Support Groups - 5% - February Fever - winter be gone!

02-17-2002, 12:54 PM
Spring Fever - I think I officially am having spring fever and it is quite silly since weíve had such a mild mild winter! I havenít been cooped up but the sight of no snow in my yard and seeing kids out on their scooters and bikes makes me just wish February right
out of here!! I was going to start this thread off with the theme of spring cleaning but I decided cleaning wasnít quite the right word. More like Spring Refreshing?? Looking for new ways to make everything exciting and meaningful. I donít need to remind myself the importance of exercise nor the importance of healthy eating - sometimes I just need a nudge to make it a more ďfunĒ concept. I need some challenges this year vs. just keeping
on with what I am doing. I am doing great and have established a whole different lifestyle and most of it has become second nature. Now I need to step into a new dimension and my goals this year are to push myself towards some kind of goal other
than meeting my weekly exercise goals. Iím waiting for something to bop me over the head and then Iíll know what it is Iím looking for. I look at the trips in Shape Magazine
and Self (where they go climb a mountain together) and want to do that stuff but the logistics with my DHís work and the little kids is out of the question at the moment. Much more likely to happen 5 years down the road so I need to find something close to
home. I have officially decided that running is not my sport nor is my body made for it so those are the easiest events to push for. Any suggestions????

My whole downstairs was supposed to be a quick remodelling of one wall and now we pretty much gutted the whole thing and started over. I donít like to live in chaos (yes I have everything in itís place most of the time) and I so look forward to this Friday when a majority of the overhaul is done and I can put everything back. The walls are painted, trim and all the woodwork is going up today, the new furniture is in the garage but the carpet doesnít get installed until Thursday. I will be so HAPPY when the carpet installer leaves!!

We seem to have a lot of chaos around here. We are switching around the bedrooms, redid our living room, and have been boxing up and cleaning up (which means trips to
Goodwill, library, and shelters). We redid our garage which is so pretty now that we took a picture to remind ourselves when it gets all sloppy again!!

Calmer times are ahead for me after the holiday and the kids birthdays. I will be going to Seattle in April if the airfares ever go down again. They were down a week or two ago
and stupid me did not buy the tickets right away because I was still deciding. Now I have to stalk the airline sites. It will just be the boys and I plus my mom is flying in from Denver and we are staying with one of my sisters. We canít decided where we are going for summer vacation but I assume it will be back towards my parents in CO.

JS - Yes the list of foods in my house that are ďgoodĒ to eat has been helpful. If only the paper would hop off the wall and measure the stuff out:) I know what triggers my stress
eating so I am looking for ways to stop that but easier said than done. I am trying to pat myself on the back for what I have accomplished over the past few years and lately when
I read ďsuccessĒ stories I am happy that they are people that have taken at least 2 years to get where they want to in life. I still struggle with the fact that 15 pounds more to go
would put me in a sucess story for myself but there isnít anything wrong with the current me. I get annoyed when I see someone who is 5í8Ē and is the same weight as me but they usually have much different body types. Iíve short and curvy whereas they are
usually much straighter. I just need some more inches:)

Catherine - Darn you are on the beach sunning right now!!!! Iím envious but I did that for many year I finally get a tropical vacation again! Whoopee!

Raychel - I agree that you are living the fit life. I really am thinking about heading in that direction when my youngest goes off to school. Not sure where to start out though - Iíve
got about 2 years to figure out where I should head because I think my family is tired of the daycare business (not annoyed but they look forward to it ending). Maybe that should
be my fitness goal - a fitness job!!

Juno - I hope you are enjoying the club so much that you havenít even been able to sit down at your computer! I know my time is less - I hardly post at any of the sights. I have
too many things to do. I think it was a fun thing when I first figured out how to post and converse but now I am back to living in my present life vs. my computer life. However this place still holds a dear spot in my heart since I donít think Iíd have come this far without the 3FC.

