am heading off to bed. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. I think we are going to Jason and Amanda's on Saturday; Jason is working on his basement bathroom plumbing and wants Bob's input I guess. Have a fantastic Friday tomorrow and a relaxing weekend. It is supposed to be in the 50s here . . . 0tonight. Go figure!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

03-07-2008, 05:36 AM
Good morning girls. Fortune jumped off the bed wanting to go out so I dragged myself out of bed and came down to let him out and decided to post.

Susan: Sure hope the appetite supplement will jump start his desire for food. I know you worry about his losing more weight and the fact of not eating having effect on his dialysis. I know Stan has to be glad about his aid being back with him again. Nothing worse than having someone not so great messing with you all the time. When I went in to have my test, I met one of my CNA's that I had when I was in the hospital. She was my favorite and very good to me. She went around telling all the other personnel how sweet I was and such, but I think it was because I respected what she did and the hard job she had. I was not unreasonable with requests and told her thank you for whatever she did. Things any decent human being would do, but they get treated the worst of all health care workers because people think they are their slaves. I had a couple nurses I would gladly have traded for her anytime.

Jean: Sounds like you and the other teachers have no where to turn. That is tough when there is no support whatsoever. When Jack was in the Navy, we moved approx every three years for 20 years. It was always scary moving to a different place and trying to find housing and such, never knowing what the schools were like for the kids, all the expenses of big cities and such. I dealt with it the best I could, but can't say I liked the life. We moved down here without jobs, but we were in a position in Indiana that we were financially going under little by little and there were no prospects at a better paying job for him so we just up and moved. I can't say I love Memphis, and my hopes for being closer to Thomas never panned out the way we thought they would, but Jack has an excellent paying job and now has the ability to retire in 7 more years. We have our own home even if it is old and needs lots of work and the winters are certainly less brutal. All in all, it was a much better trade off. My sister and her husband will never be able to retire for several reasons and I can't imagine not being able to enjoy your senior years, which they absolutely aren't doing in any way.

They were predicting a winter storm warning for today and tonight, but we haven't gotten the rain they were predicting for overnight, the temps are close to 40 still and supposed to stay above freezing it looks like so we shall see what happens. We brought the sidewalk deicer stuff out of the garage and put it next to the house in case we needed to put it down this morning, but it is dry as a bone outside still.

Have a good Friday and a wonderful weekend. I can't wait to see Thomas on Sunday.

03-07-2008, 11:34 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I am too tired to do the "happy Friday dance!" This has been the longest week at school. Guess I am spoiled by late starts, early dismissals, and "no" school days to shorten the weeks. It was -11 when I got up this morning and with a north wind it was cold, cold, cold all day long. The sun did shine, but no melting. We did get a dusting of snow last night.

"Gma" -- Have a great time with Thomas on Sunday! Amanda has begun to work on her CNA classes given through a nursing home where the administrator happened to be in her high school class. It can be a small world! She is working with the patients under the supervision of another CNA or nurse and seems to like it. She plans to go for her RN as time permits. The only crabby nurse I've run into was one on the maternity floor when I had Beth. Bob tried to sneak Jason up to peek at her through the nursery window and got caught. He told the crab he was paying the bill, she was his baby, and her brother could have a quick look at her! :twirly: Now they can have the whole family in the room for the delivery.

I'm starting the laundry piles tonight because we will be gone all day tomorrow. I don't mind the drive to Sioux Falls, but the drive home seems twice as long. I'm hoping to do some shopping; spring has got to be on it's way and my wardrobe is hurting.

Don't forget to set your clocks ahead tomorrow! I reset the clock beside the bed as soon as I get up so I won't forget. Have a super Saturday and enjoy whatever it is you are going to do!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

03-08-2008, 07:43 AM
Good morning ladies. It is pretty chilly here this morning and this is what happened to us yesterday (see pic) That is the deicer I asked Jack to bring out from the garage so that if the rain turned icy we could put it on the deck. Yeah right! This started around 3 yesterday afternoon. I think our area got about 6 inches. When we watched the 10 o'clock news last night they had had 70 crashes! Good ole Memphis, you can always count on them to not slow down in bad weather.

Hopefully I can get out to the commissary today. It will depend on whether they have gotten the streets cleaned, especially the back ones, which we have to use to get to the base. They don't even start to plow until the snow stops and it was still going at 11 PM last night. It has stopped now and that is the end of it for us thank goodness. It is supposed to warm up to around 38 today and into the upper 40's by tomorrow with no precipitation so we had our little joke and we now want to go back to normal! :)

Jean: Yes, rules have changed a lot with hospitals. You can bring anyone up to the rooms now and Thomas and Jackson were both in my room well past 9 pm. We even had a squalling newborn next door. Have a nice time at Jason's today. Hopefully Bob and Jason can get a handle on the house project.

I have the sweater back and front done, the shoulders sewn together and the neckline done. I ran out of yarn and have to wait for it to come to make the sleeves and put them in than I am done with the lace sweater. I had to do single crochet around the neckline, which I have never done, but found a video website of how to do it so watched it a couple times and crocheted it on. I decided I liked it better and it is sturdier with two rows so I put two single crochet rows in. I think while I am waiting for the yarn to come in I will practice making socks. I can then order some sock yarn and the proper needle size once I have the techniques down.

I am going to grab a blanket and get in the recliner for an hour or so. Have a wonderful Saturday!

03-08-2008, 08:30 PM
Good evening, ladies! Gosh, it was 67 degrees at 8 am this morning and raining. It cleared and was sunny but we've had a lot of high winds (still blowing). We had rain yesterday, too. The creek in the back is now a lake.

They increased the potassium at dialysis for Stan so hopefully that will help and he'll get to feeling better. I got him on soup and jello and cream of rice today getting his stomach straightened out. His GERD has been really bad. His wound continues to heal so hopefully this time it will be over.

I was down another pound at WW yesterday. Out of the 1700 WW meetings that are held every week, our is one of 6 that was chosen to be filmed. That will happen March 21. We have a wonderful leader and everyone participates and the success rate if very high. They will use the film for training purposes and also shots for tv commercials. If I ever see myself in one, I'll let you know which one to watch for. I'm always a front row sitter.

I spent the day doing laundry and cleaning house...what fun!