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03-01-2008, 12:26 AM

Howdy! Welcome to the Thin Wannabees! :cheer:

Please come join our monthly chit-chat! Everyone is welcome here. We look forward to meeting you!

We all have one thing in common – we want to lose those pounds & inches and have a healthier lifestyle.

There are all different ages and backgrounds here and we all have different ways of losing our weight. We all love to have fun and laugh, but we also give a lot of support, encouragement and motivation – not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily joys and struggles.

Please feel free to post with us – just jump right in and believe me, you will be welcomed with open arms! The more the merrier!

Let’s work together towards a healthier and thinner us in 2008!! :gossip:

03-01-2008, 12:32 AM
I just posted on the Jan thread so am copying what I wrote into this new thread ... don't forget to check the last posts so you don't miss anything ..

Here's my last post:

Hi girls

This again will be a short one as I can barely see to type right now .. but have been thinking of you all and wanted to say hello

I've been hit with the nasty flu once again - hard this time - I have been down in bed for the last 4 days! I just got up to have some tea and attempt to say hello.

Congrats to Rena on the birth of her grandaughter!

Congrats to Dallas on your engagement!

Just before I got hit with this darn flu I finally made my 1,000 miles at the SportsPlex and got my jacket and 1,000 mile club patch!

I promise that just as soon as I am better I will get in here more and post.

Love, CJ

03-08-2008, 02:20 PM

03-09-2008, 08:46 PM
I want to be thinner! I don't know if I will ever be thin... I actually look and feel fine with a little meat on my bones! Just need to trim the 80-100 pounds of excess fat! Glad you have a group of people who wannabe. Thanks. :hug: Bethz

03-11-2008, 07:18 PM
Kinda quite in here aye where is every one hope all is well . Take care hope ya all find your way back here we miss ya .

03-13-2008, 12:43 PM
Been busy putting together a movie from music and pix for the boys' basketball banquet this weekend, also have some display boards with pix on them to celebrate the season. It is alot of work...but well worth it! Tonight is for resting and watching Survivor!

Having a good day at work today. Went and got some soup from the kitchen because it is cold in my office today. BRRR! (Could be from drinking all that water!) Had the points to spare!

B: simply quaker oatmeal, banana (5)
S: italian wedding soup, herbal tea (6)
L: turkey and swiss on rye, apple (9)
S: popcorn (2)
D: veggie salad with italian dressing, green beans, steak (6)
Water: plenty, I finish and refill my glass when anyone comes into the office
Exercise: one mile hall-walking

Have a great day everyone! :hug: Bethz

03-16-2008, 10:35 PM
Sorry I had meant to post much earlier, but I have been so busy lately. I am still staying at my daughter, Kelly's house watching Brandon. :bb: I still go home on weekends and try to play catch up and it starts all over again when I go back to her house Sunday night, in fact I will be on my way in a little while to go there. I really do love watching that cute little guy, he is 5 months old now and getting so darn funny and starting to do things now. And my other Grandson, Tyler is going to be 1 yr old on April 8th and standing and trying to walk. He is so cute too and we just went there last weekend, haven't seen him since the holidays and boy did I love spending time with him the whole weekend. :cloud9:

So how is everyone doing? I see we have a new person with us now. That is great! :)

bethz-A great big welcome to you. :welcome: So glad to have you join us, you will really love our wonderful group. There are usually more of us, but it is just slow right now. I see you are on Weight Watchers, I am too and really love the flexibility it offers. You are doing fine with your points choices. You are doing all the right things with your water and your exercise too. Keep up the good work and we will all motivate each other. :goodvibes

Rena-Oh my gosh, another baby in your family. How your family is growing like crazy with 4 Grandchildren, I know you are enjoying all of them as I am. Ashlyn is a beautiful name too. See I found my way back, thanks for missing me, I miss you too and everyone else. :hug:

CJ-That is so great that you made your 1000 mile walk at the Sportsplex. I would say you sure earned that jacket. :congrat: So sorry that you have that darn flu again. Hope by now you are feeling

Dallas-Wow congratulations on your engagement, :cp: I am happy for you and wish you and your intended the best, you deserve it. So glad things are going well in your life. It sure makes it so much easier doesn't it?