Okay my house is yelling clean me, clean me! Plus I still have to hit my Sunday exercise regime. Have a great week everyone!!

02-17-2002, 12:55 PM
I don't know why it ended up looking like this but I don't have time to fix it!!

02-26-2002, 03:42 AM
Don't worry my habits and persona are a lot more 5% than my posting skills of late! Hi everyone!

Clearly the pie chart of my free time is ever-shrinking. That is not only the issue with posting but the big issue in my life right now. The other day DH and I miscommunicated about something and I had an extra trip to make that I had not anticipated - having to take that unexpected 20 minutes made me tearful because it that made my total 'free time' for the day 10 minutes instead of a half hour. What I want to do less of is work (I know, who doesn't?) It is mind-numbing and I want to do creative things. Then there is money. Sigh.

Good news on the fitness front: I am doing great. Body pump, spinning and just using my new club is a miracle! And DH started going to Body Pump with me - well in the last month it has CLICKED for him, he GETS IT now and we are the fitness couple. (the body pump instructor said "good bye cute couple!" when we were leaving class last week, hehe. He has lost 7 lbs and his shoulders/waist have a nice "V" shape, great arms. I have to say I never would have thunk this one my friends. I gave up sweets and chips for Lent and he joined me on the chips part! I swear the Ruffles company is probably feeling the pinch without his business.

This is seriously great stuff.

Healthy eating going great.

My club is doing a goofy little fitness promotion and I signed up. They have weekly drawings. You pick going for "bronze" (2x/week), "silver" (4x/week) or "gold" (6x/week). I went for the gold. A workout can be a half hour or more of anything, so if I am slumping I can pound out a quick half hour on the buffer, but that beats warming the couch. Just finished the first week. My arms feel hard!

And what a shock: My old club, the little one that I quit to join the bigger one with more bellz-n-whistles - went out of business! Now I am seeing familiar faces from the old club in the new club.

I'm still doing the baskets and enjoying it immensely. Yes, that is some of the time drain - but I LIKE that. Maybe someday it will generate enough $ that I can tell a doc to take a hike.

Two people in my town dropped dead suddenly - like your officemake Justy. One young man worked with DH and dropped dead at work. DH had talked with him that morning and he was normal as ever. 26 years old, cause unknown so far. This has been very sobering and also strangely life-affirming. I can go on on this topic, but must stay at that task at hand...

Thanks for carrying the torch Steph. Your life is full of energy and changes. I envy the remodel results - think of how nice it will be.

I must get back to work - this is awful, but true. Life is great and I hope you are all doing great--


02-27-2002, 12:14 AM
OK, tears in my eyes...because you are all so great women. Thank You for your steadfastness and commitment. Beautiful, both of you, indeed!

My trip to Mexico was all that and more. Much food and drinks (it was all-inclusive!), however I comitted to at least forty-five minutes of exercise a day. And believe me, walking the beach is HARD work! We loved it and came back refreshed, but not ready to face the rest of MI weather.

I now have my rollerblades and jump rope back at my house. Steph, do you like o rollerblade? I've found it to be one of the best. You move so quickly, yet cover so much area. A true fat burner in my opinion. And then jump-roping is such a killer. To think that it was "fun" when we were younger.

OK, girls, after the combination of my vacation and winter inactivity I'm admitting that I'm so over goal. Such an internal disappointment. At this point I don't know how to recover. It seems like such a stretch.

But I will remember all of you, and will keep you all in my mind. Send me some extra diva-dust over the next month (all of you?), please I really need it.

Thanks for your inspiration and dedication. I promise to you that I resolve to my 5% commitment.


03-07-2002, 03:23 PM
Hello all. Just a quicky post since I'm at work and it is truly nuts here. But I have been thinking of all of you lots lately and just had to let you know!

