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03-01-2008, 01:46 AM
What is reasonable/obtainable for someone with a bmi of 41? I have very little muscle strength/endurance, etc. What would be a good way to measure?

I was thinking about following the scoring on the AFPT, but I don't know if I can even score to begin with or what I should be aiming for and when to expect it.

Any ideas?

(this btw is my new approach. I'm not going to focus on diet/weight, but rather fitness. I figure the other things will come along for the ride and be a nice bonus!)

03-01-2008, 08:37 AM
Do you belong to a gym or are you doing this with at-home options? I ask because i just joined a gym and included in my membership was 6 monthly visits with a trainer. She assesed my fitness levels on our first visit and made up an awesome plan for me. Every month i will visit with her to readjust that plan as i get more fit.

It may be worth it to you if you are part of a gym to ask if they have a program like that.

03-01-2008, 11:18 AM

It would really depend on what you are able to do with what you would set your goals at doing.

Can you walk a mile comfortably? Can you walk a mile in 20 minutes?
Can you do a modified pushup? Can you do 10 modified pushups?
Can you do a squat? How many squats can you do? How deep are your squats?
Can you do a lunge? How many lunges can you do? How deep are your lunges?
Can you do a plank? How long can you hold the plank?

Fitness goals are great but you need to know where you are at before you know what you should set your goals at. Also, what would you like to do?

BMI or weight doesn't determine your fitness, level, your fitness level determines your fitness level. So someone who has the same BMI as you could run 5 miles while another person may not be able to walk a mile.

Right now, one of my goals includes doing deeper squats and working on my squat form. I also am working on building enough upper arm strength to do rock climbing. Last year when I was around your weight, my goals included being able to do a strenuous 5 mile hike.