LA Weight Loss - Plan # vs. Plan Color / Challenges / Teams

02-24-2008, 03:10 PM
Restarted back on the plan last Sunday :carrot:. I have been looking through the different posts and I have learned a lot. I have a couple of questions:

1. I noticed that many are listing the plan they are on which is great. I have only known them by colors but I am hearing some people say Plan 1, Plan 2 etc... is this a new thing that Pure Weight Loss started to do. I don't recall hearing that when I attended the LAWL office?

2. I noticed that some people are associated with TEAMS? What is this? How did they get involved? What are the benefits of being with one?

3. I also noticed a thread called the "Bunny Hop Challenge" is this something everyone participates in?

Thanks again ~ Everyone :hug:

02-24-2008, 05:00 PM
Hello Kennedy,
I will try to answer your questions. I'm sure someone will correct me if I am wrong! :) LOL

1. LAWL went to numbered plans back in July, August time frame, I think it was, about the time that they split from PWL. I think LAWL in Canada just changed over to the numbered plans at the beginning of this year. PWL stayed with colored plans, but then went belly up end of 2007 as you probably know. I still belong to LAWL (some of those have closed as well) but found that the colored plans with less starch was MUCH better for me.

2. Teams - I think those are the Biggest Loser teams that formed - I can't remember when. I didn't have a lot to lose, so didn't join in. I don't know how our LAWL/PWL losers are doing on that, but I enjoy seeing how they have done!

3. I think there is usually a challenge going on of some sort. You just set yourself a personal goal and try to reach it by a specific date. I remember once there was a no-scale challenge where no one weighed themselves at home and didn't look at the COD scale for a week or something like that. Not everyone participates, just those that hope that in a challenge, their mindset might be a bit better.

Good luck with your weight loss and glad to have you on board.


02-24-2008, 11:23 PM
Congrats on restarting.

When i was at the COD we only had colored plans also so i still just follow what i know and its been working so no need for me to change over.

The teams are started at some point and you choose if to join or not, i'm not sure if you can sign up once the teams have been set but hopefully someone else would be able to help you with that.

The bunny hop challenge is voluntary and just a way to keep yourself on track. You set a mini goal for yourself and try to reach it by the end date of the challenge and in this case its Easter. We just finished the valentines challenge. No one is required to join but you can if you feel like you need motivation or whatever. You can join in at any time on the challenges.

Definitely join us, the more the merrier.

We also have the monthly weigh in thread where you weigh yourself and post it. Its not required but since most of us dont have a COD its a way to check in and once again keep ourselves in check.

02-26-2008, 07:04 PM
Thank you "DEBBIE24" and "WHATAZOO" or answering my questions. I am very curious on how much difference there was if any between the 2 the plans. I think LAWL was great. Hopefully I can compare notes with a Pure member one day.

I went ahead a signed myself up for the Bunny Hop Challenge - I am so excited I like this form of encouragement.

Thanks again for the information :hug:

02-26-2008, 07:46 PM
Welcome. If you want to get a ticker started you can click on mine and it takes you to the website where you can make one for yourself. You dont need a ticker tho, you can just type your challenge stats in your siggy.

Repo girl
02-26-2008, 09:30 PM
Welcome Kennedy!!!!

02-26-2008, 10:32 PM
Hey "DEBBIE24" thanks for the ticker information. However, I am a newbie and I need to wait 30 days (couple more days) and have a minimum of 30 posts in order to access this feature. So it is going to take me some time.

Thank you for the BIG :carrot: Welcome "REPO GIRL"

02-26-2008, 11:03 PM
Really, hmm i didnt know that. Maybe its something new because i dont remember this when i joined.

02-27-2008, 06:07 PM
Debbie - It was recently implemented this past month or last month due to spamming. =) I can't wait till I can put a tracker on my signature, but I'm willing to wait. =) I already have more than 30 posts, so it's just a matter of waiting for my account to age a bit more!