Well I got an email from KimV yesterday. She wanted me to tell you all that she has been trying to post and can't seem to get past the Misc Club site, her computer just sits there according to her. :yikes: She had some sort of a virus and her Dad has been trying to help her with some virus and spyware programs. She said she will try to make the time to get on at work and post when she can. She says Hi and she hasn't forgotten about us and misses us too. :cry: Kim, hurry and come back, we all miss you lots and lots. :grouphug:

So that is that and I guess I will post this and get over to my daughters place now so I can get to bed and be there when that baby gets up in the morning and do my Grandma thing. :dance:

Take care guys, Love you, Sharon :dancer:

03-20-2008, 05:38 PM
Hi every one I know what it is like to be busy . We are getting snow and freezing rain today enough already I want sun and warmth lol .
CJ - I hope you are feeling better I had the flu and a cold and all that fun stuff I feel for ya not my kind of excitement.
Sassy - I know you must be enjoying time with your daughter and grandson .
Dallas :congrat:I'm happy for ya .
Hello and Welcome Bethz post often.
I will check in more often like the rest of you I am also busy but I do think of ya's , have a great day:hug: Rena

04-03-2008, 02:43 AM
It took me about 10 mins. of sitting here patiently waiting (okay--not so patiently) on my computer to decide to let me on here. :woohoo: My dad was trying to "help" me by downloading stuff he says I need on the computer to protect it from any viruses, hackers, aliens, big brother.... lol. I don't know what he did, but I can't get on the boards now. Today is the first time in months. I can sign on to the home screen, but that is about it.

Not knockin' my dad because he really does know what he's doing with computers, but he is so technical in everything that he usually looses me after the first word. My brother is in classes to do computer 'stuff' like my dad so I'm really going to be in trouble soon!

Where to begin? I have a new job now. Don't remember if I was able to mention anything about it before. I am an office manager at a small corp. about 20 mins. from here. I love the job! The downfall is I am not active anymore like I was at my last job.

I had gained almost all my weight back that I lost. I think I have 216 as my starting weight, and my first weigh-in since rejoining weight watchers had me at 212.4 on March 4. The next week, I gained .8 pounds. The next week I stayed the same.

But on my weigh-in on 3/25 I lost 4.6 pounds!! I know some of the previous probs. the week before was retaining water, so I figure I might have lost 2 pounds or so the week before if it wasn't for being so bloated.

Yesterdays weigh-in I lost another 1.2 pounds for the official loss of 5 pounds from my starting weight since rejoining WW. :carrot: :carrot:

Well, I hope I am now back on track. I felt better when I was down to 184 this last summer. I liked the way i was starting to look, and liked the attention I was getting. :) Now got to start all over again.

My divorce was final around the 10th of March (after almost 2 years of being separated), and my ex-husband got remarried on the 15th. Glad he's happy and glad the divorce is finally out of the way.

Hannah is doing well. She is such a smart little girl. She always amazes and surprises me with things (like when she informed me she knew what sex was--and she was right about it ). Some things I'm just not ready for yet. :eek:

Another nice surprise with Hannah is that she won a blue ribbon for some artwork she did. It is called Symphony in Color, and she was one of three students in her school, and one of four in total from the school system to win a blue ribbon. There are only 36 blue ribbons in the entire state! Her art work will be on display from March 31 to middle of May at the Indiana State Museum. She has had the honor of attending a tea at a theatre on the circle in Indy, and will also be recognized (along with the other three blue ribbon winners) at the school board meeting next week. She's had her name in the local paper, and even a quote from her about her artwork. My daughter is getting her 15 mins. of fame. lol. I couldn't be prouder (can't tell, can you?).

One of the best things to happen to me in the last few months is finding a friend I haven't seen since around 1994. His name is Howard, and yes I have a little crush on him ;). He and I first met in 1988, when I was 18 and he was 23. We were set up on a blind date and it didn't work out. It was more like hanging out with my brother. Plus the good night kiss felt like I was kissing my brother! lol. We became best friends then. We both got married to other people, and neither one of our spouses liked us hanging out together. So, we drifted apart.

I don't know what made me decide to look for him, but I did a search on him on MySpace and found he had a profile. Since we have discovered each other again, we talk 2-3+ times a week on the phone. We have just picked up where we left of with our friendship. It's almost like 13years of being apart has never happened.