Life has taken a topsy turn again but I'm thinking that just keeps things interesting. Remember the BF that I had and broke up with in Jan? Well, he's realized that breaking up wasn't perhaps the smartest thing to do so we're dating again. A few more parameters are up this time but overall I'm very happy about it!!

Things are going really well with the new program at the gym. My trainer said she was going to up the intensity and she certainly did that! I even got a compliment from one of the other trainers the other day who said that he has really been able to see the changes and he was impressed. Woohoo!

But I must run so hopefully I won't have to work this weekend! Hope everyone is doing well and much diva dust to you Catherine - hang in there girlfriend, you can do it!!!

03-09-2002, 06:57 PM
JS - Having a nice weekend here except for the stupid March blizzard that is raging outside my house. We ran out to the grocery store but that was stupid since the winds were 50mph. Tomorrow would have been smarter but we were hungry! The BF must have realized what a catch he let get away!! Good for you on the compliments at the gym. Keep up the intense work!

Catherine - I'll spare any diva dust I have and send it your way. What is that diva feeling like?? I have been cranking up the music in my house and belting out the tunes - makes me pretend I am without children and living the diva world :)

Juno - DH started exercising again here but I'm not going to hold my breath that it is permanent. Unfortunately his job is laborous so he sticks with it until work becomes overwhelming and then he is too tired. I am trying so hard to rub off some of my better food choices but I'm wondering if my old dog is beyond learning new tricks.

Everything is fine here. Joined up for the fab Self Challenge again and once again my only tough part is the darn calorie counting part. I do good most of the time but then I have meals here or there that make me feel like I blew it. I was reading an article somewhere this month and it had a quote about how you had to be proud of your body for whatever stage of life you are at. I need to get rid of what my teenage image of myself is kow that I'm at a good place in both body & spirit. Most of the damn it's okay except during PMS or just one of those days when you decide that you are UGLY and need to be in hiding forever.

I'm sewing valances and bedspreads for the boys rooms. I think they will look quite cool as long as no one peaks at how I really sew! I've got a lot of home project that I have made it my goal to be homebound this month (and to keep me from spending money) and finish up all these tasks before the spring and summer roll in. Wish me luck!

Last night was so weird. We had loud thunder, bright lightning and it was 30 degrees! Very strange indeed!!

Happy March! Stephanie

03-28-2002, 10:03 PM
I feel horrible that we're at the bottom of the list! So, up we go.

On vacation right now doing some home remodeling stuff. Not much of a vacation, but very productive. And the results are so worth it. I'm not a very creative person, but I'm enjoying doing the work.

I have been working out consistently. And with three straight days of painting (one to go) I've gotten in full body workouts each day this week. I'm sore, so that must be a good sign. I've stopped eating past dinner, and increased my water consumption to 100+ oz. a day. With that much work, you get very thirsty. My clothes are getting bigger, but the scale hasn't moved yet. I'll check in a couple of days.

Softball starts in a couple of weeks, and with the nicer weather I'm looking forward to rollerblading again. We have a wicked hill by the house that I'm not sure how I'll maneauver. I'll also drag out the jump rope. It's such a fab workout.

Juno - I think that is great that you and hubby work out together. My DH would prefer to workout in the am, while I am a pm person. I'd love to get it out of the way in the am, but I can't seem to drag myself out of bed. Maybe I should get some pointers from Steph. Congrats on keeping the 5% in check.

Steph - I cannot imagine how you have the time to sew bedspreads. You have so much energy! And with all of the kids around. How are the workouts going? You're doing the Self Challenge, right?

JS - What are the most significant changes that you've seen in the last bit thanks to your gym routine? Way to go on upping the intensity!

Well ladies. I'm off to a bath and then bed. I AM on vacation!


04-10-2002, 03:12 PM
WHERE HAVE ALL THE 5% GONE???? JUNO - STEPH - RACHEL - JUSTSTUBBORN -- Where are you? I've been a lurker for 2 years! I've loved reading all of your posts and have been inspired by your insight and successes! I've finally gotton my act together and have been exercising regularly for the last year. I've had to stop dieting because I'm 16w pregnants, but I continue to eat a healthy veggie lifestyle. I am hoping to keep the gains to a minimum. Anyway, I'm a little distressed to see that things have fallen off....