Oh, I guess I should mention he is also divorced ;) (has been for 11 years).

Friday is our first 'official' date. We have decided we want to go out on a few dates and see if there is anything there this time. I sure hope so. I can say, at least for me, I think there is some electricity that flys when we are together.

At our first meeting after all these years apart, the first thing he said to me was "Your still as pretty as I remember." Needless to say, that made my day.

Hannah adores him. My mom thinks he's a great guy and keeps asking when we are going to go out. My dad and step-mom have also met him and like him, and for my dad to like anyone that I like is a miracle. I've met one of his four kids and have yet to meet his other three kids or his granddaughter (he has two girls--22 and 16 and two boys--18 and 10 and his granddaughter is 3).

Okay, I guess I have rambled on a little too much. Sorry about that. But if you can't tell, I am excited and happy right now!

Well, guess this is it for now. Since I have probably bored all of you with my life the last few months, I will get off here and go to bed.

Sharon--Thanks for updating everyone on my computer probs. I can't believe your grandson is soon to be one. Wish him a Happy Birthday for me, :bday2you: and give him lots of hugs :hug: and kisses, too.


04-10-2008, 08:30 AM
I'm back been MIA I know how is every one hope all is well I have stayed OP and lost a few extra pounds yeah!!!It is whole lot easier putting it on then taking it off but I am happy that it is coming off slowly but surely . Have a great day. Rena

04-22-2008, 11:36 AM
Hi all,

Where is everyone? How are you all doing? I have been still busy watchingmy Grandson, little Brandon. He is now 6 months old and so cute. Trying to sit up and rolling over like crazy. This is a great age, because he is starting to do things and reconizes his bottle and is so darn cute. :)

We all went to Illinois for other Grandson, Tyler's 1st Birthday party and what fun we had. He had his cupcake with the bright red frosting, from his Elmo cake and gosh was his face was such a big mess. LOL Gosh he is getting so big and is so cute with his antics. He now shakes his head NO, waves-at himself mostly-tries to crawl,l with his Army manuavers on his belly, and is such a big boy-26 pounds now, that he gets his own kids meal. :hungry: He is such a big baby and by contrast little Brandon is a shrimp. In fact we sometimes call him the Pipsqueek. HA HA They are polar opposites too, Brandon is blond haired, blue eyed and Tyler has dark hair and brown eyes. But they are both cute and I love them both. Gosh I'm not the proud Grandma am I? I sure am loving this Grandma bit, it is so wonderful. I have waited so darn long to be a Grandma and now I am doubly blessed. :cp:

Anyways, weight wise I have been really trying to lose this weight. I do great and lose some weight, I have lost about 12 pounds since staying at Kel's during the week, which is good. But I am at a standstill cause that always happens when I travel or get out of my routine. It started when we went to Michigan for my niece, Emily's baby shower and than to Tracy's for Tylers B-Day party. I get off track and I hate it. :mad: So now I am trying to do what I had been doing. Sticking to my WW program, drinking my water :hyper: and exersizing too. :strong: I just am trying to take things one day at a time, even one meal at a time. The good thing about staying here is the dinner is always healthy as Kel is on WW too. So during the day I just try to have maybe something healthy like a WW dinner or something else good for me. I will get there, slowly but surely. I am determined. :yay:

Rena-Yes, I too have been MIA. Glad you lost a few pounds, feels good doesn't it? Hey as far as you losing slowly, that is ok, slowly but surely they say is a good way to go. Pound by pound it all adds up to the big number doesn't it? :goodscale

Kim-Congrats on your new job, :congrat: I am very happy for you and glad you love your job. That makes a difference, I would rather work in a job I love for a little less money than work for a place I hate and with a bad boss or people to work with that are not nice. It sounds like Hannah is doing so well, I read the article you sent me and she is an amazing young lady. I was happy I was able to meet her when you stopped by last year I think it was. Don't worry, you will get your weight back off, summer is almost here and there are lots of fresh fruits and veggies around and the weather will be perfect for activities. How is it going with your friend Howard? I am glad that you two reconnected. Let us know how your first date went. I hope it went great. :cheers:

CJ-Hi there girlfriend, you too are MIA like I have been. But I know it is because you have been a busy lady too. How are you doing? I bet you are walking your butt off at the Sportsplex. :running: That is great that you are so dedicated to going and walking there. I still try to go to Curves as often as I can. I am still at Kell's and there is a Curves right down the street so that is where I go. Are you all over your flu by now? It is hard to be sick, it just takes so darn much out of you doesn't it?

Well where is everyone else? Dallas? What are you up to. Miss you! bethz, how have you been doing? Come on back and post with us again. Summer is here and we all need this group to help us on our way. Anyone can post here, we welcome anyone new to the group too. Give us a try and stop on in and post with us. You will love us! :love:

Talk to you all later, Sassy Sharon :wave:

05-06-2008, 12:32 PM
Hey all,
Where is everybody? It is might lonely in here. I miss you all. CJ? :?: Kim? Rena? Dallas? bethz? Anybody? Any newbies feel free to join in, maybe we can rev everyone up if we have some more posts. We would love to have someone who has never posted with us. OK, all is well with me, I am recovering from a pretty bad cold or sinus or whatever. For a few days I had laringitis and could only whisper, but now I am just at the terrible cough stage, the kind that you cough so had you have to run for the bathroom, lest you wet your pants. :shrug: Weighwise I am doing really good I think. I had a 2.6 lbs loss last week and this past week I had another 2.6 lb loss as well. I guess I was hung up on that number somehow. :D But I hope I can go all the way to where I want to be this year. I don't want to waste another darn year staying the same or ever worse going up weightwise. :stress:

Well hope to hear from anyone soon, talk to you later, I will check later and see what is what and who is who hopefully. :crossed:

Sassy Sharon :broc:

05-16-2008, 03:30 PM
Well where is everyone? Well I am here! :jig:

I have still been doing good weight wise. Last Saturday I lost another 2.2 lbs so with the 2.6 lbs two weeks in a row I am hopefully on a roll to get where I want to be. I will see tomorrow morning, when I go to my Weight Watchers meeting again. I hope I have another loss, I have been really trying again this week, eating according to plan, drinking lots of water and exercising every day.

Hope everyone is doing well, the weekend is again on us and let's all try to stay on our plan. I know I plan to try my very best. :rollpin: :kickbutt:

Sharon :dancer:

06-16-2008, 04:13 AM
Boy does this stink! :( Nothing on here since May 16. Well, computer crashes happen, don't they? Can't be helped.

Hannah and I spent a week in Tennessee visiting with my dad and step-mom, and we attended the Josh Turner Fan Club party for the CMA Music Fest. She is a huge fan so I surprised her with tickets to the FC party. Did she ever have a blast.

We were about 2 feet from the stage during his performance, and Hannah got to "shake" hands with him while he was singing. Then after the performance, she got her picture taken with him. It is so cute to watch her reaction to him. She already is planning on attending next year's fan club party. I told her we would see. Next year is MY year to (hopefully) attend Trace Adkin's fan club party. I've put off one or two chances of going to his concerts to be able to take her to see Josh Turner perform. How many 8 year old's can say they have seen their favorite singer in concert 4 times in a little over a year? Plus get an autograph and picture of him?

We got back from Tennessee on Thursday night. I have been sick with a sore throat ever since I got back. I'm going to try and get into the doctor tomorrow (or should I say today since it's 3 a.m.). Hopefully, it won't cost much since I don't have insurance because I'm laid-off from my job. This is a lousy way to loose weight though. My throat is so sore I'm not eating much of anything right now. If I loose a pound or two, then I guess something good had come of it, right? lol.

Sharon--How are you doing? Have you been affected by the flooding in and around Columbus? Hope to hear from you and hope you and your family are all okay!

Guess that is it for right now. Off to bed so I can get up in the morning to call the doctor.


06-22-2008, 11:06 PM

Hello? Anybody out there? Am I posting in the right spot?

I know the crash that 3FC had messed up some things but I just wanted to see if I'm posting in the right Thin Wannabee's thread or is there another one?

Hope everyone is doing well and hope to see some of you here soon.


07-06-2008, 10:04 PM
Am I the only one left of the Thin Wannabee's?

Missing everyone. Hope you all come back soon.