04-16-2002, 05:55 PM
Thank you Absmom for missing us! I think that our time here at 3FC has just finally run out. I love posting here but have been doing it for almost 4 years and I've learned so much and had some great friendships started. I just think our time has come to move on.

When I started posting here I really needed a push to make some changes to my life and I think this site has been a wonderful tool to get myself in gear. If I made a vow to eat healthy it lasted a few hours but now I eat healthy most of the time compared to rarely. I exercise regularly and can't imagine ever stopping. I needed to make things a habit and I have succeeded.

I will miss posting here especially because I hate not knowing what is going on in everyones lives! I read the posts on this thread and several others. I will probably drop in and check up on people occassionally. I still miss people that probably haven't posted here in a few years!

If anyone out there in 3FC land needs an e-mail buddy, just drop me a line on our message center here and I'll be happy to have some new e-mail buddies. I am very good at keeping up that way! ABsmom - congrats on the pregnancy & let us know how you are doing!!!!

I hope that all of us go on to have wonderful happy healthy lives and try to remember all the reasons to be 5% - life is just better. Thanks to everyone at 3FC for being so wonderful and I wish you all the best life can offer.

Signing out, Steph:strong:

I hate typing goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!

04-22-2002, 05:23 AM
So, not sure what prompted me to mosey on over. There were some posts - Catherine, Absmom and Steph, but the little prompt didn't come over my email!!! So I feel sort of psychic for checking in tonight.

Absmom congrats on the wee babe in the making and what great incentive to keep things healthy. Cyber hugs to the 5%!!!

I have to agree somewhat with Steph - I think right now in my life I will not be posting as much to bulletin boards. I will say that having this forum has been one of the single most paths to success that I have ever experienced. I have struggles always but feel like my habits really changed permanently - and yes I know where to go if I ever start to slip and struggle. So anyone reading this, DO form friendships for support, it makes a world of difference.

So why aren't I on here posting all the time anymore? Reason number one is time management. I took a good long look at my time habits and realized that web time is a supreme time-sucker and I'm the only one who can control that in my life. I still have the internet running while I am working (which is a lot) but I just have too much going on to post on bulletin boards, etc. I've also more or less said what I was here to say - and of course it is worth repeating again and again. For me the fitness and health process is 'running in the background' and in truth I am now challenged by some other things and am working on those - better organization, etc. (On the other hand, Steph is the expert in that arena and has helped me there too!!!) I have a billion 'irons in the fire' - and would love to check in from time to time to share them.

In the past when someone has 'dropped out' of frequent posting I have wondered - gee, did that person get what they needed here and then move on in strength, or did they fall off their resolve and then were too ashamed or distracted to tell us goodbye??? For me it is the former and 5% is still my mantra. Now working out 5-6 times a week feels normal to me, low fat healthy foods are also the norm, trying new challenges is Just What I Do. I am thrilled to report that DH continues his club membership and we go to Body Pump together as often as we can - his physique has changed very nicely. This has done wonderful things to our relationship, she blushed!!!

Check in everyone from time to time! Absmom, why not continue carrying the banner for 5%??? There is nothing more inspiring than being inspiring - go for it!

And June 18 is the 5% anniversary you know!

I do think of you all and send all that good health energy, and I pray for the same from my great cyber friends. Have a terrific week and check in from time to time - I'll check, I promise.


05-03-2002, 11:49 PM
Hi everyone !!!

Just wanted to log on for 2 things:

One is my new email address is - change your address books and stay in touch!

The second is a weight loss web site I got a real kick out of. It is - this Irish lady full of common sense and it's funny and oddly inspiring!

That's all - hope all is well!