07-13-2008, 01:44 PM
Hi all,
Where are all the Wannabee's???????? Is it just me and Kim? I sure hope not! :cry:

Kim-Wow that is so great that you and Hannah got to go to the Josh Turner Fan Club Party and meet her idol. What a treat for Hannah I would say. So you like Trace Atkins? I saw him on Celebrity Apprentice and I thought her was a real gentleman and wanted him to win so bad, but that stupid conceited Pierce Morgan won instead. Sorry you have been laid off and had been sick. I hope you are all better now and doing well. :dancer: Are you back to work now? I hope you are.

Boy Kim, Columbus was really affected by the flood. The night we got home from New Orleans for a family reunion we managed to get home by going around the flooded streets. Our neighborhood was a mess and was badly flooded and almost all of the houses here were flooded really bad, some with 8feet of water in their basement, up to their top kitchen step, others with no basements got flooded in their homes. The neighborhood just in back of us, they had to evacuate people by boat, it was so bad. But you know our house did not have a drop of water either in the basement or in our house, as did maybe 12 homes down the block, all higher up. Everyone said our house sit a bit higher and our basement was built higher up as well, they all said they could see it when they walked by. God was good to us, but so many others had terrible loses. The governor made our county an emergency county and FEMA came in and the Red Cross so help those displaces that had lost their homes. So many homes got water so bad, the homes had to be completely gutted or even torn down. So we tried to help, went to the Red Cross and asked what they needed and helped some neighbor on our street, whose houses were safe, and they started feeding people every lunch and dinner. It is such an eye opener to see what others lost and feel so grateful for what we have. All of this really teaches us what is inportant in life and what we have to be thankful for. :love:

Has everyone deserted us? Well not me or Kim either. LOL I will come back and post later, I have to go to a play, it's in our town by our local theater players and is called High School Musical. Should be fun, I am going with a couple of friends of mine. :cb:

OK, will come back later and fill you all in as to what else has been going in.

Talk to you later, Sassy Sharon :jig:

07-13-2008, 04:33 PM
Hi Sharon!

It's so good to hear from you. I am glad you made it out of the flooding safe and sound. When Hannah and I were coming home from Tennessee, most of the waters were down some around Columbus, but we could still see how high all the water was, and there was still an awful lot of water around. Looked like lakes everywhere. Things like this do make me stop and count my blessings. I'm grateful that I didn't have to try and rush home to go back to work. We were able to extend our vacation to stay out of the areas that were flooded. Didn't need to be trying to get home and risk getting hurt.

Have you talked to CJ any? How is she doing?

I can't believe how quiet it's gotten around here at the Thin Wannabee's.

I'll post more later, when I have the time. I just came here to see if there were any new posts, and then I got to get busy on some schoolwork that is due tonight.


07-14-2008, 01:46 AM
Hi Kim,
Glad you posted again.

I guess by the time you came back from Tennessee I-65 was reopened. It was closed for a few days because it was flooded.

I haven't talked to CJ lately, but we are long overdue for a phone call, so hopefully it will be soon. Did you hear that CJ? Where are you? Come on back and post with us, we miss you. Sylvia where are you too, Rena?? Come on back Where is everyone else too? Kim and I are getting lonely in here all by ourselves. :(

Any newbies feel free to post as well, we are a very friendly group and would welcome you with open arms. Anyone who would like a home, this groups for you. :love:

OK, talk to you later, Sharon :hug:

07-16-2008, 05:41 PM
Hi Kim and Sharon! Remember me? I actually have come in here a time or two and was waiting (im)patiently for the Thin Wannabee's "current" month thread!! It still says Mar/Apr for cryin' in a bucket! :cry: But I've been waiting since early June and I just can't be waitin' no more! :tantrum:

Anyway, I wanted to say hello. I have absolutely no idea where my life was last time I posted here. I'm still madly in love with my roomie, Rich, and we're engaged. :love: I'm wearing the diamond ring his dad gave his mom when then got engaged and she wore for 50+ years until his dad passed away about 2 years ago. No wedding date set but we talk about it every now and then. :hyper:

Meanwhile, my weight loss efforts have been up and down at best. Sometimes I go gung-ho and other times ... well.... Not so much. These past 2 weeks, my dad's been in intensive care in the hospital and I've been dividing my time between work, home and mom's place. It's been stressful and I alternate between no appetite and eating everything I can get my grubby hands on. :cbg:

Anyway, that's my life in quite the little nutshell. :blah: I really hope to be able to come in here more often now and catch up with both of you ... ahem ... AND ALL THE OTHER THIN WANNABEES!!!! :whoo: There. Maybe that'll get 'em. Be back here or (hopefully) on a Jul/Aug thread soon.

Nice to see you again! :hug:

07-17-2008, 12:01 AM
Hey Jello! :hug: It's so good to hear from you. I have been thinking about you alot the last few weeks, wondering where you were, how you were doing, etc. etc.

I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I will keep him, you, and your family in my prayers.

I remember Rich. I'm glad you two are doing so wonderful and are happy together.

In a quick nutshell, I am divorced. Been separated 2 years and the divorce was final in March. My beautiful Hannah is 8 1/2, will be 9 in Sept. She will be starting the third grade in a few weeks.

I understand the weight stuff. I lost about 40 pounds over a year ago and it found me again. All but a few pounds. Actually, I became ill and lost about 20 from it and decided to keep going. I joined WW and it helped me to loose the other 20. Then I coudn't afford to go, totally went off the program and here I am again.

I can come up with a million reasons why I'm not doing so well with the weight right now. I am OP for a few days, then something happens, and go crazy with the food. I loose a couple pounds, and put it back on. It stinks. Today, I was determined worrying about my weight is over. I don't care if I loose it or not, I'm tired of trying. But today and the last few weeks has been a very emotional roller coaster for me, and I always turn to food. Plus, I think I'm trying to do this for everyone else, and not me. Maybe if I just give myself a break for a couple days from worrying about my weight, then come back to it with a positive attitude, I will actually do something about it. I need to do this for me, not everyone else.

Anyway, I am so happy your back. I don't know what happened to everyone else. Haven't seen CJ around these parts for ages. Sharon (Sassy) has posted twice the last couple days after being gone for awhile. But that is understandable with all the flooding that happened where she lived. I just hope everything is okay with CJ. Sharon said she was long over due to give CJ a ring, so hopefully we will hear something soon.

Welcome Back!!!! Hope you post again soon!!!


07-17-2008, 04:24 PM
Gee Kim, no one's ever cheered when I arrived anywhere! LOL :encore: Nice to see you here. Hope to see others soon too.

I can't believe Hannah's almost 9 already! Just how long was I gone!?! BTW, what date is her b-day in September? The best of us :D were born in September!

I hear you on the divorce front. My ex and I were at each other for 2-1/2 years. But it's been final - and blissful :cloud9: - for almost 7 years now. I'm also with you on the weight loss. I have the bad habit of joining WW, doing great for a while, falling off the wagon, getting back on, quitting WW, yo-yo'ing for a while, rejoining WW, etc. etc. :shrug: One of these days, I'll get it right. :buttkick:

Thanks for the good thoughts for my dad. I've been working during the week, calling mom each night for updates, and then spending each weekend in mom's spare room or on the sofa or whatever corner hasn't been claimed by someone else. It's a 50 mile trip - not too bad but still too far away at times like these and takes 2 hours during Friday evening rush hour. Yuck.

Well anyway, it's nice to be back here and talk to you again. Hopefully, CJ will come out of the woodwork and Sharon (and others) will be back again soon. I miss all you guys and promise to write again. :comp: Maybe we can start a new Wannabees thread with a more current date - or maybe no date at all.

See? Jo's back and she's taking over! :club: Talk to you soon!

07-19-2008, 03:31 AM
Hey Jo, you talked me into it. I agree with you that the old thread is getting pretty old with the April/May thread, and since it is now more than half way through July we need to start a new thread so now we have our Thin Wannabee's #1 for a new start with our wonderful group. So come on over and post and you will get a big warm wellcome Jo when you go there, Jo and you have a big welcome waiting for you when you go here. Don't worry Kim, I am back and are glad you are here too. :dance: Now if we can just get some others back. This means you too CJ, come on back and let us now how you are doing and everyone else as well. :jig:

Go to A Fresh Start, Thin Wannabee's, A New Start!

Sassy Sharon :wave:

07-19-2008, 03:59 PM
Closing this thread for you.

Here is your new one:

Fresh Start (